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Parish Map of Bagworth and Thornton

INTRODUCTION                                                                                  5
A Short History of Bagworth                                                                   6
A Short History of Thornton                                                                   8

1. Environment                                                                                11
       1.1 Protection of our Historic and Natural Environment
       1.2 What detracts from our Parish‟s Physical Environment?
       1.3 Waste Management
       1.4 Thornton Reservoir
       1.5 The use of other recreational areas in the parish
2. Community                                                                                  16
       2.1 Parish Facilities
       2.2 Community Spirit
       2.3 The Parish Churches
       2.4 Services to the Community
       2.5 Exclusion
3.Sports,Leisure and Recreation                                                               19
       3.1 Adults
       3.2 Children/Young People
       3.3 Social Events
       3.4 Use of sports and leisure facilities
       3.5 Taking part in recreational and sporting activities
       3.6 Walking in the parish
       3.7 Public rights of way and bridleways
4. Crime and Safety                                                                           22
       4.1 Perceptions of Safety
       4.2 Types of offences which cause problems
       4.3 Domestic Violence Support Services
       4.4 Victims or witnesses of prejudice
       4.5 Knowledge of your local Police Officer or Community Support Officer
       4.6 Tackling crime and improving safety
       4.7 Suggestions where improvements could be made
5. Health and Social Care                                                                     25
       5.1 Distances travelled to use healthcare services
       5.2 Support for the provision of a Bagworth Surgery
       5.3 Other healthcare services used within the parish
       5.4 Improvements which you would like to see to healthcare provision
       5.5 Smoking
       5.6 Fitness
       5.7 Diet
       5.8 Social Care
6.Traffic and Transport                                                                       29
       6.1 Ownership or access to a private motor vehicle(car, van, motorbike)
       6.2 Types of transport most often used for accessing various activities
       6.3 Identification of main travel destination from the parish for various activities
       6.4 Breakdown of “ other” destinations travelled to
       6.5 Public transport
       6.6 Community transport schemes

      6.7 Encouragement to cycle
      6.8 Traffic issues within the parish
      6.9 Vehicle Survey
      6.10 School travel plans
      6.11 Transport issues working group
7.Housing and Planning                                                       33
      7.1 Additional housing needs
      7.2 Global warming/CO2 emissions
8. Child Care and Education                                                  34
      8.1 Child Care
      8.2 Children and Young People‟s Education
9. Adult Education                                                           36
10. Access to Information                                                    37
      10.1 Parish Events
      10.2 All Sources of Information
      10.3 Internet Access
      10.4 Leicestershire Villages website
      10.5 Citizens Advice Bureau
      10.6 Village Charities
      10.7. Thornton Community Centre
11. Library Services                                                         38
12. Local Enterprise (incorporating the Business Questionnaire results)      39
      12.1 Responses specific to parishioners working from home or running
           a business within the parish.
      12.2 The Business Questionnaire
13.How do you rate your village?                                             41
14. Children‟s Questionnaire responses                                       42
      14.1 Education
      14.2 Leisure and Recreation Participation in activities
      14.3 Use of village play areas
      14.4 Village services and facilities
      14.5 How children rated their village
15. Young people‟s questionnaire responses                                   46
      15.1 Leisure and Recreation
      15.2 Transport
      15.3 Crime and Safety
      15.4 Information and Communication
      15.5 Environment
      15.6 Education and Further Education
      15.7 Housing
      15.8 Health
      15.9 How young people rated their village
16. Adult Demographics                                                       53
CONCLUSION                                                                   55
BAGWORTH AND THORNTON ACTION PLAN                                            56
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                                                             64

A Parish Plan is a comprehensive plan which addresses both the community‟s issues of concern together
with highlighting what is good about the parish in one document.

The idea of creating a Parish Plan for Bagworth and Thornton was first mooted at a public meeting in
Bagworth Community Centre in summer 2006. The Plan Steering Group was formed at the end of the summer
of that year. By June 2007 four questionnaires, Adult, Youth, Child and Business had been written, designed,
tested and printed and they were delivered to every home and business in the parish over the following two

We aimed to make the Plan as inclusive as possible using a variety of means. We offered assistance to
complete the questionnaire to those with a disability. For the busy and/or computer-literate with internet
access, the questionnaires were available on- line using the confidential access code attached to the hard
copy. Mindful of the fact that we had members of the travelling community living within the parish we
supplied copies to the Traveller Liaison Officer.

By Christmas 2007, 523 Adult, 37 Youth, 49 Child and 7 Business questionnaires had been returned and/or
inputted. The returns represented approximately 25% of the total adult parish population, enough to provide a
credible and statistically-significant representation of the community‟s views and opinions. (64% of the Adult
returns were from Bagworth and 36% from Thornton.) More detailed information about our parish population
can be found at the end of the report (Section 16. Adult Demographics).

Where we have included personal comments in the report (with the aim of bringing it to life) they have been
chosen to express the widest possible spectrum of views. Some respondents‟ answers have clearly been
influenced by where exactly they live in the parish and we have acknowledged that in the report.

Inevitably some events have overtaken us, like the closure of Bagworth Post Office and the PCT withdrawing
its support for a surgery in Bagworth. On some occasions whilst preparing graphs and charts (particularly
when we have asked for additional comments), we have been faced with so many results that it was difficult
to include all of them in detail in this report.

Towards the end of the document you will find the Action Plan. There you will see the issues which the
steering group have identified as requiring action, how they could be tackled, the partners needed and the
priorities and assessment of the financial resources required.

This final document is large, for which we make no apology, due in part to the additional challenge faced by
the steering group in developing a plan for a parish consisting of two very distinct villages. It includes old
and new photographs and excellent articles about the two villages and how they came to be as they are

We sincerely hope that every member of our community will find something in this report to help, inform,
interest and inspire them.

                                        A Short History of Bagworth

                                                     By Bob Austin
The history of Bagworth is very important and interesting. The recorded history of Bagworth begins with The
Domesday Book in 1086, though this tells us that the name was originally Bageworde. Other sources suggest that the
name Bageworde means the fenced land or enclosure of a man called Baecga. (Saxon: 350 A.D. to 1000 A.D)

Domesday says that the Manor of Bagworth had a wood a mile long and a half a mile broad. Robert, Count of Meulan,
became the first earl of the shire. He owned Bagworth, it had previously been owned by an Englishman called Saxi
who held it freely. At Domesday, Bagworth was also responsible for the jurisdiction of Ibstock, showing how important
Bagworth was at that time.

Coal was dug from Swannington as early as 1293 and the pannier ponies came over Bagworth Heath and then to
Kirby and along the forest lane – the coal-pit dyke – to Braunstone and across the Soar by the causeway and bridge
near Aylestone. From there it went into Leicester. This was one of the 2 coal roads in the area.

During the Civil War, Bagworth Park was occupied first by the army of Charles I and then by Cromwell‟s forces. A fight
between the two armies took place at Battle Flat. After the Civil War Bagworth Park was demolished, having been
devastated and de-parked.

William Corah, father of Nathaniel Corah who founded N Corah of Leicester, was a farmer at Bagworth. He lived from
1747-1817. He owned a number of frames for knitting.

The Lordship of Bagworth came into the hands of the Maynards and in 1811 it was owned by Charles, Lord Viscount
Maynard. At the same time, the village of Bagworth contained 59 houses and as many families. They consisted of 172
males and 148 females, 320 in all. 128 were employed in agriculture and the same number in trade and

Nichols, published in 1811, says “that a wake is held in Bagworth on the first Sunday after old Holy Rood day, which is
September 9”. There was also a statute fair for hiring servants which was held at the same time as the wake.

Bagworth coalmine was opened in 1825. To transport the coal, a railway was constructed, one of the first in the
country (and therefore the world). On 17 July 1832, Robert Stevenson (son of famous father George), opened the first
12 mile section of the Leicester to Bagworth Railway, (Painting by John Fernley, reproduced by Courtesy of Leicester
Museum and Art Gallery).

(Later it was extended to Swannington and was called the Leicester Swannington Railway). On that day at Bagworth,
a cold collation (a light meal) was waiting for the gentlemen and cakes and wine for the ladies at the home of Mr
Pickard. „Water‟, we are told, „was almost the only liquid in request [i.e. lacking] – ale, porter, cider, sherry, bucellas (a

Portuguese white wine) and champagne being provided in the greatest profusion‟. (Information is taken from the
Leicester Journal of 20th July 1832.)

In 1846, Bagworth was described as a village, a township and a chapelry. It had 569 inhabitants and 2101 acres of
land „forming a picturesque district of hill and dale watered by several small rivulets‟ and including scattered farms of
Merry Lees, Bagworth Park and Heath, Lindrich, etc.

By 1863, the village had 534 inhabitants and consisted of 2193 acres. In Bagworth Park the house was called „The
Moats‟ which was surrounded by a dry moat. We are told that numerous deer‟s horns and bones had been dug from
this as had many spear and arrow-heads. Bullets and cannon balls had also been found in the ground.

In 1900, the Countess of Warwick was the Lady of the Manor. In 1911 the population was 1419; more than double that
in 1901. On Wednesday September 10, 1919, The Countess of Warwick, who owned a great deal of land in Bagworth,
had an auction and sold it all. She was born Frances Evelyn Maynard in 1861. However, Daisy, her childhood
nickname had stuck with her for the rest of her life. Some say that the well known song: „Daisy, Daisy, give me your
answer do‟ was written about her.

            Thomas Bloxsom, a farmer in Bagworth,
            gave a funeral bier to the residents of
            Bagworth in memory of his wife Lucy. The
            bier was for the use of all of the
            inhabitants of Bagworth, at any place of
            worship or burial place within the parish. It
            is hand pulled and has four wooden
            wheels with solid rubber tyres. It is steered
            by a front swivelling axle via the long
            handle. He also built the small stone faced
            building in 1932 in Main Street, Bagworth
            to house the bier.

             The land the Bier House stands on was
            given to the village by the Countess of
            Warwick. It is said that there was a great
            deal of „wrangling‟ by the Parish Council
            before this gift of land was given. It seems
            that Thomas Bloxsom was getting irritated
            about all of this and in a letter stated, “If it
            cannot be at the Church Lane site I will
            buy a wood building and the Council can
            fix it where Mr Payton and they can agree
            and I will have nothing to do with it. I am
            not going to spend a lot of money that is
            not appreciated.”
            In the late twentieth century, Bagworth lost           The Baptist Church and Anglican Church,
            a great deal. The coalmine closed in 1991.             see below, were demolished and replaced.

               Bagworth Pit Head prior to demolition                  Original Bagworth Holy Rood Church

     Two pubs, The Plough and The Barrel Inn             Shop and 2 cottages in The Hollow were
     were lost, though The Plough is now a               also lost. One pub remains, “The Maynard
     private house. The School and the                   Arms” below.
     Methodist Chapel were demolished, never
     to be replaced. Seven farms and their
     farmhouses, 78 houses in Barlestone
     Road, 5 cottages plus a shop where
     Meadow Close is, 3 Colliery rows
     containing approximately 30 houses, 16
     houses in 40 Row, 8 houses down Park
     Lane plus the Round House, 13 houses at
     Little Bagworth, approximately 30 houses
     on Heath Road, 3 cottages at Bagworth
     Heath, 4 cottages in The Square, The Fish

Bagworth residents feel however that the village has now turned a corner and can look forward to life in
the twenty first century with hope. We believe that future generations will look back to these times and
see them as an interesting and important part of the on going history of Bagworth.

[Bob Austin and Frank Gregory have written six books about the history of Bagworth.]

                                     A Short History of Thornton
                                            By Iris Gleeson
The history of the village of Thornton goes back to well over a thousand years when the first settlement
was made on the ridge between the two streams which still run on either side. Although exposed to
strong winds from every direction, primarily the south west, the village is safe from flooding standing as
it does 460 to 480 feet above sea level.

The village name is generally thought to be Saxon meaning the 'tun' (a landed property) in a thorny
district. The whole area around Thornton was covered with a thick deposit of boulder clay at the end of
the Ice-age and this subsequently made an ideal bed for the construction of the reservoir in the mid
1850's since water does not easily seep through it.

How long a church has been present in the
village is unknown, (although written evidence
dates back to 1220) Thornton Church is
unrecorded in the Domesday Book which
describes only the 'Manor of Bageworde'.
Doubtless this includes Thornton as the two
have always been in the same parish.

(The above taken from THE CHURCH OF ST. PETER'S
THORNTON A short guide & history).

In the 19 century the village was mainly agricultural, there being about 12-16 farms, few of which now
exist. Most dwellings in the village were owned by the Countess of Warwick and these were sold at a
Grand Auction in about 1919, catalogues of which are still in existence.

Thornton Reservoir was built in the mid 1850's
to take the first fresh piped water to Leicester
but at that time water was supplied to the village
via the Water Tower which stood at the bottom
end of the village near the Wheelwright's
Cottage. There were several areas of the village
where water had to be collected from taps sited
at the ends of rows of houses etc. and well
within living memory, as are 'pan' toilets which
were emptied at night by the „night soil' men.

                                                                          Thornton Reservoir

Old kitchens were demolished and replaced with new kitchens and bathrooms containing toilets in the
1960s in the 2 rows of cottages belonging to Desford Colliery. Other cottages were owned by Bagworth
colliery and were rented out to their employees at both pits.

