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                 In this issue                                Teach symbolism of Christmas tree decorations
 Teach symbolism of . . . . . . . . . . . .A                    by the Rev. Malcom Hughes                            word to identify followers of “the Way.” It also was
   Christmas tree decorations                                                                                        put on doors to identify a Christian home.
                                                                 Christmas isn’t Christmas for most people              Paper chain: A paper chain is a symbol of con-
 Russ’ reflections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B             without a Christmas tree, and by decorating the        nectedness and a reminder that families are held
      Match vision with passion                               tree thoughtfully, we can set a Christian example      to each other (glued) with love.
                                                              during the celebration of the Nativity of our Lord.       Musical instruments: Drums, trumpets, harps
       Around the Diocese                                     For many years, I have encouraged people to deco-      and other instruments are spoken of in the Bible,
 Clergy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .C-D      rate with an eye to the symbolism                      and legend has it they all played to herald the
      Trainors accept call to                                 attached to the various ornaments                      birth of Jesus.
       Church of Intercession                                 available.                                                Balls: Balls should be at least in two sizes and
      Rev. Barbara Sajna accepts                                 The Tree: It should be an ever-                     multi-colored. The big balls may symbolize the big
       call to St. Luke’s                                     green, symbolizing a life that                         nations, while the smaller balls remind us of
      Ordination anniversaries, changes                       never ends, as well as the beauty                      smaller countries. Colors remind us of the various
      Deacons’ Retreat                                        and wonder of God’s creation.                          races, all different, but all equally loved by God.
                                                                 Angels: There should be                             Antique balls represent the old; new ones the
 People . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .D    lots of them, reminding us                             young.
      Bishop’s Crosses recipients                             that it was an angel that spoke                           Birds: A symbol of the Holy Spirit. A dove came
      Bishop’s visitations,                                   to Mary; a choir of angels her-                        to rest upon our Lord at his baptism. The peacock
       confirmations, receptions                              alded Jesus’ birth, awakening the shepherds; and,      is a symbol of the resurrection, and our Lord made
 News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .E    much later, two angels were to sit outside his         references to birds in his teaching.
                                                              tomb.                                                     Candles: In early days, real candles were lighted
      Diocesan office moving ?
                                                                 Lights: They symbolize not only the Light that      and placed on the tree and looked like stars shin-
      Holy Apostles
                                                              has come into the world with the birth of                                               ing against the
 Opinions, Letters . . . . . . . . . . . .F-G                 our Savior, but also the light of God as                                                green. Today, we do
      Windsor Report: Prayer, patience                        reflected in all creation. Lights of varied col-                                        not recommend real
      Convention, treatment of small                              ors remind us that all races reflect the                                            candles, but they do
        churches raises questions                                                beauty of God’s love.                                                remind us that our
                                                                                  Star: A star on top                                                 Lord talked of can-
      Treasurer’s Corner
                                                                               reminds us of the star of                                              dles and oil lamps.
 130th Annual Diocesan                                                          Bethlehem, which guided the wise     He is the Light of the world, and we are meant to
    Convention held . . . . . . . . . .H-I                                        men and shepherds to the stable.   reflect that light.
      Election results, budget debate                                                 Animals: They remind us of        Bells: A symbol of guidance, bells have sounded
                                                                        God’s creation. A Christmas tree should      from steeples and towers for centuries, calling peo-
 Parochial Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . .J                        have lambs, donkeys and cows, reminding        ple to worship. Bells may sound when the sacra-
    Parochial activities, calendar                            us of the part they played at the stable.              ment of Holy Communion is consecrated, peal at
                                                                 Sea shells: The scallop shell is a symbol of bap-   weddings and toll at funerals.
 Diocesan Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . .K
                                                              tism.                                                     Bows: Many gifts come with bright bows and
      Cursillo forms communities
                                                                 Candy canes: The cane represents the crook          ribbons. They remind us of the spirit of the com-
 Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K   with which the shepherd guides and, at times,          munity. A gift is tied with a bow, we should be tied
      Events, calendar                                        defends and saves the sheep. It symbolizes a help-     together with the bonds of goodwill.
                                                              ing hand and is the pattern for a bishop’s crozier        A gift: On every tree a gift should be placed a
 You’re invited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .L          or staff. The candy cane reminds us that we, like      gift for the poor or the church. It symbolizes a gift
      Events, celebrations, seminars                          our bishops, are to be supportive of those in need.    for the Christ Child. Just as the shepherds and
      Bishop’s calendar                                          Boat: Many disciples were fishermen, and our        wise men came with gifts, so we should come to
                                                              Lord taught the Beatitudes while sitting in a fish-    the manger bearing our gifts. Our gift may be a
                                                              ing boat. The Latin word for boat is “nave,” which     simple one, but it should symbolize our loving
      A community of                                          is the word used for the place where people sit in a   gratitude for our many blessings, but especially for
                                                              church. The church carries us to a safe harbor dur-    the gift of the Saviour’s love.
 disciples enthusiastically                                   ing the stormy times of life.
                                                                 Fish: “I will make you fishers of men,” promised    About the author:
   leading all people to                                      Jesus. In the early days of Christian persecution,     The Rev. Macolm Hughes is a retired priest and part-
                                                              the Greek word for fish was an acronym for “Jesus,     time Vicar at St. John’s, Shawano, and a member of
 transformation in Jesus.                                     Christ, Son of God, Savior,” and was a secret pass-    the Clarion Committee.

www.episcopalfonddulac.org                                                                                                     December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion A
  Russ’ Reflections                                                                                                                 The Clarion
Vision must be matched with passion                                                                                                  Our ministry
                                                                                                                         The Clarion reviews and previews news,
                                                                                                                        activities and events in and affecting the
   Editor’s note: This month’s “Russ’ Reflections” column   Antigo and St. Barnabas, Tomahawk, but making it
                                                                                                                        congregations and people of the Episco-
includes excerpts from the Pastoral Address delivered at    possible for Fr. Harlan Bemis to devote more time
                                                                                                                        pal Diocese of Fond du Lac. It also serves
130th Diocesan Convention.                                  to Ascension, Merrill. The lay leadership of Ascen-
                                                                                                                               as a means to create written
   This past summer I celebrated my 10th anniversary        sion has also accepted their challenge to grow.
                                                                                                                         dialogue on issues affecting the whole
as your Bishop. I spent some time reflecting on the            When I came to the Diocese of Fond du Lac, I
past 10 years and realized in many places we are still      said that true insanity is doing the same things that                         ----------
                                stuck in the mainte-        we have always done and expecting a different out-                       Our mission
                                nance mindset. That         come. Well, I think it’s time to start doing things         The Clarion is written to, for, and about the
                                has got to change, or       different, and the above two examples are just the           people of the Episcopal Diocese of Fond
                                more congregations will     beginning.                                                  du Lac. It is designed as a means for mem-
                                be asking the question,        Our vision talks about being a “Community of              bers of the diocese to communicate with
                                “How can we continue        Disciples.” For more than a year, the Executive             each other; for the diocesan staff to com-
                                to exist?”                  Council has been talking about the possibility of            municate with members of the diocese;
                                   I remind you, we have    moving the diocesan offices to a more central loca-            and to introduce new members and
                                a vision: to be “a com-     tion, so it is accessible for most of the people in the        friends to the people of the diocese.
                                munity of disciples         Diocese (see article, page E). The recommendation                               ----------
                                enthusiastically leading    also suggests that this be a “diocesan center.” With           Editor                       Dave Natzke
                                all people to transfor-     such a diocesan center, we might begin to feel more                            ----------
                                mation in Jesus.” I hope    like a “community of disciples” rather than a loose                  Clarion committee
there is not one person in this diocese that has not        federation of congregations.                                  Bishop Russell Jacobus, ex-officio
heard the vision at least a few times; and I hope that         We have a vision – “being a community of disci-               Matthew Payne, ex-officio,
many of you have adopted it as your own.                    ples enthusiastically leading all people to transfor-                  assistant editor
   But the vision is not enough. Along with the             mation in Jesus.” Now we need to have the passion                    Dave Natzke, editor
vision, we need to have the passion to make it a real-                                         to make it happen.            debi Cleworth, Ray Dodge,
ity. Passion for who we are as God’s people in this                                            That’s my challenge            The Rev. Malcolm Hughes,
diocese, and a passion for what Christ is calling us               “We have a vision –        – that we become                    Carol Gottard and
to do, is my challenge to all. I promise you will see           ‘being a community of         passionate for Jesus;     Beverly Schellhaass, resource assistants
me more passionate about our call to mission as the           disciples enthusiastically passionate in our                               ----------
people of God.                                                   leading all people to        faith.                                 Submissions
   Let me share with you some of the things that are          transformation in Jesus.’          In spite of the tur-      The Clarion welcomes submissions
in the developmental stages, or are actually begin-           Now we need to have the         moil in the Church,       from congregations and individuals from
ning to happen on the diocesan level, which I feel                                            please remember,              throughout the diocese. Mail to:
                                                               passion to make it hap-
are responses to the vision.                                                                  God is still God, and             The Clarion, P.O. Box 149
   The Diocese of Fond du Lac is about to sell the            pen. That’s my challenge the Church is still                    Fond du Lac, WI 54936-0149
former Christ Church, Green Bay buildings. At first             – that we become pas-         His gift to us.                       or e-mail files to
I was sad about this, but then realized that, in keep-          sionate for Jesus; pas-       Remember that Jesus          clarion@episcopalfonddulac.org
ing the buildings, we were supporting maintenance.               sionate in our faith.”       Christ is still Lord,          January deadline is December 1
The congregation purchasing the facility, a Church                                             and is the Savior of           February deadline is January 1
of God in Christ congregation, is growing and                                                  the world, not just
reaching more souls than we could have imagined.            savior of the Church.                                                Diocesan office
In an indirect way, we will be supporting people               I promise that I will work with passion to contin-
                                                                                                                        Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac
being lead to transformation in Jesus. I see this sale      ue proclaiming that message. I will work hard to
as a response to our vision.
                                                                                                                        P.O. Box 149
                                                            encourage all of you to do the same. I will make
   Another part of the vision is being fulfilled with       every effort to keep us together in the unity of            Fond du Lac, WI 54936-0149
the closing of St. Boniface Church, Chilton, at the         Christ, so that our very presence will be a witness to      Office phone . . . . . .(920) 921-8866
end of the year. This will allow Fr. Morrison to com-       others that we are “a community of disciples enthu-         Office FAX . . . . . . . .(920) 921-8761
mit fulltime to the ministry at St. Paul’s Plymouth.        siastically leading all people to transformation in
                                                                                                                        The Rt. Rev. Russell Jacobus, Bishop
The leadership of St. Paul’s has accepted this chal-        Jesus.”
lenge, and is beginning to plan to move forward.
This is turning our back on maintenance and mov-                                                                        Lay Canon Matthew Payne,
                                                            Yours in Christ Jesus,
ing into mission.                                                                                                       Diocesan Administrator
   I have been in conversation with the congrega-           +Russ
tions in the St. Aelred Cluster about revisioning
their ministry. With one priest responsible for the                                                                     Ross Doebler, Diocesan Youth
congregations in Antigo, Merrill, and Tomahawk,                                                                         Ministries Coordinator
it’s no wonder all three have struggled for so long.                                                                    ross@diofdl.org
We are working to sustain ministry for St. Ambrose,
                                                                                                                        Marge Goelz, Secretary,
  Please send all materials for publication in the Clarion to the Diocesan office, P.O. Box 149, Fond du Lac,           Archivist pro-tem
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Around the Diocese: Clergy

