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Fine and Performing Arts

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                             Research in the Fine Arts, along with expert
                             instruction, results in an unequalled learning
                             opportunity at Waterloo.

                           • Distinctive and widely recognized research
                             provides a solid foundation for future development
                             in the Fine and Performing Arts at the University of
                             Waterloo. Applied research is expanding to take
                             into account factors influencing entrepreneurship
                             and creativity.

                           • Enriching Waterloo’s innovation agenda are
                             renowned research and teaching facilities that
                             are interdisciplinary and highly regarded in
                             transferring knowledge to society.
                                                    INNOVATIVE WATERLOO
“Artists are the original entrepreneurs -            Waterloo is developing and enriching its reputation as a most innovative university
 innovating is what artists do. To be
 innovative, to be an entrepreneur                 with a clear focus on qualitative and quantitative research in the human sciences. Fine
 requires self-motivation, imagination,            and Performing Arts includes topics that emphasize skills in communication, creativity,
 independence, the courage to take risks
 and particularly the courage to survive           interpersonal relationships, presentation and teamwork.
 failure and carry on. The ability to think           Research is underway into the cultural and social impact of technological innovations
 critically, to imagine what does not now
 exist - these are the things that artists do.     on human knowledge and understanding. Our research centres are highly regarded
 These are precisely the skills that art           sources of expertise. Most are interdisciplinary with their interconnectiveness
 students learn in a Fine Arts program and
 these are the skills that will equip students     extending to all of the faculties and off-campus agencies acting as partners in the
 for productive, satisfying and successful         university’s research. As well as being a centre of learning, research and knowledge
 lives in tomorrow’s world.”
                                                   transfer, Waterloo reaches out to the community with theatres, museums, art galleries,
    • Prof. Jane Buyers, Chair of the University
     of Waterloo’s Department of Fine Arts         concerts, public lectures, exhibits, libraries and other facilities.
                                                     The university seeks to play an even greater role in empowering the community
“Cities and regions that combine a thriving        through knowledge and innovation as well as with contributions
 arts scene - a concentration of artists,
 writers, musicians and other creative             to social, cultural and economic development in Waterloo Region.
 people - with a highly diverse, tolerant,
 open social character become the leading
 centres of innovation in technology and
 knowledge-based industries. Growth comes
                                                             Abstract painting is topic of major research
 to be driven by the city regions that are                   Prof. Robert Linsley is involved in a research program aimed at identifying Waterloo as a place with
 creative habitats in which all forms of
                                                             special expertise in advanced abstract art, in both theory and practice. Through historical study and
 creativity - arts and culture, technology
 and business - flourish together.”
                                                             creative work, his research explores the new, expanded conception of painting taken over by new
                                                             media such as photography, film and video. In the last 20 years, there has been intense research
    • Dr. Richard Florida,                                   into the science and mechanics of perception with the goal of teaching computers how to see and
     Carnegie Mellon University,
                                                             render, Prof. Linsley says. “It’s as if the sophisticated technologies invented in the Renaissance to
     author of The Rise of the Creative Class
                                                             serve painting - sciences of perspective and of lighting and shadows, anatomical research, theories
                                                             of colour, studies of the geometry of complex shapes - have found their ultimate development in
“Waterloo’s Fine Arts program is highly                      the new industries of photo-digitizing and computer animation.
 demanding… and the record shows that
 UW graduates have a life path that is
 stunningly successful. From now on,
 Fine Arts students at UW can follow
 a program that adds our new Digital
                                                             Campus Art Gallery is a community resource
 Arts option for a degree that is even
                                                             The University of Waterloo Art Gallery, with three exhibition spaces open to the public, displays
 more distinctive.”
                                                             works by nationally recognized Canadian artists. This has included John Abrams, Rebecca Belmore,
    • Dr. Robert Kerton, Dean of Arts,                       Evergon, Robert Houle, Laura Millard, Tony Urquhart and Julie Voyce. The permanent collection
     University of Waterloo
                                                             features works by contemporary Canadian artists in all media. An exhibition program augments
                                                             them with art created by students. Departments across campus also participate by displaying
“Whether it is through the study of English                  exhibitions from their disciplines, some of which have been created by Drama, English, Geography,
 poetry or French theatre, the Greek classics                Germanic and Slavic Studies and the School of Architecture.
 or Asian religions, the history of nations
 or individuals, the disciplined study of
 the human sciences enhances our
 understanding of ourselves and informs
 our citizenship.”
                                                             Academy Award winners; Olympic Park sculpture
    • Dr. Martha Piper, President,                           Four UW graduates and a former adjunct professor have won Academy Awards for scientific and
     University of British Columbia,                         technical achievement while a Fine Arts professor created a work of art for the 2004 Olympics.
     from UW’s 2002 Killam Lecture                           Paul Breslin, Kim Davidson, Rob Krieger and Bill Reeves along with Prof. Marceli Wein were honoured
                                                             for making major advances in computer animation. Many graduates from Waterloo’s Computer
                                                             Graphics Laboratory work in the film industry. Meanwhile, Prof. Bruce Taylor was commissioned to
                                                             create a work of art to represent Canada at the International Olympic Park of Ceramics and Sculpture
                                                             in Amaroussion, Greece. The park was developed for the Olympics in Athens, with one ceramic artist
                                                             chosen from every country that has hosted the Games in the past century.
                     Students regularly stage theatrical
                   productions at the Theatre of the Arts.