At about the turn of the l9th into the 20th                changed position within the village over the
century the advent of collieries in the area               years. It was finally closed after several
meant that more men were needed to provide                 robberies forced the Sub-postmistress to move.
labour for the mines and therefore houses were             This caused a great loss to the village as the
built and men and sometimes their families                 office was used for so many purposes.
moved from other parts of the country for this
purpose. This changed the balance of
employment into agricultural workers and
miners and this was the case for many years
until the some of the farms were turned into
family homes and the many pits in the area
were finally closed in the 1980's. Many more
privately owned houses were built and colliery
houses and council houses were sold to sitting
tenants. The village gradually changed as most
people had to travel well beyond the boundaries
of the village to find employment. Thornton had                   Thornton Post Office, on the left
its own Post Office for many years although it

Thornton School has been in existence for over 100 years and has had a reputation of being a good
school and I am sure that most teachers' names can be remembered by the previous pupils.

Thornton Community Centre came into existence in the 1970's mainly because there was not an
existing building which could be used for community use at all times. A committee was formed to
explore the possibilities and finally a Charity was formed in order that grants could be obtained from
local authorities etc. Fund raising was started in the village at the beginning of 1970 and the first building
was opened on 8th September 1973; extensions were added in 1978 and 1988. The hall is in use most
of the time from Monday to Friday and the activities cover all ages from Mums & Tots to Senior Citizens
via Brownies, Youth Club, Yoga, Playgroup, W.I., Markfield & Thornton Theatre Group, Keep Fit, Kick
Boxing etc. The Hall can be hired for parties, weddings, and other private functions.

The Bricklayers Arms has been in existence for many years and is reputed to have been 'kept' by
members of the Dilks family for almost 500 years. The last Dilks landlord was Arthur Dilks, who was
born at the pub and retired soon after his 65th birthday in 1982. The pub was given its name because
the Dilks family carried on the trade as builders. It is understood that employees were paid their wages
in the pub.

            Bricklayers Arms c1900                                     Bricklayers Arms 2008

The Bulls Head pub was a feature in the village for over 100 years and was enlarged over recent years
and the name was changed to 'The Tipsy Fisherman'. Fishing licences for the reservoir had to be
obtained from the pub until the new fishing lodge was built. A public house named the „Stag & Castle'
existed in the hollow near to the railway bridge and this property was also used as a ticket office for the
Swannington line into Leicester as there was a 'halt' for passengers from the village in order that they
did not have to travel to Bagworth Station.

Thornton Working Men's Club, I believe, was convened in the afore-mentioned property before moving
to its present property in Main Street. The present building was previously a farm. Many types of
entertainment take place there on a regular basis.

                  Farm c 1900                                           Thornton WMC 2008

There were several shops in the village, some being carried out from front rooms of houses and sheds
but the main two belonged to Alf & Irene Orme, which sold all types of merchandise and was situated
opposite the vicarage, and the corner shop at the top of Church Lane run by the Seal family for many
years and in 1980 became Lloyd & Sue‟s Corner Shop. This store, along with Thornton Nursery and
Thornton Service Station, has served the local community for many years.

                                         1. Environment
1.1 Protection of our Historic and Natural Environment

We asked our residents if they believed that          Only 24% of respondents were aware that
the historic and natural environment features         there was a Community Orchard at Manor
within the parish were well protected.                Farm, Main Street, Bagworth. However 35
                                                      people (from both villages) said that they
                                                      would be interested in joining a working party
                                                      to develop this further.

                                                      This project has now received a grant from
                                                      the Rural Community Council and match-
                                                      funding from the Borough Council to replace
                                                      the fencing and improve public access. In
                                                      conjunction with the Borough Council the
                                                      orchard group will improve the site and hope
                                                      to plant new trees in autumn 2008.

                   Figure 1

The protection afforded to green spaces within
the parish villages was the only issue where
there was significant disagreement.

Encouragement of wildlife in open areas,
wildflower meadows and preservation of green
fields were the three most popular nature
provisions chosen by respondents from a list
that also included wetland habitat, guided
walks and more trees.Fig.1

Only 3% of respondents were aware of the
free of charge (and online) Community Action
pack, produced by the Environmental Action
team of the County Council, to help people                  Entrance to Manor Farm, Bagworth
take action to improve their environment.

1.2 What detracts from our Parish‟s Physical Environment?
Fly tipping, litter and dog-fouling were the          Wood Road, Markfield Lane and Stanton
three issues considered to have the greatest          Lane. Respondents feel that more robust
detrimental impact upon our physical                  enforcement is necessary with greater effort
environment.                                          made to identify and prosecute the culprits. Fly
                                                      tipping spoils the access roads to the villages
Fly tipping was seen as a major problem on            and it is felt that it should be removed more
Barlestone Road, as well as Heath Road,
                                                      quickly. Fig.2

                                                          Figure 2

Litter was highlighted as an unsightly                               recycling bins in Thornton. 62% of
problem on Station Road, the waste ground at                         respondents answered “No” to the question
Maynard Close and the recreation ground next                         “Are there enough litter bins?” The chart below
to the community centre in Bagworth, similarly                       shows their suggestions for sites where more
on Main St., St Peters Drive and at the                              are needed. Fig.3

                                                          Figure 3

  When we asked if anyone was prepared to                            Dog fouling was reported in the children‟s
  „adopt‟ a stretch of road to keep it clear of litter,              play area at Bagworth C.C., track up to the
  49 people said „Yes‟. A number of these                            Beacon, around Jackson Road estate, in
  supplied their details at the back of the                          Maynard Park, and on the path from Station
  questionnaire.                                                     Road to The Crew in Bagworth. Areas where
  We currently have a team of about a dozen                          children walk were particularly affected in
  people across both villages who keep an area                       Thornton, beside the primary school, on the
  tidy on a regular basis. HBBC have supplied                        park, Browns Wood, Reservoir Road and the
  them with litter-picking kits and collect their bags               village footpaths.
  of rubbish.

 Our children really hate dog mess and made           32% of respondents in the parish have a
that point very forcibly in their own                 dog.
questionnaire replies.
                                                      80% of respondents considered that dog
  “People have lots of dogs and don‟t clean           waste facilities are inadequate.
  up     the   dogs‟    mess”   (Children‟s
  questionnaire.) “Generally, dog owners              88% of respondents consider that insufficient
  seem to think that open areas with public           action is taken against owners who allow
  access, such as the new National Forest             their pets to foul but do not clean up after
  and public footpaths across farmers‟                them.
  fields, are provided as dog toilets.”“Just
  yesterday I came home with dog mess on
  two wheels of my pushchair.”

                              Bins at Thornton Reservoir (Severn-Trent)

Respondents highlighted other parts of the            Graffiti: Thornton CC, Park Lane Railway
parish in need of attention.                          Bridge and Bus Shelters. Pollution: Lights
                                                      Thornton CC, Church Lane.
Pavements needing maintenance: Thornton
Churchyard.                                            Lack of trees: Station Road.

Overgrown trees, hedges, verges: Thornton             .   Leicestershire        County      Council‟s
Main St., Highfields, Heath Road, The Incline,            “Environmental      Action   for a   better
Maynard Park, Tigers Wood, and The                        Leicestershire” and “Community Heritage
Reservoir.                                                Initiative”, work with local residents to
                                                          encourage the protection and enhancement of
Rights of way needing maintenance:
                                                          our County‟s environment.
Thornton rec. to Reservoir, The Crew.

Street furniture needing maintenance:                     A number of residents left contact details expressing
Railway footbridge Station Terrace, Bus stop              an interest in getting involved, and we are delighted to
seats.                                                    report that the parish now has three tree wardens,
                                                          three more archaeology wardens, eight people
Roads needing maintenance: Almond Way,                    collecting records of wildlife and four people recording
Park Lane, Reservoir Rd.                                  environmental features.

1.3 Waste Management

9% of respondents admitted that they never              large amounts of plastic bottles and bags
used kerbside recycling facilities.                     have to go to landfill.

40% did not use their village recycling                 When asked what would encourage them to
facilities and 26% did not use other local              recycle more of their household waste an
recycling banks.                                        increase in the types of materials collected at
                                                        the kerbside was the most popular option,
59% were using home compost bins.                       followed by increased frequency of kerbside
                                                        collections and larger or more containers for
As plastic is not yet collected at the kerbside,
                                                        kerbside collection.
and taking into account the number of people
who do not use other means of recycling,

                                                                              Figure 5
                   Figure 4
The “increased types of materials section”               “The waste recycling system is excellent in this
                                                         area, just waiting now for kitchen waste
on the pie chart Fig 4         consists of
                                                         collection, bigger cardboard and more varieties
respondents‟ own suggestions and the most                of plastic.”
popular ones have been grouped on the bar
chart, Fig 5.                                           . “Some districts recycle plastics - why do
                                                         different district councils recycle different things?
Some of your comments:                                   There needs to be consistency throughout all
                                                         councils if recycling is to be successful.”

1.4 Thornton Reservoir

Thornton Reservoir extends for 75acres
amongst attractive farmland and woodland and
sits within the National Forest. It was opened
to the public by Severn Trent Water in 1997. It
receives large numbers of visitors from both
inside and outside the parish. 32% of
respondents visit it at least once a week and
64% visit it less frequently.

     Thornton Reservoir Fishing Lodge

Regarding Reservoir Road which crosses the
dam, we asked parishioners which of the
following, parking, speeding, density of traffic
and the walkway, concerned them. These
were their responses. Fig.6

                                                                           Figure 6

Here are a selection of     comments and                 “It would be better to have a walkway on
suggestions about what could be done about               the other side of the wall. This would allow
these problems.                                          a safe circular walk.”
  “Cars are parked all the way up on the                 “Overgrown hedges along the footpath
  pavement. I had to walk in front of my                 make it very narrow and mean you have to
  wheelchair-bound grandson on the road                  walk even closer to the edge.”
  to get back into Main Street.”
                                                         ”Alternative parking at peak times, perhaps
  “The path is so narrow that it is difficult to         at filter beds.”
  walk alongside a dog or small child and
  ensure that they stay on the path safely.”

  “I have stopped my children using their               The following charts are constructed from
  bikes there at weekends as I fear for their           personal responses Figs.7 & 8.

                    Figure 7                                               Figure 8

33% of respondents thought that the Reservoir             was for everyone to enjoy and residents were
brought economic benefits to the community,               glad that other people enjoyed it.
and a summary of comments follows.
                                                          When asked if they had any safety issues
They included income to the shop, pubs,                   regarding the use of the Reservoir as a leisure
garden centre, fishing club and garage in                 facility,14% said “Yes”. They raised issues
Thornton, and to Severn Trent itself. Keeping             such as concerns over water accessibility
local traders in business benefited the whole             (although acknowledging that adults had to be
community and increased employment. It                    responsible for their children and pets), the
improved the image of the village and added               need for more signs about the ban on
prestige, with benefits for homeowners and                swimming and allowing dogs in the water, the
again businesses. It brought more visitors to             lack of lifeguards, that fly-fishing from the
the Church. It increased the awareness and                banks can be dangerous to passers-by, that
use of local areas like Bagworth Heath Woods.             the area where the children feed the birds gets
                                                          very slippery when wet, there is broken glass
On a social level it was good to meet other               in the carpark, some cyclists speed and some
families there and share facilities. It made              fishermen drive too fast from the lodge to the
Thornton “feel special”, beautiful countryside            gate.

1.5 The use of other recreational areas in the parish

We are privileged to have so many pleasant
areas to walk in and enjoy. Fig.9 shows the
usage of Maynard Park,Bagworth New
Wood,Bagworth Heath Wood and Lakes and
Centenary Wood.

                                                                               Figure 9

                                        2. Community
2.1 Parish Facilities

40% of respondents said they visited or used              reasons for not visiting or using facilities in the
facilities in the village other than that in which        other village were “lack of facilities” or “no
they live. The most frequented facilities were            need “. However it was worrying to note that
Thornton Reservoir, Thornton shop, all pubs,              8% said it was because of age, disabilility
and both community centres. The main                      or lack of transport.

2.2 Community Spirit

73% thought that the community spirit in the              Better advertising of events and organisations.
parish was O.K., good or excellent. These are             More integration between new and old
some of the suggestions on how it could be                residents. More local community events. Open
improved: “More community facilities, such as             meetings to debate problems and give greater
a shop (Bagworth), library, surgery, post office.         understanding of issues. More varied use of

the community centres to encourage                     become dormitories”. Thank you to the person
participation by all ages. Prevent too much            who said “This questionnaire is a good
building which could destroy the closeness of          start”.
a small community and cause the villages to

         Bagworth Community Centre                              Thornton Community Centre

2.3 The Parish Churches

52% of respondents never attended any of the
churches or chapels within Bagworth or
Thornton. 6% said they attended once a week,
4% once a month, 35% only went on feast
days or for special events. When we asked
how you would be affected by the closure of
your Church building, 21% said “very
concerned”, 33% “concerned”, 18% not at all
concerned” and 28% “no opinion”.

                                                            Cross Hills Baptist Church, Bagworth

         St Peter's Church, Thornton

26% would be willing to financially support the
maintenance of one of the Church buildings.
45% of respondents believed that Church
buildings should be used more for community                    Holy Rood Church, Bagworth
activities, 8% said “no” and 47% had no

2.4 Services to the Community                                   21% satisfied and 57% “no opinion”. 21% were
                                                                dissatisfied with the County Council, 20%
                                                                satisfied and 59% “no opinion”.

