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									Is May 21 Really the End of the World?
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             HAROLD CAMPING?
Many people are talking about the end of the world on May 21. We are just about three
days from that to happen and the world is getting crazy right now with that news.
There still a lot to do here in this planet.

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There are many people that really think that is going to happen but me as a responsible
person can’t actually say that Christ is coming that day. The Bible clearly states that
the day for the World to End is a lot of time ahead. A lot of things may happen but the
End of the World is not the same and isn’t going to happen yet. This world has
become hysteric since the news was revealed from this group of people and this person
giving his revelation. You know what? If that happens a lot of people is going to be in
panic because they actually know they are not living the way God wants them to live.
That should be a good wakeup call to those who are living a crazy life but still want to
improve and go to heaven one day.

The rapture is something that surely is going to happen but it will come way before the
end of the World and the truth is that the Bible has outline this moment and will
happen very soon. The world has been doing many things and have just forget about
God and all He does for Us every day and just kick him out of our lives and called
good what is bad and bad what really is good. But He is just and he will give us what
we deserve and chose!

The day that preacher Harold Camping has set to be Judgment Day is just 3 days away.
Should we all be worried for the words of this man? We better think more in the Word
of God and not in the word of a man. So the answer to that question is, Not at all.

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Since the beginning of history, people have been trying to establish a day for the end
of the World. Of course, we are not God and we don’t know the answer for that
question because it is in HIS hands only. But again, the Bible is the one that tells us
when that is going to happen and to tell you the truth: We are far of the truth! Why
people continue to predict doomsday? Most of these predictions are either religious
and/or ambiguous in nature.

Many people just talk about the truth that the Bible has on it but not many want to
follow them or either believe on it. Things that happen in the Bible are not only real
things; most of them have also been proven by modern science. So either way you
believe in it or not, God has put His words on it and he never lies about anything.
Certainly the book of Revelation talks a lot about doomsday but you need more than
just read to understand all that lies in that book. The day of Rapture and doomsday is
not the same and people tend to confuse it. Still you need to be more interested in the
rapture than doomsday to tell you the truth.

Predicting the end of the World is not so intelligent but the Bible also said that a lot of
people where going to lie about this and a lot of people were going to believe in them.

We have in exclusive a video interview that some reporter did to this man called
Harold Camping who predicts the end of the world in May 21st. To get this video click
this link to see what he has to say about it!

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