Human interactions
in the digital age
Leading researchers from Drama and Speech
Communication, such as Dr. Diana Denton, are
studying how people interact with each other,
both in face-to-face and in technologically
mediated environments. She uses videotaping
technology and video-conferencing to investigate
spoken and gestural communication in the contexts
of leadership, interpersonal communication,
conflict management and theatrical production.
The challenges of technology can distance people
from face-to-face interpersonal interaction and
create barriers and misunderstandings. She and
Dr. Andrew McMurry study how to humanize
technology to enhance communication and
performance. Dr. Gerhard Hauck leads research
into issues facing theatre scholars in a project
titled “Conflict Management in Theatre Production.”

                                                                                                                                                                   THE FULL SPECTRUM OF RESEARCH
Centre for Cultural Management                                                   Sounds of music
helps sustain arts                                                               emanate from Conrad Grebel
The arts sector contributes to social vitality and makes a major contribution    The choral works composed by Dr. Leonard Enns, Professor of Music, are
to the economy of Canadian communities. An important resource playing a          performed regularly by school, church and community choirs, as well as by
pivotal role in developing and sustaining the arts nationally is UW’s Centre     professional chamber choirs such as the Elmer Iseler Singers and the Winnipeg
for Cultural Management. It undertakes activities that provide leadership in     Singers. Numerous symphony orchestras have also performed his orchestral
cultural management education and research. A steadfast steward of the           works. At UW’s Conrad Grebel University College where the music program is
Canadian arts community, it provides training for emerging arts administrators   based, Dr. Enns directs the Chapel Choir. It participates regularly in college
who graduate with a blend of cultural knowledge and business skills, says        worship, tours extensively and has recorded four CDs. Students in the program
Director William Poole. Students learn about financial planning and budget       are exposed to a broad cultural framework in their study of music history,
development, cultural policy and marketing while gaining experience in           theory and performance.
programming, board-management relations, grants and approaches to
generate private-sector support.

