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The NBFE drew on the

assistance of many of the
                                    Fitness Industry Making History
nation’s leading personal           Qualified trainers may sit for Part I of National Board Exam
training certification              Thursday, October 27, 2005; Posted: 2:05 a.m. EDT (06:05 GMT)
organizations including:
                                    SANTA BARBARA, CA — The
Academy of Applied Personal         National Board of Fitness Examiners
Training Education (AAPTE)
                                    (NBFE) announced today that for the
Aerobics and Fitness Association    first time in the history of the fitness
of America (AFAA)
                                    industry, a nationally standardized
American Fitness Professionals      examination for personal trainers is
and Associates (AFPA)
                                    now available.
International Sports Sciences
Association (ISSA)
                                    The knowledge-based written component, or
                                    Part I, of the Personal Fitness Trainer
International Association of        Examination was developed by the National
Resistance Trainers (IART)
                                    Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE) in con-
National Association for Fitness    junction with Thomson-Prometric, the world’s
Certification (NAFC)
                                    largest third-party testing organization. The
National Endurance and Sports       NBFE also drew on the assistance of many
Trainers Association (NESTA)                                                                  Part I of the Personal Fitness Trainer exam was
                                    of the nation’s leading personal training certi-
                                                                                              developed by the NBFE in conjunction with
National Exercise Trainer           fication organizations including:                         Thomson-Prometric, the world’s largest third-party
Association (NETA)
                                    Academy of Applied Personal Training Education            testing organization.
Professional Fitness Instructor
                                    Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
Training (PFIT)
                                    American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA)      tions, input from some of the nation’s leading
The Cooper Institute                International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)          health and fitness experts (who hold multiple
                                    International Association of Resistance Trainers (IART)   certifications and degrees in addition to years
U.S. Career Institute               National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC)
                                                                                              of experience) was key in the development of
                                    National Endurance and Sports Trainers Association
World Instructor Training Schools   (NESTA)                                                   national standards for personal training and
(WITS)                              National Exercise Trainer Association (NETA)              the NBFE examination. The NBFE also con-
                                    Professional Fitness Instructor Training (PFIT)
                                                                                              ducted, and applied the results of, the largest
                                    The Cooper Institute
                                    U.S. Career Institute
                                                                                              independent study and job task analysis ever
                                    World Instructor Training Schools (WITS)                  organized in the history of the industry.

                                    Along with support of certifying organiza-                Dr. Sal Arria, President of the National Board
About NBFE                     INDUSTRY NEWS, CONTINUED

The National Board of

Fitness Examiners              stated, “There are over 100 organizations         medicine and allied health, by utilizing national
                               and schools that provide certification and        board examinations to assess the competen-
( is a not-
                               education to personal trainers, each have         cy of individuals in their respective profes-
for-profit organization;       their own individual standards. Some do not       sions regardless of what school or program
                               require any education, courses or classes to      they attended.
founded in 2003 to ensure
                               become a certified personal trainer.” Dr. Arria
                                                                                 Qualified individuals may sit for Part I of the
to the public that qualified   went on to say, “This poses a serious risk to
                                                                                 NBFE Personal Fitness Trainer Exam by suc-
                               consumers who expect that their certified
fitness professionals who                                                        cessfully completing a personal trainer certifi-
                               personal trainer has at least a minimal level
                                                                                 cation/education program with an NBFE
have successfully passed the   of education and demonstrated competence
                                                                                 approved Affiliate organization.
                               in their field.”
National Board
                                                                                 Part II, the practical exam is expected to be
                               Until the deployment of the National Board
examinations have                                                                available in 2006. Candidates must have suc-
                               examination, there were no industry devel-
                                                                                 cessfully passed Part I before they are eligi-
achieved an approved level     oped, national standards with which to judge
                                                                                 ble for Part II.
                               the competency of a certified personal fit-
of competency in the health
                               ness trainer. Today, the fitness industry joins
and fitness industry.          other professions, including every branch of      Contact:

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