25th General Hospital Courage and Skill in World War II by ert634


									 Spring/Summer                    25th General Hospital: Courage
      2011                          and Skill in World War II
        number 3
                                         By Stephen Marine, Executive Director, Winkler Center

                                  During the summer of 1941, the U.S. Army invited the
       CURRENT                    University of Cincinnati to organize the 25th General
       EXHIBIT                    Hospital to serve as a major medical facility in the Euro-
                                  pean theater. More than 600 physicians, surgeons, nurses,
   25th General Hospital:         and enlisted men served the 25th with distinction in
    Courage and Skill in          England, France, and Belgium.
       World War II
                              The Winkler Center is the repository of the 25th’s history
    November 12, 2010 -       and houses most of the related documents and artifacts.
        June 30, 2011         As memories fade and veterans of this era dwindle it is
                              important to preserve their legacy and relate their accom-
Stanley J. Lucas Board Room   plishments to the advances made by military medical
                              personnel today.                                           Col. Joseph Russell, Commanding Officer, and
                                                                                         Col. Herman Nimitz, Executive Officer
     UPCOMING                 In 2011 the Winkler Center will celebrate the 25th’s
         EVENT                legacy with several programs.
Cecil Striker Society for the • An exhibit in the Center’s Stanley J. Lucas Board Room recounts the unit’s history, with a colorful
   History of Medicine             and personal perspective provided by the photographs and memoirs of Barbara
                                  (Lincoln) Ashbaugh, a psychiatric social worker who served in the 25th. The exhibit runs until June
 Caring for Those in Harm’s        30, 2011.
Way: From the University to
     the ETO and Back         • This exhibit will be expanded and viewable on the Winkler Center’s website. Stay tuned for a sum-
                                   mer announcement!
      Annual Meeting
   May 5, 2011, 4:30 pm       • Oral histories with Bobbie Sterne and other veterans who served in the 25th will be recorded for
                                   the American Folklife Center’s Veterans History Project.
 Medical Sciences Building
           E-Level                •     Dr. Jean Stevenson’s “Path to War,” a first-hand account of the experiences of the 25th filmed in
                                        the European theater will be restored.

Exhibit and event supported by •        On May 5, 2011, at 4:30 p.m. the Winkler Center’s annual Cecil Striker Society lecture will feature
          a gift from                   eminent military and medical historian Dale Smith, PhD, Senior Vice President, Uniformed Ser-

COL (IL) J.N. Pritzker, IL ARNG                                                                                      continued on page 4
             (Ret.)                   In this issue...
       President & CEO,
    Tawani Enterprises, Inc.            pg. 1   25th General Hospital                    pg. 5   Dr. Joseph Kowalewski
     Founder & Chairman,                pg. 2   Letter from the Chair                    pg. 5   Dr. Peter Frame Donates Print
    Pritzker Military Library           pg. 3   John Hauck Foundation Gift               pg. 6   We Remember Gustav Eckstein
     Founder & President,               pg. 3   Melampys Give Rare Drake Book            pg. 6   Dr. Rucknagel Gives Medical Instruments
      Tawani Foundation                 pg. 4   Sabin Grant Update                       pg. 7   Recent Gifts

  Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions                              231 Albert Sabin Way
  Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library                                                     Cincinnati, OH 45267-0574
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                                         Letter from the Chair
What is the Winkler Center?
                                         Raising money is never easy, but it is especially
A medical archive, library, and          challenging during tough economic times and
exhibit facility that encourages         when your cause happens to be a bit esoteric.
visitors and researchers to explore      This makes the success of the Winkler Center’s
the Cincinnati area’s rich medical       campaign to raise over $600,000 to build its new
and health history and to discover       facility all the more remarkable. Times are tough
the people who have contributed          for everyone, and as you know, Cincinnati’s
to important advances in                 medical and health history, as amazing and im-
medicine, nursing, and                   portant as it is, is not the most common topic of
pharmaceutical sciences.                 conversation in the check-out line. That doesn’t
                                         detract from its importance, and thankfully many
                                         generous people agree.

