A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic 2010 Edition by ert634


									A Dozen Ways to
Increase Your Database
Traffic: 2010 Edition

Compliments of Morningstar Library Services
How To Dial Up Your Database Usage

Going digital is a no-brainer for most libraries. The robust screening that
electronic resources offer can’t be beat. And real-time updates—
particularly in time-sensitive topic areas such as investing—make digital
databases invaluable.

That said, going digital has its challenges. First, you must ensure that
your staff has a working knowledge of all of your databases. That’s
a tall order, given that no two databases are alike. And then, you must
make patrons aware of what you have to offer—and then you must
train them, too.

Your databases are only as good as the traffic they generate/receive.
And generating traffic to your databases is a responsibility that both you
and the databases’ vendors share.

As a vendor, we’re well aware of this responsibility. And for the past
seven years, we’ve been publishing tips and strategies that clients have
used to successfully market their databases in our monthly e-newsletter,
Morningstar Library Notes.

During that time, more than 80 generous clients have shared their
strategies. We’ve collected some of those strategies in several booklets,
including “A Baker’s Dozen Ways to Get Your Database Traffic
Cooking,” “Another Baker’s Dozen Ways to Get Your Database Traffic
Cooking,” and “A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic:
2009 Edition.”

This collection includes the client strategies that we published through-
out 2009. We hope you find some new ideas that help you raise
awareness of your databases.
                    How Missoula Public Library Uses Library
                    Notes to Promote Morningstar Investment
                    Research Center

                    According to a recent Google blog search, there                Notes newsletter, and I thought it would be a great
                    were more than 1.1 billion blog posts in 2008.                 way to get the information out.”
                    As a new medium in mainstream America, blog-
                    ging offers an easy way to reach out to patrons                Posting Morningstar Library Notes to a blog or
                    with library news and updates—and it can even                  newsletter can serve as a powerful marketing
                    help with marketing!                                           tool. Ledermann said that it gives patrons a con-
                                                                                   stant reminder that Morningstar Investment
                    Missoula Public Library tapped this resource in                Research Center is available at the library. She
                    March 2007, when it first started blogging. The                mentioned that the Missoula Public Library blog
                    blog was created to help the library interact with             will continue to feature posts taken from
                    patrons and provide a more casual environment                  Morningstar Library Notes, so that her patrons
                    for feedback. Since its inception, Missoula Public             can get even more training on different facets of
                    Library’s blog has been viewed more than                       the database.
                    10,000 times.
                                                                                   The Missoula Public Library blog is easily accessi-
                    Reference librarian Molly Ledermann and her col-               ble right from the library’s homepage. A link
                    leagues made 156 blog posts in 2008. Ledermann                 to the blog has been placed under the Web site’s
                    believes that blogging has helped outreach                     Most Popular heading, so that users can easily
                    efforts at the library: “It’s a great way to get infor-        locate and use this resource.
                    mation to patrons quickly, without them having to
                    wait for a monthly newsletter.”

Reach patrons quickly via blogs.
                    Recently, Ledermann made a post to the blog that
                    contained a portion of the Morningstar Investment
                    Research Center’s Library Notes e-newsletter.
                    She added the December edition of Lars Wasvick’s
                    Training Corner to the blog so that her patrons can
                    use and enjoy the same information she receives
                    monthly. Ledermann made the post because “there
                    are so many great tips in the Morningstar Library

                    A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition                                                         3
                    How Newton Free Library Is Tapping a
                    Plethora of Resources to Be Successful with
                    Database Marketing

