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									                                                     Announcing our
                           Groovy Newby Seminar 2010 Winners!!
       Unit Queen of Sales                             Unit Miss Go-Give                 Unit Queen of Sharing
                                                       Voted on by your peers…
                                                    Gives of herself without expecting
                                                           anything in return...

                                                          Angie Bowers!!                   Melinda Osburn!!
             Stacy Rhone!!
      Groovy Newby                                       Most Improved                    Rookie of the Year
  Stompin’ Out FEAR Award                             Has made the most marked             New to MK within the past
This is a special award in our unit!! Most of you    improvement in her business in       Seminar year...shows the most
know my own personal story of overcoming fear          the past Seminar Year...             consistency and promise...
 in my life and business. So...I have chosen to        Chosen by your Director               Chosen by your Director
 recognize one special person each year who I
  see push past the fog of FEAR and step out
    into VICTORY getting to work anyways!!
        This year I have chosen...


                                                        Melinda Osburn!!                     Angie Bowers!!

                              I’m so proud of you ALL!!!
                           Welcome LaMarr Unit Consultants!!
             On to Seminar 2011!! Now...let’s have our BEST YEAR yet!!
         What do you want this year?!! ANYTHING is possible!!! Love, Cari
                   nd Stac                                              Cari and Stacy at our area dinner
           , Cari a s Suite
     Cathie    Lisa’
                                       Unit Parties in our Suite

                                                                          Director Girlfriends PJ party
                                                                                  Lisa’s Suite

                                        Friends Of Time—
                                      Onstage show at Seminar

    Cathie, Cari and Stacy                                           Stacy Stompin out Fear Award
 Ready for MK Awards Night

                                   My Cadillac Bag from Allison
                                     #2 Unit in LaMarr Area
                                                                   Lisa cutting cake at 1:30 in the
Cathie Marsh and husband Richard
       Are you Ready to get on the FAST TRACK Success?
  Get connected to the Red Jacket Pacesetters Conference calls
           to begin with Lisa Allison in August, right after Seminar!
         Call your Director today and tell her you WANT IT FAST!

            Groovy Team Builders                                                               July Production ~
                                                                                            Great job investing in your
Star Team Builder                         Senior Consultants                                        business!
                                                                                           Brittney R. Cates      $3,207.25
                                                                                           Christie Bowden        $1,853.75
                                                                                           Angie Bowers             $542.75
                                                                                           Candace D. Lindley       $304.50
                                         Recruiter: Angie Bowers                           Stacy L. Rhone           $303.00
                                            Christie Bowden                                Mary Anne Kay            $229.00
                                          Recruiter: Candace D. Lindley
Recruiter: Melinda Osburn                                                                  Christina J. Cook       $204.00
                                            Angie Bowers
   Vanessa J. Henderson                   Recruiter: Jamie L. McCravey                     Shirley A. Weirich      $201.50
   Candace D. Lindley                       Elizabeth S. Cruz
   Virginia Milligan                                                                       Melinda R. Osburn        $201.00
                                            Erlinda E. Pena
   Stacy L. Rhone                         Recruiter: Vanessa Fowler                        Elizabeth S. Cruz        $200.00
 * Ashley M. Osburn                         Stephanie L. Soria
 * Carol A. Watkins
                                                                                           Kristin M. Henderson    $151.00
                                                                                           Jamie L. McCravey       $104.00
                            Be a Gold Medal Winner!                                        C. Noriega-Ruiz           $51.00
                            By NSD Mollye Morrow                                           Virginia Milligan         $48.00
                            Share your opportunity with five people in one
                            calendar month to win the Gold Medal!
                                                                                               LOVE CHECKS July
                            1. Decide that you can be a Gold Medal Winner!
                            2. Skin care classes are the best way to find recruits. Book   4% Recruiter Commission
Recruiter: Stacy L. Rhone   7 per week so you’ll have 5 classes.
   Brittney R. Cates        3. Do the 4-Point Recruiting Plan at every skin care class.
   Christina J. Cook                                                                        Stacy L. Rhone        $136.45
                            4. Do at least 5 interviews each week.                          Angie Bowers          $ 74.15
   Olivia D. Thornberg      5. Follow up, and follow up on the follow up.
                                                                                            Melinda R. Osburn     $ 26.22
                            Take your prospects to Skin Care Classes with you.              Candace D. Lindley    $ 21.71
                            Call her and overcome her objection, see her husband,           Jamie L. McCravey     $ 8.00
                            and answer his questions, etc.
                            Opportunity is knocking at your door!
                                                Welcome New Mary Kay Business Owners
                                         New Consultant                        From                       Sponsored By
                                         Christie Bowden                 Houston, TX                     Angie Bowers
                                         Brittney R. Cates               Jones Creek, TX                 Stacy Rhone

