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					Updated 3/12/11
                                         Fond du Lac Blue Line Club
                                 Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
                                           February 16, 2011
President Mark Grebe called the meeting to order.
Roll Call: directors were present:
Vicki Diaz made a motion to approve the minutes. Wayne Wilson seconded the motion. Motion
Treasurer’s report:
       Finances are stable for the Fond du Lac Blue Line Club. Vicki Diaz made a motion to
approve the treasurer’s report, John Birshbach seconded it. Motion carried.
Committee Reports:
    Finance committee:
           o There will be minor increases in fees for the 2011-2012 season. The rental of a
               sheet of ice will be at the cost of $165.00 per hour.
    Hockey committee:
           o Blue Line hosted play downs on Sunday, Feb. 5th. They are sending the club high
               school, Bantam A, Girls U145, Girls U12, Mite A (region 6 rep) and Bantam B to
           o Summer Hockey – Marian University is hosting a summer camp again this summer
               and Junior Bears Spring teams will be formed from surrounding associations.
           o Next Season Blue Line will continue to follow the USA Hockey and WAHA
               direction, so there will be a need to purchase more rink dividers and small nets for
               use at the Mite Level. Wayne Wilson made a motion to spend $1500.00 for netting
               and foam for the nets. John Birshbach seconded it. Motions carries.
           o Hockey Weekend Across America
                   February 19 on Rink B and C from 1:45-2:45 pm with registration at 12:45
                   Club has received 40 goody bogs and 40 jerseys from USA hockey for
                      hosting the event.
           o Mite Cross Ice and 3 on 3 tournament
                   Brian Jones created rules for the Cross Ice Jamboree
                   Brian and TJ Draves will work with the tournaments directors to help
                      advertise and organize this event
                   Sheboygan has agreed to borrow us rink dividers since both tournaments
                      require dividers.
    Figure Skating
           o Ice show will be on March 26th at 1:30 and 6:30 pm and March 27th at 1:30 pm. All
               are welcome to attend. The them is Glee on Ice. All 5 synchro teams will skate at
               the ice show with our group lessons and our senior freestlye skaters. The opening
               number will have all of our skaters in it.
           o On June 4th we will be having a Basic Skills competition.
Updated 3/12/11
          o Learn to Skate has started its last session for this season. We will offer spring
              and summer lessons as well.
          o FOTL 2012 has been set for next year already. We will hopefully bid on Junior
              World Qualifier in 2013.
          o Synchronized skating – Intermediate are the MIDWEST Champions. They will be
              traveling to Ontario, CA to go against the other 11 top teams in the nation. Beaver
              Dam competition will be on Feb. 19 and 20th. GREAT season skaters!!
          o Tryouts will be starting in April for the 2011-2012 season.
    Bears-
          o 2nd in their division
          o 5 home games left
          o 3rd in the Great Lakes Division
    Concession Stand
          o All good
    Maintenance
          o Electrical panel is having overload issues
          o Donna and Dave brought up the Figure Skating Ice show lights. Dave gave a
              proposed budget for them. The lights that we have been renting from another
              club are not up to code and are dangerous. Vicki Diaz made a motion to purchase
              the materials need to make ice show lights for figure skating at $4000.00. Dave
              Overboe will be constructing them for the figure skating club. Kyle Stanchfield
              seconded it. Motion carries. If other clubs want to rent them, the cost will be
              $600.00 for a weekend.
    Rink Manager
          o Air Quality- We need to purchase equipment to test the air quality in the rink
              weekly. We have a clean facitlity but we need to always make sure that our rink is
              safe for our skaters and families. Vicki made a motion to purchase the necessary
              equipment to check the air quality for not more than $2100.00. Wayne Wilson
              seconded the motion. Motion carries.
          o “No Parking” signs were put up by the county
          o There needs to be a policy about a warm up area for teams to be able to warm up
          o Each board member will take charge of a tournament!
                  Tier II WAHA State Playoffs March 11-13 Mark Grebe ____, ____
                  Tier I Central District March 18-20 Lori Dewitz, Chris Sabel _____
                  CROSS Jam/3-3 April 1-3 Steve/Kelly Litte., Dean Deanovich, John Welsch
                  US Adult Nationals - April 7-10 KYLE ________ __________
                  Central District Festival – April 29-30 Dave/Donna Whealon ____, ____
                  Donna –FOTL and ICE show
    Public Relations
                  The library had a fitness fair, which Blue Line was there. Thank you
                  Advertising is working for us.
Updated 3/12/11
                 Looking at the Y partnering with us???
    Old Business
         o Marian Women’s Locker room presentation made it through the second step.
             Congratulations and on to the next step.
         o History Room-No progress
    New Business
         o Lisa Stachfield is working on the volunteer hours. Please if you are a tournament
             chair, send them to her.
         o Senior jackets will be given to senior hockey players if they skated in Blue Line
             their entire time.
         o Old Timer Tournament will be starting September 30th and going to October 2,
Motion to adjourn by Vicki Diaz. Seconded by Wayne Wilson. Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Kohnke