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					                    Pooling Our Experience: So-Jus Diversa-Villages
                       Now Forming: Networking for Peace So-Jus Diversa-Village.
“After fifteen years of the women’s movement, the gap between women’s earnings and men’s is greater than ever,
women earning on the average only fifty-nine cents to every dollar men earn, the average male high school drop-out
today earning $1,600 more a year than female college graduates.”

“We must take a fresh look at work and the demands made by corporations, schools and government, and recognize the
possibilities of flextime, part-time, job-sharing, and split-shift work and education. We must think in terms of restructuring
the home itself, so that it can be made more suitable to the demands and diversity of our new families.”

“I believe that we have to… move into the second stage… …the second stage involves coming to terms with the family - new terms with love and with
work. The second stage may not even be a woman’s movement. Men may be at the cutting edge of the second stage. The second stage has to
transcend the battle for equal power in institutions. The second stage will restructure institutions and transform the nature of power itself.”

“For there is a real backlash against the equality and the personhood of women - in American, as in Islam and the Vatican. Dangerous reactionary
forces are turning women back to the old dependence, silencing women’s new voice …in ways we do not clearly understand. In the name of the family,
they would destroy the new equality that gives the family strength to resist dehumanizing forces that are emerging in the seeming impotence of capitalist
America, in the resurgence of fundamentalist religion, in neofascism and in autocratic communism, and in the chaos of the Third World. We must ask
new questions or we could lose in the economic and emotional turbulence, the measure of equality that is essential to strengthen human life - and the
future of the family. The first stage, the woman’s movement, was fought within, and against, and defined by that old structure of unequal, polarized male
and female sex roles.”

The experts of psychology, sociology, economics, biology, even the new feminism experts, are still engaged in the old battles, of women versus men.
The new questions that need to be asked - and with them, the new structures for the new struggle - can only come from pooling our experience…”

-Betty Friedan, from „The Second Stage.‟ Betty Friedan was also the author of „The Feminine Mystique‟ and the founder and first president of the
National Organization for Women (NOW).
                                            Title of Presentation: Pooling Our Experience: Creating
                                            So-Jus Diversa-Villages. The most effective means of using time,
                                            rent, utilities, gas, childcare resources and volunteers in long-term
                                            organized resistance activities

                                            IMPORTANT: Large print and many multilingual versions of this anti-
                                            copyrighted document are available at:
                                            Description of Presentation: In this course we will cover four elements. First we will very briefly discuss a few
                                            reasons why minorities, marginalized groups, single parents and extremely low-income people don‟t participate
                                            in activist groups more often. Second, we will discuss how creating multiracial, multicultural communities in
which activists live and work together in a group of private homes, yurts or village-huts, is the most effective means of using time, rent, utilities, gas,
travel time, childcare resources and volunteers in long-term organized resistance activities. Third, we will cover the need to internationally network those
groups in order to prevent the traditional fragmentation amongst community activist groups and in order to enable those communities to most effectively
confront the pillars of globalization. And fourth, we will discuss some of the most effective methods used to create a multicultural, multiracial true
community known as a So-Jus Diversa-Village.

Each So-Jus Diversa-Village has 100% wheelchair access to all bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition each has: A. a group of private homes with a shared common
house or B. a single home, ranch, farm, or tent city with individual rooms or tents with a shared common house (until a group of private homes with a shared common
house can be created). The podcast has 24 hour internet hour access to resources which may include a photocopier, a computer, a scanner, a workshop room, a
podcast (internet radio) creation room, an activist library, a garden or greenhouse, a children‟s playroom and maybe Braille transcriber equipment.

For students and activists, the bottom line to these communities is… do you want your home/dormitory, study room, your babysitter and your
 job in 4 remote areas of the city? Or do you want them all in one community? And if you want them in one community… are you willing to
                                help create it? Don’t wait for someone else to create it… start creating it today!
       Type of Housing                                Advantages                                                             Disadvantages

 Traditional Intentional Community                  Unity at home and at work                                      You are NOT part of a network:
                                                People living together and working            You could live in a traditional intentional community your whole life, pay
Definition: People living together many        together. A Bulletin board for finding       hundreds of thousands of dollars to help make it a wonderful community but
 times with shared economy such as              intentional communities is found at            you could still get „voted out‟ or „kicked out‟ if one of the below occurs:
income, assets, property and liability. by clicking on         #1. Someone engages in illegal activities, or activities which prompt a lawsuit
Many Intentional Communities have a          'post to photo-classifieds' or clicking on   and causes the entire community to be seized by the government, or to be sold
   mission statement of egalitarian,                  the word „communities.‟                                           because of a lost lawsuit.
 progressive and/or non-authoritarian                                                             #2. A major, unresolved disagreement or personal crisis occurs
values. Most intentional communities              For a directory of thousands of          #3. New groups of blatantly ageist people take control of the leadership in the
      in the USA are fee-required            intentional communities worldwide go to         group and force you, during your senior years, to move out. (This type of
              communities.             , and click on directory          ageism is increasing as the baby boomer generation becomes the largest
                                                              listings.                                               senior population in history).

