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									                                                                   MAY, 2009

    Troy                   Letter from the Principal,
                           May 1, 2009

Athens                      May is a time all educators anticipate. We think about our students and acknowledge what
                           they have accomplished, who they are and who they will continue to become. We begin
High School                celebrating our underclassmen at their Honors Recognition, which is May 8th. We continue
                           by celebrating our seniors throughout the month. With each event we are reminded how
4333 JOHN R ROAD           fortunate we are to have shared this time with them and with our outstanding parents.

 TROY, MI          48085   This year, we will also take time to congratulate and cherish our retiring staff members. We
                           are impressed with their collective wisdom and service, and are grateful for all they have
                           given. Best wishes on your retirement!

                           Warren Block, math teacher
  Ms. Lara Dixon           John Epple, math teacher
       Principal           William Gerbe, business teacher
                           Michael Gillis, art teacher
   Marcia Decker
                           Robert Heffernan, English teacher
      Bob Dowd             Patricia Huffer, health and life skills teacher
                           Bill Johnson, English teacher
      Joe Duda
                           Robert Juratovac, math teacher
     Bettie Goss           Mariellen Larson, science teacher
                           Stephen Larson, science teacher
    Asst. Principals
                           Judith Lipson, pass coordinator and former special education teacher
                           Robert Matuszak, media specialist
                           Michael Merz, psychologist
                           Kay Pedersen, business teacher
                           Dale Rahn, physical education teacher
                           Pat Rinaldo, food service manager
                           Clarence Tabar, math teacher
                           William Wilde, physical education teacher
                           Larry Wolosiewicz, industrial technology teacher
                           Marlene Yeager, special education teacher
                           Mary Zegers, English teacher

                           Senior parents received a separate mailing regarding culminating activities. Highlights
                           include Prom May 21st, Senior Honors June 3rd, Commencement June 6th at Freedom Hill,
                           and Senior All Night Party June 6th at AHS. (For a comprehensive list of all activities and
     Main Office           events, please see the calendar on the back page.) During these remaining weeks we will
   248-823-2900            continue to look to our senior Red Hawks to lead the school and solidify a legacy of class
                           and pride.
  Attendance Office
                           Our last Parent Coffee is May 5th in the student assistance center, at 9:30 a.m. The PTO
                           meeting is May 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the staff lounge. I hope to see you there.

   Guidance Office         Thank you again for such a great year to date. Please let us know if there is anything we
   248-823-2915            can do to help your son or daughter make the most of May and June.