                                         When we began our campaign in 2003 to
Winkler Center Newsletter
                                         improve the Center’s home by moving it out of
Dean and University Librarian            antiquated Wherry Hall into the newly renovated
Victoria A. Montavon                     Medical Sciences Building at the UC medi-
                                         cal center, little did we expect the breadth and
Editor                                   generosity of support. More than 580 gifts from
Doris Haag                               individuals, families, foundations, and businesses
                                         were made to the Center to support the project.      John J. McDonough, MD (COM ‘68)
Editorial Board                          Major gifts include those from Judy and Dan         Chair, Winkler Center Advisory Board
Stanley L. Block, MD                     Lucas, the wife and son of Stanley J. Lucas; Stuart
Stephen A. Marine                        Dornette and Frances Way Schafer, the children
John J. McDonough, MD                    of William H. L. Dornette; and the John Hauck Foundation. Each made a significant contri-
Melissa Cox Norris                       bution that resulted in a named room in the Center.
Margaret W. Wolf
                                         With the state-of-the-art facility now achieved, the Board and I will turn our full attention
Winkler Center Newsletter is             to the Center’s other major need: funding a professional archivist. Our goal is to raise $1.5
published two times per year and         million to create an endowed position. A full-time archivist will finally make the Center
is available in print and online at      whole – outstanding facilities with the requisite staff – and enable it to fulfill its critical
www.libraries.uc.edu/hsl/history.        mission. Organizing, preserving, and digitizing for the Internet the important papers of
                                         Cincinnati’s medical and health giants is the Center’s most important job. Please join me in
Portions of the newsletter may be        making this happen!
re-printed or adapted for academic,
non-profit purposes without              On behalf of the Winkler Center, its Advisory Board, and the University, I wish to express
permission if the source is clearly      my deep appreciation to the many people who have contributed to the Center and to those
acknowledged.                            who organized events on our behalf, including the Stanley J. Lucas Family, and Stanley Block
                                         and Jim Bingham, who enthused their fellow members of the College of Medicine Class of
For more information, or to              ’47.
contribute comments or ideas,
contact:                                 As you will read later in this newsletter, the second and final phase of construction will
Doris Haag                               happen this coming summer. For those of you who have not yet visited the completed first
Phone: (513)558-5123                     phase, I hope you will do so. The Stanley J. Lucas Board Room is the most elegant space for
E-mail: doris.haag@uc.edu                meetings, lectures, and exhibits on the entire campus!

This issue of the Newsletter is spon-
sored by the COL (IL) J.N. Pritzker,
IL ARNG (Ret.)President & CEO,
Tawani Enterprises, Inc., Founder &
Chairman, Pritzker Military Library,
Founder & President, Tawani Founda-

    Winkler Center Newsletter           Spring 2011                 2
John Hauck Foundation Gives $100,000 to
   Complete New Facility
  By Lauren Boettcher and Amanda Drakeford, UC Foundation, and Stephen Marine, Executive Director, Winkler Center

 The University of Cincinnati’s Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions received a $100,000 grant from
 the John Hauck Foundation, reaching its fundraising goal to build facilities critical to the preservation of Cincinnati’s rare and
 fragile medical collections. This phase of construction will complete the Center’s new location within the Donald C. Harrison
 Health Sciences Library, allowing the Center to move out of Wherry Hall and create a consolidated facility.

 The completion of the Winkler Center will provide a secure and environmentally sound space for the storage and preservation
 of the center’s collections. John J. McDonough, MD, chair of the Winkler Center Advisory Board, best expressed the Center’s
 gratitude: “I would like to express our thanks for the generosity of the John Hauck Foundation and its long-standing dedication
 to helping us preserve Cincinnati’s treasured medical collections. This grant puts us beyond the ambitious goal we set at the
 beginning of this campaign, allowing us to complete and furnish our new state-of-the-art facility.”

 The new facility will provide the following improvements to the Winkler Center’s ability to preserve its fragile collections:

                                         • An environmentally stable and secure space.

                                         • Monitoring capabilities to ensure security of the collections.

                                         • An additional gallery that will attract more visitors to view the Center’s treasures.

                                         • Secure research room for visitors to use the Center’s materials.