Trainors accept call to Church of Intercession
   The Church of the Intercession, Stevens Point is pleased to
announce the call of the Rev. Robert James (Jim) Trainor as
its Rector.                                                                                                                                                anniversaries
   Fr. Trainor comes to Stevens Point from El Paso, Texas                                                                                                  Seth Richmond
where he was rector of St. Francis on-the-Hill. His wife, the
                                                                                                                                                           Dec. 1, 1990
Rev. Mary Trainor, Deacon, will join the ministry at Inter-
cession. Together, they have led churches to new levels of dis-                                                                                            Michael Minter
cipleship and vibrancy.                                                                                                                                    Priest
   Prior to ordination, both of the Trainors worked at the Los                                                                                             Dec. 2, 1973
Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M. Jim was a
research physicist and deputy director of physics before he                                                                                                Barry Whenal
made the decision to devote more time to ministry work.
                                                                                                                                                           Dec. 9, 1972
Mary was a college biology professor and worked on com-
puter education systems and was a project leader for strategic                                                                                             David Drebert
planning.                                                                                                                                                  Priest
   Fr. Jim and Deacon Mary moved to Stevens Point in                         The Rev. Jim Trainor, his wife Deacon Mary, and their son                     Dec. 15, 2001
November, along with their son Lucas, who is a junior in                     Lucas, accepted the call to The Church of the Intercession,
high school. Two older children, Erica and Karl, live in Col-                                                                                              John Cell
                                                                             Stevens Point. The family moved to Stevens Point in November.
orado.               Mark Evans, Senior Warden, Church of the Intercession
                                                                             Two older children, Erica and Karl, are living in Colorado.
                                                                                                                                                           Dec. 16, 1978

Rev. Barbara Sajna accepts call to St. Luke’s                                                                                                              Joseph Mazza
                                                                                                                                                           Dec. 20, 1954
  The Rev. Barbara                                              ordained an Episcopal                 examined from the Christian point
Sajna has been                                                  priest in 1999. She has               of view.                                             Peter Bird
called to serve as                                              since served both Trans-                “One of the glories of the Episco-                 Priest
Vicar of St. Luke’s,                                            figuration and Good                   pal Church is its tradition of treasur-              Dec. 21, 2000
Sister Bay. She                                                 Shepherd Churches as                  ing learning,” she said. “It’s often
                                                                                                                                                           Hilary Crupi OJN
returns to Wiscon-                                              curate, assistant priest,             said, especially by people new to the                Priest
sin from the 1,800-                                             school chaplain and youth             Episcopal Church, that they really                   Dec. 21, 2002
member Church of                                                assistant.                            appreciate ‘not having to check their
the Transfiguration,                                              Her ministry specialties            brains at the door’.”                                C. Walton Fitch
Dallas, Tex.                                                    include preaching, teach-               Mother Barbara is a youthful 64                    Priest
  “Barb,” as she                                                ing, liturgy, pastoral care           years of age, and the mother of four                 Dec. 21, 1958
prefers to be called,                                           and spiritual guidance.               grown children. Barb’s mother,
                                                                                                                                                           William Forrest, OSB
was born and raised                                             She believes teaching                 Dorothy Reiser, and sister, Dorothy                  Priest
in Rhinelander, Wis.      The Rev. Barbara Sajna                should range from tradi-              Reiser-Antonuk, live in Rhinelander.                 Dec. 21, 1992
She did undergradu-                                             tional “Inquirers’ Classes”                      (Information supplied by Steve Elliott,
ate work in philosophy, and received to those                  in which popular culture is                          St. Luke’s Search Committee chair)
                                                                                                                                                           C. J. Aelred Glidden, OSB
her professional law degree from the                                                                                                                       Priest
University of Wisconsin-Madison in                                                                                                                         Dec. 21, 1992
1983. After practicing law for 10
                                                                                                                                                           Arthur Mattox
years in the firm of Drager & O’Brien
in Eagle River, she entered Perkins                                                                                                                        Dec. 21, 1994
School of Theology of Southern
Methodist University, and was                                                                                                                              Joseph Minnis
                                                                                                                                                           Dec. 21, 1962
  Rev. Susan                                                                                                                                               Kenneth Okkerse
  Schwab moving                                                                                                                                            Priest
                                                                                                                                                           Dec. 21, 1955
  to Boston                                                                                                                                                Steven Powers
   The Rev. Susan Schwab, a priest                                                                                                                         Priest
licensed to officiate in this diocese                                                                                                                      Dec. 21, 1971
and residing in Door County, is
                                                                                                                                                           Charles Thayer
relocating to the Boston area. She                Deacons’ Retreat                                                                                         Priest
was instrumental in the ministry to               The annual Tri-Diocesan Deacons Retreat was held in October at Camp Webb in                              Dec. 21, 1959
the people of Scandia Village                     Wautoma, Wis. This annual event draws deacons from the dioceses of Eau Claire,
through St. Luke’s, Sister Bay, and               Fond du Lac and Milwaukee, who spend time together praying, worshipping, dis-                            Sister Charis
was available for supply work.                    cussing and networking.                                                                                  Profession
                                                                                (Photo by the Rev. Karen Buker, Deacon from the Diocese of Milwaukee.)     Dec. 27, 1983

www.episcopalfonddulac.org                                                                                                              December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion C
Around the Diocese: People