 FAX: 248-823-2913

                           Lara Dixon
                                                          ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MAY, 2009 • PAGE 1
PTO News                                           News From                                                 Spring Fever
   If you would like to help show our appre-
ciation of our teachers, please consider help-
ing out with planned activities the week of
                                                   Student                                                    Reminders
May 5.        Contact Sherry Price at
priceparty@aol.com or 248-528-2793 for
                                                   Congress                                              Warm weather usually brings out
                                                                                                    squirt guns, radios, frisbees, glass con-
information on how you can help!                       Student Congress has been actively           tainers, etc. Anything that causes a dis-
                                                  involved in the Michigan Association of           tr action o r disruptio n to the educa-
    Are you handy with Word and/or Excel?         Student Councils (MASC) and the                   tional process will result in discipline.
We’re looking for someone to help produce         Oakland Activities Association (OAA)              .
the Directory for the school year 2009-10.        this year. In December, we attended the                Students should dress for school, not
We’d love to use the coming school year to        OAA Leadership Conference at Macomb               for the beach. Gym wear should only be
“shadow” our current Directory whiz,              Community College.                                worn in physical education classes. Short
Gwynne Bambach, with an eye to taking over                                                          shorts and skirts, halter tops, bare midriffs,
in 2010-11. If you are interested or would like         In March we attended the MASC               etc. are disruptive to the educational envi-
more information, please contact Gwynne at        Regional Conference at Oakland Univer-            ronment and should not be worn. Shoes
athenspto@aol.com.                                sity hosted by Troy High School.                  must be worn at all times.
  Our final meeting will be held on Tuesday,          Finally, we attended the OAA Spring
May 12 at 7:00 PM in the Staff Lounge.            Conference in Bloomfield Hills, where
Please join us as we review this past school      students participated in team building
year and plan for next year.                      activities. Special recognition goes to
                                                  Shannon Pomeroy and Devon Gac, our
          PTO Board for 2009-10                   OAA representatives this year, and Mr.            ACT PREPARATION
                                                  Shawn DuFresne, who served as OAA
              Monica Parrish
                                                  treasurer. They helped in the planning of         WORKSHOP
                                                  this conference and other activities
                                                  throughout the year with other OAA                In addition to teaching you specific strategies
              Vice-President                      member school representatives.                    for dealing with each section of the test, this
             Gwynne Bambach
                                                                                                    ACT Preparation Workshop will help you
                  Treasurer                              Attention                                  prepare to successfully take the test by:
               Terry Navratil
                                                           ALL                                      - letting you practice budgeting of time and
                                                                                                    pacing by taking mini- tests
                Joan Pawlak                           Athens Parents!!!                             - giving you access to a complete practice test
                                                                                                    and answer key to take with you
                                                       Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8)
 Underclass Honors                                is approaching fast and the Athens PTO
                                                                                                    - showing you exactly what the format of the
                                                                                                    test is and the kinds of questions to expect for
                                                  would like to ask for your support!! We are
     Schedule                                     providing a luncheon for the Athens Staff on
                                                                                                    each of the
                                                                                                      sections of the test
      Friday, May 8, 2009                         FRIDAY, MAY 8 and we would like your
                                                                                                    - giving you information and strategies for the
                                                  help in donating food items such as salads,
                                                                                                    essay portion
                                                  appetizers and desserts. We are asking that
                                                  you bring your donated items to the Recep-
                                                                                                    The best method for scoring well on the ACT
                                                  tion Desk at the front door BEFORE 9:30
                                                                                                    and replacing anxiety with confidence is to be
                                                  AM on Friday. (If it is easier, you may also
                                                                                                    knowledgeable and well-prepared. To prepare
    8:00 AM - 11th Grade - Juniors                bring in your food items on Thursday after
                                                                                                    properly, be sure to allow adequate time be-
                                                  12:00 Noon.)
                                                                                                    tween this preparation class and the ACT test
                                                       Please note that this is also the day of
    9:45 AM - 9th Grade - Freshman                                                                  of your choice.
                                                  Underclassman Awards so you may be at-
                                                  tending that as well.
  1:15 PM - 10th Grade - Sophomores                                                                 This workshop includes a textbook. Bring a
                                                        Please call or email Sherry Price with
                                                                                                    CALCULATOR and a WATCH WITH A
OAKLAND COUNTY'S                                  your food donation in order to make sure we
                                                                                                    SECOND HAND. A manual for use in the
PARENT ADVISORY                                   have enough of each item. The teachers and
                                                                                                    class and one to take home is provided to each
COMMITTEE(PAC)                                    staff will truly appreciate all the efforts you
                                                  put forth. Thank you so very much.
http://www.oakland.k12.mi.us/                                                                       Troy Continuing Education is offering an ACT
                                                                  Sherry Price
Departments/SpecialEducation/                                 (248)941-3088 (cell)
                                                                                                    Preparation Workshop from 9:00 AM to 12:00
ParentAdvisoryCommittee/                                                                            PM on August 11, 2009. For fee and registra-
                                                             (248)528-2793 (home)
OaklandSchoolsPAC/tabid/931/                                                                        tion information call (248) 823-5100.
       Subscription Form –
    The Scarlet Letter 2009-10                                                                               High
Student Information:                                                                                         Figure
Name ____________________________ Graduating Year _______________                                            Skating
E-Mail ___________________________ Student I.D. # ________________
                                                                                          Anyone interested in joining the 2009-
Student Home # __________________ Student Cell # _________________                     2010 Troy Figure Skating Team is invited
                                                                                       to an informational meeting on Thursday,
                                                                                       May 21, 2009. The meeting will be held at
                            5 Issues - $4.00 before September 30, 2009                 7:00 PM in the Teacher's Lounge at Troy
                                                                                       Athens. This is a combined Troy High/
                            5 Issues - $5.00 after September 30, 2009                  Troy Athens competitive club. If you
                                                                                       have any questions prior to the meeting,
          Make checks payable to: Athens High School. Return the form                  please contact Lori Patrick at 248-879-
             and check in an envelope to Mr. DuFresne’s mailbox.                       2335 or troyfst@yahoo.com.

