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Date:          April 18, 2011
Contact:       Cheryl Bledsoe, Emergency Management Division Manager
               (360) 992-6270

   Upcoming Social Media Conference Announces Impressive Speaker List
     #140Conference NW will showcase over 65 speakers in 40 presentations
This isn’t your average conference. There are no power-point presentations and there are no-break-out
rooms. There will be over 65 speakers who will share over 40 different stories, experiences, case
studies, lessons learned, challenges and wisdom all about social media.

Just for fun, if you added up the people who follow the speakers for this conference, the results exceed
the entire population of Clark County by nearly 100,000 people. By today’s calculations, 528,778 people
follow just 60 of the speakers who are active on Twitter. And these numbers do not account for other
forms of social media activity like Facebook.

On May 19, 2011, a social media conference, unlike any other, comes to the Vancouver Convention
Center, co-located with the Vancouver Hilton. It is called “140 Character Conference” after the length of
a maximum “tweet” on Twitter; however, the conference will showcase many divergent uses of social

From the popular “Pink Glove Dance” YouTube video which has received over 12 million visitors to
Police & Emergency Services blogs, community Facebook campaigns and even the Portland Foodcart
scene who uses Twitter to communicate, the stories of how social media is changing the way we
communicate will be shared in this one, exciting day.

The #140 Conference Northwest will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. and will close at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are
required to attend this event and are available online at This event will be live-
streamed over the internet.

In lieu of free tickets, we are asking that attendees bring a lap-sized stuffed animal or bag of aquarium
rock to help The Children’s Center in Clark County, Washington. They will use these donations to
support their Heavy Helper program which creates heavy stuffed animals to help children achieve better
focus during their therapy sessions.

This incredible event will be hosted by Jeff Pulver, who originated the #140Conference events, along
with Eric Holdeman, former director of King County Emergency Management and who now writes for
Emergency Management Magazine, and John Wiesman, Director of Clark County Public Health and Vice
President for the National Association of City and County Health Officers (NACCHO).

     FOR ALTERNATIVE FORMATS: ADA OFFICE VOICE (360) 737-1911 FAX (360) 694-1954 RELAY 7-1-1 OR 800-833-6388
               710 W. 13th Street Vancouver, WA 98660-2810
Speakers & presentations may ultimately change over time based on issues beyond the organizer’s
control; however, the conference website will be updated with changes as they occur.

The full list of topics and speakers may be found at:

Morning Welcome to #140 Character Conference Northwest
      Jack Burkman, Vancouver City Councilmember
      John Wiesman, NACCHO Vice-Pres & Health Director
      Craig Fugate, FEMA Director, @craigatfema (Video Msg), FEMA Director
      Eric Holdeman, @eric_holdeman, EM Magazine

The State of Now
       Jeff Keni Pulver, @jeffpulver, 140Conf Creator

Crisis Data Survey & Summit: A Defining Moment for Emergency Services
        Lise Harwin, @liseharwin, @redcrosspdx, American Red Cross

How Social Media is Changing the Newsroom
      Libby Tucker, @libbytucker, @thecolumbian, The Columbian
      Aaron Weiss, @thesquare, KGW Square

Emergency Response in Global, Real-Time Media
      Gislio Olafsson, @gislio, Project Net Hope

Social Media: Nothing New Here
       Jason Hillard, @homeloan_ninja, Homeloan Ninjas Dot Com

Real-Time Web Shelters Real-Life People
            Matt Kinshella, @mkinshella, @211info
            Maileen Hamto, @portlandhousing
            Troy Hammond, @troy211info

By The Numbers: What Can an Agency or Business Know about its Fans?

Hacking Health: Transforming Real-Time Web
              Nate DiNiro, @unclenate, @openaffairs, @codeforhealth

Social Media’s Influence on Rural Communities
              Stephanie Fritts, @tsunamisteph, 9-1-1 & EM Director, Pacific County
              Denise Rowlett, @disasterdenise, Emergency Manager, South Bend, WA
              Scott Reuter, @sct_r, ORVOAD President, Oregon Coast
              Tiffany Estes, @tbestes, Oregon Coast

Should You Have Saved That, Indiana Jones? The Role of Archiving
             Leslie Koziara, WA Secretary of State, Electronic Record Archivist

Social Business Strategies: Get Social, Do Business
              Bruce Elgort, @belgort, OpenNTF Alliance Chairman
              Chris Martin, @cmstudios

