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             , 2011
                       V    O    I      C   E     O

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                                                                           T   H   J   E   S   H

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                                                Bold Statements to
                                                Guide Our Future
         Happy                                  Imagine a congregation that is warm
         Purim                                  and welcoming, where everyone feels
                                                connected to Judaism and each other.
                                                Imagine a congregation actively committed to
                                                Jewish education, teen involvement, Shabbat,
                                                Israel and the Conservative Movement.
                                                Imagine a congregation that encourages the use of mentors
                                                and technology and seeks to reduce financial barriers and be
      Don’t miss any of                         intentional Jews.
 the fun and exciting events                    This vision for Adath Jeshurun was introduced over the High
                                                Holidays in the form of eleven bold statements. A complete listing
         planned for                            can be found on page 9 of this Clarion. Although some of these
   Purim on March 19-20.                        statements will be implemented over time as resources permit,
                                                we are well on the way towards realizing our overall vision.
     See pages 2-3 for schedule of              Programs such as Synaplex, Creative Adult Morning Program
    services and celebration details.           (C.A.M.P.) and L’dor V’dor are just a few examples where we
                                                educate and provide opportunities to connect with one another.
        Inside the Clarion                      Our Shabbat Coffee Lounge, outreach efforts and drivers through
                                                Yad Sima Tova help foster a warm and welcoming community.
Schedule of Services             2              Numerous other examples exist where we provide quality teen
Meet the Farmer                  4              programming, and where we engage congregants in Israel, the
Why Israel? Why Zionism?         4
                                                Conservative Movement and the broader community.

Adath 20s/30s                    5              Although we have much to celebrate, there is more to do and I
                                                encourage you to get involved with one of our committees and
Get Ready for Pesach             6
                                                take advantage of the many wonderful programs and activities
Women’s League World             7              we offer. For further information please see the Adath website
Youth & Education                8              (www.adathjeshurun.org) or feel free to contact me via the Adath
                                                office (952.545.2424 or office@adath.net).
Adath Foundation                 10
                                                Mike Greenstein,
Community News                   10
Passings                         10
Contributions                    11, 12
        And so much more!
                                                                                                   MARCH, 2011      1
         S   C H E D U L E                                       I   T   ’   S   P   U R I M   !
      O F     S E R V I C E S

Shabbat Pekudei                            Saturday, March 19
March 4-5
Friday Carlebach Service       6:00 PM     6:15 PM     Shabbat Mincha
Shabbat Morning Service        9:30 AM
Orielle Heilicher Bat Mitzvah
Hannah Mirviss Bat Mitzvah                 7:00 PM     Adult and Teen Megillah
SMP                                                    Reading with music by
Havaya K’tana                 10:00 AM                 accordionist Mark Stillman
Shabbat Mincha                 5:30 PM                 followed by separate
Shabbat Vayikra                                        parties for teens and adults
March 11-12
Friday Evening Service         6:00 PM     Sunday,     March 20
Noah’s Ark Service             6:30 PM
Shabbat Morning Service        9:30 AM
                                           9:30 AM     Minyan and Traditional Megillah Reading
Robyn Lipschultz Bat Mitzvah
Shabbat Mincha                 5:45 PM     9:45 AM     Family Purim Service and Costume Parade
                                                       Fun for all! Skits, songs and join your favorite
Shabbat Tzav
March 18-19                                            Adath Jeshurun teachers and staff in costume
Friday Carlebach Service    6:00 PM
Shabbat Morning Service     9:30 AM        11:15 AM    Purim Carnival
Maya Silverman Bat Mitzvah
Havaya K’tana              10:00 AM
Shabbat Mincha              6:15 PM

March 19-20
See schedule on this page

Shabbat Shemini
March 25-26
Friday Night Live              6:00 PM       Where: ADATH Social Hall
with the Adath Choir
Shabbat Morning Service
Sara Feldman Bat Mitzvah
                               9:30 AM       When: Sunday, March 20
Shabbat Mincha                 6:30 PM
                                             Time: 11:15 AM - 2:00 PM
             March 4           5:46
             March 11          5:56
                                      PM     What: Games and PRIZES,
             March 18
             March 25
                                             Face Painting, Giant Obstacle Course,
                                             B-I-N-G-O, CAKE WALK, Spin Art, lots of
         Weekdays              7:20 AM
                               5:45 PM
                                             good food, including hot dogs, cotton
         Sundays               9:30 AM
                                             candy, Hamentashen and more.
         and holidays          5:45 PM
                                             Amazing Silent Auction!
Sunday Minyan Breakfast                      For Whom: Everyone!
March 27
Join us for breakfast immediately
following 9:30 AM minyan on Sunday,                     Proceeds support Adath Youth programming
March 27. One of our fellow Adath
members will offer a few words of
reflection. Everyone is welcome for                   Bring an item for the Food Shelf and redeem it
good food and conversation.                                      for one free carnival ticket.