 “Early Hawk” Special!
 Student Subscriptions of
    The Scarlet Letter
  Available for 2009-10                                                  On-A-Roll
           The Scarlet Letter student                                          2008-2009
newspaper is offering a special “Early                                         3rd Quarter
Hawk” student subscription rate for the
2009-10 school year. For $4.00, the first                 Class of ‘09                              Class of '10
FIVE issues of the paper will be delivered
to students’ classrooms at the time of                   Baker, Kasey                              Cobb, Tiffany
publication throughout the school year.                  Brown, Robert                            Fadhil, Raghda
This is a great way for students to remain             Eichbauer, Melissa                         Fadhil, Shahad
informed of all the current events of the              Fakhouri, Ramsey                           Fenby, Sophia
Athens community, as well as to learn                     Fjolla, Jona                            Fuller, Gerard
about the numerous activities, interests,              Harless, Samantha                         Hayner, Nicholas
and achievements of Athens students                       Hynes, Adam                             McAlkich, Alex
and staff. This “early hawk” special                      Jones, Adam                            Pennington, Kyle
offer expires September 30, 2009. Please                   Luaibi, Ali                            Phillips, John
fill out the attached form and return it               Makhoul, Michelle                          Shimel, Steven
with your payment to Mr. DuFresne’s                      Matti, Haraas                           Sperry, Gregory
mailbox.                                                 Pausch, Sarah                            Yousif, Maraim
           The Scarlet Letter student                   Tremonti, Taylor
newspaper is still offering student sub-                Zakar, Brandon
scriptions during Registration Week in
                                                          Class of '11                              Class of '12
August. For$4.00, the first FIVE issues of
the paper will be delivered to students’
                                                        Borella, Lauren                          Ahsan, Monis
classrooms at the time of publication
                                                          Raid, Nadeen                           Butler, Joshua
throughout the school year. Look for The
                                                         Sibille, Dustin                       Chandara, Kimberly
Scarlet Letter table during Registration
                                                       Silverthorn, Ryan                       Goertzen, Cristina
Week to sign up!
                                                      Thompson, Dominick                      Hornbacker, Cheyenne
           Parents: Due to the inconsis-
                                                       Valdez, Stephanie                          Sabah, Reem
tency and rising costs of bulk mail, we are
                                                         Wesala, Jacob                            Sarraf, Noor
unable to mail subscriptions. However,
                                                                                                 Savaya, Shawn
individual copies will still be available to
                                                                                                Twitchell, Robert
both students and the public throughout
                                                                                                 Yoon, Stephen
the year in room 2105 and at the Terrace
                                                                        ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MAY, 2009 • PAGE 3
Senior Class Calendar of Events Commencement
 Date       Event                           Time              Location       Required

May 21     Prom                      7 pm to 11:00 pm  Andiamo                 No
 May 27    Last Full Day             7:30 am – 2:14 pm AHS                    Yes
           Of Classes

 May 28    Senior Exams              Hrs. 4,5,6            AHS                Yes                Tickets to Commencement will be
                                                                                            distributed at Commencement rehearsal
 May 29    Senior Exams              Hrs. 1,2,3            AHS                Yes           on June3, 2009. Pavilion seating will be
                                                                                            limited to eight tickets per student. Un-
 May 29    Senior Picnic             11:00 am              Jaycee Park         No           limited seating will be available on the
June 3     Graduation Rehearsal/     9:00 am               Gym                Yes
           Cap & Gown Distribution

