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                                     News for the hip
                                      and the young                                                        Vol 3/ Iss 3/ Per. 4
                                                                                                              January 2011
                                                                  r Class
                                                Period 4 Newspape

Remember the Code Yellow!                                             Honk Jr. :The Musical
A Humor Column by Paul Cribbs and Tyler Marsters                            Announces Cast
                                                                  By Allison Landa, Kiana Pinder, and Coco Kurland
There I was on page 36 of The Enemy when the PA
system blurts “Code Yellow. Code Yellow.” Hm. My                     Coming up in March, we‟re having a school musical!
                                                           Our very own Drama 3, Panther Singers, and Ovations—those
first thought? It’s almost time for the bell...oh, man,
                                                           fantastic performing groups that prove we ARE an Arts School—
now I have to stay in school a half-hour longer for a      will be shining on the stage once again.
lock-down drill. What timing.
                                                                    Auditions have been held and parts already cast. Play-
But hey, I thought next. That’s not bad. Our work is       ing the lead as „Ugly‟ will be Jacob Budreau. As the lead swan
done. We can chill.                                        „Penny‟ will star our very own Zoey Massie. These “birds” will be
                                                           rehearsing diligently until the musical hits in March.
Suddenly the half-hour hints that it’s trying to become
                                                                    The show‟s story line is based on the children‟s story,
an entire hour, and things turn more serious. This isn’t   „The Ugly Duckling‟. You might remember that this is the story
a drill!                                                   of a swan that hatched into a nest of ducks. Honk as we‟ll call
                                                           him is NOT a cute fluffy duckling at all, but a pretty dreadful
Out of nowhere booms, “OMG I’m gonna die!” The             sight. Honk gets made fun of and harassed by the ducklings
girl next to me had seen a dark destiny and yelled out.    because they think he‟s ugly. Luckily, Honk finds a friend named
                                                           Penny who helps him through the harassment. (Sounds like a
“Quick!” I reacted. “Would someone calm the blonde         good play for middle school, huh?!)
down! Please!” My idea there? It had zero effect.
                                                                    Other cast members are: Jacob Budreau, Callie Atkin-
The TV blared to life.”Students, please remain calm.       son, Kevin Mitchell, Rachel Miley, Stephanie Rogerio-Pereria,
                                                           Spencer Barny, Alexander Neal, Jessica cooper, Amanda Duffy,
There has been a robbery at a bank close to the
                                                           Respect Leaphart, Kylie Stobb, Matt Bishop, Ti‟zhanna Carter,
school. Your dismissal will be delayed. Please leave       Mary Liz Ramos, Paige Stites, Jade Lusk, Kiana Pinder, Tommy
your doors locked and continue your day calmly.”           Short, Alex Linder, Analiese Thomas, Shannon Boyle, Zoey
                                                           Massie, and Lindsay Holzhauer.
With that, three kids immediately start fidgeting. I
have my next brainstorm. “OK,” I announce in my
                                                           But no. The next day I hear a scenario I liked. During the
most leaderish way, “Someone has to know a good
                                                           Code Yellow, one kid said he’d been in the bathroom. As he
joke. Anyone?” That suggestion is followed by an em-
                                                           tried to get back to class, he found himself locked out. Un-
barrassing silence, so I decide I’m done saving the day.
                                                           usual time for it, but he’d decided he was hungry and wan-
My teacher gets a call. ”Ok, everything’s fine. You can    dered to the café. He bought a snack, then got a lunch de-
all go now,” she says. Yeah, thanks. Drama over I          tention. I don’t know. I just love the irony of the moment.
                                                           Code Yellow was an interesting moment for all.
                                                                            TRON LEGACY

                                                    Tron Legacy is the new top Disney movie of this year. This second
                                         movie in the Tron series came out December 17, 2010. Tron has made 25 mil-
                                         lion dollars so far in theaters. Fans all around America were so excited when
                                         this movie came out. This movie is about the son of Kevin Flynn, named Sam
                                         Flynn. He goes into Tron’s world looking for his father.
                                                  “Tron Legacy should be the top movie forever,” said Natasha Lehtola,
                                         7th grader.
                                                  “ This movie is amazing and I could see it a million times,” said Mel-
                                         lissa Menard, 7th grader.
                                                   Fans are loving this movie. Go to the closest movie theater and see
                                         Tron Legacy.