    Traditional Cohousing Group              Reduced Liability, Increased Privacy         In a Traditional Cohousing Community… You are NOT part of a network
                                                                                          (see details #2 and #3 above).
Definition: People living together, often    If one member decides to independently
     with no shared economy. Unlike            do something illegal (such as illegally    Also, you could still get „voted out‟ or „kicked out‟ by consensus if one of the
  traditional intentional communities,         use grow, distribute, or sell drugs from   below occurs:
most residents have their own separate       their private home within the community)
 kitchens, living rooms, restrooms and              if they are arrested, then the        #4. Traditional Cohousing is a fee-required group and even if you worked your
   they own their own separate home          government only takes their home within      entire life and paid rent or mortgage on your cohousing unit on time your entire
within the community, thus maintaining         the community, rather than to unjustly     life, if you discover that you can‟t continue paying the rent or mortgage (due to
    their privacy even while living in a     take all the homes within the community.     emergency, loss of a high paying job, a divorce causing high alimony
community. Sometimes the traditional                                                      payments, etc.,) you will lose your cohousing home to the bank or to the
    cohousing group is managed by a                                                       traditional cohousing group like in any other non-community living situation.
 housing association or condominium                                                       Also, due to the sky-rocketing high cost of a traditional cohousing home
association group (usually on a strictly                                                  ($200,000 - $500,000, minimum, each) your semi-wealthy neighbors may
     fee-required basis). All known                                                       support oppressive political ideologies and tax laws which do not help the poor,
cohousing groups in the USA are very                                                      marginalized people of our society.
      high fee-required communities.                                                      #5. If you become outspoken about progressive views such as ending ableism,
                                                                                          ageism, classism, homophobia, racism and sexism within your cohousing
                                                      .                                   group you may be „kicked out by „group consensus...‟ minus one… you.