                                                                Fig.11 shows how respondents who had
                                                                contacted the main service providers rated the
                                                                quality of service delivery from them over
                                                                the previous 6 months. Quality of service
                                                                delivery was identified as worst from the
                                                                Parish Council, followed by the Leicestershire.
                                                                Constabulary, Borough Council, County
                                                                Council, Leicestershire. PCT, Leicestershire.
                                                                Ambulance Service and Leicestershire.Fire
                    Figure 10                                   Service.

Fig. 10 illustrates the responses to the
question     about access to the elected
members representing your parish. The
majority of respondents have never tried to
contact an elected member. The “satisfieds”
exceeded or equalled the “dissatisfieds” in
each category apart from the MEP.

The next question asked how satisfied
residents were with the level of information
on issues affecting the parish provided by local
authorities. 29% of respondents were                                                Figure 11
dissatified with the Parish Council, compared                   Comments on          respondents‟ concerns
to 21% satisfied and 50% “no opinion”. 22%                      regarding service delivery and improvements
were dissatisfied with the District Council,                    required included:

  “The focus is on Hinckley, not on our part of the Borough”.

  “No updates or communication on progress when police have been contacted”.
  “PCT have not got staff at ground level where they are needed”.
  “Recent contacts I have made with Parish Council have not been followed through”.
  “Parish Council minutes and dates of next meeting should be available earlier”.
  “Parish councillors should hold surgeries, publicise meetings better, publish agendas and minutes on their

   “Parish Council should remember that they represent villagers and be completely democratic; the well-being
  of our village and community concerns us all”.

2.5 Exclusion

We asked if residents felt excluded from their                  community. Other respondents felt excluded
village community and 9% of respondents                         because they believed that some areas of the
said “Yes”. 26% of these felt discriminated                     parish missed out on leaflet distribution
against by age, 13% by disability, 4% by                        rounds. Suggestions as to what actions could
culture and 4% by harassment. Of the                            be taken to help them feel more included
remainder, a few residents on the new estate                    were similar to those in section 2.2.
in Bagworth felt excluded by the established

                            3.Sports,Leisure and Recreation
3.1 Adults

47% of respondents participated in at least 30            cycling, badminton, gardening and running had
minutes of moderately intensive sport or active           the most responses.
recreation on 3 or more days per week.
                                                          The most popular suggestions for other sports
8% of respondents undertook voluntary sports              and leisure activities which residents would
activity for at least an hour a week.                     like to see provided in their villages are shown
                                                          in Fig 12.
37% of respondents answered “Yes” to the
question “Do you take part in or support any
local sport or leisure activities? ”From a list of
22 local groups and clubs to choose from,
Bagworth Forward Group,           Markfield and
Thornton Theatre Group, Bagworth History
Group, and Football Club (Old Colliery Pitch
Bagworth) stood out as receiving the most
support. There was also good support for
activities such as the Bagworth Bowling Club,
Thornton      Reservoir     fishing,   Bagworth
Preschool, Bagworth Mums and Tots Club,
Bagworth Angling Club, both Womens
Institutes, Yoga(Thornton), Senior Fellowship,
Thornton Playgroup.

When asked what other sports and leisure
activities they took part in, walking, swimming,                             Figure 12

3.2 Children/Young People

31% of respondents answered “Yes” to the                  adventure playground, and a village green.
question “Are there children/young people in              Under other suggestions a number of parents
your household?” Choosing from a list of                  wanted a skate park.
activities Fig.13 shows the parents‟ responses
displayed as the number of children involved in
each activity. 77 take part in these activities at
school or college, 73 at a club and 62 go to
places such as leisure centres, swimming
pools, church halls, equestrian centres, and
private tutors in surrounding towns and
villages as far away as as Hinckley and
Loughborough. When we asked parents to
rank a list of facilities which they would like
their children/teenagers to have access to in
their village, the top five which they would
like/really would like( over 50% in favour) were
improved play areas, more supervised
activities, all-weather ball games area,                                     Figure 13

3.3 Social Events
                                                         Bagworth and 3% in Thornton. 1% attend line
                                                         dancing at Bagworth. The clubs are also used
                                                         for watching sport, darts, dominoes, sequence
                                                         dancing, rock and roll, quiz nights, psychic
                                                         nights, private parties, music/band nights,
                                                         indoor bowls, history meetings, other group
                                                         meetings, plus relaxing and socialising.

          Bagworth Annual Show BFG

19% of respondents attend plays, concerts etc.
organised by Bagworth Forward Group (BFG).
23% attend plays and pantomimes put on by
Markfield and Thornton Theatre Group.

At Bagworth WMC the most popular events
are socials (11%). At Thornton WMC socials
are also the most popular events (8%). Bingo                   Markfield & Thornton Theatre Group
is popular at Bagworth (8%), less so at
Thornton (1%). Theme nights attract 5% in

3.4 Use of sports and leisure facilities

We asked about people‟s use of public leisure            theatre 7%, museum 6%, cinema 5%, local
centres, private gyms, museums, theatres,                club/society 5%.
cinemas, childrens play parks, country parks,
local clubs/societies, and public playing fields.        43% of respondents visit country parks, 30%
                                                         public playing fields, 29% local club/society,
These are percentages of people who are                  26% a leisure centre, 13% a private gym, 13%
unable to use these facilities (reason not               a cinema, 5% a museum and 4% a theatre
sought). Leisure centre 9%, private gym 7%,              one or more times a month.

3.5 Taking part in recreational and sporting activities

We asked how often residents took part in                22% organised sport club/team, 13% allotment
various recreational and sporting activities.            gardening, 5% performing arts group, 4%
These are the percentages of respondents                 creative arts group. Again many of the parish
who take part one or more times a month: 85%             clubs and societies were named as venues,
home gardening, 78% walking, 66% eating                  but people also travel to clubs and societies in
out, 53% visiting public house, 30% cycling,             surrounding cities, towns and villages

The most often-quoted              improvements          improve the play area at Bagworth CC and get
required to recreation and sporting provision in         play equipment installed on Jackson Road,
the parish were a revamped           pavilion at         drain and improve Thornton football pitch, a
Bagworth football club (Old Colliery Sports              multi-use games area,         swimming pool,
Field), with facilities made available to more           aerobics in Bagworth, Thornton‟s own cricket
people, and to extend and improve Thornton               pitch, Thornton‟s own football pitch, badminton
CC sports facilities. Build tennis courts, do not        court, basketball, gym, better bridleways,
allow sports facilities to encroach on Thornton          yoga, junior sports sections were other
meadow, better facilities required in Maynard            suggestions made.
Park such as benches, tables, rustic adventure
equipment, walkway and open shelter,
3.6 Walking in the parish

Fig.14 shows the results of a ranking exercise
designed to find out what would encourage
residents to walk more within theparish.

                                                                    Bagworth Lane, Thornton

                   Figure 14
                                                         Other suggestions were: the roadside footpath
                                                         from Bagworth to Bagworth Heath is narrow
The following areas were specified as being in           and grass /hedge is not cut back sufficiently,
need of improvement. The road between                    the lack of public benches on Main Street
Bagworth and Thornton needs a footpath.                  Thornton, need for a better surface around
This was highlighted by a number of people               reservoir, put zebra crossing on Main St.
particularly for access by Bagworth children to          Thornton outside the school, need a footpath
Thornton School.                                         from Oakwood garages to Merrylees Road,
                                                         Jackson Road, Bagworth, has cars parked on
                                                         paths, wheelchair has to go on road between
                                                         Markfield Lane and Thornton shop, path from
                                                         Thornton to Charnwood School required,
                                                         public footpath needed       on Stanton Lane,
                                                         provide a ramp over ditch at Almond Way.

3.7 Public rights of way and bridleways

66% of respondents said they made use of              Specific areas in need of improvement are
public rights of way around Bagworth, and             Browns Wood and Bagworth Heath(cut paths
61% around Thornton. 78% said they would              regularly); remove /alter gateways on reservoir
use more if they were provided.                       path;        need        bridleway      to/from
                                                      Bagworth/Thornton/Stanton; improve road
Fig.15 shows the results of a ranking exercise        entrance to Bagworth New Wood; footpath
about improvements needed to public rights of         from Bagworth via Battram to Nailstone not
way and bridleways.                                   clearly marked; improve footpath from The
                                                      Square to Station Road; Park Lane road
                                                      surface; overgrown paths Bagworth to
                                                      Thornton; need more bridleway routes that
                                                      avoid busy roads as many have been
                                                      downgraded to footpaths; stiles very high
                                                      Markfield Lane; improve access to Maynard
                                                      Park for walkers; Mill Lane footpath
                                                      overgrown; footpath required from Jackson
                                                      Road across grass to gate on Almond Way;
                                                      railway walk at Station Terrace, seats required
                                                      on walk from Crosshills to lakes and from Park
                                                      Lane to site of Round House and Park Farm;
                                                      clear vegetation between fishing lake and path
                                                      up to Beacon, better stiles on track at bottom
                                                      of Park Lane; better signs and stiles on path
                  Figure 15
                                                      from Hollow Bridge to Mill Lane and Thornton

                                  4. Crime and Safety
4.1 Perceptions of Safety                             Fig.16 shows that 97% of respondents felt safe
                                                      or very safe during the day, 89% felt safe or
                                                      very safe during the evening, and 78% felt
                                                      safe or very safe at night.

                                                      80 people specified locations where they felt
                                                      unsafe or very unsafe. In Thornton locations
                                                      named were on Main Street between the two
                                                      pubs and the WMC, the recreation area, the
                                                      corner of Highfield and Main Street, at or near
                                                      Thornton Reservoir, and on Hawthorne Drive.
                                                      Other locations particularly affected by young
                                                      people‟s behaviour, were outside Thornton
                                                      WMC (drink-related), at the Community Centre
                                                      (at night), Main Street (outside pubs), at the
                                                      Lychgate, Oakwood Close & St.Peters Drive
                                                      and the Community Centre on youth club or
                                                      disco nights. A few responses gave speeding
                  Figure 16                           vehicles as a reason for feeling unsafe.

In Bagworth locations named were Station                behaviour were near The Maynard Arms, the
Rd. bus shelter, Maynard Park , Bagworth                park, and the bus shelter at the bottom of
Community Centre, Bagworth Community                    Station Road. Speeding on Station Road, Main
centre play area, Main Street, Station Road,            Street, and between Barlestone and Bagworth
Old Pit Site (fields behind houses), Bagworth           worried several Bagworth residents, and
WMC (private functions), The Crew, Thornton             seeing members of the travelling community
Lane, and at        travellers‟ sites. Locations        racing in traps on local roads.
particularly affected by young people‟s

4.2 Types of offences which cause problems

                                               Figure 17

We asked residents to identify how much of a            Dwelling-house burglary, alcohol abuse, theft
problem different crimes were in the parish.            from motor vehicles, other burglaries, and
Fig.17 compares combined totals of “major               public order matters were identified as
problem” and “problem”, against the “no                 problems by over 10% of respondents.
problem”, and “don‟t know” reponses. Anti-
social behaviour was clearly the problem                Fewer respondents (less than 10%) identified
that     had the greatest impact on the                 problems with vehicle theft, drugs, robbery,
community, followed by criminal damage and              cycle theft, violence against the person, theft
damage to motor vehicles. 31 people wrote               from person, fraud and forgery, domestic
personal comments regarding their concerns              violence, indecency or hate crime. This is not
over anti-social behaviour by young people,             to diminish the impact that these crimes
similarly 21 people expressed concern over              will have had on the victims .
general anti-social behaviour not specifically-
related to youth, such as fly-tipping.

4.3 Domestic Violence Support Services

46% of respondents had heard of the                     Council runs regular Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Helpline (0116 255 0004)              awareness campaigns in conjunction with local
which supports victims and child witnesses of           councils, using their free sheets and websites.
domestic violence. Leicestershire County

.4.4   Victims or witnesses of prejudice

6% of respondents have witnessed or been              4% of homophobia, 3% of disabled prejudice
victims of sexism, 6% of racism, 5% of ageism,        and 3% of religious prejudice.