                                                          P     U R I M

                                            It’s a Gala Adult
                                               Purim Party!
                                       Saturday, March 19
                                             7:00 PM
                         Megillah reading followed by entertainment by
                                   The Klezmer Cabaret Trio!
                                       Featuring Mark Stillman on accordion
         Late-Night                       Shelley Hanson on clarinet and
                                              Greg Lewis on trumpet
            Hour                                      NO
            Rockin’ Teen Party
                                                                      Wear a                              generously
      following the Megillah reading—
              no adults allowed !                                   costume or                           sponsored by
                                                                      mask                                  TAMID.
     Adath’s Annual Purim Pushke Project                              O    R D E R     Y   O U R   H   A M E N T A S H E N
    Needs Your Help to Help Our Neighbors
                                                                          Women’s League is baking hamentashen!
The economy has been improving slowly, but too many of
our members and neighbors continue to need help. The                            Hamentashen Order Form
Adath Hesed Committee has pledged the funds collected                                Deadline: March 14, 2011
for this year’s Purim Pushke Project to support the only
social service agency in this area with a kosher food shelf,        Name
STEP in St. Louis Park.                                             Daytime Phone
This is a particularly significant year for STEP as it raises       Evening Phone
funds in a Capital Campaign for its own building while
                                                                              Dozen prune-filled @ $12.50 each
continuing to serve the needs of its extensive service area.
                                                                              Dozen poppy seed @ $12.50 each
Observe the Purim mitzvah of matanot l’evyonim (gifts                         Dozen apricot-filled @ $12.50 each
for the poor) by joining Adath’s Hesed Purim Pushke
Project in support of STEP’s fundraising drive. Contribute                                 Total Due $
from your pushke, checkbook, or wallet! Pushke Project
                                                                      Mail with check payable to Adath Women’s League to:
donations are accepted during all of the Purim celebrations
                                                                                        Jean Rosenzweig
or by mail or in person to the Adath office or education
                                                                                   10411 Cedar Lake Rd. #309
office during March.
                                                                                     Minnetonka, MN 55305
Adath’s Morning Minyan will match the funds donated,
                                                                             Available for pick-up on Sunday, March 20,
doubling the impact of your donation! There is an additional
                                                                          10 AM to 1 PM in the hallway by the side entrance.
matching grant for STEP Capital Fund donations.
Do you need a pushke tzedakah donation box for your                                         THANK YOU!
home? Contact the Adath office or Gan/education office.
                                                                                                          MARCH, 2011      3
                Sign Up for Fresh
                 Meet the Farmer
                 and Get Juiced!
                    March 13
There is still time to sign up for fresh,    Shabbat C.A.M.P. at Adath is an informal discussion group, open to anyone.
delicious produce from Easy Bean             It takes place while children are at SMP. Your C.A.M.P Counselors all have
Farm all summer and fall, delivered         something to share in a friendly, enthusiastic way. Final sessions of the season:
weekly for you to pick up at Adath
Jeshurun. Adath partners with Easy          Where: The Library                        March 19: ―Parenting for Maximum
Bean Farm and our national affiliate                                                  Inclusion: The Blessings and Chal-
Hazon to support local, sustainable         March 12: “Finding Your Spiritual         lenges” Shelly Christensen, Jewish
agriculture and enjoy fresh produce at      Self through Mindfulness” with Jennifer   Community Inclusion Program for
competitive prices.                         Gray                                      People with Disabilities (rescheduled)
Limited space is filling. Go to
www.adathjeshurun.org; click on
Community and then on Etz Chayim.
Or contact adathcsa@gmail.com or
Jonathan London, 763.516.0770.
                                                        Why Israel? Why Zionism?
                                                              Sunday Brunches at Adath Jeshurun
Get Juiced! Special Kick-off Event:
Meet Easy Bean farmer Mike Jacobs           How Divergent Voices of Zionism
and Tommy Carluccio of Living Waters
                                            Created the Israel of Today
Market & Café in Minnetonka. Learn
how to make delicious juices from your      Sunday, March 6 • 10:15 AM-12 noon
fresh produce!                              With Professor Ofer Ashkenazi, University of Minnesota
                                            Response by Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff
Join us on Sunday, March 13, 10:00-         Hosted by Rabbi Harold Kravitz
11:15 AM in the Adult Lounge for a fun
and delicious preview of the upcoming
season!                                                          Crossing the Line?
                                                                 Contemporary Criticism of Israel
                                                                 Sunday, March 13 • 10:15 AM-12 noon
                                                                 With Steve Hunegs, JCRC of Minnesota and the Dakotas
                                                                 Respondent and host: Rabbi Harold Kravitz

During the month of March, our
congregation joins others in this                  RSVP at least 5 days in advance for each brunch to Adath Jeshurun,
community to help alleviate hunger.               952.545.2424 or tobic@adath.net. Suggested donation: $5 per session
Congregations, businesses and
schools, media, food banks and food
shelves all work together to restock                           All the rest is commentary…
food supplies for people in need.
Congregations like Adath are the heart
of the campaign. Adath supports the
STEP food shelf in St. Louis Park and
ICA (Intercongregation Communities
Association) food shelf in Minnetonka.
Please act generously!
Bring nonperishable food to the
synagogue all month. Fill the container
                                                                 Synaplex Shabbat
                                                                              with Artist
for your donations near the front door.
                                                                        Beth Grossman
Empty your Pushke Boxes for
Purim (see p. 3).                                                          April 9, 2011
Donate directly to STEP, 6812 W.                              Shabbat Morning and Saturday Evening
Lake Street, St. Louis Park, MN
55426, or to ICA, 12990 St. David
                                                         Visual Art Exhibit on the Golden Rule
Road, Minnetonka, MN 55305.                              and Table Talk Performance Art Event
 4     CLARION
Be a Minyan Maker
Beginning in March, each week about
20 Adath households will receive a
special e-mail request, asking mem-
bers of their household to attend daily
minyan as many times as they are                          All ticket sales benefit Adath
able to during a specific upcoming                        Orpheum Theatre, Thursday, May 12, 7:00 PM
week. This request includes all
                                                                Ticket prices: $25 / $38 / $49.50
household members who are 13 or
older. We encourage you to use this
opportunity to attend with your children
and teach them the mitzvah of daily
While Adath has a vibrant daily
minyan, we still occasionally struggle
to meet the required quorum of ten
adult Jews. The daily minyan is
extremely important to mourners and
individuals who are observing a
yahrzeit as well as those who are
seeking the spiritual comfort of prayer
in a welcoming community. With this
new system of dividing the congrega-
tion into 52 groupings to receive re-
quests for specific weeks, we hope to
ensure the vibrancy of our minyan. Of
course we encourage you to attend
minyan at any time, with or without an
e-mail request.
Our new ―Minyan Maker‖ program is
modeled after a successful program
developed by Rabbi Micah Peltz at
Temple Beth Shalom in Cherry Hill,
New Jersey. Rabbi Peltz grew up at
Adath and is the son of our members
Paul and Henrietta Peltz.                         Exclusive Adath Presale Ends March 10
                                            Tickets in the front rows only available directly from Adath
Adath 20s/30s                                                 during the presale for $60
Adath 20s/30s group is partying with        (no Ticketmaster fees apply) at www.adathjeshurun.org or
the Klezmer Cabaret Trio at the Adath                          by using the form below
Purim Party on Saturday, March 19 at
7:00 PM. Don’t miss a great party!
                                             Other ticket levels available at www.ticketmaster.com or
Stay tuned for a 20s/30s trip to the                               800-745-3000
Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company’s                          using presale code “ADATH”
new production Goats. Contact
Veronica Gagnelius at 310.977.7115
or adath2030s@gmail.com.
                                             Adath Presale Mail-in Ticket Order for $60 Seating
                                           Name:________________________ Phone:______________Email:_______________________
Rabbi Gil Nativ • April 2-5                Address:_________________________________________________________________________
Rabbi Gil Nativ of Congregation            _________________________________________________________________________________
Magen Avraham, Adath’s sister con-
gregation in Omer, Israel, will be         Number of tickets_________ ($60/each) Total amount enclosed:_____________________
visiting our community the first week      Visa/MC #:_________________________________Expiration date:___________ CCV:______
in April. Join him on Shabbat and
during the week for updates on the         All forms must include credit card information or a check for the total amount of the
Masorti Movement, what’s happening                           order and must be received by Monday, March 7
in Israel and more. Watch for details.
                                                                                                        MARCH, 2011          5
                                    I   N   T H E   A   D A T H    C   O M M U N I T Y

