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					                                                                         Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                       CODE
1 disc level to N509, N510, N520, N511 or N512 add                OHIP-E369A
1+ parts without microscopy Lab med Private Office                OHIP-G010A
1disc level N502, N503, N504, N505, N506, N507, N508/N579 ad      OHIP-E367A
1dsc lvl C2 N509, N510, N572, N574, N575,N576 N560, N561          OHIP-E370A
1st 4 subseq visits/pt /mon - Pediatrics (26)                     OHIP-W262A
1st investiga abn cytol vulva/vag/cervix colposcopy bx/curet      OHIP-Z731A
1st Pessary fit/re-fit add to consult/assess Max 1/pt/12mon       OHIP-G398A
2 surg team continent ileosto to S168,S169,S170,S173 or S174      OHIP-E738A
2nd explore lap w bx - chemo ovarian CA w/wout total omentec      OHIP-S714A
2ndary close for evisceration sole operative procedure abd        OHIP-S343A
3 Snip punctum/punctum max 4/pt                                   OHIP-Z917A
A - Advancement Flaps Defect 2.1-5cm face neck or scalp           OHIP-R011A
A - Advancment Flap Defect 5.1-10 cm face/neck/scalp              OHIP-R012A
A - Split Thickness Graft Extensive major very large area(s)      OHIP-R088A
Abcess/hematoma GA subcutaneous perianal                          OHIP-Z105A
Abd abscess drain daily supervise 1+ in same abd quad/pelvis      OHIP-Z594A
ABD Herniotomy- umbilical with other non-hernia surgery           OHIP-E764A
ABD Omphalocele & gastrochis one stage repair                     OHIP-S334A
Abd Paracentesis Aspirate for diagnostic sample                   OHIP-Z590A
ABD Paracentesis with lavage for diagnosis                        OHIP-Z763A
ABD Pelvic abscess I&D rectal or vaginal approach                 OHIP-Z569A
Abdomen Paracentesis admin chemo or sclerosing agent              OHIP-E724A
Abdominal aorta + unilateral common femoral artery repair         OHIP-R816A
Abdominal approach to vag vault prolapse vaginal sacropexy        OHIP-S760A
Ablate calyceal diverticulum dilate commun w calyx/fulgurate      OHIP-Z637A
Abortion hysterotomy w tubal interruption                         OHIP-S783A
Abortion incomp inj/curret after 16wks gest confirm by US         OHIP-S785A
Abortion induced curettage intra-amnio injecton complete          OHIP-S752A
Abortion missed abortion or evacuation of molar pregnancy         OHIP-S756A
Above cord & conus include part rib resect each level             OHIP-N574A
Abscess Hematoma Loc anes subcut ischiorectal pilonidal           OHIP-Z106A
Abscess Hematoma Loc anes subcut palmar/plantar spaces            OHIP-Z103A
Abscess Intracranial implant of chronic surface electrodes        OHIP-N119A
Abscess or Hematoma Local anesth subcutaneous 3+                  OHIP-Z174A
Abscess or Hematoma Local anesthetic subcutaneous perianal        OHIP-Z104A
Abscess Ventriculoscopy include burr hole                         OHIP-Z825A
Abscess vulva,Bartholin,Skene gland (IOP) I&D GA                  OHIP-Z715A
Abscess vulva/Bartholin/Skene's gland I&D local anesthetic        OHIP-Z714A
Achilles or tibialis anterior/posterior tenotomy open             OHIP-R544A
Acromio-clavicular sterno-clavicular no reduction                 OHIP-D014A
Active Immunization each added inject - Inject/Infuse             OHIP-G538A
Active Immunization Unspecified agent sole reason 1st inject      OHIP-G539A
Acute Home Care Supervise max 1 q 2wks 1st 12 wks follow adm      OHIP-K071A
Acute laceration earlobe unilateral                               OHIP-R024A
Acute retention change cath/suprapub instil meds - office         OHIP-Z602A
Acute retention change cath/suprapub tube instil meds home        OHIP-Z603A
Acute retention change cath/suprapub/instill med - hosp           OHIP-Z611A
Add-on Initial Smoking Cessation Fee                              OHIP-Q041A
ADH response test incuding 8 hr H2O deprivation test              OHIP-G337A
Adrenalectomy unilateral for pheochromocytoma                     OHIP-S800A
Adrenalectomy/exploration bilateral w/wwout oophorectomy          OHIP-S799A
Adult immuniz againist influenza pts over 65 1 per 365 days       OHIP-Q003A
Adv Diag Hear Test Cortical Evoked Audiometry prof comp (P1)      OHIP-G141A
Adv Dxtic Hear Impedance audiomet manual/automate prof comp       OHIP-G529A
Advanced Dxtic Hear Test - Misc per test tech comp max 3          OHIP-G443A
Advanced Hearing Test Cortical Evoked Audiometry tech comp        OHIP-G143A
After hours care premium - 10%                                    OHIP-Q016A
After hours care premium - 20%                                    OHIP-Q012A
AFTER HOURS SPECIAL VISIT PREMIUMS-Nights (00:00h - 07:00h).      OHIP-C110A