                                                                                 Fine arts teaching, research
Theatre research,                                                                feature distinct faculty members
performance thrive at Waterloo                                                   There’s a balanced and diversified group of faculty members in the
                                                                                 Department of Fine Arts. They actively work as artists, historians and critics,
Along with staging performances in three theatres for the public and             with most having international experience and reputation. Prof. Nancy Lou
campus community, Waterloo’s Drama Department has numerous research              Patterson founded the program in 1966 by offering introductory courses in
initiatives underway. Dr. Gerhard Hauck looks at minimalism in drama and         art history and studio art. Highly eclectic interests led her to collect about
theatre, representations of scientific models of viewing the world in modern     her faculty members who were similarly both individualistic and diverse in
plays, along with theatre and the new media. The production of identity in       their artistic expression. It’s still diverse as, for example, the emphasis on
contemporary theatre practices and development of dramaturgy to address          clay in the sculpture program is quite unusual for a Canadian university.
postmodern culture are being studied by Dr. Andrew Houston. Prof. Joel           Students are encouraged to develop individual approaches to their work
Greenberg combines teaching with professional theatre work as playwright,        and to avoid merely following current trends.
director, choreographer and actor. The department is unique in Canada in
that it offers degree programs in the academic areas of Drama/Theatre and
Speech Communication.
FACULTY MEMBER DEPARTMENT                                 AREA OF EXPERTISE                                Other research projects:
Jane Buyers             Fine Arts                         Sculpture, drawing, printmaking                  • Jane Buyers, Chair of Fine Arts, has
                                                                                                            been commissioned to create works
William Chesney         Drama/Speech Communication        Theatre production, design                        of art including a bronze sculpture
Cora Cluett             Fine Arts                         Painting, photography                             “Golden Queen Hybrid” at RIM Park in
                                                                                                            Waterloo. She also created sculptures
Joan Coutu              Fine Arts                         Art history, British and Canadian art             for Guelph’s Macdonald Stewart Art
                                                                                                            Centre, John Labatt Park in Waterloo
William Cowan           Computer Science/Fine Arts        Computer graphics                                 and the facade of the King Street
                                                                                                            Theatre in Kitchener.
Diana Denton            Drama/Speech Communication        Interpersonal communication, holistic learning
Leonard Enns            Music (Conrad Grebel)             Composition, conducting, choral/worship music
                                                                                                           • Joan Coutu, Fine Arts, is writing
Laura Gray              Music (Conrad Grebel)             Music of Sibelius, British Symphony                a book called "Persuasion and
                                                                                                             Propaganda: Monuments and the
Arthur Green            Fine Arts                         Drawing, painting                                  18th-century British Empire." The
                                                                                                             holder of a Social Sciences and
Joel Greenberg          Drama/Speech Communication        Professional theatre                               Humanities Research Council grant,
Gerhard Hauck           Drama/Speech Communication        Theatre and the new media                          she continues research on "Whigs
                                                                                                             and Sculpture: The political use of
Andrew Houston          Drama/Speech Communication        Contemporary theatre practices                     the antique in 18th-century Britain."
                                                                                                             She wrote about landscaping and
Kenneth Hull            Music (Conrad Grebel)             Brahms, musical allusion, 20th century hymnody     sculpture at Niagara Falls and along
Craig Kaplan            Computer Science                  Computer graphics, geometric arts                  the Queen Elizabeth Way as make-
                                                                                                             work projects during the Depression.
Douglas Kirton          Fine Arts                         Digital media and art
Robert Linsley          Fine Arts                         Abstract art theory and practice                 • The New Quarterly, a literary
                                                                                                             magazine published by UW’s
Stephen Mann            Computer Science                  Computer graphics, animation                       St. Jerome’s University, has
                                                                                                             received National Magazine Award
Michael McCool          Computer Science                  Computer graphics, interactive image synthesis
                                                                                                             gold medals for fiction and poetry.
Edward McGee            English (St. Jerome’s)            Shakespeare, Stratford Festival archives           Editor Kim Jernigan said the winning
                                                                                                             submissions were by Anne Fleming,
Andrew McMurry          English                           Technology and human communication                 a UW graduate from Vancouver (Gay
                                                                                                             Dwarves of America), and Alison Pick
Bruce Taylor            Fine Arts                         Drawing, sculpture, ceramics                       of St. John’s, Nfld. (Question and
Jill Tomasson Goodwin   Drama/Speech Communication        Public speaking, interviewing                      Answer), respectively.

Jan Uhde                Fine Arts                         Film history and theory, international cinema
                                                                                                           • Jan Uhde, founder of Film Studies at
Carol Ann Weaver        Music (Conrad Grebel)             African music, women in music                      UW, publishes articles and reviews
                                                                                                             internationally and participates in
Meg Westley             Drama/Speech Communication        Communication skills, stage manager, director      film festival juries. His interests focus
                                                                                                             on identification and distancing of
                                                                                                             the film viewer, non-authored
                                                                                                             modifications and manipulation of
                                                                                                             film works on their journey from the
                                                                                                             filmmaker to the viewer, and film
                                                                                                             history including the Central
                                                                                                             European cinema.

                                                                                                           • Carol Ann Weaver, Music (Conrad
                                                                                                             Grebel) studies fusions of different
                                                                                                             styles of music. This includes popular,
                                                                                                             jazz, African and women in music.
                                                                                                             Works range from choral/orchestral
                              University of Waterloo                                                         to chamber, electroacoustic and
                              Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1                                              vocal, with many being dramatic,
                              Office of Research • 519.888.4567, ext. 2526                                   programmatic or dance-related.