            Save the Date!
     Sunday, April 3 • 9:15-11:15 AM
 Pesach Workshop for Parents
      of Young Children
  Sponsored by Adath Noah’s Ark
     Watch for details soon!

Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish
April 2 at the Minneapolis
Jewish Film Festival

The 2011 Minneapolis Jewish Film
Festival is March 24 through April 10.
This festival presents feature films,
documentaries and shorts from around
the world on themes of Jewish culture
and identity.
Adath Jeshurun has ―adopted‖ the film
Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish. Shake-
speare’s words come to life in Yiddish
in this innovative drama (English plus
subtitles) about ex-Orthodox guys who
lend their Yiddish skills to a budding
scholar. The one problem: they have
never heard of Shakespeare! Parental         Enjoy working with young children?
discretion advised; recommended for          Camp Mishpacha 2011 needs YOU!
ages 18+.
                                             Camp Mishpacha, Adath's summer camp for toddlers and preschoolers, is
Meet the filmmaker Eve Annenberg             looking for junior interns and senior counselors! All 14-year-olds through
and see her film on Saturday night,          college-age students are encouraged to apply for exciting summer opportunities
April 2 at 8:30 PM at the Sabes JCC.         at Gan Shelanu's day camp. You may apply to work any or all of the sessions,
The synagogue receives 10% back              which are two, three and four weeks long:
when our members mention Adath
Jeshurun when they purchase tickets          Session Aleph: June 1-17               Session Bet: June 20-July 15
to this film.                                Session Gimel: July 18-August 12       Session Dalet: August 15-26
For tickets and a full schedule go to        It’s an exciting, hands-on job, messy fun in the sun while helping young children.
www.mplsjff.org or call the Box Office:      Contact Renee Schwach, Mishpacha Director, for details or to arrange an inter-
952.381.3499.                                view, at 952.545.8694 or renees@adath.net. Applications are due by March 31.
 6      CLARION
                                       W   O M E N    ’   S   L   E A G U E    W   O R L D

              Spring will soon be here! Our snowbirds will be                      Wednesday, May 25 • Tree of Life Luncheon.
              returning and so will the exciting and fun activi-                   This is the day we honor our Gan Shelanu, and
              ties of the Women’s League.                                          the children entertain us along with other pro-
                                                                                   fessional entertainment. A delicious lunch will
             Hamentashen for Purim—Order yours now!                                be served.
             Delicious Women’s League’s hamentashen
are again available for you to order. Our ladies have made           Sunday, June 12 • Installation of a New President and
a wonderful assortment to please your taste buds. Place              Officers.
your order by March 14 with the order form on page 3.
                                                                     November 6, 2011…SAFAM
Save the Date! As of this writing, many events are in the
planning stages, so a list of “Save the Dates” is below. Mark        Fabulous Concert!
your calendars now and details will follow in plenty of time.        Board members please attend the Tuesday, March 8
Tuesday, April 5 • A new type of Book Club. Details will             Board meeting at 10 am to 12 noon in the Adult Lounge.
follow shortly. For immediate questions, please call                 Gift Shop—Passover is coming! The Gift Shop has many
Helenlois Vinitsky at 952.544.3957.                                  new holiday items. Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Fri-
Planned for later this spring...                                     day, 8:45 AM-12:15 PM, and Sunday mornings when there is
       MAH JONGG, MIMOSAS &                                          Sunday School. When there is no one in the shop Risa or
                                                                     Janice in the Gan will be happy to open the doors for you.
         MITZVAHS EVENT                                              Or call for an appointment with Ardis Wexler, 952.925.2097
A fabulous afternoon of fun and fellowship—                          or Raleigh Brand, 612.926.7871.
and a delicious way to receive your Vitamin C!
Details to follow. For immediate questions,                          Purchase Women’s League cards from Jean Rosen-
please call Ruth Harris, 952.937.0565.                               zweig, 952.797.0262. She will even mail them for you.
May 15-17 • Women’s League Regional Conference in                    We look forward to seeing you at any or all of our events.
St. Paul. Three wonderful days of fun and interesting semi-          We welcome you, however you choose.
nars and workshops, with great meals, entertainment and
lots of surprises. Open to all Women’s League Members.               Sheri Steinman, President
Please contact Sheri Steinman at 763.543.4351 or                     763.543.4351, shevst@aol.com (Contact me at any time.)
shevst@aol.com with questions.