After Hr Prem Eve17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol        OHIP-C109A
After Hrs SpecVisit Prem 00:00h-07:00h add 50%                    OHIP-E403A
Air insufflation to assess benefit tracheoesophageal punctur      OHIP-G532A

                                          Order Codes - A Codes                             1
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Allergy Acute desensitization eg ATS/penicillin                       OHIP-G200A
Allergy Bronchial proactive testing session max 6/yr                  OHIP-G207A
Allergy Direct nasal tests to max 3 / yr / test                       OHIP-G201A
Allergy Local Anes hypersensitivity skin test max 25/yr/test          OHIP-G195A
Allergy Ophthal tests quantitative                                    OHIP-G204A
Allergy Ophthalmic test direct max 3 / yr / test                      OHIP-G203A
Allergy Patch test max 60/client/yr                                   OHIP-G206A
Allergy Penicillin Hypersensitivity skin test max 15/yr/test          OHIP-G196A
Allergy Physical urticaria challenges include min 3 assess            OHIP-G213A
Allergy Skin Test professional component max 50/yr/test               OHIP-G197A
Allergy Skin Test technical component max 50/yr/test                  OHIP-G209A
Allergy test w penicillin min determinant mix not hosp                OHIP-E582A
Ambulat EEG monitor 12-24hrs - electrode/physio nec for Dx            OHIP-G544A
Ambulatory 12-24 hr EEG monitor for approp dx tech comp               OHIP-G554A
Amputation Elbow disarticulation                                      OHIP-R614A
Amputation Gritti-Stokes or Callander                                 OHIP-R625A
Amputation Hand all metacarpals                                       OHIP-R611A
Amputation Hemipelvectomy hindquarter                                 OHIP-R631A
Amputation High humerus                                               OHIP-R615A
Amputation Hip disarticulation                                        OHIP-R630A
Amputation Shoulder disarticulation                                   OHIP-R616A
Amputation through femur                                              OHIP-R626A
Amputation through radius/ulna.                                       OHIP-R613A
Amputation Tib/fib                                                    OHIP-R624A
Amputation Wrist                                                      OHIP-R612A
Anal/rectal manometry interpret only P2                               OHIP-G253A
Anastomosis Micro lympho or lymphovenous Lymph Channels               OHIP-R846A
Anesthesia NonER InPt Specific Reassessment by specialist             OHIP-C014A
Anethes EUA w/wout intubation may include rem vag FB for Dx           OHIP-Z432A
Angio Translum coronary angioplasty each add major vessel             OHIP-G262A
Angiog/angioplasty w/wout press measure close PDA umbrella            OHIP-Z460A
Angiogram 2 billed 1/Rt heart cath & 1/Lt heart cath                  OHIP-G297A
Angiography Bypass graftt angiogram/graft injection                   OHIP-G509A
Angiography Coronary angioplasy stent/client                          OHIP-G298A
Angioplast/angiograph w/wout press measure coarctation aorta          OHIP-Z449A
Angplast/angio w/wout press meas mitral valvuloplasty rheum           OHIP-Z461A
Ankle fracture closed reduction                                       OHIP-F075A
Ankle fracture no reduction rigid immobilization                      OHIP-F074A
Ankle fracture open reduction 1 malleolus                             OHIP-F076A
Ankle fracture open reduction multi malleoli/ligaments                OHIP-F077A
Ankle fracture with tibial Plafond burst closed reduction             OHIP-F104A
Ankle fracture with tibial Plafond burst open reduction               OHIP-F108A
Ankle recurrent dislocation &/or subluxation                          OHIP-R402A
Annual health exam child 2yrs* Ann health Adult/Adoles (00)           OHIP-K017A
Annual Influenza vac-enrolled 65yrs & over-60% of target pop          OHIP-Q100A
Annual Influenza vac-enrolled 65yrs & over-65% of target pop          OHIP-Q101A
Annual Influenza vac-enrolled 65yrs & over-70% of target pop          OHIP-Q102A
Annual Influenza vac-enrolled 65yrs & over-75% of target pop          OHIP-Q103A
Annual Influenza vac-enrolled 65yrs & over-80% of target pop          OHIP-Q104A
Ant repair -post rep uterine prolapse Fothergill/Watkin's             OHIP-S720A
Ant resect proctosigmoidect anastom below peritoneal reflect          OHIP-S213A
Ant scoliosis any level - approach disc excise & instrument           OHIP-N539A
Ant/post repair w excision cervical stump Vagina                      OHIP-S721A
Anterior & posterior repair of enterocele &/or vag vault              OHIP-S718A
Anterior cervical decompression by intra-oral approach                OHIP-N569A