June 3      Honors Rehearsal         12:30 pm              Auditorium         Yes           Senior
June 3      Honors Convocation       7:00 pm               Auditorium         Yes           Speeches
June 6      Commencement (arrival)   2:00 pm               Freedom Hill       Yes               Every year a staff committee chooses
                                                                                            three seniors to speak at either honors
June 6     Commencement              3:00 pm               Freedom Hill       Yes           convocation or commencements. If your
                                                                                            student was interested in trying out for
June 6-7    All Night Party          10 pm – 5:30 am       AHS                 No           speaking at honors convocation or com-
                                                                                            mencements, they should have submitted
                                                                                            their speech to Mr. Duda in the Assistant
 Class of 2009                                     Senior Fines                             Principal's Office by Friday, May 1, 2009.
                                                                                            They must be prepared to try out on Thurs-

 Senior Picnic                                                                              day, May 7th at 2:45 PM in the choir room
                                                                                            in front of the staff committee.

    Planning for the Senior Picnic to be                                                        To qualify to speak at honors convo-
heldonFriday, May 29, 2009, at Jaycee                                                       cation, the student must have a 4.0 grade
Park is well underway. Thank you to                                                         point average. To qualify to speak at
everyone who volunteered to work at                                                         commencements, the student must have a
the picnic or to those who are donating                                                     3.0-4.0 grade point average.
                                                    A fine letter was mailed to select
food.                                          seniors in April. Please have your
                                                                                               The speech should be two to four
                                               student clear these fines as soon as
    If you would like to help out at the                                                    minutes in length.
                                               possible. Any unresolved fines will
picnic or contribute food, please contact      result in your student not receiving a cap
Meg Koss at (248) 835-1719.                                                                      Students cannot be chosen to speak
                                               and gown, or ultimately, a diploma. Also,
                                                                                            at both ceremonies.
                                               please remind your student to return all
          Skip Days                            athletic equipment, gym locks or any
                                               other school property at the end of the
                                                                                                 If you have any questions about se-
                                                                                            nior speeches, please contact Mr. Duda at
               F.Y.I.                          semester. One area of special concern is
                                               gym locks. They must be removed and
                                               returned to the appropriate gym teacher.
                                                                                                  If you have questions about any
                                               Prior and proper disposition of all
    There is no such thing as an                                                            Senior information , please contact
                                               scho ol pr o per ty will make the
approved “Skip Day” for seniors or             graduation process much smoother.
                                                                                            Michelle Kosi, Senior Advisor and Guid-
anyone else.                                                                                ance Counselor at 248-823-2968.
                                                   Any questions, returns, or payment
    Parents, please reinforce the              of fines should be directed to Mrs.
importance of being in school every day        Debandt in the Guidance Office, (248)
and on time for class.                         823-2962. Thanks for your help in this

               — ATTENTION SENIORS & PARENTS —

                                           ALL NIGHT PARTY
                                                ONLY ONE MONTH AWAY!!!

                                     When: Saturday, June 6, 2009
                                      Time: 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM
Ticket Cost : $65.00 until 6/3/09 during Commencement Practice & Senior Honors Convocation. Tickets will be
$80.00 at the door. You may purchase in advance in the Assistant Principal’s office, online, or call Lynn Deacon
(evenings) at 248.619.7325. If you prefer, use the convenient ticket order form below.

Volunteers: Parental involvement from all grade levels is imperative — contact Peggy Kmiec at 248.689.3273
or peggykmiec@gmail.com. There are two shifts on Saturday (9:00 PM to 1:00 AM) and (12:30 to 4:30 AM). The shift
for set-up on Friday, June 5, 2009 is from 3:00 to 10:00 PM

Future Parties: At the conclusion of this school year, there will be five Committee vacancies that need to be
filled for 2009-10, including: Chairperson, Recording Secretary, Food, Publicity, and Support Services. The ANP
Committee meets once per month beginning in October (no meeting in December) and continues until June. If you
enjoy event planning along with the chance to work with a wonderful group of parents, consider this opportunity.
Grab a friend and join together! Respective outgoing Committee Chairs will be happy to pass on related
information. Contact Linda Bolish for further information at 248.689.3632 or fishbolish@yahoo.com.