                                                                     communication. Beloved or familiar music can trigger
                    From Your                                        memories. I’ve seen people who can’t name their family
                                                                     members, but can sing along perfectly and joyfully to a
                Congregational Nurse                                 popular song from their youth.
                   Debby Jewett                                      Sometimes a trigger is talking about a family Shabbat ritual,
                                                                     or a holiday observance such as lighting Hanukkah candles.
In my work as your Congregational Nurse, I’ve visited                Almost everyone who has been connected to a synagogue
many congregants who are living with dementia. Dementia              remembers Adon Olam – I’ve had congregants with demen-
is a progressive brain impairment which usually goes                 tia sing along with me. All of these can bring warmth and
through stages resulting in increasing inability to perform          comfort, and possibly conversation.
daily activities, most often requiring increasing help and
                                                                     Don’t be discouraged or impatient when your loved one
care. A number of conditions can result in dementia. The
                                                                     (with or without dementia) asks the same questions
most common is Alzheimer’s disease.
                                                                     repeatedly, or tells the same story over and over. They’re
Many of us have friends and family members living with               reaching out to communicate with you and they appreciate
dementia. We know that communication becomes more                    the loving and patient responses you give.
difficult as a person with Alzheimer’s ages, but communi-
                                                                     Your presence is the most important thing you can give.
cation continues to be a vital link to our friends and family.
                                                                     Your loved one may not cognitively remember you, but your
Here are some suggestions you may find useful when                   presence makes them feel good. They will be happy to see
visiting a friend or relative. They have helped me in                you right now, in the moment. Though your loved one may
communicating with people with dementia.                             not remember that you visited, they enjoyed being with you
Communication isn’t just words. You’re making a human,               while you were there.
emotional connection and often that can be done nonver-
bally. Holding hands or sitting close by can be comforting.                 To leave a private, confidential message for
                                                                      Debby Jewett, Adath Jeshurun Congregational Nurse,
Use the past as a bridge to the present. Use your knowl-              call 952.215.3936 or send an e-mail to nurse@adath.net.
edge of your loved one’s past interests, work, hobbies, and
                                                                              The Congregational Nurse program is generously
family to draw them out. Pictures, especially of family or                         sponsored by Julie and Marc Kozberg.
homes and other familiar places can be a springboard to
                                                                                                            MARCH, 2011        7
                             C   H I L D R E N   ,   Y   O U T H    A N D      E   D U C A T I O N

     ORIELLE HEILICHER                               HANNAH MIRVISS                            ROBYN LIPSCHULTZ
      MARCH 5, 2011                                  MARCH 5, 2011                              MARCH 12, 2011

Orielle Heilicher, daughter of Matt and     Hannah Mirviss, daughter of Danna             Robyn Lipschultz, daughter of Sari and
Zehorit Heilicher, will be called to the    and Joel Mirviss, will be called to the       Brian Lipschultz, will be called to the
Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat           Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat             Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat
morning, March 5, 2011. She is the          morning, March 5, 2011. She is the            morning, March 12, 2011. She is the
sister of Ethan, Leeyah and Mickela and     sister of Sophie, Rachel and Michelle         sister of Lane and the granddaughter of
the granddaughter of Shalom and Orah        and the granddaughter of Phyllis and          Martin and JoAnn Jacobson, William
Ashbel and Phyllis and Daniel (z‖l)         Daniel (z‖l) Heilicher, Gail Mirviss          Lipschultz and Sybil Lipschultz of
Heilicher. Orielle’s favorite subjects at   Berman and Israel Mirviss. Hannah’s           blessed memory. Robyn’s favorite
Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day            favorite subjects at Breck School are         subjects at The Blake School are Math
School are Language Arts, Science and       Math and English. She also enjoys             and Chinese. She enjoys reading and
Hebrew. She also plays volleyball.          spending time with her friends.               spending time outside playing soccer,
Orielle is helping to support the Freedom   Hannah is helping to support Camp             lacrosse and snowboarding. Robyn is
Writers’ Foundation. Her Bat Mitzvah        Ramah Scholarships. Her Bat Mitzvah           planning on doing community service as
training has taught her that ―if you        training has taught her that ―if you try      her social justice project. Through her
practice something a lot you get better     hard you can always achieve your              Bat Mitzvah training, Robyn has ―learned
and it is easier to perform.‖               goal.‖                                        what becoming a Bat Mitzvah means.‖

      MAYA SILVERMAN                                  SARA FELDMAN                              MATTHEW MOLNAR
      MARCH 19, 2011                                 MARCH 26, 2011                              APRIL 2, 2011

Maya Silverman, daughter of Anne and        Sara Feldman, daughter of Marlene             Matthew Molnar, son of Andrew and
Joel Silverman, will be called to the       Feldman, will be called to the Torah as       Jennifer Molnar, will be called to the
Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat           a Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat morning,             Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Shabbat
morning, March 19, 2011. She is the         March 26, 2011. She is the grand-             morning, April 2, 2011. He is the brother
sister of Ethan and the granddaughter of    daughter of Gerte and Joseph                  of Robbin and Ruby and the grandson of
Naomi and Warren Maul, Norman and           Feldman, of blessed memory. Sara’s            Agi Molnar and Joseph and Leslie Wolf.
Jan Segal, and Shelly and Jerry             favorite subject at Heilicher Minneapolis     Matthew is in the seventh grade at
Silverman. Maya’s favorite subjects at      Jewish Day School is Social Studies.          Hopkins North Junior High School. He
Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day            She also plays the piano. Sara has            enjoys playing sports. Bar Mitzvah
School are Math and Social Studies.         volunteered at Feed My Starving               training has taught Matthew ―not to wait
She also enjoys gymnastics. Maya is         Children as her social justice project.       until the last minute‖.
helping to support the Greater              Her Bat Mitzvah training has taught her
Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. Her Bat         that ―even though learning is hard work,
Mitzvah training has taught her that        it pays off in the end.‖
―hard work pays off in the end.‖

                                                                  The mission of Adath Jeshurun Congregation,
                        Bold Statements                            a member of the Conservative Movement, is
                      To Guide Our Future                           to be a progressive, egalitarian and sacred
                                                                   community dedicated to Torah (learning and
                                                                  tradition), Avodah (prayer and spirituality) and
                        August 2010 – Av 5770                       Gemilut Hasadim (acts of loving kindness).

Welcoming Place (Hachnasat Orchim): We are a warm, welcoming congregation that promotes inclusion and
participation while valuing diversity. We embrace welcoming as an important Jewish value and a responsibility
shared by all as we support each other throughout all stages of life, and in times of joy and times of need.

Connectedness (K’sharim): Judaism is grounded in community. We will connect with one another through a
rich variety of opportunities that foster smaller communities, engaged in our congregation, reflecting the commit-
ment to our mission and values.

Education (Chinuch): Education is the foundation for a committed Jewish life. We will provide a lifelong contin-
uum of quality Jewish learning opportunities to congregants of all ages, abilities and means through a combina-
tion of our own resources and that of our community partners.

Teen Involvement (Noar): We value our teens and seek to engage them in congregational life. We will foster a
sense of belonging and spiritual fulfillment among our teens and remove barriers to full participation in everyday
Jewish life. We will provide leadership and financial support, creative programming, and will welcome teen input
into congregational committees.

