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									             Helping boost your e-commerce business

IBM WebSphere Catalog Architect

                                                                                  Selling on the Web
Highlights                                                                        While building your e-commerce
                                                                                  business, you’re searching for ways to
Simplifies creation and            Offers merchandising support                   give buyers what they’re asking for:
management of electronic           for bundling, packaging, cross-                catalogs with complete, correct,
catalogs                           selling and up-selling products                consistent product information that’s
                                                                                  up-to-date and personalized. Whether
Increases productivity during      Supports remote database                       you’re marketing to other businesses or to
catalog design, construction and   servers for sharing information                consumers, you would like to increase
maintenance                        and securing data among                        your return on investment by reducing the
                                   multiple clients                               time required to create and manage
Enables personalization and                                                       information-rich electronic catalogs.
advanced catalog searching by
providing product information to
WebSphere Commerce Suite

Performs multiple evaluation
and validity checks to ensure
complete, correct, consistent
product information

                                   Catalog Architect offers familiar, easy-to-use interfaces to create and
                                   maintain electronic catalogs.
                  Streamlines the creation and management of product information

With traditional electronic catalog tools,   Your e-commerce catalog can be                    Using the advanced product information
a tremendous amount of time is spent         enhanced with tools provided by Catalog           management features of Catalog
managing product attribute information,      Architect — tools that help you to design         Architect, you can build a catalog for your
such as descriptions, specifications, and    rich catalogs built on accurate, detailed         Web site that turns browsers into buyers.
weights and measures. With IBM               product information. Product advisor,             Rather than placing a call or leaving your
WebSphere Catalog Architect, your staff      a feature included with WebSphere                 site, buyers can get the product informa-
can spend more time merchandising —          Commerce Suite, Pro Edition, takes full           tion they need to make an immediate
and less time proofreading and editing       advantage of the product data that                purchasing decision. Through the
catalogs. In turn, you’ll be able to offer   Catalog Architect provides by offering            relationship marketing functionality in
enhanced customer service that can give      detailed parametric searches, virtual sales       Catalog Architect, you build loyalty by
you a competitive edge.                      assistance and product comparisons.               offering customers products that are
                                                                                               complementary to their initial purchases
                                                                                               (cross-selling) or are additional revenue
Building the foundation for an
effective e-commerce site
IBM WebSphere Catalog Architect is a
content management tool designed for
businesses that use IBM WebSphere
Commerce Suite server software — a                          XML
set of integrated software components                        file
                                                                           Catalog Architect workstation(s)
designed to help you sell on the Web.        External
You can begin doing e-commerce on            data                                  2. Enter and
                                             source                                     edit                  3. Select
a small scale with IBM WebSphere
Commerce Suite, Start Edition, then move
to a more complex, second-generation                                                                              4. Evaluate/
                                                                      1. Import/batch                                Validate
e-commerce site with IBM WebSphere
Commerce Suite, Pro Edition. Catalog                                     (optional)
Architect can be purchased separately for                                                                        5. Review
use with WebSphere Commerce Suite,                                                                                  report card
Start or Pro Editions and is included with                                               6. Publish
IBM WebSphere Commerce Studio,
Professional Developer Edition.
                                                          Migrate                                              load file
                                                                                                                  file             .
                                                                                                                                  7 Load

                                                                                                  Solaris operating environment
                                                                                                                    Windows NT

                                                                                                                                  Commerce Suite
                                                                                                                                  staging server

                                             WebSphere Catalog Architect Process Flow
opportunities for you (up-selling). You can    fabric attribute values for each type of      With Catalog Architect, you can work
also easily group merchandise into             shirt. Catalog Architect enables the          through familiar methods — such as
packages or bundles, effectively selling       merchant to automatically create new          spreadsheets and drag-and-drop
an ensemble of items. Your catalog can         items by inheriting all the previously        interfaces — to quickly cut and paste
help build stronger customer relation-         existing product information, as well as      multiple attributes, products and catego-
ships, increasing the likelihood that those    the new attribute values, significantly       ries in just one step. The simplicity of the
customers will buy from you again.             reducing time spent on data entry and         interfaces can help you save money,
                                               content management. The merchant can          because you won’t have to hire highly
                                               also provide the same product informa-        skilled database engineers to maintain
IBM WebSphere Catalog                          tion to other distributors to aggregate       your product data.
Architect: why it’s different                  in their larger catalog for resale to their
Catalog Architect is designed to under-        customers. Reusing this information can       If you have large amounts of data in
stand the inherent relationships between       then become the starting point in the         separate business units, you can benefit
different catalog elements, such as            extended information supply chain.            from the flexible client/server design of
products, categories, kits, SKUs and                                                         Catalog Architect. You can share informa-
cross-sell items. Its object-centered,                                                       tion on remote database servers for
constraint-model architecture provides         Components simplify catalog                   multiple clients. For example, each
the foundation for the catalog information     construction, maintenance                     business unit in a hardware supply house
knowledge base. By eliminating redun-          Catalog Architect contains twelve GUI         has distinct systems for electric motors,
dant product information and allowing a        components to design, construct and           fasteners and hand tools. Each of these
single point of entry to modify multiple       maintain electronic catalogs. Refer to the    units can use Catalog Architect to publish
SKUs, Catalog Architect can help               Components chart for more information         its product information to a common
streamline your product information            about the functions you can perform           WebSphere Commerce Suite server. This
creation and management processes.             using these GUI components.                   collaborative design allows multiple users
                                                                                             from different product divisions to access
For example, consider a merchant selling                                                     and update the WebSphere Commerce
a cotton shirt in multiple colors and sizes,   Create, control and manage large              Suite database from different workstations.
who wants to begin offering the shirt in       amounts of product and SKU data
new fabrics. Traditional catalog creation      Catalog Architect is designed specifically
would force the merchant to reenter all        to create, control and manage large
existing product information and add new       amounts of product and SKU data, then to
                                               publish that data (or a subset of the data)
                                               to WebSphere Commerce Suite.
Component                         Function

