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Spring '10 - Macon State College

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									         VOLUME 13 • NO. 2

         SPRING 2010
The Office for Institutional Advancement
    publishes Macon State Today.
     It is circulated to faculty, staff,
     students, alumni, and friends
         of Macon State College.

           Dr. David A. Bell

             John P. Cole
            VICE PRESIDENT

              Bill Weaver
              DIRECTOR                                  ven while dealing with the       students experiencing college as residents
                                                        reality and difficulty of the    of the campus are more likely to partici-
           Sue B. Chipman
            DIRECTOR                                    state’s ongoing economic         pate in student activities as they become a
                                           challenges, Macon State College has never     part of a residential community. Those
             Sheron Smith
                                           wavered in its commitment to continue to      students are more likely to stay in college.
            Renee Pearman
                                           move forward as efficiently and effectively      As excited as we are, I want to make
           ASSOCIATE EDITOR                as possible. Our core mission to serve        clear that this announcement does not
                      •                    Central Georgia with strong,                  change our mission – it gives us another
    MACON STATE COLLEGE                    professionally oriented bachelor’s degree     tool to meet our mission. We want
                                           programs has not and will not change.         students who are from Central Georgia
           Dr. David A. Bell
  Sue B. Chipman, Executive Director
                                             To that end, I am pleased to announce       and want to stay in the area for their
          F. Dewayne Foskey                that we are proceeding with a longstand-      college experience. We want other
          Samuel F. Hart, Sr.
         Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.            ing plan to introduce residence life to       qualified students who will study here and
     Dwight C. Jones, Chairman
    David S. Lanier, Vice Chairman
                                           Macon State beginning this fall. This is a    pursue their careers here. An energetic
            Reed D. Morren                 historic and very significant step, and       residence life program also will enhance
   Charlotte E. McMullan, Secretary
             Robert Ray, Jr.               there are two primary reasons we are          the college experience for those students
          Stephen A. Reichert
           Ronnie D. Rollins
                                           taking it.                                    who continue to be commuters by adding
      Nancy P. Stroud, Treasurer             First, we are one of the few remaining      an abundance of campuswide extracurric-
           James A. Vaughn
           Edward A. Walsh                 institutions in the University System of      ular activities.
           Trustees Emeriti
                                           Georgia that does not offer residence life.      We will have much more to say about
        Robert F. Hatcher Sr.              In fact, we are the only University System    residence life in the weeks and months to
      Charles H. Jones (deceased)
          Buckner F. Melton                institution in the Central Georgia region     come as this new phase of Macon State’s
                                           without a residence life component. Quite     history assumes a prominent role in the
                                           simply, we must offer residence life to       life of the college. Residence life is going to
            Sheron Smith                   remain competitive.                           make Macon State an even healthier, more
         Macon State College
      100 College Station Drive              Secondly, the University System is          vibrant institution than it already is - and
       Macon, Ga., 31206-5145
           (478) 757-6687
                                           emphasizing retention and a steady            that is good news for all of us.            progression of students as they go through       As always, thank you for your support
                      •                    college. Macon State understands that         of Macon State College.
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          PRINTING:   Panaprint

    4        Introducing Residence Life


                                                                                 Meet the administrators
                                                                                 and staff of Macon State
    Discerning Data                                                              College residence life and
                                                                                 learn about eligibility

                 MACON STATE’S CENTER FOR
                                                                                 requirements for student
                 ROLE IN CENTRAL GEORGIA.

                  12                Growing by Degrees
                                     MACON STATE’S IT DEGREE GOES ONLINE, AND THE
                                     COLLEGE ADDS A BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY.

14       Happy Trails
                                                               16Play Ball
                                                                 AND A STRONG FAN BASE.

                                               18               Brotherhood
                                                   MACON STATE’S STUDENT AFRICAN
                                                   AMERICAN BROTHERHOOD CHAPTER
                                                   HOPES TO HELP MORE YOUNG BLACK
                                                   MEN ENROLL AND STAY IN COLLEGE.

PAGE 21 • SPECIAL SECTION: The Macon State College Foundation Annual Report

               Cover photography: Maryann Bates. Hand model: Whitney Griggers.
                by Sheron Smith and Bill Weaver    •   Photo illustrations by Maryann Bates

              Residence Life
                 Coming This Fall
         Learn Here. Live Here.

                [T]             hat’s the theme of Macon State College’s long-awaited resi-
                                dence life program, a major milestone in the school’s history
                                that kicks off this fall.
                         The first step involves Macon State assuming management of the
                    existing apartment community on Ivey Drive across from the west end
                    of the campus. More than 300 qualified students will be able to live
                    there in apartments that are now undergoing renovation.
                         Macon State is already adding residence life staff members – some
                    of whom will live on site – and public safety officers. By fall, the college
                    will roll out extracurricular programs associated with living on campus.
                         Down the road, Macon State will build new student housing units
                    on campus and later will add facilities for student activities.
                         “This is a monumental step forward for Macon State College,” said
                    President David A. Bell. “Stu

                  “Students have been telling us for years they want
                   campus housing and a chance to have a traditional
                   college residential experience. That opportunity is
                   finally coming their way.”

                                                                                           Article continues

Spring 2010                                                                               MACON STATE TODAY        5
         Bell said Macon State is able to introduce resi-
    dence life during challenging economic times because
    student housing is not paid for with state appropria-
    tions. Residence life will be supported by students
    paying rent to live on campus.
         What all Macon State students will get in return is
    an even more exciting college experience.
         “A residential student population will bring rich
    dimensions to the campus community that we’ve never
    been able to explore,” said Lynn McCraney, dean of
    students. “And all of our students will benefit, not just
    those who live on campus.”sidence life.

    Current students already active in
    Macon State’s extracurricular programs
    applaud the college’s transition to
    residence life.

         “Macon State has been a four-year college for a
    long time now,” said Greg Padgett, current president of
    the Student Government Association. “We’re one of the
    largest public colleges in the state without housing.
    This will give more students a chance to have the kind       Macon State Residence Life
    of college experience they want.”
         Padgett does not plan to live in Macon State hous-
                                                                  Community Features
    ing because he is close to finishing his bachelor’s           • An ideal learning and living environ-
    degree in health services administration, but Navatni           ment for Macon State students
    Webb, a sophomore nursing major, will. Webb moved
    to Central Georgia from Atlanta to attend Macon State         • Security provided by campus police
    because she had heard about the nursing program’s             • Resident assistants living on site
    excellent reputation. She said she will gladly swap her
    private apartment for Macon State residence life.             • Spacious, fully furnished living suites
         “I’m very excited,” she said. “Residence life and on-
                                                                  • Private bedrooms with keyed entry
    campus housing will give students who are away from
                                                                    and private bathrooms
    home for the first time the support they need to get the
    most out of college.”                                         • Each bedroom is wired for cable and
         According to a feasibility study conducted for the         Internet access
    college, nearly 500 students would live in housing on
                                                                  • Kitchenette and in-suite washers and
    the Macon campus if it was available today. The study
    found that student housing is not – for now – in great
    demand on the Warner Robins Campus.                           • Swimming pool
         Residence life will make Macon State a more
                                                                  • Meal plans
    attractive option to potential students living outside
    the college’s traditional Central Georgia service area.       • Dynamic programs designed to
    Macon State already attracts some students from just            enhance the academic experience

                              Article continues on page 8


              MACON CAMPUS

Spring 2010       MACON STATE TODAY   7
     south of Atlanta who find the commute to Central                As Padgett noted, Macon State had been one of
     Georgia less congested than trying to get to a school     the few remaining University System institutions with-
     north of their homes.                                     out housing. Of the 35 colleges and universities, fewer
          However, the primary target audience for resi-       than 10 do not offer student housing.
     dence life is students from Central Georgia who want            Some students interviewed for the feasibility study
     to stay close to home but also enjoy a traditional col-   said they have friends from Central Georgia who left
     lege experience.                                          the area to attend residential colleges but would have
          “There are many students who fit that category,      chosen Macon State had it offered housing. For years,
     probably more than people realize,” McCraney said.        two of the most searched-for terms on the Macon State
                                                               website have been “housing” and “dorms.” Without
    “We all know young adults in our com-                      student housing, the college has been at a disadvantage
     munity who are anxious to ‘go away’ to                    with its academic competitors.
     college, but it turns out that for many                         Besides boosting the college’s competitiveness,
                                                               residence life will help Macon State increase student
     of them, they don’t feel the need to go
                                                               retention, one of the University System’s highest priori-
     far as long as they can live on campus
                                                               ties. Residential students are more likely to participate
     and get a taste of independence.”                         in campus activities - a huge factor in retention - and
                                                               benefit academically by having ready access to the
                                                               Library, Academic Resource Center, and other services.
                                                                     “Residence life is the next big step in Macon State’s
                                                               evolution,” Bell said. “We’ve developed bachelor’s
                                                               degrees. We’ve built new buildings. We’ve hired great
                                                               professors. Now, we again have an opportunity to pro-
                                                               vide students with the kind of college experience
                                                               they’ve long wanted and help Macon State become an
                                                               even greater asset to Central Georgia.”