Anterior dento-alveolar osteotomy maxilla or mandible 1seg            OHIP-R382A
Anterior dento-alveolar osteotomy maxilla or mandible 2 segs          OHIP-R383A
Anterior mediastinotomy sole procedure performed                      OHIP-Z347A
Anterior vitrectomy (planned) w other intraocular procedure           OHIP-E940A
Antrum/sinus lavage Antral puncture &/or lavage uni/bilat             OHIP-Z319A
Any bronchoscopy procedure pts < 3 yrs old                            OHIP-E622A
Aort annuloplast recon/enlg aort annul R738 patch aortoplast          OHIP-E656A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                             2
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Aortic infundibular resection ventriculomyotomy                       OHIP-R737A
Aort-Iliac repair & unilat common femoral repair                      OHIP-R784A
Aorto-femoral unilateral graft for bilateral see R785                 OHIP-R934A
Aorto-Iliac embolectomy/thrombectomy bifurcation aorta/graft          OHIP-R814A
Aorto-Iliac repair & bilateral common femoral repair                  OHIP-R785A
Aorto-iliac repair include common iliac repair uni/bilateral          OHIP-R783A
Append/tissue re-vascularization/micro/neuroanastomosis B15           OHIP-R057A
Appendix Excision gross perforation & peritonitis                     OHIP-S206A
Appendix I&D abscess                                                  OHIP-S204A
Apply craniofac wires/ext fix & mini-plates**/maj fract line          OHIP-E830A
Apply dental arch bars/splint facial osteotomy 2 arch bars            OHIP-Z240A
Apply dental arch bars/splint for face osteotomy 1arch bar            OHIP-Z239A
Arrhythmia incl elect stim/drug provocat/terminate 1/pt/24hr          OHIP-Z443A
Arrthymia include elec stim/drug provocat/terminat 1/pt/24hr          OHIP-Z431A
Arrthymia inductability admin anti-arrthymic drug max 2/24hr          OHIP-G366A
Arterial puncture for blood gas analysis                              OHIP-Z459A
Arterial repair transposition                                         OHIP-R721A
Arteries Excision &/or Repair rupture                                 OHIP-E667A
Arteries Excision/Repair Abdominal aorta ruptured                     OHIP-E627A
Arteries Excision/Repair Close duodenum                               OHIP-E664A
Arteries Excision/Repair Extended profundoplasty                      OHIP-R856A
Arteries Excision/Repair Thoraco-abd aneurysm                         OHIP-R803A
Arteries Repair trauma bypass or interposition graft                  OHIP-R862A
ArteriesExcision/Repair prosthetic graft                              OHIP-R861A
Arterioplasty w/wout patch graft includ anastomos/arter/ven           OHIP-R815A
Arteriovenous hemodiafiltration 1st & acute 1st 3 service             OHIP-G092A
Artery Excise/Repaiar Gastric devascularization sole proced           OHIP-R866A
Arthoscopy Drill defect include removal of loose body                 OHIP-R213A
Arthoscopy in association with surgery same surgeon                   OHIP-E595A
Arthrodesis Finger thumb                                              OHIP-R465A
Arthrodesis Hip                                                       OHIP-R470A
Arthrodesis Shoulder                                                  OHIP-R467A
Arthrodesis Symphysis pubis                                           OHIP-R514A
Arthrodesis Wrist/Elbow/ankle                                         OHIP-R466A
Arthroomyt Osteochondritis dissecans w drill internal fix             OHIP-R413A
Arthroplasty associate w patellar replace or patelloplasty            OHIP-E598A
Arthroplasty Basal thumb 1st carpometacarpal joint                    OHIP-R209A
Arthroplasty Hand interposition multiple                              OHIP-R436A
Arthroplasty Humeral prosthesis                                       OHIP-R438A
Arthroplasty Implant radial head                                      OHIP-R288A
Arthroplasty Metatarsophalyngeal Swansons etc                         OHIP-R453A
Arthroplasty Patella                                                  OHIP-R509A
Arthroplasty Reattach greater trochanter late                         OHIP-R481A
Arthroplasty Remove prosthesis without replacement                    OHIP-R500A
Arthroplasty Replace acetabulum liner &/or femoral head               OHIP-R491A
Arthroplasty TMJ unilateral                                           OHIP-R433A
Arthroplasty Total hip replacement acetab/femur                       OHIP-R440A
Arthroplasty Total hip replacement with take down of fusion           OHIP-R553A
Arthroplasty Total knee replacement with take down fusion             OHIP-R248A
Arthroplasty Wrist interposition                                      OHIP-R437A
Arthroscopy Drilling of defect includes removal loose body            OHIP-R199A
