Newsletter Fall 2010 by zhangyun


									                   HUFF N' PUFF NEWS
                                                         FALL 2010

       PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                                   Excerpts of Art Ferris’s Life
Thanks mainly to the “word of mouth” of our members, our                  Written on the occasion of his 90th Birthday.
numbers continue to grow and have now reached over 1525.
Even this past summer, when it is usually quite slow, we have        You may like to know what I have been doing on this earth for
had many new people join our ranks.                                  90 years. I was born in 1920 in a little shack of a house in
                                                                     Saskatchewan in a little town called Raymore. I did all the
Due to some trends in the last few years we have made some           normal things a young boy would do growing up in the tough
changes to our Bus Trip policies which should help get our           times of the “Dirty Thirties.” I played baseball in the summer
numbers back up to where they were. See the trip schedule on         and hockey in the winter. I smoked my first cigarette when I was
page 3 of this newsletter.                                           about 15. I didn’t like it so I never smoked all these years. I left
                                                                     home and came to Ontario when I was 17 years old. I jumped
The game of PICKLEBALL has become quite popular in                   on a cattle train with $10.00 in my pocket and that’s how I
Florida and Eastern Ontario and was added to the Ontario             ended up in this part of the country. I met a girl who later
Senior Games schedule this year. If you are interested in playing    became my wife and I lived with her grandmother. At 21, I
this game please leave a message at our office and we will see if    joined the Air Force. I married my girl before I went overseas. I
it can work out for Huff N’ Puff.                                    served four years overseas in Europe. I returned to Canada in
                                                                     1945. My wife was living here in London so that’s how I became
Fay Foster has been doing an excellent job of running our Line       a resident of London. I found a job here with Langford Radio
Dance Entertainers for the last while but has handed the reigns      and stayed in the electronics business until I retired in 1985. We
to Connie Willis. THANK YOU Fay and now Connie for                   raised a family but my wife died in 1986, so my life changed
volunteering your time and effort.                                      again. I met Shirley Craib who was a member of Huff N’ Puff
                                                                        and she has been my partner now for about 18 years. She has
Jessie Mills has been taking care of our Get Well                       ridden a lot of miles with me on my bike but has now retired
Card duties, but is not able to continue, so we are                     from riding. I still ride with our “Two Seater Club”.
looking for a volunteer to take over that job.                          I joined the Huff N’ Puff Seniors Fitness Association and did
THANKS Jessie for a job well done.                                      a lot of activities with them and I am still a member. As a
                                                                        matter of fact they made me a Life Member.
Teresa Vowles can no longer continue providing                          I still keep busy. I have always grown my own vegetables &
supper information for the “Meet To Eat Club”. She                      fruits and maybe that’s why I have lived to be 90. I play
has done a great job! THANK YOU Teresa!                                 Slo- Pitch with Huff N’ Puff in the less intense league. I call
                                                                     Square Dances for three seniors clubs and dance at two other
Please call the office if you can help out in these important        clubs. I DJ music for Huff N’ Puff’s monthly dance and have
areas.                                                               always played music for a New Years Eve Dance. I am part of
                                                                     the Huff N’ Puff Entertainment Group who go to Nursing
 Phil Shaffer has tried to develop a program of 8/9 Ball Pool at     Homes, Retirement homes, Hospitals etc. in and around
Fleetway, but due to circumstances beyond his control, it has        London about twice a month plus I have delivered “Meals-on-
not worked out. THANK YOU Phil for giving it your best               Wheels” for 23 years.
shot.                                                                A 90th birthday comes around only once in a life time.
                                                                                                             Way to go, Art !
Unfortunately, in March, April, May and June, five of our
members passed away including Mark LeBlanc (Hockey),
Norma Culp (Bowling), Betty-Ann Kestle (Walk-Fit), Nancy
Sea (Singing), and Jack O’Neill (Golf). In July we were              Some interest has been shown towards including
saddened to learn of the passing of Al Segal and Gerald Moore.       PICKLEBALL in our activities. It is played on a Badminton
Al was an active member of our Curling and Bowling programs          court with a lower net, a hollow ball, and a wooden bat and is
for about 16 years, while Gerry played Slo-Pitch and Cycled for      a lot of fun.
15 years. Our deepest sympathy goes to their families. They will     If you would be interested in participating in this please
be sorely missed.                                                    contact Barry Fay @ 519-439-6843 or 519-661-5854.
We are always looking for willing volunteers, so please think                    EIGHT/NINE BALL POOL
about letting your name stand for election to the Board of                           @ FLEETWAY 40
Directors, or as a Convenor.
 A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS                           Due to unavoidable circumstances, this will no longer be
                                                  Barry Fay          included in Huff N’ Puff Activities.

