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					GACP 211-004

Ronald P. Jones
Principal Scientist, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University

Professional Expertise
    Ronald Jones has 19 years of experience designing, modeling, and analyzing laser driven implosion and related
experiments. He designed first implosion experiments for LLNL Nova laser, designed successful high-convergence
implosions for Nova, and pioneered neutron spectrographic techniques for diagnosing imploded fuel parameters.
Ronald Jones has also developed expertise in complex radiative-hydrodynamics calculations.

B.S.     Physics, University of Washington, 1967
A.M.     Physics, Harvard University, 1968
Ph.D.    Physics, Harvard University, 1973

1993—           Associate Director for Academic Affairs, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
1991—           Director, Program in Plasma Physics, Princeton University
1991—           Professor, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University
1989—1991       Principal Research Scientist, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
1986            Visiting Scientist, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
1983—1989       Research Scientist, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
1981—1986       Consultant, Exxon Research and Engineering Co.
1980—1983       Research Staff, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
1978—1980       Research Associate, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
1978            Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1970—1972       Research Assistant (15 months) AVCO Everett Research Laboratory

Honors and Prizes
Edward Teller Professor of Applied Science, UCD
Fellow of American Physical Society
Fellow of Optical Society of America
American Physical Society President, Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
American Physical Society President, Laser Science
American Physical Society Treasurer, Laser Science

Publications in the Last Three Years (Selected for space considerations)
R.R. Freeman, et al., “The chirped pulse inverse free-electron laser,” Phys. Plasmas 6 , 4101 (1999).
R.R. Freeman, et al., “Nonperturbative quantum electrodynamics theory of high-order harmonic generation,” to be
       published in Phys. Rev. A.
R.R. Freeman, et al., “Quantum electrondynamics approach to the Volkov-Coulomb problem,” J. Phys. A. (1999).
R.R. Freeman, et al., “Schrodinger-like equation for nonrelativistic electon in a photon field of arbitrary intensity,”
       Phys. Rev. A 48, 1 (1998).