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3703 S Cuyler Ave Berwyn


									Not sure what info you are looking for. I have attached the photos of the property that I took today. The
subject is an attractive brick octagon bungalow in south (desireable) Berwyn. It has a 2nd flr addtition. As
you can see from the picture the roof is in poor condition. It appears to be occupied. A prior MLS listing
indicated it has 3 bedrooms on the main level and 2 on 2nd flr. There are 2 full baths and a fin bsmt with a
family room. 1 of the full baths is in the basement.
A low end price Price would be $115,000. With the roof repaired and the inside in good condition, it would
re-sell for about $198,000.
 Let me know if there is any other info you need.

Becky Eichstaedt, ABR, CRS
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
219 W Hillgrove Avenue
LaGrange, IL 60525

From: Mike Dillon []
Sent: Tue 5/17/2011 1:13 PM
To: Becky Eichstaedt (
Subject: AHP/CMAs

Hi Becky,

Per our conversation today...

I'm looking for:

- a low end CMA
- a ball park price point for a 30 day re-sale,
- visual property existence
- visual vacancy/occupancy confirmation.

No need to knock on doors. It may sound odd, but on occasion we're finding that
properties have actually been razed without the investors' knowledge. Hence the
necessity for visual confirmation.

No special forms as of now. Make it easy on yourself. One or two pics with current
date stamp is fine. This may also turn into listings in the near future. If you can
turn it around in 48 hours +/- via e-mail it would be greatly appreciated.



Mike Dillon
Asset Manager
American Homeowner Preservation LLC
7162 Reading Road Suite 608
Cincinnati, OH 45237

 3703 Cuyler front.JPG
3703 Cuyler side 2.JPG
3703 Cuyler roof.JPG
3703 Cuyler side 2.JPG

3703 Cuyler roof.JPG

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