       So-Jus Diversa-Village                      Unity at home and at work
                                                      (See details above).
Definition: A So-Jus Diversa-Village is                                                                          A So-Jus Diversa-Village is a true community. No true
  an ecovillage with an emphasis on          Reduced Liability (see details above):            community can sit back and do nothing (or simply throw money with no
Social Justice and Diversity. The word       This is important as this community will        accountability to the Red Cross and Salvation Army) while a crisis such as
 So-Jus is short for Social Justice and          serve people of all backgrounds.                  Hurricane Katrina is occurring within their country. The greatest
  Diversa is short for diversity. It is a                                                   disadvantage to becoming a So-Jus Diversa-Village member, is that in
true community that is strictly not-for-         You are part of a network:                     one way or another, members will all help to rescue and provide
    profit, with no fee and no rent           Members are part of a network of So-        assistance to victims of cold weather and disasters, worldwide, when the
 required from community members.              Jus Diversa-Villages worldwide.             government leaves them to die. Sixty-percent of the income needed to run
                                                                                          the So-Jus Diversa-Village would come from donations and grants. [There are
           It is a combination of             Unlimited Resources: Members have            many people who believe that the Salvation Army and the Red Cross support
  characteristics from the following          24 hour access to resources such as a          policies of sexism, homophobia and are over-burdened with responsibility.
         fee-based communities:              photocopier, scanner, fax, computers, a             “The case continues to be made that this congressionally chartered
 • the progressive characteristics of an      workshop room which they can reserve        organization is dysfunctional.” –Bernie Thompson, Democratic Representative
           intentional community                to teach private classes, a podcast        from Mississippi, as Congress began an inquiry in January 2006 into how the
     • the privacy characteristics of a      (internet radio station) creation room, an   Red Cross mismanaged relief efforts and funds for Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 and
           cohousing community               activist library, a garden or greenhouse,          other disasters. “Salvation Army Rates High on Finances but Low on
   • the ability to provide activists with                                                Governance… unlike most other major charities, it is not required to file public
   resources which is characteristic of                                                     information because it is considered by the IRS and state authorities to be a
    increasingly popular independent                                                         church…over $2 billion in income.”- The American Institute of Philanthropy,
          resource centers and…                                                               a nationally prominent charity watchdog service whose purpose is to help
   • …the networking characteristic of                                                     donors make informed giving decisions. Read more at,
                                                               a children‟s playroom
indigenous tribes that enables activists                                                    click „articles.‟] Furthermore, all donations will have an anonymous tracking
                                               and maybe even Braille transcriber
  to travel and relocate temporarily or                                                   number, in a manner which allows donors the private ability to see where their
                                                equipment so all material can be
  permanently yet still be a part of the                                                  donations went to on the internet. If the postal service can charge less than 75
                                               converted into Braille. A nationwide
same activist network having unlimited                                                      cents extra for such an online tracking number to track a $5 package mailed
                                             publication will also support member‟s
    resources and support with them                                                       anywhere, why is it that non-profit and not-for-profit groups
                                              independent progressive business to
              wherever they go.                                                            can‟t do the same for a $20 donation? They can… if they
                                               encourage members to unplug from
                                                                                           want to. Its time for more public accountability and much
                                             multinational corporate employers. See
                                                                                                           more community compassion.
                                                  regional magazine example at
      Traditional Activist Group                          Unity at work                   Never-ending, endless individual personal expenses. Volunteers at groups
                                               People working together only in the        working to end poverty/homelessness, can‟t even house, adequately feed or
   Definition: Progressive activists.                     activist group.                 even provide public transit tokens or bus passes to their own volunteers.
                                                                                          Winter causes many groups to temporarily/permanently end.
                                     Discrimination Characteristics                                        Decision-Making Process                     Type of Housing
Ageism in Traditional Intentional Communities (IC’s)- Increasingly, many IC‟s blatantly and
unapologetically discriminate based on age. They even state in their paid ads in magazines “We                      Greatly Varies.
can only accept a limited number of seniors” or “we need people in their 20‟s and 30‟s only.”                                                             Traditional
Homophobia in Traditional Intentional Communities- Many IC‟s are based on a religion and                 Sometimes the formal cohousing                   Intentional
are strictly homophobic, sometimes even sponsoring protests at LGBTQ events and marriages.            consensus process is used (see details              Community
Mind Control and Slave Labor in Traditional Intentional Communities- Visit                          below).
to read their list of well-documented Mind-Control intentional communities. Direct URL:
Classism in Traditional Cohousing – Cohousing is one of the worst forms of institutionalized          Strictly Consensus. The formal
classism within communities on earth (in industrialized countries). It is extremely common that       cohousing consensus process is a
those who are individually ‟selected‟ by the group, must then pay for membership fees (often          decision making process which
monthly) and/or a home before being admitted and/or being „allowed‟ to participate in group           promotes ableism, ageism, classism,
community decisions. Most cohousing in the USA strictly has no multilingual access and no             racism, sexism and authoritarian rule
Braille access despite having multimillion-dollar budgets.                                            over others by a privileged few. This is
Racism in Traditional Cohousing – Cohousing was a very good idea when found in Denmark in             because the process disproportionately
the 1960s, but when brought to the USA, in the 1980s‟ it was transformed into a new form of           gives unlimited power to aggressive
gentrification, a form of gated community, which uses expensive houses as the gates.                  people, yet it silences various genders,
Cohousing (a term coined by cohousing consultants who currently offer community help to people        with vocal physical disabilities,
who can afford their fees of thousands and thousands of dollars for consultations) may very well      members of various cultures                         Traditional
be the worst form of institutionalized community racism currently existing in the USA (excluding      (particularly new immigrants), ages                 Cohousing
groups with mission statements which clearly promote racism such as the KKK, Skinheads, neo-          (particularly teen-agers or very elderly              Group
Nazi‟s, etc., ). Most books written about cohousing even state that most cohousing                    members), and members who are
developments in the USA have very few or absolutely no people of color. The few people of color       uncomfortable with „blocking‟ the entire
‟selected‟ after an approval process (which sometimes includes a credit check, extensive rental       group‟s consensus decisions even if
history, multiple cross-country visits to the community which the person of color must entirely pay   they completely disagree with it. Rarely
for, etc.,)… must then pay for high monthly membership fees and/or a home before being                does the process ever have multilingual
admitted and/or being „allowed‟ to participate in cohousing decisions. Most cohousing in the USA      or Braille access. For more information
strictly has no multilingual access despite their multimillion-dollar budgets and yet they            please see Zoe Mitchell‟s 57-page
(particularly in the South) hire off-site, non-member, janitorial servants and babysitters at non-    thesis ‟A Critique of Consensus.‟ The
union wages who know very little, or no English. People who support capitalism will find that they    critique can be found at:
are at home in traditional cohousing groups because they can accrue and horde „capital‟ in the
form of endless money poured into their individually owned homes without concern for social           or found as a PDF document at
justice or for access to people who cannot afford to pay their rent and fees.               