Sandy Muinde,
Fr. Barry Whenal
receive 2004
Bishop’s Crosses
  Bishop Russell Jacobus presented
Bishop’s Crosses to Sandy Muinde,
Trinity, Oshkosh, and the Rev.
Barry Whenal, retired Rector of
Church of the Intercession, Stevens
Point, during the 130th annual
Diocesan Convention banquet, Oct.
  The Cross is awarded to persons
that have served both their congre-
gation and the Diocese in various
ways.                                    Bishop Russell Jacobus named Sandy Muinde and the Rev. Barry Whenal as
  In reading Sandy Muinde’s nomi-        recipients of the 2005 Bishop’s Crosses during the annual Diocesan Conven-
nation letter, Bishop Jacobus noted      tion banquet in Sturgeon Bay.
                                                                                                         (Photo by Ray Dodge)
“she exemplifies the life that Christ
has called us to live.”                 Trinity, also serves on Trinity’s Altar     In naming the Rev. Barry Whenal
  Muinde, who is senior warden of       Guild and Knitting Guild. She             as the second recipient, Bishop
                                        serves on the board and an active         Jacobus noted Whenal attended
                                        volunteer for the ‘Loaves and Fishes’     seminary at the Episcopal Divinity
     Previous Bishop’s                  feeding program. She is a member          School in Cambridge, Mass. He first
      Cross recipients                  of the choir, cooks meals for new         came to the Diocese of Fond du Lac            Deaths
                                        mothers or parish families with sick      in 1984, serving as the Vicar at St.          Mary Tozer LeQuesne
 1997   The Rev. Ed Smith and
                                        members, makes member visita-             Matthias, Minocqua.                           St. Matthias, Minocqua
        James Workman
                                        tions, is a member of the Daughters         After serving to the Diocese of             Aug. 25, 2004
 1998   Marilyn Crawford and
        the Rev. Wilson Roane           of the King, a lay reader, intercessor    Milwaukee for several years, Fr.
 1999   Sister Barbara Jean, the        and a coffee hour hostess.                Whenal returned to the Diocese of             Otis W. Graves
        Rev. Ken Okkerse and              She has been a member of the            Fond du Lac in 1996, serving as Rec-          All Saints, Appleton
        Gail Rallens                    diocesan Commission on Ministry           tor at Church of the Intercession,            Sept. 10, 2004
 2000   The Rev. William Johnston       since October, 1995, and assisted         Stevens Point, until his retirement
        and Cliff Morrison                                                                                                      Grace K. Shores
                                        with the presentation of several          this year.
 2001   The Rev. John Biggs,                                                                                                    All Saints, Appleton
                                        Diocesan programs. She has attend-          Whenal has served on many
        Marcia Biggs and the                                                                                                    Oct. 8, 2004
                                        ed numerous Diocesan workshops            diocesan committees, and continues
        Rev. Barbara Johnson            and events. Representing the Dio-         to serve as the Secretary and Regis-
 2002   The Rev. David Klutterman                                                                                               Emerson R. Jourdan,
                                        cese as a deputy to the 2003 General      trar of the Diocese in his retirement.
        and Richard Wilson                                                                                                      “Cookie”
                                        Convention, she was a member of                                                         Holy Apostles, Oneida
 2003   The Rev. Paul Feider,           the General Convention Committee
        the Rev. Diane Murray                                                                                                   Oct. 25, 2004
                                        on World Mis-
        and Hugh Nolin
                                                                                                                                   The Clarion publishes
                                                                                                                                    baptisms, marriages
                                                                                                                                        and deaths from
                                                                                                                                         throughout the
                                                                                                                                          diocese. E-mail
                                                                                                                                         information to:

                                                                                                                                  For baptisms, provide
                                                                                                                                         name, date and
                                                             St. Peter’s visitation                                                      parents’ names.
                                                                                                                                  For marriages provide
                                                              The Bishop received and confirmed a number of peo-
St. Paul’s confirmations                                                                                                         bride’s name (maiden),
                                                              ple during his visitation to St. Peter’s, Sheboygan
                                                                                                                                     groom’s name and
                                                              Falls on Oct. 17., 2004. Pictured are: (front row, l to r)
Those confirmed at St. Paul’s, Marinette on Oct. 10, 2004     Louise Bennin (r); Helen Suebert (r); Dawn Cuellar                        date of wedding.
are (front l-r): Sara Bertagnoli, and Emma Giebler. Pic-      (c); Raylyn Krauter (r); and Judy Behl (r); and (back                   For deaths provide
tured with the confirmands are (back, l-r): The Rev. Pat      row, l to r): Thomas Wilharms (c); the Rev. Greg                         name and date of
Rudolph, Deacon, Bishop Russell Jacobus, and the Rev.         Schultz, Deacon; Bishop Russell Jacobus; the Rev.                                    death.
Bill Bippus, Rector.                                          Samuel Nsengiyumva, Rector; and Lois Busch (c).

D December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion                                                                                       www.episcopalfonddulac.org
  Around the Diocese: News

Executive Council explores
moving diocesan office
 Creation of Diocesan Center               of the diocese.
                                             Times have changed. There was
   in Green Bay-Appleton                   one week this summer when the
      corridor suggested                   Bishop would have spent 15 less
   For more than a year, the Execu-        hours driving if his residence and
tive Council has been talking about        office would have been between
the possibility of moving the dioce-       Appleton and Green Bay.
san offices to a more central loca-
tion. At their August meeting, they          Q: When will the diocesan office
accepted a recommendation from a           move?
special task force to seriously consid-      A: There are no deadlines set. We
er relocation to a place somewhere         are actively seeking office space to
between Appleton and Green Bay,            meet the criteria set by the task force:
relatively close to Highway 41 or 29,      easy access, central location, house
so it is accessible for most of the peo-   offices and resource center. There are
ple in the Diocese of Fond du Lac.         also budget considerations. When
   The recommendation also sug-            and if the “best” location is found,
gests that this be a “Diocesan Cen-        the Executive Council will make the                                                 The Episcopal Diocese of Fond
ter,” not just an office. It should be a   final decision to enter into a lease.         Q: If the diocesan office moves,      du Lac is composed of over
resource center for use by all, includ-                                               will the Bishop move also? What          7,500 baptized members in 36
ing meeting space for committees             Q: If the diocesan office moves,         would happen to the Bishop’s Resi-       congregations and two sum-
                                                                                      dence?                                   mer chapels covering the
and commission, the archives of the        will the Cathedral move?
                                                                                         A: As with most clergy in the dio-    northeast third of Wisconsin.
diocese, as well as offices for the          A: No. The Cathedral is named the
Bishop, the Canon for Administra-          Cathedral in the Constitution of the       cese, the Bishop would purchase his
tion, the Youth Ministry coordinator       diocese, and would take a majority         own home and receive a housing
and, of course, adequate parking.
   “With such a diocesan center, we
                                           vote of two successive diocesan con-
                                           ventions to move its location. The
                                                                                         In terms of the current residence,
                                                                                                                                    Your input
might begin to feel more like a ‘com-      Bishop and Executive Council have          there are a number of possibilities.
                                                                                      The most promising is for the dio-
munity of disciples’ rather than a         no intention of seeking that change.
                                                                                      cese to work with a local housing           Many people have pro-
loose federation of congregations,”
                                                                                      ministry so it may make use of these      vided input into the explo-
said Bishop Jacobus.                          Q: If the diocesan office moves,
                                                                                      facilities. This could be done on         ration of the potential
   Following are some “frequently          what happens to Grafton Hall, the
                                                                                      either a rental or long-term land con-    move of diocesan office,
asked questions” regarding the             current location of the diocesan
                                                                                      tract basis. The Bishop has made it       including the Finance
potential move.                            office?
                                                                                      clear that the last thing he wants to     Committee, the Executive
                                              A: There are a number of possibili-
                                                                                      happen is to sell the property to any-    Council, the Cathedral,
  Q: Why move the diocesan office?         ties. One is for the diocese to work
                                                                                      one who would convert it into rental      the Greater Green Bay
  A: One factor for moving is the          with the Cathedral so it may use
                                                                                      housing.                                  Ministry Group, the
amount of time the Bishop spends           these facilities. Another is to contin-
                                                                                         When and if a final decision is        Office Move Task Force,
travelling. When the diocese was           ue to house the archives there, and
                                                                                      made on a new location, the Execu-        and other individuals.
founded in 1875, Fond du Lac was a         perhaps rent out additional space to
                                                                                      tive Council will examine the best          Your thoughts or ideas
transportation hub. Congregational         others. When and if a final decision
                                                                                      use to be consistent with ministry        are also welcomed. Simply
planting and growth paralleled the         is made on a new location, the Exec-
                                                                                      needs.                                    contact the diocesan office
train tracks, and the Bishop could         utive Council will examine the best
                                                                                                                                at (920) 921-8866 or e-mail
jump onto a train and take a direct        use to be consistent with ministry
route to almost every congregation         needs.