                               SENIOR ALL NIGHT PARTY 2009
                             TICKET SALES INFORMATION AND ORDER FORM

Please use this form to order All Night Party tickets and provide the following:
     *    Detach and send the form filled out completely, especially a phone number where parents can be reached the night of the party.
     *    Make checks payable to: Athens All Night Party
     *    If mailing, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and send to: Lynn Deacon 4855 Pickford Dr., Troy, MI 48085
                                                               Please Print
STUDENT NAME _________________________________________________________________________________ Male/Female
PARENTS' NAMES __________________________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________________________
PARENTS' PHONE __________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                         (Where you can be reached on night of party)

                               T-Shirt Size: Medium        Large      X-Large      XX-Large (circle one)

                                             TICKET COST: $65 through June 3, 2009

                                                                          ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MAY, 2009 • PAGE 5
News From The
Child and Adult Care
Class/Career and                                                   TSD FIRST Team
Technical Education                                                Shines at Nationals!
(The Pre-School and                                  Students, parents and GM mentors attended the US FIRST National robotics
                                                competition this past weekend. They qualified for the State Championship by
Toddler Lab                                     winning awards at the Wayne State University District, and the first ever District
Program)                                        held in a high school at Troy Athens.

     End of the year update:                           During the State Championship at Eastern Michigan University, they won
                                                the Website Award, designed primarily by Ian Hartwig of Troy. It can be viewed at
                                                http://hammerhead226.michigan-usfirst.com/ . Of the 132 Michigan teams, they
                                                were one of 16 teams in Michigan earning the right to compete at Nationals.

                                                     Overcoming mechanical problems on the first day of competition, they rallied
                                                to win their last three matches including three wins over undefeated teams. One
                                                of those teams, a GM sponsored team from Milford, went on to become World
                                                Champions. Team 226, the Hammerheads, were the only alliance in the competition
                                                to score three super cells in one match due to excellent programming by Aaresh
                                                Bilimoria of Athens, and the combined contributions of Kevin Kelly and Peter
      The high school students will be          Williamson also of Athens. The team has been supported by the generous
celebrating their completion of the class       contributions of GM, Delphi, Magna, the Troy Foundation for Educational Excel-
with our annual awards luncheon,                lence and the Troy Boosters. With funding from the automakers unlikely next year,
Thursday, June 4th. Each student re-            the Troy Robotics Team is looking for community contributors that will make the
ceives a certificate, which awards him or       Science, Math and Engineering skills learned in the competition sustainable in the
her entry-level skill requirements for work-    coming years.
ing in child care facilities. Seniors also
receive their articulation AP mat e -
rials for OCC, MCC and Baker
C o l lege. Congratulations to all for a job
well done.
      This class prepares students for a
career working with children: home day         UPDATE
care, day care, pre-school, parenting or           It’s hard to believe that another school year is rapidly coming to an end! At this
preparation for an elementary teaching         time, we would like to personally thank all the volunteers for their dedication and hard
career. Many of our former students are        work throughout the year. Without you, the Clinic would not be what it is: “A
employed in the Troy community.                convenient, safe place to come to when in need."
      The Troy-Athens Nursery is al-
ways open for enrollment registration.              Robyn Cooper will be leading the Clinic next year. Claudette O'Connell will be
The pre-school and infant/toddler labs         officially "graduating!" Please contact Robyn if you are interested in volunteering at
are state licensed and are staffed by the      586-495-1112. Thanks again for CARING!
high school students taking the class.
      The pre-school meets three times a                                          Claudette O'Connell
week and the infant/toddler lab the                                               Robyn Cooper
month of January. A minimal fee is
charged.                                                                                    Athens’ students and staff thank all the
      We are a developmental play-based
school. We are located at Athens High
                                               Thanks For                               parents who’ve volunteered to assist stu-
                                                                                        dents with assignments, tutoring and tests.
School, but service both schools and the
whole community. If you are interested
                                               Helping Us Get                           Whether you’ve assisted for an hour a week
                                                                                        or ½ day a month, we appreciate you!
in signing up a child for the program
please contact:                                In S.H.A.P.E.                                 We hope to see you during finals in June
                                                                                        and again in the 2009-2010 school year. We
   Pat Givens, Child Care Instructor                                                    are always accepting new volunteers to
         Athens High School                                                             assist our students. Please contact Dr.
            (248) 823-2996                                                              Chuck Foster at (248) 823-3087 or
       pgivens2@troy.k12.mi.us                                                          cfoster2@troy.k12.mi.us for information or
                                                                                        to sign up.

