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                             THE JOHN COLVIN CLINICAL SCHOOL
          (Lucy Jones Hall – entrance via Albert Street East Melbourne)
                             SATURDAY MORNING LECTURES
            TIMETABLE FOR 2008 (Amended 13 February 2008)
                          EYE, ENT & Dermatology LECTURES

MONTH             DATE       TOPICS                                           TIME       LECTURER
                             The problem of the Red Eye                       08:30      Dr Joseph Reich
FEBRUARY          23         The presentations of rhinitis & sinusitis        09:20      Dr Chris Brown
                             Freckles, Moles and Melanomas                    10:05      Assoc. Prof. John Kelly
                             Lids, Lacrimal & Orbit                           08:30      Dr Alan McNab
MARCH             1          The presentations of middle ear disease          09:20      Dr Elizabeth Rose
                             Non-melanoma skin cancer, UV light and           10:05      Assoc. Prof. Peter Foley
                  8          Eye Injuries – what to do. The gradual           08:30      Dr Joseph Reich
                             Loss of vision, management of cataract.
                             ENT allergy                                      09:20      Dr Colin Little
                             Fungal Infections                                10:05      Dr Douglas Gin
                  15         Sudden Loss of Vision                            08:30      Dr Alex Harper
                             The presentations of head & neck cancer          09:20      Dr Stephen Tudge
                             Pruritis, eczema and contact dermatitis          10:05      Dr Rosemary Nixon
                  22         EASTER SATURDAY no lectures
                  29         Overview of Blindness                            08:30      Dr Richard Le Mesurier
                             The presentations of laryngeal                   09:20      Dr Malcolm Baxter
                             Lasers, procedural and cosmetic                  10:05      Dr Gregory Goodman
APRIL             5          Neuro-Ophthalmology                              08:30      Dr Alex Harper
                             The presentations of hearing impairment          09:20      Dr Richard Kennedy
                             Acne, rosacea and peri-oral dermatitis           10:05      Dr Robert Kelly
                  12         Diabetes/Hypertension – including Use of         08:30      Dr Alex Harper
                             The presentations of disturbed balance           09:20      Dr Robert Briggs
                             Psoriasis and red scaly rashes                   10:05      Dr Adrian Mar
                  19         Glaucoma                                         08:30      Dr Lance Liu
                             Presentations of upper respiratory tract         09:20      Dr Theo Sdralis
                             disorders in children
                             Paediatric Dermatology                           10:05      Dr John Su
                  26         Assessing the Child                              08:30      Dr Joseph Reich
                             ENT Emergencies I                                09:20      Dr Stephen O’Leary
                             Anthropod bites and infections                   10:05      Dr Fiona Bruce
MAY               3          An interactive quiz on The Golden Eye            08:30      Dr Deb Colville
                             ENT Emergencies II                               09:20      Dr Stephen O’Leary

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