                    I recently had the opportunity to speak with refer-            This also makes it easier for patrons to discover
                    ence librarian Susan Caulfield of Newton Free                  the databases offered at the library. To further
                    Library. It was amazing to hear all of the different           help with this common hurdle, the Newton Free
                    ways she and the Newton team are marketing                     Library team decided to have brochures printed
                    Morningstar Investment Research Center.                        with all current subscribed databases, Morningstar
                                                                                   Investment Research Center included. The
                    Not only are they featuring databases monthly on               brochures are then placed around the library for
                    the Newton Free Library Web site, providing                    patrons to take home.
                    customized brochures printed monthly with a list
                    of database subscriptions, and demonstrating                   Clubs, organizations, and seminars are common
                    databases personally at financial library clubs—               throughout libraries, but Newton Free Library
                    but they have even found the time to design, print,            decided to take it a step further. In one of their
                    and display their own custom database bookmarks                most recent clubs, “Retirement Planning Club for
                    and posters.                                                   Women,” the Newton staff demonstrated the
                                                                                   Morningstar Investment Research Center database
                                                                                   features to their patrons, which helped with
Variety is the key to marketing success.                                           both their marketing efforts and their patrons’
                                                                                   financial goals.
                    A different database is featured each month on
                    the Newton Free Library Web site. In February                  But that’s not all. The Newton Free Library
                    2009, the Newton team decided to feature                       Programs Office is in charge of designing and
                    Morningstar Investment Research Center. The fea-               printing their own marketing material for their fea-
                    tured database is located on the right-hand side               tured database. Recently, the Newton team
                    of their homepage with a very large display, which             designed Morningstar Investment Research Center
                    stands out nicely. It is one of the first things               bookmarks and posters. The programs office
                    you notice when you visit the homepage. Susan                  did a phenomenal job with graphics and content,
                    Caulfield and her colleagues realized this and                 and both the poster and bookmark look very profes-
                    decided to make the Newton Free Library Web site               sional and impressive. The bookmarks are placed
                    the start page on all 11 computers in the library.             at the reference desk, the circulation desk, and
                    This allows all the patrons who use the computers              their business resource tables. Their effective post-
                    to see the featured database. Caulfield had                    ers are hung in the computer lab, near periodicals,
                    mentioned that usage “always spikes” when a                    and even in the bathrooms.
                    database is featured.

4                   A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition
The lesson to be learned is that there is no one
proper way to effectively market a database.
Because patrons vary in age, gender, and level of
research background, the most effective tactic
is a combination of tactics.

A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition   5
                   Making a Presence Felt in the Digital World—
                   How New York Public Library Connects to
                   Patrons through Facebook

                   How does a library system with 90 branches,                    With so much content on one page, it’s no surprise
                   serving a population of 8 million, keep in touch               that NYPL has more than 4,000 Facebook fans.
                   with its patrons?                                              Another reason this is a successful marketing vehi-
                                                                                  cle is that you can send updates to your fans to
                   Susan Halligan, marketing director for The New                 announce new programs or upcoming events.
                   York Public Library says, “Facebook is something
                   we use to help engage our patrons and staff.”                  One way The New York Public Library has been
                                                                                  doing this is by having a direct link from Facebook
                   The library engages staff by allowing them to                  to its Job Search Assistance site. With unemploy-
                   post items pertaining to the library’s different               ment rates on the rise, this is great way to put the
                   departments. For example, a research librarian can             library’s resources in front of its fans. Obviously,
                   answer a fan question, a young adult librarian                 something is working for NYPL, as the library’s job
                   can post photos from a gaming event, and the pub-              assistance program has been a feature story on
                   lic relations team can post a press release all on             NBC, Fox News, and Nightline.
                   the NYPL Facebook page. You’ll also find program
                   listings, library resources, and news updates.                 Setting up a Facebook page is free and has a lot of
                                                                                  possibilities. I invite you to check out Morningstar
                   New York Public Library has also expanded its                  Investment Research Center on Facebook and fol-
                   digital marketing to include its own YouTube                   low us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MstarIRC.
                   site. Here you will find a variety of videos, discus-          We hope this can be a resource to keep you
                   sions, and its “Treasures of The New York Public               informed and foster discussions on Morningstar
                   Library” video collection. The library’s virtual reach         enhancements, training, and marketing.
                   doesn’t stop there; NYPL is also on iTunes U
                   and Twitter and has a Flickr site for photo albums.

Use social media to increase awareness of all
that your library offers.
                  “ Our goal is to create a visually rich environment
                    to help attract a younger demographic,” explained

6                  A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition
                   Mount Prospect Public Library and
                   Library TV

                   Public access television emerged during the                    looking for a new method of connecting with
                   1970s. Since then, thousands of towns and regions              patrons, checking into public access television
                   have created local cable access to community                   should be considered: It’s a way to connect
                   information, local government forums, and regional             with members of your community that may not see
                   entertainment. Mount Prospect Public Library                   your other efforts.
                   features its happenings on a local cable access
                   program, the award-winning “Library Life.”

                   Host Cathy Cushing is the producer, writer, and
                   editor of “Library Life.” Cushing brings experience
                   as a television reporter and host of financial,
                   travel, and family-friendly talk shows. Clearly her
                   experience shows, as for the third consecutive
                   year “Library Life” has been awarded the presti-
                   gious Telly Award, which honors outstanding
                   local, regional, and cable TV programs.

Lights! Camera! Your Library!

                   Each episode of “Library Life” has three feature
                   segments and a studio interview. In the March
                   2009 edition, Cushing welcomed Morningstar to be
                   part of her program. Mount Prospect Public Library
                   is a subscriber to Morningstar Investment Research
                   Center, and the interview was a chance to discuss
                   the library’s upcoming MoneySmart Week,
                   which is a week of programs for patrons focusing
                   on various financial topics.

