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					                              Annotated table of contents
                                  Maureen Garrett

Student letter of introduction
      Focal student Dani Charles discusses her excitement in graduating from high school,
how she turned her grades around, and her future plans. Also attached is her current resume.

Coursework samples
      Attached are several examples of work Dani did in her two favorite Science classes:
Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology.

Learning style and preferences
       Dani received two teacher recommendations for Science teacher and has shared
comments on her learning preferences. Dani also completed a Strengths List from the
Happiness Institute which I found as one of our online resources.

       Dani shared her accommodations and the ones she will use most in college, if allowed.
She also has shown evidence of advocating for herself.

Elements of Student Action Plan
      Outlined are four goals that Dani sketched out for the short term.

Elements of student’s college visit
       Dani comments on her trip to Massasoit with me and her eagerness to meet one of my
former students who currently attends.

Student Reflection
       Dani expresses her thoughts on the experience of going through the many steps we
have taken while I have been in this course and for her future life in college.

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