                                         • An archival services area where staff will process new collections and curate and
                                                      preserve existing collections such as the Albert B. Sabin archives.
              Sabin Archives
     Currently Located in Wherry Hall
                                          Fifteen years ago, the John Hauck Foundation awarded the Center a five-year grant
                                          to process and preserve the Sabin archives. Scholars and students now visit the Hauck
 Center for the Albert B. Sabin Archives on a regular basis to conduct research in medical, political, and social history, as well as
 bioethics. Paula B. Wharton, vice president & senior trust officer for Fifth Third Bank, emphasized the Hauck Foundation’s con-
 tinuing commitment to the Center: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with the Winkler Center through this grant.
 This grant further solidifies the John Hauck Foundation’s 15-year relationship with the Winkler Center and reflects our mutual
 interest in preserving the legacy of Albert Sabin.”

 This final phase of building the Winkler Center’s facility will be completed in September 2011.

  Melampys Give Rare Drake Book
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Melampy recently presented the Winkler Center with a first edition of Daniel
Drake’s Natural and Statistical View or Picture of Cincinnati and the Miami Country.

Among his many accomplishments, Drake was known as a medical geographer and this volume was
one of his definitive works on the subject. Natural and Statistical... was published in Cincinnati in
1815 by Looker and Wallace (printers). It was in the Melampy family since the mid-1800’s.

Today, this volume is an important part of the Winkler Center’s Drakiana Collection. If you would
like to look at this book or other items in the Drakiana Collection, please call the Winkler Center at

                                                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Melampy

                                                                        3           Spring 2011          Winkler Center Newsletter
   Albert B. Sabin Digtization
     Grant Update
              by Stephanie Bricking, Sabin Archivist

The Albert B. Sabin digitization project funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant has been in full swing at
the Winkler Center since July 2010. As project archivist, I have learned a great deal about Dr. Sabin, as well as uncovered some gems
that will be freely available on the internet once the project is completed.

   The first part of the process is selecting the documents to be digitized. Since
   we plan to digitize around 50,000 pages of primary source material and 1,000
                                    photographs, a well-thought out plan was needed.
                                    We discussed this selection proposal with several
                                    of the Sabin grant’s outside advisors, including
                                    David Morens, MD, Senior Advisor to the Direc-
                                    tor, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious
                                    Diseases, National Institutes of Health; and Frank
                                    Snowden, PhD, Professor of History, Yale Univer-
                                    sity. The selection criteria have been implement-
                                    ed, and this phase of the grant will be completed
                                    by April 2011.
                                                                                                   Dr. Albert Sabin in his lab
                                  Also in April, be on the lookout for a blog high-
                                  lighting some of the interesting letters and photo-
  Original Patent Registration
                                  graphs found in the Sabin collection. When the blog is up and running, you will be able to locate
  for the Sabin Vaccine - One
                                  it on the Winkler Center website: www.libraries.uc.edu/hsl/history/After the selection and scanning
  of 50,000 original documents
                                  process have been completed, our next step will be to develop the online collection and add infor-
   being digitized in the Sabin
                                  mation to the letters and photos, so that they can be searched, grouped, and easily analysed in ways
                                  never before possible. I am looking forward to this next phase of the project, as it is one step closer
                                  to sharing this wealth of information with you!

If you have any questions about the Hauck Center for the Albert B. Sabin Archives, please contact Stephanie Bricking at stephanie.
bricking@uc.edu or 513-558-2275.

continued from page one ... 25th General Hospital

      vices University of the Health Sciences, whose research will illuminate the 25th’s history from a new perspective. Jay Johan-
      nigman, MD, professor of surgery at UC and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conficts, will discuss advances in military
      medicine and their broad impact.

 Winkler Center partners in developing these programs include the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County; Institute
 for Military Medicine at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; and the Thank You Foundation.

 Project advisors are Daniel Hurley, Director of Leadership Cincinnati and local historian; Colonel (Dr.) Jay Johannigman,
 USAFR, MC, FS; LCDR (Dr.) John J. McDonough, MC, USNR; Major (Dr.) Brad Wenstrup, USA Reserve; Colonel (Dr.)
 Creighton B. Wright, MC, USA (retired).

 For updates on these events visit the Winkler Center’s website at www.libraries.uc.edu/hsl/history or call the Center at

 These programs are supported by a gift from COL (IL) J. N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Ret.), President & CEO, Tawani Enterprises,
 Inc.; Founder & Chair, Pritzker Military Library; and Founder & President, Tawani Foundation.