Ex-treasurer at Holy Apostles charged with embezzlement
  A former treasurer of Holy Apostles, Oneida          something that went on for a long time or to any      with the Church Insurance Company and is in
was charged with theft and false representation        great extent because the process involved in the      the process to recover most of the funds lost.
for allegedly stealing over $30,000 from church        diocese include controls related to overseeing          “This incident underlines the importance of
accounts. Tina House made an initial appear-           finances,” said Bishop Russell Jacobus, who           following processes outlined through the
ance in Brown County court October 28 to face          attended the court appearance.                        Canons of the church and the Manual of Busi-
felony charges involving her activities at Holy          Bishop Jacobus said the diocesan office and a       ness Methods in Church Affairs,” Bishop
Apostles.                                              finance committee of Holy Apostles had been           Jacobus said. “Vestries should receive regular
  Between November 2002 and August 2003,               working on the situation since last year. Holy        financial reports on all accounts of a congrega-
House allegedly embezzled money from several           Apostles formed a finance committee to review         tion. The Diocesan Office offers an annual Trea-
church accounts, according to a criminal com-          House’s activities and eventually called the          surer's Workshop and is ready to assist any con-
plaint filed last month. She allegedly made            Oneida Police Department with a theft and             gregation in proper accounting of church
unauthorized withdrawals and wrote fraudu-             forgery complaint.                                    finances.”
lent checks, apparently forging signatures to            If convicted, House faces a maximum sen-              (Portions of an article in the Green Bay Press-
write the checks.                                      tence of 10 years in prison and $25,000 in fines.     Gazette were used in compiling this information.
  “It was an unfortunate incident, but it was not        Holy Apostles carries criminal loss insurance

www.episcopalfonddulac.org                                                                                          December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion E
  Opinion, Letters

  Prayer, patience and study needed with Windsor Report
  By Bishop Russell Jacobus                               mission in and for the world, serve to draw us          peace’ (Ephesians 4:3).
                                                          together and hold us in fellowship.” Those
   The Windsor Report was issued by a commis-             include the authority and interpretation of               I realize some feel my call for prayer and
sion established by the Archbishop of Canter-             Scripture, as well as the role of the episcopate.       patience is, in reality, ignoring the division and
bury in response to actions in                                               The report lists instruments of      hurt that exists. I’m not ignoring anything. In
parts of the Anglican Commu-                                              unity, including the Archbishop         last year’s Pastoral Address I emphasized our
nion that have caused hurt and              “For now, I plead with        of Canterbury, the Lambeth Con-         need to remain in dialogue, and I reiterate that
division.                                                                 ference, the meetings of the Pri-       call.
                                        all of you to be in Christian
   The mandate to the commis-                                             mates and the Anglican Consulta-
sion was to consider “the canoni-          conversation with one          tive Council. These are analyzed,          Now is not the time for debate. This is the
cal understandings of commu- another, not using critical                  and specific recommendations            time for patience and prayer and study. After the
nion” and was to include “practi-           or blaming language.          are made regarding how these            Primates and the Anglican Consultative Coun-
cal recommendations for main- Instead, only talk with and instruments may be strengthened.                        cil meet, then we will need to gather in dialogue
taining the highest possible about each other, especial- Suggestions are also made regard-                        as a Diocese. This could be as early as next fall.
degree of communion that may ly those you disagree with, ing how the Anglican Commu-                              Or we may want to wait until spring after reso-
be possible” despite opposing in terms that will build up                 nion could maintain its unity.          lutions for General Convention have been devel-
positions within the Anglican               the Body of Christ.”                                                  oped. That would be a good time to be in con-
Communion.                                                                   At this point, the Windsor           versation with our General Convention
   I think the Windsor Report,                                            Report is only a report from a          Deputies if, in fact, they will be asked to make
which is almost 100 pages, is                                             committee. It was submitted to a        some kind of commitment to the Anglican
very insightful, yet challenging. I was impressed         standing committee of the Primates to plan for          Communion at the 2006 General Convention.
with its biblical and theological thoroughness            how it will be presented to the full meeting of         As we plan for diocesan-wide conversation, we
and with its candor, without being harsh.                 the Primates in February 2005. We need to wait          will keep all informed.
   The report begins with an elucidation of the           and see how the Primates receive the report, and           For now, I plead with all of you to be in Chris-
purposes and benefits of being in communion,              their recommendations.                                  tian conversation with one another, not using
including comments on the Biblical founda-                   There are other bodies of the Anglican Com-          critical or blaming language. Instead, talk with
tions, the theological developments, and the              munion, like the Anglican Consultative Coun-            and about each other, especially those you dis-
ecclesial procedures involved. The report goes            cil, which is like the vestry of the Anglican Com-      agree with, in terms that will “build up the Body
on to state: “Communion does not simply hap-              munion, that need to review the report and              of Christ.” Just as the future of the Anglican
pen. There are several aspects of our common              respond. That body doesn’t meet until next              Communion rests on its members “walking
life which, as well as fulfilling the primary pur-        June. And then, if an official response is              together,” as the Windsor Report suggests, let us
pose of enabling the Church to fulfill its Gospel         required of the Episcopal Church in the United          remember the walk begins with us.
                                                          States, it would seem appropriate that the                 Editor’s note: Bishop Jacobus’ comments on the
 Via Media curriculum                                     response be made by the 2006 General Conven-
                                                                                                                  Windsor Report were part of his Pastoral Address deliv-
                                                                                                                  ered to delegates and guests of the 130th Diocesan Con-
 is appreciated                                              There is much that lies ahead regarding the
                                                          report. I pray that we will not feel anxious, or feel

    To the Editor:                                        that an immediate response is necessary. I pray
    In the spirit of Bishop Jacobus’ Pastoral
                                                          that no one in our diocese will act precipitously,                                             The
                                                          causing more hurt or division. I pray that those
 Address and his hopes that “we might begin to            invested in the report and its outcome will pray,                                           Clarion
 feel more like a community of disciples,” I want         think, process, ponder and be patient.
 to recommend the Via Media educational cur-                 A bishop friend said to me: “The question                                             welcomes
 riculum which Fr. Dave Drebert has introduced
 at Christ the King, Sturgeon Bay.
                                                          remains, are the liberals and the conservatives,
                                                          at home and abroad, interested in the justifica-
                                                                                                                                            letters, opinions
    Fr. Dave, Deacon Kay and members of the               tion of their position or in reconciliation in the          As part of its ministry statement states, the
 Christ the King congregation have warmly wel-            Body of Christ. Justification is not a sacrament,        Clarion seeks “to create written dialogue on issues
 comed a number of us from St. James, and the             reconciliation is.”                                      affecting the whole Church.” To that end, we wel-
 content of the curriculum created a sense of                                                                      come letters and opinions from readers.
 community from the very first evening. The                  Will we in the Anglican Communion be able                The editor will make every effort to publish all of
 feeling of community extends beyond our own              to rise above our parochial boundaries to a larg-        those that:
 group to include the committed Episcopalians             er vision of the Church, which is the Body of               1) raise or respond to issues that are important
 who are featured in each video segment, effec-           Christ, and witnesses to His presence in our             to the Episcopal Church and especially the Dio-
 tively helping us to feel a part of a national           world? Time will tell. The stakes are high. In the       cese of Fond du Lac;
 church.                                                  last paragraph the report says: “The real chal-             2) are respectful of others in the discussion;
    Although we are only half way through the             lenge of the gospel is whether we live deeply               3) in most cases are less than 350 words.
 program -- which is based on a shared meal, a            enough in the love of Christ, and care suffi-               The editor is responsible for final decisions
 video presentation, group discussions, and wor-          ciently for our joint work to bring that love to         regarding publication of letters, and reserves the
 ship -- I am enthusiastic about the engaging,            the world, that we will ‘make every effort to            right to edit letters for length.
 spiritual conversations that it fosters. I think         maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of             Letters to the Clarion may be submitted via
 this approach would work well in many congre-                                                                     mail, fax or e-mail. All letters must include the
 gations, both to build on the community we
 already have, and to open a door to others inter-
                                                                    Setting it straight                            name, address and telephone number of the
                                                               Last month’s article, “Trinity celebrates 150
 ested in the Episcopal church.                             years in Oshkosh,” misidentified a Trinity staff          Send letters to: The Clarion, 217 Mandella Ct.,
                                                                                                                   Neenah, WI 54956; fax 920-721-9255; or
   Anne Schuette                                          member. Barb Schneider is the current office
                                                                                                                   e-mail dnatzke@new.rr.com.
   St. James, Manitowoc                                   manager. The Clarion editor regrets the error.

