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Application Procedures Application Procedures UDHS


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UDHS Guidance Department
        Fall 2010
Guidance Counselors

    Mrs. Sachson      A-Co
    Mrs. Houser       Cr-Ge
    Mr. Fuery         Gi-K
    Mrs. Hopkins      L-M
    Mr. Dell’Angelo   N-Sh
    Mr. Tadeo         Si-Z
   We want you to know…
The Processes for…
   1) Applying to College

   2) Requesting Transcripts

   3) Requesting Recommendations
          Applying to College

   *Apply Online*
    – Go to College Website
    – Go to Common App Website (414 schools)
         – www.commonapp.org

   Complete Paper Application
    – Download from College website
    – Request application from College Admissions
    Completing the Application
 READ DIRECTIONS… including the fine print.
 Pay attention to deadlines!!
 Identify the specific requirements of the
    – Completed application
    – Fee / May qualify for fee waiver (see counselor)
    – Test Scores
        www.collegeboard.com / www.actstudent.org
    – Transcript
    – Essays/Resume
    – Secondary School Report or Counselor
      Recommendation form (*if required by the college)
    – Letters of Recommendation
     Requesting Transcripts
                  What to do…

         3 Important Steps:
1. Release of Records Form (1x)
2. Transcript Request Form (per application)
3. Manila Envelope Procedure (per application)
STEP 1 – Release of Records
STEP 2 – Transcript Request
STEP 3 – Manila Envelope
What do I put inside the envelope?

     IF part of the application, YOU
              must submit…
 Secondary School Report Forms
 Counselor Recommendation Forms
 Early Decision Signature Forms
 Mid-Year Report Forms

   Any other school specific information
* Note: Guidance will submit ALL forms in paper vs.
  electronic format, including The Common Application
    Watch Deadlines !!!

 All materials MUST be submitted to
guidance a minimum of 15 school days
 prior to the date due to the college.
3 Steps to Request Transcripts:
1.   Release of Records Form    (1x)

2.   Transcript Request Form (per application)

3.   Manila Envelope Procedure     (per application)
College-Specific Information
Penn State University
Penn State Schreyer’s Honors
Common Application Schools
Montgomery County CC
NCAA Eligibility Center
    Guidance will always send…

   Official Transcript   (includes Senior Courses)
    Depending on time of year it will include…
  - earned quarter grades
 UDHS School profile
 Confirmation Postcard
    Later Guidance will send…
   Mid-Year Reports sent in February
     2nd Quarter Report Cards will be sent to every
      school to which you applied.

   Final Transcript sent to the college you will
    be attending
        NCAA Eligibility Center
   Required of Potential Athletes at Division I, IAA, II
   http://eligibilitycenter.org
    –   Complete registration online
    –   Pay fee / may qualify for fee waiver (see counselor)
    –   Send SAT/ACT scores directly to NCAA
    –   Submit forms to Guidance:
          Records Release form
          Transcript request form
          Stamped addressed envelope
Letters of Recommendation
 Identify application requirements
 Teacher Recommendation
    – Politely ask teacher to write a letter of recommendation
    – Provide teacher with:
           Forms
           Stamped addressed envelope(s)
           Ample time to complete letter!
           Follow up
    ** NOTE: for the Common Application, it is up to the individual
    teacher whether to complete recommendations online or by paper.
    Communication is ESSENTIAL!
   Counselor Recommendation
    – Submit forms, if any with transcript request
    – Complete Recommendation Survey on Naviance
         Additional Guidance
 Make appt with counselor if you have
  further questions
 Resources
    –   Guidance website
    –   Naviance
    –   Post Graduate Planning Packet
    –   College Rep Visits
             Helpful Hints

 Organization   is KEY!

 College    accounts and passwords

 Pay   attention to deadlines

 Visiting

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