              Macon State College Residence Life
                                                  Key Administrators & Staff
                          Lynn McCraney                                                  Dee Lindsey
                          DEAN OF STUDENTS                                               DIRECTOR OF STUDENT LIFE

                          McCraney supervises all units of                              Previously coordinator of
                          Macon State student affairs,                                  student resources at the Warner
                          including residence life. She                                 Robins Campus, Lindsay works
                          holds a master’s degree in public                             with other student affairs units
                          administration from Georgia                                   to create and offer programs and
                          College & State University.                                   events that give all students
                                                                 opportunities to learn and interact with others outside
                                                                 the classroom. Lindsey holds a master of arts in organi-
                          Michael Stewart                        zational management from University of Phoenix.
                          ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENTS

                          As chief student conduct officer,
                          Stewart handles infractions of                                 James R. Hagler, Jr.
                                                                                         DIRECTOR OF RECREATION
                          and other issues related to the                                AND WELLNESS
                          Macon State student code of
                          conduct. He holds a master’s in                               Hagler develops and manages a
                          family services from Mercer                                   variety of programs designed to
                          University School of Medicine.                                promote wellness and active
                                                                                        living among Macon State
                                                                                        students. He holds a master of
                          Dr. Chris Summerlin                    sports science degree in sports management and coach-
                          DIRECTOR OF RESIDENCE LIFE             ing from the United States Sports Academy.

                           Summerlin will manage all
                           aspects of the residence life
                                                                                         Shawn Douglas
                           program, including staff                                      DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETY
                           selection, training, room                                     AND CHIEF OF POLICE
                           assignments, and the student
                                                                                        Most recently police chief and
                           housing application process.
                                                                                        public safety director at Gordon
                           He will also supervise daily
                                                                                        College, Douglas has more than
   operations for the residence life office and emergency
                                                                                        20 years of law-enforcement
   after-hours procedures. Summerlin, who has previously
                                                                                        experience. He holds a bachelor’s
   held residence life leadership positions at Darton and
                                                                 degree in criminal justice administration from the
   Shorter colleges, holds a PhD in higher education
                                                                 College of West Virginia and is a graduate of the
   leadership from Capella University.
                                                                 Georgia Public Safety Training Center’s Savannah
                                                                 Regional Police Academy.

  Macon State Student Housing                     • Enrolled in at least 12 semester hours   Additional details about these
                                                     of courses in the regular curriculum    eligibility requirements, as well as
    Eligibility Requirements
                                                  • Between ages 18-26                       general information about Macon
         Current or prospective students          • In good academic standing                State residence life, are available at
         interested in living in Macon State                                       
                                                  • In good disciplinary and conduct
         student housing must be:                    standing

Spring 2010                                                                                         MACON STATE TODAY                 9
       Center for Economic Analysis
       Grows with the Times
                 by Sheron Smith                    Like many good ideas,
                                                    this one came out of nowhere.
                                                       Economics assistant professor
                                                    Dr. Aleksander “Sasha” Tomic walked
                                                    one day into the office of his colleague,
                                                    Dr. Greg George, and said, “Let’s start
                                                    a Center for Economic Analysis.”
                                                       Barely pausing to think about it,
                                                    George replied, “OK.”

                                                                                                                                         PHOTO BY MARYANN BATES

     Macon Mayor Robert Reichert, left, is shown outside City Hall with Dr. Greg George, center, Macon State associate professor of
     economics and director of the Center for Economic Analysis, and Dr. Trip Shinn, professor of economics and the center’s associate
     director. George and Shinn are doing some data analysis for the mayor’s office.

                                                                                                                                          PHOTO BY SHERON SMITH
  Shinn presented the regional economic forecast at a luncheon hosted last December by the Warner Robins Area Chamber of Commerce.

     [T]                omic later moved on to another college,
                        but George and another economics pro-
                        fessor, Dr. Earl “Trip” Shinn, have kept
       Macon State College’s Center for Economic Analysis
                                                                       • Evaluating data to determine whether children
                                                                         participating in a Peach County after-school
                                                                         program are having more academic success;
                                                                       • Helping the state of Georgia determine the
       going and growing since its founding in 2005.
                                                                         effectiveness of an anti-drunk-driving initiative;
             Among other things, the center is involved in
       ongoing data analysis for the city of Macon to help             • Running COMSTAR (the City of Macon Statistical
       its government operate more efficiently. And recently             Tracking and Reporting program) for the mayor’s
       the center became an official feeder of regional                  office. The program is a comprehensive perform-
       economic information to the Federal Reserve Bank                  ance-based management program that continually
       of Atlanta.                                                       analyzes data from city departments and reports
             “It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it,” Shinn said. “It       findings directly through a web portal.
       feels like we’re starting to have an impact.”                        George said the center’s work with Macon Mayor
             The professors founded the center because they            Robert Reichert is designed to help the city take a
       wanted to put their economics expertise to use in               closer look at its various departments and find ways
       addressing issues affecting Central Georgia. Their              to operate more efficiently. George and Shinn, who
       first gig was working with the Warner Robins                    modeled COMSTAR after a program in Baltimore
       Chamber of Commerce to produce economic                         called CitiStat, used the data they analyzed to help
       forecasts of Houston County.                                    Reichert develop Macon’s 2009 strategic plan.
             In the years since, the center has taken on a                  While they continue their work with the city of
       variety of both pro-bono and grant-supported                    Macon, George and Shinn hope to take what they
       projects, including:                                            have developed with COMSTAR and use it to help

                                                                                               Article continues on page 12

Spring 2010                                                                                         MACON STATE TODAY                11
                                                             Center for Economic Analysis continued from page 11

                           Macon State                             other Central Georgia cities. With the tough economy,
                                                                   there is likely to be no shortage of potential clients.
                           Students Can
                                                                 “I think our niche is going to be
                           Now Complete                           turning out analysis and evaluation
                           IT Bachelor’s                          for municipalities,” George said.
                           Degree Online                                The center’s most recent major project came about
                                                                   almost as a fluke.
      Students seeking a B.S. in information technology                 In fall 2009, George was showing Dennis P.
now have the chance to complete the entire degree                  Lockhart, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve
program online.                                                    Bank of Atlanta, around Macon State’s School of
      Macon State College recently got the green light             Business. Lockhart was on campus to give a speech on
to begin offering all information technology courses in
                                                                   the nation’s economy, an event that drew more than
the bachelor’s degree online. For students who have
                                                                   400 people to the college’s Professional Sciences &
completed the University System of Georgia’s core cur-
                                                                   Conference Center.
riculum, this means they can finish Macon State’s
                                                                        Passing by a small office, George said, “That’s our
bachelor’s degree in IT without coming to campus.
      Potentially, a student could complete the entire             Center for Economic Analysis.”
four years of the bachelor’s program online if he or she                “We need to talk,” Lockhart said.
takes advantage of the University System’s eCore. The                   Shortly afterward, the center and the School of
eCore program allows students to take core curriculum              Business were added as a Regional Economic
courses – those generally completed in the freshman                Information Network (REIN) affiliate with the Atlanta
and sophomore years – in an online environment                     Fed. As part of that, the center put together a Middle
(                                           Georgia Advisory Council made up of local business
      The greater impact, however, will likely be to the           leaders.
many working adults in Central Georgia who have                         George and Shinn periodically gather information
taken classes over the years and have completed most,
                                                                   and insight from these leaders about the region’s eco-
if not all, of the core curriculum. But, because of job or
                                                                   nomic health, then synthesize the data and feed it to the
family obligations, they have not been able to take
                                                                   Fed, which uses such grassroots information to help set
upper-division classes on campus to finish a bachelor’s
                                                                   monetary policy.
degree in a timely manner. By offering all IT courses
online, Macon State is giving them the opportunity to                   “What’s happening in (Central Georgia) economi-
complete the bachelor’s degree in information technol-             cally is often indicative of what’s happening in the
ogy from the convenience of home.                                  nation as a whole,” George said. “It’s exciting for the
      “This is an incredible opportunity for prospective           center to be part of the process that provides vital
or current students to complete their bachelor’s degrees           information to the Fed.”
in IT,” said Dr. Alex Koohang, dean of Macon State’s                    All of this work comes on top of their regular
School of Information Technology. “There are many                  teaching loads, which means George and Shinn may
working adults in Central Georgia who over time have               have to limit how many additional projects the center
finished or nearly finished the core curriculum, either at         takes on.
Macon State or another institution or perhaps through
                                                                        But both think their center work has made them
eCore, but it is has been difficult for them to continue
                                                                   better economics professors.
on with upper-division courses. Offering all the IT
courses online should make it much more convenient               “I’ve discovered all kinds of additional
for many of those people.”                                        resources of national and local
      The courses will continue to be offered on
                                                                  economic data,” Shinn said, “and I
campus, too.
      For more information, visit www.maconstate.                 now use those in my classes.”
edu/it/elearning.aspx or contact Dr. Terry Smith at or 478-757-2699.                           For more information about the center, email Dr. Greg
                                                                   George at

