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									                               The MHS Journal
                     Volume 1        Number 3           April 1, 2011        Editor: Mr. Stern

Perspectives:                            The Airsoft Craze:                      Baldwin and Hilliard to
The Financial Crisis                     by Rishbh Rana                          Swap Classes
by Miryam Samuel                                                                 by Mr. Stern
                                                Over the past few years
        Many economists consid-          many hobbies have gone up and                 Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Hilliard
er the financial crisis from 2007        down in popularity. But for the         have announced that they will swap
to the present to be the worst           past year one hobby has gone            classes for one week beginning on
since the Great Depression of            from not only being popular but         Monday April 11. Here’s how this
the 1930s.         Many factors          also being a very well respected        came about:
directly and indirectly caused           form of sport. According to
this situation. There are three          Airsoft GI, a provider of airsoft       One Friday afternoon after school,
major causes of the financial            equipment, the hobby has grown          Hilliard and Baldwin were having a
crisis: banking panics, stock            most in the last year, with sales       Coke at Carpaccio’s Ristorante. As
market crashes, and a currency           “shooting up” (get it?) compar-         teachers sometimes do, they were
crisis.                                  ed to years before.                     chatting about the various trials and
        Since banks lend out most               Now the hobby has hit            tribulations of teaching, about which
of the cash they receive in de-          Middlesex High and is taking            students were a pleasure to teach and
posits, it's difficult for them to       the population by storm. The            which were a pain in the tush, and
pay out if a large number of             guys especially like the ex-            whether or not a Smart car would be
depositors withdraw their mon-           perience of holding plastic             safe on the Autobahn, where there are
ey all at once. When a bank              versions of real life weapons           no speed limits. Hilliard made some
suffers a sudden rush of with-           without having to worry about           comment about how it must be easy to
drawals, it is called a bank run.        the consequences of having              teach Woods- no daily lesson plans,
A bank run may leave the bank            their Airsoft gun mistaken for a        no homework to grade, and stuff like
in bankruptcy. (Depositors are                                                   that. Baldwin turns to Hilliard and
                                         See Airsoft, Page 4                     says, “Come on, when one of your
                                                                                 students fails a test, there’s a puddle of
                                                                                 red ink on the test. When one of my
Inside:                                                                          students fails, there’s a pool of red
                                     Music Review:                               blood on the floor. Who’s got it
Perspective              Pg 1        Endgame by Rise Against                     tougher?” Hilliard replies, “You gotta
Airsoft                  pg 1                                                    be kidding, they were using those
Class Swap               p1          By Stephen Toscano                          same tools in ancient Sumeria. How
Music Review             p1                                                      hard can it be?” So they got into it,
Poetry                   p2, 6                                                   back and forth, and finally they de-
xkcd                     p2, 10            Formed in 1999, the                   cided that the only way they could
xkcd                     p11         punk band known as Rise                     determine whose class was easier to
DeBeers Co.              p3          Against began in Chicago and                teach would be for each to teach the
Math Puzzle              p3          quickly became famous around                other’s classes for one week. So they
Mt. Gamer                p4          the world. Much of their music              made a deal to swap classes. Hilliard
Gallery One              p5          focuses on making the ignorant              tells the Journal, “I intend to take
New Science Course       p6          see the truth of the reality in the         Woods deeper. The students need to
Gallery Two              p7          world around them. Having                   know more than how to make an
Inflation                p9          previously released five full
Short Story              p10         albums, their newest album,                 See Swap, Page 8
Roddle                   p12         “Endgame,” is not one to
Cartoon                  p12
Clubs                    p13         See Review Page 9
                                                                             MHS Journal, April 2011       Page 1
The Poet      by Abigail Erchick
the writer of lives,
the dreamer of dreams,
the holder of the book of physics in one's

the shy and the timid.
the brave and the courageous.
the wise and the thoughtful.

Is there a name for this one person who
holds this all?
the one who holds the keys to hearts and
and who won’t let them fall?

What better name to call this one,
than the one who writes all that one
holds dear
to the heart, mind and soul.