                   The March 2009 episode can be found on Mount
                   Prospect Public Library’s Web site. There is also an
                   archive with previous episodes. For any library

                   A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition                                                 7
                   Effective Patron Training Promotions

                   In April 2009, we ran our first virtual patron-                instance, Greenwich Library, Brentwood Library,
                   training session, and we were delighted to see the             and Thousand Oaks Library all had excellent
                   marketing savvy demonstrated by many of our                    attendance, despite being in the Eastern, Central,
                   library clients.                                               and Pacific Time Zones, respectively.

                   Many of you extensively marketed the patron-                   We will do our best to provide assistance in get-
                   training session during the last few months. We                ting the word out about our upcoming sessions.
                   saw everything from postings in local news-                    We have started doing these sorts of updates via
                   papers to listings on local event Web sites. There             social networking sites, such as Facebook and
                   were also blogs, Tweets, Facebook announce-                    Twitter. Hopefully as this catches on and we get
                   ments, press releases, and newsletter mentions. In             more of your patrons as fans, we can help remind
                   total, we received hundreds of e-mails with ques-              them about Morningstar at your library. We will
                   tions and registration requests.                               also try and provide you with marketing tools such
                                                                                  as handouts, bookmarks, and announcements.
                    The most successful campaigns we saw had
                    used a combination of marketing ideas. For exam-              Keep your eyes, ears, inboxes, and cell
                    ple, Santa Clara City Library promoted the event              phones open for a confirmed date and other
                    electronically by Twitter, the library blog, the              training updates.
                  “ What’s New” section of the library’s home page,
                    and an online event calendar. The library also
                    marketed in the library with flyers, signs near the
                    patron computers, business card announcements,
                    and signs at the information, reference, tech-
                    nology, and periodicals desks. Their marketing mix
                    clearly made an impact with their patrons.

Maximize the value of vendor training sessions.
                   Another popular method of getting patrons to
                   attend was to hold a training class in the library.
                   A number of libraries held sessions and had
                   a nice turnout, even in different time zones. For

8                  A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition
                    Patron Training Ideas from Orange County

                    Many libraries took part in our first virtual patron           April’s Web site promotion featured Morningstar
                    training session earlier this year. In an attempt to           Live Web Training in the News box in the center of
                    help provide you with some marketing ideas for                 the OCLS home page, http://www.ocls.info.
                    the next patron training session, I talked with long-
                    time client Orange County Library System, which                The Web training was also listed on the Advanced
                    took part in the first session.                                Classes/Programs Calendar and highlighted on the
                                                                                   database description page.
                    Through various marketing activities, Orange
                    County generated an excellent number of registered             The Community Relations Department put an ad
                    patrons for our virtual tour. Librarians such as               in the OCLS eNewsletter, and our Computer
                    Jane Tracy put a lot of work into getting the word             Resource staff promoted the event in the electronic
                    out. Tracy remarked, “As a librarian with a strong             Tech Newsletter.
                    interest in the Morningstar Investment Research
                    Center I was thrilled to offer patrons the opportu-            Library branch staff used Morningstar personalized
                    nity for training directly from Morningstar.”                  posters to create bookmarks and flyers to promote
                                                                                   the event at branches.
                    The librarians’ enthusiasm paid dividends in the
                    form of registered patrons. A brief list of marketing          IT staff sent out 630 e-mails promoting the event
                    efforts by OCLS includes:                                      to people who dropped off business cards at library
                                                                                   promotional tables at business conferences.
                    The Business Team partnered with IT staff to
                    market the event to online customers, specifically             E-mails were also sent to customers who recently
                    targeting those interested in business and                     checked out materials on investing.
                                                                                   Questline, the library’s call center, promoted the
                                                                                   event directly to customers throughout the month
9 ideas for promoting your events, classes,                                        of April.
and training.
                                                                                   Whether your library is big or small, there are a
                    OCLS posted an ad on its Twitter account: Improve              number of ways you can promote events, classes,
                    Your Finances! Sign up for the free Morningstar                and training. Hopefully, you can incorporate
                    Personal Finance Web Training, April 29, 4 p.m.                some of these ideas and come up with similar cre-
                                                                                   ative ways to spread the word about training
                                                                                   classes in the future.