                                                                                                                    Greatly Varies
Ideologies - People who support and promote ableism, ageism, classism, homophobia, racism
and sexism may find that they do NOT feel at home in a So-Jus Diversa-Village. Unlike                                                                       So-Jus
traditional cohousing communities, each So-Jus Diversa-Village has a mission statement which                                                            Diversa-Village
states that members strive to end (in alphabetical order) ableism, ageism, classism, homophobia,                                                         Community
racism and sexism while working for world peace. “True Peace is not the absence of tension, it is
the presence of justice.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail
                                                                                                       It is a not-for-profit group, but it is not a
The full text (a highly recommended resource) of the Letter from Birmingham Jail can be found at:       non-profit (501c3) group so members or found as a PDF document at                   are legally able to practice freedom of
                                                                                                        speech, make united statements and
                                                                                                           reach decisions without restriction.
Ableism in Traditional Activist Groups – Many have such small budgets that they must rent             Greatly Varies. Group decisions are
space in buildings with no wheelchair access, and office materials are placed far up on               severely restricted in non-profit (501c3)
high bookshelves, inaccessible to wheelchair users, in order to save space. They often                activist groups and freedom of speech
have no material in the entire office which has Braille or multilingual access (including             is sacrificed in exchange for tax-breaks.
„welcome brochures or welcome flyers.‟) Unfortunately, stairs with no elevator and                    Unity is discouraged as members are
wheelchair inaccessible restrooms are sadly considered „the norm‟ rather than „a gross injustice‟.    forbidden from speaking out against                 Traditional
Ageism in Traditional Activist Groups – Many have very poorly lit offices, which is important as      even the most extreme and oppressive                 Activist
a very well lit office area is one of the leading reasons why so many people, including elderly       politicians. Even if the group decided                Group
progressive activists, prefer working in independent resource centers like FedEx-Kinko‟s (despite     they‟d like to make group statements
the fact that F.E.K. has infamous, anti-union out-sourcing and multinational corporate ethics).       about politicians and multinational
Classism in Traditional Activist Groups - Many groups and traditional non-profit groups (in           corporations, they could lose their non-
rural parts of the USA and third world countries) are often located in places not accessible by       profit status. They can‟t even say: “A
public transit. Furthermore, those comparatively few people of financially disadvantaged social       vote for Schwarzenegger or Rudolph
classes who do have cars, often can‟t afford the gas needed to go back and forth constantly to        Giuliani is a vote for killing people of
the activist or non-profit groups and protests, particularly as gas prices are sky-rocketing.         color who are Nobel Peace Prize
Sexism in Traditional Activist Groups – Many activist groups rarely have free-of-charge               Nominees or innocent men standing on
childcare for mothers who would like to attend their meetings. Some groups even go so far as to       their own home‟s doorstep. Remember
publicly criticize women and humiliate them for bringing their kids to the meeting saying: “YOU’LL    Tookie and Diallo.” For more info see
have to find some kind of childcare arrangement because they disrupt you and our members from or
participating in our meeting.” For an excellent description of childcare options read „The Second or
Stage,‟ by Betty Frieden, Chapter 8: „Take Back The Day.‟                                   
           Definition                Financial Investment Characteristics                                       Housing Structure
                                               Priority: Varies.                     Housing Structures in Traditional Intentional Communities, Greatly…
                                                                                    varies. Often people live together in large buildings in thin walled, dormitory-
Traditional Intentional Community       Risky financial and personal              style rooms with no private bathrooms or kitchens. Much like living in a college
                                                 Investment                       dormitory, this is enjoyable for 1-4 years, but afterwards, residents permanently
                                     Many times, everybody shares liability.       leave due to reasons rooted in lack of privacy, lack of space for a family, etc.,.
                                                                                        Housing Structures in Traditional Cohousing Groups
                                                                                  Several smaller houses (anywhere from 8-30 houses) are formed near a much
                                                                                  larger common house. The entire cohousing group is usually advised by a
                                                                                  cohousing consultant who charges thousands of dollars in consultant fees and
                                                                                  then refers the group to multinational corporation to have the buildings created
                                                                                  so that everyone’s exterior house design is almost robotically identical. The
                                                                                  common house often has a phenomenally expensive industrial size kitchen, a
                                                Priority: Money                   very large dining room, workshop, a library, a fireplace, an exercise room and
                                                                                  many more luxurious rooms. Each house usually has a full-size kitchen and
  Traditional Cohousing Group       Increased financial investment in capital                    one or more full size bathrooms. The cost of building and
                                      rather than a personal investment in                       maintaining a cohousing building causes low-income people,
                                     peace, racial and multicultural diversity                                                                  people of color and
                                          and creating real community.                                                                          the disabled to be
                                                                                                                                                refused entry.