F December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion                                                                                              www.episcopalfonddulac.org
  Opinion, Letters

Convention, treatment of small churches raises questions
  By the Rev. Harlie Bemis                               to each other on a deep level. Ministry is alive in
                                                         the Cluster area (Ascension, Merrill, St.                       About the author:
   Cluster ministry is one of the paths the larg-        Ambrose, Antigo, and St. Barnabas, Toma-                        The Rev. Harlan Bemis is Vicar of the St. Aelred
er Church has used to maintain live, ongoing             hawk), thanks to caring, devoted and hard-                      Cluster, serving the congregations of Ascension,
ministry in small scattered congregations. It is a       working Christians in all three church.                         Merrill, St. Ambrose, Antigo, and St. Barnabas,
ministry that, in addition to                                          There are now major ministries to                 Tomahawk.
being comparatively inexpen-                                         the poor in Antigo and to children
                                        “The Cluster churches                                                            to poor churches and poor people are now con-
sive, requires that everyone in                                      in Merrill. Three isolated flocks of
                                    have moved one step closer                                                           sidered “maintenance” not mission, and we
the gathered churches use                                            Episcopalian Christians are regular-
                                     to closure for one reason:                                                          don’t do that anymore.
their God-given gifts for min-                                       ly receiving nourishment of God’s
                                    The richer diocesan church-
istry. When I arrived in the          es are not willing to help     Word and Sacrament, and the
Diocese of Fond du Lac, I did                                        churches are growing, if slowly. The                  But this is the tip of the iceberg. The Body of
                                      fund poorer, ‘struggling’                                                          Christ here is beginning to appear more and
not take into account suffi- churches, even those in less ministry to the poor in Antigo may
ciently the degree to which densely populated areas.”                continue with volunteer workers                     more like a golem, a golem carrying the values
clericalism and the vision of                                        and connected with the Neighbor to                  of our world rather than the wisdom of scrip-
“one church, one priest”                                             Neighbor program, which I hope                      ture. It is all about money and size and appear-
remains de rigueur here among the laity, as well         will continue in Lincoln and Langlade counties.                 ance, about how to market Jesus effectively. The
as the clerics.                                          But the ladies, in their 80s in Antigo and Toma-                Church used to be about ministry and witness-
   One professional priest and a deacon could            hawk, lifetime Episcopalians, some baptized in                  ing to life and justice; now it is about financial
adequately meet the needs of five or six congre-         the church where they continue to worship, are                  survival.
gations if a deacon were permitted to “assist”           about to lose their church home.                                  At this year’s convention, with 10 minutes to
the priest by administering communion in con-                                                                            go, the only business left to be transacted was
gregations when a priest is not present.                    The Cluster churches have moved one step                     taking action on three resolutions. We were told
   Local clergy and trained laity could be               closer to closure for one reason: The richer                    by the chair that the convention must close on
ordained or licensed in small congregations to           diocesan churches are not willing to help fund                  time. The three resolutions that remained were
perform a variety of ministries. This is not rad-        poorer, “struggling” churches, even those in                    on social justice and ministry to the poor. It
ical, it is has been going on in dioceses through-       less densely populated areas. The smaller and                   took less than 10 minutes to defeat all three,
out the United States for many years.                    poorer flocks are being left on their own until                 with no time for discussion.
   A priest is normally called to cluster work           they bleed out. Our goal is “mission, not main-                   The bulk of convention time was taken up
because she or he is committed to enabling peo-          tenance.” The message is “fill up your churches,                with discussions to reduce the churches’ indi-
ple for ministry, and training people to minister        live on dead men’s money, or fold.” Ministries                  vidual pledges to the diocese and, more espe-
                                                                                                                         cially, the diocese’s pledge to the National
                                                                                                                         Church. Some time was also spent in a descrip-
                                                                                                                         tion of the changes in the Church Insurance
   The Diocesan Treasurer’s Corner                                                                                       and Church Pension Fund. All money, all fiscal
   The problem(s) with large pledges                                                                                        Isn’t it time to return to our faith? Isn’t it
   By Jim Workman                                        pared to speak, and speak convincingly, about                   time as Episcopalians in Fond du Lac to turn
                                                         things that matter to them.                                     back to God, turn our lives and our wills and
    After reading this headline, one might ask:            Put another way, a large pledger often has the                even our opinions over to God? To read the
 “How can there possibly be a problem with a large       innate capacity to be a royal you-know-what to the              Gospels again, slowly, and to discover what
 pledge?” It isn’t the pledge that’s the problem. It’s   priest and the vestry.                                          walking in the footsteps of our Lord really
 the pledger.                                              The contrary tendency to capitulating to the                  entails? To regain the Spirit of God once again
    Let’s dismiss one problem at the start, the large    whim of the large pledger is to drive him off by                in our church? It doesn’t mean that we will be
 pledger who believes that his or her pledge autho-      not affording him or her the courtesy we should                 successful or rich or popular any more than
 rizes him or her to dominate parish policy. It can      extend to all members of the parish. Just because               Jesus was.
 be a tough assignment to tell someone who is            you hear more from the large pledger does not                      Isn’t it time to rediscover our faith and turn
 contributing a five-figure pledge that he or she        mean you should not evaluate his or her position                in repentance to God? Time to look at our sins
 has been outvoted on an issue, but the alternative      any less judiciously than you would evaluate any-               greed, power and security? Isn’t it time to get
 is to start down the road to a private chapel. Over     one else’s thoughts on a matter. And then you                   back to examining ourselves for our own per-
 time, it will become pretty private indeed. So          vote, and decide.                                               sonal sins? Time to plead guilty and be forgiven
 don’t strike that particular bargain, as tempting         Most of our parishes have a combination of                    and washed in the Blood of the Lamb?
 as it might be.                                         many small and medium sized pledges, and a few                     Isn’t it time to stop looking outside us for
    Let’s take the more congregational-minded            large ones. Not many of our parishes have an                    scapegoats (like homosexuals) who we can
 large pledger, who is not trying to buy voting          abundance of pledge income, so we must be care-                 freely demonize because they are not like us,
 power. The large pledger is, however, almost sure-      ful to hold on to whatever we have. The temporary               and we have nothing to do with them anyway?
 ly quite interested in what goes on in the church,      convenience of not having to deal with a royal                  Isn’t it time to focus, as Jesus did, on the needs
 and quite committed to the success of the church.       you-know-what for a few meetings will come                      of the poor and outcast, and to build our min-
 That is, for the most part, why he or she makes a       home to bite at the next stewardship drive.                     istries with Jesus’ goals in mind? Time to be
 large pledge. (I understand this may not square           Of course, if the large pledger starts threatening            concerned about how to feed the sheep entrust-
 with the philosophy of the tithe; I am speaking         to diminish or withdraw his or her pledge if he                 ed to us? Isn’t it time to use our shrewdness and
 pragmatically, not philosophically.) And often,         doesn’t get his or her way on some issue, refer to              savvy to the glory of God in expanding God’s
 though not always, people with the financial            the second paragraph. The right answer is not                   Kingdom, rather than the kingdom of this
 wherewithal to make a large pledge (I am refer-         always the easy answer.                                         world?
 ring to a large pledge in absolute terms, not the                          (Jim Workman is a member of St. Luke’s,
 widow’s mite) are fairly capable folks who are pre-                     Sister Bay and serves as Diocesan treasurer.)

www.episcopalfonddulac.org                                                                                                      December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion G
  130th Diocesan Convention