Groovy Wed night Training Calls!
            9:30 pm
     Dial in: 712-451-6100
       Code: 1065528#
     High Speed Connection
Pacesetters Calls with Lisa Allison
   (For Red Jackets and Above)!     The Hold 10 Parties in a Week in August Challenge is the first in a series of great
                                        things coming during this Fall Frenzy to help you meet your sales and contest goals
                                        including Star Consultant and the new Future Sales Director Challenge.
     Where Can I Plug In?
      Simply email me your              Meet the August challenge, and you’ll be recognized with a special flair* for your
 appointments…All I need is your        “Let’s Talk” Party! profile. With so many amazing products, including the new
 Name/Phone Number/and Town             Limited-Edition** Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands Pampering Set, you have the perfect
   where the event will be held!!       reason to call everyone you know and book a class today.
  This way we can all work with         You’ll also want to follow along with Ryan’s progress as he blogs about his parties
           each other!!                 through the Company Message on Let’s Talk.
                                        *In order to earn your virtual flair for holding 10 parties in a week within the month of
       Weekly Unit meeting.             August, remember to fill out your weekly accomplishment sheet.
  1. Lisa Allison’s Tuesday Night
         meeting in Houston            From My Heart...Groovy Gals!!             Welcome to a NEW Seminar Year!!
                                        I am so excited about a NEW start and a whole year to work towards new goals and
     2. Training on the GO…            dreams!! Welcome to our LaMarr Area Consultants! You are a part of us
    Come with me to one of my          now...and we are SOOO glad to have you! Please know that unfortunately I don’t
       weekly appointments             have any of your past your achievements are not in this newsletter with
                                       July results…but starting NEXT month, in September, You will see more of your
     3. Not local...I will find a      names and faces and recognition for all you accomplished in August!! So run
        meeting near you!!             HARD...and make sure that I have your picture!! 
                                       Our focus this Seminar year is on achieving a Unit Circle and Cadillac Status,
 I travel for GOLD MEDALS!!            3 consultants in the court of sales and sharing, and building at LEAST one Director
 Simply add 5 new team members         by December 31st!! Will that be you??? What do you want to accomplish this year?
   in 1 month and I will hop on a      Anything is possible!!! So who gets pictured in my newsletter? Red Jackets, Stars,
      plane and come to you!!          Consultants doing POWER START activity (and turning in a tracking sheet to show for it)
                                       and consultants who attend events!! I would LOVE to see YOUR face in my
                                       newsletter next month!! It is truly such a joy for me to get to work with each of you!
  Interview Time’s this Week!!         I have a renewed passion for coaching and mentoring the women in my sphere of
  Watch your email to see when         influence on how to gain victory in your life through managing your schedule. It is
   I’m available each week for         my JOY to show YOU how to fit Mary Kay into your life in and around your
        phone interviews!!             Ministry ...your Family...and according to your personality!!
                                       Your business does not have to look exactly like someone else’s!
                                       You really can design your dream life and conquer those habits that
                                       set you back not only in your business...but in your LIFE!!
                                       I STILL believe in YOU and I am here when you are ready!
                                       Feel Free to call me any time!
                                       With MUCH love,        Cari
                                       “When the student is ready...the teacher appears...”
    Be among the first Future Independent
   Sales Directors and Independent Sales
     Directors-in-Qualification to attend                              Independent Sales
 Leadership 2011. Registration is only $135.                          Directors who debut
                                                                        from Aug. 1, 2010,
The experience is priceless and you can earn                          through Jan. 1, 2011,
a gift card to attend essentially FOR FREE!                              will receive a
             Earn your $135 gift card by following                       $1,000 check
                   three simple steps:                                presented by Ryan
                                                                     Rogers at Leadership!!
  1. Maintain Future Independent Sales Director and
        Director-in-Qualification status Nov. 1, 2010 – Jan. 1, 2011.
  2. Be sure to register for Leadership Conference by Jan. 1, 2011.

                  Future Independent Sales Directors and
             Independent Sales Directors-in-Qualification enjoy:

   The rare opportunity to attend Leadership Conference and learn from top Independent
     Sales Directors and Independent National Sales Directors.
   A $135 gift card equal to the cost of your registration fee.
   Educational classes exclusively for Future Independent Sales Directors and Independent
     Sales Directors-in-Qualification.

               Independent Sales Directors: Encourage your Future Sales
               Directors and Directors-in-Qualification to take the Future Independent
               Sales Director Challenge and register today! You can earn:

    $50 gift cards – one for each Future Independent Sales Director and/or Independent
      Sales Director-in-Qualification from your unit who maintains career path status
      Nov. 1, 2010 – Jan. 1, 2011, and who registers by Dec. 31, 2010, and attends
      Leadership Conference 2011.
       More $50 gift cards – one for each new Independent Sales Director from your personal
         unit who debuts Aug. 1, 2010, through Jan. 1, 2011, and who registers by Dec. 31, 2010,
         and attends Leadership Conference 2011.

