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									                       ~The Ridge~
                                                                                          MAR. 2009
                Hi everyone!!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to put this together! There
is a lot going on right now… so this edition promises to
                                                                        2009 Spring Fling
                                                                                  By Jessica Klinge
be full of interesting info! I want to thank Jessica Klinge
for all of her input into this newsletter. She submitted a
good bit of the info you will read today. I also want to          May 2nd is our neighborhood Spring Fling. We
thank Nancy Bratton for signing up to help with the               will serve hot dogs, chips and drinks. There will
newsletter! She is an answer to a prayer! Thank you               be games, crafts and a $1 raffle to benefit the
ALSO to Carolyn Connelley for helping me SO MUCH on               Schertz Animal Shelter. Prizes will be given
this one! And last but NOT least, the Connelley boys and
                                                                  away in a drawing at the end of the Spring Fling.
their friends for helping with the distribution of this
newsletter. You guys don’t know how thankful I am to all          You must be present to win. A neighbor cannot
of you for doing that for me!!                                    collect your prize for you. Prizes will be
                                                                  announced in a flyer that will go out at the end of
It’s great to see everyone outside working in the yards           April. Some of the prizes given last year were
again… I LOVE this time of year… where the new growth
begins to emerge, reminding us all of the new
                                                                  season passes to local Amusement parks. Last
beginnings going on all around us. Now if I can stop              year someone got injured on the inflatable, so I
sneezing and coughing….                                           am asking that all children be accompanied by
Remember, if you have anything to add to our newsletter
                                                                  a parent or adult Guardian at all times.
or have comments about it, you can drop notes by                  Remember, it is for the children's safety. Please
Amy’s house at 3529 Sumter Glade or you can email or              do not allow your kids to come without you. I will
give one of us a call at the numbers below!                       try to put together a team of helpers to keep eyes
                 **Blessings to you all**                         on the kids as well. The Spring Fling is a lot of
                                                                  fun and a great way for the folks in our
  Amy Craig         367-0173
                                                                  neighborhood to get to know one another, and the
Nancy Bratton     725-6334
                                                                  prizes are awesome! You don't want to miss it.
                                                                  Look for a flyer on your door at the end of April.

                           2009 GARAGE SALE
                                                  By Jessica Klinge

    The sale will be posted in the San Antonio Paper and on Craig's List. The neighborhood will obtain a
    City permit that will be posted in the neighborhood. We found out last year we Do Not need a list of
    names participating. Also please be advised that the Social Committee will do its best to have the
    gates open. The committee calls it in, but it is out of our hands the day of the Garage Sale- it is the
    gate operator’s responsibility the day of. We have the phone number of the person who is in charge
    of opening the gate and she will be contacted if anything goes wrong.
                   If you have any questions, please call Jessica Klinge at 885-5234.
    Christmas Decorations!
          The Winners for 2008                                            Let’s be Neighborly!!!
Our little neighborhood looked so nice this past                   We’ve all heard “Love Thy Neighbor”… and we all
year. Everyone did a beautiful job decorating                      know that is sometimes not an easy thing to do. Living
their homes for the holidays. As always, the                       so close to others can present certain challenges, so we
decision was a difficult one. Congratulations to                   want to encourage everyone to SMILE and remember
our winners and thanks everyone who                                that your neighbor may need to see it! We have a lot of
participated! A $50 Lowes Gift Certificate was                     kids in our community, and kids can sometimes be
awarded to the three winners listed below:                         irresponsible; leaving their bikes or scooters in someone
                                                                   else’s yard. While this can be bothersome, please know
                                                                   that they don’t do it on purpose. A little patience goes a
Best Theme:                  3712 Florence Grove
                                                                   long way! Parents, lets all work together to try to keep
Most Holiday Spirit:        3424 Dartmouth Cove
                                                                   an eye on the kids, and help them and remind them to
Most Original:                3475 Scarlet Rose                    respect their neighbors.

     Another Note for Parents
                      By Amy Craig
                                                                   We’ve also had a SERIOUS problem with speeding
My mission for this newsletter is to be an informative             through the neighborhood. Please slow down! No one
tool for the residents of this neighborhood, not an                wants to see an accident! The speed limit is 15MPH
avenue for complaints. I feel as though it is my duty as
                                                                   throughout the neighborhood.
a resident and a board member to report things that are
going on in the community, good or bad, and help us all
to stay connected. But sometimes issues arise that are
difficult to address without sounding like a complaint.
 So when you read what I have written below, please                                    Air Guns
hear my true intent … inform this community.

The common (ditch) area between RockHill view and
                                                                    Boys will be boys. How many times have we
Abbeville has become a popular play place for many of               heard that?? Well, it’s true… BUT…
the neighborhood kids. We have asked parents to tell
their kids to be careful back there, as there could be              We’ve had some complaints about the AirSoft
snakes, scorpions and other potential hazards in that               guns. We’ve had incidents where kids (and
area. That is still a concern, but other inappropriate              adults!) were hit and injured by these air guns
behavior has been observed as well.
                                                                    right here in our neighborhood. We are asking
It is important for all parents and residents to keep their
                                                                    parents to PLEASE limit the gun play to your
ears and eyes open to what goes on back there. That                 backyard. These toy guns are not illegal, and we
area is the perfect place for “mischief” to happen, and I           want to keep it that way… but out of respect for
wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt or experience any                  our fellow neighbor, we need to keep the guns
 trouble. It is our responsibility as parents and as                off the streets and out of the front yards. Many
members of this community to work together to keep all              residents are nervous about walking the
of the kids safe and out of danger, especially in that area.
                                                                    neighborhood while kids are playing with the
 Many kids are approaching an age of experimentation
and we need to be very diligent in making sure they stay            AirSoft guns. We love our kids, and want them to
safe and are making good choices; not just for                      have fun… So let’s all work together to make it
themselves, but for the community as well. It’s very                safe AND fun for everyone!
dry back there, and fires can easily start. Their choices
may affect more than just themselves or their friends.
There are also young children back there playing with
the bigger kids. Little ears are listening and little eyes
are watching…. Enough said. (I hope)

