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									    Choosing Keywords Tutorials
    Google has so many great tools you can use for choosing keywords that it seems almost impossible to
    know about all of them. Recently, I learned about one called Wonder Wheel. It's intended to give a
    searcher more options to consider, but it can be used for other purposes as well.

    To use Google Wonder Wheel, start by putting a fairly general search term into the Google search
    engine, and hit “search.” In addition to the search results, you'll see a column on the left hand side.
    Click on “Search Tools” or “More search tools,” depending on how often you use search tools. You'll
    see one that says “Wonder wheel.” That's the one we want. Click on that, and watch a bit of magic.

    For purposes of example, we'll start with a search on “square foot gardening.” Clicking on Wonder
    Wheel after doing that search divides the main search result area in half. On the right side, you'll see
    a column of search results not too dissimilar to the list that took up most of the screen before. But
    you'll notice a big change on the left.

    What happened? Wonder Wheel took “square foot gardening” and put it in the middle of a shaded
    circle. Spokes radiate out from this circle like rays out from a sun. Each spoke leads to a related key
    phrase. This particular search yields eight spokes:

           Container gardening
           Lasagna gardening
           Square foot gardening   forum
           Square foot gardening   spacing
           Intensive gardening
           Square foot gardening   vermiculite
           Square foot gardening   tomatoes
           Square foot gardening   layout

    Each of these terms is related to the search phrase “square foot gardening.” I've just gotten interested
    in square foot gardening myself, so I recognize some of these terms. But if I were starting a blog on
    my square foot gardening adventures (or misadventures, depending on how next season turns out), I
    might not have thought to describe it as “container gardening” or “intensive gardening.” And I know I
    never would have thought of “lasagna gardening”!

    In fact, the term “lasagna gardening” is a little too interesting to leave alone, so let's investigate it a
    little further. Every term on the Wonder Wheel can be clicked. Clicking “lasagna gardening” creates
    another wheel. The original wheel with “square foot gardening” at the center glides below it, while
    remaining connected to the new wheel. The old wheel takes on a lighter color, but you can still click
    on every keyword in it.

    And what do we have in the new keyword wheel – excuse me, Wonder wheel? Well, “lasagna
    gardening” sits at the center, and eight new keywords encircle it in the same way eight key phrases
    encircled “square foot gardening” earlier. I can click on every single one of them. There are only two
    major differences (aside from the new keywords) from when the original wheel dominated the left
    hand side of screen. First, there's a line connecting the new wheel to the old wheel. And second, as
    you would expect, the right hand column, which lists the search results, has changed to list results for
    “lasagna gardening.”

    And here's a nice touch to satisfy my curiosity: the very first result includes a one-sentence definition
    for the phrase “lasagna gardening,” so I'm no longer in the dark about what it is. Now I know how it
    relates to “square foot gardening,” and can fit that bit of knowledge into the larger picture of what I
    know about the more general subject.
I can go even deeper if I want. Clicking on “lasagna gardening plants” gives me a third Wonder wheel.
The first one, with “square foot gardening” in the center, remains visible only as a circle – though
interestingly, it shows up as part of a keyword in the new circle: “square foot gardening plants.” And
once again, the search results on the right hand side change. If I want to go back to my original
Wonder wheel, I need only click that circle on the bottom, and I'm right back where I started.

For just a few minutes of effort, I discovered about two dozen key phrases that are related to “square
foot gardening.” A number of these are terms I might not have come up with on my own. Many of
them don't even contain the phrase “square foot gardening,” but clearly deal with related, relevant
topics. I'm sure you can see how this tool can help you come up with new keywords to aim for on your
own or your clients' websites. Good luck!

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