Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice

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					Bachelor of Arts in
Social and Criminal Justice
Program Type: Online

Did You Know?
   • All CCAF AAS degrees are accepted in transfer by Ashford University
   • You only need a maximum of 60 additional credits from Ashford University to complete
      your Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice

Gain a broad-based approach to working in the law enforcement and criminal justice market when
you earn your Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice from Ashford University. You'll
develop additional understanding of the criminal justice system and the impact social issues have
maintaining a just society.

Your classes are in this program are taught by graduate-degreed faculty with real-world experience
in the fields they teach. You'll find the program integrates the legal and social forces that shape the
American culture into a degree that offers opportunities in a wide-range of professions.

If your passion lies in making sure criminals are appropriately handled or bringing justice to those
who seek it, your Bachelor's degree in Criminal and Social Justice (BASCJ) will serve you well.
You can join the ranks of law enforcement, follow a career path through the court system or any
other number of employment opportunities. Your degree will give you a wide breadth of knowledge
within the world of criminal and social justice.

Degree Focus
Investigate both the social and legal sides of working in the criminal justice field with the Bachelor
of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice program. Examine topics in forensics, psychology, crime
prevention, law, the U.S. Constitution, terrorism, and the correctional system. You will develop the
skills and gain the knowledge needed to build an effective career.

Program Outcomes
Students will be able to:
1. Examine law enforcement issues.
2. Apply knowledge to socio-economic (cultural) diversity to criminal justice.
3. Investigate the operation of the criminal justice system.
4. Examine the relationship of social justice to criminal justice system; and
5. Apply information from sociology law, psychology, ethics and related fields to the study of
   criminal justice.

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                                                                                    Revised 6/25/2008
Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice Degree Program Requirements
                                                                       Required           CCAF              Remaining
                                                                       Semester          Transfer           Semester
Degree Requirement                                                      Credits          Credits             Credits
Core/Area of Focus                                                          36                 0                    36
SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility                       3*                0                     3*
CRJ 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice                                     3                 0                     3
SOC 305 Crime & Society                                                      3                 0                     3
SOC 331 Social Justice & Ethics                                              3*                0                     3*
CRJ 308 Psychology of Criminal Behavior                                      3                 0                     3
POL 303 The American Constitution                                            3                 0                     3
CRJ 305 Crime Prevention                                                     3                 0                     3
CRJ 301 Juvenile Justice                                                     3                 0                     3
CRJ 306 Criminal Law & Procedure                                             3                 0                     3
CRJ 311 Forensics                                                            3                 0                     3
CRJ 303 Corrections                                                          3                 0                     3
CRJ 422 Criminal Justice Capstone                                            3                 0                     3
Arts and Sciences (46 credits)                                              40*             18**                    22**
Aesthetic Awareness (3 credits)                                              3               3***                   0***
Literature (3 credits)                                                       3               0***                    3
Physical World (4 credits)                                                   4                 0                     4
Historical Perspectives (3 credits)                                          3               3***                   0***
Multicultural Perspectives (3 credits)                                       3               3***                   0***
Introductory Course/Social Perspectives (3 credits)                          3                 0                     3
Values and Beliefs (6 credits)                                               3*              0***                    3*
Applied Ethics Competency (3 credits)                                        0*                0                     0*
Communication Competency (9 credits)                                         9                6**                   3**
Computer Competency (3 credits)                                              3                 0                     3
Critical Thinking Competency (3 credits)                                     3                 0                     3
Mathematics Competency (3 credits)                                            3               3**                   0**
Electives                                                                   44                44                     0
Total Credits Required Bachelor of Arts in
Social and Criminal Justice Degree                                          120               62                    58
*In this program, 6 credits from the major may also satisfy General Education requirements. Credits displayed reflect the
number of credits outstanding in the General Education requirement if major courses are successfully completed.

**Mathematics, Oral and Written Communication will only transfer into the degree program if the grade earned is C- or higher.

*** Based upon descriptions of courses completed, Humanities and Social Science coursework will be transferred into the
General Education or Major categories that are the best fit, according to Ashford University’s definitions of General Education

» Three credits will be substituted in the General Education or major category to transfer a total of 62 credits.

                                                                                                            Revised 6/25/2008