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					Student Dani Charles shares her learning styles and preference and talks about
her strengths and work preferences.

“I work hard. Even if I don’t get the information in class, I still try. I found that I love working in a
group because of the collaboration. I just discovered this word and I like it: collaboration. It
describes what happens when everyone contributes and we produce something that reflects the
group. I also found that I can pick up information fast if I am interested in the material! I can
also retain it if I like what I am studying.”

Attached is the Happiness Institute Strengths List which I found on the Going to
website. This instrument shows that Dani considers herself to be open-minded, tenacious,
honest, and generous. She also maintains self control, is humble, and is a very hopeful, grateful

Dani Charles’ Accommodations

Dani has done well in the classroom using note cards for quizzes and tests and labors over them
when preparing for her exams so that they will really help her earn a solid grade. She sees this
accommodation as a godsend. She is also allowed to re-do tests and quizzes when she earns a
poor grade on the first attempt. These are her only two accommodations. She does not require
any assistive technology.
Regarding her self determination, Dani recently called the Admissions office at the
Middleborough campus of Massasoit Community College and asked about freshman courses
she could take there instead of going to the Brockton campus. She also visited U Mass
Dartmouth on her own to get a feel for the campus. She will contact an Admissions rep in June
to discuss Mass Transfer and the future use of accommodations once she attends school there.
I am so proud of her initiative!

Elements of Dani Charles’ Action Plan

Dani and I worked on her Action Plan and streamlined four short term, most realistically
attainable goals for her. She has started to work on all four without much prodding from me.
Her goals are related to making a smooth transition to college as well as securing a new part
time job.

Elements of Dani Charles’ college visit to Massasoit

In April Dani visited both the Canton and Brockton campuses of Massasoit. She likes the
camaraderie of going with a busload of 30 other seniors and five Guidance Counselors! She and
I spent time together going on the guided tour and she commented on her pleasure of starting
out at such a small, accessible place. She noticed that the staff is geared to helping students
with and without learning disabilities transition to college. She told me that she could definitely
see herself starting there, getting her academics solidly under her and then transferring to
UMass Dartmouth. To her, this is the ideal arrangement. It was fun to go together; Dani and I
have known each other since her freshman year so we know each other well and enjoy each
other’s company.

Dani will be meeting with a former student of mine, Keith D., who attends Massasoit now. They
have arranged to meet the first week of June when Dani will have just graduated and before
Keith starts his full time summer job.

Student Reflection

When asked about high school, her math learning disability, and the experience of working with
me on this course, Dani told me:

“I have liked high school. To have a learning disability in high school gets to me sometimes. But
it has been reassuring to have the help I need; it’s made it less stressful because I know the help
is there if I need it. The classes I have enjoyed…well, I have enjoyed all of them except math.
Most teachers help out. Math is the only thing I really struggle in but I know I had to take so
many credits, 16 I think, in order to graduate from Whitman Hanson high school.

I tell my 14 year old sister to do her projects and homework. I’m not where I want to be
academically because I didn’t work as hard as I could have. Emotions have run the full range in
high school from intense to stressful. I do get stressed over little things. What has helped is that
I am on meds for anxiety and I see a counselor which helps a lot.

It’s been fun and interesting to be your focus student for your graduate class. Thanks for picking

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