                               130th convention held at Sturgeon Bay
                                 Over 200 delegates, guests, clergy, volunteers and            in Green Bay, will feature Timothy Vanover, from the
                               exhibitors attended the 130th Annual Diocesan Conven-           Pension Group products and client services division, as
                               tion, held Oct. 22-23, 2004 at the Leathem Smith Lodge          well as Fred Swing, the Church Casualty Insurance vice
                               in Door County. The host congregation was St. Luke’s,           president for client services. This will be an opportunity
                               Sister Bay, with additional volunteers from the Church          for congregational leadership to learn about the expand-
                               of Christ the King Holy Nativity, Sturgeon Bay, Jackson-        ed products and services being offered by Church Insur-
                               port.                                                           ance.
                                 Due to the timing of the convention (Oct. 22-23) and
                               the release of the Windsor Report (Oct. 18), very little          Parish news
                               convention business dealt directly with the report. Dis-           Bishop Jacobus also listed “exciting things” happen-
                               cussion and eventual passage of a 2005 diocesan budget,         ing at the parish level:
                               including a proposed formula to address “restricted” giv-          • St. Paul’s, Suamico, acquired property several years
                               ing by individuals and pledge sent to the national church       ago. They have an architect’s rendering for a new facili-
                               dealt with the issue indirectly.                                ty, and they have a capital fund drive under way.
                                 The convention began with a banquet which included               • St. Matthias, Minocqua, also acquired property
                               the presentation of the Bishop’s Cross (see separate arti-      adjacent to the church, and has undertaken a $1.5 mil-
                               cle on page D) to Sandy Muinde, Trinity, Oshkosh, and           lion building campaign.
                               the Rev. Barry Whenal, retired Rector of Church of the             • The Diocese of Fond du Lac welcomed a former mis-
Bishop James Justman,          Intercession, Stevens Point.                                    sion congregation into union with the convention as a
Bishop of the East Central                                                                     parish. St. Mary’s of the Snow’s, Eagle River, under the
Synod of the Evangelical         Annual highlights                                             leadership of Fr. Lawrance Glenn, applied and was
Lutheran Church of Ameri-         The convention Eucharist and Bishop’s Pastoral               accepted by the Executive Council for parish status.
ca and guest of the Conven-    Address occurred on Saturday morning at Bay View
tion, offers some Scripture                                                                      See Convention, page I
                               Lutheran Church, Sturgeon Bay. In his address, Bishop
for the delegates.
                               Jacobus provided some highlights of the past year,
                                  • job restructuring within the diocesan office.
                                                                                                Convention Election Results
                               Matthew Payne, former Youth Ministries coordinator,              Elected to serve in a variety of capacities were:
                               was named Canon for Administration in the Diocese. A
                               new Youth Ministries coordinator, Ross Doebler, was              Ecclesiastical Court of Review
                               hired half-time, while serving as half-time Youth Minis-         The Rev. Malcolm Hughes, St. John’s, Shawano
                               ter at St. John's Episcopal Church, Wausau, Wis.                 The Rev. Lawrance Glenn, St. Mary’s, Eagle River
                                  • Bishop Jacobus announced the Diocese is about to            Mr. Wayne Winistorfer, Trinity, Oshkosh
                               sell the former Christ Church buildings in Green Bay.
                                  • The Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Fond du Lac            Executive Council
                               continues to flourish.                                           The Rev. Peter Bird, Holy Trinity, Waupun
                                  “Our summer camping program is one of the high-               Mrs. Winnie Hutjens, St. Anne’s, DePere
                               lights. This past summer I was honored to serve as chap-
                               lain for the senior session. It was truly a spiritual experi-    General Convention Deputies – Clergy
                               ence. I understand the Middler and Junior sessions were          The Rev. Vicki Natzke, St. John’s, Wisconsin Rapids
                               as inspiring. This year at Kinder-Camp, Deb Woolsey              The Rev. Peter Bird, Holy Trinity, Waupun
                               and Faith Sanders introduced many children and their             The Rev. Wilson Roane, Retired
                               parents to “Godly Play.” If your child or grandchild has         The Ven. Edwin Smith, St. Thomas’, Menasha
                               not experienced Fond du Lac summer camp, they have
                               really missed out on a very valuable encounter of faith.”
                                                                                                General Convention Deputies – Laity
                                                                                                Mrs. Sandra Muinde, Trinity, Oshkosh
                                  The Happening program continues to be strong, as is
                                                                                                Mrs. Sue Roane, St. Mark’s, Waupaca
                               Cursillo for adults. A Youth Lock-In at St. Thomas,
                                                                                                Mr. Gary Dreier, Intercession, Stevens Point
                               Menasha, was an experience that brought many young
                                                                                                Mrs. Blanche Powless, Holy Apostles’, Oneida
                               people into a deeper relationship with our Lord.
                                                                                                Standing Committee
                                 Church growth, training                                        The Rev. Wilson Roane, Retired
 The offering from the           During this past year, the Diocese of Fond du Lac              Mrs. Jeanne Marg, St. James’, Mosinee
 Convention Eucharist          brought the Rev. Kevin Martin, executive director of             Mrs. Sue Workman, St. Luke’s, Sister Bay
 totaled $1,132.00 and         Vital Church Ministries, back to the Diocese several
 was distributed to the        times to consult with larger congregations on church             Trustees
 Jim Larsen Boys and           growth opportunities and challenges. A consultation              The Rev. Seth Richmond, St. Anne’s, DePere
 Girls Club, Sturgeon          with the leadership of the family-size congregations is          Mr. Dan Hornung, St. James’, Manitowoc
 Bay Ministerial Associ-       planned for next spring.                                         Mrs. Ginny Steen, St. John’s, Wisconsin Rapids
 ation, and Lakeshore            Jacobus announced a workshop for congregational
 CAP, Inc. Food Pro-           leaders – wardens, treasurers, vestry members, secre-            Wisconsin Council of Churches
 gram. The amount was          taries – held last March would become an annual                  The Rev. Vicki Natzke, St. John’s, Wisconsin Rapids
 $377.33 each.                 “Vestry School” within the diocese, held on the first            Mr. Ron Alexander, St. John’s, Wausau
                               Saturday of March.                                               Sister Charis, SHN
                                 The spring 2005 Vestry School, set for March 5, 2005,

H December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion                                                                                     www.episcopalfonddulac.org
  130th Diocesan Convention

Diocese of Fond du lac holds 130th annual convention
Convention, from page H                                 • changing the membership of the Standing           lishment of a Diocesan Task Force on Social
                                                      Committee to four clergy and four laity for a         Witness – were not approved.
   The offering from the Eucharist was distrib-       term of four years;
uted to the Jim Larsen Boys and Girls Club,             • allowing a rural dean to succeed him or             Convention improvements promised
Sturgeon Bay Ministerial Association, and             herself;                                                After reviewing the convention evaluations
Lakeshore CAP, Inc. Food Program. The                   • allowing deacons to be elected to the Eccle-      and listening to comments from a variety of
amount was $377.33 each.                              siastical Court of Review;                            sources, Bishop Jacobus sent a letter to all con-
   The business portion of the convention               • allowing individuals to continue restrict-        vention delegates sharing how the diocesan
included elections, budget presentations (see         ing their pledges from the national church and        office plans to improve convention proceed-
separate articles) and resolutions. Among             using a 10% formula for calculating the nation-       ings for next year. The letter states that more
items brought before the convention from the          al church pledge (see related story below).           time will be made for prayer, a clearer call for a
floor were two motions to change traditional            Among those that were not passed was a res-         variety of voices in discussions will be made,
voting procedures when counting ballots for           olution making the allowance for individual           and balloting will not take place until Saturday.
offices with a large number of candidates. Both       restrictions of their pledge to the national            These changes will be made to help us con-
motions failed.                                       church permanent.                                     tinue to become “a community of disciples,
                                                        On voice votes, three others – dealing with         enthusiastically leading all people to transfor-
  Resolutions                                         affirming the United Nations Millennium               mation in Jesus,” he concluded.
  A number of resolutions were discussed and          Development Goals, establishing a Commis-
approved. Among those that were passed were:          sion on Social and Economic Justice, and estab-

Pledge to national church dominates budget discussion
                                    A significant portion of the convention
                                 business meeting discussion dealt with the       Calculating the Diocesan pledge to the National Church
                                 budget, especially the calculation of the        This example uses the actual numbers for 2004
                                 pledge to the national church.
                                    The Bishop announced the movement of          1) Pledges from congregations                                  $499,908
                                 the diocese to a 10-10-10 system, based on       2) Level of individual restrictions (24.7%)                   -$123,542
                                 the Biblical model of a tithe. The 10-10-10      3) Non-restricted pledge income                                $376,366
                                 system was detailed in the November 2004
                                 issue of the Clarion. Briefly, the 10-10-10      4) Non-restricted pledge income (from line 3)                 $376,366
                                 stewardship philosophy asks the individual       5) Investment income                                           $38,053
                                                                                  6) Contributions for Clarion                                    $9,853
                                 parishioner to move toward a pledge of 10%
                                                                                  7) Non-restricted diocesan operating income                   $424,272
                                 of their income to good works, the majority
                                 going to their local congregation. The con-
                                                                                  8) Non-restricted diocesan operating income (from line 7) $424,272
                                 gregation will then be asked to pledge 10% of    9) Percentage diocesan pledge to national church               10%
                                 its income to the Diocese. Then, the Diocese     10) Level of pledge to national
Diocesan treasurer Jim            will pledge 10% to the work of the national
Workman addresses the                                                             church (line 8 multiplied by line 9)                     $42,427.20
Convention regarding the                                                           On the expense side, the most significant change came as a result of a
                                     To begin that movement towards that
                                  system on the income side of the diocesan      decision made on a resolution regarding the pledge of the diocese to the
            (Photo by Ray Dodge)
                                  budget, the “fair share” pledge formula,       national church. The final decision was to take diocesan operating
the amount the diocese asks congregations to pledge to the diocese, has          income, remove the proportional amount that individuals asked to be
removed the “20% bracket.” The formula for 2005 will be 10% of the first         restricted from going to the national church, and pledge 10% of the
$25,000 of operating income to a congregation, and 15% of operating              remainder. Due to confusion over numbers and formulas during the
income above $25,000. The Finance Committee expects to reduce this               discussion, an example of the new calculation – as decided by resolu-
top bracket over the next few years until it is at 10% of all operating          tions approved during the convention – is provided above.
                                                                                                                Diocese of
 Diocese of Fond du Lac proposed 2005 budget                                                                   Fond du Lac
                                                                                                              2005 proposed
 Congregation Pledges                                              $528,031
 Endowment Income                                                    46,426
 Clarion Appeal                                                     $10,580
 Total Income                                                      $585,037

 Support for Outreach/Mission                                      $152,103
 Support for Congregation/Diocesan Ministries                       $58,089
 Support for Ordained Ministry                                      $29,440
 Support for Episcopate                                            $152,192
 Support for Administration                                        $192,496
 Total Expense                                                     $584,320

www.episcopalfonddulac.org                                                                                          December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion I
  Around the Diocese: Parochial Ministries