 Winkler Center Newsletter             Spring 2011                  4
 Dr. Joseph Kowalewski, Research
   Scientist, Educator, and Dean
         By Doris Haag, Director, Winkler Center

 “We proudly dedicate this annual of 1950 to our Dean, Dr. Joseph Kowalewski, Research Scientist, Educator, and Our Good
 Friend, who in turn dedicated himself to a great task. “ So read the dedication made by the students in the first Annual of the
 new college. And it was a “great task” – to save the college of pharmacy which had just merged with the University of Cincin-
 nati and help build it into a modern educational institution.

 Joseph Kowalewski was born on December 31, 1899 near Evansville, Mississippi, the son of Pol-
 ish immigrants. By 1924, he had received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of
 Chicago, before moving to Cincinnati to teach at Xavier High School. He earned an M.S. at the
 University of Cincinnati and then a doctorate in physical chemistry from UC in 1938. His ca-
 reer with the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy (the predecessor to the UC College of Pharmacy)
 began when he joined the the college as a part-time faculty member in 1931. As the dedication
 recalls, he was not only an educator, but also a research scientist. In the same year that he joined
 the faculty, he also accepted joint appointments as assistant director of research and associ-
 ate professor of chemistry at the Institutes of Divi Tomae and as director of applied research at
 Sperti, Inc. His research interests included the development of cosmetics, detergents, and even
 the pottery glazes used by the famous Rookwood Pottery. According to a 1998 interview, his
 oversight of the development of Preparation H was his “greatest achievement as a scientist.”

                                               It was in 1949 that he returned to the Cin-          Dr. Joseph Kowalewski
                                               cinnati College of Pharmacy to rescue the        Dean, UC College of Pharmacy
  UC Winkle College of Pharmacy Deans                                                                      1954-1970
                                               100-year-old school, which was threatened
  Joseph Kowalewski             1954-1970      with a loss of accreditation. He convinced
                                               then UC president Raymond Walters to accept the college as one of the univer-
  Arthur C. Glaser              1970-1984      sity’s academic departments. But first, he would have to create a 1 million dollar
  Victor D. Warner              1985-1996      endowment. He raised over ¾ of a million dollars and shepherded its merger with
  Daniel Acosta, Jr.         1996-Present      the University of Cincinnati. During his long and eventful career as Dean, his ac-
                                               complishments were myriad. The size of the faculty and the number of students
                                               was increased, the academic program was strengthened, and the bachelor of sci-
 ence program was expanded to five years.

 But… there are those who say that “Dean Joe’s” greatest legacy was his dedication to the students of the college and his lasting
 relationships with them.

               Dr. Peter Frame Donates Photographic Print of Cincinnati Hospital
A new piece of artwork hangs in the lobby of the Winkler Center. This photographic print of the Cincinnati Hospital (circa
1869) was presented to the Center by Peter Frame, MD, professor emeritus, UC Department of Infectious Diseases.

                                 When the Cincinnati Hospital was completed in 1869, it was technically advanced for its
                                 day and was a source of community pride. Previously, the nation’s first public teaching hos-
                                 pital, the Cincinnati Commercial Hospital and Lunatic Asylum, stood on this site. It was
                                 demolished in 1866 and replaced by the Cincinnati Hospital.

                                 The Cincinnati Hospital occupied an entire city block, bordered on the south by 12th Street,
                                 the west by Central Avenue, the north by Ann Street (now Ezzard Charles Drive), and the east
                                 by Plum Street and the Miami-Erie Canal (now Central Parkway) . This site is now occupied by
                                 the CET Public Television studios and the parking garage for Music Hall.
 Dr. Peter Frame with Cincin-
                                 The Cincinnati Hospital was replaced by the Cincinnati General Hospital on Burnet Avenue in
      nati Hospital Print

                                                                 5          Spring 2011             Winkler Center Newsletter
We remember... Gustav Eckstein
      By Doris Haag, Director, Winkler Center

Gustav Eckstein (1890-1981), professor of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, was many things - dentist (although
he did not practice long), physician, physiologist, pianist, author, and authority on animal behavior. He once wrote as his autobi-
ography : “Born, practiced dentistry, studied medicine, taught physiology, learned not much, read two or three men, learned
a little, came to know two or three women, learned a good deal, made friends with two rats, learned prodigiously, wrote about
the rats, continued to write. It’s the whole truth.” He was a remarkable man with an equally
remarkable following of friends, admirers, and students.