                              Gardening and Landscaping
                                                By Carolyn Connelley

       Have you noticed? Landscaping improvements have been made to our front gate areas. In an effort to
save money and end the frustration of keeping up with seasonal color in those areas, changes were needed.
When viewing the gates as you enter into our neighborhood, the improvements include a complete overhaul of
the area between the gates and to the immediate right and left of the gates. The new landscaping includes a
variety of colorful as well as flowering plants that are native to Texas which can withstand the harsh summer
heat and will, upon maturity, provide long lasting curb appeal. With these new improvements, the board has
decided to forgo the planting of seasonal color which was done twice a year for the spring/summer and
fall/winter. In the past, seasonal color consisted of a combination of zinnia’s or begonias in the spring/summer
and pansies or snap dragons in the fall/winter. Maintaining seasonal color has always been a challenge. In the
summer, we are limited to the types of flowers that can be planted due to the harsh, summer heat and the
direct sunlight these areas receive. Our summer flowers have often been prone to disease which is not covered
by any landscaping company. During the fall and winter, flowers cannot be planted until the weather turns cold
and may only bloom for a short time; leaving our flower beds empty and dull until the late spring planting of
flowers is scheduled.

       Some of our residents really miss having the seasonal color in our front gate area and would like to
incorporate seasonal flowers back in our landscaping beds. Jessica Klinge, our social committee chairperson and
new beautification committee member, is organizing a Garden Club to accommodate this. The purpose of this
club is to plant seasonal flowers in our front gate area four times a year. The Homeowner’s Association will
cover the cost of the flowers and the Garden Club will plant them. Therefore, the success of this club is
entirely dependent on residents who would like to donate their time, gardening tools and gardening expertise.
We know your time is valuable, but with enough volunteers this task would take one hour or less to accomplish
and when we are done, we will have a beautiful flowers to look at each time we drive thru our gate. Do you have
kids that love to dig in the dirt and garden? Bring them! We will have plenty for them to do as well.

       Our first planting is scheduled for Saturday, April 4 at 10:00 am. Jessica will send out a flyer at the
end of March to remind everyone. If you have any questions, you can call Jessica Klinge at 885-5234 or Carolyn
Connelley at 566-0367. What a great way to make your community a better place to live and to spend time
getting to know your neighbors! Something to remember: “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” (Lady Bird
Johnson) Hope to see you in April!

                                  Ladies BUNCO!!!
                                                 By Jessica Klinge

Calling all Ridge Ladies! Bunco is still going on. We play the first Thursday of the month at Garcia's Restaurant at
6:30pm. All you need to bring to play the game is $3 dollars. It is an easy dice game that anyone can play while
visiting with friends! That is why it is so fun. We start the game at 7pm and play until 9pm. It is a great way to meet
new people, relax without the daily stresses, and have a Fun Time. Please call Jessica Klinge (Social Committee
Chair) at 885-5234 if you want to join. You do not have to commit -- just try it once and you will be hooked.
Tom’s Home Audio Visual Svcs                                     Spring Cleanup 2009
  Custom Home Entertainment Systems
         Easy and Affordable                                    Don’t forget about the Spring Cleanup
                                                                slated for March 7 – 22nd.

                                                                You can drop off items at the drop off site
  See our new local storefront at the "wave-                    for free, but having them come pick up
electronics" link for all our popular equipment                 items does incur a charge. You must
            brands and availability
                                                                present a current water bill or tax statement
                                                                when you make the drop off.
           210-725-9439                                         The drop off site is at 2221 F.M. 3009 (near
              Tom Craig                                         Live Oak Rd.) and is open from 8am – 6pm
                                                                daily. Please call 566-5454 or 619-1800 for
                                                                more information.

                              Annual Meeting Notes
We held our Annual HOA meeting on Feb. 26 at Paschal Elementary. We had 23 residents there physically,
and 2 proxies. We want to thank everyone who attended our meeting.

There were three vacancies on the Board of Directors. Jeff Martin and Brandon Bristow were voted back in,
and Amy Craig was voted back in. The new positions will be delegated at the next board meeting to be held
May 28 . Residents are WELCOME to attend board meetings. Please call Asset Property Management for
more information. Their number is 210-342-1181.

     Our Board Members                                               Committee Heads
Pat ConnellEy
Brandon Bristow                                            The neighborhood committee “heads” are:
Jeff Martin
Frank McElroy                                              Social: Jessica Klinge 885-5234
Amy Craig                                                  Beautification: Carolyn Connelly 566-0367
                                                           Newsletter: Amy Craig 367-0173
For contact information call Asset                         Safety: Ralph Horrell 945-7985
Property Management 342-1181

                                    THE MANAGEMENT TEAM
                                      ASSET PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
                                       8318 Jones Maltsberger, Suite 121
                                            San Antonio, TX 78216
                                            Phone: (210) 342-1181
                                             Fax: (210) 349-4477
                                         E-Mail –


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