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How to Create a Successful Website by rohmanramadhan


									How to Create a Successful Website

Your site is the most important thing in your online business. It
virtually represents you. As you know, you don't interact with buyers
face to face in Internet marketing. Customers know you by your website.
Therefore, they judge you by your website appearance.

Will others do business with you when your site is bad-looking? Suppose
you own an offline business. If your salesperson is wearing shorts, will
you allow that salesman to deal with your prospects? You'd fire him!
Professional clothes give a positive idea about your business. If your
team is wearing unprofessional clothes, you are literally shouting to
your buyers that you don't give a damn about quality!

The same happens online with your website. If it is not professionally
created, your visitors won't trust you even if you have stunning
knowledge. You must bear in mind that human beings don't trust free
information even if it is of huge quality. We value the things we cough
up money for and not the things we get for free. When people come across
free information on your site, they won't trust it that much. But if you
have a good design, that will help you convince them that your content is
priceless. That's because good design conveys credibility.

Here are some tips that will help you create a decent site:

Tips #1 No Music, Please!

It is OK to use music If your website is about music. However make sure
you do allow your visitors some control over it. So if they're upset with
the noise, they can stop it.

I don't appreciate listening to music when visiting a website. If you
have a lot of pages, I am going to listen to music every time I visit a
page. I find that so annoying. What's more, having music will increase
the load time of your website. This is not good from search engines
perspective. At present, most, if not all, search engines consider the
load time when giving ranks.

Tips #2 No splash Pages, Please!
These are the first pages you come across when you visit a site. They are
like pre-home pages. They are used for… well, no purpose really. They do
absolutely nothing. They are good looking with images and words like
"welcome to my personal page".

I can't see why some people are still relying on such things. If
something doesn't serve a purpose, take it away! People use splash pages
just because they think it is something pretty. You must know that
prettiness is the enemy of website designers. A website is judged by its
content and it simpleness, not by its prettiness.

Tips #3 Give me Simple Navigation, Please!

Again, some people prefer prettiness over simpleness. They choose multi-
tiered drop down menus and Flash based menus. They look beautiful, I
agree with you. But visitors often have a hard time navigating websites
that use such menus. Always offer simple navigation. If you don't,
visitors will leave your website and visit your competitors. This will
give you a high bounce rate and hurt your rankings in the process.

If you want to design a website and sell a product, you need to convey
professionalism. You'll never do that if your website isn't clean and
simple.   Professionalism isn't about prettiness. It is about

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