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Hobby Greenhouses - Alberta Agriculture


									  Farm Structures

                                                                                                    Order No. 334.200-2
                                                                                                          October 1989

                            HOBBY GREEHOUSES

With a small greenhouse, avid gardeners can extend their growing season and expand the range of crops they can
grow. This well-illustrated book tells you how to build, heat and manage a small greenhouse. You'll also learn the
basic requirements of plants and how to grow specific vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops. To obtain a copy,
please contact:

                                         ALBERTA AGRICULTURE

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Hobby Greenhouses in Alberta

                  Table of Contents

 Ø Introduction

 Ø Greenhouse Location and Orientation

 Ø Greenhouse Design, Construction and Maintenance

 Ø Environmental Control

 Ø Plants and Their Requirements

 Ø Pest Management

 Ø Greenhouse Plants

 Ø Appendices

    Ø   Greenhouse References
    Ø   Greenhouse Plans
    Ø   Some Canadian Suppliers of Greenhouse Materials
    Ø   Ideas for Solar-Heated Greenhouses
    Ø   Soil and Soilless Mixes
    Ø   Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
    Ø   Small Pipe Frame Greenhouse and Small Wood Frame Greenhouse

 This publication is approximately 68 pages.

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