Summer School – 2009
Summer School will be held at Athens High School this year. Classes are scheduled Monday – Friday, 7:50 AM– 12:00 PM

                 Session 1                                                                Session 2
     Monday, June 22 thru Wednesday, July 15, 2009                        Thursday, July 16 thru Friday, August 7, 2009
             (No class on July 3rd)

Timeline:         Monday, March 2nd....................Registration forms available in school counseling offices
                                                            Mail-In/Drop Off registration begins for Troy residents
                  Monday, March 23rd ...................Non-Resident Mail-In registration begins
                  Monday, May 4th........................Drops & Transfers begin. $10.00 fee for each drop/transfer
                  Monday, June 8th.........................Mail-In registration ENDS – Walk-In ONLY at Niles Center
                  Wednesday, June 17th................Walk-In registration ends

                                                                      H a w k o f th e Q u a rter
 Athens Athletic Boosters                                                        T h ir d Q u a r ter
                                                                                    2 0 0 8 -2 0 0 9

                                                                                    A bad, A ndrew
                                                                                    A b la h id , S a ra h
                                                                                       A llen , J o sh
                                                                                  A r sen ea u lt, R y a n
                                                                                     A tw o o d , B illy
     Looks like spring is finally here…and the Athletic                            B a r tn o w a k , B en
  Boosters are busy supporting all of our spring sports                          B ia n c h in i, A n d r ea
  teams.                                                                             C r a ig , H u n ter
                                                                                      D o n a to, E ric
     Just a couple of reminders: we are always in need of                         G a b riel, B r itta n y
  help in the concession stand, please check our website                       H a ck er -H eck , D a n ie l
  for a schedule of spring events; Shoot, Jump, Jog                                H o p k in s, R a n d y
  pledge money is due, please submit a CHECK payable                                  K elly , K e vin
  to AAB (Athens Athletic Boosters) in a sealed enve-                              K irsch n er , M a tt
  lope in the Athletic Booster mailbox in the Main Office.                            K o ss, K a tie
  A member of the boosters will be in the cafeteria on May                      M a n n ette , M a tth ew
  6th to collect pledge money also.                                                M a r tu cci, C h ris
                                                                                     M o sh y , R e b a
                                                                                      N o rr is, P a u l
    And last, but not least: Please consider a more active
                                                                                        P a is, K im
                                                                              P h illip s, T eV e rn e “ T J ”
  role in the Boosters. As our economic climate continues
  to decline, support of our athletic programs is more
                                                                                     Q a d ri, S a m a n
  important. This group will only be able to help our Red                        R a g n o n i, Je n n ife r
  Hawk athletes as much as the members actively partici-                             R e n n , Jo r d a n
  pate. We are in need of parents to step up and fill board                          R ich te r, M eg
  and committee chair positions. Check out our website                                R o a c h , M a tt
  www.athensboosters.com and seriously consider what                             R y d sted t, K a trin a
  more you can do for the Red Hawks. Besides that, we                           V en d itte lli, B rid g et
  are a really fun group!                                                           W a lk er , A sh ley
                                                                                      Zhu, Boyang
                                                                                     Z o r a tti, K a rla
                                                                                    Z y w ic k i, K ev in

                                                                     ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MAY, 2009 • PAGE 7
                Athens’ Winter Guard Takes                                                     TABB Meeting
                Honors at State Finals                                                       May 5, 2009 @ 7:00 PM
                         The Michigan Color Guard Circuit State Finals
                Competition was held on March 28th at Saginaw Valley State
                University. The Athens Winter Guard, Alias, placed 5th in the
                AA class. The AKA Winter Guard made up of 7th & 8th
                graders from all Troy Middle Schools placed 3rd and took
                home the bronze in the Auxiliary Class.
                     This year for the first time, TABB sponsored a third
                group of sixth graders from all Troy Middle Schools. The
                new unit called aka Flag Line placed 5th in the Flag Line class.