Born in Cincinnati in 1890, Dr. Eckstein made this city and the UC College of Medicine his
home for most of his life. He received his DDS in 1911, but his heart wasn’t in the practice.
He received his MD degree in 1924, and by then had discovered his true calling – physiology.
In 1924, he also accepted a position as instructor in physiology at UC’s College of Medicine,
with which he had a relationship his entire life.

What is he best remembered for?

As an Author – He wrote 10 books, and many plays and essays. He was first known for his in-
terpretation of the relationship of animals to man. In his first essay published in Harper’s, he
told of the family life of a pair of white mice (and their offspring, of course) who lived in his
                                     desk drawer. His first book to achieve national prominence
                                     was Canary : The History of a Family, which described
                                     the canaries that lived freely and uncaged in his labora-      Cartoon by Mexican Artist
                                     tory. Perhaps his most important work was The Body           Covarrubias published in the New
                                     Has A Head in which he writes: “The intent of this book         York Times in the 1950’s
                                     is to make the human body more familiar to anyone
                                     who owns one.”

                                  As a Teacher – He taught physiology and inspired thousands of students in his over 50 years
                                  as an instructor, professor, and then chair of physiology at the College of Medicine. Students
                                  remember his intensity and his love and knowledge of his subject. They never forget his bird-
                                  filled classroom. It is said that an amazing amout of scientific knowledge was packed into the
                                  student’s head while enjoying Dr. Eckstein’s “fine prose.”

                                  As a Scientist and Philosopher - Throughout his life, Dr. Eckstein’s main scientific interests in-
 Gustav Eckstein, DDS, MD,
 LHD                              cluded the nervous system, animal behavior, and psychiatry. He was respected throughout the
                                  world as scientist and teacher. His approach was unique. He knew his subject thoroughly and
                                  applied to it his philosophy of the human condition.

Eckstein’s anecdotes are endless : Willie the cat and his love of bingo; the cockroach family that lived in his lab; the maccaw who
whispered in his ear; his friendships with international figures in the arts and science. The list continues; most recorded and
documented in the collections of the Winkler Center.

Do you want to learn more about this remarkable man and his work? His books, essays, memorabilia, photographs, and an oral
history are available at the Winkler Center. For information, please call (513)558-5120.

         Dr. Donald Rucknagel Gives Medical Instruments

  The Winkler Center extends a special thank you to Dr. Donald Rucknagel, Profes-
 sor Emeritus, Clinical Genetics, Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Rucknagel
 recently presented his collection of vintage and antique medical instruments to the
 Winkler Center. Included are specula, urethral sounding instruments, and tonsilec-
 tomy equipment.

Winkler Center Newsletter            Spring 2011                 6
Thank You for Recent Gifts
The Winkler Center gratefully acknowledges individuals and organizations who have made a
difference through their support. Gifts and pledges listed below were made from July 1, 2010,
through December 31, 2010. A complete list of donors dating to 1980 is posted at the Center’s

                                Charles McMicken Society/Cecil Striker Society

Anonymous Fund of The Greater              UC College of Medicine Class of 1947          John Hauck Foundation
   Cincinnati Foundation                   Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Striker
Col. J. N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Ret.)

                                                     Silver McMicken
                                                       Stephen L. Herr, MD

                                                    Bronze McMicken
Eula L. Bingham, PhD                       Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Block                 Dr. and Mrs. C. Nelson Melampy
John A. Naber, MD                          Dr. and Mrs. Jack F. Rohde

