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					                                TOY SAFETY CHECKLIST: CHECK FOR THE
                                FOLLOWING IN YOUR TOYS

                          Before You Buy A Toy For Your Child

                          Before you buy a toy for your child, you have to check if the toy is right for your child's
                          age, and whether it is safe enough for your precious little one. Here are some pointers to
                          guide you in buying the right as well as safe toy for your child. There are a lot of hidden
                          hazards concerning toys which we as parents may not realize. Here are some pointers to
                          guide you in buying the right toy keeping toy safety in mind for your child.

                          Warning Labels Must Be Read and Followed

                          Please make sure that you read and follow to the tee, all warning labels associated with
                          the toy you are buying. Warning labels usually warn if a toy poses choking hazards for
                          young children (typically under the ages of 3) due to small parts. Electric toys also have
                          warning labels.

                          Check for Sharp Edges and Points

                          It is a must to check all toys for sharp and pointed edges. This is especially important for
                          younger children since they have a tendency to put things into their mouths or into their
                          eyes. There is always a danger of falling on top of the toy while playing, which also may
                          cause injury.

                          Check if the Toy Has Cords or Strings Attached

                          If the toy you are planning to buy has cords or strings attached to it, please be careful
                          that the cords are not too long. There is always a danger of the cord getting entangled
                          into a loop which may pose strangulation hazards to the child.

                          Avoid Toys with Small Parts

                          This is a very important point to be noted - Never buy a toy which has small or loose
                          parts that can come unattached for younger children below the ages of three. Younger
                          kids have a tendency to swallow things, which can pose a danger. Also check if the toy
                          has loose parts like eyes, noses etc which can be pulled off by an overzealous child.

                          Make Sure the Toy is Sturdy and Strong

It is important to check to see if the toy you are buying is sturdy and built of strong shatter proof material. In case
of any falls or accidents, the toy should not break into pieces with sharp edges as this can cause bodily injury to
the child.

Check if the Toy is Too Loud

In case the toy you are buying is sound enabled, check if the noise levels are tolerable and the toy has volume
control. Too loud toys can permanently damage the sensitive hearing of children.

Make Sure the Toy is Non Toxic

If you are buying toys like crayons, art supplies, or any liquid containing toys, make sure that the toys do not
contain toxic chemicals. You can check the labels to make sure they are safe in case of accidental ingestion.

Make Sure That the Toy is Not a Recalled

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