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                                   ALL ABOUT THE CHOCOLATE…
      Chocolate on Chocolate      devil’s food cake with chocolate buttercream filling

      Brownie Decadence           devil’s food cake with dark chocolate ganache filling and brownie chunks

      Caramel Mochaccino          devil’s food cake with caramel mochaccino buttercream filling

      Espresso Lover              chocolate sponge cake with espresso crème brulee filling

      Reaves’ Peanut Butter Cup   devil’s food cake with peanut butter-cream cheese crème and dark chocolate pieces

      Double Chocolate            chocolate sponge cake with white and dark chocolate crème brulee

      Chocolate Light             chocolate sponge cake with milk chocolate mousse

                                       ALL ABOUT THE FLAVOR…
      Vanilla on Vanilla          vanilla bean chiffon cake with vanilla buttercream

      Butterscotch Lover          vanilla pound cake with butterscotch ganache

      Raspberry’s Passion         vanilla sponge cake with raspberry mousse and passion fruit crème brulee

      Carrots and Oranges         carrot spice cake with orange curd and cream cheese buttercream

      Lemon Zest                  lemon sponge cake with raspberry preserves and zesty lemon curd

      Tres Leches                 vanilla sponge cake soaked in “three milks” with whipped cream and fresh berries

      Spanish Almond              rich almond cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry preserves

      Apple Pie á la Mode         apple spice cake with vanilla crème brulee filling and oatmeal streusel

      Caramel Apple               apple spice cake with cinnamon buttercream and sea salt caramel

      Red Velvet                  red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream

      Pumpkin Chip                chocolate chip pumpkin spice cake with ginger crème brulee

      Chocolate Chip Banana       chocolate chip banana cake with white chocolate mousse

      Jamaican Rum                dark rum pound cake with toasted coconut buttercream and caramelized pineapple

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