What better name than the poet
of the tales,

Feather    by Paul Cassagnol

When the jay took flight
She left a quill at my feet
Only a plume so small
Brought back all the memories
All the laughs we shared
From times that felt so long ago
Wishing I could take it all back
So life could be the way it should

The beating of your heart
Once so familiar to me
Is an echo from the past,
A past I would love to repeat

When the jay took flight
She left a quill at my feet
Only a plume so small                                  source:
But such a great meaning
                                                 MHS Journal, April 2011   Page 2
The De Beers Company and its                                   Math Puzzle: by Mr. Stern
Ingenious Marketing Schemes:
by Shristi Singh                                               THE PRIZE: A fresh Dunkin Donuts muffin
                               ers. From the profits, he       delivered to your homeroom.
        Have    you     ever   bought a claim to the De
 wondered why diamonds         Beers mine in 1871 and later    THE RULES: The first student who emails the
 are so expensive? The in-     bought nearly all of the        solution to me wins the prize. However, that student
 genious marketing sche-       remaining diamond mines in      must show me their work, and also look me in the
 mes of Cecil Rhodes, the      South Africa. Therefore, De     eye and say “I did not have help from anything or
 founder of the De Beers       Beers had taken almost all      anyone in working out the answer,” before collecting
 Company, turned a rock        over the diamond market.        their prize.
 dug from the ground into      Then, in the early 1900s,           Previous winners may not enter!
 an object of desire for       Anglo-American         Corp-
                               oration was founded by
 women all over the world.                                     Puzzle Number 1: This puzzle is open to
 Well, how was he able to      Ernest Oppenheimer who
                                                               all non-Math-honors students:
 do it?                        wanted to join De Beers in
                               the diamond industry. He
          While diamonds                                        How many triangles
                               bought up shares of De
 had been rare and sought-
                               Beers until he was one of
                                                                are in the diagram? (To
 after for many centuries,
                               the largest shareholders, and    give you more to work with,
 everything changed when                                        the same diagram is printed
 diamonds were discovered      became Chairman in 1929.
                               While going through all this,    several times on page 8)
 on the farm of Nicolaas
 and Diederick De Beer in      he learned a lot about the
 southern Africa in 1867.      diamond industry and made
                               the statement, “Common
 After that discovery, min-
                               sense tells us that the only    Puzzle Number 2: This puzzle is open to
 ers started claiming huge                                     ALL freshmen and sophomores:
 chunks of land. However,      way to increase the value of
 it was difficult for in-      diamonds is to make them
                               scarce, that is to reduce        A few summers ago, I rode an 8-mile loop on my
 dividual diggers to mine                                       bike every day trying to beat 20 mph average.
 diamonds on a large scale     production.”
                                      I am sure you all have    (Harder than it sounds!) For this puzzle, let’s
 because diamonds were
 located in soils that con-    heard of the principle of        assume my loop had exactly 3 miles of uphill, 2
 tained underground water.     supply and demand. So to         miles of flat, and 3 miles of downhill. Using my
 So, small committees of       keep the price of diamonds       bike computer, I carefully held 17 mph uphill, 20
 diggers united into one big   high, they limit the supply      mph on the flat, and 23 mph on the downhill.
 cartel.                       of diamonds each year. By        Since 17 and 23 average 20, I figured that I
        Cecil Rhodes was                                        would average 20 mph, but I came up short!
                               See Diamonds Page 11
 one of the first people to                                     Assuming that I hold exactly 20 mph on the flat
 rent pumps to these min-                                       and 23 on the down, exactly how fast do I have
                                                                to go on the up to get exactly 20 mph average for
                                                                the whole trip?

                                                               Puzzle Number 3: This puzzle is open to
                                                               ALL juniors and seniors:

                                                               In 1999, while collecting information on an
                                                               important politician figure, I found that his
                                                               age (in regular whole years) at death was
                                                               exactly one thirty-ninth of the year of his
                                                               birth. How old was the politician in 1921 if
                                                               he was born on January 1st?

