Everyday Evangelizing in All Situations by ghkgkyyt


									             Everyday Evangelizing                               Everyday Evangelizing

                   in All Situations                                Through Holy Days
                                                                         and Holidays
Respond with “thank God” when                New Year’s Day - make a resolution to

   someone shares good news with you.             evangelize.
Wear a cross or other symbol of your
   faith.                                    Martin Luther King Day – reflect on: “Are
Share a story of how God works in your            you willing to stand up for the rights of

   life.                                          others?”
Ask people to pray for your intentions.
                                             Valentine’s Day – celebrate God’s love for
Gently start a discussion with “I believe”
                                                  you by sharing it with others.
   or “Jesus says.”
Assist those who are searching by
   introducing them to Christ.
Invite to church those who are not part of
                                             Ash Wednesday – receive ashes and wear
                                                 them proudly.                                      Everyday
   a faith community.                        Lent – display a cross in your window.
Make the sign of the cross when dining
Treat everyone with dignity.
                                             April Fool’s Day – don’t be afraid to be a
                                                   fool for Christ (See 1 Cor. 4:10).
Share a smile and personal greeting.         Pentecost – wear red as a symbol of the Holy
Share with neighbors about your parish.           Spirit.
Leave religious materials in unexpected
   places.                                   Flag Day – wear the flag of your freedom,
                                                  the cross.
             Everyday Evangelizing           July 4 – pray for those still under oppression.
              through Social Justice
                                             Labor Day – write to Congress regarding fair
                                                 and equitable wages.
Help those less fortunate by sharing
   time, talent or money.                    Halloween – carve a jack o’lantern with a
Identify your own prejudices.                     symbol of God’s love.
Network with those who support your
   values.                                   Thanksgiving – share your dinner table with
Watch the news with the eyes of Christ.          someone who is alone.
Learn the facts on all sides of an issue.
                                             Advent – use an Advent wreath and/or
Publicly express your opinion.
Act on your conviction.
Learn and address the values of our          Christmas – use religious stamps and cards.
Vote intelligently.                                                Archdiocese of Philadelphia    Always be ready to give an explanation to
                                                              Office for Formation of the Laity
        A Christian who is not                                            Parish Evangelization   anyone who asks you for a reason for
      evangelizing is a Christian                                                 215-587-0500    your hope, but do it with gentleness and
         on early retirement.                        “assisting parishes to spread the            reverence.                (1 Peter 3:15)
                                                       Good News of Jesus Christ”
Evangelization first begins when you                                     Before You Can                    Everyday Evangelizing
accept God’s Word into your life. Then                                        Evangelize                            in the Parish
you proclaim that Word to others by living
it out in service and witness. Whenever
possible you share your story of Jesus in                                                      Exchange names with those around
                                                You must be open to God as the center of
your life, and then invite others to deepen                                                      you.
                                                your life, allowing yourself to be formed by
their relationship with Christ through the                                                     Get involved, if only on a small scale.
                                                God’s Word.
Church community (Pope Paul VI,                                                                Periodically change pews to meet
Evangelization in the Modern World).                                                             others.
                                                    Pray daily.
This is most effectively done through                                                          Be gracious in the parking lot.
                                                    Participate in a small Christian
everyday evangelizing.                                                                         Explain rituals to those who are not
                                                      community, bible study or prayer
                                                                                                 familiar with the Catholic faith.
                                                                                               Send a card to newly baptized or
                                                    Carry a cross in your pocket.
                                                    Read Catholic magazines, books
                                                                                               Support parish leaders.
                                                      and/or newspapers, etc.
Everyday evangelizing is everyone’s                 Fast periodically.
mission. By virtue of our Baptism, we are           Communicate with those who inspire                     Everyday Evangelizing
all called to share our faith.                        you.                                                      in the Workplace
                                                    Receive the sacraments.
                                                    Attend Christian enrichment sessions.
                                                                                               Transact all business dealings honestly.
                                                    Reflect on the witness of others.
                                                                                               Offer to pray for a co-worker who has
                                                    Pray the rosary.
                                                                                                  shared some personal concerns.
Everyday evangelizing is not a program,             Read the Bible.
                                                                                               Interact with co-workers who share
but a way of life. It takes place any time,                                                       your Christian beliefs.
any place, under any circumstance.                                                             Respect others’ religious beliefs.
                                                                Everyday Evangelizing
                                                                                               Pray before making decisions.
                                                                         in the Home
                                                                                               Verbalize Christ in your life.
                                                    Pray grace before meals.
                                                    Proudly display symbols of your faith.                 Everyday Evangelizing
Everyday evangelizing reaches out to
                                                    Have a religious calendar with the                                for Those
everyone, including active and inactive
                                                      dates of baptism, first communions,                    Experiencing Stress
Catholics and those with no faith
                                                      weddings, etc.                           Give ongoing support.
                                                    Establish family rituals based on the      Send a Mass card or other card of
                                                      Church year.                                 support.
                                                    Celebrate your feast days.                 Pray with and for the person.
                                                    Discuss the morality of a TV show.         Seek out agencies that can address
                                                    Begin and end the day with prayer.             their needs.
Everyday evangelizing also addresses the
social structures that affect us. In the U.S.
Bishops’ document, Go and Make
                                                                                                  Evangelization is holding Jesus
Disciples, it states: “The fruit of
                                                         Our words illuminate,                   in your heart and carrying Jesus
evangelization is changed lives and a
                                                         our witness illustrates.                     to the hearts of others.
changed world – holiness and justice,
spirituality and peace.”

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