WEBSITE KEEPS YOU INFORMED !                                   NOTE! Huff N’ Puff membership or renewal applications
                                                               can be paid by cheque at our office when it is open, mailed
Our Website is still being                                     in, or dropped in mail boxes which are provided at both
modified but our Program                                       NLOCC and CHOCC.
Schedule and Newsletter can
be accessed at:

                                    UPCOMING EVENTS
                                              Everyone welcome !                        Convenor: Doris Jarrett 519-659-8178
Victory Branch Legion, 311 Oakland
           Ave. London             Cards and social time after dinner. Monthly
                                        notices are on bulletin boards at NLOCC,
       Buffet Supper - 4:30 pm          CHOCC and the Victory Legion.                         Social Committee Members

                                                                                          Maxine Leatherland 519-652-9158
                                                                                           Phyllis Johnston 519-631-1973
         Upcoming Dates:                  PLEASE SIGN IF ATTENDING                           Edna Vokes 519-433-3372
                                                                                             John Young 519-686-5537
           October 17, 2010
                                        People have not been doing this and it has
                                        created a problem with letting the Legion
          November 21, 2010             know how many are attending.

         DANCE                                      Details will be posted on bulletin boards the first of October.
                                                                         Cost: N/A at this time
     FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2010
         VICTORY LEGION                              Contact Social Committee for more information and tickets.
                                                         Last year we sold out of tickets so get yours early!
         OCTOBER 15th, 2010
                                                                Convenor: Doris Jarrett 519-659-8178
                                                      Social Committee Members (See list in above box for contacts)

   FRIDAY                                     Upcoming dates:                               These dances are held the
                                                                                            last Friday of the month and
  MONTHLY                                      September 24th                               start at 8 pm with some
   DANCES                                       October 29th                                square dancing followed by
                                    (November 26th ...Special Dinner Dance.                 social dancing and some line
 Victory Branch Legion                                     Tickets required)
  311 Oakland Ave.,                                                                         dancing, etc.
   London (upstairs)                       Everyone welcome...                              Come out and enjoy an evening
 Cost: Members $1.00     No dance during December but will commence in 2011                 of music and dancing!
 Non-members $2.00

“MEET TO EAT CLUB”                      The "Club" is composed of Huff N' Puff Members who wish to attend fund raising suppers in
                                        and around London. If interested in joining the group, please provide the convenor of your
 Locations: Area Community Cen- e-mail address and you will be notified of upcoming events. President Barry Fay will also post
                                        all "suppers" on the Huff N' Puff bulletin boards at NLOCC & CHOCC. Teresa Vowles has
          tres and Churches.            done a great job providing supper information but is now retiring from this job. Anyone
Bruce Greenaway, interested in doing this task, please contact Bruce Greenaway or Barry Fay.