4.5 Knowledge of your local Police Officer or Community Support Officer

Only 14% of respondents knew who their local
                                                       A public meeting was organised in Bagworth
police officer or community support officer
                                                       and a police surgery in Thornton during Spring
was. 35% said that they would attend a public          2008. P. C. Graham Anderson now writes a
meeting with their local officer to discuss            regular article in Village Talk and gives contact
concerns if one was set up, although only 46           details.
people left personal contact details.
4.6 Tackling crime and improving safety
The most popular option chosen by                     better street lighting (18%), Farm Watch
respondents was more regular police patrols           scheme (12%), Business Watch scheme(7%).
(69%), followed by Neighbourhood Watch                26 people wrote personal statements
scheme (52%), Countryside Watch scheme                requesting greater and more locally- based
(33%), CCTV in public spaces (30%),                   policing.
extended opening of local police station(22%),

4.7 Suggestions where improvements could be made
Many suggestions for improvements have                ground, allotments, reservoir and community
already been covered in 4.1 in relation to            centre, giving rise to suspicions of under-age
areas where respondents felt unsafe. The              drinking, trespass, vandalism, graffiti, and
following are additional  comments and                bullying. Speed bumps were suggested on
suggestions on how situations might be                Main Street. There was a problem with parking
improved.                                             at the T-junction at Hawthorne Drive and also
                                                      parking on Main Street where the residents
In Bagworth there appeared to be a need for
                                                      have spaces available behind their houses.
the play area on Jackson Road to be finished
                                                      Motor bikes were reportedly being ridden on
to give local children and young people
                                                      the recreation ground. 31 people wrote
somewhere to play safely without annoying
                                                      personal comments regarding concerns about
residents. When they wanted to meet their
                                                      traffic issues including the need for regular
friends they gathered opposite The Maynard
                                                      speed checks, and 23 had issues relating to
PH, the children‟s play area at Maynard Walk,
                                                      the travelling community.
and the bungalows at Almond Way, giving rise
to requests for CCTV and more monitoring for          Here are a selection of personal comments
suspected anti-social behaviour, criminal             and suggestions.
activity and substance abuse. The speeding
                                                       “Young people are kicking footballs along
on Station Road concerned many people and
                                                       streets and roads (a safety issue), they need to
speed bumps and improved signs were                    be drawn to a place to play.” “We need some
suggested.                                             transport in the evenings, youngsters are stuck
In Thornton young people were criticised for           in Thornton.” “My neighbour and I set up a
                                                       neighbourhood scheme on our road and it really
playing ball in the street. Areas where they
                                                       helped. We get teenagers running around our
gathered with their friends included     the
                                                       bungalows at night; it causes stress as we all
bungalows on Oakwood/St. Peters Drive,                 have problems, most are on our own and some
Beech Drive, the lychgate, the recreation              have very bad health.” “ The biggest problem in
                                                       the village is from revellers returning from
                                                       functions, frequently there are fights and
                                                       shouting in the street and cars interfered with.”
                                5. Health and Social Care
5.1 Distances travelled to use healthcare services

Fig.18 shows the distances travelled by                 enable them to take part in fitness activities.
respondents to use healthcare services.                 31% of respondents consider that public
                                                        transport in the parish is poor.
Bagworth and Thornton residents do not
have a doctor‟s surgery in the parish and               Pharmacies can be a useful source of help,
are registered at several surgeries in the              advice and treatment but again residents will
surrounding area.                                       travel at least 3 miles to access this service.

Although over 70% of parish residents live              76% of residents travel over 5 miles to access
within 5 miles of their NHS surgery they travel         an NHS dentist.
at least 3 miles to see their doctor.
                                                        The nearest Accident and Emergency
We need to consider the effect of this situation        Department is at Leicester Royal Infirmary.
upon the 6% of residents who do not have                The bus to Leicester via Bagworth and
access to a private vehicle. When using public          Thornton terminates at St. Margarets Bus
transport to Ibstock, Barlestone, Desford or            Station, a 20 minute walk for a fit person to get
Newbold Verdon surgeries they need to take              to the hospital. The last bus to Leicester
two buses each way. The No.14 bus from                  leaves at 5.30pm (no return journey) and there
Ellistown to Ibstock is a step-up bus unsuitable        are no buses on Sundays. This also
for wheelchairs, pushchairs and people with             disadvantages patients‟ visitors to the L.R.I.,
mobility problems. There are no buses running           and outpatients and visitors to Glenfield and
between Thornton and Markfield.                         City General Hospitals.

Furthermore, 22% of residents are over 65,              Access to the Loughborough walk-in centre
28% are the parents or guardians of young               again requires the use of two buses each way
children, 8% have mobility problems, 8% need            and a journey of similar distance to the one to
care or support or live with someone who                Leicester.
does, and 18% say they need better health to

                                               Figure 18

5.2 Support for the provision of a Bagworth Surgery

Unsurprisingly , in view of the distances                 have to be part of the new Bagworth Village
travelled to surgeries and inadequate public              Hall development proposal.
transport (see section 5.4) 85% of the
                                                             The PCT have since withdrawn their
respondents to this question said Yes, and
                                                             support .
77% accepted that to achieve this it would

5.3 Other healthcare services used within the parish

25% of respondents have used NHS Direct                   have received a district nurse visit, 6% have
telephone support line, 10% have used                     seen a health visitor, and 2% have accessed
prescription collection/return services, 6%               community transport to healthcare services.

5.4 Improvements which you would like to see to healthcare provision

                                                 Figure 19

We asked residents for additional comments                These comments bear testament to this
including suggestions for improvements.                   situation.
Fig.19 above shows the most popular ones. By
                                                             “I liked it when the doctors came to Thornton on
far the greatest number of comments referred
                                                             Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Now I have to
to the need for a surgery in the parish; it is not           get someone to take me to Markfield and bring me
surprising that some Thornton residents would                back, I‟ve lost my independence.”
like to see a surgery in their village too. The
next most popular suggestion was for a                        “Some type of surgery in the parish would be
dentist in the parish, followed by a pharmacy.               nice. Travelling to Ibstock is very inconvenient
Again both villages would like these services.               when you are ill.”
A better appointment system at Barlestone                    “There is no public transport route between
/Ibstock, and better out -of- hours service was              Thornton and Markfield where our doctor‟s surgery
needed. Access to eye care, an NHS                           and pharmacy are.”
chiropodist and a health visitor drop-in clinic
were also mentioned.                                         “ A taxi service or prescription collection service
                                                             would be an asset to those without their own
A number of people pointed out that non-                     transport.”
drivers, the elderly and infirm are greatly
                                                              “Bus services are not regular and do not go to all
disadvantaged by the present system of
                                                             the villages where the doctors have their
having to register with doctors in outlying                  surgeries.”
towns and villages.
5.5 Smoking

We asked about people‟s smoking habits and
whether smokers would like to stop smoking.
Of those who did not smoke, 59% had never
smoked, 32% were ex-smokers and 2% had to
spend part of the day with smokers. 12% of
respondents are smokers. Of these 20%
smoke over 20 cigarettes a day, 43% 10-20
cigarettes a day, and 22% less than 10
cigarettes per day.

43% of smokers agreed or strongly agreed
that they would like to stop smoking.

Fig.20 on the left ( which displays numbers of
people, not percentages) shows how smokers
ranked suggestions on what might help them
                                                                           Figure 20
stop smoking.
                                                        HBBC Neighbourhood Action Team has
More motivation seemed to be the most
important requirement, but family support,              taken on board these comments and is to
professional advice, and stop - smoking                 commence      a    smoking   cessation
schemes could help quite a few.                         programme in the parish.

5.6 Fitness
                                                       82% agreed or strongly agreed, and 18%
We asked residents to consider how many
                                                       disagreed or strongly disagreed that they
times on average they did the following kinds
                                                       would like to increase their activity and fitness.
of exercise, strenuous, moderate, or mild
                                                       Fig.22 shows how they ranked suggestions on
activity, for more than 15 minutes over a 7-day
                                                       what they would need to increase activity and
period. Fig.21 below shows the results.

                  Figure 21                                                Figure 22

5.7 Diet

When we asked how much residents agreed
or disagreed with the statement “I would like
to have a healthier diet”, 57% agreed or
strongly agreed, and 43% disagreed or
strongly disagreed. To achieve a healthier diet,
20% said they required more motivation, 18%
more time, 15% more money/cheaper food,
7% better cooking skills and 2% better

43% of respondents considered that they
already had a healthy diet. Fig.23 on the right
shows their answers to the question
“Considering a 7-day period, how many times
on average a day do you eat the following
types of food?”

                                                                            Figure 23

Some respondents felt that the questions on              These results highlight not only some of our
smoking, fitness and diet were too intrusive.            healthcare needs, but       also link in, for
When it comes to putting pressure on the                 example, with transport requirements, sport
service providers to improve their services, this        and recreation provision, and the need for a
is the type of information that they need.               shop in Bagworth.

5.8 Social Care

8% of respondents said that they, or someone             Of the people who were accessing services to
in their household, needed care and support              assist with care provision, 17% had in-home
with everyday tasks. 7% of respondents said              care, 14% carers support, 3% respite care, 3%
that they, or someone else in the household,             received meals-on-wheels, and 3% CVS help.
had a caring role. A small number of people              A very small number of people said they would
appeared to need support but were not                    use these services if available. It is important
accessing it, although unfortunately none left           that we try hard to ensure that everyone
contact details at the end of the questionnaire          who requires social care knows what is
to enable us to put them in contact with the             available and has help, if required, to
relevant agencies.                                       access it.

                                 6.Traffic and Transport

6.1 Ownership or access to a private motor vehicle(car, van, motorbike)

                                                       75% of respondents said that they use a
                                                       private motor vehicle daily, 16% two or three
                                                       times a week, and 3% once a week or less.

                                                       6% of respondents have no access to a
                                                       private motor vehicle. Fig.24

                  Figure 24

6.2 Types of transport most often used for accessing various activities

                                              Figure 25

Fig.25 above highlights again respondents‟             13% to go shopping, 4% to visit relatives and
reliance on private motor vehicles for                 3% to visit friends . Walking is used by 8% for
shopping, visiting family and friends, leisure,        leisure activities, 7% for visiting friends and 7%
entertainment, work, sporting events, training         to access evening entertainment. To get to
events, volunteering, school and college. 88%          school, 72% of respondents go by car, 17%
who travel to work use a car or motorbike, 5%          walk and 11% use a bus.
walk and 4% use a bus. Buses are used by

6.3 Identification of main travel                    (15%) are the most popular shopping
destination from the parish for                      destinations, Leicester     is favoured for
                                                     evening entertainment (43%) and sporting
various activities
                                                     events (36%), and Leicester (28%) and
Fig.26 below shows that from the responses           Coalville (23%) for leisure. A number visit
to options given, 29% go to Leicester, 19% to        friends and relatives in Leicester (21% and
Coalville, 6% to Loughborough, 4% to                 21%) and Coalville (18% and 17%).
Hinckley, and 2% to Groby to work. Coalville
(39%), Leicester (28%) and Loughborough

                                             Figure 26

6.4 Breakdown of “ other” destinations travelled to

                                             Figure 27

55% of “other” destinations travelled to were within Leicestershire. Other popular destinations are
shown in Fig 27.

6.5 Public transport

When asked for their opinions on public                 “None”. By far the most requested
transport provision in the parish, 9% said              improvement was for the reopening of a
good, 23% fair, 31% poor, 10% did not know              passenger train services on the National
and 27% did not use it.                                 Forest Line. More buses during evenings (after
                                                        evening peak) on weekdays and weekends,
The next question asked residents to identify           new routes, more buses during the day at
all improvements from a list provided which             weekends, more evening peak buses and
would encourage them to use public transport            cheaper services were the next most popular
more. 21% of possible respondents said                  in descending order ( see Fig.28).

                                               Figure 28

6.6 Community transport schemes

Community transport schemes can offer a                 were community bus, dial a ride, taxi vouchers,
range of flexible transport options and are             car sharing, wheels to work, and volunteer
typically run by voluntary organisations                transport scheme. It was clear from the
supported by local authorities. We asked if             responses that only 3% (or less in some
residents were aware of such schemes and                cases) had any knowledge of these schemes.
their availability in the parish. Options listed
6.7 Encouragement to cycle

Asked to identify all improvements, from a list         was for more off-road cycle ways, more cycle
provided, which would encourage them to                 lanes within the carriageway,and a safer
cycle more, 40% of possible respondents said            cycling environment(traffic calming etc.)
“None”. The most requested improvement

6.8 Traffic issues within the parish

Fig.29 illustrates residents‟ responses to a
question asking them to consider if any of
these traffic issues were a problem within the
parish. Some of these would inevitably be
influenced by where exactly in the parish they
lived. Clearly speeding traffic, on-street
parking, inconsiderate drivers, parking on
pavements and heavy goods vehicles were at
the top of        the list. However significant
numbers of people were affected by
congestion, noise and fumes. Here are some
of your additional comments about traffic
issues. Many others have already been raised
in the Crime and Safety section.

 “Poor visibility caused by evening/night on-
 street parking on the Beacon View/Jackson
 Road junction will result in an accident.”                                 Figure 29

 We need a sign that illuminates the driver‟s
 speed as they enter the village.

6.9 Vehicle Survey

8% of respondents indicated a willingness to            14 people left their contact details and will be
help undertake a survey of vehicles travelling          contacted in Summer 2008.
through the parish.

6.10 School travel plans

School travel plans help to alleviate traffic           Additional comments about school transport
problems created when taking children to and            included
from school. 37% of respondents considered
that such plans should be developed and                 “All school children should be able to use a
adopted with local schools, 4% said “No” ,12%           school bus and be encouraged to do so”.
said their local school already had a plan, and         “On primary school buses there should be adult
47% answered “Don‟t know”. 4% indicated a               supervision, that is why I don‟t [let my children]
willingness to help their local school develop a        use the school bus.”
travel plan.                                            “More Bagworth children are now attending
                                                        Thornton and South Charnwood schools,
 5 people left their details and will be                transport to these should be considered”.
 contacted in Summer 2008.

6.11 Transport issues working group

5% of respondents said they would be willing            A meeting of the volunteers will be convened
to join a working group to further investigate          later in 2008.
traffic issues. 7 people left contact details.

                                 7.Housing and Planning
7.1 Additional housing needs

When asked what additional housing needs
were required within their villages, 44% of
respondents said “None”. For those that
considered that there were additional needs,
the largest number chose affordable homes
(20%), followed by affordable homes in shared
ownership (14%), family homes (13%),
bungalows (12%), private homes to rent (7%),
adaptable “lifelong homes” (7%), flats (1%),
and mobile homes (1%).

