Streamlined_Action_Plan by moegarrett


									                                                    Action Plan

Goal Statements: Consider goals that can be completed in 6 – 12 months, rather than long-term vision
Goal 1: Dani Charles will do the administrative work to attend Massasoit Community College in the Fall
Goal 2: Dani will secure a new part time job
Goal 3: Dani will become more familiar with Massasoit before attending
Goal 4: Once at Massasoit, Dani will join at least one club or activity on campus
 Action Steps/Milestones          Person(s) Responsible              Timelines          Progress
  (variable number per goal)     (including student/parent)                                 √
Goal 1
Take the Accuplacer tests to Student, Massasoit             June-July
determine which courses         Admissions staff
Dani will take in the Fall of
Meet with Mary Berg at the      Student, IEP chair, Mary    June-July
Office of Disabilities Services Berg at Massasoit
to review IEP
Goal 2
Do a daily search on Craig’s Students                       By late June 2011
list and other websites to
identify local jobs

Ask relatives and friends    Student, Family, Friends     By late June 2011
regarding potential job

Goal 3
Meet with Keith D., about    Student, Keith D.            June-July
life at Massasoit. He is a
former Whitman Hanson
grad, who attends Massasoit
and who is also on an IEP
Research course offerings on Student, Admissions          June-July
line and then tour the
Brockton campus again.

Goal 4
Dani will go to the Student     Student, staff at Activities   September
Activities Office once on       Office
campus to identify a fun
club/activity to join
Dani will recruit a friend to   Student, friend                September
accompany her to the first

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