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					Volume 4 Issue 2 E

                     CONEXPO 2005
                       Show review
                        Used Equipment
                         Job Site Report
                         Potain in China
                             Going global

get busy
The all new
10 t @ 60 m
   12 t per axle “ready to work” specification
   (8,5 t counterweight, 10 x 8 x 10 drive, 16.00 R25 tyres,
   11/18 m bifold swingaway, 20 t hookblock)
   Hydraulic Luffing Jib
   EKS5 Light
   1.9 t @ 92 m


Above. Beyond. Everywhere.
contents                                                                                                                                           24

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4 EDITORIAL                                      14 SELF-ERECTORS                              24 JOB SITE REPORT
Ben Shaw examines the proliferation of           The self-erecting crane is moving             Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental is
Potain self-erectors.                            beyond its traditional Western                using a number of Manitowoc crawler
                                                 European market to become a truly             cranes on a power plant construction in
5 NEWS                                           global product.                               Wisconsin, US.
2005 is shaping up to be a busy year at
Manitowoc Crane Group.
                                                 16 BUYING A USED AT                           26 DEALER PROFILE
                                                 Tom McCallum and Peter Schidor from           Ben Shaw talks to Kanoo Machinery
                                                 Grove offer advice on where to look and       of Saudi Arabia.
The latest appointments, promotions
                                                 what to look for.
and transfers.
                                                                                               27 CraneMAN
10 CONEXPO 2005                                  18 JOB SITE REPORT                            CraneMAN explains the benefit of
Thousands of crane owners traveled to            A Grove RT875E rough-terrain helps            financing crane purchases through
Las Vegas, Nevada, US to view the                with steel erection for a new warehouse       CraneCREDIT.
latest products and hear the latest news         facility in Massachusetts, US.
from MCG.
                                                 20 JOB SITE REPORT
12 Crane CARE                                                                                    ON THE COVER:                Volume 4 Issue 2 E

                                                 Specialist contractor Bauer is using a
The new D3 system from the Technical
                                                 Model 1015 duty-cycle crawler on a              A Series 500E boom                                CONEXPO 2005
                                                                                                                                                     Show review

Publications department of Manitowoc                                                                                                                  Used Equipment

                                                 tunneling project in Belgium.                   truck from National                                   Job Site Report

Crane CARE allows users to get instant                                                                                                                 Potain in China

                                                                                                 helps with expansion                                      Going global

access to all their documentation on-line.
                                                 22 JOB SITE REPORT                              work at the Moretrench
13 NEW YORK NATIONALS                            Potain has produced its largest ever            offices in Rockaway,
                                                                                                 New Jersey, US.              Booms
The popularity of National’s boom                tower crane, the MD 3600. Two of                                             get busy
trucks in the New York metro area                these giant units are at work on China’s        For more see page 13.
continues to grow.                               first steel cable-stayed bridge.


                                         The rise in popularity of the self-erecting crane outside Western Europe
                                         is one of the real success stories of recent times from Manitowoc                                                                               Ben Shaw
                                         Crane Group. These versatile products have been central to virtually all                                                                Contributing Editors:
                                                                                                                                                                                     Malcolm Early
                                         small construction projects in France, Germany, The Netherlands and
                                                                                                                                                                                    Cristelle Lacourt
                                         elsewhere for well over 30 years but their failure to catch on outside                                                                     Chris Bratthauar
                                                                                                                                                                                     Katharina Vohl
                                         their traditional markets has surprised industry observers.                                                                                     Jim Cui
                                              But now it seems MCG has solved the puzzle, with contractors                                                                            John Bittner

                                         from Sydney to San Francisco realizing the benefits these innova-                                                                            News Editor:
                                                                                                                                                                                        Tom Cioni
                                         tive lifters bring to the job site. And as with most great mysteries it
                                         seems the solution was not one singular answer but rather a                                                                                    Steve Brown
                                                                                                                                                                                      Brian O’Sullivan
                                         correct combination of several answers.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Production Manager:
     Of course much has to be put down to education. And for this the worldwide network of                                                                                            Guy Peterson
MCG dealers came into its own. Their knowledge and hands-on experience of the Crane                                                                                                     Publisher:
                                                                                                                                                                                        Larry Bryce
Group’s product line offers a real advantage when discussing the benefits of self-erectors.
MCG is always quick to praise its dealers as the best in the industry and the rise in                                                                              
popularity of the self-erector line supports that argument.
     There’s also been a change in building habits over the years. There’s no doubt that on
small-to-medium sized construction sites the self-erector is the most efficient method of mate-
rial handling. But a number of factors now favor self-erectors over other alternatives. The fact
that sites are increasingly congested means that space on site is often at a premium – a point
that favors the self-erector and its small footprint. While time pressures continue to grow and
                                                                                                                                                                                   PO Box 70, Manitowoc,
many projects are now landscaped at the same time construction is taking place. This makes                                                                                          WI 54221-0070, USA
                                                                                                                                                                                   Tel: +1 920 684 6621
it difficult for mobile material handlers – telehandlers mainly – to operate. So the fact a self-
                                                                                                                                                                                   Fax: +1 920 683 6277
erector is static but can cover most small-to-medium job sites is another advantage.
     And then there’s the product. While there are other self-erectors, there’s no doubt the                                                                                 18, rue de Charbonnières – BP 173
                                                                                                                                                                               69132 ECULLY Cedex – France
range from Potain stands out from the competition. With more choice, greater lifting capabil-                                                                                     Tél: +33 (0)4 72 18 20 61
ities, cranes that are easier to transport, easier to set-up and simpler to own and maintain                                                                                     Fax: +33 (0)4 72 18 20 00

they offer a real competitive advantage. Plus, they have the support of the MCG dealer net-                                                                                           Asia – Pacific
                                                                                                                                                                                       26, Benoi Road
work and the industry leading Manitowoc Crane CARE program.                                                                                                                          Singapore 629898
     It seems that the self-erector business is changing on a global basis. But don’t take my                                                                                       Tel: +65 (0)861 7133
                                                                                                                                                                                    Fax: +65 (0)227 1663
word for it. Turn to page 14 and find out exactly how MCG customers around the world are
making use of these profitable products.

                                                                                                                                                                              Looking Up is published six times a
                                                                                                                                                                                year by Manitowoc Crane Group.
                                                                                                                                                                              Copies are available free of charge
                                                                                                                                                                                to crane customers, dealers, end
Ben Shaw                                                                                                                                                                         users and enthusiasts. Material
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A number of trade and brand names appear in Looking Up. For ease of design, these are displayed without their superscript or subscript symbols. The most common names are:               June 2005

100 000th Potain                                                                                                            Crane CARE
delivered at CONEXPO                                                                                                        recognized
The 100 000th production                                                                                                    at Longtan
tower crane from Potain has
been handed over to North                                                                                                   Ding Bei, Manitowoc Crane
American crane rental                                                                                                       CARE’s service engineer on
company AmQuip. The                                                                                                         China’s Longtan Dam con-
handover took place during a                                                                                                struction, has been recognized
special ceremony at this                                                                                                    as one of the top three equip-
year’s CONEXPO 2005                                                                                                         ment professionals on the
exhibition in Las Vegas,                                                                                                    project. The final selections
Nevada, US. Senior                                                                                                          were made from a field of over
management from both                                                                                                        2000 equipment operators
Manitowoc Crane Group and                                                                                                   and servicemen working on
AmQuip were in attendance,                                                                                                  what is China’s second largest
as were senior personnel                                                                                                    dam project. He has responsi-
from Coast Crane, one of                                                                                                    bility for the three Potain
                                          Celebrating the AmQuip handover are (left to right): Glen Tellock, MCG;
Manitowoc Crane Group’s                   Joseph Wesley Sr, AmQuip; Dan Goodale, Coast Crane; Frank Bardonaro Jr, AmQuip.
largest dealers and the
company which sold the                    officially the 100 000th tower              was founded in 1967, so I
crane to AmQuip.                          crane from Potain. AmQuip                   have a good knowledge of
    AmQuip also announced                 already owns a wide range                   the way they work and have
at the show it has committed              of other MCG products and                   developed close working
to a $30 million (€24 million)            this was central to the                     relationships with many of
spending plan with Potain                 company’s decision to                       their people,” he said. “It was
which will see it become one              choose Potain for its tower                 this trust, combined with the
of the US’s biggest tower                 crane fleet, according to                   excellent quality of the Potain
crane providers. Included in              CEO Joseph Wesley Sr.                       product, which convinced us
the spending plan is the                      “Personally I have been                 that the Manitowoc Crane
MDT 178 Topless City crane                dealing with people at                      Group was the company we
on show at CONEXPO –                      Manitowoc since AmQuip                      wanted to partner with.”