                                      Viet Dang
                                                                       MHS Journal, April 2011      Page 3
      MT. GAMER by Connor LaMontagne
    “where the only thing to fear is system failure”
    Top 10 Pokemon That Annoy You
 [In honor of Pokemon Black/White’s release in March]

10: Feebas                                                                                   Carley Sheehan
Finding Feebas is no simple task. You have to fish in certain
random areas of certain bodies of water at certain times. It is a     Continued from Airsoft, Pg 1
HASSLE. I’ve spent hours on end trying to get this punk.              real gun.
                                                                             Airsoft guns have an orange tip at
9: Bidoof                                                             the nozzle which keeps anyone from
There’s always one normal-type Pokemon                                mistaking the weapon for a real gun.
in the beginning of each game that is simply                          These guns are not harmful; they shoot a
useless. Its goofy buckteeth and lame                                 6mm-8mm (about a quarter of an inch)
move-set just scream “pathetic.”                                      lightweight plastic ball at speeds which
                                                                      only leave a mark if shot from point blank
8: Snorlax                                                            range. They are life size models of actual
Hooray! I can’t wait to get to… um, there’s                           guns, made of plastic and sometimes met-
something blocking the road.                                          al. The ammunition is shot at low velocity
                                                                      at targets or people.
7: Tentacool                                                                 Although the guns have been around
For every one decent Pokemon in the waters, there are a               for a while, the hobby was mostly for
thousand Tentacool. And they never leave you alone. Enjoy.            younger children. The guns used to shoot
                                                                      at very low speeds. Nowadays that plastic
6: Zubat                                                              bullet is shot at varying speeds from 150 to
Zubat is basically the Tentacool of caves. It never                   400 feet per second, with an average of
stops getting into battles with you, and if you dare to               300 fps.
actually fight one, it will use supersonic to confuse                        There are commercial areas that
your Pokemon until you realize it’s just not worth it.                have been specifically developed for this
                                                                      hobby, such as Godfather Airsoft and
5: Rattata (Specifically Youngster’s Joey’s)                          Tactical, with a retail location in Green-
Okay Joey, I get it; your Rattata’s great, now please go away.        brook and an indoor arena in Flemington,
                                                                      and some of you know how exciting it is
4: Abra
                                                                      to play in these arenas! If you haven’t
Yay, an Abra! I’m going to– oh wait, he’s gone.
                                                                      tried Airsoft yet, give it a try!
3: Metapod
Honestly, Metapod would be more
useful if trainers punted it off a cliff.

2: Magikarp
Impossible to use, and annoying to fight.
A block of wood could do more damage.
And finally…

1: Gary Oak
I don’t care if he’s not a Pokemon. You finally reach the end of
Victory Road, you have one Pokemon left alive and you have no
potions or revives. A Pokemon center is in sight… Then Gary                             Mohamed Fotouh
appears, and challenges you to a fight. I hate you Gary.
                                                                    MHS Journal, April 2011      Page 4
 The Gallery- Room One