                                                                                           Housing Structures in So-Jus Diversa-Village Communities
                                                                                  …Several smaller houses (anywhere from2 or more houses) are formed near a
                                                                                   much larger common house. The houses are usually built one at a time in an
                                                                                   ecologically friendly manner, in different designs, by local people who are not
                                                                                         part of multinational corporations. The common house often has an
                                                                                    inexpensive regular size kitchen and a very large dining room so that people
                                                                                   can each bring a dish from their homes and have a potluck type meal together
                                                                                  about once a week and special occasions. Each house has, at least, a half-size
                                                 Priority: Peace                   private kitchen and a private full-size bathroom. The cost of building a So-Jus
                                                                                  Diversa-Village enables many activists, low-income people and people of color
     So-Jus Diversa-Village            Increased personal investment in                          to be a part of this community. In addition, there is a
          Community                  creating true communities, racial and                                 Social Justice Outreach House.
                                     multicultural diversity and world peace
                                                  (as defined by
                                           Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.).


                                                                                     The Social Justice Outreach House.                 Large Common
                                                                                     A building used as a community                     House. Twenty-four
                                                                                     meeting place and used as an                       hour library, childcare,
                                                                                                emergency transition house              resource center, c
                                                                                     for victims for victims of blizzards,              and more in
                                                                                     tsunamis, floods, hurricanes and                   a common
                                                                                                 disasters worldwide.                   house.
                                                                                      disasters, worldwide.

                                       Priority: Surviving on a daily basis       Housing Structure in Activist Groups is… “Fend for yourself, make it to
                                          Each and every single day each          meetings, volunteer with no wages or stipend… and if you have anything
                                       member must individually worry about       left, donate or pay membership dues…” Typically, activist groups have no
    Traditional Activist Group       surviving and making ends meet, alone.        shared house or building in which activists live together, free-of-charge. The
                                    In addition, many activists find that every   cost of living individually, paying rent, paying for childcare, for food, electricity,
                                        time someone starts a new activist        heat, and bus fare to attend activist meetings across town, causes extremely
                                       group all the resources (office space,       low-income people, people of color, single parents and the disabled to be
                                      fax, computer, photocopier, telephone,      unable to participate in many activist groups, especially in the Fall and Winter.
                                    etc.,) must be bought again. There must         Also, many low-income activists feel barred from the group’s social events
                                        be a better way. People need true         which usually consist of going to restaurants, café’s, coffee shops, etc,. These
                                       communities where activists live and        are outings not financially possible for many people. There must be a better
                                                   work together.                 way. It is time to create real and true communities. It is time to create So-Jus
“Pooling Our Experience”                                                      things, like fireworks and
                                                                              capitalism,         should
                                                                                                            member‟s ability to pay rent or pay fees is a
                                                                                                            community or cohousing group rooted in racial
                                                                              always be propelled far       discrimination. When responding to questions
This workshop is essentially about: Pooling Our                               away from people.            about Hurricane Katrina, even George Bush,
Experiences, Pooling Our Resources and                                                                      one of the world‟s most oppressive, war-
Pooling Our Communities to create a So-Jus                                  Capitalism           teaches    addicted, truth-dodging individuals had to admit:
Diversa-Village.                                                            people that if they             “poverty is rooted in racial discrimination.” The
                                                                            selfishly        accumulate     truth is so omnipresent it must be admitted. If a
This particular, pocket-size, special edition of                            enough money and look           community or cohousing group makes money a
this publication, was created for students in the    out for themselves with complete independence          requirement for eligibility, how can that
workshop, was created to aid people in teaching      that they will be O.K. Otherwise, if they don‟t        community ever truly say that they are selflessly
this workshop to other people all over the world     horde money, they may go hungry, go                    looking out for others? They can‟t. They can
and was created as a resource for activists          homeless, go without healthcare and eventually         only admit exactly what they are: They are a
worldwide. This publication is anti-copyrighted      be forced into government housing in a crime-          false community that selfishly looks out for
and may be duplicated and reproduced without         infested ghetto or forced into an understaffed         people who are privileged enough to pay some
permission from the author, as I am the sole         retirement home (at best) or left to die in anguish    or all of their rent and monthly maintenance
author of this publication (excluding quotes and     for four days in situations like a Tsunami or          fees, period. They are a false community that
submissions by others).                              Hurricane Katrina (at worst).                          selfishly accepts people of color… ONLY if
                                                                                                            those people of color are privileged enough to
This presentation and workshop will be taught at     Real and true community is the exact opposite of       be able to pay some or all of their rent and
the upcoming A World Beyond Capitalism               capitalism. It teaches people if they selflessly       monthly maintenance fees, period. I say ‟period‟
Conference, the Annual International Multiracial     share and look out for others, through mutual aid      because there are a lot of people (in denial) who
Alliance Building Peace Conference. See              and interdependence they will live a happy life        like to make excuses and worn out, intellectual                or     and work through all obstacles with a support          rationalizations for their rent and fees which                   network: a community.                                  exclude people of color.