                                                                                                                            Ding Bei of Manitowoc
                                                                                                                            Crane CARE (left) on site at
                                                                                                                            Longtan Dam with Jiang Zhou
                                                                                                                            from the MCG office in Shanghai.

                                                                                                                            special application cranes on
                                                                                                                            the job, two MD 2200s and
                                                                                                                            one MD 1800 unit.
                                                                                                                                In addition the Potain
                                                                                                                            MD 2200 cranes working on
                                                                                                                            the project were also given
                                                                                                                            special mention by the man-
                                                                                                                            agement company Longtan
                                                                                                                            Hydropower Project. The
                                                                                                                            cranes, along with 11 other
                                                                                                                            pieces of construction equip-
                                                                                                                            ment, were awarded a
                                                                                                                            ‘Redflag’ distinction for their
                                                                                                                            superior performance.
  Williams Crane Service of Baltimore, Maryland, US has supplied its Grove GMK5100 (or GMK5120B in the US) to                   Ding Bei has been on the
  Central Maryland’s firefighters for disaster response training. The firefighters are taught industry-standard hand        site in China’s Guangxi
  signals and rigging techniques to make them more effective when using cranes to remove debris at the scene of             Province since November
  collapsed buildings. In addition to the crane, Williams supplied an operator and two of its riggers to carry out the
                                                                                                                            2003 and will remain on the
  training. The crane was sold to Williams through local dealer J W Burress.
                                                                                                                            project until the end of 2007.


on the up
in France
Two leading French crane rental
companies have announced
major tower crane orders with
Potain to significantly boost
their fleets. Sofral and Arcomet
France have both committed
to multiple crane orders as
                                        Celebrating the Sofral order at CONEXPO 2005. Left to right are: Gilles Marchand, MCG; Glen Tellock, MCG;
the market in France continues          Jack Stive, Sofral; Frans Vanwinkel, MCG.
to grow.
    The Sofral order was                500 cranes in our fleet, most             country and this year that                 strength of the market and in
signed by company president             of them from Potain,” said                number is expected to be                   Potain’s products,” said
Jack Stive at CONEXPO 2005              Stive. “But this current boom             much higher.                               Luc Theyskens, managing
in Las Vegas, Nevada, US                in construction combined                      Meanwhile Arcomet                      director of Montpellier-based
and comprises 60 cranes                 with a growing desire among               France, another leading                    Arcomet France. “We chose
from across the Potain range            contractors to rent cranes                tower-crane rental company,                Potain because they are
in a deal valued at $15 million         rather than purchase means                has ordered 28 new Potain                  extremely reliable cranes
(€11.5 million). The order was          we need even more cranes                  tower cranes. The deal                     which meet our expecta-
originally intended to replace          to meet our commitments for               includes three MD 365Bs,                   tions, in specifications and
older cranes in the Sofral              the year.” According to Stive             seven MD 310Bs, five                       performance. In addition,
fleet, but Stive revealed that          there is huge demand in                   MD 265Bs, five MDT 178s,                   we know we can rely on
work levels are currently so            France at present for                     and eight GTMR 386Bs.                      the superior technical
high all the cranes will be             apartment blocks. Last year                   “This major expansion of               support provided by Potain
needed to expand the fleet.             over 400 000 new                          our fleet demonstrates our                 and Manitowoc’s Crane
    “We already have over               apartments were built in the              confidence, both in the                    CARE network.

More Manitowoc Masters
Two more technicians have               Lawler, a field technician for            Level Three qualification                  technicians achieved the
achieved the prestigious                the Texas division of MCG                 students must repair a                     Level Three qualification;
Master Level Three                      dealer H&E Equipment                      series of faults set across                Warren Fors, a Manitowoc
qualification from Manitowoc            Services, both successfully               the spectrum of components                 field technician, and
Cranes. Steve Bertsche, a               completed the technical                   and systems found inside                   Richard Morris, a field
Manitowoc Crane CARE                    training program.                         the Manitowoc crawler                      technician for All Erection &
employee, and James                         To achieve the Master                 crane line. Elsewhere, two                 Crane Rental Corp.

James Lawler problem solving on the Model 999 training system.                    Steve Bertsche at work on the Can-Bus training system.


MCG                                                                                                              levels of interest in the
                                                                                                                 products on show and
                                                                                                                 orders were received for a
success at                                                                                                       number of other machines.
                                                                                                                     On the Ibergruas stand,

SMOPyC                                                                                                           the company used the trade
                                                                                                                 fair to showcase the
                                                                                                                 MDT 98 model from the
Manitowoc Crane Group                                                                                            range of Topless City
enjoyed great success at                                                                                         cranes. The 6 t (6.6 USt)
SMOPyC 2005, the leading                                                                                         unit was being shown in
construction equipment                                                                                           Spain for the first time. Also
trade fair in Spain held every                                                                                   on stand from the range of
three years in Zaragoza.                                                                                         self-erecting cranes was the
The company was present                                                                                          Igo 22. Visitors to the
through its local dealers                                                                                        MOPSA stand, meanwhile,
MOPSA, representing the                                                                                          were able to take a closer
Grove range of mobile                                                                                            look at the 130 t (165 USt)
cranes, and Ibergruas,                                                                                           GMK5130-1 (known as the
representing the Potain                                                                                          GMK5165 in the US). It too
range of tower cranes. Both                                                                                      was being shown in Spain
companies reported high                                                                                          for the first time.

                                                                               From the Middle East
                                                                               to the Midwest
                                                                               Steve Rowe, one of
                                                                               Manitowoc Crane CARE’s
                                                                               most experienced techni-
                                                                               cians, is returning to the US
                                                                               from Saudi Arabia to take up
                                                                               a new Crane CARE position
                                                                               working for a Midwest
                                                                               based MCG customer.
                                                                               Rowe became training
                                                                               manager for the Middle East
                                                                               and Africa in January of
                                                                               2000 and worked on a
                                                                               variety of projects during his
                                                                               tenure, the largest of which
                                                                               was a 96-week program of
                                                                               in-house training for oil giant
                                                                               Saudi Aramco to support a
                                                                               large all-terrain order placed
                                                                               by the company in 2002.
                                                                                   The training was carried      sterling silver plaque from
                                                                               out in conjunction with           Kanoo (see picture). Steve
                                                                               local dealer Kanoo                Rowe joined Manitowoc
                                                                               Machinery and the                 Crane Group in 1974 and
                                                                               Manitowoc Crane Group             has over 31 years experi-
                                                                               regional office in United         ence with the company. He
                                                                               Arab Emirates. To com-            has returned to the US to
  Work on one of the most prestigious high rise projects in the Asia-Pacific
  region, Nina Towers in Hong Kong, is progressing well thanks to the Potain   memorate the completion           take on the role of Crane
  tower cranes installed on site. Thought to be currently the tallest Potain   of the training program and       CARE account manager for
  tower in the world at present, an MD 345 has been installed on site at a     to mark the end of Rowe’s         All Erection & Crane Rental
  height under hook of 345.4 m (1133 ft). For more on this innovative
  skyscraper project see Looking Up Volume 3 Issue 2.                          time in the Middle East he        Corp, headquartered in
                                                                               was presented with a              Cleveland, Ohio.