                                              BUS TRIPS
 Please pay for the bus tours by the due date, by cheque and made out to Huff N’ Puff. Cheques can be left at the office,
 if it is open, at NLOCC or the mail boxes at NLOCC and CHOCC. Please put on the envelope, Huff N Puff
 attention Carol Richardson. Write the name of the trip you are paying for on your cheque as well. If it is more
 convenient, you can send it directly to me at 1095 Donnybrook Ave., Dorchester, ON NOL 1G5
                 For more information on any of the trips contact Carol Richardson at 519-268-8007

                         FALL COLOURS TRAIN TRIP
                                       Saturday, October 2, 2010

A train ride- The Credit Valley Explorer

Lunch on the train, rolling hills, deep valleys, and the unsurpassed fall colours is a day trip not to be missed. An interpretive
commentary, refreshments and a stop in Elora, will make this a memorable excursion.

Cost includes lunch and the HST $99.00 Note: Discounted if we get over 10 people         Payment due Sept 11th.

                                                   Call Carol Richardson, 519-268-8007 Book early as seating is limited

                    FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS—Niagara Falls, Ontario
                          Choice of 2 trips with all concerts at the new Gale Center

          l Day tour Mon. Nov. 29, 2010

          Glenn Campbell and Debby Campbell in concert,

          1 Day tour Tues. Nov. 30, 2010
          Classic Country Concert featuring: Gene Watson, Shotgun Red [from Nashville], Jimmy Fortune [from the
          Statler Bros.] and Helen Cornelius
          Both of the above tours include Gold section reserved seats, Christmas dinner and Christmas lights tour

                                                             Either tour- Cost is $135.00 p.p. [includes all taxes]
                                                             Payment due Oct. 15th

     CHRISTKINDL & ST. JACOBS                                           CAROL SERVICE at ST.LORENZ
                         Sat. Dec. 4, 2010
                                                                                   FRANKENMUTH, MICHIGAN
   Our day begins at Christkindl Market at the Kitchener City
   Hall, which is transformed with free entertainment, great                            Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010
   foods and exquisite crafts based on the traditional
   pre-Christmas markets of Germany. Inside the City Hall –            Afternoon Carol Service, with a wonderful orchestra, a
   dazzles with sparkling lights and decorations. Vendors offer        famous chicken lunch at the Bavarian Inn, Bronners
   traditional German gifts, hand crafted ornaments, wooden            Christmas Store for shopping, and much more.
   toys, ceramics, jewelry and Advent wreaths. A wonderful
   buffet lunch at CROSSROADS Restaurant in Elmira, then               A passport is necessary….. Book Early as this tour fills
               Christmas shopping in downtown St. Jacobs.
                                                                                      Cost: $ 78.00
                       Cost: $59.00 includes Lunch and HST
                                                                                      Includes lunch, Carol Service and HST
                       Discounted if we get over 10 people
                                                                                      Payment due Nov. 5th.
                       Payment due Nov. 13th.
AEROBICS - CHOCC                                                BOCCE - MARCONI CLUB
Frances McClenaghan (519) 641-3174                              Edith Grant (519) 453-1950
See enclosed program schedule for times and days                See enclosed program schedule for times and days

We have all suffered with this hot summer but the strange       Thanks to the great turn outs that we get every week and thanks to
thing is that it has not affected our attendance. In fact we    the new members that are coming and enjoying themselves with us.
have seen new people joining all the time. We hope that this    It’s great having so many come for the afternoon. Everyone enjoys
trend continues.                                                a superb and fun time. New people, park at the back, and come in
                                                                the door by picnic tables, Hope you have time to come for a few
AQUABICS/SWIM – CHOCC                                           laughs and give it a try.

 John Young (519) 686-5537                                      5 PIN-BOWLING—BOWL-A-RAMA
See enclosed program schedule for times and days                Kathy Haiselden (519) 657-7432
                                                                Anne Daniels (519) 686-0841
Welcome to our new members and welcome back to those            Glen Keeling     (519) 686-5207
of you who have been away this summer. It is time to get        See enclosed program schedule for times and days
into an invigorating and enjoyable half hour of Aquabics
and a half hour of swimming.                                    Bowling will begin the first Friday after Labour Day, September
Our semi-annual Pot Luck Lunch will be held on Thursday,        10th at 1:00pm. New members are welcome and could call one
December 9, 2010 at 12:30 pm at CHOCC. Notices will be          of the above to have your name put on a team, or report to the
posted on the bulletin board and at the sign-in book for        alley at 12:45pm. The cost for bowling this year is $9.25 (includes
Aquabics/Swimming in November, with sign-up sheets.             HST).