There are four things which I would like to          Many people feel that it is possible to create true    Any lack of people of color in such false
emphasize before getting into the details of the     communities without confronting capitalism. I          communities or cohousing groups is not
workshop. If you learn nothing else from this        completely disagree. If a cow wanted to accrue         accidental or unintentional… it is created by
workshop, please try to remember these four          lots of money to help other cows around the            a group of people who are intentionally
things.                                                                                  world, and he      ignoring the reasons why people of color
                                                                                         chose to invest    cannot join their groups. They are structured
#1. Love is the most important part of any                                               a large amount     from their very foundation to exclude minorities
successful activist, community or movement to                                            of money into      and marginalized, financially disadvantaged
create a better world. It is the glue that keeps                                         stocks such as     people.
any positive effort, or any group of people held                                         McDonald‟s or
together. Without an emphasis on love, any                                               Burger King, it    #4. The form of community which I am telling
achievements or accomplishments made should                                              is         very    you about is called a So-Jus Diversa-Village.
not be considered as achievements or                                                     possible that      The specific So-Jus Diversa-Village that is now
accomplishments, but rather a colossal failure                                           the cow would      being created is called Networking for Peace
waiting to occur. You must learn to love not only                                        make a large       So-Jus Diversa-Village. The email list for
your friends, but also your enemies. In the                                              profit     from    updates on this particular So-Jus Diversa-Village
absence of love there is hatred (not neutrality as                                       those stocks,      is found by going to and
is commonly believed). Even a little hatred can      but at what cost? Sure, the money made from            clicking on subscriptions. The email list
distort your perspective in any conversation,        the stocks could be used to help save a few            archives are public. Despite what you may
activity or community in which you are involved.     cows, but that investment in those stocks would        think, it is not a radical new idea. It is a very old
Even a little hatred can soon become self-           also help to increase the mass slave camps and         idea, thousands of years old, proven to work,
corrosive and will eat a person from the inside      extermination of other cows worldwide. The             with a new name and a return back to several
out, usually very slowly, in ways which are only     same is true for capitalism. If a community            important               indigenous,             tribal
detectable to your closest of friends.               wanted to gather members without confronting           ideas:
                                                     capitalism, it is very likely that members will join
#2.     The second thing, which should be            the community, but at what cost? Sure, the
remembered, is that capitalism is the exact          members might gather together and speak of
opposite of true communities, and true               peace and social justice, but to ignore capitalism
communities should encourage their members to        is to help increase the worldwide slave-wage
learn about the destructive nature of capitalism.    sweatshops and extermination of other people in
Anything less is like teaching someone               communities due to never-ending wars,
unfamiliar with dynamite-sized-firecrackers          embargoes, tariffs, CIA sponsored dictators and
(industrial fireworks) how to gather together to     third-world country national debt necessary for
light the fuse to see something beautiful, without   capitalism to exist and thrive worldwide.
teaching them the destructive, and possibly fatal
nature of the explosion… if it is not released       #3.    The third thing, which should be
from your hand at just the right moment. Some        remembered, is that any form of community or
                                                     cohousing group created strictly by each
   If you take care of your elders (house them         humans (known as rent and car payments)          thousands of years, or make something, rather
    in your community, rather than ship them            that capitalism brainwashes people into          than purchase more items, (in a community of
    off to nursing homes and retirement homes)          believing is necessary to have a ‟home‟ or       people doing the same thing) it will teach the
    and if you take care of the less fortunate in       necessary to have „the American Dream.‟          child the value of sharing and giving, rather than
    your community, it will strengthen everyone                                                          accumulating more possessions and purchasing
    in your community because people will not          Just as indigenous tribes, from aboriginals      items from multinational corporations which have
    feel a need to horde in order to look out for       to Native Americans, were encouraged to          no ethics but plenty of sweatshops. Conversely,