4% of respondents have had a member of
their household leave the parish in the last 5
years through lack of affordable housing.                          Warwick Close, Thornton

                                                        The next question asked if respondents
                                                        favoured a small scheme of affordable housing
                                                        (for rent or shared ownership) for local people
                                                        in their parish. 35% said “Yes”, 28% “No”, and
                                                        34% “Don‟t know”. When asked “Do you
                                                        support more housing being built on brownfield
                                                        (former industrial) sites within the parish, 28%
                                                        of respondents said “Yes” and 62% said “No”.
                                                        Asked if they supported “ No Building” on
                                                        greenfield sites, 84% of respondents said
                                                        “Yes” and 16% said “No”. Additional comments
                                                        included the need for new service facilities
                                                        before any more properties were built. Several
            Almond Way Bagworth
                                                        people commented on the unattractive
                                                        infilling in gardens and small plots.

7.2 Global warming/CO2 emissions

75% of respondents said “Yes” when asked if
they   were    concerned    about    global
warming/CO2 emissions, and 25% said “No”.

When asked to choose from a list of possible
solutions to reduce such problems, 65% of
respondents chose low energy bulbs (house
and street), 56% solar panels, 55% a local
shop, 49% rail link to nearest large town, 41%
wind turbine, 33% better cycling facilities, 27%
increased use of buses, 18% reduced use of
private vehicles,     and 15% photoelectric
power.See Fig.30.
                                                                           Figure 30

                                                        Fig 31 illustrates the responses when we
                                                        asked about the energy saving features in
                                                        your homes. 89% had double glazing, 86%
                                                        loft insulation, 72% low energy bulbs, 65%
                                                        lagged hot water tank, 51% cavity wall
                                                        insulation, 25% a water saving device, 10% a
                                                        woodburner and 1% solar panels. (1
                                                        household had wind power). Other energy-
                                                        saving devices were specified such as
                                                        allotments, external insulation, combi boilers,
                                                        open fire(burns rubbish), water butts, roof
                                                        underspray, siphon for grey water, and even
                                                        hot      water     bottles    and    blankets.
                   Figure 31

When asked to identify what would encourage             return on investment, free and impartial
them to install additional energy-saving                advice, better price for reselling renewable
devices in their home or local business, 178            energy, and easier planning procedures were
respondents replied. Affordability, financial           the incentives that they needed.
support (grants and subsidies), acceptable

                               8. Child Care and Education
8.1 Child Care

26% of respondents said that they were the
parent or guardian of young children.

24% of these said that it was “Easy”, 43%
“O.K.”, 20% “Difficult” and 3% “Extremely
Difficult” to find the childcare they wanted.
When we asked where they got information
about child care( identifying all that applied),
39% said from a friend or relative, 20% from a
parent toddler group, 18% from school, 17%
from the internet or phonebook, 11% from a
surgery, clinic or health visitor, 8% from a
children‟s information service, 7% from a
library, and 6% from social services. Fig.32
illustrates the the current use of childcare
                                                                           Figure 32
/early years services by respondents.

Fig.33 shows respondents‟ satisfaction with
the childcare and early years services they are

Comments on specific additional childcare
requirements in the parish included the need
for reliable, long-term after-school clubs,
before (8.00-9.00 am) and after (3.15-6.00 pm)
school provision, longer hours for the pre-
school (9.00-1.00 pm or 8.00-3.00 pm), and
proper holiday schemes (full day and full
working week).

Parish children are going to Stanton , Coalville,
Markfield, Newbold Verdon, Groby, Nailstone,
Huncote, Ibstock, Whitwick, Narborough,
Loughborough ,Shepshed, Ravenstone and
Thringstone for these services.                                                 Figure 33

Some comments on local child care provision:

 “The pre-school mistress is excellent”.                      “Currently school can cancel (after school)
                                                              provision at short notice.”
 “The holiday scheme at Groby Community
 College is excellent for gymnastics.”                         “I am now registering to become a childminder
                                                              to help provide a service which I would have
                                                              liked to have been available.”

8.2 Children and Young People‟s Education

                                                  Figure 34

                                              Figure 35

19% of      respondents said that they had             most popular being “sports”, football, art/crafts,
children of school age. The previous two               cookery, I.T., drama, netball, athletics, cross
charts Figs.34 & 35 show which schools they            country running, music, sewing, singing,
were attending. 31% of respondents were                swimming, dance, rugby, gymnastics and
”Extremely satisfied” with the education the           school trips.
children received, 47% were “Very satisfied”,
21% “Quite satisfied” and 1% “Not very                    “There are loads (of activities), for all ages from
satisfied”. 40% of respondents found                      year 1 to year 5. My daughter has done games
transport arrangements to school “Good”,                  club, keep fit, gym, cooking, football and sewing
19% found them “Adequate” and 41% “Non-                   over her 4 years there.”
existent”. Those who answered “Non-existent”
were asked how the children got to school. Of          Of those who said “No”, 80% of their children
41 responses, 35 said they went by car and 6           would like to take part. The majority of these
walked.                                                respondents said that improved after-school
                                                       transport was necessary to enable them to do
We asked if the children were able to take part        so. Lack of activities for their particular age-
in out of/after school activities. 80% said            group and interests was also mentioned.
“Yes”. They described numerous activities, the
                                    9. Adult Education
We asked whether parish residents would be             they are probably being realistic about the
interested in attending a course for recreation        availability of such courses locally).
or career development, and whether they
would be prepared to travel outside the parish
to do so.
 Looking at Fig.36, which displays the results,
there appears to be a preference for
recreational enjoyment courses, followed by
computer skills, language courses, well-being
and healthy living, courses leading to an
accredited qualification and getting back to
work skills. In general people would prefer to
study close to home, ( except for work-related
vocational and back to work courses where
                                                                             Figure 36

Additional comments included:

  “Can we have WEA classes where the topics are chosen to suit students‟ interests?”
  “What about daytime classes for seniors?”
  “Evening classes inaccessible outside the parish as buses stop at 5pm.”
  “Fitness classes for the not-so-fit in the evening after work.”

                                    10. Access to Information
10.1 Parish Events

In answer to the question “Do you attend                        Wave, Toddler group, Bring and Buy, Art
events in the other village? 26% said                           class, Flower Show, Friends of St Peters
“Yes”.There were many examples given of                         events, Table top sales, Dances, and Parish
events attended including fetes, Bagworth                       Council meetings.
Forward Group events, Bingo, Brownies,
Thornton School events, Thornton computer                       The main reasons given for not attending
class, Thornton carnival, Thornton Craft Fair,                  events were , in descending order, lack of
Thornton Bonfire night, Church events,                          interest, lack of information, lack of time, new
Markfield & Thornton Theatre Group, Films,                      to area, enough in own village, and 5% said, Cross Hills Church events, Big                      age, disability or lack of transport.

10.2 All Sources of Information

Residents were asked to identify all sources of
local news and information from a list that
included Leicester Mercury, Loughborough
Echo, Hinckley Times, Coalville Times,
Thornton     Talk,    Local    Radio,     Parish
website, Leicestershire Parish Councils
website, Leicestershire Matters, Leicestershire
County Council website, Borough Council
website, Word of Mouth, Village Voice, The
Link (Church/Chapel magazine), Flyers, Free
sheets, others. Fig.37 shows the most popular
ones.                                                                              Figure 37

(At the time when the questionnaire went out,                   Suggestions included better use of parish
Bagworth Village Voice was still being                          noticeboards, improved communication from
published regularly and was obviously well-                     parish council including website, a central
used as a source of information. Thornton Talk                  point with all local information available, drop-
(now Village Talk) had started to be delivered                  in centre, a “newcomers pack”, local village
to both villages.) 35% of respondents thought                   websites and e-mail alerts, distribution of free
that local information could be improved.                       newspapers and more consistent door-to-door
                                                                leaflet delivery .
Thank you to the person who said ”This questionnaire has highlighted how little I am aware of
the activities in the village.”

10.3 Internet Access

56% of respondents accessed the internet at              Additional comments included
home via broadband and 7% by dial-up. 24%
                                                          “Facilities should be offered to encourage older
accessed the internet at work, and 2% in a                people and others without home-access to the
library. 12% did not have or did not use the              internet e.g. courses at the community centre,
internet.                                                 internet cafe or similar.”

10.4 Leicestershire Villages website

This is a website with space dedicated for               the site. 3% said they would be prepared to
communities to add their own news items,                 add information regularly to a local website,
publicise local events and access local history          28% occasionally, 69% said “No”.
information and sources. 23% of respondents
                                                          Two Bagworth residents are undertaking      the
said that they would be interested in attending
                                                          training in Summer 2008.
a training session to demonstrate how to use

10.5 Citizens Advice Bureau

A limited service was provided by CAB at one             81% had no opinion. We asked if we should try
time. 13% of respondents said that they found            this service again, and 72% of respondents to
the service helpful, 6% said they didn‟t and             that question said “Yes”.

10.6 Village Charities

There are two charities available to villagers,          Additional comments included
and we asked if they were aware of these.
                                                          “ I am not aware of how charitable funds are
29% of respondents were aware of The
                                                          awarded, who gets them, how to apply for help
Maynard Trust(educational support) and 32%                and why. Perhaps info could be published.”
were aware of The Luke Jackson Charity.

10.7. Thornton Community Centre

Thornton Community Centre is a trust. The                such as utility bills. 49% were aware that the
centre is managed by volunteer trustees who              Centre‟s facilities were available for hire at
are mainly drawn from local organisations.               reduced rates for villagers. Only 29% were
47% of respondents were aware of this and                aware that 12 different societies provided
46% understood that the Centre was financed              weekly activities at the Centre.
by the profits from fund-raising activities, with
the Parish Council paying maintenance costs

                                     11. Library Services
Fig.38 on the next page shows how often                  We provided a long list of services available
respondents used Coalville, Desford, the                 at libraries and asked which ones residents
Mobile Library and „other libraries‟. The main           used. The most popular one            used by
„other libraries‟ used were Markfield, a                 respondents was to borrow books(36%),
University or College library, Leicester,                followed by access to general reference
Loughborough and Beaumont Leys.                          information (11%) and local information (11%),

                                                         for people to access the library from their
                                                         home (including volunteer help).

                                                         Comments included
                                                          “The [library] bus is really well-kept and pleasant
                                                          to use, the assistant is friendly and helpful”.

                                                          “The mobile library service is the one I would
                                                          miss most. I am very appreciative of accessing
                                                          books I could not otherwise afford to read.”

                                                          “Excellent service at Coalville.”

                                                           “Really enjoyed the childrens‟ activity sessions
                                                          at Markfield but none on this year.”

                   Figure 38
                                                         Several people remarked on how good the
to borrow DVDs(10%), CDs(10%), to use a                  mobile service was although two felt it was
photocopier/fax(9%), use a computer(7%),                 difficult to access with young children.
private study(6%), children‟s events(6%),
borrow audiobooks(6%), read newspapers/                  Suggestions on what would encourage
magazines(5%),      attend exhibitions(5%),              residents to use the library service, apart from
access the internet(5%).                                 “nothing”, were “more time”, “a library in the
                                                         parish”, “local evening access”, and “more
Users of the mobile library service (9% of               information”.
respondents use it once a month or more
and another 3% less than once a month)                   The County Council Library Service
were asked to identify how the service could             website
be improved. More frequent change of book      
selection was the most popular request,                  braries.htm is used by 5% of respondents to
followed by collection/return points(for those           renew books etc. 2% to search the catalogue
not available when it visits), to change the             and 1% to place a request. 16 people
times when it calls, alter stopping points,              remarked that they did not know of its
provide additional services, and provide help            existence.

                                     12. Local Enterprise
             (incorporating the Business Questionnaire results )
Fig.39 shows the use of local businesses and
services     by     respondents.    Since     the
questionnaires        were    completed       the
Bagworth Post Office has been closed.
Looking at useage of once or twice a month or
more, the post office had the greatest useage
of all businesses and services, visited mainly
for postal services but also popular ( in
descending order) for cards/stationery, paying
bills, banking, licences/forms, foreign currency,
dry cleaning, collecting pensions/benefits,
cakes and sweets.                                                             Figure 39

        Lloyd and Sue's Shop, Thornton

Respondents used a mobile butcher, milkman,
fishmonger, hairdresser, the mobile library, a                               Figure 40
plumber, roofer, and mechanic.
                                                         “A shop in Bagworth is desperately needed particularly
A hairdressers, plant nursery (with cafe), plus          by the elderly and young mothers, also busy villagers
                                                         on the way to work/coming home”.
fishing tackle shop are to be found in
Thornton. Internet shopping and vegetable box             “We need small business units aimed at local
delivery were also used by some respondents.             entrepreneurs. I am unable ,though would, employ
                                                         local people and open a small business workshop/rural
Fig.40 shows respondents‟ views on the type              craft facility”.
of business development they thought would               “Highlight local history, encourage tourism” “Replica of
benefit their parish. In “ Please provide further        Bagworth Roundhouse for use as museum/visitor
information” the largest group of suggestions            centre”.
related to the the need for a Bagworth shop,
                                                          “I chose to live here because there is no economy to
followed by a Thornton post office. Those                speak of”.
against business development and for
business development were evenly matched.                 “Business should only be allowed if appropriate for a
                                                         village”, “Shop, health centre etc. should be run as
                                                         social enterprises owned by the community”.