Israel (Yisrael): Our commitment to the Land, the People and the State of Israel is steadfast. We will provide
and promote opportunities for congregants to experience, visit, and learn more about Israel and will maintain a
strong connection with the Masorti Movement and Magen Avraham, our sister congregation in Omer. We will
strongly advocate for pluralism and tolerance in Israel and will model this by being respectful of differing points of

Shabbat (Shabbat Kodesh): We inspire our members to experience the beauty and holiness of Shabbat, re-
specting tradition and offering an innovative array of Shabbat experiences. We recognize that Shabbat is cele-
brated in the synagogue, the home and other places.

Conservative Judaism (Tenuah): We model what it means to be a leading Conservative Jewish congregation,
fully engaged with our national organizations as they reshape our movement.

Financial Commitment (Kemach): We will take a leadership role in developing resources that reduce financial
barriers to participation in congregational activities and in the broader Jewish community.

Technology (Technologia): We are committed to utilizing and expanding current and new technologies in order
to extend our presence beyond the physical building.

Mentoring (Hadracha): As congregants journey through a life dedicated to Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut
Hasadim, we will provide mentors to welcome newcomers and increase the congregation’s overall knowledge,
skills and comfort level with their own Jewish journey.

Intentional Jews (Kavanah): We are a congregation that fosters intentional Jewish living. We will help
members grow to become active Conservative Jews living in a vibrant, spiritual, caring and ethical community.

                                                                                                   MARCH, 2011       9
                                 A   D A T H     J   E S H U R U N      F   O U N D A T I O N

Honor a Teacher Who                            Over the years, Adath has been          For more information on how you can
Inspired You                                   blessed to welcome renowned             help secure Adath’s well-being for this
                                               scholars into our home and our          and future generations, contact
In his recent State of the Union               minds. You may recall when Noam         Jennifer Herman Spiller by phone
address, President Obama                       Zion challenged us to re-think how      at 952.215.3916 or by e-mail at
encouraged all of us to become                 we celebrate Pesach. Rabbi Elliott      jspiller@adath.net or you can find us
teachers. His message is not new. We           Dorff and Rabbi Steven Greenberg        on the web at
find it in the Talmud as well: ―Whoever        helped spearhead our keruv/             www.adathfoundation.org.
teaches his son teaches not only his           outreach efforts to reach out to gay
son but also his son's son—and so on           and lesbian Jews and others who
to the end of generations‖. We as              may feel marginalized or without a
Jews have always been committed to             place in our community. Rabbi Amy
education and lifelong learning, as well       Eilberg helped bring the topic of
as to teaching our children the ways of        spirituality and healing to the fore-
the world.                                     front—now a priority of our Yad Sima
As we aspire to implement the goals            Tova Program. These scholarly visits
and vision for the future of our congre-       were made possible by the generos-
gation, education, or chinuch, plays a         ity of several Foundation funds that
fundamental role as the foundation for         support adult learning opportunities.
a committed Jewish life. We hope to            As we look ahead we ask you to
provide a lifelong continuum of high-          consider honoring a teacher who
quality Jewish learning opportunities          inspired you, by sponsoring a pro-
to congregants of all ages, abilities          gram that will educationally touch
and means, through a combination of            the lives of others, of any age, in     Thanks to the Gail and Harvey Goldstein Gan
our own member resources and that                                                       Book Fund, our youngest congregants have
                                               our congregation.                              classroom collections to enjoy.
of our community partners.