BADMINTON – NLOCC                                               CARPET BOWLING - CHOCC
Norma Dadson (519) 657-9596                                     Keith Pembleton (519) 453-5196
e-mail:smokers                                    Mondays 10:00 am– noon Starting September 13, 2010
Brian Hall (519) 858-4865
e-mail:                                        Looking for a leisure activity to kick start your week? Carpet Bowling
See enclosed program schedule for times and days                may be the program to fill the bill. It is a lot like Lawn Bowling except
                                                                it is done indoors—a rain or shine sport. No experience required.
Hope every one had a good summer. The quality of play           Come out and join our fun loving group.
continues to improve and new players are welcome , We
play every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am to 12pm.           CURLING
Sorry to hear that Beryl and Libby will not be going to the
Nationals due to an injury. Just a reminder of our up-          Keith Lindsay (519) 453-9952
coming Thanksgiving lunch on Friday, October, 15. For           Kathy Haiselden (519) 657-7432
information call Norma Dadson (519) 657-9596 or Brian           INGERSOLL- Monday- 9:30 am     Cost: $6.00
Hall (519) 858-4865.                                            ILDERTON- Wednesday - 9:30 am Cost :$7.00

BASKETBALL-CHOCC                                                PRACTICE DAYS FOR REGULARS AND SPARES ARE:
                                                                MONDAY - OCTOBER 25TH AT INGERSOLL
Tom Timbrell (519) 432-3069 ,                                   WEDNESDAY - OCTOBER 27TH AT ILDERTON.
Art Dickenson (519) 434-5446,                                   REGULAR CURLING WILL START THE FOLLOWING
                                                                MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY.
Larry Little (519) 472-8911
See enclosed program schedule for times and days                A sign up sheet for those willing to curl this winter will be available
                                                                at the front desk of NLOCC. It will be available October 1st. Please
Our Huff n Puff Basketball Team played in a tournament in
                                                                check off the location and day that you wish to curl. Also indicate if
June in Detroit Southfield and did quite well, winning two
                                                                you would like to be a regular or a spare. Regular curlers from
out of three games in the Over 65 category. It was a
                                                                previous year will be given first priority, but we usually have some
wonderful weekend of fun and we enjoyed meeting so many
                                                                openings and we welcome everyone who is interested either as a
other senior players. They play at a very competitive level.
                                                                regular or spare at both locations.
 Tom is recovering nicely from a recent surgery and is really
 pleased to hear how good our attendance is, even during the
 golf season!!!                                                 CYCLING –“THE PEDAL PUSHERS”
 Things are being capably run this summer by Art
 Dickenson. Thanks Art.                                         Wednesday AM (times change according to start locations)
 Our heartfelt wishes go to Chip. We’re glad to hear that you   Call for location: Elaine Gallagher (519) 268-7413 or e-mail
 are now ticking along perfectly.                                        

We have been enjoying a good season of biking both city bike         HOCKEY-WESTERN FAIR SPORTS CENTRE
paths and streets as well as out-of-town venues. We have
had trips to Niagara Falls, Brantford, Mooretown, Port Dover         Jack Foote - (519) 471-0178
and Grand Bend. In the fall, we will do a Meaford /                  Start Date: Friday, Oct. 1, 2010
Collingwood excursion. We cycle every Wednesday. If you are          Days & Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
interested in joining us for next season please call by March 1,     Cost: $355
2011 to get on the list.