              BACHELOR’S DEGREE

              [M]                 acon State College is adding a bachelor
                                  of science in psychology to its lineup
                                  of degrees focused on professional
              workforce needs. The University System of Georgia’s
              Board of Regents approved the program – Macon
              State’s 18th bachelor’s degree – this spring.
                    The new degree – typically one of the most popular
              majors in college – does not require any additional fac-
              ulty. Macon State expects an initial enrollment of 120
              students pursuing the degree, which will become
              available this fall.
                    “The field of psychology is wide open, and
              graduates of this program should have a great deal of
              flexibility in their career paths,” said Dr. Bill Upton,
              chair of the psychology and sociology department. “We
              are excited that Macon State students have another
              high-quality degree program to consider as they choose
              their majors.”
                    The psychology degree offers concentrations in
              these career-focused areas: pre-clinical and counseling,
              psychology and law, and leadership and training.
              Graduates of the program will be equipped to immedi-
              ately begin careers in social service agencies, schools,
              mental health centers, substance abuse clinics, legal
              advocacy, public policy, government, human resources,
              business training, and other areas of business manage-
                    The program also prepares students for graduate
              study in clinical psychology, research psychology, law,
              and medicine.
                    Learn more about the new B.S. in psychology or
              any of Macon State’s 18 bachelor’s degree programs at

Spring 2010                                   MACON STATE TODAY             13
                                                                                                                              PHOTO BY MICHAEL WILLIAMS
 The Robert A. Kelly File

 Originally From: Rhode Island.                     Lucky Break                                             by Sheron Smith

 Family: Wife, Heather Copan; daughter,             As Macon State grew, so did Dr. Bob Kelly’s career
 Cailin Copan-Kelly; son, Liam Copan-Kelly.

 Degrees: B.A., English, Providence College;
 M.A. and PhD, English, Louisiana State
                                                    [I]   n 1976, with his newly minted PhD in English from Louisiana
                                                          State in tow, Dr. Bob Kelly drove from Baton Rouge to Georgia in
                                                    an un-air-conditioned VW Bug to take a job at what was then Macon
 University.                                        Junior College. Like many young academics of the day, he saw that first
                                                    assistant professor’s job as a steppingstone to a university level position
 Career Highlights: Began in 1976 as an             where he would have a light teaching load and plenty of time to write
 assistant professor of English at Macon            – in his case, a book about one of his research specialties, author
 State. Became a full professor in 1990.            Herman Melville. But when he arrived in Macon, he found a campus
 Named a Governor’s Teaching Fellow in              teeming with energetic, creative faculty members – most just in their
 1996. Served as chair of the humanities            20s and 30s – who were devoted to helping students succeed. Kelly
 division and, when Macon State underwent           found the environment lively and stimulating, and teaching became a
 an academic reorganization in 2007,                labor of love. He never made it to that university job, something he
 became the founding dean of the School of          now considers a lucky break. As he retires this spring from his position
 Arts and Sciences. His articles and poetry         as Macon State’s first dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Kelly can
 have appeared in Georgia Review,                   look back on a long, productive career in which he touched the lives of
 Dalhousie Review, Journal of Canadian              thousands of students and literally helped transform a college. His
 Studies, and other publications.                   influence is everywhere, from the development of courses (such as the
                                                    awesomely titled “Science, Poetry, and the Imagination”), to the
 Retirement Plans: Part-time teaching and
                                                    recruitment of outstanding humanities faculty members, to the build-
 spending time with his wife in her native
                                                    ing of bachelor’s degrees for the School of Arts and Sciences. He
 Canada, where they own some land.
                                                    describes the years of the last decade as some of his most gratifying, as
 He Said It: “The future looks great for            Macon State established itself as a four-year college and he rose to a
 Macon State College. To be able to leave a         level of leadership he could not have imagined 34 years ago. In a sense,
 place a little bit better than you found it is a   Bob Kelly and Macon State College grew up together. Without a doubt,
 good feeling.”                                     both are the better for it.

    The ‘System Man’ Moves On
         Macon State fiscal chief Levy Youmans                            The Levy G. Youmans, Jr. File
         ends a long University System career
                                                                          Originally From: Savannah.
         by Sheron Smith

                                                                          Family: Wife, Joan Youmans; daughter, Meredith

    [L]     evy Youmans literally dug his career out of the garbage.
            He was two weeks from finishing his University of Georgia
     accounting degree when the Savannah firm where he had already
                                                                          Holland, and son-in-law, Rich Holland; son,
                                                                          Brandon Youmans, and daughter-in-law, Beth
                                                                          Youmans; two grandsons, Will and Sam.
     lined up a job ran into some financial trouble and yanked the
     offer. Reeling from disappointment, he went to class and             Degrees: MBA, Georgia Southern University;

     happened to glance into the trash can, where he found a discard-     BBA, accounting, University of Georgia.

     ed recruiting brochure for the Georgia Department of Audits.         Career Highlights: Vice president for fiscal
     Youmans, who retires this spring as Macon State College’s vice       affairs, Macon State; assistant vice chancellor for
     president for fiscal affairs, went on to build a 36-year career in   management and audit advisory services,
     the public sector, first in state audits and then with the           University System of Georgia; vice president,
     University System of Georgia. His first USG job was chief busi-      Pattillo Metro Inc.; vice president for business and
     ness officer at what was then Emanuel County Junior College          finance, Georgia Perimeter College; chief business
     (now East Georgia), followed by a series of high-ranking fiscal      officer, East Georgia College; senior auditor,
     posts that included five years as an assistant vice chancellor. He   Georgia Department of Audits.
     earned a reputation as a “system man” whose deep knowledge of
     USG business operations is much admired and probably unsur-          Retirement Plans: Fishing at St. Simon’s; spend-

                                                                                                                                  PHOTO BY MICHAEL WILLIAMS
     passed. Over the course of his career, he mentored no fewer than     ing time with family; part-time consulting work.
     eight people who went on to top fiscal positions at other
                                                                          He Said It: “I’m glad for the opportunity to finish
     University System schools. At Macon State, Youmans was instru-
                                                                          up my career at Macon State. This institution has
     mental in the college’s construction boom of the past decade
                                                                          come a long way, and its best years are still to
     and its transformation into one of the most picturesque and
     well-kept campuses in Georgia. Though his heart sank
     when he saw how many campus trees the tornados of 2008
     uprooted, he declared it a temporary setback and went
     about the business of restoring what was lost. Youmans
     built up and strengthened Macon State’s auxiliary services
     – bookstore, food services, etc. – and has kept the college
     on sound financial footing through the worst economy in
     decades. His parting gift is the business leadership role he
     played in acquiring student housing, the college’s next big
     milestone. As is the case on most campuses, the majority
     of Macon State students do not know who the head bean
     counter is. But Levy Youmans’s influence on the quality of
     their education has been immeasurable, just as it will be
     for generations of students to come.

Spring 2010                                                                                 MACON STATE TODAY                15
                  Play Ball                                   MACON STATE FIELDS ITS
                                                              FIRST BASEBALL CLUB TEAM

                                                       by Sheron Smith

         .             Mitchell missed playing baseball.
                       A standout infielder at his high
                       school, Trinity Christian in Dublin,
     Mitchell played a year at Brewton-Parker College
                                                                      Unlike varsity athletics, club teams are not
                                                                completely financed by their schools and have no
                                                                affiliation with NCAA conferences. Club sports, which
                                                                many colleges and universities offer, differ from
     before transferring to Macon State in 2008. Although       intramural athletics, however, in that club teams
     he knew the college offered no baseball of any kind,       compete against club teams of other schools.
     not even pickup games in the fields on the north                 This spring, Macon State competed against club
     end of campus, Mitchell saw no reason it had to stay       teams from Emory University, Furman University,
     that way.                                                  UT Chattanooga, and East Georgia College. The club’s
          That is how he became founding president of           “home” field was at Macon’s Ed DeFore Sports
     Macon State’s first official baseball club.                Complex.
                                                                      Many colleges without varsity sports find club
     “I knew there were probably a lot of
                                                                teams a good way to create athletic rivalries with other
      guys here who love baseball and                           schools. It also gives students who competed in high
      would want to play,” said Mitchell, 20,                   school but were not necessarily college-level varsity
      a sophomore majoring in history. “We                      material the chance to keep playing.
      all wanted a chance to compete and                              Take Devon Crouse, 21, a Macon State sophomore
      have some fun, too.”                                      majoring in business management.

