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									  Something New in
             Old Main
An Acoustical Dream Come True     Ta te
                                Food Service

    Captain Dale Goetz
       a fallen
Cover Stories
       3 Something New in Old Main
                                                   G       od’s Word demonstrates
                                                           clearly the value of
                                                    foresight. We see it in His creation
                An Acoustical Dream Come True       plan. We see it in the lives of
                                                    people like Joseph, whose vision in
                                                    planning for the famine in Egypt
                                                    saved thousands from starvation.
           7    Remembering a Fallen Hero           We see it in God’s revealing His
                The Life and Legacy of Captain      plan of salvation to Old Testament
                Dale Goetz                          prophets like Isaiah, who proclaimed the impending birth
                                                    of the Messiah to a people in need of hope.
           10 Taste and See                         We appreciate the foresight of alumni and friends
                Maranatha Food Service Shines       who donated to the Burckart Hall renovation project.
                                                    That room is now a beautiful and acoustically sound
                                                    showcase for our Fine Arts department. We recognize
                                                    the foresight of John and Kathy Leber, who established
Contents                                            a memorial scholarship in the memory of their son,
                                                    Jonathan. We are thankful for the vision for souls
5    A Timely Gift                                  demonstrated by Captain Dale Goetz, a military
        One Donation Goes a Long Way
                                                    chaplain and Maranatha graduate whose love for his
13   New Online Programs                            fellow soldiers will be forever remembered.
14   Life of a Maranatha Student                    We hope this issue of The Maranatha Advantage helps
16   Campus Panorama                                convey the value of foresight, both for our institution
                                                    and in our Christian lives.
19   An Emphasis on Outreach
        “The Flood” Student Ministry                His For Service,

22   A Lasting Legacy
        The Jonathan Leber Memorial Scholarship
26   Fall Athletics                                 Dr. Marty Marriott
28   Alumni Link
30   Alumni Spotlight                                      Executive Editor                  Communications Director
        Rebekah Wilder: Helping Kids in Crisis             Dr. Jim Harrison                  Dr. Jeff Crum

                                                           Writer/Editor                     Graphic Artist
                                                           Andy Call                         Kristina Hendrickson

                                                           Director of Photography           Contributing Photographers
                                                           Tim Mielke                        Aaron Diers, Victoria Turner

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                                                  MARANATHA COMMUNICATIONS 10-009
                                                  Something New in
                                                             Old Main           An Acoustical Dream Come True

T       ell the clarinet section that it’s
        time to shape up. Their director
        is listening.
                                             room on Sept. 10, 1968, the first
                                             chapel service after Maranatha was
                                                                                       tion projects. Facilities Manager Dr.
                                                                                       Werner Lumm said that, thankfully,
                                                                                       those were minimal.
“Dr. (David) Brown told me this is                  Band members had spent the               “This is an older building, and
the first time he’s been able to hear        first month of school practicing in       walls that are not straight are always a
the wind instruments during an               sections. When those sections were        challenge,” Lumm said. “But, overall,
orchestra practice,” Maranatha Fine          finally united, it took only a few        even the challenges we faced were not
Arts Department Chair Dr. David              measures of “On the Mall” for the         a surprise.”
Ledgerwood said. “The sounds no              director to notice the difference from          The only significant delay came
longer get washed together. We have          the 2009 band.                            in late summer, when the wooden floor
a very clean-sounding room.”                        “I can actually hear you,”         was about to be installed. A string of
      An astounding increase in the          Townsend shouted with a wide smile.       extremely humid days led to concerns
clarity of the music is just one benefit     “It’s amazing.”                           about the possible contraction of the
of the remodeled Burckart Hall. The                 A dedication is planned for Dec.   Brazilian teak hardwood flooring after
historic room on the second floor            10, in conjunction with the Christmas     its installation. Large dehumidifier
of Old Main was given a roughly              Festival of Music program.                units were brought in for a week to
$250,000 facelift over the summer                   Work on Burckart Hall began        help stabilize the moisture content of
and is now the perfect venue for both        in mid-May. More than 20 Facilities       the wood.
practices and recitals.                      Management department workers                   Some steps of the renovation
      “That room has come into its           contributed more than 1,500 man-          were more difficult than others.
own,” Vice President for Business            hours of labor. Alumni and friends        Installing the acoustical panels on
Affairs Mark Stevens said. “It has           of Maranatha donated more than            three walls required that 12 separate
finally been repurposed for its              $118,000 toward the project.              support brackets be perfectly
intended use.”                               Architectural Components Group Inc.       aligned—sometimes requiring
      The first symphonic band               of Marshfield, Mo., contributed all 52    extensive modification of the crooked
practice in the “new” Burckart Hall          barrel-shaped acoustical wall panels      walls. Hanging the metal support
took place Sept. 29. Band director Dr.       as well as the 18 suspended curved        framework for the “clouds” above the
Rick Townsend ordered a tip of the           wood panels above the stage that help     stage required workers to maneuver
hat to the room’s history when, before       disperse the sound evenly throughout      through a hot, cramped space above
practice began, he asked the band’s          the room.                                 the ceiling.
61 members to sing three stanzas of                 Surprises and unexpected chal-           The project included an
“All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.”         lenges along the way are standard         extensive renovation of the lobby area,
That was the first hymn sung in the          procedure in most extensive renova-       as well as the hallway area between
                                                                                                            Fall/Winter 2010 3
 Burckart Hall, Century House, and         a year later, then became a fine arts      retracting or opening the heavy velvet
 the hallway of music practice rooms.      performance hall and practice room         curtain on the north wall.
 The lobby area confessional booths,       in 1996 when the Cedarholm Library                “It is a dramatic difference,”
 left over from Old Main’s previous        and Resource Center opened.                Townsend said. “I can hear the people
 Catholic tenants, have been replaced            The acoustical and aesthetic         in the back of the room for the
 by a practice and instrument storage      improvements resulting from the            first time. I can hear parts. This will
 areas. Two practice rooms were added      project were readily apparent to           absolutely take the lid off what we
 and new carpeting was installed in        students in the orchestra.                 can do here.”
 the music practice room hallway. New,           “It’s a lot warmer sound,” senior           Burckart Hall was named on
 thicker feet were ordered for chairs to   Jonathan Haynie said. “The tones are       Aug. 29, 1997, to honor Dr. Edward
 prevent scuffing of the wood flooring.    not as harsh. You can hear the whole       Burckart and his wife, Dorothy. Dr.
       Spotlights directed toward the      band. And, it looks like a concert         Burckart was an original faculty
 stage are mounted on the side walls       hall. I loved the way the room looked      member and taught music and
 and suspended from the ceiling. New       before, the majesty of it. But people      Bible classes until his retirement in
 lighting fixtures brighten the room       will grow to love this too.”               1993. Mrs. Burckart taught music
 considerably and allow for dimming              “The sound quality is drastically    appreciation, elementary music
 during performances. The former           different,” sophomore Amber Perkins        education, and private music lessons
 library circulation desk in the back of   said. “The sound is a lot crisper. You     until 1994.
 the room has been removed.                can hear each section. I like the way it          “The sound and the aesthetics
       The signature stained-glass         looks too. It looks neat and clean, and    are both very impressive,”
 windows remain in the room that           I like the look of the wood.”              Ledgerwood said. “This puts a new
 served as the original college chapel           Some sound experimentation           face on our Fine Arts Department.”
 when Maranatha opened in the fall         took place early on, especially
 of 1968. It was converted to a library    regarding the effect caused by

4 The Maranatha Advantage
                                                    “People who are apprehensive about giving need to just do it,
                                                    put it in God’s hands, and just stand back and watch Him take