      “Helmets are required to all cycling activities”               Hockey season is just around the corner! I hope all of the Huff
                                                                     N' Puff hockey players have been staying in good shape. 2010-
CYCLING - “SILVER SPOKES”                                            2011 is going to be a big hockey season as it is our 25th year in
Wednesday AM (times change according to start locations)
Call for location:                                                   We are planning to pick the teams in late September. Our annual
Bill McKenzie (519) 452-1764                                         meeting will be held on Monday, September 27th at 10:00 a.m.
                                                                     As the new School for Elite Athletes (PEAC) will be using the
The Silver Spokes are still riding till the end of Sept.& perhaps    classrooms on the second floor, our meeting will be held in the
into Oct. weather permitting. We are currently at full capacity      Carousel Room Two. You can park at the Rink and walk
in terms of members. New rider inquiries call Bill McKenzie at       over the bridge to the Carousel Room. At the meeting, you will
519 452-1764 or                             receive your schedules and meet your captains. We have a full
                                                                     roster of players with a number of players still on the waiting
        “Helmets are required to all cycling activities”             list. The fee this year will be $355 until the end of April or $320
                                                                     until the end of March. The first game will be played on Friday,
DARTS – VICTORY LEGION                                               October 1, 2010
Lou Claxton (519) 452-1302
Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 - 3:00 pm year round                         HORSESHOES – MCMAHEN PARK
Attendance has been slow during the warm weather. Hopefully          Helen and Lou Claxton (519) 452-1302
more of the new members will come out and try their hand at          May to end of Aug. —Mon. 9:30 am—12 noon
this game. We do have fun.                                           We had a great season. We had some new faces which was good and
                                                                     still have room for more. Next year parking should be back to normal
GOLF - GOLFLAND GOLF CENTRE                                          after the park renovations are complete.
Regular Tee Offs Start-- 8:00 a.m. daily (or before)
Green Fees---$ 10.25 for 9 Holes + $ 6.50 for 2nd Nine               ROLLER SKATING—NLOCC
Power Carts— $13.00 for 9 holes + $7.50 for 2nd Nine                 Tilly Fay (519) 451-5829
                                                                     See enclosed program schedule for time and day.
NOTE---To get these rates you must be prepared to show
your Huff N’ Puff card.                                              Welcome back to all our cottage and summer activity people. Come out
                                                                     and enjoy roller skating to the “oldies”. New people are always
                                                                     welcome. Skate rentals are available.
Anne Daniels- (519) 686-0841 E-mail:
Judy Crump- (519) 681-5389
Barry Fay-    (519) 439-6843.
                                                                     SHUFFLEBOARD-FLOOR - CHOCC
LOCATION: GOLFLAND GOLF CENTRE                                       Helen & Lou Claxton (519)452-1302
(near London Airport)                                                Wednesday 10:00 to 12:00 Noon (October thru middle of April)
There is open golf daily at the above rates for all Huff N’ Puff     Looking forward to seeing everyone again and hope to see some new
Members. Get a group together and come out for some fun.             people out. Come out and have a good time.
Hamburger, fries, coffee or can of pop are available to all
members for $5.75.

Friday Golf Group
We enjoyed a great season. The weather didn’t always cooperate
but I think everyone enjoyed a great season of golf.
Approximately 25 golfers where out each Friday, with several
new members joining our group. We would like to thank
everyone who golfed, as they helped to make it a fun time.
Hopefully we will see you all back in the spring along with some                         Smile ! It’s contagious.
more new faces. All skill levels of golfers are welcome. Watch for
the Start-up date which will be posted in the Spring Newsletter.