Repository component              Creates and manages multiple repositories.

Import wizard component           Provides a wizard that guides you through migration of data from
                                  WebSphere Commerce Suite into Catalog Architect using XML import files.
                                  The import wizard also lets you restore a previously saved XML file.

List wizard                       Provides a wizard that lets you create queries to extract current
                                  information from a WebSphere Commerce Suite database — such as tax
                                  codes and store category lists — for pick lists used in Catalog Architect.

Abstract product component        Lets you perform product modeling, which is the process of
                                  grouping products with similar properties into broader abstractions
                                  or families. You can create new products by inheriting properties
                                  from existing product families, helping to validate and keep
                                  information consistent.

Store component                   Creates and manages WebSphere Commerce Suite stores and
                                  their attributes.

Product component                 Creates and manages products and their attributes.

Item component                    Creates, generates and manages items based on their
                                  product characteristics.

Category component                Creates and manages categories as well as category hierarchies
                                  and attributes.

Categorize products component     Populates categories with products.

Publication selection component   Enables selective publishing of all or part of a catalog to a WebSphere
                                  Commerce Suite database. The information is selected, validated
                                  and formatted into the WebSphere Commerce Suite schema and populates
                                  its tables.

Report card component             Provides a view of evaluation results and allows immediate
                                  correction of inconsistencies.

XML save component                Lets you save the contents of a repository or store into an XML file.
IBM WebSphere Catalog Architect at a glance
                                                                                             With Catalog Architect, you can import
                                                                                             or export product information in the form
Hardware requirements      • 128MB RAM                                                       of Extensible Markup Language (XML)
                           • 400MHz or faster, Pentium ® processor                           files, making it easy to share the contents
                           • CD-ROM drive                                                    of catalogs across different workstations.
Disk space requirements    • Catalog Architect requires 65MB of free disk space
                                                                                             XML enhancements also allow mass
by product                 • IBM DB2 ® Universal Database™ server requires 161MB
                                                                                             import, update, addition and deletion of
                             (for local repositories or DB2 ® server)
                                                                                             information to help streamline
                           • DB2 Universal Database client requires 132MB
                                                                                             data exchange.
                             (to access DB2 server remotely)
                           • Adobe Acrobat Reader requires 10MB
                                                                                             Quality checks help satisfy
Software requirements      • Microsoft ® Windows NT ®, Version 4.0 with                      buyers — and the bottom line
                             Service Pack 5 or higher                                        Catalog Architect performs multiple
                           • IBM DB2 Universal Database, Version 6. with 1                   evaluation and validity checks to ensure
                             Service Pack 2 WR21163 - DB2 is provided with                   the complete, correct and consistent data
                             Catalog Architect for client utilization; a separate            required by WebSphere Commerce Suite.
                             DB2 license is required for client/server installations         With Catalog Architect, your catalog will
                           • Additional database client required                             have the qualities your buyers want —
                             (based on database server and WebSphere Commerce Suite          accurate, complete, up-to-date product
                             platform installed)                                             information. In turn, you can reap the
                             – Oracle JDBC/ODBC client (available from the                   benefits of improved customer satisfac-
                               Oracle Web site) for WebSphere Commerce Suite                 tion, repeat customers and fewer
                               with Oracle                                                   returned products.
                             – IBM AS/400 ® Client Access for Windows NT for
                               Net.Commerce for AS/400

Prerequisites              IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite, Start Edition for Windows           For more information
                           NT, Version 4. , using DB2 or Oracle databases; IBM
                                        1                                                    For more information about IBM
                           WebSphere Commerce Suite, Pro Edition for Windows NT, IBM         WebSphere Catalog Architect, contact
                           AIX ® or Sun Solaris™ operating environment, Version 4. , using
                                                                                 1           your IBM marketing representative or
                           DB2 or Oracle databases; or Net.Commerce for AS/400, using        IBM Business Partner, or visit:
                           DB2 Universal Database                                  
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