                Marching Band Season Kickoff Meeting
                   The mandatory meeting for parents is Wednesday, June 10, 2009 in the Athens Cafeteria. Band
                students will begin rehearsal at 5:30 PM and the meeting for parents will begin at 7:00 PM. Following
                rehearsal, students will join the parent meeting.

                Spring Car Wash & Bottle Drive, Saturday, May 16th
                   Spring, at last, has arrived and what better way to celebrate then by washing away the salt and grime of
                winter at the Spring Car Wash? Athens Marching Band students will make your ride shine from 9:00 AM to
                4:00 PM. All donations and money from the bottle drive will go to support the Marching Band’s many

                Telly’s Fundraiser
                     Purchase your spring flowers at Telly’s with the coupon below, and Telly’s will donate 10% of the
                proceeds to the Troy Athens Band. More coupons are available on www.athensband.com.

Band Boosters (cont'd).....

   “One up, with extra onions, please.”
                                                                  If you have been craving those delicious American
                                                          Coney Dogs but hate to drive all the way downtown for one,
                                                          we have the solution. The Athens Marching Band will be
                                                          selling Coney Island Kits from now until May 14th. Each kit
                                                          contains a dozen Dearborn Brand Natural Casing Hot
                                                          Dogs, 12 buns, the original American Coney Island Chili
                                                          and onions. Yum!! You will be a hit come Memorial Day and
                                                          all for only $20.00. Pick-up will be on May 20th in the Band

All “Fore” Music: Band Schedules Golf Outing in July
Band families (past and present) and all Athens community members are invited to participate in the golf
outing sponsored by the Athens Band on Thursday, July 30, 2009. The Red Hawk Band Golf Classic will
take place at Fieldstone Golf Club in Auburn Hills and will commence with a shotgun start at 1 PM followed
by an awards dinner and silent auction. Watch the band web site, www.athensband.com, for registration
details as they become available. Also, sponsorship opportunities are available. Please call Phil and Marla
Janness, Golf Outing Co-Chairs, at 248-528-1488 for information.

If you were unable to attend the Troy School District Art Show at
Somerset you may pick up your certificate in the AP Office.
                                                          ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MAY, 2009 • PAGE 9
                        english department
                       summer reading lists

9 Honors Literature & Composition
Students taking 9 Honors LC will read the following three works:
    Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men
    Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie
    Choose one of the following two works: Doctorow, Little Brother; or Rand, Anthem

11 AP English Language & Composition
Students taking 11 AP will read a total of four works.
All students will read the following one work:
     Miller, All My Sons (play)
Also choose one of the following nonfiction works:
     McBride, The Color of Water
     Greene, Be True to Your School
     Mortenson & Relin, Three Cups of Tea
Also choose two of the following novels:
    Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
    Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    Morrison, Song of Solomon
    Faulkner, As I Lay Dying
    Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five
    Wolff, Old School

12 AP English Literature & Composition
Students taking 12 AP will read a total of four works.
All students will read the following two works:
     Achebe, Things Fall Apart (novel)
     Sophocles, Oedipus Rex (play)
Choose one of the following novels:
    Dickens, Great Expectations
    Shelley, Frankenstein
    Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale
Choose one of the following plays:
    Shakespeare, The Tempest
    Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac
    Chekhov, The Sea Gull

                10 HONORS SUMMER READING
Choose three novels from the following list to read before school starts in the fall. Be sure to
do a careful reading of each of the novels. It would be good idea to keep a reading journal or
notes as you read. Any notes that you take on the novel you will be able to use on any in-class
assignment given pertaining to summer reading. These notes will NOT be turned in for a grade,
but they will help you to quickly organize a response to a timed writing essay.

Here are some areas to focus on while you are reading:

   1. Character: Select various characters from the story. List any character traits that are
      associated with this character. After each trait, copy down words, phrases, sentences
      and incidents that prove/illustrate the character trait. Write the page number after each
      detail you use.