         Crouse played shortstop for the Westside High
     baseball team and thought his playing days were over
     once he graduated.
    “I love being part of the baseball
     club,” he said. “The competition is
     pretty good and it’s fun to travel.”
          Mitchell founded the baseball club as an affiliate of
     the National Club Baseball Association, a national
     governing body for collegiate club baseball.
          Like other approved college clubs, the baseball
     club receives funding from Macon State’s Student Life
     office, but it is not enough to pay for full uniforms and
     lodging for away games. To pay for those things, club
     members hold fundraisers (such as car washes) and
     pay dues. The club also gets ticket sale proceeds from
     each game.
          Also like other Macon State organizations, the
     baseball club is required to have faculty advisors.
          Math professors and baseball fans Dr. Steven
     Wallace and Dr. Jeremy Aikin agreed to serve as the
     advisors. They attend all the games in uniform,
     supervise club members on road trips, and help
     Mitchell, who is essentially the team’s player-coach.
          Also per Macon State rules, any student in good
     standing can become a member of the club without
     actually being a player. Active players have to try out to
     demonstrate they can play the game.
          Mitchell’s passion for organizing and maintaining
     the club has paid off. In 2009, the team placed second
     in the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Fall
     Invitational Tournament for club baseball teams. Early
     this spring, the club was playing in the NCBA Division
     2 World Series and boasting more than 500 fans on its
     Facebook page.
          With the introduction of residence life to Macon
     State, baseball club fans are hoping the team’s success
     will lead to the development of other club sports and
     perhaps, eventually, a return to varsity athletics.
          As Crouse said, “I’d like to see the club as some-
     thing that, sports-wise, Macon State can build around.”
                                                                    History major J.P. Mitchell is the founding president of the
                                                                    baseball club. Photos by Maryann Bates
    The 2010 Macon State College Baseball Club
     Michael Avery            Austin Duckworth         J.P. Mitchell        Jake Wood                  Advisors:
     Brandon Byram            Patrick Goodman          Kody Patrick         Joey Wood                  Dr. Jeremy Aikin
     Devon Crouse             Adam Hamlin              Tyler Sailors                                   Dr. Steve Wallace
     Daniel Daniels           Joey Jones               Kurt Thornburg

Spring 2010                                                                                      MACON STATE TODAY                 17
                 Student African
              American Brotherhood
                  Offers Support
               to Young Black Men
                  at Macon State
                                                        by Sheron Smith

     [K]            enneth Jordan is determined to beat the
                    odds that so often seem stacked against
                    young African American men.
           At age 26, he has left behind a past of hard chal-
                                                                      Jordan and about 15 other African American
                                                                 young men enrolled at Macon State are getting that
                                                                 encouragement and other forms of support through a
                                                                 new club called the Student African American
      lenges and some bad choices, including dropping out        Brotherhood.
      of high school, to pursue his bachelor’s degree in busi-        The club is affiliated with the African American
      ness at Macon State College.                               Male Initiative of the University System of Georgia,
                                                                 which is trying to address the lower levels of college
     “The past that I came from didn’t                           enrollment among black men as compared to other
                                                                 demographic groups.
      value education or think it was cool,”
                                                                      Although their numbers have been growing in
      Jordan said. “So when you make a
                                                                 recent years thanks to targeted initiatives, African
      decision that goes against what your                       American males made up just 8 percent of the com-
      peers are doing or saying you should                       bined enrollment of all 35 schools in the University
      do, the thing you need most is                             System as of fall 2008.

   Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, founder of the national Student African American Brotherhood, talks to members of Macon State’s chapter at a
   recent training session. Advisors for the college chapter are Kevin Reid, Dr. David Fuller, Don Brown, Yolanda Dodson-Petty, and Ruth
   Hagemann. Photos by Sheron Smith

                                                                            For starters, three of the five club advisors are
     Currently, African American men make                              African American male faculty or professional staff
     up about 8 percent of Macon State’s                               members of Macon State. Their involvement gives club
     enrollment of 6,600.                                              members something many of them have had little of:
                                                                       the influence of professionally successful African
          The well-chronicled reasons black men are so                 American men.
     underrepresented in higher education include lack of                   In fact, Jordan – who works full-time as a manag-
     academic preparation, fewer role models, and cultural             er with the college’s custodial services contractor - said
     pressures. A recent USA Today article noted that edu-             his decision to work toward a degree is due to the
     cators “describe a constant battle against two                    encouragement of club advisor Kevin Reid, Macon
     poisonous ideas: that black men can't succeed, or that            State’s director of auxiliary services.
     if they do they are somehow less than genuine.”                        Darren Oliver, 24, a junior majoring in public
          At Macon State, the Student African American                 service, is president of Macon State’s SAAB chapter. He
     Brotherhood, or SAAB, is trying to address those                  agrees role models are important but he also points to
     issues in a number of ways that involve academic and              the club’s other activities. Those include connecting
     social support.                                                   SAAB members to resources to help them succeed
                                                                                                                Article continues

Spring 2010                                                                                              MACON STATE TODAY                 19
                                                                                                                                      PHOTO BY SHERON SMITH
     Darren Oliver is the founding president of Macon State’s Student African American Brotherhood chapter. A public service major,
     his career goal is to become a school counselor.

       academically, manage their personal finances, and               Student Support Services office and one of SAAB’s
       provide service to the community.                               advisors, said the percentage of African American
                                                                       males who graduate from Macon State within six years
     “We are a network of people who                                   of their initial enrollment is “dismal,” about one or
      support each other,” he said. “It’s                              two percent.
      important that we work together                                       Oliver wants to do his part to improve those
      and help each other so we don’t                                  numbers, not just at Macon State but after he gradu-
      feel we are doing this alone.”                                   ates. He hopes to become a school counselor and work
                                                                       one-on-one with students, including African American
            The ultimate goal of SAAB is to help attract more          young men and boys.
       African American males to college and, once they are                 “I know personally how much it means to see
       there, help see them through to graduation.                     somebody who looks like you telling you what you
            Yolanda Dodson-Petty, director of the college’s            need to do to succeed,” he said.

                        For more information about Macon State SAAB, contact Darren Oliver at
       or Yolanda Dodson-Petty at

                 M A CO N   S TAT E   CO L L E G E   F O U N D AT I O N


                                             2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Spring 2010                                               MACON STATE TODAY   21
                                                                                             Dedicated to improving the lives of people in Central Georgia
                                                                                             by enabling Macon State to achieve extraordinary results, the
                                                                                             Macon State College Foundation has served its community
                                                                                             and the College since 1969.
                    Dr. David A. Bell       President, Macon State College

         Macon State College Foundation Board of Trustees–2009
                                                                                                                                              100 College Station Drive
                    James B. Patton         CHAIRMAN                                                                                           Macon, GA 31206-5145
                                            Managing Partner and CEO, Patton Albertson & Miller, LLC
                                                                                                                                                   (478) 471-2732
                    J. Blake Sullivan       VICE CHAIRMAN                                                                                        Fax (478) 471-2846
                                            President, Sullivan Forestry Consultants, Inc.                                        

           Mary S. Edenfield Gibbs          SECRETARY
                                                                                                                                        Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
               Levy G. Youmans, Jr.         TREASURER
                                            Vice President for Fiscal Affairs, Macon State College
                                                                                                                                  Sue B. Chipman       Associate Vice President
             Waddell Barnes, M.D.           Retired Physician
                                                                                                                                      Beth T. Byers    Director of Development
                       David A. Bell        President, Macon State College
                                                                                                                                   Wendy A. Clark      Development Coordinator
                 Charles W. Bishop          Retired
                                                                                                                              Carolyn A. Flanders      Secretary
                    Sue B. Chipman          Executive Director, Macon State College Foundation
                                                                                                                                 Jessica L. Johnson    Development Coordinator
                A. Donald Faulk, Jr.        President and CEO, Central Georgia Health Systems                                                          Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens
                                            and The Medical Center of Central Georgia
                                                                                                                                   Amanda L. Neff      Accounting Assistant
                 F. Dewayne Foskey          Owner and President, Children’s Friend, Inc.
                                                                                                                                   Evelyn B. Salter    Development Services Coordinator
              Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.        CEO, H2 Capital, Inc.