Luke, today’s health care providers honored
   The physician Luke was honored                                     Deacon Art Good (below) and
during a special healing service at                                   the Rev. Seth Richmond (left)
St. Anne’s, De Pere, on Oct. 18.                                      offered healing prayers during
   Luke, the only non-Jew to write                                    a special service to commemo-
books of the Bible, was a close com-                                  rate St. Luke, Oct. 18. Deacon
panion of Paul. If Paul succeeded in                                  Dale Hutjens also participated
evangelizing the western Roman                                        in the service, which featured
empire, Luke may have had more to                                     healing and prayers for health
do with it than we know. Perhaps                                      care providers from St. Anne’s
God used his medical skills to keep                                   and those invited from the outside community.
Paul alive some of those times                                        (Photos by Ray Dodge)
when he was beaten, stoned or half-
   Today, there are many other peo-
ple who work with physicians to
help promote and protect our                                                                                                      Parochial
health. We come in contact daily                                                                                                  Calendar
with those who care for our shel-
tered elderly, provide care for our                                                                                         DECEMBER
sick or special needs children, fill                                                                                        4 Holiday Bake &
our prescriptions, help us learn                                                                                               Craft Sale, 9 a.m.-4
how to walk again after knee                                                                                                   p.m., St. Olaf’s.
surgery, help protect our babies                                                                                               Amherst.
from communicable diseases by
scheduled immunizations.the list                                                                                            5   Advent Lessons &
goes on and on.                                                                                                                 Carols, High Tea, 4
   The service at St. Anne’s honored
those counted as members of this                                                                                                p.m., Grace Episco-
vast army of care providers. Many                                                                                               pal Church, Sheboy-
from St. Anne’s parish and those                                                                                                gan.
invited from the community were
there to be blessed and prayed over.                                                                                        5   St. Nick’s Jazz Mass,
                                                                                                                                5 p.m., St. Mark’s,
                                                                    St. Anne’s forms Peace                                      Waupaca.

                                                                    and Justice Ministry; holds                             19 Festival of Lessons &
                                                                                                                               Carols, 7 p.m., St.
                                                                    forum on tax amendment                                     Mark’s, Waupaca.

                                                                    By Ray Dodge                                            JANUARY
                                                                                                                            30 Parish annual meet-
                                                                       “Are Taxes too High? TABOR and the Common
                                                                    Good” was the title of a forum and discussion on           ing, All Saints,
                                                                    Oct. 21 organized by the newly formed Peace and            Appleton.
                                                                    Justice Ministry of St. Anne’s, DePere.                          The Clarion’s
                                                                       TABOR, an acronym for the “Taxpayer Bill of
                                                                                                                                 Parochial Calendar
                                                                    Rights,” is being proposed as a constitutional
                                                                                                                             includes special congre-
                                                                    amendment that would limit the spending of local
                                                                                                                            gational events that may
                                                                    and state government to the prior year’s budget plus
                                                                                                                            be of interest to others in
                                                                    the rate of inflation and the rate of growth in popu-
                                                                                                                             the Diocese of Fond du
                                                                    lation or new development. Forum speakers were
                                                                    state Rep. Frank Lasee, author of the proposal to         Lac and the local com-
                                                                    limit tax increases through an amendment to the         munity at large. Informa-
                                                                    state Constitution, state Sen. Robert Cowles, and        tion about these events
                                                                    County Supervisor Steve Fewell.                             is taken from parish
                                                                       The speakers were asked to present some factual       newsletters and/or sub-
                                                                    information, and to consider how TABOR might              mitted by members of
                                                                    affect the dignity of the individual, and whether it       those congregations.
                                                                    would promote the common good. Wisconsin’s                  Please note that the
                                                                    proposals for constitutional tax limits are being         deadline to list January
                                                                    compared to initiatives in other states including         2005 events is Dec. 1,
On Saturday, Oct. 9, area pets and their families gathered at St.
                                                                    Colorado, where critics say social services and local            2004. E-mail
Augustine, Rhinelander, to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of
Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Eugene Warden watches as       governments have been hurt severely. Proponents                information to:
Raps receives a blessing by the Rev. Dean Einerson, Rector.         say the taxpayer bill of rights fuels economic                     clarion@
After mass there was a Blessing of the Animals followed by cof-     growth, helping all citizens.                              episcopalfonddulac.
fee and social hour. There were treats for the animals and ani-        Ray Dodge is a member of St. Anne’s, DePere and a                  org.
mal crackers for the humans.                                        resource assistant for the Clarion.

J December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion                                                                                  www.episcopalfonddulac.org
 Around the Diocese: Diocesan ministries

Cursillo creates communities of disciples
By the Rev. Vicki Natzke                                      Sampson, St. Anne’s, DePere; Stan Kelderman, St. Mark’s,
                                                              Waupaca; and Steve Sanderson, St. John’s, Wausau.
   There has been much talk about our diocese and               Monarch Cursillo #59: Linda Montgomery, St. Anne’s,
parishes moving from maintenance to mission. Many             DePere; Rae Loos and Penny Cleworth, St. John’s, Wiscon-
leaders in the larger parishes have met with Canon Kevin      sin Rapids; Marcia Wisner-Holt, St. Matthais, Minoqua;
Martin to discuss church development. There has been          Thelma Clarage and Annette Van Laanen, St. Paul’s, Suam-                 Cursillo
an emphasis to form our parishes into communities of          ico; Myrtle Weston, St. Paul’s, Marquette, MI; Joan Sander-
disciples enthusiastically leading all people to transfor-    son, St. John’s, Wausau; Pat Stordahl, St. James, Manitowoc;             Calendar
mation in Jesus Christ.                                       and Trudy Herbst and Brenda Severin, Christ the King,                   Monarch Episcopal
   How does the diocese’s Monarch Cursillo Movement           Sturgeon Bay.                                                                Cursillo
fit into this new look of the diocese?                                                                                                Follow-Up Ultreya
                                                                                                                                        Dec. 5, 3 p.m.
                                                                 Becoming enthusiastic disciples                                          St. Anne’s
   Forming communities                                           During the Three-Day Weekend, participants deepen                         DePere
   Those who have attended the Three-Day Weekend and          their faith and gain a clearer understanding as to how to
are active in the Fourth Day activities refer to themselves   lead all people to transformation in Jesus Christ. The
as being in the Cursillo Community. They are active           weekend focuses on the elements of doctrine and disci-
Christians who are leaders in their own parishes and who      pline which help us to reach out with the Gospel. The
actively bring Christ into their environments. They are       talks and activities throughout the weekend build strong              About the
members of small communities called Group Reunions.           foundations of spirituality and leadership in the partici-            author:
Within these communities they are able to share their         pants. They leave that weekend enthusiastic leaders ready             The Rev. Vicki Natzke
faith struggles, be lifted in prayer and gain a deeper        to transform their environments for Jesus Christ.                     is rector of St. John’s,
understanding as to where and how to put their apostolic         Thus, Cursillo’s intent is to form communities of dis-             Wisconsin Rapids. She
action to work.                                               ciples enthusiastically leading all people to transforma-             is a member of the
   These small communities then gather into a larger          tion in Jesus Christ, a vision identical to that of the Dio-          Secretariat of the
community at periodic Ultreyas. The Group Reunions            cese of Fond du Lac.                                                  Monarch Episcopal
and the Ultreyas are where participants study their every-       That’s what disciples do. They make friends, are                   Cursillo Movement in
day life-settings in order to plan how to carry out Christ-   friends, and bring their friends to Christ.
                                                                                                                                    the Diocese of Fond
ian witness.                                                     Over the years, Cursillo has helped hundreds of Epis-
                                                                                                                                    du Lac.
                                                              copalians in this diocese learn to live as faithful witness-
   The newest Cursillistas                                    es to God’s call of mission and ministry in all environ-
                                                                                                                                    FOR MORE
   Seventeen new members have joined the Cursillo Com-        ments.
munity by attending the latest Three-Day Weekends,               Cursillo is a movement of the church. The strong spir-
held Oct. 28-31 (men) and Nov. 4-7 (women). Participants      itual foundation and community the Cursillo method
included:                                                     provides can only help our churches develop into
                                                                                                                                    Log on to www.
  Monarch Cursillo #58: Bill Loos, Bob Cleworth Jr. and       stronger and more vibrant and welcoming Christian
John McCandless, St. John’s, Wisconsin Rapids; Chris          communities.                                                          monarchcursillo.org.