   2. Setting: Select a few different descriptions of setting throughout the novel. Write the
      page number for each.

   3. Theme: List messages or themes that a reader could find in the book. Under each
      statement of theme, write down quotes or incidents from the book that demonstrate this
      theme. Write the page number after each.

   4. Symbols: Identify all of the symbols you can determine from the book. Write down what
      you think they might stand for. Copy down specific words, phrases, or sentences that
      support your position. Put the page number for each.

   5. Style: Look for sentences, paragraphs, etc. that are written particularly well or depict
      tone, mood, etc. Write them down and explain why you choose this passage and what
      effect it creates.

                               Reading List – Pick Three
             (One fiction/One non-fiction/One your choice from the following list):

Edward P. Jones - The Known World
Michael Swanick - The Dragons of Babel
Zoe Ferraris - Finding Nouf
Theresa Rebek - Three Girls and Their Brother
Kazuo Ishiguro - Never Let Me Go
Hillary Jordan - Mudbound

Mary Rouch - Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
Dave Eggers - What is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng
Stephen G. Bloom - The Oxford Project
Vicki Myron - Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
Greg Mellville - Greasy Rider: Two Dudes, One Fry-Oil-Powered Car, and A Cross-Country Search
for a Greener Future.

                                                  ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MAY, 2009 • PAGE 11
                Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southeast
                  Biotechnology & Environmental Science

                                           Ivy Taylor
                          Athens High School
                     Outstanding Student Award
    Outstanding Work Ethic, Motivation, and Drive to Accomplish Tasks


                Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southeast
                         Construction Technology

                                          Adam Jones
                        Troy Athens High School
                      Outstanding Student Award
  Excellent Behavior, Outstanding Work Ethic, Outstanding Performance

                Athens High School
     Staff Member of the Month Nomination Form
       A committee of Athens staff members invites parents, former students, and fellow
staff members to recognize the wonderful contributions of those who work each day to
make Athens a special place for kids. Nominations with accompanying rationale should
be submitted to Mr. Duda in the Athens AP office.


Please write a description detailing why the staff member should be

Submitted By:
             Staff Member                    Parent

             Former Student                  Other

                                              ATHENS HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, MAY, 2009 • PAGE 13
1      1
    05.....Last Parent Coffee - 9:30 AM
    08 .... Underclass Honors
                                                          AHS Student
             8:00 AM, 9:45 AM and 1:15 PM
    12 .... PTO Meeting - 7:00 PM
    14 .... Band Concert - 7:00 PM
                                                          Variety Show
    19 .... Choir Concert - 7:00 PM
    20 .... NHS Breakfast - 6:45 AM
    20 .... Student Variety Show- 7:00 PM
    21 .... Prom - 7:00- 11:30 PM
    22.....Half day of school - Hrs. 1, 2 &3         Wednesday, May 20, 2009
    23-25.Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL
    28 ....Orchestra Concert - 7:00 PM                        7:00 - 9:00 PM
    28 .... Senior Exams - Hrs. 4,5 & 6
    29 .... Senior Exams - Hrs. 1,2 & 3                       AHS Auditorium
    29 .... Senior Picnic - 11:00 AM

                                                      Admission: $5.00 At The Door

03 ..... Senior Honors Convocation-7:00 PM
06 ..... Commencement - 3:00 PM
15 ..... Exams - Hrs. 1,2
16 ..... Exams - Hrs. 3,4
17 ..... Exams - Hrs. 5,6

                                                                            NON-PROFIT ORG.

              Troy Athens High School                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                           4333 JOHN R ROAD, TROY, MI 48085
                                                                               PERMIT NO. 3
                                                                           TROY, MICH. 48085
      Board of Education

      Carol Pochodylo, President
      Wendy Underwood, Vice-President
      Todd Miletti, Secretary
      Ida Edmunds, Trustee
      Paula Fleming, Trustee
      Gary Hauff, Trustee
      Nancy Philippart, Trustee

      Dr. Barbara A. Fowler,

      Dr. Richard M. Machesky,
         Assistant Superintendent


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