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Bachelor's in Criminal Justice


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									                                                Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice
                                            Offered by New Jersey City University

Program Description:
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice prepares one to assume the responsibilities of a police officer,
(municipal or state) special agent in federal law enforcement, criminal investigator, court administrator,
probation officer, or correctional officer.

Criminal Justice majors who qualify may be eligible for the Cooperative Education Program, which combines
classroom learning with practical experience and field skills.

Applications can be completed online at, or picked up at Wall campus, 800 Monmouth Blvd.
Wall, NJ 07719. Application deadlines are April 1, for Fall and November 1, for Spring.
If you are a Brookdale Community College student, prior to your last semester, you can apply for Dual
Admission. Explore the benefits of the Dual Admission program at
NJCU accepts a maximum of 66 transfer credits from a community college.
The requirement for admission to this degree is a 2.0 GPA. A minimum of 128 credits are required to graduate

All New Jersey City University courses are offered at the Wall Higher Education Center, part of the NJ Coastal
Communiversity or online.
NJCU provides for the traditional and non-traditional student with part-time, full-time, day and evening courses.
Advisement is available each semester on the Wall campus with NJCU faculty.

Tuition/Financial Aid:
Tuition information is available at
Students must start the financial aid process by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) form at, and selecting NJCU as their college choice. Filing deadlines apply. For
more information visit Financial Aid at or call 201-200-
Full time students taking 12 credits may take up to 6 additional credits at the 12 credit price.

Disability Services:
Accepted students with disabilities should contact Jennifer Aitken, Director of the Office for Specialized
Services, at 201.200.2557

                 For further information on the Criminal Justice program please contact:

       Professor Jennifer Bryan                      or              Theresa Spataro
       Criminal Justice                                              NJCU Program Assistant
       Phone: 201-200-3235                                           732-280-7090 ext. 6011
       Email:                                        Email:
                                                               New Jersey City University
                                                   Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
For Advising Only                               Credits              BCC Equivalents
NJCU Criminal Justice                              39

Required Core Courses                                  24
CJ 111 Intro to Criminal Justice                       3     CRJU 101
CJ 112 Crime and Delinquency                           3     CRJU 245
CJ 215* Police Org. and Admin                          3     CRJU 225
CJ 216* Court System and Admin.                        3
CJ 217* Correctional System and Admin                  3     CRJU127
CJ 305* Criminal Law                                   3     CRJU 226
CJ 372* Criminal Justice Research                      3
CJ 463* Mgt of Public Safety Agencies                  3

Electives                                              15
CJ 115 Juvenile Justice Admin                           3
CJ 120 Careers in Criminal Justice                      3
CJ 205* Community Corrections                           3    CRJU 205
CJ 210* Crime Prevention                                3
CJ 250* Crisis Intervention                             3
CJ 260* Criminal Investigation                          3    CRJU 202
CJ 275* Police and the Community                        3    CRJU 125
CJ 300* Victimless Crimes/Organized Crimes              3
CJ 301* Terrorism                                       3    CRJU 236
CJ 302* White Collar Crime                              3
CJ 303* Women and Criminal Justice                      3
CJ 315* Seminar in Criminal Justice Problems            3

Course codes with an * require a prerequisite course

AA/AS degree holders are not required to complete additional general education courses, a maximum of 66 credits are
transferable. Courses equivalencies accepted / transferred do not lower minimum credits required to graduate

Please see National Security Studies and Fire Science Departments for additional electives that may be accepted by
Criminal Justice

Minor in Criminal Justice may be attained by completing 24 credits of required courses specified above

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