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                                         Be PROUD
                                              NOMINATION FORM

                                                 Closing date: 1 November 2010

                                                                        BE PROUD.
                                                                        LOVE MANCHESTER.

68749.01 Be Proud Nomination Form_aw.indd 3                                                09/09/2010 08:53
                                                      A  t Manchester City Council we
                                                           know there are lots of people
                                                      who work hard to improve life in
                                                                                                  “It was a total shock to
                                                                                                  find out that I had won
                                                                                                  the Pride of Manchester
                                                      our communities, and the Be Proud           Award, also very
                                                      Awards are a great way of recognising       humbling and a real
                                                      those community heroes and the              honour to find out
                                                      brilliant difference they make.             so many people in
                                                      If you know someone who goes                Cheetham Hill truly
                                                      the extra mile to improve their             appreciated everything
                                                      community and you’d like to                 I have done with Abraham
                                                      nominate them, please use this              Moss Warriors. It has made me even
                                                      form. You can nominate anyone               more determined to continue providing
                                                      who lives or works within                   opportunities for the young people of
Moisten here and stick to opposite side when folded

                                                      Manchester city’s boundaries.               Cheetham Hill”
                                                                                                  J U N E K E L LY

                                                      Here are the categories. Please tick one only:
                                                          Manchester’s Got Talent –                   Sporting Achievement –
                                                          encourages others in the community          dedicates their own time to coaching
                                                          to participate in any form of art,          or organising sporting events
                                                          drama, photography, music or dance
                                                                                                      Citizen of the Year – does
                                                          Good Neighbour – does odd jobs              voluntary work that benefits
                                                          for others that they are unable to do       the wider community; works to
                                                          for themselves, helps out those who         improve the lives and wellbeing
                                                          live nearby and welcomes everyone           of Manchester residents
                                                          to the community
                                                                                                      Young Citizen of the Year –
                                                          Contribution to the Environment             does voluntary work that benefits
                                                          (group or individual – delete               the wider community, works to
                                                          as appropriate) – organises                 improve the lives and wellbeing of
                                                          environmental events, such as litter-       Manchester residents in or outside
                                                          picks or planting, or works to raise        school (under-19s)
                                                          awareness about the environment
                                                                                                      Contribution to the Community
                                                          Contribution to the Community               (Business) – a business which has
                                                          (group or individual – delete as            schemes, initiatives or policies
                                                          appropriate) – actively participates        that have a positive impact in their
                                                          in community groups, looks out for          local community. They may be
                                                          their community, helps with local           providing employment opportunities
                                                          clubs and activities, or organises          for young or disadvantaged people,
                                                          events and outings                          show unrivalled support for local
                                                                                                      charities or contribute to community
                                                          Respect Award – an individual               schemes. Environmentally aware
                                                          or group that has taken a stand             and sustainable businesses will also
                                                          against antisocial behaviour in             score highly in this category
                                                          their community, such as bullying
                                                          or intimidating behaviour, racism,
                                                          graffiti, underage drinking, off-road
                                                          bikes or noise nuisance

            68749.01 Be Proud Nomination Form_aw.indd 4                                                                                      09/09/2010 08:53
                         What we need to know about the person or group you are nominating:
                         Full	name:	



                         Postcode:	                       Telephone:	


                         Why are you nominating them? What have they done to deserve
                         this award? Who has benefited?
                         The	judging	panels	will	assess	each	nomination	based	on	the	information	you	
                         provide,	so	the	more	details	you	can	include	about	the	person	or	group	you	
                         are	nominating,	the	better.	Try	to	show	as	many	examples	of	the	following	in	
                         your	nomination:	
                         •	 How	the	individual/group	has	been	successful	in	getting	funding	to	start	
                            a	project	or	to	improve	a	project
                         •	 How	they	have	been	the	driving	force	in	bringing	the	project	together	
                         •	 How	they	have	been	responsible	for	forming	a	community	group	or	setting	up	
                            regular	activities	in	the	community
                         •	 How	they	have	contributed	personal	resources	and	time	to	the	delivery	of	
                            the	project
                         •	 How	people	are	benefiting	from	being	involved	with	the	project/activities
                         •	 How	the	project	or	activity	has	had	a	beneficial	impact	on	the	local	community
                         Please	continue	on	a	separate	sheet	if	necessary	and	include	any	other	supporting	
                         information	such	as	photos,	newspaper	clippings	or	letters	of	support	from	other	
                         people	in	the	community.	

68749.01 Be Proud Nomination Form_aw.indd 5                                                                   09/09/2010 08:53
                        What we need to know about you:
                        Full	name:	



                        Postcode:	                     Telephone:	


                        Relationship	to	the	nominee:

68749.01 Be Proud Nomination Form_aw.indd 6                          09/09/2010 08:53
                        What happens next?
                        •	 Each	entry	is	judged	by	a	panel	of	sponsors,	community	representatives,		
                           winners	from	2009	and	council	officers.
                        •	 The	judges	will	draw	up	a	shortlist	for	each	category.	The	winner	of	each	
                           category	will	be	announced	at	a	Gala	Awards	Evening	at	Manchester	Town	
                           Hall	on	Friday	10	December	2010.
                        •	 The	overall	winner,	chosen	from	all	categories,	will	be	declared	‘Pride	of	
                           Manchester	2010’.

                                                                                                                                                                                     stick moistened glued edge here
                        This	leaflet	is	available	in	other	languages,	large	print,	Braille	and	on	audiotape.	
                        If	you	need	to	see	this	leaflet	in	your	language,	please	call	0161	953	2733.

                        এই িলফেলটিট যিদ আপিন আপনার ভাষায় দখেত চান তাহেল দয় কের টিলেফান কRন..........
                                                                                                          0161	953	2733

                                                0161	953	2733

                        Haddii	aad	dooneeyso	inaad	aragto	qoraalkaani	oo	luqaddaada	ku	qoran	fadlan	wac	0161	953	2733
                                   ,      *       / H 3t
                        X <y¯…x™{ Z'Â’ e~y!iKZÃ\ M¤ Z ïÒ¨G 0161	953	2733

                        0161	953	2733 ‫ب‬       ‫إذا أردت هﺬﻩ اﻟﻤﻨﺸﻮرة ﺑﻠﻐﺘﻚ اﻟﺮﺟﺎء اﻻﺗﺼﺎل‬

                                                                                                                                              68749 – Manchester City Council 2010

                                                                                                                          BE PROUD.
                                                                                                                          LOVE MANCHESTER.

68749.01 Be Proud Nomination Form_aw.indd 1                                                                                                  09/09/2010 08:53
stick moistened glued edge here

                                                                                Jonathan Littler
                                                                                Environmental Campaigns Team
                                                                                FREEPOST – MR1514
                                                                                Town Hall
                                                                                M60 2BR

                                                                                                      BE PROUD.
                                                                                                      LOVE MANCHESTER.

                                  68749.01 Be Proud Nomination Form_aw.indd 2                                            09/09/2010 08:53

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