  A Timely                                          care of you.” - Gary Thompson

                  Gift                             “This was one of the largest in-
                                             kind donations we’ve ever received,”
                                             Stevens said.
                                                                                            the Fort McHenry flag room at the
                                                                                            Smithsonian Institution, and the
                                                                                            Winnipeg and Sacramento airports.
When Maranatha Vice President for                                                                 Thompson’s primary connection
                                                   ACGI sent 52 barrell-shaped
Business Affairs Mark Stevens began                                                         to Maranatha is through his children.
                                             acoustical tiles for the walls and 18
to contemplate how to finance the                                                           His daughter Dori, a 2006 graduate, is
                                             curved wood panels to hang above
proposed Burckart Hall renovation                                                           Residence Supervisor of Gould Hall
                                             the stage and disperse sound evenly
project, he recalled a conversation                                                         and administrative assistant in the
                                             throughout the room. The company
from a few months earlier.                                                                  Office of Student Activities. His son,
                                             also picked up the acoustical engineer’s
     “Gary Thompson had contacted                                                           Peter, is a junior Pastoral Studies major.
                                             consulting fee.
me, introduced himself, and said, ‘This is                                                  His daughter, Meredith, is a sophomore
                                                   “The Bible says ‘He is able to
what I do; if you need anything, holler,’”                                                  Business Management major.
                                             do exceedingly abundantly above all
Stevens said. “That whole conversation                                                            “The people who teach at
                                             that we ask or think,’” Thompson said.
was really the Lord’s timing.”                                                              Maranatha are gems,” Thompson said.
                                             “Every project we work on, every sale we
     Thompson is president, CEO,                                                            “We appreciate the effect their ministry
                                             have, is a direct result of God’s blessings.
and founder of Architectural Com-                                                           has had on the lives of our kids.”
                                             The Lord is the source for these things.
ponents Group Inc. of Marshfield,                                                                 If you are considering making
                                             I’ve never, ever, outgiven the Lord.”
Mo. The company manufactures wood                                                           a donation of cash or materials to
                                                   ACGI has completed many
walls and ceilings, including acoustical                                                    Maranatha, please contact Director
                                             projects for Christian colleges as well
applications for performing arts halls.                                                     of Alumni and Stewardship Services
                                             as some high-profile public buildings
It was exactly what was needed in                                                           John Davis at 920-206-2325.
                                             like the Kauffman Center for the
Burckart Hall, and ACGI was glad to
                                             Performing Arts in Kansas City, the
lend a hand—a big hand.
                                             National Air and Space Museum,

                                                                                                                   Fall/Winter 2010 5
    pick your program
    We know you want to expand your horizons by earning
    a master’s degree. Maranatha offers you the choice of five
    master’s programs, including the Master of Divinity degree,
    the standard for pastors and military chaplains.

    Masters of Divinity             Biblical Studies
    Cross-Cultural Studies          English Bible
                                                       rning s
    Biblical Counseling
                                                 ur lea
                                          Pick yo          lassrooms
                                                              Virtual C
                                                            s Modules
                                                    On Campu
                                                                              of our trad
                                                          to see you in one           owever, all
                                               We’d love               tec hnology, h
                                                           s. Modern                              ight
                                               classroom                              ons that m
                                                                       ou   more opti
                                                           a to offer y                f learning
                                               Maranath                 ule and style o
                                                            our sched
                                                better fit y

6 The Maranatha Advantage
  a fallen Hero                                                                                       Photo Courtesy: Shaper Iron

   Captain Dale Goetz, Chaplain

D        ale Goetz was the pastor of a small Baptist
         church in South Dakota in 2002 when
                                                               Two young men emailed to say they had
                                                         decided to become chaplains due to Dale Goetz’s
a friend told him about the shortage of military         influence. A couple contacted her to say his
chaplains. Goetz considered whether God might            counseling sessions had helped save their marriage.
use him to help meet that need. His wife admits to       A soldier who knew Goetz sent a cross made from
having expressed some initial apprehension when          marble that had been salvaged from the rubble of the
first discussing the subject.                            Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center.
      “I was not very excited about it,” Christy Goetz   The gift was originally given to him by his father, a
said. “I wasn’t naive. I knew if he joined, something    retired New York City policeman. A soldier named
could happen. I also knew that, if it was something      Frank wrote to say how excited Goetz had been
the Lord would want, I should be willing. If the         about the Sunday morning worship service that
chaplaincy is what God has purposed for Dale, who        preceded his death and the conversation that took
am I to stand in God’s way?”                             place after that service.
      Goetz served his country and his fellow soldiers         “Then he … said that, when we were in the
with compassion and care until being killed Aug. 30,     States, it was easy to love and pray for our enemies,
2010, by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. The 1995        but being here, it's not that easy,” Frank wrote. “How
Maranatha graduate, according to the Army’s chief        are we supposed to pray for the person who wants
of chaplains, was the first Army chaplain to die in      to kill you? The person who is setting the bombs on
combat since October, 1970.                              the road for us to die? It’s hard. We need to pray for
      Christy Goetz, also a 1995 Maranatha graduate,     them to see Jesus. They are lost and don't know what
has heard from people encouraged by her husband          they are doing.”
almost every day since his death.
                                                                                              Fall/Winter 2010 7
      Goetz was one of five men killed while traveling              Phil Price, who played football and baseball with
 in a convoy near Kandahar Province in southern                     Goetz and also graduated in 1995. “Dale was a great
 Afghanistan. His funeral took place Sept. 9 in                     guy. You could tell he was serious about wanting to
 Colorado Springs and memorial services followed in                 serve God in whatever he was going to be called into.”
 Grand Rapids, Minn., and White, S.D.
      He is survived by his wife and three sons—
 Landon, 10; Caleb, 8; and Joel, born in July of 2009.
                                                                  " God was using him... He wanted to see
 Goetz led three people to Christ during the first 10                soldiers hear the Gospel and trust Christ."
 days of his deployment.
      “He had a great burden for the soldiers,” said                      Goetz completed his Master of Divinity
 Jason Parker, pastor of High Country Baptist                       degree at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in
 Church of Colorado Springs. “His specific prayer                   Minneapolis in May of 2000. He became pastor of
 request was to see 300 soldiers come to Christ. He                 a church in White, S.D., that November and served
 was also praying for God to call 10 of those soldiers              there until beginning his work toward chaplaincy.
 into the ministry.                                                 Goetz was commissioned in January of 2004.He
      “God was using him. He was very actively                      served at Fort Lewis, Wash., and Okinawa as well
 witnessing. He didn’t want to be just a social worker.             as 11 months in Iraq (2004-05). He earned the
 He wanted to see soldiers hear the Gospel and trust                Meritorious Service Medal and was a three-time
 Christ.”                                                           recipient of the Army Commendation Medal.
      Dale Allen Goetz grew up in Oregon, spent                           “Dale was blessed with an
 four years in the Air Force, then enrolled at                      ability, kind of like the Old
 Maranatha. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible.                 Testament prophets, to be
 Goetz played one year of football and two years of                 assertive but gentle about
 baseball for the Crusaders and was president of the                it,” Christy Goetz said.
 missions prayer band as a senior. He was also named                “He didn’t mince words.
 the Outstanding Greek Student as a senior.                         That was what the soldiers
      “I do remember him as a very outgoing person,                 needed. He was able
 very friendly,” said Maranatha mathematics professor               to build rapport with
                                                                    the younger soldiers by
                                                                    keeping up with them,
                                                                    and even beating some
                                                                    of them, during PT
                                                                    (Physical Training).
                                                                    God used that to build
                                               Dale and Christy
                                                                    bridges. They had a lot of
                                               Goetz                respect for him.”
                   Photo Courtesy: Oregonian

  Goetz Memorial Scholarship
  Plans are being finalized for a privately funded memorial fund in the name of Captain Dale Goetz.
  This fund’s purpose includes a scholarship to help provide for the education of those Maranatha Baptist
  Seminary students who are preparing to enter the ministry of military chaplaincy. The fund also provides
  Christian materials and assistance to current chaplains serving the spiritual needs of American servicemen
  and women. Please consider helping sustain Captain Goetz’s legacy of dedicated service to God and
  military personnel by donating. For more information, see our website:

8 The Maranatha Advantage
           Chaplaincy Program                                               ROTC Program

I   f you share Captain Dale Goetz’s burden for
    soldiers and are considering a military chaplain’s
    ministry, consider preparing for that special calling
                                                             T       he Reserve Officer Training Corps program is
                                                                     a great way to serve your country—and help
                                                            pay for college!
at Maranatha Baptist Seminary.                                     Maranatha students can enroll in either the Army
      “There is a real need for godly chaplains,” Christy   or Air Force ROTC. Army ROTC produces leaders who
Goetz said. “We need young men who will work with           will be commissioned as Second Lieutenants. In addition
these soldiers and, hopefully, be a light to them.”         to providing quality leadership training, ROTC programs
      Maranatha offers its students the chance to serve     award scholarships to students to help them pay for college.
as a military chaplain upon their graduation. The                  Maranatha’s Army ROTC program has distinguished
Department of Defense has approved Maranatha’s              itself on several fronts. It has grown from six cadets in 2006
Master of Divinity program for chaplaincy preparation.      to a record 26 in 2010. A five-man team from Maranatha
Every branch of the Armed Forces offers the explicit        defeated squads from nine much larger schools to win
chaplaincy training for those who have completed their      the Ranger Challenge at Fort McCoy in both 2009 and
Master of Divinity.                                         2010. Cadet Paul Shirk was named winner of the John
      “This is a great opportunity,” said Dr. Larry Oats,   W. Sterling Award in 2008 as the outstanding senior in
Dean of the Seminary. “The military is filled with          the UW-Madison unit. Maranatha has provided the color
young men and women, all at a very impressionable           guard for several significant regional events. Cadets can
time in their lives. Some of them will grow up very         also participate in other extracurricular activities, including
                                                            competitions and a unit awards program.
      Almost half of enlisted military personnel are 25
                                                                   The ROTC program at Maranatha is open to all
or younger, a time when a godly friend can help shape
                                                            majors and can be combined with an Organizational
the future direction of their lives.
                                                            Leadership minor or concentration. Students take ROTC
      Prospective chaplains are not required to enroll
                                                            classes for credit while pursuing a regular college degree.
in the ROTC program but may elect to do so. There
are also some advantages for those who wish to serve
in the Reserves or state National Guard units while
completing their education.
      Jason McDonnell, 25, a Maranatha Baptist
Seminary student from Tempe, Ariz., joined the Army
National Guard as a chaplain candidate. He is required
to attend military training one weekend each month
and two weeks during the summer.
      “I see three real advantages to doing chaplain
training through the National Guard,” McDonnell
said. “First, I have a chance to gain some experience
now. Second, there are health insurance and benefits,
which are important to me because I am married.
Third, it’s leading me directly to where I feel
the Lord wants me to go.”

                                                                                                     Spring/Summer 2010 9
Taste andSee
  Cooking (Almost) as Good as Mom’s

 A       s Dan Pulis prepares to graduate from Maranatha, he considers what
          he will miss most about college—the spiritual atmosphere, the
 academic challenges, and, of course, the food.
       “I’ve been here four years and I’m not tired of it yet,” said Pulis, a
 senior from Wixom, Mich. “That’s saying something.”
       There is a lot to be said for Maranatha’s food service, according to stu-
 dents who eat on campus regularly. Jacob Palmer, a sophomore from Warner,
 N.H., said it was one of the factors that led him to choose Maranatha.
       “I visited three other colleges before I came here, and Maranatha’s
 food was way better,” Palmer said. “At those other colleges, the food tasted
 rubbery. It was not good. Maranatha’s food tasted like real food.”
       One very definite plus in Maranatha’s favor, especially in relation
 to many of its Christian college competitors, is the number of choices
 offered at each meal.
       A hot and cold cereal bar, an egg and waffle bar, hash browns, and
 biscuits and gravy are available every morning in addition to the daily
 specials like pancakes, muffins, french toast, and omelettes. For lunch and
 dinner, students can fill their trays at the soup and salad bar, pizza bar, deli
 and grilled sandwich bar, waffle bar, and another bar where chips, chili and             Freshness and quality are vital
 nacho ingredients are available. From there, they can move to the primary          concerns. So is a homemade touch.
 food line for the always-changing daily main menu items.                           Maranatha purchases prepared pizza
       Students enjoy a change of pace with special meals like Steak Night,         sauce but augments it with several
 Southern Night, Dairy Days (featuring some of Wisconsin’s famous dairy             special ingredients, as well as a specific
 products), and Demonstration Cooking. On those nights, students can                blend of cheeses. Whole breast
 choose their ingredients and watch employees prepare customized dishes             smoked turkey is used; chopped deli
 like stir-fry, quesadillas, and pasta.                                             meats and premade salads are not.
                                                                                    Cookie dough is prepared with one-
                                                                                    quarter organic whole wheat flour.
                                                                                          Tastes can vary significantly
                                                                                    among student populations. Food
                                                                                    Service Director Fred Libick was
                                                                                    transferred by Pioneer College
                                                                                    Caterers to Maranatha from
                                                                                    Houghton College (N.Y.), where the
                                                                                    favorite breakfast cereal was Lucky
                                                                                    Charms. At Maranatha, it’s granola
                                                                                    (a much healthier choice). But, Libick
                                                                                    said, he orders 1 ½ times as much
                                                                                    coffee for Maranatha’s 894 students as
                                                                                    he did for Houghton’s 1,200.
                                                                                          The atmosphere is as big a selling
                                                                                    point as the food, and the atmosphere
                                                                                    at the Dining Complex is fresh and fun.
10 The Maranatha Advantage
                                                                                        Food Service
                                                                                              Fun Facts
                                                                                        •	 There are 1,300 to 1,500 meals
                                                                                            served each weekday.

                                                                                        •	 More than 2,000 meals are served
                                                                                            each day during Jump Start
                                                                                            (freshman orientation) weekend.

                                                                                        •	 There are 50 units serviced by
      Maranatha’s newest public             conversations allow for more informal           Pioneer College Caterers.
building opened in 2005 (Day Hall           discussion, which opens the door for        •	 More than 800 hours of student
dormitory was built in 2006). The           mentorship and spiritual guidance. It           labor are required to keep the
upper level is devoted primarily to the     is not unusual to see Maranatha Presi-          Dining Complex staffed each week.
commons eating area, but there is a         dent Dr. Marty Marriott and his wife,           There are 98 student employees.
roomy front lobby with comfortable          Miriam (above), engaged in animated
furniture. The Welcome Center, located      conversation with a long table full of      •	 The Dining Complex area seats
in the lobby, is the first stop for most    students.                                       400. The former dining hall in
campus visitors.                                  “One other positive is, the DC            Old Main had 198 seats.
      One side of the eating area is        is open 11 hours a day,” Palmer said,
enclosed by large windows that offer        “and I definitely try to use it as much     •	 The Dining Complex building
a scenic view of the west end of the        of that time as I can.”                         has 40,568 square feet of space,
campus, including the football and                Libick said he doesn’t mind if            460 windows, 247 lights, and
soccer fields. A central fireplace is a     students spend a significant portion of         23,000 square feet of carpeting.
place for relaxing and conversation.        their day in his area, especially if they   •	 The ingredient most frequently
Quiet conversation is not always a          are happy customers.                            ordered? Food Service Director
practical option during peak meal                 “Most of the feedback I get is            Fred Libick said he orders 400
times, however, as students fill the        very positive,” Libick said. “I think           cases of apples each year. He
tables to eat and discuss their day. Cell   that comes from a willingness to listen         also orders more than 300 cases
phones and books sitting on a table         to people, be friendly, and be service-         of bananas and 3,000 pounds of
are an unofficial sign that those places    oriented.                                       ground beef.
are “reserved” for students who will              “I know food service is a big
soon return. Social interaction among       recruitment tool for Maranatha. That’s
students is as much a part of the           a great thing. We can just stay out of
Dining Complex experience as eating.        the way and let our work speak for us.”
      The “DC” is also a place for
social interaction between faculty and
staff members and students. Those