by Dan Sanchez

                         MHS Journal, April 2011   Page 5
Continued from Financial, Pg 1
                                                                    Science Department to
are covered by the FDIC up        and interesting example of a      Introduce New Course
to $200,000, even if their        bubble is the Dutch tulip         for 2011-12
bank goes bankrupt.). Hun-        mania of 1637- yup, 1637.         by Mr. Stern
dreds of banks were taken         Wiki it-, it’s pretty interest-
over by the federal govern-       ing. -Ed.)                               The Science Department has asked
ment in this financial crisis.           Currency issues are a      The MHS Journal to spread the news
         Stock market crashes     third reason for the financial    about a new Science course that will
are another cause. Econo-         crisis. When a country that       debut next year. The name of the new
mists say that a financial        maintains a fixed exchange        course is: “Science: What the Facts
asset (like a stock) exhibits a   rate is suddenly forced to        Can’t Tell Us.” It is essential for all
bubble when its price ex-         devalue its currency because      students to learn the basics of science:
ceeds its value. If most          of speculation, this is called    how research and experimentation lead to
buyers just buy the stock in      a currency crisis or balance      the gathering of evidence; how that
hopes of selling it later at a    of payments crisis.               evidence becomes the basis for under-
higher price, instead of                 There may be other         standing scientific principles; and how
buying it for its value, this     influences, but bank panics,      these principles are revised and updated
could be evidence that a          stock market crashes, and         as the evidence grows over decades and
bubble is present. If there is    currency issues are the most      centuries. Still, the classical approach
a bubble, there is a risk of a    important causes of our           has its limits. What can traditional
crash in prices. Buyers will      recent recession.         This    science explain about UFOs and ESP, for
go on buying only as long as      recession has affected most       instance? So far, not much. A different
they expect others to do the      of the world, and economists      approach may be needed here, and
same, and once people start       are still trying to figure out    several alternatives will be the subject of
selling, the bubble may           how to help countries to          this fascinating new course. Curriculum
burst. (One really famous         recover                           topics have yet to be finalized, but here
                                                                    are a few being considered:
       April’s Paradox:
                                                                            Crop Circles- What They Don’t
                                                                            Want You to Know
                                                                      •     Yuri Geller and Harry Houdin-
          “This sentence is incorrect”                                      What Can We Learn?
                                                                      •     ESP- Taking Advantage of Hidden
                                                                            Powers on Standardized Tests
                                                                      •     Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness, Jersey
            A Loaf of Kindness                                              Devil- Which is the Real Deal?
                                                                      •     Astrology And Astronomy- Two
                 by Corey Shepherd                                          Close Sisters
                                                                      •     Sugar and Diabetes- The Hidden
            You mix the oil of manners
                                                                      •     The Secret Society that Built
            With the yokes of trust                                         Stonehenge
            And the chocolate powder                                  •     Who Moved the Pyramids?
                                                                      •     The 200 MPG Car Detroit Doesn’t
            Of patience so you                                              Want You to Own
            Can put it in the oven                                    •     Why Tapping a Soda Can Keeps It
                                                                            From Foaming Over
            Of your heart to share
                                                                      •     Why Boiled Water Improves Plant
            Kindness to all the people                                      Growth
            You love.                                                 •     How Many Pounds of Lipstick

                                                                    See New Course Page 8

                                                                          MHS Journal, April 2011     Page 6
The Gallery- Room Two

                                                                    Robert Lally’s work
                                                               was selected by a jury for
                                                               inclusion in this year's
                                                               Fresh Perspectives exhibit
                                                               at The Morris Museum in
                                                               Morristown. Robert's blue
                                                               coil vase was one of three
                                                               ceramics works selected
                                                               out of 435 submissions.
                                                               This highly competitive
                                                               show features high school
                                                               work from the entire
                                                               state. Robert’s work will
                                                               be exhibited for one month
                                                               following a reception on
                                                               May 17.

     Seniors Heena Dani and Vincent Hudson had their work chosen for display at the
National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) exhibit in Tampa, Florida.
One hundred and fifty pieces were selected from over a thousand entries. This is the first
year that Middlesex is represented in this prestigious show and the ceramics department
is very proud of these artists. Their work will also be featured on posters and DVDs sent
to schools around the country.

Editor’s Note: These greyscale images do not do justice to the work. If you are reading this online,
click on the names for full color images:  Robert Lally       Heena Dani      Vincent Hudson

                                                                 MHS Journal, April 2011   Page 7
 Continued from Swap, Pg 1                     Continued from New Course, Pg 6
 accurate corner. They need to know              •   Does an Average Woman
 how the ability to craft fine wooden                Consume in Her Lifetime?
 objects changed culture itself, even            •   Lurking Dangers of Dihydrogen
 changed the course of civilizations!                Monoxide
 Where did these tools come from?
 Where have they been? Do people in                    If this list gets piques your interest,
 different countries use them differ-          and you have room for an optional class
 ently? How did Kings, Priests, and            next year, see your Guidance Counselor
 Presidents approach the use of wood?          soon, because this new class is expected
 Who is the most famous woodworker             to fill quickly!
 of all?” Baldwin tells the Journal,
 “Enough talk; let’s get this thing going
 already!” So there it lies. Those of
 you lucky enough to be in one of Mr.
 Baldwin’s or Mr. Hilliard’s classes
 will get to play a role in this grand
 experiment. So which class is harder                                                            Natalie DiTaranto
 to teach? Stay posted…

