Application for Parade Permit

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					Permit #____________________

                                        Application for Parade Permit

Submit this application along with a route map and the $15.00 application fee to the Deputy Director of Public Safety - Police
(address below) a minimum of 45 days in advance of the parade date in order that agencies involved in the processing may
have time to review the application. If the parade route at any time crosses or includes a county highway, the application will
also need to be approved by the County Engineer, or for a state highway, the District 7 Highway Engineer.

Name of Applicant: __________________________________________________________________________
    Address of Applicant: _____________________________________________________________________
    Telephone (Day) ____________________________ (Evening) ___________________________________
    Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Sponsoring Organization: _____________________________________________________________________
    Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
    Telephone: ______________________________________________________________________________
Occasion for Parade: _________________________________________________________________________
    Date of Parade: _____________________________ Number of Units: _____________________________
    Time of Parade Start: ________________________ Estimated Finish Time: ________________________
Parade Composition: _________________________________________________________________________

As an authorized agent or representative of the parade sponsoring organization, I hereby make application for a permit to
parade in the city of Mankato, Minnesota. The parade, its route, composition, duration, and purpose, as described on this
application, is a true and accurate description, to the best of my knowledge.

_______________________________________________                            _________________
Applicant                                                                         Date

--------------------------------------------- - ----------------------------------------
I hereby recommend to the City Manager that a parade permit be granted subject to the provisions and conditions which may
be necessary for the safety of parade participants and the orderly and safe movement of the public traffic.

_______________________________________________                            ________________
Director/Deputy Director of Public Safety                                         Date

Pursuant to Chapter 6, Section 6.11, of the City Code of the city of Mankato, I hereby authorize a parade permit for the
applicant organization. This permit shall be valid only under the conditions recommended by the Director/Deputy Director of
Public Safety and only for the date and time indicated.

_______________________________________________                            ________________
City Manager                                                                      Date

(If required) I have reviewed the parade route and find it satisfactory.

_______________________________________________                            ________________
Blue Earth County Highway Engineer                                                Date

(If required) I have reviewed the parade route and find it satisfactory.

_______________________________________________                            ________________
District 7 Highway Engineer                                                       Date

                       Department of Public Safety City of Mankato 710 Front Street Mankato, MN 56001
                                             Phone: 507-387-8790 Fax: 507-387-9290

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