SLO-PITCH – STRONACH PARK                                             TABLE TENNIS—CHOCC
Kathy Haiselden (519)657-7432
Gord Gallagher (519)268-7413                                          Bill Mason (519) 472-3342
Day and time: Tues.& Thursday 9:00 to 11:00 am                        Hugh Beck (519) 471-5728
                                                                      Mon., Wed., and Fri. from 12:30 to 2:30 pm
We have had a very hot summer for baseball but better than the
alternative. Our annual tournament will be held on September 1st      We continued to have a very good representation from an
at Stronach with our 10 league teams participating. A BIG thank       enthusiastic group of table tennis players during the summer
you to Del Mendham for looking after our attendance and               months. We are so happy that table tennis does not take a break
scorekeeping, and also to Melba Woods for scorekeeping.               during the summer months.
Our schedule will finish after the tournament but we will              We continue to await the delivery of two more new professional
continue playing pick up ball for the month of September.             model tables funded by the table tennis players themselves.
                                                                      When these two tables are in place at CHOCC, the table tennis
SLO-PITCH – LESS N’TENSE – NORTH                                      group will have donated to H & P six tables with a total value of
                                                                      over $4500.00. It is a pleasure to be able to play on such good
LONDON ATHLETIC FIELD                                                 quality professional tables, and to have such an excellent facility
Vic Crew (519) 673-3816                                               as the CHOCC gymnasium in which to play.
Floyd Radar (519) 268-7707                                            Again we extend a warm welcome to anyone in Huff N’ Puff
Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 Warm-up 9:30 –game                       who would like to come out and join us. Please don't be
                                                                      intimidated thinking that your play is not good enough. I
We have been blessed with great weather this season, and are          guarantee you that regardless of your standard of play, you will
enjoying our new diamonds at North London Athletic Fields             enjoy getting to know this friendly and helpful group of people,
(Adelaide & Kipps Lane). Several new players have joined our          and I can also assure you that your play will improve as you play
group this year, and we are enjoying their participation and          more.
friendship.    More new players would be most welcome,                 We look forward to welcoming new faces as the Fall and Winter
particularly females.                                                 months arrive.

SNOOKER – VICTORY LEGION                                              T’AI CHI – CHOCC
Monday to Friday - 9:30—11:30 am (4 quarters per day)                 Bev Topham (519) 455-4604
Joe Lampman (519) 453-1866 (Monday-Wednesday-Friday)                  Joyce May (519) 438-2413
Don Fraser (519)-660-0133 (Tuesday-Thursday)                          Day & Time: Friday, 9:30 - 10:30 am
                                                                      Start up date: September 10
The Victory Legion has two tables and can accommodate 8               Cost: $2.00 to Instructor
players per day. The start date is approximately the end of
September and this venue fills up rather quickly. Please contact
                                                                      T’ai Chi helps the body and mind. There are numerous benefits
either of the two co-odinators for more information.
                                                                      of T’ai Chi such as more mobility and flexibility. Enhance your
                                                                      entire being by combining movement, breathing and
SQUASH—NLOCC                                                          visualization and peaceful exercises. Get in touch with your body
                                                                      and mind. This is not just a women’s activity. Gentlemen are
Hugh Beck   (519) 471-5728 E-mail:             encouraged to join us. People with limited mobility find many
Tues. and Thurs. mornings, 8:30 - 9:30 am.                            benefits of T’ai Chi
                                                                      We have two instructors. One for the very beginner and one for
Unfortunately the squash players or would-be players within
                                                                      those who have practiced T’ai Chi in the past. September is a
H& P seem to be holding back from participating in this activity.
                                                                      great time to start T’ai Chi. Why not give this relaxed activity a
I realize that squash does place some demands on your knees,
                                                                      try? New members are always welcome.
and as we reach our senior years the knees are certainly not what
they used to be. However, the level of play can be tailored to suit
your abilities, so I encourage anyone who is interested to come       VOLLEYBALL– NLOCC
out and give it a try. If you don’t have a racquet, we do have one
you can borrow so you won’t need to invest in one until you see       Gord Gallagher (519)268-7413
how you like it. We also have safety goggles available, which are     Tues. & Thurs. 12.30 – 2.30 pm
mandatory. I am quite happy to get you started with the basic
rules of the game.                                                    Volleyball is played at the North London Community Centre
                                                                      every Tuesday and Thursday from12.30 pm to 2.30 pm. Teams
TENNIS--COURT—NLOCC                                                   are co-ed and are made up from the people who attend on any
Roy Jollymore (519) 434-9537                                          given day.
Please see program schedule for times and days.                       New members are welcome to participate. However, we ask that
                                                                      you come and observe for a day or two to be sure volleyball is an
T. J. Anrep (519)-471-1040 is the convenor for the afternoon          activity for you. There is a good viewing area from the second
session. The rotating system is working well and our numbers are      floor of the Centre.
growing. We welcome new members.                                      Volleyball will start the first Tuesday in September