 Around the Diocese: Youth                                                                           Youth Calendar
Youth reminders: Upcoming events                                             5      Happening #57-Staff Training,          Summer Camp
  Upcoming events detailed in previous                                              1-7 p.m., All Saints, Appleton.
issues of the Clarion:                                                       10-12 Happening #57, All Saints,
                                                                                 Appleton. A high school retreat
  Happening #57, Dec. 10-12                                                                                              12-18 Summer Camp
   Happening, a one-time experience for                                          experience. (Cost is $35. Open
                                                                                 to youth grades 10-12, adults               Senior Session
young people who have completed their                                                                                    18-23 Summer Camp
first semester of 9th grade through 12th                                         who work with youth). Log on
                                                                                 to: http://happening.episcopal-             Middler Session
grade, will take place Dec. 10-12, 2004 at
                                                                                 fonddulac.org.                          AUGUST
All Saints, Appleton.
   For more information, contact Ross Doebler at (715) 212-3340 or           27-28 College Age Reunion, Camp             14-16 Summer Camp
(920) 921-8866; or e-mail: ross@diofdl.org. Log on to www.episcopal-             Webb, Wautoma. No cost. E-                  KinderCamp Session
fonddulac.org/orgs.asp and click on “Youth Ministry: Happening”                  mail with your name and mail-           14-18 Summer Camp
                                                                                 ing address to                              Junior Session
College age reunion at Camp Webb, Dec. 27-28                                     collegeage@diofdl.org or call
  All college age young adults (18-25) are invited to attend a College           the diocesan office at (920)
Age Reunion, Dec. 27-28 at Camp Webb in Wautoma.                                 921-8866.
  There is no cost, and no set agenda. But there will be time for hang-
                                                                                 For information on youth activities
ing out, playing games, worship, skiing (if there's snow), fires or what-
                                                                                   in the Diocese of Fond du Lac,
ever else the group might want to do.                                              contact Ross Doebler at (920)
  To make sure you get the information for this reunion, send an email                   921-8866 or e-mail
with your name and mailing address to collegeage@diofdl.org or call                       ross@diofdl.org.
the Diocesan Office at (920) 921-8866.

www.episcopalfonddulac.org                                                                                       December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion K
  Around the Diocese: You’re invited

Women’s Advent Quiet Morning scheduled                                                                      Reminders: Upcoming events
  A Women’s Advent Quiet Morning, open                Eucharist will conclude the day.                       Upcoming events detailed in previous issues
to all women in the diocese, will be held Sat-          This Quiet Morning offers an excellent             of the Clarion:
urday, Dec. 4, 8 a.m.-noon at St. Thomas,             opportunity to set aside some time during               The Province V meeting of the Episcopal
Menasha.                                              the busy season of Christmas to focus on our         Church Women (ECW) will be held March 11-
  The event will begin with Morning Prayer,           relationship with the One who is the reason          13, 1005, at the Marriot West, Waukesha. Reg-
followed by three meditations on “Inner               for the season.                                      istration deadline is Dec. 15, 2004. Cost is
Healing” by the Rev. Paul Feider, Vicar of St.          No reservations are necessary but to assist        $250.00 per person, including food and lodg-
John’s, New London. A continental breakfast           with planning for food, please call the St.          ing for the entire conference. For additional
will be available. A celebration of the               Thomas office at (920) 725-5601.                     details, call Barbara Drewry-Zimmerman at
                                                                                                           920-893-5189 or e-mail bzimmy@excel.net.
School for Christian Healing planned for 2005                                                              2005 Washington Island Forum
  Another School For Christian Healing                   The School of Christian Healing and Spir-           The Washington Island Forum, sponsored
and Spiritual Enrichment will be held on               itual Enrichment is meant to be a place for         by the Wisconsin Council of Churches,will be
three Saturdays, Jan. 22, Feb. 19 and Mar. 19,         instruction and support as people seek to           held July 11-15, 2005 on Washington Island, off
2005. All sessions will be held at St. John’s          participate in the healing ministry of Jesus in     the tip of Wisconsin in Door County.
Church and Center for Inner Peace, New                 their local communities. In addition to the           The 2005 Washington Island Forum features
London, 8:45 a.m.-4 p.m. each day.                     days of instruction and prayer, Feider and his      Eugene Peterson, Presbyterian pastor, theolo-
  The sessions will be led by the Rev. Paul            staff are available for guidance and support.       gian, best-selling author and
Feider, nationally known for his work in spir-           The program is open to people of all              teacher.
itual direction, healing prayer and scripture          denominations, but registration is limited to         Early registration is recom-
study. This school deals with topics such as:          50 people. Lunch is provided, along with            mended. A $100 deposit
Scriptures on Healing; Understanding Dis-              some snacks. To register, send your name,           holds your registration. The
ease; Spirituality of Healing; Inner Healing;          address and phone number, along with the            total fee is $200 before Mar. 1;
Intercessory Prayer; Processing Feelings; and          $75 donation to: Mission Ministries, 1513           $225 per person after Mar. 1.
How to Share the Gift of Healing. Fr. Paul's           Pinewood Lane, New London, WI 54961.                Meals are available for non-regis-
newest book, “Resting in the Heart,” is the              For more information contact the Rev.             tered guests.
main text.                                             Paul Feider at (920) 982-0970.                        For details, visit www.wichurches.org/
                                                                                                           events/evnt-wash.html or call Jan Johnson, Wis-
                                                                                                           consin Council of Churches, at (608) 837-3108.
‘Healthy Connections for Clergy Spouses’ program set
  A kickoff event for Christos Ministries’             Hartford, Hartland, Mequon, West Bend
“Healthy Connections for Clergy Spouses”               and Milwaukee’s east side.                          Clarion: funding appeal
program will be held Jan. 15, 2005. The event            Through this program, clergy spouses col-           As a member of the Diocese of Fond du Lac,
will be held 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Church of           laborate with Christos Ministries’ staff,           you receive the Clarion at no direct cost. To
the Resurrection, Pewaukee.                            working through 12 months of discussion             help cover publishing and mailing expenses,
  Registration deadline is Dec. 28, 2004, and          guides on topics critical to clergy families.       we ask that household donate at least $12 per
space is limited. There is no cost to partici-         Teams of 2-4 spouses then meet monthly for          year to assist in the important ministry of our
pate. Child care will be provided.                     sharing and support, and then pass on their         Diocesan life.
  Christos Ministries is a non-profit organi-          experience and discoveries.                           An appeal (along with a self-addressed enve-
zation that provides confidential, faith-                For more information, call 888-879-3000,          lope) was mailed to each household receiving
based counseling and support services to               e-mail churchprohelp@christosministries.            the Clarion in November. If you did not receive
church professionals, their families and con-          org or log on to www.christosministries.org.        an appeal, or it was misplaced, please send
gregations. It has locations in Elm Grove,                                                                 donations to: The Clarion, P.O. Box 149, Fond
                                                                                                           du lac, WI 55936-0149.

    The Bishop’s Calendar                          DECEMBER
                                                                                 18   Sexual Misconduct Prevention      14-15 Deacons’ School, Wausau
                                                                                      Workshop, 9 a.m.-noon, St.        16 Visitation, St. Thomas,
Listed on the “Bishop’s Calendar” are                      1     2    3    4          John’s, Wausau                         Menasha
Parish visitations, Diocesan functions
                                            5   6 7        8     9   10   11     25 Christmas Day                       30 Visitation, St. John’s,
(which the Bishop may or may not be
                                            12 13 14      15    16   17   18     27-28 Reconnect: College Age                New London
involved in personally), and other
                                            19 20 21      22    23   24   25          Reunion, Camp Webb, Wau-          31-2 Diocesan Clergy Retreat,
events at which the Bishop is a partici-
                                            26 27 28      29    30   31               toma                                   Norbertine Center for
pant. Personal appointments with
                                                                                                                             Spirituality, DePere
individuals will never be listed publicly        ing, Memphis, TN
in this calendar.                                                                           JANUARY
                                            10-12Happening #57, All Saints,                                        1    FEBRUARY
                                                 Appleton                                                               9      Ash Wednesday
DECEMBER                                                                          2     3 4       5       6 7      8
                                            12 Visitation, St. James, Mosinee
2   Clergy Day, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.,             14 Wisconsin Council of Churches      9    10 11     12      13 14    15
                                                                                  16   17 18     19      20 21    22    MARCH
    Trinity, Oshkosh                             Board meeting, Green Lake
                                                                                  23   24 25     26      27 28    29    5      Vestry School, 9:30a.m.-
3   Wisconsin Bishops’ Dinner               14-15State Judicatory Leaders                                                      2:30p.m., Green Bay
5   Visitation, St. Boniface, Chilton            Retreat, Green Lake              30   31
                                                                                                                        22     Diocesan Chrism Mass,
5   Happening Staff Training, 1-7           16 Bethany House Board meeting,                                                    11 a.m., St. Paul’s Cathedral,
    p.m., All Saints, Appleton                   Fond du Lac                     JANUARY                                       Fond du Lac
6-9 Bishop’s of Small Diocese Meet-         17-18Deacon’s School, Wausau         5-12 Bishop Jacobus vacation

L December 2004 Episcopal Life/The Clarion                                                                                     www.episcopalfonddulac.org

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