                                   Work begins on new
                                            Chinese                                                     Where
                                                                                                        IN THE WORLD
                                            factory                                                     You can find
                                                                     139 000 m2 (1.5 million ft2)       Manitowoc
                                                                     facility as MCG responds to        Crane Group
                                                                     the growing demand for its         at these events
                                                                     products. Speaking at the
                                                                     ground-breaking ceremony           SC&RA Crane & Rigging
                                                                     Eric Etchart, MCG’s EVP for        Workshop
                                                                     the Asia-Pacific region, said.     September 22 – 24, 2005
A ground-breaking ceremony         stations. The new factory is      “This is a special day for us at   Houston, Texas, US
officially marked the start of     scheduled to open in early        Manitowoc Crane Group. This
construction on the new            2006 with all production and      new factory will give us even      ICUEE
Manitowoc Crane Group              staff from MCG’s existing fac-    greater presence in China and      September 27 – 29, 2005
factory in Zhangjiagang,           tory in Zhangjiagang transfer-    the Asia-Pacific region and        Louisville, Kentucky, US
China. Local dignitaries,          ring to the new location.         we are greatly looking forward
politicians and journalists all        State-of-the-art production   to beginning work in this new
                                                                                                        CICA Crane Industry
attended the event which           technology is being installed     facility after next year’s         Conference
was also covered on local TV       at the new expanded               Chinese New Year.”                 October 6 – 8, 2005
                                                                                                        Fremantle, Australia

Potain                                                                                                  Crane & Hoist Conference
                                                                                                        and Expo
                                                                                                        October 5 – 7, 2005
Igo 50 in                                                                                               Houston, Texas, US

Germany                                                                                                 SAIE 2005
                                                                                                        October 12 – 16, 2005
                                                                                                        Bologna, Italy
One of the first Potain
Igo 50 self-erecting cranes
in Germany has been put to
work on construction of a
new “sleep laboratory” at a
hospital in the Hemer region
of Sauerland. Local contrac-
tor Verfuss is using the new
Igo 50 for lifting all materials
and equipment at the job
site. The family-owned
Verfuss company purchased
the crane from local dealer
                                                                                                        Manitowoc Crane CARE
NIBM (Gelsenkirchen) which                                                                              employee Joel Zick has been
is also providing a complete                                                                            registered as a Professional
support service, from initial                                                                           Engineer in the state of
                                                                                                        Wisconsin, US after successfully
specification to mainte-
                                                                                                        passing the PE exam at the end
nance, through Manitowoc                                                                                of 2004. Zick joined Manitowoc
Crane CARE. The Igo 50,                                                                                 Cranes in 1999 after graduating
with maximum lift capacity                                                                              from the University of Wisconsin
                                                                                                        with a degree in Mechanical
of 4 t (4.4 USt), and a jib-
                                                                                                        Engineering. He was involved in
end load capacity of 1.1 t                                                                              the design of the Model 555,
(1.2 USt) at maximum radius                                                                             Model 1015 and Model 18000
of 40 m (130 ft), is the           (31 000 ft2) ‘sleep laborato-     and will be used to                cranes and currently holds the
                                                                                                        position of Manitowoc Crane
largest in the Igo range.          ry’ with 11 beds will be          diagnose and solve the             CARE Engineer II.
    The new 2900 m2                completed by mid-2005,            problems of snoring.

                                                                                                      Crane          PEOPLE

Name:     Scott Alexander                                           Name:     John Bittner
Region:   The Americas                                              Region:   The Americas
Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin, US                                  Location: Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, US
          Scott Alexander has been named                                      John Bittner has joined the
          general manager of Manitowoc Crane                                  Manitowoc Crane Group in the newly
          CARE for The Americas. He is an                                     created position of director of
          accomplished executive who brings                                   marketing for Manitowoc Crane CARE
          over 20 years of success in domestic                                in The Americas. In this position he
          and international OEM and aftermarket businesses                    will lead the strategic planning, direction and
          to Crane CARE. He reports directly to Larry                         execution of Crane CARE Americas marketing.
          Weyers, executive vice president of Crane CARE,                         John is well known to MCG customers and
          and is responsible for strategic planning, direction                brings a broad experience in product marketing
          and management of the Crane CARE Americas                           and aftermarket support that he gained during his
          team. He will also work closely with other regional                 previous tenure with Grove Worldwide, a career
          executive teams to ensure continued growth and                      that spanned more than 28 years. During this
          alignment of Crane CARE.                                            period he served in increasingly responsible
              Prior to joining Manitowoc Crane Group, Scott                   positions such as parts marketing manager,
          served as vice president and general manager at                     director parts operations, director market support
          P&H Mining Equipment where he headed up the                         and training, and in his last position he served as
          North America Group of P&H MinePro Services’                        director of marketing for crane sales. John reports
          mining and industrial OEM and aftermarket businesses.               to Scott Alexander, general manager of Manitowoc
                                                                              Crane CARE, Americas.

Name:     Marie-Aude Joly
Region:   EMEA                                                      Name:     Tai Kai Meng
Location: Ecully, France                                            Region:   Asia-Pacific
          Marie-Aude Joly has joined the market-                    Location: Singapore
          ing department of MCG in Europe, the                                Tai Kai Meng has joined Manitowoc
          Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as an                                 Crane CARE’s finance team as senior
          internet communication executive. In                                accountant. In this position she is
          her new position she will oversee the                               responsible for analyzing parts, serv-
          websites for all MCG brands in the EMEA region,                     ice and project costs for Crane CARE
          handling the maintenance, management and                            in the Asia-Pacific region. She reports directly to
          updating of the sites.                                              John Bautista, controller of Crane CARE.
              She reports to Malcolm Early, marketing                             Tai most recently served as an audit supervisor
          communication manager for the EMEA region.                          for KPMG in Malaysia. Prior to this, she was an
          Marie-Aude holds a Masters degree in new informa-                   accountant for Merge Housing Berhad. She has a
          tion and communication technology.                                  degree in accounting from the University of Western
                                                                              Australia at Perth.

Name:     Katharina Vohl
Region:   EMEA                                                      Name:     Andrea Madia

Location: Ecully, France                                            Region:   EMEA

          Katharina Vohl has been promoted to                       Location: Parabiago, Italy
          marketing communication executive                                   Andrea Madia has rejoined
          for EMEA, having previously served as                               Manitowoc Crane Group as sales
          head of website marketing for Potain                                director for Southern Europe. In this
          in EMEA. Her new function includes                                  position he will also act as general
          promotional material development, writing press                     manager of Italian company Potain
          releases, creating advertising plans and other                      Sud Europe based in Parabiago, Italy. He reports to
          marketing functions including contributing to                       Frans Vanwikel, vice president of sales and marketing
          Looking Up.                                                         for MCG EMEA, and will develop sales of all MCG
              She will remain based in Ecully, France and reports             brands throughout Southern Europe.
          directly to Malcolm Early, marketing communication                      Andrea is already well known to Potain customers
          manager for the EMEA region. Katharina is a German                  as he previously served as factory director at the
          native and holds a French-German double degree in                   Manitowoc Crane Group facility in Niella Tanaro from
          international marketing and management and a                        1990 to 1997 and then as director of Potain’s Italian
          professional degree in export sales.                                sales subsidiary from 1997 to 2003.

               CONEXPO 2005

     MCG’s decision to take its
     biggest ever stand at CONEXPO
     paid handsome dividends with
     the company enjoying one of its
     most successful trade shows
     ever. Tom Cioni reports from
     Las Vegas.