                    Dwight C. Jones         President, Ocmulgee Fields, Inc.
                                                                                                                           Macon State College Foundation is a non-profit corpo-
                     David S. Lanier        Regional President, BB&T Mid-South Region
                                                                                                                           ration committed to stewardship, integrity, excellence,
            Charlotte E. McMullan           CPA, McMullan and McMullan, LLP                                                philanthropy, education and advocacy on behalf of
                Stephen A. Reichert         Retired                                                                        Macon State College. With diligent and thoughtful
                                                                                                                           direction from the Central Georgia leaders that
                  Ronnie D. Rollins         CEO, Community Health Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                                           embody our volunteer Board of Trustees, the
                   James A. Vaughn          Attorney, Vaughn, Wright & Boyer, LLP                                          Foundation supports Macon State’s mission by raising ,
                     Trustees Emeriti                                                                                      investing and distributing private dollars to help fund
                                                                                                                           scholarships, classroom and campus enhancements,
              Robert F. Hatcher, Sr.        President and CEO, MidCountry Financial Corporation
                                                                                                                           faculty programs, staff initiatives, capital needs and
                  Charles H. Jones †        Former Chairman and CEO, Ocmulgee Fields, Inc.                                 collaborative community projects.
                 Buckner F. Melton          Attorney, Sell & Melton, LLP

                                                                     College Support & Enhancement
      $500,000                            1 million                            1.5 million                     2 million                        2.5 million                          3 million

                           $678,414                                   $490,899                       $397,415                   $447,142                           $473,827
                                2005                                         2006                        2007                        2008                             2009

                                                           $2,487,697 invested in 5 years
     This publication lists the individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations that made financial or in-kind contributions to the Macon State College Foundation for the period January 1,
     2009 – December 31, 2009. Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of this report and any errors or omissions that may have been made are entirely unintentional. Please advise the
     Macon State College Foundation of corrections or changes by phone (478) 471-2732 or email

22       MACON STATE TODAY                                                                                          Macon State College Foundation Annual Report
       The Summit Society                                              Donors whose cumulative lifetime gifts total $100,000 or more

       AT&T Foundation | Eugene Alvarez* | BB&T • David S. Lanier | The Billy and Bobby Stevens Foundation • Brenton P. Thurston
       |   Central Georgia Health System • A. Donald Faulk, Jr. | Charles H. Jones Family Foundation | Cherokee Brick and Tile Company
       |   City of Warner Robins | Coliseum Health System • P. Allen Golson | Mary A. & John D. Comer | Community Foundation
       of Central Georgia | E. J. Grassmann Trust • William V. Engel | Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hatcher, Sr. | Betsy & Robbo Hatcher |
       The James H. Porter Charitable Trust, SunTrust Bank • W. Stephens Lamb, Jr. | JET Fund of Community Foundation of Central Georgia
       |   The Peyton Anderson Foundation, Inc. | Robins Federal Credit Union Board of Directors | SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia •
       James A. Manley, III | University System of Georgia

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2009 Donors
       The Founders’ Society                                                   Donors who contribute $10,000 or more annually
       13 WMAZ • Jeff C. Dudley | Eugene Alvarez* | The Billy & Bobby Stevens Foundation • Brenton P. Thurston |
       Boeing-Macon • Reed D. Morren | Cherokee Brick & Tile Company | Chris R. Sheridan & Co. • Chris R. Sheridan, Jr. |
       Coca-Cola Company • Jeff Shinholster | Community Foundation of Central Georgia | Community Health Systems • Sherri &
       Ronnie Rollins | E. J. Grassmann Trust • William V. Engel | Betsy & Robbo Hatcher | Robert F. Hatcher, Sr. | Houston
       Healthcare • Grady W. (Skip) Philips, III | The James H. Porter Charitable Trust • SunTrust Bank, W. Stephens Lamb, Jr. |
       Kaiser Permanente • Gloria Kemp | Macon Civic Club • Hughes Pinson | Parrish Construction Group, Inc. • Dave Cyr

       The President’s Circle                                          Donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually
       GOLD CIRCLE: $5,000-$9,999 | Byrd & Company LLC • Mark Byrd | Mary A. & John D. Comer | Dixie Crow Chapter – AOC Educational
       Foundation            |       Flint Energies Foundation, Inc. • Carol Glasgow                          |    GEICO • Shawn A. Burklin                               |    JET Fund of Community Foundation of Central
       Georgia       |       MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union • Claude E. Garrett                                             |    Hansa & Manoj Shah                           |          The Telegraph • George McCanless                             |
       University System of Georgia Foundation, Inc.                               |       Wachovia Bank • Scott C. Sapp                     |      One donor wishes to remain anonymous                                         |       SILVER CIRCLE:
       $2,500-$4999 | Burgess Pigment Company • Malcolm S. Burgess, Jr. | The Elam Alexander Trust • J. Ellsworth Hall, III | Georgia Power
       Company • Thomas J. Wicker                    |   Howard, Moore, McDuffie, P.C. • Samuel A. McDuffie                                             |       Jack’s Creek Tree Farm • Mark D. Batchelor                                 |       L. E.
       Schwartz & Son, Inc. • Melvin & Steve Kruger                            |       Lamar Advertising • Chris Story                       |    Larry W. Moore                      |        Nottingham, Brook & Pennington, Inc. •
       Charlie E. Pennington             |      Rose & Anthony* Patti                  |     Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.                           |        SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia • James A. Manley, III                                              |
       Wal-Mart Foundation • Brad Fisher                         |    WGXA TV 24 • Keith True                      |   Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Georgia Foundation                                                   |    Mr.* & Mrs.* Levy G.
       Youmans, Jr. |                BRONZE CIRCLE: $1,000-$2,499 | 13WMAZ and Gannett Foundation | Albert J. Abrams* | Aramark Corporation •
       Erich H. Geiger           |     Armstrong World Industries, Inc. • Karl E. Christianson                               |       Waddell Barnes, M.D.                         |        Lynne & David* A. Bell                    |
       Bibb Erection/World Steel, Inc. • Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Parham                                     |   Butler Automotive Group, Inc. • G. Marshall Butler                                                |       Beth* & Bill Byers          |
       Children’s Friend, Inc. • F. Dewayne Foskey                        |     Sandra E. & Homer N. Childs                          |    Sue* & Ron Chipman                              |       Coliseum Health System • P. Allen Golson

       |   Dr. Rebecca Corvey*                   |   Cumulus Broadcasting • John Rodriguez                             |     Steve Davis*               |           Roger G. Dixon*                    |       Mary S. Donovan & John P.* Cole                             |

       William H. Epps, Jr.              |      Merry & Don Faulk              |       Barbara T. Frizzell*            |     Griffith Family Charitable Foundation • Benjamin W. Griffith, III                                                     |
       Mike Hale*        |           Mr. & Mrs. Jack Harshbarger                   |       Information Distribution & Marketing, Inc. • Gary Martin                                                |       Myra* & Craig Jackson
       |   Jackson Automotive Group • James L. Jackson, Jr.                                 |       Ralph A. Johnson             |       Alex A. Koohang*                     |   Eleanor A. Lane                      |   David S. Lanier                 |

       Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Leebern, Jr.                     |       Macon State College School of Arts and Sciences                                        |       Macon State College School of Business                                |        MaconPower

       • Daniel D. Gibson, Jr.              |    Charles R. Matson*                |       Mr. & Mrs. William M. Matthews                          |        Lynn W. McCraney*                          |       Charlotte E. & V. Fain McMullan                             |
       McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co.                               |    Dee B. Minter *            |       Monroe County Bank • William E. Bazemore, Sr.                                                |     Pam & Joe R. Nemec                    |

       Nichols, Cauley & Associates, LLC • Marlan L. Nichols                                    |    Mr. & Mrs. James B. Patton                     |       Raymond A. Pippin                          |       Pyles Plumbing & Utility Contractors,
       Inc. • S. Brent Pyles            |       Mr.* & Mrs. Jack H. Ragland                     |    Stephen A. Reichert                 |       Jo hn F. Rogers, Jr.                     |       Dallas J. Roper & Christopher C.* Tsavatewa

       |   Sam’s Club #8225 • Vondetta Raines                         |       SCANA Energy Marketing, Inc. • Helen Stembridge                                         |       F. Tredway Shurling                     |    Jimmy Spinks                |
       Dr.* & Mrs. Jeffrey V. Stewart, III               |       Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Central Georgia • Denise P. Bickford                                                 |           Dr. Varkey K.* & Mrs. Soosamma Titus                                 |

       Trusco Capital Management • Doug Hickman                                |       James A. Vaughn             |       Martha L. Venn*                      |    Tim Vick*                |     Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #1076 •
       Tracy Smith       |       Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #3750 • T. Jason Metts                                 |       Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #5482 • Damon Manning                                                  |       Erin & William*
       Weaver     |      WMGT-TV • Derek Brown                        |       Two donors wish to remain anonymous

                                                                                                                                                                                      * Current or Retired Faculty and Staff                                       † Deceased