    themselves, and they will share. Once               travel the earth on walkabouts and treks         what do you think it teaches your child, when
    upon a time elders were considered the              without destinations (rather than horde          she/he watches you purchase gifts made by
    most important part of the tribe and the            materialistic possessions which keep you         non-union labor that came from overseas
    community, but in most industrialized               anchored) so should we encourage activists       sweatshops?
    nations, they are mistakenly and                    to travel the earth, and yet ensure them that
    erroneously seen as a financial burden. In          they will have a home to return to and still         In an effort to encourage international
    a real community, the cost for housing a            be         a        part       of       many      discussion about creating So-Jus Diversa-
    senior citizen, must be met, otherwise, the         So-Jus         Diversa-Villages       located    Villages If you would like to respond to these
    young members of your community will                throughout the world.                            articles (with your name or anonymously) on
    correctly realize that they too may be                                                               a public Bulletin Board please visit either of
    labeled as a financial burden one day and          The first toys that you give to your child or                  the below websites:
    marked as expendable. The cost of taking            any child help to teach that child about
    care of one‟s elders is an investment,              greed and selfishness. If you buy your child
    because it strengthens the entire                   a toy and they simply stockpile it and horde        php?p=260#260 or use the shortcut web
    community belief that no matter what, they          it in their bedrooms with their arsenal of       addresses at:
    will not abandon one another, but take care         other toys, it                                           or
    of one another, as a true community should          will only teach
    do.                                                 your kids to                                                A Few Recommendations
                                                        horde items
                                                        rather      than                                 Below     is    a    non-traditional   list    of
                                                        share.      Just                                 recommendations.        Traditionally, lists of
                                                        because the phrase “Mine! Mine!” from a 2-       academic references are cited at the end of a
                                                        year old in the USA is common, doesn‟t           document and people largely tend not to read or
                                                        make it any less scary (scary because it         view anything on the list. However, the below
                                                        foreshadows a future of greed). However, if      references include children‟s books and popular
                                                        the toys and some of the other smaller           movies with the hopes that people of all reading
                                                        items that you give to your child as a gift      levels and backgrounds will read or watch some
                                                        are placed into a common house (which is         of the references. Thank you. In order or
                                                        standard in a So-Just Diversa-Village), or a     priority:
   If you look out for people when they are at         shared playroom in the community, where
    their worse (such as form a rescue, relief          your child grows up learning to share gifts      #1. The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein (a
    and transitions shelter team for people such        given to him/her, then it will help your child   book, available in many languages) – This is a
    as Hurricane Katrina victims) they will not         learn what true community is all about.          children‟s book with colorful pictures and only a
    feel a need to horde in order to look out for                                                        few pages. Through teaching the true nature of
    themselves, and they will share with you,                                                             selflessness, it illustrates how a true community
    and by looking out for others, you will           They are a false community that                     should offer services to the world.
    teach your children and future                   selfishly accepts people of color…
    generations to look out for you.                  ONLY if those people of color are                  #2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (a book or an
                                                     privileged enough to be able to pay                 audio-book, available in many languages)–
                                                        some or all of their rent and                    Richard Bach beautifully describes how you can
                                                        monthly maintenance fees…                        learn to think outside the box and open your
                                                                                                         mind to new ideas and a better quality of
                                                                                                         life…with a story of a bird.