                                                       Other Donors

Ms. Cheryl Albrecht and Mr. James          Mr. Theodore W. Baldwin +                     Mary Ellen Betz, EdD +
   Clasper +                               Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bozian                Ms. Stephanie L. Bricking +
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Boren              Ms. Jennifer L. Burke +                       Paul A. Busam, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin G. Brook               Mrs. Karen Carr +                             Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Galvin
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Camm               William J. Gerhardt, MD ++                    Mr. James A. Glenn +
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney P. Geier               Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Guttman                  Nancy E. Huth, MD
Mr. Daniel D. Gottlieb +                   J. Harold Kotte, MD                           Mrs. Irmgard Leckinger +
Mrs. Birsen Kaya +                         Mrs. Nancy O. Linville                        Daniel N. Lucas, MD +
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Leibold               Ms. Joanne Mayfield-Williams +                Mrs. Rebecca J. McClung +
Mr. Stephen A. Marine +                    Victoria A. Montavon, PhD +                   Drs. Michael S. and Sue Weinstein
John J. McDonough, MD, and                 One America Financial Partners, Inc.             Nussbaum
   Ms. Barbara F. Aras + / +++             Ms. Sue E. Riddell +                          Peter J. Stambrook, PhD, and
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Pomeranz           Schulzinger-Lucas Family Foundation +            Ms. Mary Piper +
Mrs. Leslie S. Schick +                    Ms. Edith Starbuck +                          Dr. Edward Silberstein and
Mrs. Diana T. Smith +                      Ben T. Yamaguchi, Jr., MD                        Ms. Jacqueline M. Mack
Mrs. Margaret W. Wolf +

+ In Memory of Mr. Sidney J. Tilley
++ In Memory of Robert W. Ausdenmoore,
+++ In Memory of Jerome F. Wiot, MD

                                                       Planned Gifts
                                           Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Block

                                                                7          Spring 2011             Winkler Center Newsletter
                                                                                                            Forwarding Service Requested
                                                          Winkler Center for the
2011 Advisory Board Members                               History of Health Professions
John J. McDonough, MD, Chair,                             University of Cincinnati
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department                   PO Box 210574
of Surgery, UC Academic Health Center,                    Cincinnati, OH 45267-0574
Hand Surgery Specialists, Inc.
Mary Ellen Betz, EdD
Assistant Professor of Nursing,
College of Mount St. Joseph
Michael K. Farrell, MD
Chief of Staff, Professor of Pediatrics,
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Jerome M. Galvin
President, Galvin and Friends, LLC
William E. Hurford, MD
Professor & Chairman, Department of
Anesthesiology, UC Academic Health Center
Daniel Hurley
Director, Leadership Cincinnati
Marianne F. Ivey, PharmD, MPH
Corporate Director, Health Alliance Pharmacy
Daniel N. Lucas, MD
Diagnostic Radiologist,
Arizona Medical Imaging
Victoria A. Montavon, PhD
Dean and University Librarian, UC
Richard A. Puff                                                                Join Us in Preserving Cincinnati’s Rich Heritage
Asst. VP, Public Relations & Communications,
UC Academic Health Center                            Making a gift to the Winkler Center is now easier by using the donation envelope in the current and fu-
                                                     ture issues of the Center’s newsletter.
Edward B. Silberstein, MD
Professor Emeritus, Radiology-Nuclear Medicine,      Since achieving its fundraising goal to complete its new facility, the Center now focuses development
UC Academic Health Center                            efforts on funding a full-time professional archivist, who is a specialized librarian who will organize, pre-
Theodore W. Striker, MD                              serve, and digitize the Center’s unique archives (see Dr. John J. McDonough’s letter on page 2).
Professor of Anesthesia and Pedi-
atrics, Department of Anesthesia,                    In addition, the donation envelope provides an opportunity to direct a gift toward general support for the
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center        Center or restricted support for a specific project, such as the oral history series. You may also request
                                                     information on including the Winkler Center in your estate plans.
Stanley B.Troup, MD
Professor Emeritus, Department of                    Since there are many ways to make a gift that are influenced by each person’s financial situation and in-
Internal Medicine-Hematology-Oncology,
                                                     terests, please contact the Center’s Director of Development for assistance: Margaret W. Wolf, Director of
UC Academic Health Center
                                                     Development at (513)556-0055 or peggy.wolf@uc.edu.
Henry R. Winkler, PhD, Vice Chair
President Emeritus, Professor Emeritus, University
of Cincinnati

STAFF LIST AND CONTACT NUMBERS                                               http://libraries.uc.edu/hsl/history
           Executive Director                               Director                              Sabin Archivist                       Collections Librarian
           Stephen Marine, MA, MLS                          Doris Haag, MSLS                      Stephanie Bricking, MA, MLS           Mary Piper, MSLS
           (513)558-0166                                    (513)558-5123                         (513)558-2275                         (513)558-1017
           stephen.marine@uc.edu                            doris.haag@uc.edu                     stephanie.bricking@uc.edu             mary.piper@uc.edu

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