Academic Mastery Project by mudoc123


									The  graduation rate for
students requiring remediation
in more than one level of
English, Reading, and
Mathematics is near ZERO.
Those students and cannot
graduate within 150% of
program time.
75% of students who are
remedial in mathematics
NEVER graduate (George,
   Community colleges receive a majority of
    entering students who require remediation and a
    vast majority of students requiring remediation in
    all three areas.

   At CCCUA, 74% of students are remedial in one
    area. 65% are remedial in all areas.

   Remediation = low statistical chances of

   Community college students = 74% remedial
    students, so….
Community colleges


low graduation rates
   Academic Mastery Project (AMP)
    › Well…maybe
    › Pilot phase
    › Some data, but more required
   Total redesign of remedial
 Mastery based learning (80% proficiency
  or better)
 Modules similar to Adult Education
 Completely customized to individual
  student needs
Two new classes take the place of six
remedial classes
› Foundations for Writing
   Replaces College Reading, Essential English, and
    Developmental Writing
› Foundation of Mathematics
   Replaced Essential Math, Introductory Algebra,
    and Intermediate Algebra
 Students are placed based on their
  entrance exam scores and then the
  curriculum is tailored to their needs
  based on a diagnostic exam.
 The student may move through as many
  levels of remediation as possible in one
 If the student is not remediated to
  college level in one semester, the
  student re-enrolls.
The Pilot for Foundations of Mathematics
   › 28% of students completed three
     levels of remediation in one
     semester with a B or better.
   › 51% of students completed two
     levels of remediation in one
     semester with a B or better.
 Foundations of Writing will be piloted in
  the Spring 2011 semester
 AMP will be piloted with 40 students in
  the Fall 2011
 All instruction by full-time faculty…no
 Computer based lab components
  accessible from anywhere
 AMP will contain a learning community
  of students who require remediation in all
  three areas: Reading, English, and
 The students will be enrolled in
    › Foundations of Mathematics
    › Foundations for Writing
    › Success Strategies
If AMP is successful, students requiring all
   three levels of remediation :
  › May complete remediation in one semester
  › Have the ability to graduate within 150% of
    program length
  › Will gain documented mastery skills
    necessary to persist in college level courses
If AMP is successful:

  › Remediation costs to the institution and the
    state will be greatly reduced (maybe cut in
  › Students will save the time and costs of up to
    12 credit hours of tuition and 4 text books
  Please contact my office for more
      Maria Parker, Vice Chancellor of
             Academic Services , 870-584-4471

George, M. (2010). Ethics and motivation in
 remedial mathematics education.
 Community College Review, 38(1), 82.

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