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					A.   Name of NGO: Sankara Nethralaya

B.   Name of the Project: Sponsor a cataract operations for 300 poor patients

C.   Scope:
     This donation will enable 300 elderly and underprivileged people to undergo cataract surgery in
     Tamil Nadu.

D.   Project Cost Break-up:

      Sr.                Head of Expense                  Unit          Rate        Quantity           Amount
      No.                                                                                                  (Rs)
      1        Per surgery cost of drugs and               Per          Rs. 950 300                     285000
               medicines including the intraocular       surgery                surgeries
               lens and 10-0 nylon suture
      2        Transport cost per patient                 Per             Rs. 50 300                     15000
                                                         Patient                 patients
            TOTAL                                                                                       300000
            Funding requested from donors through GiveIndia                                             300000

E.   A Success Story:
     B. Andal of Porur, Kancheepuram, used to sell snacks on the streets to make a livlihood. She had
     been suffering from weak vision and day-by-day the problem intensified. She reported to the hospital
     and it was detected that she had developed cataract in both her eyes and she had to undergo
     surgeries for removal of the same. However, her financial condition stood as an obstacle.
     She approached Sankara Nethralaya. She was admitted to the hospital and surgery was performed
     to remove the cataract. This was done free of cost. Even the cost of the drugs and medicines and
     the intraocular lens was borne by Sankara Nethralaya.
     Now, she is back at work, preparing Sundal (snacks) and selling them on the pavements of her
     village. Of course, her normal peak sale period being evenings, her eyesight after the surgery has
     come to her rescue in a big way and now she is able to take the burden of her big family of five
     persons with ease.

F.   About the NGO
     Name the NGO                  Sankara Nethralaya
     Causes for which the          Vision Health Care, Elderly eye care
     NGO works
     Vision                        This hospital aims to bring world-class eye care to the people of India.
                                   They have adopted a single standard of care for all, rich or poor.
     Back Ground
                                   Dr. S Badrinath founded Sankara Nethralaya, the hospital wing of
                                   Medical Research Foundation in 1978.

                                   The organization provides sight restoring services and teaches
                                  ophthalmic and paramedical sciences. Dr. Badrinath has a degree in
                                  ophthalmology from New York University Medical School. He was
                                  awarded the prestigious Padma Sri in 1983 and Padma Bhushan in
     Significant achievements of the last financial year:
     Poor people given free surgical treatment: 10389