              ONEXPO 2005 was bathed in beautiful
                                                          The high demand for cranes in South Korea continues with a number of visitors
              sunshine and the glorious weather served    to the MCG stand hailing from the country. Among those present were
              as a perfect gauge for the mood at the      representatives from two of the largest crawler crane companies: Daewon and
     show. Over 124 000 construction industry             Chunjo Construction, both of which have previously purchased two Model 18000
     professionals visited the Las Vegas event between    units for their respective fleets. Pictured left to right are: Sam Sim, MCG; Ho Joon
                                                          Bang, MCG; Jae-Chung Roh, Daewon; Chang Hwan Jang, Chunjo; Glen Tellock, MCG;
     March 15 and 19 and the mood among them all          Al Kadow, MCG; Larry Bryce, MCG.
     can be summed up in one word – upbeat.
         On the Manitowoc Crane Group stand there
                                                                                                                        CraneMAN was on hand
     was rarely a quiet moment as dealers, customers                                                                    throughout CONEXPO
     and end users from across North America con-                                                                       mixing with staff and
     verged to view the latest products and get the                                                                     customers on the
                                                                                                                        Manitowoc booth.
     latest updates from the company. There was a
                                                                                                                        Comparing muscles with
     raft of major deals completed and discussions                                                                      the MCG mascot are
     opened on a range of other possible deliveries.                                                                    David Baker (left) from
     Demand for lifting equipment is on the rise not                                                                    MCG dealer Kirby-Smith
                                                                                                                        Machinery and John
     only in North America, but across the globe.                                                                       Jones from H&E
         This global demand was reflected in the atten-                                                                 Equipment Services, also
     dance at CONEXPO with a record number of visi-                                                                     a MCG dealer.
     tors from overseas. Over 21 220 or 17% of
     attendees hailed from outside the US, with a total
     of 130 countries represented. This was certainly
     evident on the MCG stand with visitors, cus-
     tomers and dealers coming from virtually every
     corner of the globe.
         Glen Tellock hailed the event as a complete
     success. “I can comfortably say this was one of
     the best CONEXPOs ever. Of course, it was the
     first one we’ve attended with all four of our
     brands – Manitowoc, Potain, Grove and
     National – under the same banner which made
     it a special event for us. But in terms of feed-
     back from our customers and dealers and the
     shear volume of activity on the stand it’s clear     ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp is the proud new owner of the first two of Manitowoc’s
     that the market is demanding lifting equipment –     new Model 16000 crawler crane. Management from the company was on hand to celebrate
                                                          the event. Pictured left to right are: Dave Birkhauser, MCG; Jack Swan, ALL Erection;
     and it’s looking to Manitowoc Crane Group to         Connie Swan, ALL Erection; Vickie Ashworth, ALL Erection; Marvine Liptak, ALL Erection;
     satisfy that need.” N                                Mike Liptak, ALL Erection; Bill Aurelius, Crane & Shovel Corp; John Kennedy, MCG.

                                                                                                                CONEXPO 2005

ds flock to MCG

                                                                                     Potain dealer RMS Rentals of Savage, Minnesota was presented
                                                                                     with a plaque at CONEXPO recognizing the company’s achievements
                                                                                     with self-erecting cranes over the course of 2004. The company also
The success of the Grove YardBoss range of industrial cranes continues.              celebrated a five crane order at the show, making it doubly-
Empire Crane attended CONEXPO to celebrate its appointment as a                      successful! Pictured left to right are: Clay Thoreson; MCG, Carson
YardBoss dealer, covering the state of New York. Pictured left to right are:         Erickson, RMS Rentals; Tom Randall, RMS Rentals; Jeff Sisk, RMS
Tom Lonergan, Empire Crane; Ron Lado, Empire Crane; Tom McCallum,                    Rentals; Jim Everson, RMS Rentals; Tim Rients, RMS Rentals;
MCG; Luke Lonergan, Empire Crane; Paul Lonergan, Empire Crane;                       Craig Minnich, MCG.
Glen Tellock, MCG.

                                                     Champagne time! Jack Stive (right), president of French tower
                                                     crane rental giant Sofral, commemorates a 60 crane order
                                                     worth $15 million (€12 million). Helping him celebrate are
                                                     Gilles Marchand (center) and Glen Tellock from MCG.

       A strong press contingent was in evidence at this
       year’s show and MCG’s press reception attracted
         well over 130 media representatives. The major
        announcement at the event was the handover of
                       the 100 000th Potain (see News).

Crane CARE

                                                                                                                       lessly via the internet, helping
                                                                                                                       maintain a fleet with current
                                                                                                                       information. “An operator
                                                                                                                       can download data, put it
                                                                                                                       into the cab and be OSHA
                                                                                                                       (Occupational Safety & Health
                                                                                                                       Administration) compliant
                                                                                                                       immediately,” states John
                                                                                                                       Alexander, manager technical
                                                                                                                       publications – Americas. “It’s
                                                                                                                       important from an operational
                                                                                                                       and service standpoint that
                                                                                                                       data is serial specific and
                                                                                                                       updated continually. We can
                                                                                                                       also show customers what
                                                                                                                       data has been accessed by
                                                                                                                       their work force.”

                                                                                                                       On-line update
                                                                                                                       Complementing the
With D3 customers get the latest updates to technical publications immediately.
                                                                                                                       customer side of D3 is a
                                                                                                                       site for MCG dealers only.
Manitowoc Crane CARE has made enormous strides with                                                                    This allows a dealer to have
                                                                                                                       all product information in
Technical Publications. John Bittner explains how.                                                                     one place and obtain
                                                                                                                       updates electronically. “Any
                                                                                                                       product information we

                                                                                                                       want to make our dealer
                                                                                                                       network aware of will
                                                                                                                       eventually be done by D3,”
                                                                                                                       says Alexander.
                                                                                                                           An especially useful feature
                                                                                                                       – available to dealers and D3

                                                                                                                       customers – is the ability to
                                                                                                                       search an entire site for a key-
                                                                                                                       word or phrase, preventing the
                                                                                                                       need to search through differ-
                                                                                                                       ent electronic documents.
                                                                                                                           The technical publications

         igital Document                  online for their entire crane           the OEM serial number on             component of Crane CARE
         Distribution, better             fleets are Kiewit and Maxim.            each Web page. There is no           is also making great strides
         known as D3, is the              Kiewit was in fact instrumental         age limit for the cranes listed      with its product offerings
latest electronic product to be           in helping drive the develop-           in D3. All Manitowoc Crane           on DVD and CD. DVDs
redeveloped by the Technical              ment process, agreeing to               Group products no matter             have, in fact, proved perfect
Publications Team of                      become involved with a pilot            how old are supported by             for providing ten-minute
Manitowoc Crane CARE. The                 scheme that ran for around              Crane CARE tech-                                    instructional
new D3 product allows                     one year. Now the construc-             nical publications.     “It’s important that material when
customers and dealers to                  tion contractor has opted to            Prices for a cus-           data is updated an update is
view technical documentation              have all its Manitowoc Crane            tomer specific site                                 made available.
– operator and service                    Group manuals posted online             are based upon                continually.”         Instead of
manuals, charts, maintenance              – over 200 cranes.                      fleet size but common to all         trying to show service
schedules and more – via a                                                        users is how MCG charges for         personnel how to do it in a
secure Web connection,                    Tailor made                             D3. There is one annual cost,        classroom, the same infor-
negating the need to take                 Each Web site is specific to            rather than monthly charges          mation can be watched at a
paperwork on site.                        an individual customer. It              based on usage.                      customer’s location. N
    Two US-based customers                shows equipment numbers,                    D3 gives Crane CARE the          G For more information
quick to see the advantages               designated by the customer,             ability to communicate updat-        contact John Alexander:
of having documentation                   to identify cranes, as well as          ed service information seam-

                                                                                                                 NY Nationals

continues to be
the boom truck
of choice for New
York companies.
Chris Bratthauar
talks to one of
the latest

        number of boom
        trucks from National
        Crane have been
helping groundwater and
geotechnical giant Moretrench
American Corporation with its
day-to-day operations. Most
recently the company tested
a 15.4 t (18 USt) Series 500E
model at its headquarters
in Rockaway, New Jersey
where it assisted with
material handling duties on                                                     National boom-trucks continue to grow in popularity with New York
the expansion of the
company’s facilities.
    The company is also
                                  More                                         companies. Inset: A Series 500E from National helps with expansion
                                                                                          work at the Moretrench offices in Rockaway, New Jersey.

making good use of a 23.6 t
(26 USt) Model 9103A for          move our equipment between
transporting pipework,            job sites and from our yard in
pumps, drill casings and other    New Jersey into the city.”
equipment required on the             But it’s not only the fact