                                                                                                        Fall/Winter 2010 11
                             201 1

12 The Maranatha Advantage
                Online Programs
Online Bible Certificate                Degree Completion program               Wisconsin State Teaching License
     If you want to learn more                If you have started working             If you are a prospective teacher
about the Bible, but can’t leave your   toward an undergraduate degree,         who has not yet been awarded
job or ministry and spend the next      but never finished, you can now         a Wisconsin state teaching
four years in college, Maranatha        obtain a regionally accredited          license, you can now work toward
Online’s Bible Certificate is an        Bachelor of Science degree in           fulfilling those requirements
intriguing alternative. The 24-credit   Interdisciplinary Studies through       through Maranatha Online. This
hour program can be completed           Maranatha. Students in this             option is designed for students
in two years by taking two online       program are required to complete        who have earned a bachelor’s
courses every eight weeks, starting     two on-campus seminars that last        degree in education. The specific
with Old and New Testament              one week each, but the remainder        requirements will vary based on
Survey.                                 of the courses can be taken online.     the work already completed by the
     “This is a really good program           “The course of study is similar   student.
for people who are starting their       to a Humanities program, with a
                                        broad base of math, science, social     Also Available
Bible education later in life,” said
                                        science, literature, history, and             You can earn a Master's Degree
Naomi Ledgerwood, Chair of
                                        philosophy,” Ledgerwood said. “It       in English Bible entirely online in a
Maranatha’s Online Learning
                                        is a good option for people who         span of two years, taking one course
department. “It will have a lot
                                        want to be taught from a biblical       every eight weeks. You will enjoy
of appeal to pastors, deacons,
                                        worldview while obtaining a             courses in Old and New Testament
and Sunday school teachers who
                                        regionally accredited degree.”          as well as theology and 11 hours of
just want a deeper level of Bible
                                              Applicants must be at least 25    electives.
training. It will also work for
                                        and must have completed at least              How about earning college
students attending secular colleges
                                        60 credit hours from an approved        credit while you’re still in high
who would like to take some Bible
                                        institution of higher learning with     school? Scholarship programs
                                        a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.      available through Maranatha
                                                                                Online reduce the cost of tuition
                                                                                50 percent for qualified juniors and
                                                                                seniors. Some states will even help
                                                                                pay for dual-enrollment courses!

                                              For more information about
                                              Maranatha Online programs,
                                              call 920-206-2323 or visit

                                                                                                    Fall/Winter 2010 13
                                                      6:37 a.m.
                                                      Quit hitting
                                                      the snooze

                                                                                                                           7:20 a.m.
                                                                                                                           First hour Philosophy with
                                                                                                                           the amazing Dr. Saxon

                                                          6:40 a.m.
                                                          Get ready for
                                                          the day

                                                   6:35 a.m.
                                                   Devotions                            7:06 a.m.
                                                 9:15 a.m.                              Eat breakfast, the
     6:18 a.m.                                                                          most important
                                                 Sit by a buddy
     Get ready for the day                                                              meal of the day
                                                 in chapel

                               Maranatha students minister in a wide variety
                              of ways at one of 147 partnering local churches
                                                            and also through
                                                               ministries with                               12:35 p.m.
                                                         their dorm societies.                               Pray for the kids
                                                                                                             you met in Uganda
                                                                                                             last summer
         8:12 a.m.
         Head to biology                                                                               9:22 a.m.
         class to dissect                                                                              Listen to your
         worms                                                                                         favorite speaker,
                                                                                                       Mr. Trainer

   11:46 a.m.
   Finish stage                                                                                                                                          11:46 a.m.
   two of paper                                                                                                                                          Finish stage
                  1:15 p.m.
                  Catch up with
                  roommates                                                                                                    Our Global Encounters
                                                                                                                               missions program
                                                                                                                               scattered more than 100
                                                                                                                               students around the
                                                                                                                               globe in the spring and
                                                                                                                               summer of 2010.

                                      12:35 p.m.
                                      Pray for the kids
                                      you met in Uganda
                                      last summer                                                                                             6:06 p.m.
                                                                                 5:12 p.m.                                                    Get in quick
5:12 p.m.                                                                        Meet friends for dinner,                                     foosball game
Meet friends                                                                     Maranatha food is awesome!                                   in the Student
for dinner                                                                                                                                    Center

                                                                                                                  6:06 p.m.
                                                                                                                  Get in quick foosball game                   7:05
                                                                                                                  in the student center                        Go t

       3:00 p.m.
       Go all out at
       your soccer
 14 The Maranatha Advantage
  6:52 a.m.
  Devotions       8:12 a.m.
                                                                               7:20 a.m.
                  Head to biology class to
                                                                               First hour with
                  dissect worms. Yuck!
                                                                               Dr. Saxon

                                                                                                                                       9:15 a.m.
                                                                                                                                       Sit by a buddy
                                                                                                                                       in chapel

                                                              7:08 a.m.
                                                              Eat breakfast, the
                                                              most important
                                                              meal of the day

                                                                     9:22 a.m.                                                             11:15 a.m.
                                                           10:05 a.m.Listen to your                                                        Catch up on
                                                                     favorite chapel
                                                           Beat friend at checkers                                                         Bible reading
                                                           in Old Main Cafe Mr. Trainer                                                    over lunch

                                                                                                                                  10:05 a.m.
                                                                                                                                  Beat friend at
                                                                                                                                  checkers in Old
                                                      11:15 a.m.                                                                  Main Cafe
                                                      Catch up on Bible
                                                      reading over lunch

 e two of paper

                                                            1:15 p.m.                                                  3:00 p.m.
                                                             Catch up with
                                             There are multiple performance opportunities                              Get sweaty at
                                             available to students regardless of their major!                          soccer game
                                                  Chamber Singers Summer Ensembles                        10:32 p.m.
                                                  Symphonic Band Percussion Ensemble                      Study some
                                                       Orchestra           Madrigal and                   more
                                                         Chorale        Handbell Choir
                                                                  Recitals and Concerts

                                                                                             10:00 p.m.
5 p.m.                                                                                     10:00 p.m.
                                                                                             Dorm devos
to friends                                                                                 Dorm devos
no recital in
ckart Hall

                                                                             7:05 p.m.
                                                                             Go to friend’s
                                                                             piano recital

                                                                                                                                          10:32 p.m.
                                                                                                                                          Study some more
                                                                                                                                           Fall/Winter 2010 15
               C                      A              M                   P                 U                 S
            NEW FACES                             FACULTY/STAFF NEWS                    Alabama, compiling a 4.0 grade-
                                                                                        point average, and was promoted to
                Matt Davis                  Members of Maranatha’s Bible                Assistant Professor.
                Director of Institutional   Department and Seminary faculty             Nursing instructor Linda Huffstutler
                Research & Effectiveness,   wrote articles for the July/August          completed her Master of Science in
                Corporate Counsel           2010 issue of Frontline, a magazine         Nursing with an emphasis on health
                                            published by the Fundamental Baptist        care education from the University of
                Brynley Dean                Fellowship International. Dr. Larry         Phoenix Online.
                                            Oats, Dr. Andrew Hudson, Dr. Bruce
                                            Meyer, Dr. David Saxon and Brian            Associate science professor Bud
                Administrative Assistant    Trainer combined to contribute six          Downs participated in workshops
                                            articles dealing with theological topics.   on aquatic vascular plants, aquatic
                Christopher Harper                                                      invertebrates, and ecological geology
                Communications              Dr. Yingguang Liu had papers                hosted by the University of Wisconsin
                                            published by the Creation Research          at its field station in Saukville, Wis.
                Electronic Communications
                                            Science Quarterly, by the Creation
                Specialist                  Biology Study Group, and by the             Music professor Dr. David Brown was
                                            Answers in Genesis Research Journal.        the guest conductor for the annual
                Noah Lomax                  He attended the Answers in Genesis          choir clinic and music festival at Tri-
                Director of Student         microbes research forum and gave an         City Baptist Church of Independence,
                Activities                  oral presentation of one of his papers      Mo., in October of 2010.
                                            at the Creation Biology Study Group
                                            summer conference in Louisville, Ky.
                Mary Ann Lumm                                                                   AROUND CAMPUS
                Associate Professor         Bible professor Dennis Komis has
                New Media                   earned a Master of Arts in Biblical         The Commission on Collegiate
                                            Counseling from The Master’s College.       Nursing Education (CCNE), the nation’s
                                                                                        primary accrediting body for nursing
                Christina Miller            Major Derek Schultheiss, Senior             schools, has accepted the Maranatha
                Bible Department            Military Science Instructor, has            Nursing Department’s application for
                Administrative Assistant    resumed his duties overseeing               accreditation. A self-study is being
                                            Maranatha’s ROTC unit. Schultheiss          completed , and a three-person panel
                                            returned April 24 after nearly a year       will visit the campus in March. Formal
                Beth Ring                                                               approval could be granted as early as
                                            in Iraq. He had been assigned to
                Kiddie Kampus               Contingency Operations Base Adder at        the fall of 2011.
                Administrative Assistant    Tallil Air Base in southern Iraq, helping
                                            manage logistical support.                  Pioneer College Caterers has assigned
                                                                                        Fred Libick to Maranatha as Food
                                            Nursing instructor Donna Schroeder          Services Director. He has been with
                Ruth Steinbart
                                            completed a Master of Science in            the company since 1975, working
                Athletic Department                                                     at seven different schools. He spent
                                            Nursing from the University of Phoenix
                Administrative Assistant    Online.                                     the last three years at Houghton
                                                                                        College (N.Y.) and worked 17 years at
                                            Nursing instructor Elizabeth Fritz          Cincinnati Bible College.
                                            earned a Master of Nursing Education
                                            degree from the University of South
16 The Maranatha Advantage
P               A                   N                   O                 R              A              M                 A
The Teacher Education Department
                                                                               MEMORIAL GIFTS
has received a $5,000 grant from
the Wisconsin Department of Public               In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Darrell       In memory of Norman and Alice Lentz:
Instruction. The special purpose grant           Byers: Mr. and Mrs. Garmon Sowers       Dennis Lentz, Charlene Kinsey, and
focuses on improving programs in                                                         Jean Werschem
Special Education. The grant will be             In memory of Steve Stratford: Mr. and
utilized to help fund an educators’              Mrs. Michael Dean
summit as well as for instructional