12.1 Responses specific to
parishioners working from home or
running a business within the

We asked this group of local business people
to identify what improvements would help
them. The answers are illustrated by Fig.41.

                                                                             Figure 41

We also asked this group of local business                  2 “Do you employ local people?. 73% of
people the following questions                             respondents said that they did.

1. “Do you work with the local community?”.                 3. “Have you any training needs?” 27% felt
73% of respondents said that they did.                     that they had.

12.2 The Business Questionnaire

Approximately sixty separate          business             71% knew where to go to find advice for
questionnaires were distributed but regrettably            businesses and none needed any advice on
only 12% of these were returned.                           any aspect of their business. Respondents‟
                                                           comments also included.
All said that they owned or managed a local
business. 43% answered “No” when asked if                   “There is a need for more business in the area so
their current premises were sufficient for their            that more local people could be employed rather
                                                            than travelling outside the area.”
business needs, remarking that they were
constrained by planning, or needed larger                   “Most of our business is            national    and
premises to meet the work load and/or were                  international, Bagworth is a good place to be based
not visible enough from the road to attract                 because of its proximity to transport links.”
passing trade. 57% were interested in
expanding their business. 43% were interested               “I believe that Bagworth needs more businesses
                                                            and shops to put the heart back into the village”.
in employing more staff. 29% said that they
faced difficulty in employing staff locally, citing         “Anyone starting up a business would have to be
“no interest from locals (half the staff do not             aware that a lot of the residents work elsewhere
live locally)”, and “people seem to apply from              and do their shopping, banking etc. outside the
anywhere but Bagworth or Thornton”.                         village.

                            13.How do you rate your village?
                                                           Fig.42 illustrates that 49% of respondents in
                                                           each village rated living there as “Good”. 38%
                                                           in Thornton and 14% in Bagworth rated it as

                                                           29% in Bagworth and 12% in Thornton rated
                                                           living in their village “Satisfactory”. 8% in
                                                           Bagworth but only 1% in Thornton rated it
                                                           “Poor” or “Very Poor”.

                                                           When we asked you to write three things
                                                           you liked and three things you disliked
                                                           about your community your responses were
                                                           numerous and detailed and are summarised in
                    Figure 42                              Figs.43 & 44.

                   Figure 43                                               Figure 44

When sorted into topics, it was clear that three        The top “dislikes” were the lack of a
“likes” dwarfed all the others, the rurality,           Bagworth shop, the presence of travellers,
peace    &    quiet,   and     friendliness    &        speeding, poor public transport and fly-tipping.

                     14. Children‟s Questionnaire responses

49 children (23 boys and 26 girls) returned
completed questionnaires, 32 from Bagworth
and 17 from Thornton. Fig. 45 shows their age
distribution. 6% had lived in their village for
less than a year, 37% for between 1 and 5
years and 55% for between 5 and 10 years.

                                                                           Figure 45

              14.1 Education

41% of respondents       attended Thornton              Primary School, Mercenfeld Primary School,
Primary School, 22% Dovebank Primary                    Lady Jane Grey School Groby, Manor House
School (Nailstone),  2% Ellistown Primary               School Ashby de la Zouch, South Charnwood
School and 33% other schools, namely                    High School, Loughborough Grammar School,
Bagworth Pre-School, Thornton Playschool,               not yet at school(2).
St.Clare‟s R.C. Primary, St.Peter‟s C of E
Primary School Market Bosworth, Woodstone
Primary School, Stanton -under- Bardon
46% of school journeys were by car, 25% by
school bus, 25% on foot and 2% other
(e.g.scooter). We asked the children to choose
from a list provided all of the reasons why they
did not walk to school. 61% of responses
were for “Too far to walk” , 21% for “Not safe
to walk”, 8% for “parents will not let me”, 6%
for “Too much dog mess or litter” and 4%
“other” (parents too busy, would be late).

                                                                   Thornton Primary School

14.2 Leisure and Recreation

Participation in activities

                                                Figure 46

Fig 46 shows which activities the children took          a community centre, studio, leisure centre,
part in and the numbers of children taking part          scout hut, at home, teacher‟s house, riding
in each activity. 33% of these activities were at        school, village hall, WMC, other towns and
a club, 31% at school, 18% at a community                villages.
college, 18% „elsewhere‟. „Elsewhere‟ included

14.3 Use of village play areas

There are two play areas in Bagworth and one in Thornton.

         Bagworth Community Centre                              Maynard Close, Bagworth

                                   Thornton Community Centre

12% of respondents used the village play             thought that the play areas could be improved.
areas daily, 29% three or four times a week,         Their suggestions were to keep equipment
16% once or twice a week, 29% sometimes              clean and regularly checked, remove litter,
and 14% never.                                       glass, plastic and dog mess, remove graffiti,
                                                     more rubbish bins (13), more equipment (10),
26% said that the play areas in their village        better, safer equipment (9), better slides (6), 5-
were very good, 55% said that they were O.K.         a-side football, nets, markings on pitch (6),
and 19% said that they were not very good.           cricket pitch, stumps marked on wall (3), safer
                                                     surfaces (3), more grass cutting (2), a skate
59% thought that the play areas were safe, 9%
                                                     park (2), a tennis court (2), an adventure
disagreed, 26% thought that some were safer
                                                     playground (1).
than others, 6% did not use them and 27%

14.4 Village services and facilities

                                                                           Figure 48
                    Figure 47

We asked the children to choose from a list of            they would like. The most popular are shown
services and facilities which ones they would             in Fig.48.
like to be provided in their village, Fig.47. Then
we asked them what other facilities or services
14.5 How children rated their village

Finally we asked the children what they liked             responses, having friends and family living
best about their village ,and what they really            nearby, followed by the parks and the peace
did not like about their village. The following           and quiet were identified as the three top
two charts Figs 49 & 50 show the most                     „likes‟.
popular responses. From a count of their

                                                 Figure 49

                                                     Figure 50

From a count of their responses, dog mess in                 shop were identified as the three top
the park, all the rubbish/litter and the lack of a           „dislikes‟.

                   15. Young people‟s questionnaire responses
37 young people (14 boys and 23 girls)                       questionnaire was supplied to 12 to 18 year-
returned completed questionnaires, 20 from                   olds and their average age was 13.4 years.
Bagworth and 17 from Thornton. This

15.1 Leisure and Recreation
                                                                 “When I attended the activities were good, but
Thornton has a Youth Club funded by the
                                                                 some of the people were not very nice to know.
Borough Council. There is no similar provision
                                                                 Also adults criticised us for making a mess,
in Bagworth. We asked Bagworth young                             which we didn‟t.”
people if they would use a youth club if one
                                                             Respondents‟ suggested that they would like
was provided. 12 said” Yes” (60% of Bagworth
                                                             to see a youth club offering outings to go
respondents). We asked Thornton young
                                                             swimming, to water parks and theme parks,
people if they used the youth club in their
                                                             plus art, crafts, drama, ,computers (with
village. 2 out of 17 Thornton respondents said
                                                             internet access), chess, badminton, cricket,
“Yes”. One made the following comment:
                                                             football, kiting, athletics, gymnastics, riding,
                                                             pool, socialising and relaxing.

                                                        We asked where they would go for advice on
                                                        personal problems, alcohol/drug awareness
                                                        and sexual health and this pie chart Fig.51
                                                        shows their answers.

                   Figure 51

Fig.52 shows the results when the young
people were asked about their views on the
provision within their village for different age
groups. Those with an opinion thought that
                                                        We then asked them which of the following
facilities for small children were adequate, but
                                                        they would like to have in their village , and an
that as children got older there were less-and-
                                                        all-weather ball games area was the most
less suitable facilities for them. They
                                                        popular choice, followed by an adventure
considered that children with a disability were
                                                        playground and improved play areas( Fig.53).
poorly-provided for, and one young person
suggested that more ramps into public places
were required.

                   Figure 52                                               Figure 53

                               Thornton Recreation Ground and Shelter

We asked where they met up with their friends          better place for young people to meet, they
around their village. They replied the park/           suggested        a    youth    club   (8), more
recreation    ground   /playing   field    (9),        activities/facilities     (8),    shelter  near
nowhere/don‟t go out (8), at home/friends‟             houses/benches in park/somewhere suitable
homes (7), on the street/outside( 6),                  (4), adventure zone/super playpark (3),
church/lychgate (3), other villages (2),               somewhere away from houses (1), shops (1),
community centre (2), The Green (Bagworth)             skate park (1), proper community centre open
(2), Park Lane (1), reservoir(1), P.J.s(1),            all day (1), don‟t know (1).Only 12% thought
Hawthorne Drive(1). 58% said that people               that their village offered enough activities for
living nearby had complained about noise,              young people. Fig.54 summarises what they
litter etc. when they were with their friends.         thought could be done to provide more
When asked what could be done to provide a             activities in their village.

                                              Figure 54

Only 8% of the respondents said that they
were a member of any clubs or groups in their
village.    (These     were     described     as
Scouts/Guides which are not available in the
parish as far as we are aware.-Ed.) Inevitably
our young people had to travel away from their
village/parish to participate in most activities
which interest them. The chart opposite,
Fig.55 shows what these are. 31% of these
activities take place at a club, 20% at a
community college, 18% at school, 23%
elsewhere. (8% of respondents did not take
part in any activities.)
                                                                            Figure 55

                                                        Finally in this section we asked them what
                                                        other facilities they would most like to see
                                                        provided within their village and Fig.56 on the
                                                        left illustrates their views. A shop is by far the
                                                        most popular request,followed by sports
                                                        pitches and courts.

                   Figure 56
15.2 Transport

These next two pie charts Figs. 57 & 58 show            they said would encourage them to use it more
how often our young people used public                  frequently.
transport to and from the village, and what

                   Figure 57                                                Figure 58

15.3 Crime and Safety

Road Safety.

                   Figure 59                                               Figure 60

68% of young people said that they felt safe             Trying to cross roads safely was their major
on the roads in the village, 32% did not.Here in         concern. 43% felt that there were roads which
Fig.59 are their suggestions for improvements            were particularly unsafe and the ones that they
they would like to see made.                             identified    are     shown       in    Fig.60.

General safety issues.

89% felt that their village was a safe place to          ground. 41% would like to see a greater police
live. The areas felt by a few to be unsafe were          presence, 38% better consultation between
Highfields, St. Peters Drive, Ivanhoe Trail,             police and young people and 24% easier
“near the new houses”, and the recreation                access to a police station.

15.4 Information and Communication

70% of young people would read their own                 access the internet at home. 53% would use
notice board if one was erected in their village.        the Leicestershire Villages Website if they
95% used a computer at home. 92% could                   knew more about it.

15.5 Environment

We asked them to identify from a list of
suggestions which ones they felt would
improve the local environment. More rubbish
bins were the most popular choice, followed by
more dog-fouling bins and better grass-cutting.
Their priorities appeared to be cleanliness and
tidyness. 57% said that they would be
prepared to help out with any projects to
improve the local environment (Fig.61 ).

                                                                           Figure 61
15.6 Education and Further Education

95% of respondents were in full-time                    said they did not and 16% had not thought
education. 29% went to South Charmwood                  about it yet. 17% of those going to college
High School, 17% to Ibstock Community                   expected to move on - site.
College, 14% to King Edward VII Community
College 14% to Groby College, 6% to                      For those who intended to live at home whilst
Bosworth Community College and 6% to                    they trained or studied, 23% thought they
Ashby School. 17% went to other schools                 would have to travel between 5 and 20 miles
including Dixie Grammar School and Our                  and 12% over 20 miles to access their course.
Lady‟s Convent School , Loughborough.                   (The rest did not know yet.) 50% expected to
                                                        go by bus, 44% would drive and 6% would get
69% travelled to school or college by school            a lift.
bus, 29% by car and 2% by service bus. 37%
stayed, and 49% returned, for activities after          14% would make use of additional training
school.                                                 courses if they were available locally. The
                                                        greatest interest was for courses in sport, art,
77% were able to visit friends who lived in             childcare, drama, languages and hair and
other villages, and vice versa, after school. To        beauty.     Animal    handling,     computers,
do this 52% were taken in a parent‟s car, 44%           multimedia, design, dance, photography,
said they “go in a car”, 11% used public                massage therapy, lorry driving and science
transport and 4% cycled.                                and maths were also mentioned (1 person per
76% intended to attend further education
college or university when they left school, 3%

15.7 Housing

11% of respondents intended to live in their            a starter home, 19% a flat and 24% did not
village when they were older, 28% did not and           know. (No one chose the other options of
61% had not thought about it yet. Of those 16           shared ownership or „none of these‟.) 31%
young people who answered the question                  thought they would own their property, 6%
“What kind of accomodation would you look for           thought it would belong to a housing
when you are older” 38% chose a house, 19%              association and the remainder did not know.