                        C   O M M U N I T Y       N   E W S                                       P   A S S I N G S

One Couple, Two Faiths Workshop                opportunity to obtain the items they    WE NOTE WITH SORROW THE PASSING OF...
                                               need to celebrate Passover. Last
A JFCS workshop helps couples sort                                                                 FRANKLYN FOGELSON
                                               year JFCS served over 200 families.
through issues and challenges that                                                              father of Joshua Fogelson
                                               To ―adopt a family‖ please send an
can arise in interfaith relationships. It
                                               $18 donation to Passover Hag                      CAROLYN LAPP JOHNSON
will take place on four Tuesdays,
                                               Sameach, JFCS of Minneapolis,                      sister of William Lapp
March 22 and 29, April 5 and 12, at
                                               13100 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 400,
6:30-8:30 PM at the JFCS office in Min-
                                               Minnetonka, MN 55305.                                  BURTON SAVITT
netonka. For details and to RSVP:
                                                                                                   father of Doug Savitt
Barbara Rudnick, 952.542.4825 or               HMJDS Benefit at TCF Stadium                      father of Connie Sandler
                                               Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day
Jewish Women at the Capital                    School is holding its annual benefit                 E. CARL SCHNEIDER
                                               at TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday,                    father of Heidi Schneider
National Council of Jewish Women
                                               March 27. For details and to RSVP:                   ANNA SPECKTOR
and Upper Midwest Region of Hadas-
                                               952.381.3569 or www.hmjds.org.                   mother of Stacy Finkelstein
sah sponsor Jewish Women’s Morning
at the Capitol, a morning of education,        Shalom Hanoch in Concert                              JERRY STRAUSS
empowerment and political exchange,
                                               Singer Shalom Hanoch, one of                      brother of Pearl Berdass
on Tuesday, March 15, 8:45 AM-12:30
                                               Israel’s biggest rock icons, will
PM. The event is free and open to all                                                                BESS SWARTZ
                                               perform at the Cedar Cultural Center
Jewish women. Contact Renee Popkin                                                              mother of Stephen Swartz
                                               on March 10 at 7:30 PM, sponsored
at 612.240.5752, rbpopkin@aol.com.
                                               by the Minneapolis Jewish Federa-                   JOYCE WARSHAWSKY
Adopt a Family for Passover                    tion’s Israel Center, the Consulate              wife of Robert Warshawsky
                                               General of Israel to the Midwest, and
Jewish Family and Children's Service
                                               others. For more information: Eilat                NATHAN ZWEIGBAUM
is offering its Hag Sameach (Happy
                                               Harel, 952.417.2321,                          husband of Minnie Zweigbaum
Holiday) Adopt a Family for Passover
                                               eharel@mplsfed.org. For tickets:                father of Larry Zweigbaum
program. Individuals and families
                                               www.thecedar.org.                                 father of Connie Frank
receive a gift bag of ritual Passover
foods. Often this is a family's only                                                      …OUR CONDOLENCES TO THEIR FAMILIES
 10    CLARION
                C   O N T R I B U T I O N S                    Make secure online donations at www.adathjeshurun.org
Funds noted with an *          Ida Gingold                     Louis Nilva                     Louis Switch                   Memory of Sybil Lipschultz
are permanent funds               Elaine Gingold                  Nilva Family                     Evelyn Friedman            Hana Gruenberg & Aaron
of the Adath Jeshurun          Rose Godes                      Ann Orloff                      Frank Taran                    Brusso
Foundation.                       Jules & Gay Rosenthal           Margaret Wolfson                 Barry & Susan Taran
                               Joseph Goldberg                 Idellie Osman                   Marion T. Toberman             Memory of Sue Roether’s
                               Sarah Goldberg                     Peni, Steve, Marc, Hanna &       Nilva Family               grandmother
YAHRZEIT DONATIONS                                                                                                            Hana Gruenberg & Aaron
Memory of                         Melissa & Sheldon               Brent Gensler                Irving Trestman
                                  Silberman                    Anna Ostrowsky                      Jerry Trestman             Brusso
Frances Abramowitz             Geneveve R. Goodman             Joseph Ostrowsky                Shari Tzafrir
                                                                                                                              Honor of Daniel Grayson’s Bar
    Myron Broms                   Richard & Joseph                Alex Ostrowsky                   Iris Tzafrir & Jonathan
Henry Ausenberg                   Rubenstein                   Naum Paller                         Shaver                     Hana Gruenberg & Aaron
    Gloria & Peter Cooper      Melvin Gould                       Ilya Paller                  Gary Velick                    Brusso
Albert Bernstein                  Judy Halper                  Maurice Pilch                       Sally Velick
    Joseph Rubenstein          Rose Green                         Shirley Pilch Friedman       Will Viitala                   Honor of Gabe Herstig’s Bar
David Biber                       Faye B. Stillman             Florence Richter                    Sarah Badower              Mitzvah
    Richard & Joseph           Fannie Greenfield                  Beverly Seltz                Jack Volk                      Hana Gruenberg & Aaron
    Rubenstein                 Hyman Greenfield                Nate Roberts                        Rhoda Liebo                Brusso
Harry Bisnow                      Ida Greenfield                  Drs. Max & Gerald Roberts    Nathan Weinstein
    Betty & Herman Snyder      Norman Harris                   Cecil Robitz                        Sophia Levin               CANTOR’S
Zita Blum                         Marcy Harris                    Gerald Robitz                George Werner                  DISCRETIONARY FUND
    Edith & Bob Schept            Ruth Harris                  Arnold Roseman                      Lillian Werner             Appreciation of Cantor
Shirley Bromer                 Beatrice Hechter                   Beatrice Davis               Gordon Winger                  Buckner for helping us prepare
    Michael & Carol Bromer        Harriet Davis                Morris Rosenberg                    Jody Winger                for Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah
Tillie Bugenstein              Jeanne Held                        Annie Tuvman                 Martin Wolfish                 Becky, Jeff & Sophie Gray
    Rose Metchnek                 Marion Friedman              Balle H Rosenthal                   Barry & Randi Wolfish
Jacob Burke                    Beatrice Holzman                Gittle Rosenthal                Emma Wolfson                   ELLA & ALEXANDER
    Ellen Sue Parker              Riva Goldstein                  Richard & Joseph                 Gail Goldstein             CHESTER FUND*
Gene Chalfen                   Samuel J. Jacobs                   Rubenstein                   Helen Zamkoff                  Memory of Joyce Warshawsky
    Vivian & Bob Ezrilov          Renee Ribnick                Saul Roth                           Judy Fine                  Perci Chester & Mitchell Bender
    Teri Zoss                  Eva Kagin                          Lydia Roth-Laube             Hymen B. Ziev                  Marty Chester & Haley Schaffer
Ella Chester                      Al Kagin                     Burrell Rubenstein                  Frances Herman
    Sheldon Chester            Annette (Netty) Kaner              Richard & Joseph             Rose Zimmerman                 CHEVRA FUND
Annette G. Cohen                  Bob Kaner                       Rubenstein                       Charles Zimmerman          Memory of Bernice Fischbein
    Melissa & Sheldon             Bruce Walonick               Minnie Rubenstein                                              Carol & Rick Berg
    Silberman                  Henry Kaner                        Roz & Fred Kaplan            BURTON & M ARTY                Martin & Bonnie Bush
Lorraine Cohen                    Bob Kaner                    Julius Rudnitsky                ABRAMSON FUND*
    Dr. Earl & Shirley Hill       Delores & Mel Sigel             Rudnitsky Family             Memory of Peter Burke          CONGREGATIONAL
Abraham Cooper                 Ruth Kanter                     Stephanie Sacks                 Carolyn Abramson               NURSE PROGRAM FUND
    Peter & Gloria Cooper         Hillary Feder                   Alexei Sacks & Wendy                                        Memory of Bernice Fischbein
Sarah Deutschman               Kurt Kaufmann                      Kivens                       Memory of Dr. Beni Katz        Barbara Rubin Greenberg &
    Ida Greenfield                Farley Kaufmann              Jason Saltzman                  Carolyn Abramson               Barry Greenberg
Ethel Esposito                 Frederick King-Smith               Shirley Richter
    Mildred Price                 Roxie & Eric King-Smith      Jerry Schwartz                  Memory of Sid Levinsohn        GAN SHELANU FUND
Mattie Feinstein               Lawrence Lampert                   Jeannie & Howard Schwartz    Carolyn Abramson               Estelle & Joe Kane
    Natalie Dworsky               Lorene Lampert               A. Ray Segal
Herbert Fineberg               Sally Langer                       Faye Segal & Family          Memory of Adolph Olson         In honor of Winnie Brand’s Bat
    Sharon & Bill Garber          Marlene Rutman               Nathan Serrell                  Carolyn Abramson               Mitzvah
    Joan Latchaw               Harry Latts                        Donna Robbins                                               Michele, Seth, Ilana, Ethan &
Maurice Finkelstein               Aimee, Noah, Allie & Chloe      Judy Serrell                 ADULT LEARNING                 Abby Meisler
    Erv Lichten                   Feldman                      William Seltz                   Memory of E. Carl Schneider
Dina Fischbein                    Mitzi & Terry Kane              Lewis Seltz                  Bill & Linda Lapp              GENERAL FUND
    Irving Fischbein           Jean Lazover                       Ruth Seltz                                                  Memory of Stanley Barenbaum
Marian Fischer                    Harriet Davis                Sheyla Sharpe                   ADULT LEARNING                 Rita Greenberg
    Mark & Lucy Rose Fischer   Philip Levy                        Robin, Bryan, Barry & Erin   SPECIAL PROJECTS
Sylvia Fischman                   Jeffrey A. Levy                 Landy                        FUND                           Memory of Franklyn Fogelson
    Ken Fischman               Jack Lifshitz                   Hans Shaw                       Memory of E. Carl Schneider    Leslie & Bernie Goldblatt
Rosabel Freed                     Lillian Weitz                   Bette & Gerrit Lamain        Marty Chester & Haley Schaffer Joseph Rubenstein
    Lois Kozberg               Jacob Locketz                   Louis H. Sher                   Randi & Barry Wolfish
                                  Miles & Sandra Locketz          Ruth Seltz                                                  Memory of Carolyn Lapp
Trudy Fromm                                                                                                                   Johnson
