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					                                      Beta Tau Chapter
                                    Northeastern University
                                     2008 Chapter Report

2007-2008 Officers:
President – Michael Rio, (
Vice President – Diana Chandler, (
Secretary – Matthew Benoit, (
Treasurer – Ryan Figuerado, (
Historian – Erica Punko, (

Election of 2007-08 Officers:

May 16th, 2007, 6pm

Chapter Advisors:
Norman Boisse, Ph.D., (
Michael Gonyeau, B.S., Pharm.D., BCPS (

Chapter Delegates :
Chinda Kao, (

Chapter E-mail address:


The Beta Tau Chapter of Rho Chi was involved in numerous activities in the past year to help
foster fellowship among faculty, students, and the Boston community. These activities aligned
with the goals that were established in the spring of 2007 by integrating the national Rho Chi
Mission Statement with a more specific focus to address the needs of a large, urban university.
The goals include, and are not limited to, creating an environment of scholarly fellowship,
increasing awareness of Rho Chi and its mission in the academic community, and improving
health and providing wellness education in the Boston area.

History of Activities:


Providing academic assistance to pharmacy students was the cornerstone of Beta Tau activities
for the past year. We established two different avenues for students to obtain help from
members of Rho Chi. The first method was to provide the student in need with individual
tutoring from two current members of Rho Chi by appointment only. Those who were to provide
the tutoring services contacted the student in need and identified a meeting place, the length of
assistance required, and the subject that needed to be addressed. Before a student would
meet with members of Rho Chi, we requested that they review our “Rho Chi Tutor-Mentor
Program: Student Expectations” form (see Appendix). The form addressed the need to request
tutoring assistance at least 48 hours in advance, to be punctual with respect to the
predetermined meeting time, and to arrive with thoughtful inquiries relating to the subject matter.
Upon the conclusion of the tutoring session, a log sheet was completed that defined the subject
matter and made note of the length of the session. After one year, Rho Chi logged 12 hours of
individualized tutoring. Ten students were tutored via this mechanism. Students approached
the Beta Tau chapter with questions in immunology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and

Students seeking academic assistance were also given a second option to attend a more
informal “Open Lab” session. During predetermined two-hour time blocks, a minimum of two
Rho Chi students were situated in a room on campus where students in need could enter and
exit at their will. A total of 18 hours were spent tutoring 18 students in this manner. For both
tutoring options, students were notified via mass e-mail and flyers placed in the vicinity of highly
trafficked pharmacy areas.

In addition to individualized tutoring and open-lap tutoring, one member of the Beta Tau chapter,
who was especially proficient in biochemistry, held bi-weekly review sessions that were very
well attended. Approximately 60 students benefited from the hard work put forth by this selfless

Annual Rxpo

On September 27, 2007 from 4 pm – 6 pm, the Beta Tau chapter of Rho Chi participated in the
annual Rxpo. This activity increased awareness and education of Rho Chi and provided a
venue to advertise our tutoring services. Along with many other pharmacy organizations, Rho
Chi attended the Rxpo, which is primarily catered to underclass pharmacy students who were
seeking ways to become involved outside of the classroom. Interested students were informed
of the induction requirements and were made aware of future Rho Chi activities.

NU Health Fair

On November 27, 2007 from 9 am – 5 pm, we were involved in the NU Health Fair which was
coordinated alongside other health professional organizations from Northeastern University and
the neighboring community. Our focus was to provide diabetes education to the community
through risk assessments, “Did You Know? Facts,” and free samples such as foot lotion,
glucose tablets, and sugar-free substitutes. Unfortunately, we were not able to administer on-
site glucose testing, but the possibility of that is being investigated for future years.

In addition to diabetes education, we created a table in which we encouraged patients to ask
any and all questions they had about their current medications. We dubbed this the “Brown Bag
Table,” that provided the patient with a zero pressure environment. Also, many disease state
information pamphlets were made available to any interested parties add a few examples of
some of the info presented. We provided pamphlets that educated patients on hypertension,
hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis, and glaucoma. Every member of our chapter dressed
professionally and was easily recognized by the characteristic short, white lab coat.