135 students and faculty took part in
Global Encounters missions trips in the
summer of 2010. Teams were sent to
Ireland, Far East, Uganda, South Africa,
Ukraine, Central Asia, and Argentina. The
2011 agenda includes trips to Argentina,
China, the Dominican Republic (base-
ball), Haiti, New York City, the South
Pacific (volleyball), Turkey, and Ukraine.

Maranatha hosted more than 200 guests
for its annual Missions Conference, Oct.
18-21. The event took place in conjunction                                                        Reconnect with friends
with Baptist World Missions’ 49th annual                                                          of Maranatha
conference. There were nearly 50
missionaries from 29 countries present.                                                           Check out photos

       MARK YOUR CALENDAR                                                                         Watch videos

Dec. 10:     Christmas Festival of Music                                                          Win cool prizes
Dec. 11:     VCY Christmas Concert
                                                                                                  Find out what’s
Dec. 17-19: Percussion Ensemble Tour                                                              happening on campus
Jan. 11-14: Winter Revival Meetings
            with Will Galkin
Jan. 28-29: Great Lakes Music Festival
Feb. 11:     College 4 a Day – Homeschool Days
Feb. 11:     Valentine Artist Series
             Shapiro/Varshavsky Piano Duet
Feb. 26-Mar. 6: Madrigal and Handbell
              Choir Tour
March 15: Classical Kids’ Concert
Mar. 18-Apr. 3: Chamber Singers
                                                                                              Go to:
April 14-16: Play: Mystery of the Yellow Room                                    
April 15:    College 4 a Day
 Global Encounters
The Global Encounters missions program
scattered 135 students around the globe during the
spring and summer of 2010. They worked in the
restricted-access countries of Central Asia and the
Far East. Others ministered in Ireland, Argentina,
Ukraine, and South Africa. A medical missions
team went to Uganda.

Maranatha plans to send its volleyball team to
the South Pacific and its baseball team to the
                  Ad: Global Encounters
Dominican Republic in 2011. There will be a
spring-break trip to minister in New York City.
A medical missions trip to Haiti is being planned.

Would you give to help students experience a
Global Encounter? Find out more at:
  An Emphasis
      on Outreach
                                         Maranatha’s Ministry Societies

W          hen Maranatha
          reorganized its student
        ministry structure in the fall
                                               The most regular evidence of
                                         outreach is Saturday morning door-
                                         to-door witnessing. Flood students
                                                                               police officer and his entire family
                                                                               joined Calvary.
                                                                                     The Flood also coordinates
of 2008, Spurgeon Hall and Gould         team with members of Calvary          a Rake-N-Run Day. Students
Hall were joined in a team effort        Baptist Church in Watertown           walk through a neighborhood,
nicknamed “The Flood.” Their             to invite residents to church and     volunteering to rake leaves for
designated area of ministry was          present the Gospel to them.           free, and leave Christian literature
community outreach in Watertown.               “I would say the visitation     with the homeowners when the
      “When I first heard it,”           ministry is our focal point,” said    job is done.
Spurgeon president Aaron Madrid          Madrid, a junior from Conifer,              There is also a Christmas
said, “I thought it was definitely       Colo. “All of the things we do are    toy drive. A decorated tree in
intriguing.”                             important, but soulwinning is the     Old Main’s lobby includes 50
      That three-year-old                one we place the most emphasis on.”   ornaments with a child’s name
partnership has proven to be more              One of the most important       and age on them. Names of needy
than intriguing. It has helped           things the Flood has done, in terms   children are obtained through
forge a stronger bond between            of community impact, is the Public    area youth mentoring programs.
Maranatha and the residents of the       Safety Officer Barbeque. Students     Students, faculty, and staff buy
city where it resides.                   set up tents near City Hall and       Christmas presents for those
      “I’ve definitely caught a vision   spend two 12-hour shifts cooking      children. Students then go to the
for how important this is,” Gould        and serving food to city police       children’s homes to deliver the
president Elise Jones said. “This        and fire department employees.        presents and a plate of cookies, as
is not just about Maranatha’s            Maranatha has received several        well as to sing Christmas carols.
name in the community. It’s about        letters of thanks from those public   One staff member said a mother
Christ’s name.”                          servants, but a more important        told her in 2009 that, because of
                                         victory was won in 2010 when a        high utility bills, their children

                                                                                                   Fall/Winter 2010 19
would have gone without presents        lessons and develop a heart for         Ministry
if not for the kindness of the
Maranatha family
                                        their community.
                                             “It’s about living for God right       Societies
     “We are able to get a lot of       where you’re at,” Jones said. “The
people involved,” said Jones, a         goal is to make ministry a natural      Spurgeon/Gould Flood:
senior from Beaverton, Ore. “Not        part of your lifestyle, not just for    Watertown community service and
everybody is working in the same        big events.”                            witnessing
place at the same time. Somebody             Madrid said the primary focus
is making cookies, somebody is          of Flood activities, however, is to     Carey/Melford Stampede:
collecting money, somebody is           introduce Christians as caring          State Street witnessing in Madison
making decorations, somebody            people to those whose previous
is praying for us. There’s always       contact with the Maranatha family       Leland/Hilsen Revolution:
something to do.”                       may have been limited.                  Juvenile detention center mentoring
     There is certainly something            “If we’re not out in the com-
to do in the spring when the Flood      munity, then all we are to them is      Judson/Weeks Ignited:
organizes its Springfest. The small-    the crazy Baptists from that college    Nursing home, disadvantaged
scale carnival features rides, games,   down the street,” Madrid said. “We      youth tutoring, military personnel
face painting, food, prizes, and        want them to see who we are, and        support
enough fun to keep a kid busy for       we also want them to experience
an entire Saturday afternoon.           Christ’s love through us.”              Armitage/Day Fusion:
     Jones said the 122 students in                                             Youth mentoring, coffee shop Bible
the Flood learn valuable spiritual                                              study
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          logowear and recordings for your loved ones for Christmas!