15.8 Health

All respondents to the question “Are you                Anstey, 7% to Coalville, 7% to Glenfield and
registered at a doctor‟s surgery?” answered             3% each to Shepshed, Market Bosworth,
Yes. 38% were registered at Markfield, 35% at           Loughborough,     Barlestone,   Ashby    and
Barlestone/Ibstock, 9% at Hugglescote and               Banbury. 39% had visited their dentist in the
3% at Desford. 6% had visited the surgery in            last three months, 55% in the last 12 months
the last week, 18% in the last month, 41% in            and 6% more than 12 months previously.
the last 2 to 6 months and 35% more than 6
months previously.                                      One young person was looking after someone
                                                        who had a long-term illness, condition or
Of the respondents to the question “Are you             disability. They said that they had someone to
registered at a dentist‟s surgery?” 89% said            help look after this person. (The Carefree
Yes and 11% said No. 30%           who were             Young Carers Service tel. 0116 286 7182
registered said that they went to a dentist in          exists to help young people in this
Ibstock and 30% in Leicester. 7% went to                situation.)

15.9 How young people rated their

                  Figure 62                                              Figure 63

When we asked the young people to tell us             When we asked them to tell us three things
three things they liked about living in their         that they disliked about living in their village
village, and counted their responses, the fact        and counted their responses, three issues
that they liked the friendly people and the           stood out, the lack of things to do, no shops
peaceful, quiet atmosphere stood out above            and busy speeding traffic. Lack of public
everything else, followed by living in the            transport, attitudes towards young people,
countryside and feeling safe (Fig. 62).               rubbish/ lack of bins and dog-fouling were the
                                                      next most frequently-mentioned dislikes

16. Adult Demographics

Have we achieved our two original objectives? We would say “Yes”.

Firstly our Parish Plan has been achieved as the result of consultation with everyone in the
parish; whether or not they chose to return the questionnaires was a personal decision which
we could not influence.

Secondly we have produced a clear document and prepared an Action Plan for the future
which includes ways to address the identified needs.

The next step is for the steering group to evolve into an Action Plan Group, with some new
members, to take the issues forward and make them happen.

Our service providers all have a duty to consider our results and recommendations. They may
not provide everything that we ask for but they have to give good reasons if our needs cannot
be met. Issues raised may be used to help them plan our services, for example, by changing
their priorities. They may also be able to help us to meet our own needs in creative ways. Any
group can use evidence from the report to strengthen their case when applying for grant

Many of the suggestions in the Action Plan will need help from members of the
community. You have had your say so please now get involved, if you have not
already done so. Phone Joanne on 01530 230 990, Eileen on 01530 230 476, Fiona on
01530 231 037 or John on 01455 822 148. Joining a project helps you meet new
people, learn new skills, enhance the parish and improve the quality of life of all of us.

The Action Plan is extensive and contains issues with short, medium and long time-scales.
Many of them cannot possibly happen overnight. We shall all grow older in the meantime and
inevitably our own needs will change.

We must take our „snapshot‟ of responses collected over two months in summer 2007 and
attempt to use them to preserve that which is good, and to improve and enhance that which is
deficient. This will provide an opportunity for today‟s residents to leave a legacy for the next

We are delighted to see that 63% of Bagworth residents and 57% of Thornton residents rate
living in their village as „Good‟ or „Excellent‟. Rurality, peace & quiet, and friendliness &
neighbourliness, are the three things that adult residents liked most about living here. The
children chose, friends & family, the parks, and peace & quiet, and the young people chose
friendly people, peace & quiet, and the countryside/feeling safe. Sorting out the dislikes is still
„work in progress‟!

 Joanne Brown, Chairman of the Parish Plan Steering Group.

                        Bagworth and Thornton Action Plan
No.      Category                Issue                           Action                     Partners              Priority   Resources


E1    Environment   Untidy appearance of managed          More frequent              BTPC, HBBC, LCC                M           M
                    green spaces.                         maintenance of grass,
                                                          hedges, bins,
                                                          benches, etc.
E2    Environment   Unkempt private land on the           Ascertain what the         BTPC, HBBC                      H          ?
                    corner of Maynard Close.              owner of the site is
                                                          legally obliged to do.
E3    Recycling     Lack of accurate knowledge            More advertising           HBBC , LCC (in relation        M           ?
                    about recycling facilities and        and/or leaflets. Also      to waste and recycling
                    rules. Majority want more types       better signs to direct     sites)
                    of waste collected, particularly      people to recycling
                    Plastic.                              points. Council to
                                                          expand kerbside
E4    Dog fouling   Dog fouling reported by adults,       Ensure that an             BTPC, HBBC, Severn              H          M
                    young people and children             adequate number of         Trent
                    throughout the parish on              thoughtfully placed
                    footpaths, in parks and round         and well maintained
                    the reservoir.                        dog mess bins are
                                                          provided and regularly
                                                          emptied. Enforcement.
E5    Litter        Litter is an issue for adults,        More litter bins. Create   BTPC, HBBC,                     H          M
                    young people and children             litter picking teams.      Volunteers
                    throughout the parish on
                    footpaths, in parks and round
                    the reservoir.

E6    Fly tipping   Fly tipping is an issue for adults,   Reporting by residents     HBBC, Community                 H          H
                    young people and children             to HBBC
                    throughout the parish on              neighbourhood warden
                    footpaths, and in various access      ASAP is essential.
                    points to open land.                  Clearance and
                                                          enforcement by HBBC.

E7    Thornton      Thornton reservoir dam road           Footpath to be moved       Severn Trent, LCC,              H          H
      Reservoir     needs improvement due to a            to the reservoir side of   Leicestershire
                    lack of parking, fast driving and     the dam wall. Bigger       Constabulary.
                    a very narrow footpath.               car park, Old treatment
E8    Play areas     Poor state of some children's         Provide new play          HBBC/BTPC, RCC                 M           H
                    play areas.                           equipment, ensure          Funding Officer
                                                          more frequent
                                                          maintenance, and
                                                          provide seating for
                                                          adults and children.

C1    Exclusion     A number of respondents felt          Examine what               LCC, HBBC, BTPC,               M           L
                    excluded from the community           provision might be         Voluntary sector,
                    due to age, access or disability      necessary to integrate     transport providers, local
                                                          those villagers            facilities
                                                          excluded by age
                                                          and/or disability with
                                                          the rest of the
                                                          community. Make sure
                                                          that those public
                                                          buildings where
                                                          access is not adequate
                                                          are made aware of the

C2    Quality of Public    Dissatisfaction by those who         Work with local service    BTPC, Leicestershire      M   L
      Services             had contacted various local          providers to identify      Constabulary, HBBC,
                           public services including BTPC,      issues and increase        LCC, PCT, Fire Service,
                           Constabulary, LCC, PCT, Fire         satisfaction of services   Ambulance Service.
                           Service and Ambulance service

C3    Travelling           There are many issues                Liaison with travelling    BTPC, HBBC, LCC,          H   H
      Community            regarding the activities of the      community                  residents, travellers‟
                           travellers and discontent with       representatives.           representatives.
                           the lack of meaningful response      Detailed problems
                           from the Borough Council             need to be
                           regarding planning issues.           investigated.

C4    Churches             The churches are not well            Investigate with the       Local diocese.            M   ?
                           attended but nearly half of the      local diocese whether
                           respondents supported the use        community use is
                           of the buildings for Community       possible for Holy Rood
                           purposes.                            in Bagworth and St
                                                                Peters in Thornton.

Sport, Leisure and Recreation

SL1   Sports Facilities    Sports facilities of Bagworth Old    Contact Bagworth           BTPC, Bagworth            H   L
                           Colliery Sports Ground are           Football and Thornton      Football Club
                           inaccessible to many residents.      Cricket club               committee, Thornton St
                                                                committees who             Peters Cricket Club
                                                                currently use facilities   committee, HBBC
                                                                to establish what
                                                                needs to be done to
                                                                make the facilities
                                                                more accessible to
SL2   Sports Facilities    Better use of the Sports Hall at     Establish needs and        Thornton Community        M   M
                           Thornton Community Centre.           suitability.               Centre trustees BPTC,
                                                                                           HBBC, LCC,

SL3   Sports Facilities    Return of football and cricket       Establish feasibility.     Thornton Community        M   M
                           teams to play in Thornton.                                      Centre trustees BPTC,
                                                                                           HBBC, LCC,

SL4   Sports Facilities    Playing facilities and sports        Establish needs and        BPTC, HBBC, LCC,          H   H
                           pavilion in Bagworth need            current position.          Football and Cricket
                           revamp/rebuilding.                                              Club committees

SL5   Sports Facilities    There are no all weather games       Install one in each        BTPC, HBBC, RCC           H   M
      Youth                areas for children and young         village.                   Funding Officer

SL6   Sport Facilities     Sports facilities for young people   Establish needs and        BPTC, Thornton            H   H
      Youth                are not adequate.                    what the current           Community Centre
                                                                position is with regard    trustees, HBBC, LCC,
                                                                to the Bagworth            Football and Cricket
                                                                Pavilion and Thornton      Club committees
                                                                Community Centre
                                                                Sports Hall. Involve
                                                                young people in
SL7   Leisure Facilities   There are few supervised             Investigate provision of   LCC Youth Service         H   M
      Youth                activities for children and young    more supervised
                           people. (Thornton Youth              facilities for young
                           Club/Brownies).                      people in Bagworth.
                                                                Involve young people.

SL8      Walking         Travel by foot/cycle/electric        Consider installation of   LCC, HBBC, Sustrans       H   H
                         buggy between the villages is        tarmac
                         dangerous and hampered by a          pathway/cycleway.
                         lack of path between Bagworth        Consult with service
                         and Thornton.                        providers to carry out a
                                                              feasibility study on a
                                                              route and the likely
SL9      Walking         Lack of visible information about    Install central notice     BTPC, HBBC,LCC            M   M
                         off-road walks within the parish.    board in each village
                                                              with rights of way
                                                              around area shown on
                                                              a map. Provide leaflets
                                                              at information points
                                                              including the pubs.
                                                              information is
SL       Walking          Remove obstructing vegetation        Volunteers to walk        LCC, Farmers,             M   M
                         and provide more seating on off-     footpaths and report to    Landowners, Volunteers
                         road paths.                          Parish Council.
                                                              Highway authorities,
                                                              landowners and
                                                              farmers are obliged by
                                                              law to keep rights of
                                                              way open and
                                                              useable. Provision of
                                                              more seating
Crime and Safety

CR1      Anti Social     Noise and disturbance from           Approach the local         Leicestershire            H   L
         Behaviour       people using outside seating /       PCSO to patrol these       Constabulary
                         meeting places.                      areas after 11pm to
                                                              reduce noise & ASB
CR2      Watch Schemes   No Neighbourhood,                    Request presentation       CC, HBBC,                 H   L
                         Countryside, Farm, or Business       on how to set up           Leicestershire
                         Watch schemes.                       Neighbourhood,             Constabulary,
                                                              Countryside, Farm,         Volunteers
                                                              and Business watch
CR3      Community       Lack of beat patrols (particularly   Encourage                  Leicestershire            M   L
         Policing        at night), limited opening hours     parishioners to get to     Constabulary, Residents
                         of police station, slow response     know and liaise
                         to calls, too large an area          regularly with Police
                         covered by beat police. Do not       officers and
                         know who the Beat Officers and       BTPCSOs, improve
                         PCSOs are.                           understanding of their
                                                              roles and duties.
Health   and Social Care

HS1      Primary Care     No primary care provision           Reapply for provision      PCT, HBBC, BPTC           H   H
                         based within the parish.             of surgery / pharmacy /
                                                              dentist / health visitor
                                                              in parish with new
                                                              information regarding
                                                              proportion of residents
                                                              signed on at each
                                                              outlying surgery, public
                                                              transport availability
                                                              and demographics
                                                              (increasing and ageing
HS2      Primary Care    Lack of information on provision     Ask for information        PCT, BTPC, HBBC,          H   M
                         of services to the housebound,       and existing publicity     LCC Adult Social Care
                         i.e. physiotherapy, chiropody,       on provision of
                         eye care.                            services to
                                                              housebound to be
                                                              provided. Distribute
                                                              information around

HS3   Primary Care       New residents in Bagworth are       Ask Leicestershire         PCT                      H   L
                         restricted in their choice of       PCT to explain why
                         surgery to Barlestone/Ibstock       residents, particularly
                         only, which has poor access         in Bagworth, are
                         using public transport. Surgery     restricted in their
                         hours and appointment service       choice of surgery to
                         poor. Dentistry provision suffers   Barlestone/Ibstock
                         from the same access problems.      only and seek
                                                             improvement of
                                                             surgery hours and
                                                             appointment service

HS4   Primary and        Distance travelled to access        Ask for information on     PCT, Transport           H   M
      Secondary          healthcare services.                availability of, and       providers, BTPC
      Care/Community                                         existing publicity on,
      Transport                                              community transport
                                                             provision to healthcare
HS5   Secondary Care     Distance travelled to access        Monitor the proposed       PCT                      H   M
                         secondary healthcare services.      new community
                                                             facilities at Coalville.

HS6   Smoking            Many smokers request help to        Obtain a smoking           PCT, HBBC                H   M
      Cessation          give up smoking.                    cessation programme
                                                             in both villages.
HS7   Fitness            No local facilities for fitness     Provision of exercise      BTPC, Thornton CC        H   H
                         training.                           facilities in both         Trustees, HBBC, LCC,
                                                             villages, including        PCT
                                                             some suitable for the
                                                             less-physically able.
HS8   Social Care        Need to raise awareness of          Social Services            HBBC, LCC Adult Social   H   M
                         available services to households    department to              Care
                         requiring social care and           advertise their
                         support. (8% of households          provision to this area.
                         have someone who needs care         Display at information
                         and support with every- day         points in the parish.