                          Kids With Jobs                          The Lost Hero: a book review
                        By: Josh Ellis and Travis Ward
                                                                    The Lost Hero is the first book in the newest Olympian
                                                                  series by Rick Riordan.
job (job) n. a way to make money after physical or men-             A big fan of Riordan’s books, I’m afraid that The Lost
tal labor; as in “I am rich because I have a job”.                Hero UNblew me away. Honestly, I feel like it’s written for
                                                                  a Pre-K class of 4-year-olds. Ok, maybe a gifted Pre-K class,
         Money is one essential way to provide families with      but still. To me, this book just didn’t deliver quite like the
the things they need. Parents have to have jobs to pay their      original Olympian series did.
bills, but kids often have jobs too. They pile up their money       The original series—that starts with the fantastic Lightning
                                                                  Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians—was written in
from their own jobs to buy things parents don’t already pro-
                                                                  first person point of view so it was easy for a reader to get
vide for them.                                                    sucked into the book. However, the new series is written in
                                                                  third person. And it leaves me a distant spectator.
          With this extra money, kids might buy things out of
                                                                    Granted, Lost Hero has a good plot and beginning. The
self-interest such as candy or games. They also buy clothes,      ending wasn’t that amazing. The climax did keep me read-
video games, or gifts for friends and for parents. Some teens     ing. But in contrast, the original series kept me on my toes
save for college or even for a future car. Others keep half       and turning pages.
and spend half.                                                     The new series switches from the view of each character:
                                                                  Jason, son of Zeus, the main hero; Piper, daughter of Aphro-
        “Even though jobs are an extra responsibility for chil-   dite, who isn’t much like her mother surprisingly; and Leo,
dren besides school, the rewards pay off,” Lindsay Holzhauer      who is the son of Hephaestus, god of the forge.
said. Obviously, Lindsay works.                                     These “heroes” go on a quest to help get back Jason’s
                                                                  memory and to hopefully find Percy Jackson, the first hero
        Jobs are way for kids to learn how to budget money        from the original series who has mysteriously disappeared.
and learn skills for later experiences. Jobs can be found         Their quest’s purpose is actually to free the goddess Hera
                                                                  from the clutches of a new enemy.
around town if you are 14 or older. Just look around for the
                                                                    Indeed, the heroes brave the north wind and his children.
help wanted sign and fill out the appropriate application.        They fight many other enemies that I shall not mention.
                                                                  However, I would only recommend this to people who
                                                                  adored the original series enough to bear some disappoint-

                                                                   By Gelin Theodore
       FFEA Update               by Merna Bottros               Secretaries, and Carly Seidle and Gliberto Jean
                                                                as Recorders/Historians.
        Are you involved yet?
                                                                       FFEA has been at Cypress Lake for seven
       FFEA stands Florida Future Educators of                  years. You can join at anytime, but your GPA has
America. The Cypress Lake Middle School chap-                   to be 2.5 and you must attend a certain number
ter has 30 members.                                             of meetings and events to be allowed to go on the
                                                                Shadow-a-Teacher Field Trip.
      The officers of FFEA this year are Hereuse
Merilus and Anna Erickson as President, Jordan         FFEA will be creating a newsletter, helping
Frisbee and Alliyah Walters as Vice Presidents,  to raise funds for the March of Dimes, and par-
Rachel Boudreau, Megan                                             ticipating in Relay for Life. This
Holzhauer, Janel Rinehart as                                       club is for YOU.

