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									 Prize                           Prize                                         Winner
  1.     Grande Prize: I pad        PTO donation                  Chris Schutte
  2.     Front of the Line Pass 6 grade                           Courtney Rosengarten
  3.     6th gr Gang: Snow Daze                                   Kim Price
  4.     6th gr Hauke Ice Cream Sundaes                           Jenifer Linske
  5.     6th gr Mutranowski Jolly Ranchers                        Erin Posig
  6.     6th gr Schneider ON WISCONSIN!                           Jenifer Linske
  7.     6th gr Ligoki Laser Tag!                                 Collin Cragoe
  8.     6th gr Novak WI Sports                                   Mr. Schroeder
  9.     6th gr Novak      Golf Basket                            Chris Schuttle
  10.    6th gr Ricks Let’s Go to the Movies
  11.    6th gr Olson Movies                                          Emily Dworak
  12.    7th gr Brewer: Go Brewers GO!                                Mr. Schroeder
  13.    7th gr Burish Cold Cash                                      Chris Schutte
  14.    7th gr Kosky Ice Cream/ Music                                Mr. Schroeder
  15.    7th gr Weishaar: Gift Card Basket                            Bob Kosky
  16.    7th gr Crockford: Top Chief                                  Kevin Maduscha
  17.    7th gr Folker: Cereal                                        David Burton
  18.    7th gr Marzion Outdoorsman Theme                             David Burton
  19.    7th gr Warloski class donation                               Donated $68.00 to PTO
  20.    Front of the Line Pass for 7th Grade                         Jacob Malinowski
  20a    8th gr Patterson Superheroes                                 Sam Crapitto
  20b    8th gr Perry: Lottery                                        Margaret Vranes
  20 c   8th gr Radocha: Fun in the Sun                               Juliana Jankowski
  21.    8th gr. McIllheran: Bubblegum                                Rosie Turcott
  22.    8th gr. Acker: Out to Eat/Restaurant                         Kim Novak
  23.    8th grade Symczek: BUCKS                                     Vlaj Family
  24.    8th grade Michalski:Music                                    Ally Pizzo
  25.    8th gr. Posig: 90 candy bars                                 Jimenez Family
  26.    Ms Spear: Book Basket                                        Abigayle McClendon
  27.    Ms Spear: Book Basket                                        Gail Chan
  28.    Front of the Line Pass 8th grade                             Anna Hawley
  29.    Paint Ball Dave’s one admission                              Chris Schutte
  30.    Grande Prize: Green Bay Packer football 2010                 Paul Hetzel
  31.    Starbucks Mall 3 lb coffee                                   Jeff Anderson
  32.    Paint Ball Daves 1 admission                                 Andrew Hullin
  33.    Sports Cuts 5 haircuts + product                             Mr. Schroeder
  34.    Starbucks on 76th thermos + I lb. coffee                     Kujawa Family
  35.    Grande Prize: Roots Salon: Total Makeover                    Smalley
  36.    Prescott Jeweler’s: Pandora bracelet+3 beads                 Lisa Pawlowski
  37.    Village Hair Design Haircut                                  Lynette Tans
  38.    Shoppe Around The Corner basket $75.00                       Jenifer Linske
  39.    Cheri’s Savor the Flavor: $15.00 gift card                   Shaughnessy Family
  40.    Salon A Belle 2 haircuts & Style                             Bob Kosky
  41.    Jewelry Center: Camille Bracelet & 3 beads                   Jill Andrejat
  42.    Taste of Home: Breadmaker + 2 cookbooks                      Ana Gonzalez
  43.    Hetzel Family Bean Bag Toss                                  Tara Barber
  44.    Old Country Buffet 2 meals anytime                           Dean Pawleski
  45.    Breadsmith: Free loaf for a month                            Maduscha Family
  46.    Carabba’s $45.00 gift card                                   Cheryl Catalano
  47.    River Falls Family Fun 6 mini golf rounds & Ricardo’s $25.00 Jacob Malinowski
       gift card
 48.   2 Zoo passes & 5 Burger King value meals                   Cris Reischl
 49.   Merle Norman Facial & Consultation                         Cris Reischl
 50.   Ferch’s 2 $10.oo gift cards                                Bill Zuba
 51.   Burger King 10 value meals                                 Greg Tans
 52.   Milwaukee Wave: 2 premier seats & 5 George Webb lunches    Ronald Schlidt
 53.   Mr. Weiss & Ms. Talsky: Greg Jennings cutout & T shirts    Megan Hall
 54.   Apples of Eden $15.00 Gift Certificate                     Maya Chan
 55.   Jimmy John’s 5 subs + Betty Brinn family pass              Ms. Dau
 56.   Half Price books 3 $10.oo gift cards                       Schutte Family
 57.   Wear America Hooded Sweatshirt & Incrediroll 10 passes     Shelly Surdek
 58.   American Legion Cash                                       Lynn Hauke
 59.   George Webb 5 breakfast or lunch & Menards thermos & Cap   Rosie Turcott
 60.   Book Basket Ms. Spear                                      N. Brandt
 61.   Brookfield Hills mini golf                                 Joe Hoefort
 62.   Broad St. Coffee & $10.oo Nat’l Bakery                     Jean Brandt
 63.   Stampin Up Basket                                          Julie Belau Rhode
 64.   Blazzin Laser 2 games for family of 4                      Jane Patterson
 65.   Harmony Inn $25.oo + 2 Public Museum Tickets               Mark Malinowski
 66.   Roots Salon Spa Pkg                                        Lynn Jack
 67.   Adventure Laser Tag Family Pkg                             Jack Clopper
 68.   Adventure Laser tag Membership Pkg                         Jacob Malinowski
 69.   Noodles Tour the World 4-6 guests                          Kim Nowak
 70.   McDonalds 5 hamburger, 5 desserts & toys                   Nate Thomeon
 74    Good Year lube, oil, filter or $25.oo                      Williams Family
75     Lotions & Potions Gift Basket                              Grace Perinovic
76     Olive Garden $25.00 card + Milwaukee Co. Parks             Ms. Deau
77     Ray’s 2 $10.00 gift cards                                  Bob Kosky
78     Price’s Sports   Packer Super Bowl Picture                 Adam Posig
79     Tree of Wellness Massage Ament Family                      Ana Gonzalez
80     Showtime Cinema 6 passes + Dairy Queen 2 blizzards         Toetz Family
81     M& I red folding chairs                                    Juliana Jankowski
82     Vranes Family DVD Player                                   Noah Bonk
83     Scrapbook Store Papers & Tote                              Molly Williams
84     Sendik’s Greenfield 2 $25.00 gift cards                    Chris Schutte
85     Maduscha Family I pod nano + $25.oo I tunes card           Sarah Gilmore
86     MS. Spear Book Basket                                      Turner Family
87     6th gr. Front of the Line pass 2010-2011                   Stacy Newton
88.    7th gr. Front of the Line Pass 2010-2011                   Jenny Slota
89.    8th gr. Front of the Line Pass 2010-2011                   Sarah Slater
90.    Hair & Body Solutions by Lynette Tans                      Mary Carolen

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