Arthroscopy Pinning osteochondral fragment                            OHIP-R203A
Arthroscopy Removal of loose body screw                               OHIP-R212A
Arthroscopy Repair medial or lateral meniscus                         OHIP-R208A
Arthroscopy Synovectomy anterior > 1 compartment                      OHIP-R197A
Arthroscopy Synovectomy total                                         OHIP-R232A
Arthrotomy Knee w/wout removal of loose body                          OHIP-R412A
Arthrotomy sacroiliac joint                                           OHIP-R547A
Arthrotomy/osteotomy malleolus                                        OHIP-E539A
Artificial disc insertion approach by separate surgeon                OHIP-N525A
Arytenoidectomy or arytenoidopexy or lateralization                   OHIP-M085A
Aspirate biopsy thyroid gland/node fine needle method                 OHIP-Z771A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                             3
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Aspirate Close persistent tracheostomy                              OHIP-Z356A
Aspirate/Injection Hip infant/child GA                              OHIP-Z290A
Aspiration Change tracheostomy tube                                 OHIP-Z326A
Aspiration pericardium                                              OHIP-Z401A
Aspiration superficicial lump cytology                              OHIP-Z118A
Aspiration w therapeutic drain w/wout diagnostic sample             OHIP-Z591A
Aspiration w therapeutic drainage w/wout diagnostic sample          OHIP-Z332A
Asses MHA Grp psych inpt 1st 12u/d add u/memb max 6/pt/d(19)        OHIP-K207A
Asses MHA Grp psych outpt/mem 1st 12u/d add max 6/pt/d (19)         OHIP-K206A
Assess Deep Brain Stimulator Min 3 hr MD present                    OHIP-G548A
Assess MH Act Family psych in-pts 2 + members (19)                  OHIP-K193A
Assess MH Act Grp psycho outpt/mem 1st 12u/d 4 people (19)          OHIP-K203A
Assess MH Act Grp psycho outpt/mem 1st 12u/d 5 people (19)          OHIP-K204A
Assess under MH Act Fam psychiatric care out-pt (19)                OHIP-K196A
Assess under MH Act Family psychiatric care in-pt (19)              OHIP-K191A
Assess under MH Act Individ outpt psychotherapy (19)                OHIP-K197A
Assess under MH Act individual in-pt psychotherapy (19)             OHIP-K190A
Assess under MH Act Psych care in-pt - psychiatry (19)              OHIP-K199A
Assess under MHAct Family psych out-pt 2+ member (19)               OHIP-K195A
Atrio-vent seq pacemaker perm atrial /ventric end electrod          OHIP-R752A
Attend labour when pt transfer to other centre for delivery         OHIP-P038A
Attend pt all care Air ambulance transfer1/4h or part               OHIP-K111A
Augmentation mammoplasty unilateral                                 OHIP-R112A
Autogenous conjunctival transplant                                  OHIP-E937A
Automat implant defib program ECG interrog/reprog prof comp         OHIP-G321A
Automatic implant defib non-prog ECG/interr/analys prof comp        OHIP-G317A
Axillaary or inguinal node radical resection unilateral             OHIP-R913A
Balloon dilatation prostate/bladder neck & cystoscopy               OHIP-Z635A
Barron ligation plus cryotherapy not > 6/yr                         OHIP-Z566A
Basic Dxtic Hear Test speech receptio/discriminat prof comp         OHIP-G526A
Basic Dxtic Hear Tests audiom w/wout bone conduct prof comp         OHIP-G525A
Basic fee-per-visit premium for procedures marked(+)                OHIP-G700A
Basic Hear Test Pure tone audio ww/out bone conduct tech com        OHIP-G440A
BCG inoculation following tuberculin tests                          OHIP-G369A
Biennial mammography-enrolled age 50-69, 55% of target pop          OHIP-Q110A
Biennial mammography-enrolled age 50-69, 60% of target pop          OHIP-Q111A
Biennial mammography-enrolled age 50-69, 65% of target pop          OHIP-Q112A
Biennial mammography-enrolled age 50-69, 70% of target pop          OHIP-Q113A
Biennial mammography-enrolled age 50-69, 75% of target pop          OHIP-Q114A
Biennial pap smear-enrolled age 35-69, 60% of target pop.           OHIP-Q105A
Biennial pap smear-enrolled age 35-69, 65% of target pop.           OHIP-Q106A
Biennial pap smear-enrolled age 35-69, 70% of target pop.           OHIP-Q107A
Biennial pap smear-enrolled age 35-69, 75% of target pop.           OHIP-Q108A
Biennial pap smear-enrolled age 35-69, 80% of target pop.           OHIP-Q109A
Bil periorb Treach-Collins Synd w/wout bone graft* extracran        OHIP-R390A
Bilat PDT/pt/day Add criteria Ocular Histoplasmosis Syndrom         OHIP-G461A
Bili duct calculus manipulat/remove via Ttube tract 1 proced        OHIP-Z562A