                                                 (Harry Houdini)

                   When two egotists
                   meet, it's an I for an I.
                                                                                                      Rachel Saltzman

                                                                                                             Connor Bogus

Steve Sarnowski                                                                    MHS Journal, April 2011    Page 8
Inflation Numbers- Real or Fudged?
by Mark Stitt
        In the past few            lieve there are two reasons.
months, you may have heard                The first is to not
the word “inflation” when          alarm people with concern
people talk about rising           about increases in energy
prices. But what is in-            and food prices. The second
flation? The definition of         is that Social Security
inflation, from the website        benefits are tied to the CPI, is “a per-         rate, so the amount of social
sistent, substantial rise in the   security payments depends
general level of prices re-        on the CPI. The government
lated to an increase in the        is act-ually cutting back on
volume of money and                Social Security benefits
resulting in the loss of value     without      informing     the
of currency.” Sounds sim-          public. The CPI is at 1.6%
ple: the more money in the         but real inflation is really
country, the less value the        around 5%, which means
money has in the country.          people are losing 3.2% of
How does the United States         their benefit due to the way
calculate inflation? We have       the      U.S       government
something called the Con-          calculates in-flation.
sumer Price Index (CPI).                  People don’t under-                                 Lily Marciano
The CPI takes a “basket” of        stand the danger of inflation
goods and services and then        and the deadly effect it can
measures the change in             have on an economy. We           Continued from Review, Pg 1
prices year by year. The cur-      can see people protesting all
rent level of the CPI is           over the Middle East because     disappoint. The lyrics are moving and in-
around 1.6% for the month          many live in poverty. When       spirational; the sound is powerful and in-
of January. Some people,           a large portion of your          vigorating. Many RA fans have been waiting for
including myself, believe          income goes to food alone,       this album and are deeply satisfied, including
that the United States under-      and then food prices go up       myself. Many reviews mention how this is a
states    inflation     through    due to inflation, people         great comeback from what is thought to be one of
something       called      “the   become very angry. Turmoil       their worse albums, "Appeal To Reason." How-
hedonic method.” For ex-           all over the Middle East is      ever, some followers aren't completely ecstatic
ample, suppose an iPod cost        partly due to the fact that      with the entire album, having been introduced to
$100 a year ago and $110           people are hungry and want       the group with what is considered the peak of
today. Using simple infla-         to do something about it.        their musical career so far, "The Sufferer and The
tion, you might say that the              Americans are lucky       Witness". There are even some fans that think
iPod went up 10%, but using        that they only spend about       this album is starting to show a downward curve
hedonic methods, you might         13% of their income on           in their career, which we've all seen happen to
also say that the iPod got         food. I think in the near        some of our favorite bands at some point in our
10% “better,” so you might         future, the U.S. is going to     lives. I highly disagree, but to each his own, as
conclude that there was no         see protest as in the Middle     they say. In spite of these negative reviews, the
inflation. The idea of “he-        East when they realize the       decision is unanimous that "Endgame" is overall a
donic” methods is to con-          real increase in the cost of     good album in its own right. If you’re new to this
sider the change in the value      food, energy, and the overall    band, or want to go further, this album would be a
or quality of a product along      cost of living.                  good place to start. My personal favorites on this
with its price.                                                     disc include Make It Stop (September’s Child-
However, using hedonic               We have enough                 ren), Satellite, and Survivor Guilt. Should you
methods can easily under-            youth, how about a             decide to look into this album, I hope you savor it
state the true level of in-          fountain of smart?             as much as I do.
flation. Why would the U.S
understate inflation? I be-
                                                                        MHS Journal, April 2011       Page 9
                                          Short Story by Carley Sheehan