     Little Brothers Rule the World                                           Just in time for Feb. 14...
                            By Ericka Loar                                           Lines that win/lose!
      If you ever had a   it’s become…                  “NO!”                 Good things to say:
little brother then you        “Please play cars        “Ice-cream?”          Can I take a picture of you so I can show
know what I’m talking     with your brother .“          “NO!”                      Santa what I want for Christmas?
about with their con-          “Mom, please!            “Cake?”               Life without you would be like a broken
stant yakking and cry-    Like I want to play           “NO!”                      pencil….pointless.
ing.                      cars? I’m a 15-year-old       “Brownie?”            You can fall off a building, you can fall out
      One day I was       girl, not a little boy!”      (HOW could any             of a tree, but the best way to fall is in
minding my own busi-                               kid turn down a                 love with me.
ness when all of a sud-                            brownie?)                  Bad things to say:
den my little brother                                   “NO!”
comes out of no-                                        “Chocolate?”          Guy: There’s something wrong with my
where.                                                  “NO!”                      phone.
      “Sis, come play           The way I see it,       “Your toys out the    Girl: What?
cars with me please!”     the littler you are the window?”                    Guy: Your number isn’t in it.
      “NO. I don’t want   more you get away             “Aaaagh! I’ll go
to play cars any more.    with real criminal ac- clean my room! I             Hello, I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your
Cars are dumb and         tivity, like accepting   promise! Don’t throw           heart.
stupid when you’re in     bribes. This is one re- my toys out the win-
                                                                              I have a thirst and you look like Gatorade.
eighth grade.”            cent conversation at dow!”
      “Waaaaaaaaa!        my house.                      Parenting a little   Warning: Try these at your own risk! The
Please p-play c-cars            “Sweetie, please kid seems so pointless          writers of this article are not respon-
with me! I’m b-           pick up your toys.”      to me. Why teach a            sible for any broken hearts or for any
bored!” he insists.             “NO!” says my      kid that if you cry you       public humiliations.
      “NO.”               little brother.          get what you want?
      “Waaaaaaaaa!               “If you pick up   It’s so wrong.                         Lindsay Holzhauer,
Mommy! Sis won’t          your toys, I’ll give you      Hmm. Surely that             Kayla Cusumano,.Carlos Rubi
play cars with me!”       a treat...You could      never worked on me.
      That worked. Now    have a cookie...”
Math versus reading...What do you prefer?
By Emily Howard                                                  by listening to it on the radio.
                                                                 6._____ Feel the best way to remember is to picture it in your
What would you rather spend the night doing: math or reading? head.
                                                                 7._____ Grip objects in your hands during learning periods.
The truth is no one can answer that except you! Your favorite is
                                                                 8._____ Obtain information on an interesting subject by read-
usually the one that comes easier to you. Some scientists say
                                                                 ing related materials.
your favorite depends on what side of your brain you use more!
                                                                 9._____ Bear down extremely hard when writing.
But I think that my fave depends on my teachers. For example,
                                                                 10._____ Remember best by writing things down several
if a teacher yells all the time, her class probably won’t be my
favorite subject. Compare her to a teacher that lets students
play games and talk.
                                                                    Section II Math
However, if I have two teachers who are both pretty nice, the
subject that was always your favorite subject can suddenly          I feel that I...
change. In reading there is no book that is exactly the same! But
                                                                   1._____ Can remember more about a subject throughout lis-
in math, the numbers swimming on the page are just a little too
                                                                   tening than reading.
unchanging for some people. Of course sometimes that is what
                                                                   2._____ Require explanations of graphs, diagrams, or visual
makes Math the easier subject: the answer is either right or
wrong. No gray.
                                                                   3._____ Can tell if sounds match when presented with pairs of
If you can remember something that you read in a class one         sounds.
year ago, you must have enjoyed learning it.                       4._____ Do better at academic subjects by listening to tapes
                                                                   and lectures.
It also depends sometimes on HOW you learn the subject. Some 5._____ Learn to spell better by repeating the letters out loud
people like to SEE things to learn it; other people prefer to HEAR than by writing the word on paper.
things to learn.                                                   6.____ Prefer listening to the news on the radio than reading
                                                                   about it in the newspaper.
If you can’t decide what your best style of learning is, just take 7._____ Follow oral directions better than written ones.
this test . It was developed by Jeffrey Barsch, formerly of Ven-   8._____ Enjoy working with tools or working on models.
tura Community College, Ventura, California. (Public Domain by 9._____ Play with things in pockets.
permission of author.)                                             10._____ Feel very comfortable hugging, handshaking, etc.
For each statement below, give yourself points according to
the following scale:
5 = Often true                                                     Scoring: Add up your score for each section above.
3 = Sometimes true (about half the time)                           The highest total indicates you’re preferred method
1 = Seldom or almost never true                                    of learning, while the lowest score indicates your
                                                                    least preferred.
Section I Reading
                                                                    Section I Visual Learning Style
I feel that I...                                                    _____ Total number of points
1. _____ Follow written directions better than oral directions.
2._____ Like to write things down or take notes for visual re-                                                     OR
3._____ Am skillful and enjoy developing and making graphs
and charts.                                                         Section II Auditory Learning Style
4._____ Can understand and follow directions on maps.               _____ Total number of points
5._____ Can better understand a news story by reading it than
                 Waterlogged!                                   A Photo-Quiz
                                                                by Nick Gentleman & Michael King
Do you know where all
the water fountains in
the school are? Well
here is your chance to
find out! Here is a tip:
Think of where all the
double fountains are
and all the fountains
that stick out of the


