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The Rick Saucedo Show


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									                     The Rick Saucedo Show - Original Song Lyrics

     Please note: All lyrics are listed with the authorization of The Rick Saucedo Show.
Any unauthorized duplication, reproduction, and/or tampering of this document is prohibited.
These lyrics are for informational purposes only and are not to be edited, sold, or purchased.
          All lyrics are protected by copyright and are the property of Rick Saucedo.

                   SANTA AND HIS REINDEER (2006)
                           Words and Music by Rick Saucedo

                             Rudolph the red-nosed the reindeer
                                    Never let you down
                                 Leads a sleigh of reindeer
                                 To get all the toys around

                                  Santa says he needs him
                                    Wherever he may go
                                   Children all believe in
                                    Christmas long ago

                                   Toys that will be there
                                    On Christmas morn’
                                   Santa and his reindeer
                                 On a snowy night they’ll go

                                Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer
                                     Vixen, Comet, too
                                 Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen
                                Rudolph the red-nosed, too

                                 Santa leaves the presents
                                  Under the Christmas tree
                              Drinks the milk, eats the cookies
                                   Just before he leaves

                                   Heads for the chimney
                                      Up away he goes
                                   Santa and his reindeer
                                 On a snowy night they’ll go

                                 Santa leaves the rooftops
                             Droppin’ toys from house to house
                                  Santa’s on his way back
                               Because the bag is empty now

                               He guides his trusted reindeer
                                       Up away they go
                          On a chilly night and the stars are bright
                                The North Pole is his home

                                 Santa will be coming back
                                    With his bag of toys
                                  Santa and his reindeer
                                On a snowy night they’ll go…

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