Traffic and Transport

T1    Traffic            Inconsiderate parking by             Investigate putting in    LCC, Leicestershire      M   M
                         dropped kerbs, on-street parking    parking                    Constabulary.
                         and parking on pavements are        restrictions/notices.
                         raised by children, young people
                         and adults.

T2    Traffic            Speeding traffic, inconsiderate     Get volunteers to carry    LCC, Leicestershire      H   M
                         drivers and traffic congestion      out Speedwatch             Constabulary,
                         during peak times are issues        checks in Bagworth         Speedwatch, Volunteers
                         raised by children, young people    and Thornton. More
                         and adults.                         traffic calming and
                                                             signs. Education.
T3    Traffic            HGVs, noise from traffic, traffic   Enforcement of HGV         Leicestershire           M   M
                         fumes are issues raised in both     regulations.               Constabulary,
                         villages where HGVs are                                        Volunteers?

T4    Cycling            Lack of off-road cycle ways, and    Seek introduction of       LCC/HBBC Sustrans        M   H
                         cycle lanes within the              more, and
                         carriageway, in the parish.         improvement of
                                                             existing cycleway.
T5    Public Transport   No passenger train service          Check with LCC             LCC, Leicester City      M   H
                         although the railway is very        Passenger Transport        council, HBBC, Network
                         close to both villages.             on how to involve          Rail, East Midlands
                                                             residents in the project   Trains
                                                             of re-opening of the
                                                             passenger train

T6     Public Transport   There are no buses on weekday        Talk to LCC transport       Arriva buses, Alternative   M   M
                          or weekend evenings and no           officer/Arriva/other bus    bus/coach companies,
                          Sunday service. Access to            Cos. about provision of     LCC
                          libraries, shift work, shopping,     more buses at
                          leisure activities is dependent on   suggested times.
                          personal transport.6% of
                          respondents have no access to
                          a private vehicle.

T7     Public Transport   Lack of direct connection to         Different/new routes        Arriva buses, Alternative   M   M
                          other forms of transport.            with better connections     bus/coach companies,
                                                               to other forms of public    LCC
                                                               transport e.g. to
                                                               Leicester railway
                                                               station. Talk to LCC
                                                               transport officer.
T8     Community          Lack of awareness of services        Publicise the               HBBC, LCC, PCT, VA          M   M
       Transport          available.                           availability of services;   Hinckley and Bosworth
                                                               Community bus, Dial a
                                                               ride, Taxi vouchers,
                                                               Car sharing, Volunteer
                                                               transport schemes,
                                                               frequency and how to
                                                               obtain the service.
Housing and Planning
H1    Energy Saving Lack of advice on reducing                 Provision of                HBBC, LCC (and              M   M
                          global warming is of concern to      information at parish       ENABLE), Local Energy
                          the majority of residents. Cost is   information points.         Advice Centre
                          a major deterrent to installing      More grants /
                          energy-saving features.              subsidies.

H2     Planning           Residents do not like new build.     Inform service              HBBC, BTPC                  H   L
                          If there are to be new houses        providers of resident‟s
                          built their order of preference is   views.
                          for affordable homes (rental),
                          affordable homes (shared
                          ownership), family homes,
                          bungalows. Private homes
                          (rental), lifelong homes, flats,
                          mobile homes are of low priority.

H3     Planning           The majority find infilling in       Inform HBBC and             HBBC, BTPC                  H   L
                          gardens and small plots              BTPC

H4     Planning           There is a lack of facilities to     Provision of new            HBBC, BTPC, LCC             H   H
                          service new and existing             facilities imperative
                          housing in the parish i.e. shops,    before any new-build
                          healthcare, play areas school in     particularly if more
                          Bagworth, parking.                   affordable housing
                                                               provided. Completion
                                                               of new play areas.
Child Care and Education

CC1    Access to child    A significant minority of            More and better             LCC and Borough             M   M
       care               respondents have experienced         publicity of where to       Bulletin, Local
                          difficulty accessing childcare       find help and               Newsletters / notice
                          within the parish.                   assistance.                 boards

CC2    Child care         There is a perceived need for        Establish numbers           School heads , LCC          H   M
                          breakfast clubs and after school     affected and how it
                          clubs to run from 8-9am and to       could operate.

CC3    Child care         There is a perceived need for        Offer training in parish    HBBC, LCC                   H   M
                          more child minders in Parish.        and help getting them
CC4    Child care         There is a perceived need for        Investigate whether         HBBC, LCC                   H   M
                          Holiday schemes in Parish.           there are sufficient
                                                               numbers to warrant a
                                                               scheme in the parish.

CC5   School            No adult supervision on primary    Investigate provision of   LCC                         H   H
      Transport         school buses.                      supervisors for safety
CC6   School             Many children are unable to       Investigate the            LCC                         M   M
      Transport         attend after school clubs due to   numbers affected and
                        lack of transport to get them      see if there is a
                        home. There are no late school     possibility of late
                        buses.                             buses. Schools to
                                                           investigate the ability
                                                           of parents to arrange
                                                           joint collections of
                                                           children on a rota
Adult Education

A1    Adult Education   Provision of Adult Education       Establish which            Leicestershire Adult        M   M
                        classes including Recreation,      Centres are available      Learning service, BTPC
                        Computer skills, Wellbeing,        for such activities, and   Thornton CC Trustees
                        Languages in the parish.           liaise with adult
                        Special classes/activities for     learning service
                        older age groups.                  regarding provision.

Access to Information

I1    Access to         Lack of information about the      Creation of a new          Local Estate Agents,        M   L
      Information       villages for newcomers.            Parish Welcome Pack.       Developers, BTPC,
                                                                                      Local Community

I2    Access to         Lack of Drop in Centre as a        Pilot a drop in centre     BTPC                        M   L
      Information       source of current information.     staffed by volunteers.
I3    Access to         The villages and BTPC websites     Re-publicise the    H   L
      Information       have not been publicised and       websites including The     m (LCC), BTPC,
                        are out of date.                   Jitty. Obtain volunteers   Community
                                                           to maintain the villages
                                                           and BTPC websites
                                                           after training and be
                                                           the person(s) to whom
                                                           news items and event
                                                           information is sent.
I4    Community         66% of those surveyed do not       Information to be more     Activity groups             H   L
      Events            attend events in the other         accessible with more
                        village.                           notice boards in both
                                                           villages, and a
                                                           properly maintained
                                                           website for both
                                                           villages and the parish
I5    Access to         Local government free sheets,      Ensure council             LCC, HBBC, BBC Radio        H   L
      Information       and other flyers/ leaflet drops    newsletters are            Leicester, All local
                        not delivered to every property.   delivered, event           activity groups
                        Lack of general notification of    organisers to be made
                        village events.                    aware of demand for
                                                           information, they could
                                                           also contact local
                                                           radio. Organisers need
                                                           to publicise through
                                                           Village Talk.
I6    Access to         21% of respondents are             Encourage residents        All residents, BTPC,        H   L
      Information       dissatisfied with the level of     to attend Parish           Website coordinators.
                        information on issues affecting    Council meetings by
                        the parish provided by LCC and     publishing minutes,
                        HBBC, 29% are dissatisfied with    agendas, dates and
                        the level of information on        times of meetings in
                        issues affecting the parish        Village Talk, on all
                        provided by the Parish Council.    notice boards and

I7    Access to            Many residents are unaware of      List of activities, times   Thornton Community       H   L
      Information         what activities/facilities are      and contact numbers         Centre Trustees.
                          available at Thornton               to be published in the
                          Community Centre and do not         Village Talk magazine
                          know how it is managed.             and displayed on
                                                              village notice boards.
                                                              Community Centre
                                                              Trustees to write
                                                              informative articles on
                                                              a regular basis for the
                                                              Village Talk magazine.

I8    Village Charities   Neither the Maynard Trust nor       Increase awareness          Maynard Trust and Luke   H   L
                          Luke Jackson Award is well          through publicity in VT     Jackson Award Trustees
                          known in the parish, nor their      of aims and availability
                          purpose or who could benefit        and how to claim a
                          from these awards.                  grant.

Library Services

L1    Mobile Library      Lack of publicity and information   Consult with Library        Library service (LCC)    M   L
                          about mobile library, a need to     Service to resolve
                          increase book selection and         issues
                          library accessibility

L2    Libraries           There is no permanent library in    Consider provision of a     Library service (LCC)    M   H
                          the parish.                         small library within a
                                                              new community
Local Enterprise

LE1   Local Enterprise    There is a need for space for       Work with service           BTPC, HBBC, LCC          M   ?
                          small businesses , social           providers to identify
                          enterprises, craft workshops, etc   areas for business /
LE2   Local Enterprise    Business Directory (paper and       work with HBBC              BTPC, HBBC               M   ?
                          online) and Business Forum          Economic
                          required.                           Development Officer to
                                                              create these items

LE3   Retail Facilities   The lack of a shop or shops,        Check the 106               Developer, BTPC,HBBC     H   H
                          Post Office, and takeaway food      agreement regarding
                          outlet were highlighted by all      the Maynard Close
                          age groups. Tea rooms, a cash       site. If provision on
                          machine, & Internet Cafe were       that site cannot be
                          also requested.                     progressed then it will
                                                              be necessary to
                                                              investigate alternative
Children's Responses

CH1   Education           Lack of school in Bagworth          Liaise with LCC about       LCC                      L   H
                                                              provision of
                                                              educational facilities in
CH2   Environment         Children request a nature trail     Local groups to work        BTPC, LCC, HBBC          M   M
                          and a nature area                   with BTPC and create
                                                              nature trail and nature
                                                              area in village

CH3   Play Facilities     Play equipment in Bagworth          BTPC to review              BTPC, HBBC               M   M
                          needs updating or repairing in      provision on all sites
                          all the play areas. Children        with a view to
                          wanted a picnic area and a          replacement with more
                          village green.                      modern equipment
                                                              where required.
CH4   Sports facilities   There is a lack of provision for    Raise matter with           Bagworth Football and    H   L
                          team sports for children, i.e.      Bagworth Football and       Thornton Cricket Clubs
                          football, cricket, tennis.          Thornton Cricket
                                                              teams about providing
                                                              for under 11s and colts
                                                              using players from
                                                              both villages

Young people's responses

Y1   Access to            Shortage of notice boards            Parish council to         BTPC, Young people.      H   M
     Information          around both villages.                provide youth notice
                                                               boards. Enable young
                                                               people to consult with
                                                               BTPC as to the sites
                                                               for youth notice
Y2   Community            Young people felt there was a        Enable young people       Leicestershire           M   L
     Policing             lack of police presence and lack     to consult with beat      Constabulary, HBBC
                          of consultation with them.           officers at a young       Youth Service
                                                               people's meeting.
                                                               Youth Forum.
Y3   Environment          Young people need to have an         Enable young people       BTPC, LCC, HBBC          H   L
                          input into local environmental       to consult with service   Community Orchard
                          issues and would like to be          providers. Set up local   Group
                          involved with improvement            projects or involve
                          projects.                            them in existing
                                                               projects. Youth
Y4   Youth disability     One respondent feels that            BTPC to work with         HBBC Youth Service       M   M
                          disabled young people are not        Youth Forum to
                          well-catered for e.g. lack of        undertake accessibility
                          ramps into pubs etc.                 survey in village

Y5   Recreational/         Young people think that they        Set up Youth Forum        HBBC Youth Service       H   M
     leisure facilities   are provided with few leisure        using existing youth      BTPC Bagworth Football
                          /recreational/shopping facilities/   contacts to enable        and Thornton Cricket
                          meeting places in their villages.    young people to be        club
                                                               consulted. Speed up
                                                               implementation of
                                                               projects in pipeline.
Y6   Public Transport     The issue for young people is        Encourage use by          Transport providers,     M   M
                          the lack of routes, no late buses    providing more routes,    LCC, Youth Service
                          and it is too expensive.             over longer hours at
                                                               lower prices. Enable
                                                               young people to
                                                               consult with service


The Parish Plan Steering Group would like to thank everyone who completed an Adult, Youth, Child or
Business questionnaire and made comments and suggestions.
Thanks are also extended to:
       The Rural Community Council (Leicestershire and Rutland) for initial funding and Charlotte Burt our
       Community Development Officer and her predecessor Jennie Beeby for their invaluable help and

       Bagworth and Thornton Parish Council for initial funding.

       Everyone who distributed and collected questionnaires on our behalf and Lloyd and Sue‟s Shop         in
       Thornton for acting as a collection point.

       Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council for printing our questionnaires.

       Bob Austin and Iris Gleeson for their articles and photographs.

       The pubs, clubs, shops and post office that let us put up notices and leave clipboards.

       Village Voice, Village (Thornton) Talk and Leicester Mercury for their help with publicity.

       The Neighbourhood Action Team, Parish Council, Bagworth W.I. and private          donors for helping to
       fund the printing of our report.
...... And these are the members of the Steering Group who steadfastly saw the project through from inception
to completion, including delivery, collection and inputting....
Joanne Brown, Chairman
Malcolm Brown
Pat Harris, Assistant Secretary
Eileen Johnson, Secretary
Robert Miles, Treasurer
Fiona Sinfield
John Walker

                                  Bagworth and Thornton
                                     Parish Council