Period 4 Newspaper Uzi De la Cruz              Emily Howard           Ericka Loar              Carlos Rubi
Merna Bottros              Josh Ellis          Melody Johnson         Tyler Marsters           Mitchell Sibert
Cody Carlson               Nick Gentleman      Austin King            Libby O’Connor           Gelin Theodore
Paul Cribbs                Brooke Hollan       Michael King           Carlos Perez             Katarina Steinmetz
Kayla Cusumano             Lindsay Holzhauer   Allison Landa          Kiana Pinder             Travis Ward

      A Look At Two Schools: Opinions by Melody Johnson and Cody Carlson
                      St. Michael’s                    Both                    Cypress Middle

                                                     Music Program
                 Gourmet Food                                                   Frozen Food
                 Less harsh discipline                                           School from 9:45-4

                 Required Uniforms                   Computer labs               Lunch Detentions

                 Shorter Class Periods               Dance                       Dress code

                 School from 9-3                     Foreign language            Outdoor hallways
                 Cheerleading squad                                              Mascot
                                                     Field day

                 Conduct Checks                      Chess Club                  Spirit Days

                  Advanced music classes             Drama class                 Flip flops okay
  The Top 5 Games of                                                                    .

Some of Our Top Gamers
    at Our School                                                       We work hard.
 An opinion poll by Austin King and Jay Theodore                          We play hard.
The Video Games                      The Votes
 Call Of Duty Black Ops                                                            We are
                                                                            Cypress Lake
 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
                                          10                             Middle School.
 Call Of Duty 4
 Assassin’s Creed Brother Hood
 Gears Of War 2
Gamers polled voted for Call of Duty Black Ops
because it was the freshest game out and it
had better game play and it had more action
than Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. They also      Justin Bieber          III                           3
voted for it because there were supposed to
be no campers, noobtubers and/or shotgun           Black Eyed Peas        IIII                          4
rushers. They also liked the attack dogs and
zombie features of this game.
                                                   Nickleback             I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 20

Gamers liked Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2                                IIII
because they think that the game is fun to play    Pink                   III                           3
and because the graphics are great.
                                                   Taio Cruz              II                            2
People voted for Call of Duty 4 because they
thought that the game is a classic . They also     Usher                  III                           3
liked the levels in multiplayer and the cam-
paign .                                            Rihanna                IIIII                         5

Gamers voted for Assassin’s Creed Brother          Green Day              IIIIII                        6
Hood because they thought that the graphics
were better than any other game that has ever      Taylor Swift           IIIIIIIIII                    10
been made.
                                                   Shakira                IIIII                         5
Finally, people voted for Gears of War 2 be-
cause it is action-packed and realistic.                     According to a limited source of eighth graders,
                                                              we found out that Nickleback and Taylor Swift
                                                           were the two most popular band and singer of today.

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