Biliary duct atresia, infant (see GP - B15)                         OHIP-S293A
Biliary tract Endoscopy with cannulation minor papilla              OHIP-E668A
Biliary tract Excision highly selective vagotomy                    OHIP-E729A
Biliary tract Excision/transduodenal sphincterotomy                 OHIP-E722A
Biliary Tract Incision replace catheter in above                    OHIP-S234A
Biliary tract intraductal cyto brush or intraductal biopsy          OHIP-E662A
Biop complicated-exten/gen anesthetic when sole proced. B21         OHIP-Z155A
Biopsy Bones punch x-ray control/Gen Anesthetic                     OHIP-Z870A
Biopsy Finger/joint open                                            OHIP-R409A
Biopsy Joint via arthroscope                                        OHIP-E563A
Biopsy pleura needle include diagnostic aspiration                  OHIP-Z336A
Biopsy Shoulder open                                                OHIP-R411A
Biopsy urethra without endoscopy                                    OHIP-Z616A
Biopsy vasography also Diagnost Radiol GU Tract                     OHIP-Z706A
Biopsy Wrist Joint open                                             OHIP-R410A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                             4
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Bipolar disorder service tracking code FHN-PCN Billing Only         OHIP-Q020A
Bladder Diagnostic Procedure Repeat within 30 days                  OHIP-Z607A
Bladder flap (Baori) include reimplantation of ureter               OHIP-S427A
Bladder Incision Aspiriration                                       OHIP-Z605A
Bladder Incision done with another procedure                        OHIP-E750A
Bladder Suture Close fistula External suprapubic.                   OHIP-S522A
Bladder Therap insert radioactive substance add assoc proc          OHIP-E751A
Bladder Therapeutic Proced remove foreign body or calculus          OHIP-E789A
Bladder Therapeutic procedure & electrocoag tumour(s)               OHIP-E781A
Bladder Therapeutic Procedures Hunner ulcer                         OHIP-E782A
Bladder tumor exc base/adjac musc/electrocoag tumor 1-2 cm          OHIP-Z632A
Bladder with periurethral injection of collagen or PTFE             OHIP-E791A
Blepharoplast s/a E200 rem orb fat/maj lid fold reconst 1lid        OHIP-E201A
Blepharoplasty excise skin/part orbicularis oculi musc 1lid         OHIP-E200A
Blood Transfuse Donor cell pheresis platelet or leukocyte           OHIP-G276A
Blood Transfusion Intrauterine fetal transfuse 1st or subseq        OHIP-G280A
Blood Transfusion Therapeutic plasma exchange > 5/yr                OHIP-G278A
Bone - Tumour (see GP - B15)                                        OHIP-R272A
Bone marrow aspiration. payable with Z408 if multiple sites         OHIP-Z403A
Bone marrow core biopsy (with biopsy needle)                        OHIP-Z408A
Bone marrow transplant team fee aspirate from donor                 OHIP-Z425A
Bone marrow transplant team fee infusion to recipient               OHIP-Z426A
Bone Radical resection tumor                                        OHIP-R216A
Botox each add muscle same day as G597 & pay full max 8/day         OHIP-G598A
Botox EMG guide inj 1+ muscle G597 max 1/day                        OHIP-G599A
Botox inject extraocular muscle w EMG control per muscle(s)         OHIP-G468A
Botoxin injection treatment of spasmodic dysphonia                  OHIP-G464A
BotulinToxin Injection into 1st muscle / day Physical Med           OHIP-G597A
Bowel resect prev resect wanastomos S217/S213/S214/S215             OHIP-E718A
Bowel resection w/out anastomosis colostomy & mucous fistula        OHIP-S188A
Brachia plexus exclud thorac outlet syndrome or cervical rib        OHIP-N282A
Brain Stem Evoked Audiometry interpretation only(P2)                OHIP-G145A
Brain Stem Evoked Audiometry technical component                    OHIP-G146A
BrainStem EvokAudio Electrocochleoraphy myringotom tech comp        OHIP-G816A
Breast Aspiration of cyst one or more                               OHIP-Z139A
Breast capsulectomy                                                 OHIP-Z182A
BREAST Capsulotomy closed (IOP) GA                                  OHIP-Z134A
Breast capsulotomy closed no anesthetic                             OHIP-Z133A
Breast Incision Needle biopsy 1+                                    OHIP-Z141A
Breast radical axillary node dissection                             OHIP-E546A
Breast Rem prosthesis capsulotomy closed                            OHIP-Z142A
BREAST Rep Post-mastect/breast reconst by local flap/graft          OHIP-R118A
Breast Tumour/tissue dxtic bx &/or Tx - 1+ same breast              OHIP-R107A
Breast with limited axillary node sampling                          OHIP-E505A