                    A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition                                                        9
                  Sacramento Public Library’s Smart Investing for
                  Women Workshop Series

                  Statistics show that many women leave their                    example, Soesbe used the Morningstar Style
                  financial responsibilities, such as retirement                 Box in her presentation to help women select the
                  planning and savings accounts, to their significant            right investments.
                  other. With a grant from the Financial Industry
                  Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Foundation and                    Are you thinking of launching a women-focused
                  the American Library Association, the Sacramento               money seminar? The Sacramento Public
                  Public Library has launched a workshop series,                 Library makes it easy for interested affiliates to
                 “Smart Investing for Women,” to help educate                    sneak a peek at their unparalleled program. On its
                  women become better investors for their own                    Web site, you can find podcast presentations,
                  futures.                                                       lecture notes provided by FINRA, and PowerPoint
                                                                                 slides from the last seven workshops: http://www.
Launch your own women-focused money seminar.
                                                                                 In addition, we’ve developed a guide, The
                  The Smart Investing for Women series meets on                  Women’s Guide to Money Matters, that you can
                  the first Wednesday of every month and focuses on              distribute in your library during such an event.
                  a different aspect of finance each session.                    Please send us an e-mail for your own e-copy:
                  This service aims at improving women’s investment              libraryservices@morningstar.com.
                  knowledge through the basic principles of FINRA.
                  FINRA supplies lecture notes for the presentations
                  and posts them on the Sacramento Public
                  Library Web page for others to view outside of
                  the workshop.

                  This month, an investment professional will
                  discuss her work in the financial sector and advise
                  women on how to make better investment deci-
                  sions independently. Past speakers included finan-
                  cial recovery counselor Terri Ciochetti and Susan
                  Soesbe of Symphony Financial Planning.

                  Gary Shaffer, the director of marketing for the
                  Sacramento Public Library, says, “The Morningstar
                  database is regularly covered in this series.” For

10                A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition
                    How the Freeman Library Is Teaching Its Patrons
                    about Morningstar

                    In order to answer patrons’ concerns pertaining to              build their own portfolio through the Portfolio
                    their investments, the Clear Lake City-County                   X-Ray tool.
                    Freeman Library in Houston will be hosting a pri-
                    vate Web training session with Morningstar                      Interested in holding your own webinar session?
                    Investment Research Center. As reference librarian,             Just send us an e-mail at librarytraining@
                    Milagros Tanega notes, “Knowing how to utilize                  morningstar.com and inquire about holding a
                    Morningstar will help our patrons make better                   webinar session for your library.
                    and smarter choices about the companies they
                    invest in.”

                    To advertise for the upcoming August webinar
                    session, the Freeman Library placed flyers at the
                    reference desk for anyone to take and posted
                    them at the information kiosk for the community to
                    browse. The library also distributes these flyers
                    every time another program is held so that patrons
                    will know to come back for the special webinar
                    event. Tanega explains, “Staff and patrons alike
                    are excited about the training session. Having
                    Morningstar online accessible from home, office,
                    or anywhere gets them very excited.”

Virtual training sessions give patrons direct
contact with database vendors.
                    The special webinar session has been designed to
                    help patrons become more familiar with our
                    database and help them gain the control of their
                    investments. The session provides users with
                    step-by-step instructions on how to use the tools
                    accessible via our database. For example, we
                    will show patrons how to use the ETF and stock
                    screeners, in addition to showing them how to

                     A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition                                                     11
                    Nashville Public Library Keeps Its Staff
                    in the Know about Morningstar Investment
                    Research Center

                     How does the Nashville Public Library keep its                Websites available through the library branches.
                     staff from 20 different branches updated with                 They also include challenges for the staff to
                     the latest information to better inform its patrons?          do the searches and other activities on their own
                   “ We use our intranet and staff-training site to                so that when patrons have questions, they can
                     update staff on new databases,” says librarian                answer with an informed reply. These “missions”
                     Jennifer Ellis. The “Staff in the Know” training site         include saving a file onto a USB flash drive and
                     allows employees to update each other on the                  conducting a search on Twitter. Being able to gain
                     newest databases and Web sites. “Plus, staff can              access to these training modules from anywhere
                     comment and help one another or talk about                    allows librarians to learn about the new technology
                     different products and technology.”                           without the hassle of trying to find a date for
                                                                                   everyone to meet. As Ellis states, “This has been

Use your intranet to keep staff well-versed in                                     much easier than arranging an in-person class.”

your database offerings.
                    Morningstar Investment Research Center is just
                    one of the recent additions the Nashville Public
                    Library wants employees discussing. The latest
                    post that Jennifer Ellis created includes an
                    interactive slide show that demonstrates how
                    simple the database is to use.

                    First, the demo takes staffers through a specific
                    stock search and shows the different features
                    available in the report. Then it goes through a sam-
                    ple stock screen, explains what the different col-
                    umns mean, reviews the content available
                    within the stock report, and shows how to print the
                    report. To finalize the post, staff members are
                    left with a challenge: to perform a stock search on
                    their own.

