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                                                   VoIP & Cloud Security

VoIP In Top 3
                                     Don’t Let the Risk Overcome the Reward of
As a testament to the strong         VoIP Communications and Cloud Computing
value and tremendous flexibility

of VoIP Over IP, it was named

the third top technology of the                                                                 Dennis Blair, the former
last decade by the IEEE, right                                                                  Director of National
behind Smartphones and social                                                                   Intelligence listed “network
networking. Cloud computing will
                                                                                                convergence” and “channel
be the top technology this
                                                                                                consolidation” as “the” cyber
                                                                                                trends most damaging to US
Ver y Compelling                                                                                cyber defense posture in
Technolog y                                                                                     2010. What is the leading
The flexibility and massive
                                                                                                driver behind network
scalability of cloud computing are
                                                                                                convergence and channel
phenomenal advantages. The

tremendous monthly expense                                                                      consolidation? VoIP!
savings combined with a power-

packed new feature set that
                                     IP ’s VoIP & Cloud Security Program                 Here’s what you’ll learn:
supports mobility, expandability,

and uniform work environments        This cutting edge IT training program will          The new and less understood
make VoIP a very compelling          introduce you to the mechanics of VoIP              vulnerabilities, threats and risks that
technology.                          and Cloud Computing technology (you                 cloud computing and real-time media
                                     need to know how it works to defend it)             are bringing to our networks.
New Risk To M anage                  and quickly focus on the resulting security
                                                                                         How these new threats can’t be
Some of the risk is well             issues and risk that it brings to your
                                                                                         managed with traditional approaches to
understood today and can be
                                     organization. We will identify the basic
                                                                                         cyber defense.
successfully managed to an
                                     tenets of VoIP and Cloud security and
acceptable level. However, new                                                           The necessary evolution required to
                                     facilitate the understanding of controls that
risks that do not have ready-                                                            mitigate attacks and avoid high impact
                                     must be implemented to best manage risk,
made mitigations are not only at
                                                                                         incidents through new vulnerabilities and
                                     in order to protect your constituents.
our doorstep, but inside the
                                                                                         attack vectors.
enterprise. The enormous

benefits this new technology

force acceptance of unknown                                                          Internet Protocol
and un-quantified risks.                                                               Intellectual Property
                                                                                          Information Processing
                                                       VoIP Security Program
                                                    VoIP deployments -- Unified Communications (UC) – and Cloud
DAY 1                                               applications are entering enterprises at a rapid rate. Many industry
                                                    leaders are considering the advantages of data and telecommunications
AM – VoIP Architectures
                                                    convergence and cloud based computing, but have overlooked the
        and Protocols
                                                    security and vulnerability issues which come with their deployment.

PM – VoIP Security              Every segment of the market and technology professionals will find themselves in need of
        Essentials and Simple   a greater understanding of these technologies, and the tools to keep the network safe
                                from intruders.
        But Deadly Exploits

DAY 2                           Who’s The Expert?
AM – Vulnerabilities of Key     IP ’s Paul R. Sand, Senior Vice President, will facilitate this security event. Paul is an
                                experienced executive in high-tech industries with over 20 years of experience. His
        VoIP Components
                                expertise ranges from managing small start-ups to business within very large
                                corporations. He has worked at Bell Laboratories, AT&T Network Systems, Lucent
PM – Cloud Security             Technologies, the mVerify Corporation, and Salare Security. He has managed
                                organizational budgets in excess of $25M and held P&L responsibility for product lines
WHEN?                           in excess of $1B dollars. As an avid inventor, Paul is responsible for inventing and co-
                                inventing 42 inventions that have resulted in 21 US patents to date.
June 27 – 28, 2011
8:00 – 8:30 Registration        Paul is the Workgroup Chairman for VoIP Security Project of the Internet Security
8:30 – 4:30 Class               Alliance that has been sponsored by NIST and DHS. Paul is a contributor to second
                                revision of the Financial Impact of Cyber Risk published by the American National
                                Standards Institute's (ANSI) Homeland Security Standards Panel (HSPP). He is a
                                member of the ANSI Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel, a member
Dorsey Ewald Conference         of Underwriters Laboratories Security Council, a member of the Chicago Chapter of the
Center (DECC)                   FBI InfraGard (Infrastructure Protection), a member of the US Secret Service
1000 Westgatge Dr               Electronic Crimes Task Force, and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and
                                Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
St. Paul, MN 55114

WHO?                            Who Should Attend?                                 What You Get:
For information contact:        This course is designed for, but not limited to:   This course contains a customized
                                                                                   training program that will provide a
Paul Sand
                                      Data Security Professionals that need to     positive and successful educational
630-682-6036                          know about voice communications and          experience.
psand@ip3inc.com                      cloud security.
                                                                                       Two days of face-to-face instruction
                                      Voice Professionals that need to
HOW?                                  understand Data Security issues and how          Course Workbook
To register contact:
                                      they interact with VoIP.

CLICK HERE                                                                                              1320 N. Michigan Ave, Ste. 6
                                                                                                        Saginaw, MI 48602

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