Spring 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                     MACON STATE TODAY                                              23
     The Blue and Gold Club                                                                           Donors who contribute $100 to $999 annually                                                         |       SCHOLARS’ CLUB: $500-$999 | Bruce A.
     Applewhite* |                        Armstrong Foundation • Janice E. Biagio                                                        |       Central Bank of Georgia                                      |       Wendy A. Clark*                             |        Combined Federal Campaign                                                   |
     Kevin S. Floyd*                      |       Dr. Lorraine Pearsall Fox* & Dr. Joseph J. Popson, III*                                                                       |          Ashley E. Frizzell                      |       Kay G. Gatins*                        |       Geotechnical &
     Environmental Consultants Inc. • Thomas E. Driver                                                               |        Charles W. Harnsberger *                                          |        Van & Terry Henderson                                    |        Hudson & Marshall • Ben G. Hudson
     |   Harriet R. Jardine*                            |   Jessica L. Johnson*                              |       Dr. Harry G. McAlum*                                          |        Pella S. Murphy*                           |       Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Neff                                            |    Office Services
     Company of Macon, Inc. • Dana D. Heard                                                           |    Tommy C. Olmstead                                   |       Blanche S. Presley* |                                       Regions Bank • Hughes Pinson |                                                        Riverside Ford
     Lincoln Mercury • Terry Tiller                                 |     Stephen M. Rosenberg                                           |       Megan E. Salter |                                  Patricia B. Simmons* |                                        Vivian Simmons |                                   SP Design Group •

     Larry N. Pope |                      Helen & Guy Starling                                |       Nancy P. Stroud* |                                  Debbie B. Thornley*                                  |       Ryan T. Tucker * |                                  Colonel (USAF)(Ret.) Thomas W.
     Waugh*           |         Pamela J. & Charles H. Wysowski                                              |       One donor wishes to remain anonymous                                                                  |       HONORS CLUB: $100-$499 | Katherine D.
     Adams*         |         Virgil L. Adams                   |       Connie E. Adkins*                            |        Charlie F. Aiken*                        |        Sharon B. Aiken*                           |       Stephany S. Archibald*                                |       Pamela Arlov*                         |       Janet L.

     Arrington          |       Jeanette S.* & Marvin E. Arrington, Jr.                                              |       Emily M. Arthmann                              |          Vivian E. Austin*                       |       Dr. Donna P. Balding*                             |           Barbara S. Ball                    |          Mr. &

     Mrs. Thomas L. Bass                          |     Oliver C. Bateman                             |     Bates Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc. • Thomas H. Bates, Jr.                                                                             |       Eloise Beard              |       Jan C. Beeland                        |       Sandra

     W. Bevill*           |         Denise & Alan Bickford                            |       Angelica & Dr. David* Biek                                   |       Patricia A. Borck*                             |       James M. Bouvia                          |       Dr. Patrick S. Brennan*                                 |       Benetta &

     Michael Brown                    |       The Honorable S. Phillip Brown                                     |           Karen B. Bryan*                       |       Dr. Lynne B. Bryan*                             |       Burgess Carpet Center, Inc. • Paul P. Ward                                                          |       Jeff C.

     Burne*       |         Dr. Dan Callahan                        |    Ron D. Carbon                           |       Darlene D. Carson*                             |          Yunsuk Chae*                       |     Keith W. Charles                           |    Adrienne Chatfield*                                |       Debra K.

     Chavanne             |       Wini & Guy Cheatham                             |           Carol S. Cheshire*                          |       Gail B. Childress                         |        Brian B. Chipman*                             |        Erika C. Clark*                  |           Commercial Furnishings,

     Inc. • Bruce Johnson                         |     Clyde Conine*                     |           Core Management Resources Group, Inc. • Tom O. Wagoner                                                                               |           Edward W. Corson*                             |       Mary Irene Couch                              |

     Kelly J. Crawford                    |       Manerva Z. Daniels*                             |       Alicia Bailey David*                        |    David L. Davis, Jr.*                            |          Mr.* & Mrs. Parker F. Davis                                |       Defense Management

     Associates, LLC • William E. Pitts                                  |        Marcella A. Diaz*                           |          Priscilla T. Douglas                          |        Janice & Ralph Drury                               |        Rosemary B. Dumas*                               |       Dunwody/Beeland

     Architects, Inc. • Eugene C. Dunwody, Sr.                                            |           Susan Durr, Ph.D.*                         |    Margaret P. Easterlin*                                  |       The Easterlin Family                             |    Dr. Ellis W. Evans, Sr.                            |           Federated

     Garden Clubs of Macon, Inc. • Julie Groce                                                |        Carol E. Ferrell*                      |      Carolyn A.* & Jack W. Flanders                                            |       James E. Floyd*                      |    Dr. & Mrs.* Brad N. Ford                                          |

     Marcia S. Freeman                        |       Sirena S. Fritz*                |           Dr. & Mrs. David P. Fuller*                              |           Judy C. Genone                         |       Amy & Peyton Glore                               |     Ed Gowen*                       |           Nikki Graham*

     |   Dr. G. Kathleen Grant*                             |       Debbie A. Greene*                            |       Nancy* & Steve* Greene                                        |        Cindy & Bill Gresham                               |        Dorothy H. Grizzle                       |       Ruth M. Hagemann*

     |   Hall, Bloch, Garland & Meyer, LLP • J. Patrick Meyer, Jr.                                                                |       Terry R. Hamilton*                               |        Tom C. Harrison*                           |           Martha S. Hartness                        |       Dana & Milton Heard

     |   William Hervey*                          |     Rita M. Higgins                       |       Dr. Chris Hill*                    |        Sumitra Himangshu*                                 |     Brenda F. Hogan*                                 |    Jonnie K. Holloway                              |       Alice A. House                        |
     Joan B. Huffman*                         |       Dr.* & Mrs. Jack L. Hutcheson                                  |        Barbara E. Hutto*                            |        Lynn Ingle*                   |       Jackson Springs Garden Club • Nell B. Olliff                                                         |       Connie L.

     Jenkins*       |         Annie & Frank Jones                        |        June Dull Jones*                           |       Dr. Violet R. Jones*                              |       Jane B. Jossey                  |       The Junior Woman’s Volunteer Network of Macon                                                                       |

     KEG Realtors, Inc. • Kevin E. Greer                                     |        Dr. Sheree Keith*                          |        Dr. Robert A. Kelly*                              |       Alvester L. Kizzie                     |           Teresa Kochera MSN, RN, PCCN*                                               |       Steven L.

     Kruger     |         Mark T. Lawler                    |       Karmen J. Lenz*                         |        Betsy Lerner & Kevin* Cantwell                                             |     M. Ann Levett*                           |       Raymond J. Lightner*                              |       Dee Lindsey*                          |
     Patti J. Little*             |       Laureen L. Lowman*                              |       Ann E. Loyd*                       |       Lt. Colonel Art S. MacDonald USAF (Ret.)                                                          |       Shirley H. & James R.* Macklin                                      |       Macon

     Communications Inc. • John W. McCall                                             |           Richard L. Malone*                             |    Dr.* & Mrs. Andrew M. Manis                                              |       Jeff A. Marshall*                     |       Emogene M. Martin*                                    |

     Marsha S. Massey                         |       Dr. Debra Holmes Matthews*                                     |        Jean & Ed McDowell                                |          Miriam J. McEver                        |       Carol Willcox Melton*                                 |       Teri Miller*                  |

     W. Mark Mitchell                     |       Dr. Larry Mobley*                        |          Sheriff & Mrs. Jerry Modena                                  |        Beth & Charles Moore                                   |       Mary K. Morris*                       |       Holly T. Morrison*                                |       Gail &

     Clay* Morton                   |         Benita K. Muth*                 |           R. Anthony Narsing*                                |       Nextran Corporation • David Bennett                                                   |           Ulysses Oates, Jr.                    |       Dr. & Mrs. Charles L.

     Ogburn, Jr.            |         Harry G. Papagan*                       |       Robin C. Parkerson*                                 |       Judy A. Parks*                       |        Mary M. Parrish*                           |       Kim & Terry Paulk                         |       Dr. & Mrs. Rush Abbott

     Peace    |       Renee Pearman*                            |       Cameron Pennybacker                                  |       Billy Wayne Perry                          |          Lt. Colonel Mark W. Pierce*                                      |     William E. Pitts                       |       Bob Polhamus                          |

     Dr.* & Mrs. Michael W. Poole                               |       David A. Portwood                                |       Mary Jo B. Purser*                            |        Sherree M. Quackenbush                                         |     Carolyn K. Rath*                        |       Mr. & Mrs. Albert P.

     Reichert, Sr.            |         Theresa & Donald Rhodes                                   |       Laila J.* & W. Allen* Richman                                     |          Liz Riley*              |          Jimmie A. Robertson*                              |    Naomi Robertson*                                  |        Patricia

     Rodriguez            |         Linda & Gary Rogers                       |           William C. Rooks                           |       Vince J. Rossano                          |        Versie J. Rouse*                   |       Jeannie S. Ruggerio*                              |       Frank E. Ryerson, III*                                |

     Vickie J. Ryles              |       Patti W. Sadosky*                       |       Terry Sanders*                         |       Starlar L. Sanford*                            |       Santee Partners LP • John Houser                                            |    Loleta D. Sartin*                             |       John A.