Voice of the People: Elected Officials & Twitter
               Mayor Sam Adams, @mayorsamadams, City of Portland

Keeping Yourself Out of Court and Being Your Attorney’s Best Friend
              Kalei Taylor, City of Portland Attorney

Your Brain on Social Media
              Carol Dunn, @caroldn, Bellevue Emergency Management

Emergency Responders & Social Media: Time to Get a Clue
            Chief Bill Boyd, @chiefb2, Bellingham Fire Department

Facing Bullies: Giving Voice to Victims of Workplace Violence
               John Reid, @thejohnreid, IKR Consultants

To Serve, To Protect and To Blog: Seattle PD’s Blotter
              Sean Whitcomb, @seattlePD, Seattle Police Department

Chasing the Stories: Television News in Real Time
              Moderator: Brian Barker, @brianbarker, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

Youth & Digital Life
               Octaviano Merecias, @vozdenube, 4-H Tech Wizards

FEMA Afternoon Welcome
            Ken Murphy, Region X FEMA Administrator

Beyond the Sandwich
             Simon King, @wordspreadz, CEO of WordSpreadz

For the Greater Good: How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media
              Moderator: Noland Hoshino, @nolandhoshino,[B]Cause Media
              Emily Logan, @emilyrlogan,
              Kim Hash, The Children’s Center

Embracing Community in 365 Ways
            Dale Chumbley, @dalechumbley, Clark County Real Estate Guide

Using Your Social Network to Make You a Genius
             David Hablewitz, @davehabz, Social Business Consultant

Pink Gloves, Dancing, Hand-Washing & Awareness
              Lisa Helderop, PR, Providence & Pink Glove Dance
              Martie Moore, RN, Providence & Pink Glove Dance
              Timothy Church, Wash-Your-Handsington, WA State Dept of Health

Real-Time, Web-Based Journalism: Making News from Hashtags
             Jeffrey Bunch, @jeffreyrbunch
             Seth Long, @sethlong, Sound Productions
             Steve Woodward, @nozzlsteve, Nozzle Real-Time Technologies

Twitterdipity: Relationship Returns & Social Media Results
                Moderator: Carol Doane, @theclassicarol, USD Media, General Manager
                Mary Rarick, @mary_rarick, Mambo Media
                Michael Perozzo, @michaelperozzo, ZZoomMedia
                Michelle Anderson, @mediachick, I Heart Media

Just Eat It: The Portland Foodcart Communication Explosion
               Brett Burmeister, @pdxfoodcarts, FoodCarts Portland
           Moderator: Lynsey Smith, @miss_lynsey, ZZoomMedia
           Kristina Reitmann, Governor Gregoire’s Office
           Seth Atkinson, City of Sandy

Practice Safely: Exercises & Drills in Real-Time Media
               Cheryl Bledsoe, @cherylble, @CRESA, CRESA Emergency Management

Sometimes the Sky is Falling, Sometimes It Isn’t: Challenges in Social Media
             Moderator: Lia Hollander, @missburrows
             Jeremy Bertrand, @jbertrand, @WSDOT, WSDOT
             Tri-Met Representative

Adapting to “No”: What to Do When Leadership Doesn’t Support Social Media
              Eric Holdeman, @eric_holdeman, Emergency Management Magazine

Race, The Web & Social Change
            Lisa Loving, @lisaloving, Skanner News

Who Says It Can’t Be Fun: Games in Social Media
             Lise Harwin, @liseharwin, @redcrosspdx #Just1Thing American Red Cross
             Scott Clemetson, @disastermanSC, @CRESA #30days30ways CRESA
             Pamela Statz, @plammmm, CuttThroat Capitalism for Wired.Com
             Oliver Stewart, @kidswift, Opal Labs

Curation & Storage: Is the History of Now Important?
              Al Partridge, @uselink126, ISITE Designs

Is the Pen Mightier Than the Tweet?
              Frank Shuman, @frankschuman, Ellipsis Graphics

Uniting Musicians for International Relief
               Gunnar Simonsen, @gunnarsimonsen, Music For Libya

Be Funny: The Need for Humor in a Serious World
            Steve McAdoo, @stevesituation, @clackamasfire, Public Information Officer

Getting Started Isn’t Scary
               VaNessa Duplessie, @vduplessie, Business Coach & Serial Entrepreneur