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August2010 - PDF


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									                      AUGUST 2010 VOLUME NO. SEVENTEEN ISSUE NO. ONE

Upcoming Events:

8/25– Early Release

8/26– Skate Night                       Kick off the school year with a treat!
                                      It's Keheley night at Brusters Ice Cream
8/31– Bruster’s Night                         on the corner of Trickum
                                                and Shallowford roads
9/6– Labor Day~ No
                                               Tuesday, August 31, 2010
                                                    5:00-8:00 p.m.
9/11—Teacher of the
    Year Parade

                                                              Thursday, September 16th
                                                                    (Rain date 9/17)
                                                                More info on Keheley’s
                                                               website/ teacher’s blogs.
                                                       August 31st ~ Check backpacks for details

     Come join the fun at Hot Wheels
             on Canton Highway.                             Save the date for Fall Festival!
             The Kickoff Party is
                                                                        Friday, October 15th,
   Thursday August 26th from 6pm-8pm.
      Please be sure to sign in at the                                   5:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
        Keheley table for your grade!
                                                              Lots of family fun, carnival games with
     All students must be accompanied
         by an adult. See you there!!                            prizes, rock climb, cake walk, DJ !

        Be the first student in your grade to call 678-494-9605, with the location of this paw print hidden somewhere
        in this newsletter, and win a $2 candy/drink coupon that can be used at a PTA event.
                                                         2010/2011 NATIONAL PTA
                                                          REFLECTIONS PROGRAM
We are excited to tell about our Walk Fit pro-
gram for the students at Keheley this year. Walk
                                                          We are seeking your original works of art
Fit is an optional walking program for students                  inspired by the theme …
before the school day starts. Students will arrive
at school, check in with their teacher, and we                “Together We Can”
will make sure that they have eaten breakfast.        You may enter artwork in one or more of the fol-
We will be walking one day a week for each                         lowing categories:
grade level with the exception of Kindergarten.
This walking program will be a positive, stress      Literature
free way to start the day. We hope that the chil-    Musical Composition
dren will be able to go back to their classrooms     Photography
and be more alert to focus on their classroom        Visual Arts
work. We want to start Walk Fit on August 16,
                                                     Dance Choreography
                                                     Film/Video Production
Schedule: 7:25 am-7:45am
Monday-grades 3-4
                                                     You may submit as many entries as you like.
Wednesday-grades 1-2
                                                     All entries are due by September 30th.
Friday-grades 5
                                                     All artwork will be entered for judging by grade
Stephanie Lawson                                     level.
Physical Education
Teacher                                                        Contact Kim Gleichweit at reflec-
                                                      tions@keheleypta.org to get a packet with com-
                                                        petition rules/entry form. Participation packets
                                                         are also available in the front office and from
                                                                    your “Specials” teachers.

The Keheley Chess Club would like to
congratulate all of last year's partici-
pants, including our Club Champions,
Jordan Butler and Nicolas Giraldo!
Chess Club is scheduled to begin meet-
ings on Fridays starting in September,                                Lori Armbruster
so don't miss your chance to sign up for
                                                           I am here to help you and your children!
another great year. For details about
the program, please call us at 770-575-                 Contact info: Lori.Armbruster@cobbk12.org
5802 or check out www.kidchess.com                     Go to Keheley’s website/ my blog for more info.

                           ORDER YOUR KEHELEY MEMORY BOOK NOW!!

Have your child capture all of this year’s memories by purchasing a Keheley Memory Book. You may go
online on the Keheley PTA website to purchase your book, or you may pick up an order form in the front
office of the school. The price is $22 until September 3rd. The memory book will be full color and have a
hard cover. No extra copies will be available when the books are distributed at the end of the school year.
Don’t let your child miss out on this wonderful keepsake.
                     Keheley Elementary and CURE           Recy-
                  cling have come up with more green ways to              Welcome back for another exciting year
                  raise funds for our school AND benefit CURE             at Keheley Elementary School!
                  Childhood Cancer. In addition to inkjet and
                  toner cartridges, we are now recycling cell             At Keheley, all students get to partici-
                  phones, PDAs, and digital cameras. All of these         pate in a sequential, Standards Based
 items are accepted, whether they are working or non-
                                                                          Music Program that includes singing,
 working. Just send these items in with your child from your
 home, your neighbors’ homes, or from your workplace – and                movement activities, improvisation,
 help us do some good! (Remember to send ink cartridges in                composing, and Performances, just to
 sealed bags to prevent leaks!) Your children can take them to            name a few!
 our Media Center for proper recycling, and Keheley gets a por-
 tion of all proceeds donated back to our school.                         Students will also continue to utilize
                                                                          technology in our music program with
 It’s that simple! You serve THREE ef-
 forts in one – the environment, preven-                                  our Yamaha MIE Keyboard Lab and
 tion / treatment of childhood cancer, and                                the newly installed SmartBoards!
 your child’s school! What an effort!!
 THANKS FOR YOURSUPPORT!                                                  •   5th Grade Chorus starts Thursday,
                                                                              August 26
Dear Parents,                                                             •   2nd grade performs on Tuesday, Oct
I’d like to start by sending a huge thank you to all the parents              5th
and neighbors already participating in Keheley’s My                       If you have any questions or concerns,
Coke Rewards for Schools program. We have over
                                                                          feel free to call or e-mail me @
14,000 points already!
Please continue to save your codes to help our stu-                       ian.nathanson@cobbk12.org
dents earn school equipment. Codes can be found on                        I’m looking forward to working with your
bottle caps, cardboard cartons and shrink wrap. You                       children and making this a great year!
can enter codes yourself, or send them in. The more
people that participate, the more free equipment we                       Ian Nathanson
will be able to get. For information on the program, please go            Music Specialist
to http://www.mycokerewards.com/mcrSchools.do
Thank you,
Sasha Oberbeck

                                                                    Welcome Back Cougars! This year in art we will be
                                                                    exploring some new materials while addressing the
                                                                    Georgia Performance Standards. The new stan-
                                                                    dards are posted on Picasso under the visual arts
                                                                    section for parents who are interested in seeing
                                                                    what your students will be learning this year. As
   Bifulco Family               Buffington Family                   the chair of Arts in Education I will be working to
   Chatha Family                Eckman Family                       bring quality assemblies and artists to Keheley to
   Feathers Family              Henry Family                        talk about their profession and arts importance in
   Hill Family                  Huffman Family                      our community.
   Jackson Family                Jungwirth Family
                                                                    5th Grade Art Club- The application information is
   Lawson Family                Lindsey Family                      on Ms. Theriot’s blog. Submissions are due by
   Lopes Family                 Mayne Family                        September 7th and must be typed to be considered.
   Moffatt Family               Petteway Family
   Reuscher Family              Tait Family                         Thanks,
                                                                    Ms. Theriot

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