Visit the Maranatha Bookstore
     On Campus in Old Main ~ Call: 920-206-2329
                                              A Lasting
 W         hen Jonathan Leber’s
          parents prayed about a
  fitting memorial to their son, they
                                         Scholarship has provided very real
                                         help for other students pursuing a
                                         life serving God.
                                                                                and it showed. He would spend
                                                                                two hours researching and writing
                                                                                a paper and always got an A or B.
  felt complete peace in the idea              “I’ve often thought of the       Anyone who knew him would say
  of helping someone who shares          phrase, ‘Only one life will soon be    his 20 years were lived to the fullest.”
  Jonathan’s vision.                     past, only what’s done for Christ           The Lebers first suggested the
        “Since Jonathan never made       will last, ’” Kathy Leber said. “We    idea of a memorial scholarship.
  it to the mission field, we thought    wanted to provide for something        Some of the initial funds came
  it would be a good thing to help       continuing, something lasting, for     from Jonathan’s bank accounts.
  others who would,” John Leber          Christ. That was our purpose.”         More money came from members
  said. “We wanted to bring honor              There are 14 privately funded    of Fairfax (Va.) Baptist Temple,
  and glory to the Lord, first of all.   memorial scholarships available        Jonathan’s home church. Others
  We also wanted to help other           to Maranatha students. Each is         gave to help encourage future
  students get to the mission field      named after a person remembered        missionaries.
  who could not afford to pay for all    for a significant positive impact on        The first recipient, Adam
  of their schooling.”                   others’ lives.                         Breiner, was chosen by a College
        The Jonathan Leber Memorial            “Ace” Leber was known for his    committee in 2006. Breiner,
  Scholarship has been helping           athletic and academic abilities, his   coincidentally, is related to a
  young people since 2006. It is         remarkable self-discipline, and his    member of Fairfax Baptist Temple.
  named in honor of the Maranatha        zeal in pursing what he believed            John Leber is now pastor of
  student who died on April 26,          to be God’s plan for his life—to       United Baptist Church in Easton,
  2005, when the small private plane     become a missionary pilot and          Maine. He and Kathy have traveled
  he was piloting ran out of fuel over   help establish churches in South       to Maranatha to meet three of the
  Lake Michigan.                         America.                               four scholarship winners.
        Kathy Leber wrote a book               “He was full of fun and life,”        “This is all about helping to
  about her son’s life, death, and       friend Matt Ledgerwood said            get the gospel out,” John Leber said.
  enduring testimony entitled “How       during a memorial chapel service
  Real is Your God?” The Leber           in 2005. “He didn’t miss a workout,

22 The Maranatha Advantage
Leber Recipients                                           Memorial Scholarships
Travis Daharsh:                                            Do you know of someone whose life has had an
Travis Daharsh, a senior Missions major, was the           enduring impact for Christ?
recipient of the Leber Scholarship in both 2008 and
2009. He is preparing for a church planting ministry.      There are 14 privately funded memorial scholarships
“The Lebers were at the scholarship lunch both             that help benefit Maranatha students. Would you
times I received it, and they told me Jonathan’s story,”   honor the memory of that special person by helping
Daharsh said. “Mrs. Leber sent me devotional emails        establish another?
each morning for about two years. Receiving this
scholarship is a huge blessing for a college student. It   Donors can work with Maranatha to determine the
was an encouragement to see God providing for me           awarding criteria (GPA, class standing, major, financial
to be at Maranatha through that scholarship.”              need, godly character, etc.). Maranatha’s scholarship
                                                           committee decides the recipients from students who
Emily Timblin:                                             best fit the criteria, and awards are announced during
Emily Timblin, a junior Humanities/Cross Cultural          a scholarship chapel during the spring semester.
Studies major, was part of a Language Acquisition          Scholarships may be created in three ways:
and Missions Program team that traveled to Peru
                                                           Endow a Scholarship: When you endow a scholarship,
in the summer of 2010. “Receiving the scholarship
                                                           the money is placed in a protected fund. The earned
encouraged me to trust in God to supply my
                                                           annual income of that investment determines the
needs,” Timblin said. “I have not earned very much
                                                           actual dollar amount of the award. The minimum
money throughout the past summers because I've
                                                           threshold for a permanently endowed scholarship is
been involved in ministry, but I thank God for the
experiences I've gained and opportunities He’s given
me. Through receiving this scholarship, God has            Give an Annual Gift: You may choose to give a
reminded me that He is working even when I don't           specified amount every year to the scholarship, or you
know it, and He has already made provisions for me         may give a one-time amount that provides annual
to do His will.”                                           scholarships until it is diminished.
Heather Swinson:                                           Give a One-Time Gift: Maranatha’s memorial
Heather Swinson, a 2008 graduate, was the 2007             scholarships typically award $500 to $2,500 per
Leber Scholarship recipient. “Mrs. Leber kindly sends      student.
regular emails that include short devotionals; it makes
me smile to see her list of recipients grow longer,”
Swinson said. “I know my Lord provides for me and
I am so glad for His mercy through scholarships and
other means. ” Swinson said she believes God has
called her to full-time service in Japan.

                                                                                  Heather Swinson and Kathy Leber
                                                                                  above; Emily Timblin left.

                                                                                                 Fall/Winter 2010 23
                                           Rent- A-Teacher
                                           Need a particular class but don’t have
                                           a teacher? Now you can rent both the
                                           class and the teacher you need from
                                           Maranatha Virtual Academy.

                                           Maranatha Virtual Academy has
                                           partnered with award-winning online
                                           curriculum provider K 12 Inc. to help
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                                           school’s course offerings. We offer
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MaranathA                                920.206.2323
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Applied Science
Molecular Biology
Environmental Science
Science Education       MaranathA
                        baptist bible college & seminary
                                            Fall/Winter 2010 25
  Cross Country                         Women’s Soccer                        Football
  Maranatha’s cross country teams       The Crusaders came into the           The Crusaders could claim to
  demonstrated significant individual   postseason on a hot streak and had    have some of the best defensive
  progress throughout the regular       scored five goals or more six times   players in the Northern Athletics
  season. Sophomore William             during the regular season. Senior     Conference and had received
  O’Malley finished 13th in a field     Elise Jones and sophomore Karis       significant contributions from some
  of 110 runners at the Wisconsin       Rogers were both named Student-       newcomers. Freshman defensive
  Private Colleges Invitational.        Athlete of the Week by both the       back Josiah Brendemuehl was
  Sophomore Lauren Stephens was         NAC and NCCAA. Jones and              leading the NAC in tackles after
  the No. 1 runner for the women’s      Rogers were two of the top three      seven games and was named NAC
  team during the regular season,       scorers in the NAC.                   Player of the Week following his
  improving her career-best time in                                           100-yard interception return for a
  every race.                           Volleyball                            touchdown against Martin Luther.
                                                                              Freshman linebacker Ethan Lane
  Men’s Soccer                          A young team caught fire during       was the No. 2 tackler in the NAC
                                        the season’s second half and          and junior defensive end Ethan
  Seven losses by one goal each         finished with a winning record.       Rosen was leading all conference
  gave the Crusaders a deceiving        Sophomore Torey DeLozier              linemen in tackles.
  regular-season record, but the wins   was named Student-Athlete of
  included a 6-4 decision over rival    the Week by both the NAC and
  Northland International. Senior       NCCAA. Seniors Karla Henderson
  Timothy Solarek and sophomore         and Stephanie Slobodian were
  Kevin Vigneault were two of the       among the conference leaders in
  three leading scorers in the NAC.     assists and blocks.

26 The Maranatha Advantage
Join us for more
      Great Fine Arts Events
 December 10 Christmas Festival of Music
 December 11 VCY Christmas Concert
 Dec. 17-19     Percussion Ensemble Tour
 January 28-29 Great Lakes Festival of Music
 Feb. 26-Mar. 6 Madrigal and Handbell Choir Tour
 February 11    Valentine Artist Series
                Shapiro/Varshavsky Piano Duet
 March 15       Classical Kids’ Orchestra Concert
 Mar. 18 –Apr. 3 Chamber Singers
 April 14-16    Play: Mystery of the Yellow Room
 April 19       Band and Orchestra Spring Concert
 April 26       Combined Choir Spring Concert
 June 14-16     Craftsmen’s Colloquium
 July 18-22     Music and Drama Camp