                 We can't wait to see you at Leadership Conference 2011!
                                 25 Reasons To Be a Star!
                                1. Earn Excellent Income
                                2. Build Inventory
                                3. Earn Ladder Pin and Star for Ladder
                                4. Company Quarterly Prize
      Happy Birthday
                                5. Company Recognition
Virginia Milligan      Aug 1    6. Unit Recognition
Marci Elliott          Aug 4
                                7. Pride and Satisfaction in a Job Well Done
Diana Hughes           Aug 9
Jennifer Babin         Aug 13   8. Star Consultants are “Great Consultants”
Rose Solis             Aug 13   9. Gives you Something to Crow About
Lindsey Richard        Aug 15
                                10. Builds Self-Esteem
Vianey Salinas         Aug 18
Christy Monroe         Aug 20   11. Builds a Happy Customer Base
Wendy Solari           Aug 20   12. Your Customers Like to do Business with a Successful Consultant
Robin Villarreal       Aug 24
Tricia Hernandez       Aug 25   13. Product on your shelf Motivates You to Book and Sell
Ashley M Smith         Aug 25   14. You’re never broke when you have product on your shelf to sell
Melinda R. Osburn      Aug 26   15. Builds Self Confidence
Paula Schmidt          Aug 27
Tiffany Thompson       Aug 28   16. First Step to Becoming a Red Jacket
Cathy A Glick          Aug 29   17. First Step to Becoming a Director
Gina Ravey             Aug 29
                                18. Helps Build Protective Shield Against Negativity
Krystyna Montemayor    Aug 30
Connie Wilson          Aug 30
                                19. Shows you are a Unit Team Player
                                20. Take Advantage of Product Bonuses
     MK Anniversaries
                                21. Mary Kay will give customer referrals from the 1-800 number
Graciela Sisul           6th
Rhonda L Joynt           6th
                                22. Accumulate Points for Yearly Awards
Rachel Tindall           6th    23. Receive Priority Registration for Seminar
Bridget Marcellian       5th    24. Feels Fantastic to be an Achiever
Leslie Hederman          5th
Holly Ainsworth          5th    25. Stars Drive Cars!
Mari Vell                4th    When you are selling enough product to be a consistent Star Consult-
Tricia Hernandez         4th    ant, you are meeting enough women to build a team. Results: Director-
Denise Winckler          4th
                                ship, Free Cars and the opportunity to help Change Lives!
Melinda R. Osburn        4th
Kara Ross                4th
Michelle Dobson          4th
                                                FREE* for you Aug. 16 - Sept. 15, 2010
Jina K Hurst             3rd         Free products with each qualified order! Check out these bonuses,
Cynthia Gilcrease        3rd          quantities and values, available when you place a product order
Lindsey R Honeycutt      3rd                         August 16 – September 15, 2010.
Susan Daigle             3rd
Jennifer L Davidchik     3rd
Kathy Kabariti           2nd           For more information,
                                       go to the InTouch®
Lisa Schroeder           1st           Web site.
Jaclyn Knoeller          1st           *Sales tax is required on
                                       the suggested retail value
Amber Huckabay           1st           of Section 1 products.
                                 Quarter 1 On-Target Star Consultants
                                  June 16, 2010—September 15, 2010
Consultant Name                          Sapphire     Ruby      Diamond     Emerald     Pearl
ANGIE BOWERS                $3,950.50     *****       *****      *****       STAR      $249.50    1   $4,550.50
BRITTNEY CATES              $3,207.25     *****       *****      STAR       $392.75   $1,592.75 0     $3,207.25
CHRISTIE BOWDEN             $1,853.75     STAR       $546.25    $1,146.25   $1,746.25 $2,946.25 0     $1,853.75
STACY RHONE                 $1,179.00    $621.00    $1,221.00 $1,821.00     $2,421.00 $3,621.00 1       $0.00
KAREN LEE                    $681.50    $1,118.50 $1,718.50 $2,318.50       $2,918.50 $4,118.50 0       $0.00
KARA ROSS                    $677.75    $1,122.25 $1,722.25 $2,322.25       $2,922.25 $4,122.25 0       $0.00
CANDACE LINDLEY              $637.00    $1,163.00 $1,763.00 $2,363.00       $2,963.00 $4,163.00 0       $0.00
CATHY GLICK                  $485.75    $1,314.25 $1,914.25 $2,514.25       $3,114.25 $4,314.25 0       $0.00
SUSAN MONROE                 $460.25    $1,339.75 $1,939.75 $2,539.75       $3,139.75 $4,339.75 0       $0.00
LISA DREWS                   $435.75    $1,364.25 $1,964.25 $2,564.25       $3,164.25 $4,364.25 0       $0.00
APRIL GAMBLE                 $431.00    $1,369.00 $1,969.00 $2,569.00       $3,169.00 $4,369.00 0       $0.00