                                                          for NY
various projects it undertakes.   the crane is certified                                                   Equipment Co. Mike
The majority of the company’s     that has won admirers                                                    Johnson, district manager
work takes place in New York      at Moretrench. “The                                                      with the company, says the
City and all cranes in the city   guys that operate the                                                    sales to Moretrench reflect
must have a Certificate of        9103A love it,” says                                                     the continuing dominance of
Approval supplied by the NYC      Tambasco. “Features such         and makes two to three trips            National in the New York area.
Department of Buildings’          as the electronic LMI [load      per day. “We push it hard,                  “The fact our cranes are
Cranes and Derricks.              moment indicator] give us a      sending it wherever we need             so easy to certify is an
    According to Joe              factor of safety which was       to and then using it for more           excellent selling point,” says
Tambasco, shop foreman at         missing in older cranes. Plus    lifts in the yard at the end of         Johnson, “but it’s by no
Moretrench, ensuring the          the overall layout and com-      the day,” says Tambasco.                means the only reason we’re
National unit was New York        fort of the crane make it a      “We’re very pleased with it.”           doing so well in the region.
City certified was central        real pleasure to operate.”                                               Customers like the industry-
to the company’s decision         The Model 9103A has a            Fleet additions                         leading performance and
to purchase.                      31.3 m (103 ft) four-section     In addition to the Model                product support that National
    “Around 85% of the work       main boom and can be             9103A, Moretrench also has              offers. It’s the reason compa-
we do takes place in New          equipped with a maximum of       an 18.1 t (20 USt) Series 600           nies at the top of their game
York City,” he says. “So it was   13.4 m (44 ft) of jib.           in its fleet. Both cranes were          – such as Moretrench –
essential we had a crane that’s       Moretrench’s unit is         supplied through local dealer           want to include National
New York City certified to        mounted on a Mack carrier        Garden State Engine &                   equipment in their fleets.” N


The self-erecting
crane has long been
popular with
European contractors
but in the past five
years the units have
grown in popularity
outside their
traditional markets.
Ben Shaw explains.

  f you ask any contractor in
  Western Europe what is
  the best piece of
equipment for material
handling on a small to
medium rise construction
you’ll get the same answer.
The self-erecting crane. For
the past 30 years house
builders, carpenters,
contractors and others have
relied on these units to
handle just about anything
that’s needed on a regular
small construction site.
    And now their popularity is
beginning to spread beyond
their traditional market of

An Igo 32 – the first in Africa –
is working for Neil Muller
Construction, a prominent building
and construction contractor in the
Western Cape of South Africa.        This Igo 50, belonging to Ladybird Crane Hire in the UK, is helping with expansion work at a school.

                                                                              on the

 Western Europe. While there               reach farther than other
 have always been instances                material handling options we
 of companies using self-                  looked at,” he says. “On the
 erectors outside their usual              first project we used this
 market, the number being                  crane there was no access
 sold is on the rise, as is the            on three sides of the build-
 number of companies that                  ing, while on the second
 now include self-erectors in              there was no access from
 their equipment fleets.                   one side. On both these jobs
     Perhaps the strongest                 if we had used something
 growth at present is in North             other than a self-erector it
 America where both the                    would have added days to
 HDT and Igo ranges from                   the construction time.”
 Potain are finding favor                       Grau is using the cranes
 among contractors. End                    to mostly pick steel wall
 users have been impressed                 panels and wood or steel
                                                                              Grau Contracting of St Louis, Missouri is using this Potain HDT 80 on a variety
 with the cranes’ small foot-              floor panels. According to         of job sites in its local neighborhood.
 prints, ease of mobility, ease            Schierding these lifts are no
 of set-up and                                               problem for      which is the 4 t (4.4 USt) Igo             would have been very difficult,
 excellent lifting                                           the HDT 80       50, currently on a long-term               and it has proved to be very
 capabilities.                                               even though      rental to T&B (Contractors) for            cost effective.”
 Among the                                                   on occasion it   expansion work at a school.
 recent converts                                             can be asked         T&B chose the Igo from                 Around the world
 in the US is Grau                                           to make up to    Ladybird instead of a telehan-             The Igo concept has headed
 Contracting,                                                60 picks in      dler because construction is               to Africa too, with the first
 based in St                                                 one day.         taking place during the school             units arriving in South Africa
 Louis, Missouri,                                                             year and the Igo range boasts              in the past few months. An
 which is making                                             UK users         low noise and pollution.                   Igo 32 has been sold to Neil
 use of a 6 t          Pictured is an Igo 36 belonging       Another          Another advantage on the site              Muller Construction, a promi-
 (6.6 USt) HDT         to Swedish rental company             relatively new   is the Igo’s ability to operate in         nent construction contractor
 80. Such has                                                market for       a confined area as space on                in the Western Cape which is
 been the demand for the                   self-erectors is the UK where      the job is limited. Even so the            using it in Stellenbosch for
 crane that it has been                    the cranes are becoming            Igo can handle the majority of             work on a new headquarters
 booked into three jobs in its             more accepted thanks to the        incoming material, including               for the British American
 first few weeks and has a                 efforts of Ladybird Crane Hire     some of the structural steel-              Tobacco company. Two
 promising future.                         and its charismatic owner          work, most of which is pallet-             South African Potain dealers,
     Jerry Schierding, CEO at              Chris Bird (see Looking Up         ed or packed in units of about             ETCS in Cape Town and SA
 Grau Contracting, explains                Volume 3, Issue 3). The rela-      1 t (1.2 USt). The 40 m                    French in Johannesburg, are
 what makes the crane so                   tively new company has a           (130 ft) jib can reach all parts           now both actively promoting
 popular. “These self-erecting             large number of self-erectors      of the site, so the crane can              the Igo technology.
 cranes take up less area and              in its fleet the biggest of        pick and place material direct                 Elsewhere around the
                                                                              from the delivery truck.                   world, self-erectors have been
                                                                                  “We have used many dif-                raising their profile. In Chile

                                                                              ferent types of tower cranes               the first two models from the
                                                                              before, but this is the first              Igo range have been delivered
                                                                              time we have used a self-                  – the first Igos in Latin
                                                                              erecting crane,” says T&B                  America – to local Manitowoc
                                                                              project manager Andrew                     Crane Group dealer ETAC,
                                                                              Todd. “It has caused us less               while in Sweden rental giant
                                                                              nuisance and disruption than               Europakranar, part of the

e rise
                                                                              having mobile handlers                     Lambertssons Sverige
                                                                              moving around. It has also                 Group, has added several
                                                                              achieved better management                 Igo 36 units to its fleet. And
                                                                              of materials and by minimizing             there are further orders for
                                                                              site traffic has been excellent            cranes from Australia to
                                                                              from a logistical and safety               Africa, from Canada to the
                                                                              point of view. Undertaking this            Caribbean. Self-erectors are
                                                                              contract without the crane                 now truly global. N

Buying used

Buying a use
Tom McCallum and Peter Schidor from Grove offer advice on buying and inspecting a used all-terrain.

         uying a used all-terrain    After the general walkround,         And a visual check on the
         is a significant            take a look at the chassis. ATs      straightness of the boom
         investment so it’s          travel frequently on highway so      should be made too. The entire
important to get it right first      it is imperative that the crane is   hydraulic system must also be
time. The first check to make        legal to travel on the road. The     checked for leaks. Inside the
is to call the manufacturer          wheels, the brakes and the           cab check that all relevant
(or local dealer for customers       electrics in the chassis will        manuals are present and that
in North America) with details       need to be thoroughly                they correspond to the correct
of the relevant crane. By            checked. Then move on to the         crane – if the crane has been
verifying the details it will also   superstructure. To examine this      part of a larger fleet it is possi-
be possible to obtain                set the crane in a working           ble the manuals may have
information on any serious           position and while this is hap-      been switched. It is important
accident involving the crane.        pening check the condition           to check the cab displays too
                                                                                                                 Make sure the crane is in the
Users should be cautious of          and operation of the outriggers.     and to undertake lifting tests to
                                                                                                                 working position before
cranes involved in such                                                   verify the LMI.                        checking the superstructure. In
accidents and will need to           Superstructure                            Overall an AT inspection can      this position lifting tests should
take account of this at the          Once the crane is in a working       last anything from one hour to         also be carried out to verify the
                                                                                                                 performance of the LMI.
inspection stage. Another            position a thorough check of         four hours. It is worth taking
general rule of thumb is to          the superstructure may take          time to ensure the inspection
choose a supplier with a             place. One of the most signifi-      fully satisfies all curiosities as a
healthy level of stock. Such         cant checks should be on the         well-prepared inspection will
suppliers will often have more       slew ring. Any misalignment          almost always lead to a
than one of a particular model       here may have serious implica-       well-chosen purchase. N
allowing easier comparison.          tions for the crane’s operation
                                     and to replace this crucial
Call ahead                           component can be costly. The
Before you visit the crane call      boom and jib should both be
ahead to make sure mainte-           checked for ease of operation.
nance records will be avail-
able. The buyer should travel
to the inspection with a
mechanic and/or an inde-
pendent inspector. Although
this can add to the cost,
overall the outgoings will be
minimal compared with the
cost of the crane. Once at the
yard, start the crane’s engine
immediately. Give the system
plenty of time to get warmed
up and it should become
immediately apparent if there
are any major oil leaks.
    Take a look at the overall
structure of the machine pay-
ing particular attention to any
signs of damage or repair.