    Hilde Gasiorowicz          William Lumel                   Bessie B. Sigel                 FRED & M ARGO
                                  Joy Sandler                     Melvin Sigel                                                Betty & Jerry Greenstein
Addie Gendler                                                                                  BERDASS
    Nancy Gendler              Sarah Mandel                    William B. Smith                SCHOLARSHIP FUND*              Memory of Avrom Robinow
Szulim Gesundheit                 Ruth Hollischer                 Lorraine Applebaum           Memory of Margie Grossman      Diane & Ivan Arenson
    Sim Gesundheit             Jack Margolis                   Ruth Stillman                   Margo Berdass
Goldie Gilbert                    Phyllis Appelbaum               Ralph & Faye Stillman                                       Memory of Burton Savitt
    Bev & Bill Fishman         Bella Dworsky Moore             Gregory Streitman               BRUSSO GRUENBERG               Bernie & Leslie Goldblatt
    Tema & Marty Rosenbaum        Peretz Dworsky                  Allen & Sharon Kaufmann      EDUCATION FUND
                                                                                                                               MARCH, 2011                 11
                C   O N T R I B U T I O N S                    Make secure online donations at www.adathjeshurun.org
Rita Greenberg                  Rose & Jules Levin            MEL & BEATSY                    SHERMAN FAMILY                     Memory of Adolph Olson
Joseph Rubenstein               Sara Meirovitz                ORENSTEIN TEACHERS’             TZEDAKAH FUND                      Liba & Tommy Stillman
                                Steven & Judith Schumeister   EDUCATION FUND*                 Appreciation of Jim Sherman for
Memory of Carl Schneider        Beverly Stillman              Memory of Avrom Robinow         helping us prepare for Sophie’s Memory of Nancy Stesin
Leslie & Bernie Goldblatt                                     Mel & Beatsy Orenstein          Bat Mitzvah                     Liba & Tommy Stillman
                                Memory of Adolph M. Olson                                     Becky, Jeff & Sophie Gray
Memory of Ann Specktor          Paula & Norman Fox                                                                            Memory of Joyce Warshawsky
Leslie & Bernie Goldblatt                                     CATALINA POLIANSKY                                              Liba & Tommy Stillman
                                                              FUND                            KAREN SIEGEL-JACOBS
                                Memory of Avrom Robinow
                                Barbara Rubin Greenberg &     Memory of Dory Einisman’s       FUND (KEREN OR)*                   Honor of Marty Stillman’s
Memory of Lois Shaw
                                Barry Greenberg               sister                          Blanche Singer                     birthday
Diane & Ivan Arenson
                                                              Byron & Shirley Frank                                              Charlotte & Richard Berman
                                Memory of Bess Swartz                                         Refuah Shlemah to Barbara          Lee & Phyllis Sudit
Memory of Nancy Stesin                                                                        Rubin-Greenberg
Leslie & Bernie Goldblatt       Roxie & Eric King-Smith       RABBIS’
                                                              DISCRETIONARY FUND              Susan & Tom Kafka                  Honor of Ralph Stillman’s
Memory of Joyce Warshawsky Memory of Ella Weiss               Honor of Gabe Kravitz’                                             special birthday
                           Debbye Nathanson                   engagement                      FRANCES & M ARTIN                  Susie & Rich Yablonsky
Diane & Ivan Arenson
Joseph Rubenstein                                             Charlotte & Irv Nudell          STESTIN FUND
                           Honor of Carol Bromer                                                Memory of Irving Posnick         Refuah Shlemah to Rick
Honor of Zach Shear’s Bar  Barbara Rubin Greenberg &          Appreciation of Rabbi Kravitz for Memory of Nan Posnick            Goldberg
Mitzvah                    Barry Greenberg                    helping us prepare for Sophie’s Mark & Heather Stesin              Lee & Phyllis Sudit
Asher Weisberg & Family                                       Bat Mitzvah
                                GEORGETTE & IRVING            Becky, Jeff & Sophie Gray         Memory of Nancy Stesin           Refuah Shlemah to Dr. Michael
                                HUSNEY FUND                                                     Karyn Goldstein                  Rosenberg
                             Honor of Sophie Gray’s Bat       Appreciation of Rabbi Sadoff for Terry & Rick Kleinbaum            Phyllis Appelbaum
GILBERT FUND                                                  helping us prepare for Sophie’s
Honor of the engagement of   Mitzvah
                                                              Bat Mitzvah                       HOWIE STILLMAN YOUNG             MURIEL SWERDLICK
Rena Fishman & Aaron Fendler Bev & Todd Heilicher & Family
Bev & Bill Fishman
                                                              Becky, Jeff & Sophie Gray         LEADERSHIP FUND                  FUND
                                BEN & REVA KIBORT                                               Carl & Carol Belber              Memory of Muriel Swerdlick
                                                              HAROLD & ELAINE                   Ben Berkal                       Sherri & Larry Feuer
Honor of the engagement of      SCHOLARSHIP FUND*
                                                              RUBIN GAN SHELANU                 Sadie L. Blicher
Jamie Molever & Eric Green-     Memory of Jerry Strauss
                                                              FUND*                             Sheldon & Lili Chester           TAMID FUND
span                            Betty & Peter Jonas
                                                              Honor of Mark Bonk’s special      Dennis & Nancy Ditlove           Memory of Lonia Kuperman
Bev & Bill Fishman
                                                              birthday                          Mark Ettinger                    Marlene & Sandy Goldberg
                                ALLAN LABOFSKY FUND                                             Mari Forbush
IRVING & FRANCES                Memory of Terry Gendler       Elaine & Harold Rubin
                                                                                                David I. Friedman                USY LEADERSHIP
HERMAN EDUCATION                Cissy & Arnie Labofsky                                          Lili Garfinkel
FUND*                                                         Honor of Howard Goldman’s                                          DEVELOPMENT FUND
                                                              special birthday                  Dr. & Mrs. David Goodman
Memory of Bernice Fischbein     LIBRARY FUND                                                                                     Memory of Ann Specktor
                                                              Elaine & Harold Rubin             Jean Grossman
                                Nila Hilton                                                                                      Craig & Debbie Spencer
Frances Herman                                                                                  Phyllis Heilicher
                                Don Masler                                                      Valerie & Gary Herschman
Memory of Adolph Olson                                        Honor of Marshall Miller’s                                         YAD SIMA TOVA
                                                                                                Liz Susman Karp, Larry, Robert
Barbara Rubin Greenberg &       Memory of Harlan Stein        special birthday                                                   Memory of Janice Tesler
                                                                                                & Eli Karp
Barry Greenberg                 Ben & Reva Kibort             Elaine & Harold Rubin                                              Gary & Tobi Cooper
                                                                                                Sidney & Helen Katz
                                                                                                Rachel & Thomas Levy
Memory of Rochelle Sutin        MORNING MINYAN FUND           AVIS M ARGULIES SAVITT Sheldon & Rita Margolis                     YOUTH FUND
Barbara Rubin Greenberg &       Refuah Shlemah to Carole      GAN SHELANU FUND*                 Ellie & Jerry Mednick            Honor of Sam Wolfson’s special
Barry Greenberg                 Epstein                       Memory of Burton Savitt           Aaron & Judith Nathenson         birthday
                                Charlotte & Irv Nudell        Lilly & Hersh Berman              Char & Michael Plitman           Jan & Josh Arnold
Memory of Joyce Warshawsky                                    Sheldon & Lilly Chester           Amos Rosenbloom & Marsha
Frances Herman                                                Bill & Linda Lapp                 McDonald                         Refuah Shlemah to Cheryl Stein
                           ORBUCH FAMILY
                                                              Lynne Lee                         Phil & Tammie Rosenbloom         Charlotte & Irv Nudell
Honor of Frances Herman’s
                                TIKKUN OLAM FUND*             Charlotte & Irv Nudell            Zelmar Shrell
special birthday                Memory of Franklyn Fogelson   Melissa, Marc, Zach, Ari &        James S. Spitz                   YOUNG ADULT
Jean Efron                      Jill & David Orbuch           Alana Spellman                                                     OUTREACH FUND
Phil & Barb Herman                                            Jim & Sue Walder                  Memory of Shari Abzug’s mom      Honor of Steven Kane’s college
Marian Kiener                   Memory of Burton Savitt
                                                                                                Brian & Julie Weisberg           graduation
Chernie Levinson                Jill & David Orbuch
                                                              HELEN SANDLER CAMP                                                 Barry, Randi, Jonathan &
                                                              RAMAH FUND                      Memory of Carrie & Ricky           Robyn Wolfish
                                Memory of E. Carl Schneider
Appreciation of Barbara Rubin                                 Memory of Adolph M. Olson       Bloomfield’s mother
Greenberg                       Jill & David Orbuch
                                                              Sheldon & Roselind Rabinowitz   Shari & Paul Abzug & Family        JERRY & SHARON
Jennifer Spiller
                             Memory of Anna Specktor                                          Memory of Dr. Beni Katz
                                                                                                                                 ZWEIGBAUM FAMILY
                                                              PRENTICE & M ARION                                                 ART FUND*
Refuah Shlemah to Helen Wolk Jill & David Orbuch              SHAPIRO FAMILY                  The Bacigs
Frances Herman                                                                                Jon & Jane Gordon                  Memory of Bernice Fischbein
                             Memory of Jerry Strauss          MUSIC FUND*                     Liba & Tommy Stillman              Marlene & Sandy Goldberg
                             Jill & David Orbuch              Memory of Marion Shapiro on
HESED FUND                                                    her birthday
Memory of Bernice Fischbein                                                                   Memory of Sid Levinsohn
                                Memory of Joyce Warshawsky    Jason, Mary Ann, Maxwell &      Liba & Tommy Stillman
                                                                                                                                 Thank You
Michael & Virginia Cummings                                   Jackson Ackerman
Margaret & Stan Jaffy           Jill & David Orbuch