     Saunders, Jr.              |       Tom R. Sawicki*                   |       Nanette B. Sayles*                              |          Securian • Chris Greene                                 |        Margaret A. Shannon & Stephen W.* Taylor                                                           |        Laurie J. Shaw*

     |   Dawn A. Sherry*                          |     Trip Shinn*               |           Mrs. William P. Simmons                                 |        David S. Sims*                         |       Debra Slagle*                        |        Sheron Smith*                    |        Terry J. Smith*                      |

     William B. Smith                     |       Southern Trust Insurance Company • John Houser                                                            |          Southland Waste Systems of Georgia • Palmer N. Rolfes                                                                          |          Dr. R. Spaid*                     |

     Dolores L.* & Martin E. Sparrow, Jr.                                    |        Specialty Power Windows • Robby Whitehead                                                                  |       Richard S. Spiers*                            |        Dr.* & Mrs. E. Michael Staman                                      |        Brian J.

     Stanley*         |         State Farm Insurance • Eddie Causey                                              |       State Farm Insurance • Larry L. Cowart                                                       |     Courtney C. Stephens*                                |       Thomas E. Stevens*                                    |
      J. Michael Stewart*                         |    Alan A. Stines*                    |           Barbara & Larry* Stinson                             |           Gayle E. Stokes*                           |       Summit Commercial Services, Inc.                                            |          Eric L. Sun*                  |

     Surgical Associates • Dr. Virgle W. McEver, III                                                  |     Bethany L. Sutton                          |       Amy & Troy Tarpley                              |       Benjamin B. Tate*                              |     Cheryl & Jim Taylor                            |       TeleDevices

24   MACON STATE TODAY                                                                                                                                                                                         Macon State College Foundation Annual Report
      • Chet Lowe |                    Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Temple                                      |    Lucille Lewis Thomas                           |         Darrell W. Thompson*                                       |        Lauren Bowen Train*                                   |       Menlia M. & Robert T.*

      Trammell              |    William E. Upton*                               |     Diane S. Vann                  |        Vasile & Associates, Inc. • Tony Vasile                                               |       David A. Vogel*                           |       Lynn D. Waits*                          |        Xubo Lily Wang*

      |   Jim H. Wansley                       |       Mary* & Jay Wearn                           |        Genevieve* & Emory Whitaker                                      |       Donna G. White*                                  |        Joseph M. White, Jr.*                                |     Jerry L. Williams*                         |
      Martha A. Wilson*                        |       Dr. Mary D. Wilson*                              |    Carey Wimberly*                           |    Dr. Mary Dwyer Wolfe*                                        |        Janet* & Paul Woods, Jr.                                      |       Edra S. Wrye                   |

      Dr. N. C. Yang*                  |       Youmans Chevrolet • George E. Youmans, Jr.                                                         |     Monica M. Young-Zook*                                        |       Eleven donors wish to remain anonymous

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Annual Campaign

      FRIENDS: Contributions of $1-$99 annually |                                                             Abbott Laboratories Fund • Roy Kaplan                                              |       Patricia B. Allrid                        |       Bobbye W. Anderson                                 |        Susan* & Jimmy*

      Anderson           |        Jan Andrews                |           Wanda J. Andrews                     |           Jill M. Armstrong                 |         Tina K. Ashford*                       |           AT&T Foundation Matching Gift Program                                                        |        Marsha C. Baisden

      |   Julia & Cecil Baldwin, Jr.                        |        Angela D. Balkcom                        |           Teresa Y. Ballard                 |        Jacqueline B. Barnes                            |       Julie Barnes*                  |          Annette L. Barnette                            |        James A. Bass             |
      Gilbert J. Bateman                   |        Paul R. Beliveau                    |         Jennifer R. Bell                |        Maritza Bell-Corrales*                        |       Maureen T. Bennett                                |       Crystal Brooke Bentzel                                 |        Beverly H.

      Bergman*              |        Jessica N. Berryhill*                       |      Betty K. Bickford                     |        Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Bill                         |           Carol L. Bird*                        |       Sylvia H. Black                  |            LaShonda N. Blake                          |       Carol J.

      Bloodworth*                |        G. Michele Bloodworth                             |       Boeing Gift Matching Program • Roy Kaplan                                                |        Gerry Hall Bolen                             |    Cherie L. Boston                             |       Earl J. Bowen                  |       K.

      Gayle Braden               |        Jana P. Bradshaw                        |      Dottie B. Brady                   |       Mildred L. Brantley                       |       Heather L. Braun*                                |        Mary W. Brigmond                             |        Ervin Briones*                    |        Gaston

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Spring 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             MACON STATE TODAY                                                      25
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26   MACON STATE TODAY                                                                                                                                                                                              Macon State College Foundation Annual Report
      Consolidated Statement                                            Year ended December 31, 2009

      of Activities                                                          Temporarily      Permanently
                                                         Unrestricted         Restricted       Restricted       Total

      Revenues, Gains and Other Support
        Contributions                                    $292,229           $227,914          $222,506        $742,649
        Contributed services                               25,225                  -                 -          25,225
        Investment income, net                            150,144              9,044                 -         159,188
        Net realized and unrealized gain (loss)
         on investments                                    852,800            164,734                  -      1,017,534
        Net realized loss on sale of land
          held for investment                                    -             (4,061)               -           (4,061)
        Property reimbursement                                   -              27,796               -            27,796
                                                         1,320,398            425,427          222,506        1,968,331

         Net assets released from restrictions
          Restrictions satisfied by payments               486,094          (486,094)                  -                                         -

      Total Revenues, Gains and Other Support            1,806,492           (60,667)          222,506        1,968,331

        Program services
           Scholarships                                    161,068                    -                -       161,068
           College support and enhancement                 473,827                    -                -       473,827
                                                           634,895                    -                -       634,895

        Supporting services
          Foundation administration                         53,068                    -                -        53,068
          Fundraising                                       76,522                    -                -        76,522
                                                           129,590                    -                -       129,590

      Total Expenses                                       764,485                    -                -       764,485

      Change in Net Assets                               1,042,007           (60,667)          222,506        1,203,846

      Net Assets - Beginning                             (654,278)            565,873       6,306,082         6,217,677

      Net Assets - Ending                                $387,729           $505,206       $6,528,588       $7,421,523

      Consolidated Statement
                                                                                                                   These statements are excerpts from an independent audit of the financial
                                                                                                                   records of Macon State College Foundation, Inc. The audit was conducted
                                                                                                                   by Howard, Moore & McDuffie, P. C. A complete report is available in the
                                                                                       December 31, 2009
      of Financial Position
                                                                                                                   Macon State College Office of Development and Alumni Affairs.
                                                           Liabilities and Net Assets
        Assets                                             Liabilities
        Cash and cash equivalents,                         Accounts payable                         $51,462
         unrestricted                         $9,087       Scholarships payable                      85,372
        Cash and cash equivalents,                         Accrued interest payable                     425
         restricted                          478,559       Note payable                             120,000
        Certificates of deposits             204,256       Total Liabilities                        257,259
        Interest receivable                      653
        Acccounts receivable                   3,670       Net Assets
        Unconditional promises to give, net 185,445        Unrestricted
        Cash surrender value                                Undesignated                           (12,271)
         of life insurance                    36,395        Designated                              400,000
        Investments                        6,454,895       Temporarily restricted                   505,206
        Land held for investment             305,822       Permanently restricted                 6,528,588
                                                           Total Net Assets                       7,421,523

        Total Assets                        $7,678,782     Total Liabilities and Net Assets      $7,678,782

Spring 2010                                                                                      MACON STATE TODAY                                                                            27
                                       2009-2010 Scholarships Awarded