                                                                                    Buying used

ed all-terrain
   Check that all displays in
   the cab are working. Also
   check that the relevant
   manuals and
                                                                                Buying from
   documentation are all
   present.                                                                     MCG
                                                                                There are a number of
                                                                                advantages to buying a
                                                                                used all-terrain direct from
                                                                                Grove. Firstly there is the
                                                                                issue of stock and
                                                                                availability. With dealers and
                                                                                regional offices all over the
                                                                                world MCG may have
                                                                                details of literally hundreds
                                                                                of used all-terrains for sale
                                                                                at any one time. One
                                                                                good place to browse the
                                                                                available stock is at
                                                                                By following the directions
                                                                                users are pointed to a list of
                                                                                used ATs, complete with
                                                                                specifications, images and
                                                                                other details.
                                                                                    Another reason to
                                                                                choose a used AT from
                                                                                MCG is experience. Grove
                                                                                knows the products
                                                                                intimately. If repairs are
                                                                                needed Grove can detail
                                                                                exactly what they are and –
                                                                                depending where the crane
                                                                                is being purchased – can
                                                                                arrange to have them
                                                                                carried out. For example at
                                                                                the Langenfeld facility in
                                                                                Germany, required work can
                                                                                be undertaken in
                                                                                consultation with the
                                                                                customers – including
                                                                                painting. Cranes purchased
                                                                                from the Langenfeld facility
                                        ATs travel frequently on the highway    may also be sold with a
                                        so it is essential that the wheels –    warranty, offering end users
                                        along with the brakes and the rest of   peace of mind – in addition
                                        the chassis – are thoroughly checked.
                                                                                to the peace of mind to be
                                                                                had in buying a used crane
                                Check the condition and
                                                                                from one of the world’s
                                the operation of the
                                outriggers when setting the                     leading crane companies.
                                crane in working mode.

                                                                               Job site report

The tilting cab proved particularly popular with operators.

Grove’s RT875E is fast becoming a                                              steel, handling girders of up to
                                                                               3800 kg (8500 lb). The gruel-
                                                                                                                  On the up
                                                                                                                  LJ Crane is one of the fastest
must-have rough-terrain for equipment                                          ing eight-week job, in extreme
                                                                               weather conditions, saw the
                                                                                                                  growing crane rental compa-
                                                                                                                  nies in the Northeast of the US
fleets throughout North America.                                               RT make between 100 and            thanks to forward-thinking
                                                                               120 lifts a day. Stacey Izzo,      president Stacey Izzo and her
Chris Bratthauar reports.                                                      president of LJ Crane,             investment in the very latest
                                                                               describes the performance of       equipment. Although the com-
                                                                               the crane as “outstanding”.        pany only began business in

        he 68 t (75 USt) rated                  The firm most recently sent                                       1999, it has already built a fleet
        RT875E was launched                 the crane to work in               Outstanding                        of 13 cranes, 11 of which are
        in the middle of 2004               Bellingham, Massachusetts on       “We were extremely pleased         Manitowoc Crane Group prod-
and can already be found on                 the construction of a new          with the capabilities of our       ucts. In addition to the Grove
job sites from coast to coast               23 225 m2 (250 000 ft2)            RT875E on this job,” she           RTs the company also runs
in the US while a number of                 Northeast Regional                 says. “Its lifting performance     two Grove TMS760E truck
units have also been                        Distribution Facility for Dunkin   was outstanding. There was         cranes and a GMK5200 all-
delivered to fleets overseas.               Donuts being built by contrac-     a larger capacity lattice boom     terrain (known as the
One company singing the                     tor Cranshaw Construction.         crane from another manufac-        GMK5240 in the US). It also
praises of the RT is LJ Crane                                                  turer on this job and the          has two crawler cranes from
& Rigging of Cranston,                      Steel work                         RT875E was able to keep            Manitowoc, a Model 999 and
Rhode Island, US which                      Working for steel erector          pace with this model and on        a Model 2250.
purchased its unit through                  Metro West Steel and DFM           most occasions surpass it.             Further expansion from
local dealer Shawmut                        Industries, the crane was          We have a number of other          the company is sure to
Equipment Company.                          used for setting structural        Grove RTs from the E-Series        follow as it has recently
                                                                               in our fleet and this RT875E       announced a strategic
                                                                               has all the features and bene-     alliance with Marino Crane,
                                                                               fits we’ve come to expect.”        one of New England’s
                                                                                   According to Izzo, the         largest and most experi-
                                                                               crane also proved popular          enced crane companies. The
                                                                               with operators from the            alliance will allow LJ access
                                                                               contractor.                        to Marino’s resources includ-
                                                                                   “We received very positive     ing personnel, cranes and
                                                                               feedback from our customer         heavy hauling equipment
                                                                               on this crane,” she says. “In      which will allow it to offer
                                                                               particular the quick swing and     bigger and better services to
                                                                               smooth operation were men-         its loyal client base. For this
                                                                               tioned, as was the tilting cab     up and coming New
                                                                               which greatly improved the         England company it seems
                                                                               operator vision and increased      the sky’s the limit. N
                                                                               efficiency. Also, compared
                                                                               with the other crane on the
                                                                                                                  Main picture right: Up to 120
The RT875E is an increasingly familiar sight on job sites as popularity for    job the relocation and set-up      lifts per day were required from
the workhorse continues to grow.                                               time was excellent.”               the RT875E.

Job site report

Job site report

High speed crane f
     A major
     tunneling project
     in Belgium has
     called on
     workhorse the
     Model 1015.
     Malcolm Early

“To tackle these
                                   anitowoc’s Model               The project is near Eupen,       SNCB – Société Nationale
                                   1015 duty-cycle                Belgium, in the Wallonia         des Chemins de Fer Belge
tough ground                       foundation crane               Region, a scenic area close      (Belgian Railways). As a sub-
                         has been selected by Bauer               to the German border.            contractor to Société de
conditions a             Spezialtiefbau for a heavy-                 The overall project           Travaux Galère, Bauer is
                         duty tunneling job as part of            consists of providing a direct   responsible for building an
selection of high        Europe’s expansion of its                high-speed rail link between     1100 m (3600 ft) tunnel at the
performance digging      high-speed train network.                Brussels and Köln under the      point where the rail line must
                                                                                                   pass under the E40 highway.
equipment is being                                                                                    The highway carries a
                                                                                                   large amount of traffic and
employed including                                                                                 must remain open during
                                                                                                   construction of the tunnel.
the Manitowoc                                                                                      Arrangements have been
Model 1015.”                                                                                       made to always keep one
                                                                                                   side of the highway open
                                                                                                   with oncoming traffic sharing
                                                                                                   two lanes in the area where
                                                                                                   the tunnel crosses under the
                                                                                                   E40. The crane is working
                                                                                                   mostly at night to minimize
                                                                                                   disruption to traffic.