  12      CLARION
             CLARION                                                                                                        Prsrt Std
                                                                                                                          U.S. Postage
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             10500 HILLSIDE LANE W EST • MINNETONKA MN 55305                                                             Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                                                           Permit 4665
             DATED MATERIAL
             printed on recycled paper

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Rabbi Harold J. Kravitz ..….Senior Rabbi        Gisell Wien…….…….…....Rabbis’ Assistant       Michael Greenstein ................... President
     MAX NEWMAN FAMILY CHAIR IN RABBINICS                                gisellw@adath.net    Jeannie Gilfix……….…….VP Primary Ed
                   rabbikravitz@adath.net       Beth Mayerich……..Food Services Director       Chris Kellogg .........................VP Finance
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Elisabeth Wells…………..Youth Director                Berman Family Chair of Jewish Learning     Women’s League Pres.……Sheri Steinman
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Nina Samuels ... Adult Learning Director/       Harlan Brand………..Torah Reading Coord.         Adath Jeshurun Foundation President:
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Jennifer Herman Spiller .... Dev’t Director                            thegan@adath.net                                disegal@comcast.net
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                  jspiller@adath.net            Toby Koritzky……………B’yachad Director                                         heidid@adath.net
Debby Bearman Jewett..Congregational            Roberta Armel..………..………...…Librarian

                                                 The mission of the Adath Jeshurun Congregation, a member of the
                                                 Conservative Movement, is to be a progressive, egalitarian, and sacred
                                                 community, dedicated to Torah (learning and tradition), Avodah (prayer and
                                                 spirituality), and Gemilut Hasadim (acts of kindness).

                                                                                                                   MARCH, 2011              13

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