; The spirit of Christmas flows to the world from Iittala Village
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The spirit of Christmas flows to the world from Iittala Village


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									                                                                              Press release
                                                                              July, 2010

                                                                              The spirit of Christmas
                                                                              flows to the world from
                                                                              Iittala Village
                                                                              Christmas arrives at Iittala Village with the descending snow. Through
                                                                              the windows of the glass factory, you can watch the Finnish forest
                                                                              landscape turn white. The winter gales, however, do not reach the
                                                                              factory, as glass is blown in the glaring heat of the furnaces. The fur-
                                                                              naces have, in fact, sometimes been used to roast traditional Finnish
                                                                              Christmas ham.

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Tel. +358 204 39 5255 | tuija.aalto-setala@fiskars.com

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Kirsi Lauttia, Communicator,
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see: Stores
or: Contact => Sales Units                               Kivi candle holder
   The true atmosphere of the Finnish Christ-             Smaller Christmas gifts can be wrapped
mas arises from the calm of the darkening              beautifully with Iittala’s new Vitriini and Piilo cas-
days. The white snow muffles all sounds and            es. The stylish Piilo, by Giorgio Vigna, will pro-
calms the mind. People cuddle up in their              tect the best-kept secrets of Christmas. The
homes, lighting candles that spread light and          Vitriini cases by Anu Penttinen will also add
warmth. Following old traditions, Christmas is         a splash of colour to Christmas decorations.
welcomed to Iittala Village with the glass fac-
tory’s Christmas reception held on 6 Decem-               These gifts, manufactured with the crafts-
ber, Finland’s Independence Day. This is when          manship arrived at through years and years
the tall, opal glass Christmas lights are lit on the   of experience, will leave Iittala for destinations
factory’s window sills.                                all over the world, bringing the spirit of Finnish
                                                       Christmas everywhere they go. Following age-
   The village bustles with activity on the days       old tradition, the Iittala factory cafeteria host-
before Christmas. In the factory, the atmos-           ess serves rice porridge once all the gifts have
phere is hectic - very much resembling the             been made. At the end of the day, the Iittala
workshops of Santa Claus in Korvatunturi. Kar-         Glass Museum arranges a ceremony honour-
tio glasses designed by Kaj Franck and the             ing the quiet peace of Christmas, signalling
jewel-like Kivi candle holders by Heikki Orvola        that Christmas has begun in Iittala Village.
are made in many colours. Mouth-blown by
master glass blowers, the vases of the Alvar                                                                                                                                                          Kivi candle holder
Aalto collection receive their iconic shape.
                                                       Himmeli ornament in Pietari Posti’s                      shells, pieces of woollen cloth, paper strips,           -      ‘The ornaments of the mugs are nev-
                                                       mug                                                      cobs of rye or pieces of a mirror. In Iittala’s new   ertheless abstract enough for you to want to
                                                          The traditional straw mobiles hung from ceil-         Christmas mugs, himmelis are accompanied              use them every day of the year,’ he adds.
                                                       ings - called himmelis - have decorated Finn-            by wintertime birds. Perhaps Finnish illustrator
                                                       ish homes since times immemorial. Himmelis               Pietari Posti has been inspired by the bull-
                                                       originate in Northern and Middle Europe. The             finches that thrive in Iittala Village?
                                                       himmeli has a lengthy and significant history               -       ‘With himmelis, I wanted to combine
                                                       as the symbol of the Finnish Christmas. For              traditional Finnish visual Christmas symbols
                                                       example, they have been regarded as a good               with modern form languages’. ‘The himmeli,
                                                       luck charm, guaranteeing good crops. When                birds and Christmas ball ornaments are some-
                                                       a himmeli was hung in a cottage at Christmas-            thing all Finns know, but my intention was to
                                                       time, its size reflected the size of the crops.          present them in a new and surprising way –
                                                          Straw himmelis were made in the sauna af-             a way that encapsulates the look and even
                                                       ter bathing, as the moisture and heat made the           the scents of Christmas, no matter what your
                                                       straws easier to handle. In earlier times, him-          home country is’, Pietari Posti, who is person-
                                                       melis were decorated with things such as egg             ally based in Barcelona, explains.
Himmeli mugs                                                                                                                                                          Vitriini boxes

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