Research Compendium

The research compendium that was created during the 2007-2008 academic year, was done so
to foster and promote scholarly fellowship among students and faculty. The compendium
provided a comprehensive list of faculty members currently partaking in laboratory and/or
clinical research at the university. The research was described in full and provided information
for students to contact faculty if they were interested in participating. Upon completing the
update of the compendium, it was distributed to the entire pharmacy student body (see

Annual Rho Chi Lecture

On March 12, 2008, the Beta Tau chapter hosted the Rho Chi Research Colloquium that
highlighted the clinical work of Christian Teter, Pharm.D., BCPP. The discussion was entitled
“Medication Adherence Behaviors, Reasons for Nonadherence, and Medication-Induced
Dysphoria among Patients with Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia.” Dr. Teter was chosen to
speak before the pharmacy community because of his intense support of student involvement in
laboratory and clinical research. Dr. Teter has received countless awards and distinctions that
made him an ideal candidate to address Northeastern University pharmacy students. A major
focus of Dr. Teter’s current practice at McLean Psychiatric Hospital is to develop an objective
scale to measure medication-induced dysphoria. There was an incredible turnout of pharmacy
students who, by attending the lecture, showed a strong interest in faculty-generated research.
Dr. Teter fielded many questions during and after the lecture that showed the colloquium was a
tremendous success.

Bouvé Welcome Day

On February 23, 2008 and April 5, 2008 two Beta Tau executive board officers spoke to
incoming pharmacy students and their families. They were asked to provide the audience with
experienced insight from a 5th year pharmacy student’s perspective. Speaking to incoming
pharmacy freshmen and their families gave the officers the opportunity to make the audience
aware of the Rho Chi Honor Society and the support that can be provided to younger pharmacy

Fundraising Efforts

In response to a need by the sixth year pharmacy students entering their Advanced Pharmacy
Practice Experiences, Beta Tau initiated an order of white coats as a fundraiser for our chapter.
The short white coats featured the Northeastern University School of Pharmacy logo as well as
each student’s name and “Pharm.D. Candidate.” Students were able to select an appropriate
size by trying on sample coats provided by the company. This fundraiser proved to be very
successful as we sold 72 white coats.

Another fundraiser initiated this past year was in coordination with a local Pizzeria Uno
restaurant. Beta Tau held two fundraisers during which pharmacy students and faculty could
dine at the restaurant and up to 20% of their bills would be donated to our chapter. Although we
did not raise nearly as much with this fundraiser as with the white coat fundraiser, every bit
counts! Money raised during this past year will go towards the purchase of a banner, cords for
graduating seniors, and to fund the induction ceremony held each May.

2008 Induction Ceremony and Banquet

On Friday, May 9, 2008, the Beta Tau chapter inducted 28 new undergraduate student
members into the Rho Chi pharmacy honor society. In addition, Christina Muratore a Ph.D.
pharmaceutical sciences student with a specialization in Pharmacology was inducted along with
Dr. Ban-An Khaw, professor of pharmaceutical sciences. The Rho Chi Sophomore Honors
Award was presented to Gabriel Fontaine, for attaining the highest QPA in his sophomore
pharmacy class. He was awarded an academic excellence certificate and a $200 cash award.

The induction ceremony was held at the Henderson House, a beautiful meeting place owned by
Northeastern University in Weston, Massachusetts. The evening began at 5:30pm with a wine
and cheese reception. The initiation of the new members began at 7:15pm and was conducted
by the co-advisors of the Beta Tau chapter, Dr. Norman Boisse and Dr. Michael Gonyeau.
Although the recipient of the Sophomore Honors Award was unable to attend due to medical
reasons, an image of him was on display and a summary of some of his impressive
accomplishments was noted. Next, the official initiation ritual proceedings were conducted. The
accomplishments of the newly inducted members were celebrated with their families, friends,
and other members of the Beta Tau chapter.

At 8:00pm, dinner was served in the banquet area, shortly thereafter the Rho Chi President
Michael Rio introduced the guest speaker John F. Cormier, Pharm.D. Dr. Cormier is the
founding Dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of New England in Portland, Maine.
His long career in pharmacy has taken him from community pharmacy, to clinical pharmacy and
eventually into academia. His speech was composed of three main parts. First, he emphasized
the importance of “evaluating your options,” in life and in particular the different career options
available to pharmacists. Next, he encouraged the newly inducted members to “be creative”
when it comes to solving the various problems that they are going to encounter in their career.
Finally, he focused on the importance of “enjoying yourself” throughout this very rewarding
occupation. The President presented Dr. Cormier with a gift of appreciation for serving as the
guest speaker. The evening was concluded by Dr. Michael Gonyeau acknowledging the
chapter’s accomplishments over the previous year and the expectations for the new class.


The Blackboard educational website was used for the third consecutive academic year. In
using this tool, Beta Tau was able to optimize communication and information availability for our
chapter. All members of the Beta Tau chapter were given access to this website, with executive
officers being allowed to manipulate the material presented on the site. Different responsibilities
were given to each officer in terms of the website’s up-keep, and this allowed us to maximize
our organization. All pertinent contact information, announcements, and advertisements were
made easily available on the Blackboard which surely helped improve our chapter’s efficiency.