                                                                                                          #3. The Island (a movie) – Starring Ewan
                                                                                                          McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. This is an
                                                                                                          action movie, rated PG-13. Some of the action
                                                                                …period.                  scenes are a bit over the top. However, the
                                                                                                          underlying, symbolic plot is that multinational
                                                    “We must think in terms of restructuring the         corporations will someday „breed‟ human beings
   The lifelong nomadic flame that burns bright
                                                    home itself, so that it can be made more suitable    as a product designed only to keep the gears of
    and warm in every person‟s heart, that
                                                    to the demands and diversity of our new              consumerism and capitalism thriving for a few
    suddenly encourages people to travel and
                                                    families.” -Betty Freidan                            privileged people in our society. The symbolic
    wander, should not be extinguished by a
    wage-slave commitment to a 9-5 job or a                                                              plot makes it an interesting movie. As long as
                                                    Likewise, if you allow your child to watch you       human beings, particularly minorities and
    commitment to one materialistic structure
                                                    give something you value and own to someone          financially disadvantaged people, are isolated
    with a roof and monthly dog-leash for
                                                    as a gift, as indigenous people have done for        and not forming true communities with one
another, we are almost completely dependent            over field, and yet most multinational      or
upon multinational corporations for everything:        corporations pay the nurses little more than
vehicles, gas, computers, and even                     minimum wage with little or no benefits. To have
entertainment such as this movie. It is to the         a community built upon such death and lack of        I use the name „peace guru‟ as a symbol of my
point where even farmers who once lived without        appreciation is neither natural nor healthy for      thoughts regarding creating true communities. I
corporate dependence are now forced to buy             anyone, especially the elderly and disabled          define peace as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
genetically modified crops with corporate              patients.       This situation is worsening          defined peace: “True Peace is not the absence
„terminator-seeds‟ that yield no seeds for the         exponentially due to social service cuts,            of tension, it is the presence of justice.” In
next year‟s crop.       The pollen of genetically      increasing health-care costs and the Baby-           addition, I believe that in a true community, there
modified crops also irreparably changes the            Boomer generation becoming the world‟s largest       is no such thing as a guru, because even a 2
crops of organic crops. The bait that keeps us in      senior citizen population.                           year old can teach an elder how to smile, laugh
this brainwashed state of non-community is the                                                              and have fun again... sometimes much better
belief that we will go to „The Island,‟ or „have the   #6.   The     Barefoot     College: Knowledge        than anyone else in the community can teach it.
American Dream‟ of our own house, car, and our                                Demystified            (VHS   We must not rely on the government or self-
personally owned materialistic items... rather                                documentary) –A non-          empowered professional community consultants
than to begin sharing, selflessly with one                                    fiction movie so wonderful    (gurus) to teach one another about creating
another.                                                                      that I cannot sufficiently    community… we must create it for ourselves,
                                                                              describe it. It details how   while we are still free to create it.
#4. “Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to                             a college in India learned
Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities”                                 to teach their members,       "The first problem for all of us, men and women,
–by Diana Christian. This is an excellent book                                free of charge, about         is not to learn, but to unlearn." -Gloria Steinem
by a wonderful person and a very wise author.                                 creating        sustainable
Unfortunately, the book mostly covers the how-                                communities by relying        "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that
to methods of creating fee-required ecovillages                               upon local teachers           unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the
and communities. Nevertheless the author has           rather    than       paying      self-empowered      safety of my country ...corporations have been
devoted her life to communities and is also the        gurus/consultants from abroad. Also, see the         enthroned and an era of corruption in high
editor of „Communities‟ magazine (also                 college‟s website for extensive information:         places will follow, and the money power of the
recommended, even though the magazine                                      country will endeavor to prolong its reign by
caters to fee-required cohousing groups in the                                                              working upon the prejudices of the people until
USA more everyday). The manner in which the                                                                 all wealth is aggregated in a few hands."
book has a page-by-page detailed listing of the                                                             -U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864
problems to avoid when creating any form of
community (using actual examples) is priceless.                                                             "As we view the achievements of aggregated
                                                                                                            capital, we discover the existence of trusts,
#5. Hellraiser (the horror movie) – As an                                                                   combinations, and monopolies, while the citizen
eyewitness, I can tell you that all the academic                                                            is struggling far in the rear, or is trampled
and intellectual documentary movies made                                                                    beneath an iron heel. Corporations, which
about the inhumane conditions which currently                                                               should be the carefully restrained creatures of
exist in nursing homes in the USA (and most                                                                 the law and the servants of the people, are fast
certainly Third World countries) are only
                                                         Aruna and Bunker Roy, who                          becoming the people's masters."
sugarcoated, watered down depictions of the              founded the Barefoot College                       -President Grover Cleveland, 1888
actual crisis. However, there is a scene in this         project (seen above) in 1972,
movie, when a person is walking down endless                                                                  A So-Jus Diversa-Village requires no rent or
                                                         have a simple catalogue of "Do’s                      fees. A Landlord should not be a Puppet-
hallways with rooms on each side and they can
                                                         and Dont’s:"                                            Master of you or your activist group!
hear people scream in loud, agonizing pain in
each room, without end…. which reflects what it                                                                Unhook yourself from corporate control!
is like in many corporate retirement homes and           ”People with formal
nursing homes. Here are a few common, well
documented reasons for those endless screams:            qualifications are not needed.
A. Nurses turn off the patients „Help me‟ buttons,       Any villager literate or illiterate
because too many buttons are being pressed by
                                                         can be trained to do the job.”
so many people unattended. This causes the
patients to scream; yet no one comes to help as
nurses must attend to others who need more               ”Any remote village can easily
urgent care. B. Nursing homes and retirement
homes are a magnet for nurses who are drug               be made self-sufficient with
addicts because they can steal the patient‟s very        solar power regardless of the
expensive narcotic pain killers, use them and                                                               The time to create peace
                                                         local level of affluence.”
sell them and the only person who is aware of                                                               activist communities, the time to create So-Jus
this inhumane betrayal is the patient lying in the                                                          Diversa-Villages, which look out for all people,
bed in unthinkable pain. C. Although there are         Thank you very much.                                 for your friends, for your family and for you… for
many nurses who genuinely care about patients,         Love for the people,                                 the rest of your life … is now.
due to patients passing away on a weekly basis,
the nursing profession is a high stress, high turn-    -T, the peace guru