Breech ext ceph version w/wout tocolysis hosp + 35wk 1/preg         OHIP-Z777A
Bronchoscop w bronch-alveol lavage assess interstit lung dis        OHIP-E636A
Bronchoscopy dilate stricture                                       OHIP-E633A
Bronchoscopy palliative endobronch tumor resect Laser/cryo          OHIP-E635A
Bronchoscopy remove foreign body                                    OHIP-E632A
Bronchoscopy select brush 18 seg bronchi occult CA in situ          OHIP-E637A
Bronchoscopy TBNA lung mass                                         OHIP-E678A
Bronchoscopy transbronch lung bx under image intensification        OHIP-E638A
Bronchoscopy w select endobronchial blocker or cath insert          OHIP-E634A
Bronchoscopy w/wout biopsy/suct/inj of contrast mater(IOP)          OHIP-Z327A
Bronchoscopy/TBNA mediastinal &/or hilar lymph nodes                OHIP-E677A
BUN - Lab Med Private Office                                        OHIP-G007A
Bursa joint ganglion tendon sheath &/or aspiration                  OHIP-G370A
Bursa-joint-gang-tenderloin sheath aspirate site/area max 3         OHIP-G371A
Bx/lysis adhesion &/or remove FB &/or cauter endomet implant        OHIP-Z553A
Bypass graft for hemodialysis autogenous vein                       OHIP-R840A
C - Pedicle Flap Intermediate each subseq stage                     OHIP-R071A
C - Pedicle Flap Large - cross leg deltopectoral or forehead        OHIP-R080A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                             5
                                                                       Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                     CODE
C/diem Comp Care by IC MD complete care CC/Vent Support         OHIP-G559A
C1/C2 screw fixat transart,ped,lat mass N509N510 N560 N561      OHIP-E384A
C1/C2 screw fixation transarticular, pedicle, lateral mass      OHIP-N528A
Caloric test w ENG technical component                          OHIP-G451A
Cannulate arterial pressure measurements cut down prn           OHIP-G268A
Cannulate for infusion chemo superfiial temporal artery         OHIP-R775A
Cannulation for infusion chemo carotid artery                   OHIP-R778A
Cannulation for infusion chemo hepatic artery                   OHIP-R776A
Cantholys exc/rep tumor free marg w frozen sect add 25% prim    OHIP-E235A
Cardiac Doppler study complete professional component P1        OHIP-G578A
Cardiac massage open                                            OHIP-R765A
Cardio Bld Flow uni/bil Ankle press not w surg/post-op hosp     OHIP-G517A
Cardiology Medical Specific Reassessment by specialist          OHIP-A604A
Cardiology NonER Hosp InPt Complex med specific reassess        OHIP-C601A
CARDIOLOGY NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist       OHIP-C604A
Cardiology partial assessment limited service                   OHIP-A608A
Cardiology Subsequent visits after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon         OHIP-C609A
Cardiopulmonary transplant                                      OHIP-R874A
Cardiotomy with exploration                                     OHIP-R712A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VALVES-Aortic valve replacement            OHIP-R738A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VALVES-Aortic valvoloplasty                OHIP-R930A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VALVES-Mitral annuloplasty                 OHIP-R734A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VALVES-Pulmonary valve replacement         OHIP-R772A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VALVES-Pulmonary valvotomy                 OHIP-R724A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VALVES-Tricuspid annuloplasty              OHIP-R727A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VALVES-Tricuspid valve replacement         OHIP-R728A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VALVES-Tricuspid valvotomy                 OHIP-R726A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VEINS-Anastomosis-Meso-caval               OHIP-R824A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VEINS-Anastomosis-Porto-caval              OHIP-R822A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VEINS-Ligation-Internal iliac              OHIP-R839A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VEINS-Repair- by vein graft                OHIP-R819A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VEINS-Repair- including patch              OHIP-R818A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VEINS-Repair-Pulmonary embolectomy         OHIP-R836A
CARDIOVASC SURG PROC-VEINS-Repair-S.V.C. bypass graft           OHIP-R835A
Cardioversion electrical limit 3 sessions per pt/day            OHIP-Z437A
Carotid aneurysm reconstruct or excise with graft               OHIP-R798A