                    Some posts include interactive slide shows that act
                    as how-to guides for the different databases and

12                  A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition
                  Thousand Oaks Library Helps Its Patrons
                 “Learn the Ins and Outs of Better Investing Using
                  Morningstar Investment Research Center”

                   We conducted our second virtual patron training                The wonderful flyers created for this session,
                   session on Sept. 30, 2009 and Thousand Oaks                    created by Thousand Oaks’ own graphic design
                   Library was just one of the many libraries that took           artist, were posted on the Internet as well as
                   part in this event. Susan Pelman, adult services               being placed in the front pocket of Morningstar®
                   supervisor, and staff used several interesting tac-            Mutual Funds™ (also known as “The Morningstar
                   tics to promote the training session.                          Binder”) so that customers knew when and
                                                                                  where the patron training session was being held
                   Thousand Oaks Library used this training session               at the library. With the tag line, “Learn the ins and
                   as part of its “Learning@Your Library” series. This            outs of better investing using Morningstar
                   series goes through a number of classes starting               Investment Research Center,” Thousand Oaks
                   with basic computer knowledge, which is followed               Library created these posters to distribute and post
                   by basic Internet knowledge. The series then                   all around the library, including on these posters
                   goes all the way through Google to connecting to               the location and encouraging customers to
                   family and friends through social-networking sites,            e-mail us here at Library Services to sign up for
                   such as Twitter and Facebook. The Sept. 30                     the Webinar event.
                   webinar was just one of the many classes offered
                   by Thousand Oaks Library for patrons to learn                  As Sue Pelman states, “We have taken advantage
                   important computer skills and online investing                 of the online training provided by Morningstar.”
                   database skills.                                               With each one of its staff having attending at least
                                                                                  one, if not more of these patron sessions, the
                                                                                  Thousand Oaks Library prepared itself for another
Weave vendor training sessions into                                               busy session filled with enthusiastic patrons.
Learning@Your Library.
                   To prepare for this event, the Thousand Oaks
                   Library promoted this class with flyers, press
                   releases, and e-mail alerts, and posted it in the
                   events section on the library’s Web site. Placing
                   this event in the online calendar allowed the public
                   to view when the event will be held, the location,
                   and the time of day.

                   A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition                                                      13
                   Canton Public Library Helps Patrons Invest for
                   Their Retirements

                   Have you started saving for your retirement?
                   Whether retirement is right around the corner or
                   decades away, it’s critical that you save—
                   and save smartly—for the big event. Because you
                   could be funding a retirement that will last 10,
                   20, 30, and maybe even 40 years!

                   The members of Canton (Mich.) Public Library
                   recognize the importance of retirement planning.
                   The library maintains numerous blogs on its
                   Website, and staff members of the library are able
                   to maintain their own blog to update patrons
                   about their personal interests.

                   At Via Didi’s blog, patrons can view the
                   Morningstar Retirement Guides pertaining to their
                   particular age group.

To ensure a database’s success, appeal to
all generations.
                   The guides cover the baby boomer generation,
                   the echo boomer generation, and the grand genera-
                   tion. Each guide provides helpful tips for investors
                   in each life stage. Librarian Ophelia Lo notes
                   that the Morningstar Investment Research Center
                   database “…is a well-used database.” As a result,
                   the library naturally posted the generational guides
                   on a blog for all patrons to access. According to
                   the library’s Web technician, the baby boomer
                   guide has generated the most page views thus far,
                   followed by the grand generation guide.

14                 A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition
                   Book Your Very Own Librarian with Arapahoe
                   Library Today

                  Ever want to pick apart a librarian’s brain for
                  just a few minutes? The Arapahoe Library District
                  is giving patrons that opportunity.

                  For a free 30 minutes, patrons can sit down with
                  experienced librarians and ask them anything
                  from researching specific topics to learning more
                  about the library’s resources.

                  As Linda Maola, manager of library materials
                  services, explains, “The session is tailored to the
                  patron’s needs.” Say a patron is interested in
                  learning more about the different business and
                  marketing resources available. One of the many
                  resources the librarian reviews is Morningstar
                  Investment Research Center.

Use scheduled one-on-one consultations to
boost usage.
                  The librarian will also show the patron applicable
                  library resources, free information from Websites,
                  printed guides that are created in-house, and
                  books, of course. Each session gives patrons the
                  opportunity to pursue their topic and/or question

                   A Dozen Ways to Increase Your Database Traffic: 2010 Edition   15
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