           Mary Kay® customer delivery service for star consultants
This optional shipping service is just one more reason why you want to be a
Star Consultant! Every order is delivered with a free issue Of The Look or two free prod-
uct samplers— your choice!
Customer Delivery Service for Star Consultants raises the bar on your Golden Rule
service while simplifying your business and helping you reach more online customers.

                      NEW!!! Another Great Reason to be a Star Consultant!
                         Early Ordering Opens for Star Consultants!
 Star Consultants now enjoy the added business-building benefit of early ordering! For the Seminar 2011 year,
 the same early ordering offer that Independent Sales Directors and Preferred Customer Program participants
 receive is now being extended to Star Consultants.
               Star Consultant Quarter                         Early Order Offer Dates
               March 16 – June 15, 2010                        Sept. 10 – 15, 2010
               June 16 – Sept. 15, 2010                        Dec. 10 – 15, 2011
 Order early and be the first to share the latest products; Boost your retail sales and your business with more
 time to earn; and Jumpstart your Star Consultant retail sales goal success. Reach Star Consultant status each
 quarter in the Seminar 2011 year and take advantage of every early ordering opportunity.

 Look for the link to the Early Offer Order Form in Online Ordering during the dates that the Early Order Offer
 is available
                           Groovy Unit Promotions

                    Earn a dynamic new training CD from Cari each month when
                    you place at least $400 in wholesale reorders to the company!
                                                    (Can be cumulative)
                    *If you are in the field selling and reordering then I am committed to
                          making sure you have the on-going training that you need!

                                  Be a Consistency Club Champion
     “The New Trend                   to earn your PANDORA Bracelet & Charms!
        in Jewelry”
                             Order $1200 wholesale for 3 consecutive months
                             Order $650 wholesale for 4 consecutive months
                             Order $450 wholesale for 6 consecutive months
                  Order $200 wholesale for 12 consecutive months
                          First time Consistency Club achievers will receive a
                                 Pandora Sterling Silver Starter Bracelet*.
          Each time you repeat this activity, Cari will select a Pandora charm specially for you!

          Remember, this amount is WHOLESALE Section 1 & does not include Section 2 or tax.
                      Each Pandora Jewelry item is a handmade Danish design in
              sterling silver and 14 karat gold. Many of the Pandora charm bracelets are
                     handcrafted with colorful precious stones and cultured pearls.
          You may add to your Pandora charm bracelet from more than 300 individual beads -
                     one for every unforgettable and charmed moment in your life!
                     Slow or Fast - Consistency is the KEY!
*First time winners please call our office with your wrist measurement so we can order you the correct size.

                              Also Watch your email for a
                            FUN NEW Challenge Each Month!!!
                                          Welcome to August!!!
                           New Power Start Plus prize for August –
                                          Crystal Cross Necklace
                                          Unit Goals:
                            $24,000 RETAIL and 10 NEW unit members!!!
                         We are focused on increasing your instant income through
                        sales and moving you up just 1step on the career path a month!!

          How? It’s EASY!! Back to the Basics with the…               Redeem your prize by
                                                                     turning in your tracking
                   Power Start Plus!!!                               sheet with names AND
                                                                     phone numbers of your
                                                                      30 by the 3rd of Sept!!
            Simply: complete 30 faces in August,
     Sell $1,000 retail (supported by a $500 wholesale order) and   Email it to me weekly for
     Do at least 5 interviews with your Director in August           recognition and make
                                                                    SURE to include names
              and this beautiful necklace is yours!                 and phone numbers for

                               You can do it!!!                             follow up!!

Ask me about our Connecticut Success Summit in October!!
           Cari Newby
           Independent Sales Director
           1910 N. Ave H
           Freeport, TX 77541

                       DEBUT AS NEW INDEPENDENT
                            SALES DIRECTOR
                                   (January 1- Dec 31, 2010)
                           Earn $1000 from Ryan Rogers
                  Your Class of 2011 Ring and Matching Necklace!!
                  YOU and your Senior Director will be invited
                     (you pay for your flight and Lisa pays for all arrangements)
                        to join your NSD Lisa Allison in an
Quinta Del Mar         AMAZING 12 Room Villa in Mexico!
                  Stay posted for more exciting details coming...
                           Are you ready to move up?
                        Call Cari today and make a plan!

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