                                                                                                   Tough conditions
                                                                                                   The tunnel is being
                         The Model 1015 is working extremely well in tough ground conditions.      constructed by installing

                                                                                                         Job site report

for high speed train

 approximately 300                 consist of varying strata of   grab to quickly steer it              Most of the work on the tunneling
 diaphragm wall panels of          compact sand, shale,           into the trench and position          project takes place at night to
                                                                                                        minimize disruption to traffic.
 1200 mm (48 in) and               sandstone, silt, and clay      it for discharging the exca-
 1500 mm (60 in) thickness         deposits. To tackle these      vated material.                       stand. It comes equipped
 and 7250 mm (29 in) length        tough ground conditions, a         The Model 1015 made               with 2 x 30 t (33 USt)
 at depths from 13 m (43 ft)       selection of high perform-     its European debut on the at          winches, 447 kW (600 hp)
 to 22 m (72 ft). Geological       ance digging equipment is      bauma 2004 exhibition on              Cummins engine and self-
 conditions in this area           being employed including       the Manitowoc Crane Group             erect system for fast mobi-
                                   the Manitowoc Model 1015                                             lization and transport. It can
                                   with a Stein K-1210 two-                                             be configured to handle and
                                   rope diaphragm wall grab.                                            power other foundation
                                                                                                        attachments such a casing
                                   Grab work                                                            oscillator, trench cutter,
                                   The grab, having an empty                                            vibrator, rotary, and pile
                                   weight of 26 t (29 USt) with                                         hammer equipment.
                                   1500 mm (60 in) jaw                                                       The crane has a
                                   attachment, is hoisted                                               maximum rated capacity of
                                   using the standard 30 t                                              120 t (132 USt) and can be
                                   (33 USt) winches on the                                              fitted with a maximum of
                                   Model 1015. The crane’s                                              61 m (200 ft) of main boom
                                   multi-disc clutch/brake                                              and a maximum of 67.1 m
                                   design allows this weight to                                         (220 ft) of fixed jib.
                                   be lowered in free fall and                                          Standard line pull is 294 kN
                                   using the foot pedals in                                             (66 000 lb). A self-erect
 The unit has been fitted with a                                  The Model 1015 was first seen in
 Stein K-1210 two-rope             the cab, the operator can      Europe at the bauma 2004 exhibition   package is also available
 diaphragm wall grab.              control the rotation of the    in Germany.                           for the unit. N

Job site report

Yu Li, the director assistant, Nanjing No 3

Yangtze River Bridge Co Ltd, and the man in
charge of tower cranes on the project.

                                                                                                              Job site report

China’s first steel cable-stayed bridge is taking
shape thanks to the heavyweight lift capacity of
the largest Potains ever built. Ben Shaw reports.

        hina’s construction          with the help of Manitowoc              Main contrac-
        drive has been well-         Crane Group equipment.              tor on the job is
        publicized over the                                              Nanjing No 3 Yangtze River          Two of the steel pylon sections
past few years and its               Steel first                         Bridge Co Ltd. In charge of the     waiting to be lifted into position.
seemingly insatiable appetite        One such project is the             cranes on the project is Yu Li,     much lower risk of polluting
for development has caught           Nanjing Bridge No. 3, in            who explains why steel was cho-     the surrounding environment.
the world’s attention.               Nanjing, a former capital of        sen as the construction material    And thirdly, we studied other
Several projects in the              China. What makes the struc-        of choice on this project:          steel cable-stayed bridges –
country are destined to              ture particularly noteworthy is                                         mostly in Japan – and came
become notable world                 the fact it will be the first       Choosing steel                      to the decision that overall it
landmarks either for their           cable-stayed bridge in China        “There were three main factors      was a more efficient way for
scale or the manner in               constructed using steel, not        which affected our decision to      us to proceed.”
which they are being built.          concrete. It will also be one of    use steel on this project,” he          Once completed the new
And many are being built             the longest cable-stayed            says. “Firstly, steel is a high-    bridge will form an important
                                                  bridges in the         strength material that is easy to   part of the national highway
                                                  world and at the       build with and easy to handle, so   between Shanghai and
                                                  center of its con-     we knew we could simplify the       Chengdu (the capital of
                                                  struction are two      construction process. Secondly,     China’s Sichuan Province in
                                                  MD 3600 special        there are concerns about the        the southwest of the country)
                                                  application tower      environment in this region and      by linking the existing Shanghai
                                                  cranes from            using steel – as opposed to         – Nanjing and Nanjing –
                                                  Potain. The cranes     concrete – meant there was a        Hefei expressways. N
                                                  are the largest ever
                                                  built by Potain and
                                                  can lift a maximum
                                                  of 160 t (176 USt)
                                                                           Nanjing Bridge No 3:
                                                  which they can
                                                  handle out as far
                                                  as 18.7 m (61 ft).
                                                                           FACTS AND FIGURES
                                                                           N Work on the project started on December 24, 2002.
                                                  Each has been
                                                  fitted with 40 m         N The bridge will span 650 m (2133 ft) but its total length will
                                                  (131 ft) of jib and        be 15.6 km (9.7 miles).
                                                  the cranes will          N There will be 89 steel deck sections in the bridge.
                                                  eventually reach a
                                                                           N Each of the bridge pylons will be 210 m (689 ft) tall.
                                                  height under hook
                                                  of 232 m (761 ft).       N Main contractor on the project is Nanjing No 3 Yangtze
                                                       The bridge will       River Bridge Co Ltd. There are four main subcontractors:
                                                  be supported by            • China Railway BaoQiao Co
                                                                             • CHEC No 2 Bureau
                                                  two pylons – North
                                                                             • Hunan Road and Bridge Co
                                                  and South – each
                                                                             • China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Co
Before and after. One of the         of which comprises two legs.
features of the Nanjing project is   There is one MD 3600                  N The Potain cranes will handle an estimated 10 000 t
the speed with which the bridge                                              (11 023 USt) of steel on the project. In total the bridge will
                                     assigned to each of the
pylons have been installed. These
                                     bridge’s pylons and they will           contain around 33 000 t (36 376 USt) of steel.
two shots were taken less than
10 weeks apart and give an           climb as the construction             N There are 2000 people employed on the site which works
indication of just how fast the      grows taller. Each pylon con-           24 hours a day, seven days a week.
construction is taking place.
                                     tains 21 steel sections and the       N Construction work should finish in December 2005 and the
                                     average weight of the sections          bridge is expected to open to traffic in early 2006.
                                     is between 130 t and 150 t
Left: The cranes are climbed                                               N The estimated cost of the bridge is RMB3 billion
                                     (143 USt and 165 USt)
throughout the project and will                                              (US$362 million or €276 million).
eventually reach a height under      although the largest weighs
hook of 232 m (761 ft).              160 t (176 USt).

Job site report

in harmony
                                                        isible for miles
                                                        around is a battery of
                                                        Manitowoc lattice
                                               boom crawlers towering
                                               over We Energies Pleasant
                                               Prairie Power Plant. The
                                               cranes have been supplied
                                               by Dawes Crane & Rigging
                                               – an All Erection company –
                                               to project management
                                               company Washington Group
                                               International. The list of
                                               Manitowoc iron is
                                               impressive, comprising
                                               Model 4100, Model 777 and
                                               Model 888 units as well as a
                                               Model 18000, the second
                                               largest crawler crane
                                               available from Manitowoc
                                               Crane Group. It is fitted with
                                               Manitowoc’s MAX-ER
                                               attachment, boosting
                                               capacity from 600 t
                                               (660 USt) to 750 t (825
                                               USt). In addition, a 90 t
                                               (100 USt) Grove RT9100
                                               rough-terrain buzzes the job
                                               site, picking and placing
                                               materials upon demand.            (200 USt) capacity Model 777
                                                                                 Series II crawler in an area no
                                               Long lifters                      wider than around 21 m (70 ft)
                                               The cranes are on long-           among a maze of pipes and
                                               term rental by Washington         components. “We had to strip
                                               Group from Dawes to lift in       the crane of boom and
     Ironworkers setting the Model 777.        Selective Catalytic               reassemble it again,” says
                                               Reduction (SCR) modules.          Mike Wood, sales manager at
     An impressive array of Manitowoc          Each module contains 96           Dawes, “allowing it to squeeze
                                               bundles of catalyst. These        in between pipe racks and two
     lattice boom crawler cranes are           units are integral compo-         power plants.”
                                               nents to remove nitrous                The Model 777 has been
     working in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.   oxides from the flue gas.         rigged with 42 m (140 ft) of main
                                                  One of the most impres-        boom and a 33.5 m (110 ft)
     Tom Cioni went to investigate.            sive displays of engineering      luffing jib that allows up and
                                               on this job site is how           over movement. It is fitted with
                                               Dawes rigged its 181 t            the maximum counterweight of

                                                                                                          Job site report

                                                                      “Dawes and Manitowoc worked well for us...
                                                                     the service each provides has been top notch.”
                                                                                  DAN PRICE, SITE MANAGER, WASHINGTON GROUP

                                                                     The Model 18000 has been rigged
                                                                     with 80 m (260 ft) of main boom
                                                                     and 64 m (210 ft) of luffing jib.