     Presidential Scholars

     Charles H. Jones Family           Amanda L. Phillips              Hattie Elizabeth            PATHWAYS
     Foundation Presidential           Sarah Elaine Poupard            Wilder Endowed              Laura S. Garner
     Erika Lynn Fawbush                Marshall C. Rhoades             Catherine Rondo Sands       Victoria Keilandra Herriott
                                       Shealey Renae Stafford                                      Sarah E. Ver Steeg
     Coca-Cola Presidential            Aaron Michael Taube             James R. Couch
     Amanda Lynne Hammonds             Rory Andrew Taylor              Memorial Nursing            Phi Theta Kappa Sparbel
                                       Jan Marie Turner                Justine C. Duru             Amanda Rae Causey
     James T. Bass, Jr. Memorial
     Presidential                      Billy Lee Kimbrel Memorial      Jay Ragland Memorial        Respiratory Therapy
     Lila Helena Castellano            Endowed                         Katie Elizabeth Land        Samantha Jade Szilagyi
                                       Rebecca Perkins Giles                                       Andrell Denise Taylor
     Macon State College                                               Jo Hammond Memorial
     Foundation Presidential           Bobbye B. Singley Memorial      Elizabeth Lois Wilson       Shah Family Education
     Vallie Byron Collins              Eric Clifton Davis                                          Elisa Veronica Acevedo
     Rebecca A. Holcomb                                                Joan B. Huffman Women’s     Moises Beltran, Jr.
     Matthew O’Gorman                  Community Foundation            Caucus                      Victoria Keilandra Herriott
     Taylor Shaun Phelps               of Central Georgia              Laura S. Garner             Erin Kristina Lewis
     Megan Christine Seyl              Katie Elizabeth Land                                        Sarah E. Ver Steeg
     Kimberly Paige Walker                                             Joe E. Timberlake, III
                                       David R. Adams Memorial         Endowed                     Sharon McManus Memorial
     The Peyton Anderson               Scholarship in Information      Katie Elizabeth Land        Angela Lyn Wampler
     Foundation Endowed                Technology
     Presidential                      Akil J. Brooks                  John B. Harris Memorial     Stephen R. Portch
     Faatima Ally                                                      Catherine Rondo Sands       Study Abroad Endowed
     Joshua A. Deaton                  Dixie Crow Chapter-AOC                                      Melinda Sue Cook
     Jaimie Lynn Pearson               Educational Foundation          The Junior Woman’s          Lance S. Reid
     Mitchel R. Wachtel                William Stanley Blunk           Volunteer Network
                                       Brian Matthew Lee               of Macon Endowed            Tsavatewa-Roper Health
                                       Tiffany Elaine Richards         Laura S. Garner             and Human Services
                                       Vincent C. Vinson                                           Marissa Bess Cody
                                                                       Kaiser Permanente Nursing
      13WMAZ/Gannett                   Sondra Lynn Wiseniske
                                                                       Amanda Kourtney Floyd       University System
                                       Emory Greene Memorial                                       of Georgia Foundation
      Natalie Ann Dismuke                                              Louise Y. Lockhart
                                       Kody A. Stewart                                             Rhonda DeAnn Spillers
                                                                       Catherine Rondo Sands
      Addie Taylor
                                       Evelyn Toler Bickford                                       Wine and Spirits Wholesalers
      Foskey Endowed                                                   Macon Business and
                                       Memorial                                                    of Georgia Foundation
      Erica Rae Droese                                                 Professional Women’s Club
                                       Navatni Shantrel Webb                                       Mary Beth Frances Setsuko
                                                                       Amanda Kourtney Floyd       McConnell
      Anna M. Nemec Memorial
      William Anthony Andrew           Flint Energies Foundation
                                                                       Macon State College
      Edwards                          Jack Hunnicutt Memorial
                                                                       Foundation Study Abroad
                                       Andrew David Gutkowski
                                                                       Tracey Dione Baker
      Bill Elieson Scholarship         Kimberly Ann Hall
                                                                       William A. Edwards
      for Excellence in Information    Patrick Scott Lippert
                                                                       Carrie Ann Ginest
      Technology                       Sarah M. Pak
                                                                       Rebecca Leighann Kidd
      Luther James Hall, Jr.           Rebecca Lynn Swartz
                                                                       Amber Marie Pike
                                       Kristen Carol Thompson
                                                                       Justin Martel Williams
      The Billy and Bobby Stevens
      Foundation                       Gail Burdsall Cowan
                                                                       Mamie Scarborough
      Emily Marie Allmond              Gloria Jean Warren
                                                                       Burney Memorial Nursing
      Dustyn James Archer
                                       George F. Mayer Memorial        Gloria Jean Warren
      Cody Miller Avant
      Heather N. Clance                Kalie Taylor Matthews
                                                                       McNair, McLemore,
      Samantha J. Crawford                                             Middlebrooks & Co., LLP
                                       Georgia Power
      Kyndal B. Foster                                                 Elizabeth Lois Wilson
                                       Nashiba LaToria Brown
      Chad Ellis Gainey
                                       Kelsey R. Wade
      Victoria Alexandra Horton                                        MidSouth Federal
      Joshua Mark Ivey                                                 Credit Union
                                       Gwendolyn Sell Sorrell
      Wesley James Martin                                              Ruth Ann Ferrell Cline
                                       Study Abroad
      Gabriel C. Partain                                               Ryan John Patrick Rivard
                                       Devereaux Amber Lindsey

      M A CO N     S TAT E     CO L L E G E   F O U N D AT I O N    A N N U A L   R E P O R T

28   MACON STATE TODAY                                                            Macon State College Foundation Annual Report

                                          Gift                            by Wendy Clark

                              Retired history professor and Marine Corps veteran
                              Dr. Eugene Alvarez establishes scholarship

                                           arlier this year, the Macon State College
                                           Foundation announced the establishment
                                           of the Eugene Alvarez, PhD, Endowed
                                                                                        bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD, all in history. In 1973 he
                                                                                        joined the faculty of what is now Macon State, where
                                                                                        he remained for 22 years before retiring as a full
                                   Alvarez, a Macon State professor emeritus of              “Macon State College is proud to call Gene one of
                              history, created the endowment to recognize and           our own,” President David A. Bell told the crowd of
                              encourage the pursuit of education by honorably           current and former faculty, staff, alumni, and friends
                              discharged members of the United States Marine            at an event to honor Alvarez. “As a Marine, historian,
                              Corps.                                                    author, and educator, Gene has made an impact on the
                                   A highly decorated U.S. Marine, who served in the    lives of many. Today we recognize him as a philanthro-
                              Korean War and two tours as a drill instructor at         pist, and gratefully acknowledge his generous gift, one
                              Parris Island, Alvarez earned a high-school-equivalen-    that will benefit Macon State students in perpetuity.”
                              cy diploma and began his college career during his             For information on establishing a scholarship
                              military service. Just seven years after his honorable    through the Macon State College Foundation, visit
                              discharge in 1959, he had earned an associate’s, foundation/scholarships/.

                                                       Wendy Clark is development coordinator for Macon State College.

                         Spring 2010                                                                                     MACON STATE TODAY          29
      Macon State
       The Foundation Raises Funds to Restore
       the Campus Botanical Gardens

          by Jessica Johnson

     [T]           wo years ago a massive storm system hit Georgia’s
                   midstate. The aftermath was devastating, leaving few
                   residents unaffected. Macon State College was no
      exception. Though only one academic building suffered major
      damage, 90 percent of the campus tree canopy was lost, and the
      once magnificent Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens were nearly
      wiped out.
           The Macon State College Foundation is turning the loss into
      an exciting opportunity with the launch of the Re-Leaf Macon
      State Campaign to restore the botanical gardens. Funds raised
      during the campaign will be used to complete three
      phases of the gardens: restoration of the tree
      canopy, completion of the gardens around the
      academic buildings, and annual tree care and
      maintenance. While the campus remains a beautiful
      place, the campaign’s goal is to restore the unique
      landscape that inspired students and faculty and
      strengthened the character and value of Macon
      State in the community.
           For more information about the Re-Leaf
      Macon State Campaign, contact the Office of
      Development and Alumni Affairs at (478) 471-2732.

                     Jessica Johnson is development
                     coordinator for the Waddell Barnes
                     Botanical Gardens at Macon State.
                                                                  This is what the portion of campus behind the Student Life Center
                                                                  looked like in the immediate aftermath of the May 2008 tornados.

30   MACON STATE TODAY                                                    Macon State College Foundation Annual Report
              Supported by the Re-Leaf Campaign, Macon State is beginning to restore the campuswide Waddell Barnes
              Botanical Gardens. Photo by Shannon Archibald

                                                                                                  Campaign Cabinet

                       David S. Lanier                       Palmer N. Rolfes                     Joan B. Huffman
                       CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN                     CORPORATE GIFTS DIVISION             MAJOR GIFTS DIVISION
                       Regional President, Mid-South         Municipal Services Manager,          Retired Macon State
                       Region, BB&T                          Southland Waste Systems of Georgia   College Faculty

                       Waddell Barnes, M.D,                  Chris R. Sheridan, Jr.               Jan C. Beeland
                                                             LEADERSHIP GIFTS DIVISION            INDIVIDUAL GIFTS DIVISION
                       HONORARY CHAIRMAN
                       Retired Physician                     President, Chris R. Sheridan         Director of Marketing,
                                                             & Co.                                Coliseum Health System

Spring 2010                                                                                 MACON STATE TODAY           31
                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                               MACON GA
                              PERMIT NO. 55
100 College Station Drive
Macon, GA 31206-5145

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