        In a dry deserted desert, there lived a bobcat colony. There were five of them just lurking around, waiting for
the right moment to attack their prey. The father Tuck had four cubs. The mother had been killed by a dirty rotten
hunter, who Tuck swore vengeance upon. The kids just sat in the dusty cave watching and learning how to kill their
prey. But really, all they cared about was feasting on the flesh of the dead.
         The kids Ryan, Jerry, Como, and Romeo just couldn’t stand the horrible stench of dead animals. But they
learned to deal with it. Now no one would think of coming toward the cubs as they feasted upon their dinner. But a
foolish young lad came and saw the cubs. He didn’t want trouble or the food, just the cubs. He was a fool because
wherever there are cubs, there are parents. Nevertheless the lad went over to the feasting cubs and put one hand on
one cub and the other on another and sure enough the dad was right there behind him.
          Tuck growled at the young man and he dropped the cubs and dashed away as quickly as possible. Tuck
followed with his razor sharp claws pointed at the man. Tuck caught him and clawed him down to the bone. The
man was in pain, and he yelled so loud that other countries could hear him. The ambulance came rushing over. In
the back of the ambulance, Tuck saw the man who killed his wife. Tuck never forgot a face. It was funny; a guy
who kills animals working to help people. Tuck thought that the vicious man should be on Americas Most Wanted.
          Tuck’s children tried to prevent him from killing the man, until Tuck told them who that man was, and then
they were furious. But the cubs said “we‘ll get him when he is alone.” They started to make up a plan that would
make the killer regret the day he walked into the bobcat colony. They figured the man wouldn’t come back to
where the cats lived, so they decided to go to him… at night when he was about to fall asleep. He better sleep with
one eye opened!
           At night they left for the man’s village. It took them two days to get there because the cubs had to rest.
Their dad fed them bird stew… their favorite. All you have to do is get a bird, and then crush it and mash it with
your paws. As they approached the tiny village they sniffed out the house where the rotten man lived. All the cats
had razor sharp claws ready to attack. The father said to wait for the signal which would be a snarl. The father went
in first; then later came the snarl which was the cubs’ cue to come in. As the cubs approached the dirty, evil man,
he sat up and saw the black eyes of the little cubs staring at him with their razor sharp white teeth.
             The cubs got scared as the man got up and slowly tip-toed toward them. The father said, “Show no
mercy, and show your teeth.” The cubs did as their father said and the man backed away. Unfortunately he backed
up right into the father who was also showing his teeth. There was no one around to help the man so the father went
for it, the whole enchilada. Of course the cubs helped. Tuck had been waiting his whole life to kill the man who
killed his wife. He took his claws and jabbed them into the defenseless man and killed him. The family joined in for
a feast that they would never forget.
             Once they were done eating the dead man they hurried home before dusk so they wouldn’t be seen.
They went home with smiles on their faces because they achieved victory over the evil man. The vengeance Tuck
had sworn finally came true. The five bobcats didn’t have to worry about any more disturbances, unless someone
came to hurt them; then Tuck would repeat it all again.


                                                                          MHS Journal, April 2011        Page 10
Continued from Diamonds, Pg 3

       doing this De Beers violates    -able diamonds and tremendously                                                            diamonds. Conflict diamonds are
United States antitrust laws.          increased their desirability and                                                           the subject of the highly
Antitrust laws are a set of rules      value.                                                                                     recommended 1996 movie Blood
that prevent anti-competitive be-                                                                                                 Diamond, which was nominated
havior and monopolies and unfair             (Editors Note- In more re-                                                           for 5 Academy Awards. For more
business practices. Now, you           cent times, diamonds have played                                                           information, Wiki “blood dia-
might be wondering how De Beers        a major role in financing extreme-                                                         mond.” -Ed.)
can violate these laws? De Beers       ly violent and brutal conflicts in
claims that it has no legal presence   places such as Congo, Angola,                                                                     More information:
in the United States so it does not    Liberia and Sierra Leone.
have to follow United States laws.     Diamonds mined in these areas                                                           
All diamonds sold in the United        are referred to as “conflict                                                                      teaching/debeers3.pdf
States are bought from England by      diamonds” or “blood diamonds.”
companies which are supplied by        In 1998, the group Global Witness                                                       
De Beers. De Beers does not sell       began publicizing this situation                                                                  59_history-de-beers-diamonds.html
its diamonds directly in the US.       and many companies, including                                                           
De Beers executives do not even        De Beers, began working with the
come to the United States even         United Nations to reduce the sale
though 50% of their buyers live in     of diamonds mined by insurgents.
the United States, as they are         This led to the “Kimberly Process
afraid that they could get arrested.   Certification Scheme, which cert-
So, over many decades, De Beers        ifies the origin of diamonds to
has reduced the quantity of avail-     reduce the trade in these conflict
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Kevin Semone