Office Space

Office space was provided to the Beta Tau chapter as a means of information housing and to
act as a central point from which we could conduct business. The office was located in the main
School of Pharmacy building and allowed us to communicate with the pharmacy faculty, and
more specifically our advisors, with ease. Some of the paperwork (specifically, some tutoring
forms) were housed in the office which providing us with an additional method of organizing our
operations. When calling an officer meeting, the office space provided us with a convenient and
functional space that was utilized often.

The Beta Tau chapter had a very successful year. The previous members of the executive
board helped the incoming officers with their initial organization in May of 2007, which provided
for a seamless transition. When looking back upon the goals set during our first few weeks, we
can undoubtedly say that they were accomplished through the various activities that Rho Chi
sponsored or was a participant. Scholarly fellowship was achieved through our tutoring
program and the Rho Chi Colloquium. Awareness of Rho Chi and our mission was improved
due to our presence at the Rxpo and Bouvé Welcome Day and through the dissemination of the
Research Compendium. We were also able to improve health and provide wellness education
through our involvement in the NU Health Fair.

We move forward with the hope that future officers of the Beta Tau chapter will set lofty goals
and achieve them in the name of furthering Rho Chi’s mission.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Rio
Diana Chandler
Matthew Benoit
Ryan Figuerado
Erica Punko

Appearing in the following order:

   1. Student Expectations Form

   2. Individual Tutoring Advertisement – Fall

   3. Open Lab Tutoring Advertisement – Spring

   4. Rho Chi Lecture Advertisement

   5. Beta Tau’s Blackboard Page

   6. White Coat Order Form

   7. Compendium
                          Rho Chi Tutor-Mentor Program
                              Student Expectations

STUDENT NAME: _________________________________________________

Welcome to the Rho Chi Tutor-Mentor Program. We look forward to helping you
achieve success in your professional pharmacy courses. Please read over the following
guidelines we ask you to abide by in order to benefit from our program.


      Tutoring sessions must be scheduled with and confirmed by your assigned tutor
       via phone or email at least 1 week prior to an exam.
      Students and tutors must complete and submit a documentation form after each


              Cancellations: notify your tutor within 24 hours of the session
              No Shows: 3 “no shows” warrant discontinuation of tutoring services
              Tutor Attendance: please notify a Rho Chi officer ( if your
       tutor is absent.
              Tardiness: Your tutor will only wait up to 15 minutes for you to arrive.


             Whenever possible, let your tutor know ahead of time what material you
       need to go over. This will allow both you and your tutor to prepare for the
             It is essential that all students must come prepared with specific questions
       to be addressed for each tutoring session. Tutors will not “reteach” what has
       been presented in class.

I have read, understand, and will abide by the student expectations required to receive
Rho Chi Tutoring.

Signature_____________________________                           Date_____________
    Attention Pharmacy

     Mentor-Tutoring Program

Is available upon request for any
    Fall 2007 Pharmacy class

          To request a tutor, please email
 with the pharmacy

         (Please allow ≥1 week’s notice)
             Please Take Advantage of
The Rho Chi Mentor-Tutoring Program
                             Starting February 4th
                                  -Open Lab Hours-
                                           25 BK

                         Dates: Feb 4th, Feb 7th,
                               Feb 20th, Mar 20th
                         Time: 3-5pm

  Tutors Available for any Spring 2008
                 Pharmacy Course

For Tutoring Information Please Contact the Rho Chi Pharmacy
        Honors Society With Your Tutoring Request
        (please give us at least 1 week advance notice)
      The 2008 Rho Chi
    Colloquium featuring:

      Dr. Christian Teter
   presenting his research:

Medication Adherence Behaviors, Reasons
   for Nonadherence, and Medication-
 Induced Dysphoria among Patients with
    Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia

   Please come support the incredible
research done by our very own Pharmacy
            Practice faculty!

   This event will qualify for portfolio credit.
               Screenshot of Beta Tau’s Blackboard Home Screen
Members can access announcements, officer information, minutes and agendas and tutoring
forms. Members can also communicate with each other via e-mail and the discussion board is
often utilized for members to post their hours of availability for service projects or tutoring.
          Class of 2009
       White Coat Fundraiser

  Coats will have the logo above on one side, and two
lines of embroidery on the other side: your name on the
first line and “Pharm.D. Candidate” on the second line.

           Please complete the order form and
   return it to Erica Punko by Wednesday, March 26th.
               If you have any questions,
        please e-mail Erica at

         Please make checks payable to Rho Chi.
                    Coats are $45.00.
           Please indicate quantity: ________
   (some students have found it to be helpful to have two coats)

Circle coat size:

Men:    36    38    40   42      44   46   48   50   52

Ladies: 2     4     6    8       10   12   14   16   18

Name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
__ __ __ __ __

  Example: J o h n           A   .    S m i t h
  * Embroidery must be within 21characters including
periods and spaces!!! * Please write in capitals and
lowercase letters

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