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					 VOL. 2, NO. 41.              NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 1901.                ONE CENT.



           OW that the case of the Kangaroo Social Democrat Morris Eichmann, of
           Hoboken, N.J., can be said to be settled, in that the indictment brought by
           THE PEOPLE against the gentleman’s and his precious party’s political
corruption has been nailed so fast on their foreheads that even they have desisted
from the attempt to shake it off, it is time to nail another indictment on that scurvy
crew. This will be done in the same way, documentarily.
     It will be remembered that in the spring of the year THE PEOPLE charged the
said Kangaroo Social Democrat, Morris Eichmann, with having accepted the
nomination of the three capitalist parties—Republican, Democratic and “Citizens’
Union”—for the same office for which his own party had nominated him, to wit,
Justice of the Peace, and that he, a member of a party that claimed to represent the
interests of the workers and to stand upon the class struggle, exemplified the purity
of his political conduct by running simultaneously on the “anti-capitalist and Labor”
ticket of the Social Democracy and on the pro-capitalist tickets of the Labor fleecing
and shooting Republicans, Democrats and “Citizens.” It will be further remembered
that THE PEOPLE announced at the time that the official documents proving the
charge were at this office for inspection. The yells of “lies,” “liars,” “scab,” etc., etc.,
rose wild, as will be remembered, from the Kangaroo Social Democratic camp, and
sundry other doublings and twistings were indulged in, but the yells gradually
subsided and the doublings and twistings gradually fell into catalepsy: so many
were the people who availed themselves of the offer to inspect for themselves the
documents in this office and who must have given square pieces of their minds to
the Volkszeitung and its poodle, The Worker, that even these lumps of turpitude had
to cave in as they did. We shall now have history repeat itself.
     Before us lies “Public Document No. 43” of the State of Massachusetts. It is
entitled “Number of Assessed Polls, Registered Voters and Persons who voted in
each Voting Precinct at the State, City and Town Elections, Together with the

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Another Indictment                                                     Daily People, August 10, 1901

Number of Votes received by Each Candidate for a State Office in the year 1900.”
On page 226, under the caption, “Representatives in the General Court [that is, the
Massachusetts Legislature], Worcester County, Continued,” there appears this

          “Frederick W. Bateman of Harvard, Republican, 865.
          “John C. Smith of Fitchburg, Democratic Social, Democratic, 437.”

     The Kangaroo Social Democratic John C. Smith, for Worcester County, Mass.,
true to the Armory building and corrupt political practices of his party, stood on the
ballot as the nominee of both his own and the Labor fleecing and shooting
Democratic party.
     Now let the Kangaroo Social Democratic fugleman yell “lies,” “liar,” “scab,” and
start in, as in the case of Eichmann, to resort to their usual three-card monte game.
It is a fit prelude for the whipped whelp hole into which they regularly and fitly
land under the cowhide of the Socialist Labor Party and the Socialist Trade & Labor
     [N.B.—The official document above quoted from is in this office for inspection.]

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