                                                                                                                                           Karmageddon: It's like, when everybody is sending off all
                                                                              Flatulence (n.), the emergency vehicle that picks you up

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a
                                                                                                                                           these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat
                                                                                                                                           explodes and it's, like, a serious bummer.
                                                                              after you are run over by a steamroller.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       worm in the fruit you're eating.


                                                                              MHS Journal, April 2011                                                                                                                                                              Page 11
   1. How do crazy people find their way through the forest?
   2. What do you get from a pampered cow?
   3. What is the area of a circle of pirates?

Answers for Last Month’s Riddles:
   1. How do you put nine pigs into the eight boxes?                          N I N E P I G S
   2. Mary's father has five daughters. If the names of the first 4 daughters are Nana, Nene,
      Nini and Nono, what is the name of the fifth daughter? Mary
   3. What did the fish say when he swam into the wall? Dam!

Disclaimer: Everything expressed in the The MHS Journal is the
opinion of the various authors and not the opinion of Mr. Stern or
Middlesex High School, fer cryin’ out loud!

    Congratulations to the actors, musicians, set
    crew, and everyone who helped make Bye
    Bye Birdie into a fabulous treat for the
    Middlesex community!

                                                                 MHS Journal, April 2011        Page 12
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Anime Club                              Tuesdays               Room 102            Mr. Dow (dowd@...)
Book Club                               Mondays                Library             Ms. Grund (lcgrund@...)
French Club                             Thursdays              Room 505            Ms. Girault (giraultm@...)
FBLA (Future Bus. Leaders of America)   Thursdays              Room 214            Ms. Valenti (valentiv@...)
Harry Potter/Twilight Club              2nd and 4th Weds.      Room 222            Ms. Perhatch (perhatchk@...)
MSG Varsity Club                        as needed              Room 220            Mr. Inciong (inciongv@...)
PRIDE                                   Fridays                Room 215            Ms. Hartje (hartjen@...)
Spanish Club                            Tuesdays               Room 506            Ms. Kaack (kaackj@...)
Student Council                         Tuesdays               Library             Ms. Barnes (barnesd@...)
Yearbook Club                           1st and 3rd Tues.      Room 222            Ms. Perhatch (perhatchk@...)

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    Answers to last month’s Math Puzzle:
    Puzzle Number 1: This puzzle is open to all non-Math-honors students:

      Starting with the third number, each number is the sum of the two previous numbers.
      List all 6 numbers. (Hint: They are not whole numbers!) 8 ___ ___ ___ ___ 122

        Solution: Ricky Vogt (by guess-and-check): 8 19.6 27.6 47.2 74.8 122

    Puzzle Number 2: This puzzle is open to ALL freshmen and sophomores:

      In the figure, the area between the squares is 110 sq. inches,
      and the sum of the perimeters of the squares is 88”. What are
      the dimensions of the squares?

        Solution: Shristi Singh: From the description, (Eq 1) x2-y2=110 and
        (Eq 2) 4x+4y=88. From Eq 2, x+y=22 and y=22-x. Substituting into Eq 1,
        x2-(22-x)(22-x)=110, so x2-(484-44x+x2)=110, 44x-484=110, so x=13.5 and y=8.5.

    Puzzle Number 3: This puzzle is open to ALL juniors and seniors:

      Draw 5 straight lines on a piece of
      paper. Now draw 7 dots on the lines
      so that there are 3 dots on every line.
      (Hint: yes, it matters how you draw
      the lines!)

        Solution: Kim Schueler:

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