Carotid cavern fistula extracran include embolize technique     OHIP-N118A
Carotid endarterectomy w/wout bypass &/or patch graft           OHIP-N220A
Carotid/Vertebral Arteries Rem Selverstone clamp                OHIP-Z807A
Carotid/Vertebral Arteries Vertebral endarterectomy.            OHIP-N223A
Cataract - retrobulb inj by surgeon all types any procedure     OHIP-E140A
Cataract retrobulb inj by surgeon dislocated lens extract       OHIP-E141A
Cataract retrobulb inj by surgeon insert intraocular lens       OHIP-E950A
Cath ureters/collect specimen/retrograde inj one side           OHIP-E775A
CAVM Carotid cavernous fistul intracran obliteration            OHIP-N108A
CC /diem list ICU - MD in charge 2-10th day inclusive /diem     OHIP-G401A
CC /diem list ICU Area 11th day onwards/diem                    OHIP-G402A
CC amt pd/MD/resucsitate for 1st 3 MDs pd after 1st 1/4 hr      OHIP-G391A
CC Life Threatening ER Sit after 1st 1/2hr/ 1/4hr / maj part    OHIP-G522A
CC Life Threatening ER situation 1st 1/4 hour - Diag Therap     OHIP-G521A
CC Life Threatening ER situation 2nd 1/4 hour                   OHIP-G523A
CC Other Resuscitation Transthoracic pacemaker insert           OHIP-G303A
CC per diem list CC (ICU Area) 1st day                          OHIP-G400A
CC per diem list Ventilation Support ICU Area 1st day           OHIP-G405A
CC/diem Comp Care by IC MD complete care CC/Vent Support        OHIP-G557A

                                        Order Codes - A Codes                             6
                                                                          Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                        CODE
CC/diem CompCare by IC MD complete care CC/Ven Support             OHIP-G558A
CC/diem Hyperbaic Therapy MD not w pt after 1st 1/4hr              OHIP-G806A
CC/diem Hyperbaric Therap MD after 2hr per 1/4 or maj part         OHIP-G803A
CC/diem Hyperbaric Therapy constant attend pt in/out chamb         OHIP-G802A
CC/diem Hyperbaric therapy MD not in chamber /dive/1st 1/4hr       OHIP-G805A
CC/diem Hyperbaric Therapy MD w pt - add pt increase fee 20%       OHIP-G804A
CC/diem Hyperbaric Therapy MD w pt - add pt per 1/4hr/pt           OHIP-G815A
CC/diem Hyperbaric Therapy MD w pt 1st 1/4hr                       OHIP-G800A
CC/diem Hyperbaric Therapy MD w pt after 1st 1/hr -per 1/4hr       OHIP-G801A
Cecopexy or sigmoidopexy sole procedure performed                  OHIP-S183A
Central vein not w Rt heart cath(Z439)/Swan-Ganz cath insert       OHIP-G269A
Cereb Arterioven Malform Craniotom obliterat excise supraten       OHIP-N106A
Cereb Arterioven Malform Craniotomy obliter excise infraten        OHIP-N155A
Cerebral Arteriovenvenous Malformation Occipital artery            OHIP-N156A
Cerebral Arteriovenvenous Malformation posterior fossa             OHIP-E904A
Cerebral ECT single/multiple out patient                           OHIP-G479A
Cerebral Injury Decompress craniectomy frontal/sub-temporal        OHIP-N200A
Cerebral Injury Remove foreign body - brain                        OHIP-N149A
Cerebral Injury Subdural tap(s) unilateral                         OHIP-Z803A
Certification Mental Illness Form 1 see SOB K623                   OHIP-K623A
Certification of Mental Illness see GP form 3 complete - MHA       OHIP-K624A
Certify Ment Illness see GP for def/cond-recert involunt adm       OHIP-K629A
Cervical ripe topical/oral/mechan agent 1/preg - P022/P023         OHIP-P030A
cervical1dsc lvl N500 N501 N572 N560 N561 N579                     OHIP-E365A
Cervix uteri Cauterization Electrocautery                          OHIP-Z724A
Cervix uteri Cautery UVC Chemical Cryotherapy                      OHIP-Z732A
Cervix/uteri Excision Biopsy w/wout fulguration                    OHIP-Z720A
Cervix/uterus Dilatation & cauterization GA                        OHIP-Z725A
Cerv-thorac junct N509, N510, E370, N572 or N574 N560, N561        OHIP-E377A
Change of gastrostomy tube                                         OHIP-Z520A
Chemo Compression sclerotherapy multi inj assist units nil         OHIP-G536A
Chemo marrow suppress by MD for IV Tx mal/autoimmune dis           OHIP-G381A
Chemo marrow suppress each added IV inject by MD mal/autoimm       OHIP-G281A
Chemo Repeat compress sclerotherapy no assistant units             OHIP-G537A
Chemodenerv inj each added maj nerve/branches same day             OHIP-G486A
Chemodenervate inj rep/add w/in 30d maj nerve &/or branch          OHIP-G488A
Chemodenervation inj rep/add w/in 30d prev inj 1st maj nerve       OHIP-G487A
Chemonucleotysis Injection of extensive keloids GA                 OHIP-Z455A
Chemonucleotysis Lateral discograph Lumbosacral disc include       OHIP-G368A
Chemonucleotysis Lateral discography 2nd & subseq discs            OHIP-G386A