 For More Info
            MARRIAGES                     Hraba, Jessica to Andrew Solarek       Sorg, Marie (’08) to Kaiwi Heiders-      Chamberlain, Bethany Ann to Tarah
                                          (’10) on July 31, 2010                 cheit (’10) on May 29, 2010              (Farmer, ’99) and Andrew on Aug.
 Alley, Rachel (’10) to Marc Tanis                                                                                        3, 2010
 (’10) on June 26, 2010                   Kelley, Katey to Blake Ginther (’09)   Staller, Crystal (’09) to Anthony
                                          on July 24, 2010                       Nielsen (’10) on June 12, 2010           Childs, Devon Gage to Melanie (Shaver,
 Bashaw, Elisabeth to Richard Ander-                                                                                      ’07) and Jared on June 7, 2010
 son (’10) on June 26, 2010               Lash, Rebekah ('10) to Jeremy          Streck, Sarah to Nathan Sutherland
                                          Deedrick on July 17, 2010              (’09) on June 7, 2010                    Cochran, Jayla Rain to Kristin
 Brabson, Kathleen (’10) to Andrew                                                                                        (Fender, ’08) and David (’09) on May
 Mosier (’10) on July 17, 2010            Loggans, Lindsey (’10) to Luke Mc-     Twardokus, Shelly to Michael Laing       17, 2010
                                          Carnan on July 3, 2010                 (’10) on Sept. 18, 2010
 Bradley, Hope (’10) to Aanson Ebel                                                                                       Cochran, Joshua David to Amber
 (’10) on June 5, 2010                    Marks, Michayla to Stephen White       VanDyne, Kara (’09) to Jason             (Collier, ’07) and Jeremy (’06) on May
                                          (’10) on May 29, 2010                  Kincaid on June 11, 2010                 4, 2010
 Brill, Julie (’10) to Matt Tanis (’10)
 on May 15, 2010                          McGrail, Hayley (’07) to Andrew        Walker, Esther (’08) to Tom Bream        Craven, Daniel Timothy to Kristi
                                          Swift (’08) on July 3, 2010            (’09) on May 22, 2010                    (Cochran, ’06) and Scott (’05) on
 Brown, Marie (’09) to Nate Seaman
 on May 15, 2010                          McNabb, Amy to Bryan Lenartz           Wilson, April (’10) to Jonathan          April 14, 2010
                                          (’08) on July 17, 2010                 Stoby on July 17, 2010                   Cummins, Ella Elisabeth to Mary
 Cheek, Lori (’09) to Drew Cherry
 (’10) on May 14, 2010                    Miller, Sierra (’10) to Luke Steuer-   Yelland, Tina (’10) to Jordan David-     (Kukasky, ’00) and Jay (’00) on April
                                          wald (’10) on June 25, 2010            son on June 12, 2010                     30, 2010
 Clark, Kaitlyn to Ben Hoover (’10)
 on July 3, 2010                          Nielsen, Justina (’09) to Rusty                KRUSADER KIDS                    Davis, Collin Michael to Melanie
                                          Siedschlag (’10) on July 3, 2010                                                (Gunter, ’01) and Jeff (’02) on June
 DeLozier, Kedra (’10) to Eric Oliver                                            Albright, Brenden Joel to Megan          5, 2010
 (’10) on June 12, 2010                   Palpant, Abigail (’06) to Josh         and Joel (’03) on June 24, 2010
                                          Nicholson on July 10, 2010                                                      Glazner, Lucille (Lucy) Hope to Cha-
 Ermisch, Dana (’10) to Matt List on                                             Anderson, Braydon Carlyle to             rissa and Rob (’00) on Aug. 5, 2010
 June 5, 2010                             Peruchi, Jennifer to Tim Reinert       Stephanie (Savage, ’02) and Ryan on
                                          (’09) on July 31, 2010                                                          Greer, Samuel Sean to Sean (’07)
 Festa, Brooke to Brandon Martin                                                 Jan. 16, 2010                            and Karen on Oct. 8, 2010
 (’09) on July 31, 2010                   Petersen, Marcie to Josh Prather       Ashton, Reagan Layne to Hannah
                                          (’09) on Aug. 21, 2010                                                          Haynes, Alana Marie to Rachel
 Fredricks, Jennifer to Matthew                                                  (Foltz, ’07) and Tim (’06) on Feb. 11,   (McLaughlin, ’98) and Aaron on Jan.
 George (’10) on June 19, 2010            Peterson, Ranae (’09) to Micah         2010                                     13, 2010
                                          Tanis (’06) on May 29, 2010            Auchtung, Trinity Morgan to
 Goff, Colleen (’09) to Caleb Rader on                                                                                    Hibbs, Ophelia Marie to Tami (Kendall)
 June 19, 2010                            Powers, Laura to Sam Guzman (’10)      Heather (Whitaker, ’02) and Jeramie      and Eric on Sept. 15, 2010
                                          on Aug. 14, 2010                       (’04) on April 8, 2010
 Gross, Liz to Aaron Love (’07) on                                                                                        Horneck, Haddon Christopher to
 June 12, 2010                            Rachow, Melissa to Aaron Hale (’09)    Ayers, Clayton Matthew to Mari-          Jeremy (’07) and Anna on Oct. 15,
                                          on Aug. 6, 2010                        anne (Palmer, ’03) and Mark (’05)        2010
 Henry, Angela (’10) to Brian Silver                                             on June 1, 2010
 (’09) on Aug. 7, 2010                    Robertson, Kim (’07) to Andy                                                    Kolwinska, Christian Merritt to
                                          McGuire (’10) on May 22, 2010          Brown, Emani Christina to Chrissi        Shelly (Judge, ’99) and Levi (’01) on
 Holden, Alexis to Titus Morrow (’10)                                            (Sauthoff, ’06) and Mike (’10) on        Aug. 10, 2010
 on Aug. 21, 2010                         Rudquist, Brittany to Josh Ledger-     June 12, 2010
                                          wood (’06) on May 28, 2010                                                      Lauermann, Alayna Michelle to
 Holt, Kelly (’06) to Kyle Parkes on                                             Burman, Andrew Luke to Karen (Re-        Bethany (Buroker, ’05) and David
 May 1, 2010                              Shepp, Sheila (’10) to Jeremy          ece, ’01) and Brent on May 7, 2010       (’04) on July 31, 2010
                                          DeLay (’09) on May 29, 2010
 Howe, Salina (’06) to Zach Turnbull
 on Sept. 26, 2010