                                                                     radius of 87 m (286 ft),”
                                                                     reports Chuck Skalsky, gen-
                                                                     eral superintendent on the
                                                                     job. “We anticipate there will
                                                                     be 20 picks between 40 t
                                                                     (90 000 lb) and 50 t
                                                                     (110 000 lb) at a radius
                                                                     between 51 m (170 ft) and
The Model 18000 is the largest      one of two Dawes has in its      80 m (260 ft). Pick and
of four Manitowoc crawler cranes    rental fleet. Washington         placement of an SCR
at work on the WE Energies
Pleasant Prairie Power Station in
                                    Group International had pre-     module takes about 45
Wisconsin, US.                      viously utilized a Manitowoc     minutes in total.”
                                    Model 2250 with MAXER               Dan Price, Washington
84 t (186 000 lb) and is hard at    when performing SCR work         Group’s site manager at the
                                                                                                         The Model 777 has been set-up in
work erecting SCR support           on the Unit 2 section of the     project, is pleased with how        an area no wider than 21 m (70 ft)
and access steel. A Manitowoc       power station some two           the cranes have performed.          among a maze of pipework.
Model 888 Series II, rigged with    years ago. Now it chose the      “The challenge has been to
45 m (150 ft) of main boom          mighty Model 18000 rigged        get the SCR units up and            site in the past and we built
and 33.5 m (110 ft) of luffing      with 80 m (260 ft) of            over a conveyor that                up confidence in the dealer
jib, and a Manitowoc                Manitowoc # 55 main boom         provides coal to the power          and manufacturer. The service
Model 4100 Series II are            and 64 m (210 ft) of # 79A       plant, but the Manitowoc            each provides has been
erecting steel for a Flue Gas       luffing jib. “The biggest lift   cranes have made it                 top notch.”
Desulphurization system.            the Model 18000 has per-         possible. Dawes and                     Construction work at Pleasant
    Star of the show is             formed to date was lifting in    Manitowoc worked well for           Prairie Power Plant is scheduled
Manitowoc’s Model 18000 –           a 50 t (110 000 lb) load at a    us when we worked on this           to end in May 2007. N

                                                                               Dealer profile

                                                                                                           Another all-terrain delivery from Kanoo, this one to
                                                                                                             contractor Al-Osais. Left to right are: Mike Bage,
                                                                                                                    MCG; Freddy Sherman, Kanoo; Ali Abdulla
                                                                                                                             Kanoo, Kanoo; Mohammed Kamil,
                                                                                                                                   Kanoo; Srini Kadaba, Kanoo.

          rove’s first dealer

G                                Oil workers
                                                                                                                       capabilities. “The GMK range
          arrangement with                                                                                             is much loved,” says
          Kanoo Machinery                                                                                              Kadaba. “The MEGATRAK
involved no paperwork at all.                                                                                          suspension system is espe-
Just a handshake between
J Martin Benchoff (then
                                 Kanoo Machinery of Saudi Arabia is seeing                                             cially popular and has proved
                                                                                                                       more reliable than other ATs
chairman and CEO of Grove)       a resurgence in the demand for RTs as the                                             with conventional axles.”
and Abdulla Ali Kanoo                                                                                                      But despite the recent
(currently chairman of Kanoo     oil price continues to keep lifting activity                                          popularity of ATs, rough-ter-
Group) was enough to
secure a working relationship
                                 levels high. Ben Shaw reports.                                                        rains have traditionally been
                                                                                                                       the crane of choice in the
between the two companies.                                                                                             Middle East and they are cur-
A lot has changed since                                                                                                rently enjoying something of a
those carefree days in the                                                                                             renaissance. “The high price
1960s, but the level of trust                                                                                          of the euro against the dollar
between the two firms                                                                                                  has made the rough-terrains
remains just as strong.                                                                                                very attractive,” says Kadaba.
    Today Kanoo Machinery                                                                                              “The most popular at present
represents Grove in Saudi                                                                                              are the [54 t/60 USt] RT760E
Arabia, Bahrain and the                                                                                                and the [82 t/90 USt] RT890E.
United Arab Emirates with 10                                                                                           A lot of our customers are
offices in the three countries                                                                                         involved in the mobilization
and a total of 285 personnel                                                                                           and demobilization of oil rigs
across the territories. Kanoo                                                                                          and have found these two RT
Machinery is part of the         Celebrating the delivery of the first RT890 in the Middle East to Ofsat Arabia.       units to be ideal.”
Kanoo Group, one of the          Left to right are: Srini Kadaba, Kanoo; Mohammed Kamil, Kanoo;                            While the price of oil domi-
largest family-owned compa-      George Youssef, Ofsat Arabia; Freddy Sherman, Kanoo; Hamid Summers, MCG;              nates world headlines Kadaba
                                 Bob Curtis, Kanoo; PV Philip, Al-Osais.
nies in the Gulf region. With                                                                                          is positive about future growth
such an illustrious name         way in the oil industry. With              levels of activity are very high           in the market. “We’re bullish
behind the business, the         the current high price of oil,             at present,” says Srini                    about 2005 and 2006,” he
company has been able to         cranes in the region are                   Kadaba, divisional manager                 says, “and we expect the
firmly establish the Grove       being kept busy. “Our largest              at Kanoo Machinery.                        rough terrain cranes to grow in
range of mobile cranes as the    customer, Saudi Aramco, is                     Recent years have seen                 popularity.” Having sold Grove
leading brand in the region.     one of the biggest oil pro-                all-terrains become the                    cranes in the Middle East for
    Understandably the           ducers in the world and it                 mobile crane of choice in the              the past 40 years, Kanoo it
majority of Kanoo’s cus-         has told all its production                region with end users prais-               seems is already looking for-
tomers are involved in some      sites to work flat out. The                ing their mobility and lifting             ward to the next 40. N

CraneMAN’s selection from the
Manitowoc Crane Group’s extensive
stock of used equipment.
                                                        Keeping the hydraulic system clean is essential in
                          Model: Grove                  ensuring the efficient operation of all hydraulic
                          (GMK4090 in the US)           components. Below is a list of just some of the faults
                          Maximum capacity:             that can be caused by a contaminated hydraulic system:
                          75 t (90 USt)
                          Year: 2003                    N excessive friction              N loss of proper system
Main boom: 43.2 m (142 ft)                                                                  operating pressure
                                                        N premature wear
Jib: 10 m – 17 m (33 ft to 56 ft) hydraulic swingaway
                                                        N rust formation                  N seizure of moving parts
Tires: 16.00 R25
Engine: Mercedes OM 501 LA Euro II                      N corrosion                       N excessive system noise
Notes: Has 10 t (11 USt), 40 t (44 USt) and                                               N fluid discoloration
                                                        N oil foaming due to moisture
65 t (72 USt) hookblocks available.
Price on application                                    N heat generation                 N seal damage and leakage
For more information contact:                           N viscosity breakdown             Keep oil monitored regularly to ensure
Christa Gouazé
                                                        N abnormal power consumption      optimum performance. For more
Tel: +49 (0)2173 8909 32
Fax: +49 (0)2173 8909 72                                                                  information on maintaining a
                                                        N pump inefficiency
Mob: +49 (0)171 550 1347                                                                  hydraulic system contact your local
Email:                N sluggish valve operation        Crane CARE dealer.

      H E A LT H D R I N K F O R Y O U R C R A N E
Day in, day out, your cranes get a serious workout. So it only makes sense to maximize their longevity with
quality lubricants like CraneLUBE oils, fluids and multipurpose greases from Manitowoc Crane CARE. Each
has been engineered specifically to extend the life of Grove, Manitowoc, National and Potain cranes. They’re
filtered for purity, color-coded for easy identification, proven under the most severe conditions and priced
                            competitively. CraneLUBE keeps your equipment in shape for a very long time. For
                            more information on CraneLUBE and all Manitowoc Crane CARE support and
                            service programs, speak with your Manitowoc Crane CARE representative.