WALK-FIT PROGRAM – CHOCC                                                RAZZLE DAZZLE CLOGGERS - NLOCC
Grace Denomme (519) 660-8185                                            Marnie Phillipson (519) 667-4888 (Lessons)
Jim Kennedy (519) 455-8435                                              Pat Hallam (519) 457-9411 (Volunteer Dance Out Group)
See enclosed program schedule for times and days                        Monday- BEGINNERSCLASS:            12:00-1:00 pm
With our fall season approaching and some of our outdoor                         REGULAR CLASS:             1:00-2:00 pm
activities winding down, we are being forever reminded of the                    VOLUNTEER PRACTISE 2:00-3:00 pm
need and the benefits of remaining active in both our physical          Teacher: Sandy Bend                          Cost- $4.00
and social activities in our senior years. Our Walk-Fit program is
a group of enthusiastic people where you can walk, exercise and         Welcome back! Hope everyone had a good summer. Lessons
stretch at your own pace and even socialize a little. Come join us      start up on Mon.Sept.13/10. If you like to dance come out &
with our great instructor Vince Nash. Cost $1 to Instructor.            join us for a fun-filled hour of exercise & meeting other
                                                                        members. For further information please contact Marnie at
YOGA - CHOCC                                                            the above number.

Mike Malik (519)686-3617                                                SINGERS—CHOCC
See enclosed program schedule for times and days                        THE MERRY MAKERS
Yoga class is well attended at CHOCC. Flexibility, strength,
endurance and concentration are gained for sports and other             Janet Slavin (519) 686-9926
activities. It is for everyone. Bring your enthusiasm, motivation and
a smile along with a mat. Wear loose and comfortable clothing. If       Tuesday 10:00 -11:30 a.m.
suffering from a serious ailment or recent operation, it is             Start Date: Tuesday September 15, 2009
recommended that you seek the advice of a doctor before attending
classes.                                                                We enjoyed entertaining at the Canada Day Celebration in
                                                                        Dorchester. Hope to see everyone back starting on September
                                                                        7th at 10 a.m. at Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre.
                                                                        I hear that we have some new members that are going to join
                                                                        us. New members are welcome.

                                                                        TUESDAY SQUARES – CHOCC
                                                                        Art Ferris (519)681-0287
ENTERTAINMENT GROUPS                                                    Tues. 2.30 – 3.30 pm
                                                                        We dance on Tuesday afternoons at Carling Heights Optimist
We entertained at Dorchester’s Canada Day Celebrations on July
                                                                        Community Centre. Start up for this season will be September
1st. We also entertained for the Great Ride for Cancer at
Wonderland Gardens.
We are a group of people who go out and entertain in the
nursing homes, hospitals, retirement homes, etc in and around           JAZZY TAPPERS– NLOCC
London. We usually give a one hour show and it is very well
received by our audience.                                               June Dowdell-Shiell (519) 672-4244
We are always looking for more people to join us in this project.       Monday 10:00-11:00 am Lessons
If you can sing or dance, please contact the convenor for that          Tuesday 10:00-11:30 am Practice
group and they will be happy to talk to you. Our Line Dance             Come out and try it! You’ll have fun and get some exercise
group is looking for some dancers to help us when we entertain.         too! No experience necessary. No Beginners Class but
Give Connie a call and come and join us. We always have fun.            beginners are welcome. Starting date is September 6.
Come and have some fun with us.
     Co-ordinator: Bev Topham (519) 455-4604                            LINE DANCING—CHOCC
Convenors:                                                              Helen Cosbey (519) 455-7576
                                                                        See enclosed program schedule for times and days. Cost $2.00
Clogging Dance Out Group Pat Hallam              (519) 457-9411