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Lundvall, Addison Bree to Ashlee                 ALUMNI UPDATES                     ’05 Derek Black and wife Laura            procedures and their subsequent
(MA, ’07) and Russ on Sept. 1, 2010                                                 (Chapman, ’04) spent the summer of        physical therapy requirements.
                                          ’78 Ted (Rock) Knapp has been             2010 on deputation to become mis-
Magnus, Celeb James and Joel                                                        sionary church planters to the native     ’09 Kristin Griffin works as an edito-
Leonard, to Melody and John (’06)         named an assistant coach of the East
                                          team for the Rising Seniors Georgia       villages of Alaska.                       rial assistant at Regular Baptist Press.
on May 19, 2010                                                                                                               She has authored portions of several
                                          High School All-Star Football Game
                                                                                    ’05 Mandy Blumer is a physician           Sunday School curriculums and also
Malmanger, Kody Raymond to                at Georgia Tech University’s Bobby
                                                                                    assistant at Lake Country Pediatrics      contributes her skills in copy editing,
Stacy (’05) and Benn (’05) on May         Dodd Stadium on Jan. 8, 2011.
                                                                                    in Oconomowoc, Wis. She earned            preparing supplemental learning
29, 2010                                  Knapp, who is battling two terminal
                                                                                    her master’s degree from Marquette        materials, and assisting with photo
                                          diseases, was named Southwest
McCarnan, Evelynne Marcella to                                                      University’s physician assistant          shoots.
                                          Georgia Coach of the Year in 2008
Anna and Matt (’07) on Aug. 7, 2010                                                 program in May of 2010 and passed
                                          while coaching at Sherwood Chris-
                                                                                    her Wisconsin state board examina-        ’09 Josh Prather is on the staff of The
McClure, Frank Tyson to Heather           tian Academy in Albany, Ga.
                                                                                    tion a week later.                        Wilds of New England. He directs the
(Hafeli, ’06) and Spencer (’06) on                                                                                            camp program during the summer
May 25, 2010                              ’88 Debra Vinsant was a semifinal-
                                                                                    ’06 Ben Larson lives in Montello,         and he and wife Marcie promote the
                                          ist in the Douglas County (Ga.)
                                                                                    Wis., where he is interim local direc-    camp during the offseason. Prather
Metcalf, Kerstyn Jane to Kati             Teacher of the Year competition
                                                                                    tor for Child Evangelism Fellowship.      also speaks at youth conferences and
(Moore, ’01) and Art (’04) on Sept.       sponsored by the Times-Georgian.
                                                                                    His responsibilities include organiz-     churches.
16, 2010                                  She teaches health occupations and
                                                                                    ing Five-Day Clubs, managing Good
                                          health and physical education at
Moreland, Benjamin Thomas to Julie                                                  News Clubs, and directing local                  ALUMNI DEATHS
                                          Lithia Springs High School. Vincent
(Busch, ’03) and Scott on Jan. 17, 2010                                             county fair events.
                                          earned a master’s degree in health
                                          and physical education from Georgia                                                 ’78 Dr. Harry Strachan Sr., who was
Mortimer, Madisyn Allyse to Laura                                                   ’06 Naomi Maunu works for Peak
                                          State University and a education                                                    pastor of three Canadian churches
(George, ’04) and Zach (’04) on June                                                Performance, a rehabilitation out-
                                          specialist degree in health and physi-                                              and spent 14 years as President of
1, 2010                                                                             patient orthopedic physical therapy
                                          cal education from Jacksonville State                                               Heritage Baptist Institute of Cleve-
                                                                                    clinic in Springfield, Mo. She earned
Musgrave, Natalie Jane to Priscilla       University.                                                                         land, Ohio, died Jan. 4, 2010. He
                                                                                    a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree
(Hughes, ’04) and Joshua (’04) on                                                                                             was 81. Strachan was given a Doctor
                                                                                    at Southwest Baptist University.
May 23, 2010                              ’92 Tom Allen is in his first season as                                             of Divinity degree by Maranatha
                                          defensive coordinator for the football    ’07 Ashlee Lundvall is Director of        in 1978. He was pastor of Churchill
Probus, Emma Joy to Amanda (Darby,        team at Drake University (Iowa). He                                                 Heights Baptist Church in Scar-
                                                                                    Recreation at the Powell Valley Care
’06) and Daniel on July 13, 2010          was previously head coach at Ben                                                    borough, Ont., Centennial Baptist
                                                                                    Center in Powell, Wyo.
Pust, Seth Nolan to Heidi (Clark, ’05)    Davis High School in Indianapolis                                                   Church in Markham, Ont., and Bethel
and Jon (’03) on June 14, 2010            (2004-06), special teams coordinator      ’07 Lisa Walker England was a             Baptist Church in Simcoe, Ont.
                                          and defensive backs coach at Wabash       finalist in the 168 Project’s Write of
Roedel, Madelyn Elise to Rachel           College (2007) and spent the last         Passage Screenwriting Competition.        ’79 Wilson M. Newcomb , who
(Richards, ’06) and Justin on March       two years as defensive coordinator        She is working toward a Master of         pastored churches in three states and
10, 2010                                  at Lambuth University (Tenn.). His        Fine Arts degree in Screenwriting         taught at two Bible colleges, died
                                          teams at Ben Davis were a combined        from Regent University.                   Feb. 22, 2010, He was 83. Newcomb,
Stormer, Kaden Aaron to Sarah
                                          25-12 in three seasons.                                                             who earned a Master of Arts degree
(Bursack, ’02) and Caleb (’05) on May                                               ’08 Jessica (Aucoin) Asire is Badging     from Maranatha in 1979, had retired
9, 2010                                   ’99 Brian Kimball is pastor of First      Coordinator for the arm of Doyon          from teaching in May of 2009 due
Ulbrich, Stephen Douglas to Mat-          Baptist Church of Sultan, Wash.           Universal Services that offers security   to health issues. He was pastor of
thew and Rebecca (Herman, ’04) on                                                   support at the Valdez Terminal of         churches in Minnesota, Montana,
                                          ’99 Beth McCarthy is Director of          the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Jessica,       and Washington.
Oct. 7, 2010
                                          Elementary Education for Lakeside         husband Matt, fellow alumnus Becky
Walburg, Evelyne Grace to Heather         Christian School in Clearwater, Fla.      (Smith) Fickes (‘04) and her hus-         ’01 James Gould, a Maranatha
(Iaffaldano, ’07) and Alex (’06) on                                                 band, Brian, are all active members       student from 1999-2001, died Sept.
Sept. 6, 2010                             ’03 Josh and Ginny (Spees) Logan
                                                                                    of Valdez Bible Baptist Church.           15, 2010, in Franksville, Wis. He
                                          serve at Heritage Baptist Church in
Watters, Lucy Jean to KryStle (Ells,      Antioch, Calif. Josh is the adminis-                                                was 31. Gould played football and
                                                                                    ’09 Jessica Biechy works as a nurse
’09) and Scott on July 2, 2010            trative assistant and choir director,                                               wrestled at Maranatha, then became
                                                                                    on the medical-surgical floor of St.
                                          working with the finances and                                                       a certified welder and started his
Wright, Melody Rose to Sarah                                                        Joseph’s Medical Center in Bernville,
                                          administration of the church and                                                    own horse training company, Double
(Saverino, ’09) and James (’08) on                                                  Pa., dealing primarily with patients
                                          Christian school, and Ginny has been                                                Trouble Training.
June 16, 2010                                                                       who have undergone orthopedic
                                          the church secretary for six years.
                                                                                                                                             Fall/Winter 2010 29
       S potlight

                                                                                 Wilder teaches math, algebra,
            Rebekah Wilder               ebekah Wilder knows that
                                                                           biology, personal finance, and Bible
                                         faith-based institutions often
        Helping Kids in Crisis           run on a shoestring budget.       history to ninth- and 10th-graders.
                                 That fact led her to become quite               “They know very little about
                                 chagrined over a recent expenditure.      the Bible, and they’re intrigued by
                                       “I guess I wasted $8 on a stupid    it,” Wilder said. “One boy came into
                                 rat,” Wilder said with a chuckle          class one day, pulled out his Bible,
                                 from her classroom at Bethel Bible        patted the top of it, and said, ‘Let’s
                                 Village in Chattanooga, Tenn. “One        see what my man Joseph is up to
                                 of our former residents brought a         today.’ One girl asked me where
                                 bald python to visit my science class     to find the story about the beauty
                                 and left him here for two weeks. I        pageant. I said, “You mean Esther?”
                                 purchased a rat to feed the snake.              “I am so glad for the core of
                                 Well, it was about the time of year for   Bible classes I had at Maranatha.
                                 the python to stop eating. So I looked    These kids think I know everything
                                 in the cage and, there they are, curled   about the Bible. They think I have a
                                 up together, taking a nap. It was kind    doctorate.”
                                 of comical.”                                    The math education major
                                       The 1994 Maranatha graduate         at Maranatha taught missionary
                                 has seen her share of both the comical    children in Honduras and Brazil and
                                 and heartbreaking while teaching at       at Christian schools in Tennessee
                                 Bethel, a Christian boarding school       and Romania. She also worked at
                                 as well as a part of Tennessee’s          The Wilds, a Christian camp in
                                 juvenile justice system. Many of its      North Carolina.
                                 25 students come from families in               It was when she became aware
                                 crisis. Others are down to their last     of the teaching opening at Bethel
                                 chance before facing the harsher          that Wilder became very thankful
                                 consequences of criminal court.           for Maranatha’s decision to seek
                                                                           regional accreditation while she was
                                                                           a student there in 1993.
30 The Maranatha Advantage
      “I had no idea how important          for others, and the majority of them
regional accreditation was,” Wilder         are successful at it.”                          The mission of
said. “A lot of people in Christianity            Wilder said she thanks God
in the early 1990s were not con-            every day for having led her to the           Maranatha Baptist
cerned about accreditation. Then I          ministry opportunity at Bethel.
found myself needing it.”                         “I grew up in a Bible-saturated          Bible College and
      Students take part in devotions       world,” Wilder said. “I wasn’t ever
every morning. There is also a              involved with kids from the other            Seminary is to develop
tutoring and discipleship program           side, but I have always wanted to be
after school, led by house parents.         able to work with them. At first, I          leaders for ministry in
Students attend area churches, where        wasn’t sure what I’d gotten myself
they participate in youth group             into, but now I love it. It’s been a            the local church
activities. Female students with            pretty incredible journey for me.”
children, or who are pregnant, learn                                                         and the world
parenting skills.
      The school’s website says 85                                                         “To the Praise of
percent of its alumni have stable,
productive family lives.                                                                      His Glory.”
      “They come here with a
program laid out, with educational,
behavioral, and spiritual goals to
achieve while they’re here,” Wilder
said. “If they cross a certain line, they
have to leave the program. They learn
personal responsibility and respect         Wilder’s science students studying snakes.
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  32 The Maranatha Advantage

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