Walking School Bus Training

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					                      Walking School Bus Training

Sample Agenda


   1. Introductions – name, age(s) of children, why you want to lead a Walking School

   2. Walking School Bus Guidelines
        a. Review Handouts: Guidelines for Organizers and Tips for Walking Safely
            to School

   3. Safety Tips
         a. Be a walking role model
         b. Choosing the Safest Route
         c. Exercise: Use Maps to choose your route to school/coordinating routes

   4. Outdoor role play activity

   5. Review forms

       Walking School Bus Program Roster
       Walking School Bus Program Issues
       Megan’s Law

   6. Review/distribute materials

         Vests
         Whistles
         First Aid Kits
         Stop Signs

   7. Reminder about Kick Off Walk to School Day/Walking School Bus Event April 2

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