Tuesday Squares              Art Ferris          (519) 681-0287
                                                                        Everything is going smoothly and everyone is welcome. Our
                                                                        instructors have a great program going. It’s great exercise so
Swingin’ Seniors Line Dancers Connie Willis      (519)204-0527          come out and join us!
Jazzy Tappers                June Dowdell-Shiell (519) 672-4244
The Merry Makers        Janet Slavin    (519) 686-9926

Give the convenor a call to check on practice days, location & times.

                                               HUFF N’ PUFF                         HUFF N’ PUFF SENIORS
    FOR PROSPECTIVE                       MEMBERSHIP FEES                            FITNESS ASSOCIATION
          MEMBERS                      Payment of Membership Fees
                                       should be made at the Huff N’                     North London Optimist
                                       Puff office, mailed in or depos-
     Every Monday at 2 PM              ited in mailboxes at NLOCC                          Community Centre
                                       and CHOCC.
   (tours by appointment only                                                            1345 Cheapside Street
                                                 Basic Membership
     in June, July & August)                                                           London, Ontario N5V 3N9
                                                   $40.00 per yr.

If you wish to learn more about        plus $5.00 Admin. fee (first year only       OFFICE PHONE NO.:
the Huff N’ Puff Assoc., just drop         or if delinquent with renewal)
by NLOCC for an information                  Surcharge Membership
session. One of our members is                                                           (519) 661-5854
willing and able to explain the                    $55.00 per yr.
“INS AND OUTS’, of the                                                                   or NLOCC Front Desk:
                                         plus $5.00 Admin. Fee (first year
Association and conduct a tour of        only or if delinquent with renewal)
the building.                                                                               (519)661-5198
                                         (Some activities have a nominal
                                                    user fee)                           FAX: (519) 661-5737

     AGE REQUIREMENT                     BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                                             E-MAIL :
 55 years and over in the year of    Barry Fay           – President
joining ( Spouse of member can                                               
           join at 50 )              Etta Peake    - Past Presidents
                                     Bruce Greenaway
                                     Ed Loney                                              WEB SITE:
                                     Gord Gallagher – V.P. Activities
                                            Doug Anderson
         HUFF N’ PUFF
                                            Art Dickenson
      POLICY ON GUESTS                      Jack Foote                                 OFFICE HOURS:
                                            Ken Phillipson
   Due to liability concerns, you           John Slavin                                 Monday and Friday
      must be a member to
    participate in any activity.     Bill Chipperfield – V.P. Finance                   9:30 am - 2:00 pm
                                              Gary McGregor
    Guests are not allowed                    Bill Mason
   under any circumstances                                                             HAVE YOUR SAY!
                                     Anne Daniels        -- V.P. Social
    except for social events.
                                     Doris Jarrett —Social Convenor              Items for the WINTER issue of the
                                              Phyllis Johnston                     Huff N’ Puff Newsletter must be
                                             Maxine Leatherland                  received no later than Nov. 5, 2011
                                             Edna Vokes
         NEWSLETTER                          John Young
                                                                                   The WINTER publication will be
        Editor and Design            Ralph Glew          - Treasurer            available for pick-up at the NLOCC on:
         Sandie Clode–               Bill Mason          - Secretary
         (519) 641-3092              Anne Daniels        - Membership                  December 1, 2011
                                     Sandie Clode        - Newsletter


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