Chemotherapy 1agent IV therapy > 10 units/metre square             OHIP-G339A
Chemotherapy marrow suppressant test dose 1/pt/drug                OHIP-G075A
Chemotherapy single agent injection or infusion                    OHIP-G359A
Chest Surgical Collapse each added rib >3 max 3 add                OHIP-E605A
Chest wall Reconstruct post resect defect min 5cm diam rep         OHIP-E640A
Chest wall tumor resect 2-3 ribs ea add rib > 3 max 3 add          OHIP-E601A
Chestwall tumor resection 2 or 3 ribs or cartilages                OHIP-M105A
Chestwall/mediastinum (IOP) Excision Biopsy rib tumour             OHIP-Z354A
Child immunization against influenza between 18mons & 2yrs         OHIP-Q004A
Childhood immunization-enrolled up to 30mons old, 85% target       OHIP-Q115A
Childhood immunization-enrolled up to 30mons old, 90% target       OHIP-Q116A
Childhood immunization-enrolled up to 30mons old, 95% target       OHIP-Q117A
Choldochduodens/choldochenterost/choldochchol ochost no S276       OHIP-S281A
Choledochectomy tumour reconstruct refer to S281                   OHIP-S291A
Cholesterol total - Lab Med Private Office                         OHIP-G001A
Chron HC Supervise max 1/m start 13th wk adm to HC prog            OHIP-K072A
Chron wk team fee code predom loc/modal home periton dialys        OHIP-G865A
Chron/convales hosp 1st 4 subseq visit /pt/m Orthosurg (06)        OHIP-W062A
Chron/convales hosp 1st 4 subseq visit/pt/m Internal med(13)       OHIP-W132A
Chronic Dialysis Team wkly fee claim code hosp/satelit/modal       OHIP-G863A
Chronic dialysis wkly team fee - hosp hemodialysis                 OHIP-G861A
Chronic dialysis wkly team fee - hosp peritoneal dialysis          OHIP-G862A

                                           Order Codes - A Codes                             7
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Chronic or convales hosp 1st 4 subseq visit/pt/m Derm (02)           OHIP-W022A
Chronic/convales hosp 1st 4 subseq visit /pt/m Geriat (07)           OHIP-W072A
Chronic/convales hosp 1st 4 subseq visit /pt/m Neuro (18)            OHIP-W182A
Chronic/convales hosp add subseq visit max /pt/m                     OHIP-W001A
Chronic/convales hosp subseq visit max 6/pt/m Derm (02)              OHIP-W021A
Chronic/convales hosp subseq visit max 6/pt/m Geriat (07)            OHIP-W071A
Chronic/convales hosp subseq visit max 6/pt/m Neuro (07)             OHIP-W181A
Chronic/convales hosp subseq visits max 6/ptm Orthosurg (06)         OHIP-W061A
Chronic/convalesc hosp 1st 4 subseq visit pt/m GenSurg (03)          OHIP-W032A
Chronic/convalesce hosp 1st 4 subseq visit /pt/m Rehab(31)           OHIP-W312A
Chronic/convalesent hosp add subseq visit max 6/pt/m (13)            OHIP-W131A
Chronic/convalesent hosp add subseq visit max 6/pt/m (31)            OHIP-W311A
Ciliary body reattachment                                            OHIP-E135A
Circulatory assist device eg intra-aortic balloon - open             OHIP-Z743A
Circulatory asst device intra-aort ball daily care/supervis          OHIP-Z780A
Circumcision for physical symptom pts 1yr or older                   OHIP-S573A
Circumcision symptom only infants < 1yr insure only med nec          OHIP-S577A
Clavicle Deformity 1 level correct circular ext fix                  OHIP-R957A
Clavicle Deformity Bone transport circular ext fix <= 6cm            OHIP-R959A
Clavicle Deformity Bone transport circular ext fix > 6cm             OHIP-R960A
Clavicle Deformity Humeral lengthen circular ext fix <= 6cm          OHIP-R961A
Clavicle Deformity Humeral lengthen circular ext fix > 6cm           OHIP-R962A
Clavicle/Deformity 2 level correct circular ext fix                  OHIP-R958A
Claw & hammer toe each additional hammer toe                         OHIP-E594A
CLIN IMMUN(62) NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess - specialist         OHIP-C624A
Clinical Immunology Medical Specific Reassess by specialist          OHIP-A624A
Clinical Immunology partial assessment limited service               OHIP-A628A
Clinical Program DBS 1+ visits First implant site max 1/pt           OHIP-G547A
Clinoidal drilling for complex aneurysm apply N105 & N154            OHIP-E979A
Clonidine suppression test to investigate pheochromocytoma           OHIP-G338A
Close antral fistula complex GA Caldwell-Luc if necessary            OHIP-M067A
Close ASD secundum                                                   OHIP-R715A
Close broncho-pleural fistula Transthoracic or trans-sternal         OHIP-M130A
Close colostomy or enterostomy w/wout resection &/or anastom         OHIP-S185A
Close esoph-trach fist esoph reconstruct/lengthen prn                OHIP-S102A
Close fistula transvesical approach w/wout omental flap              OHIP-S524A
Close fistula Vesicorectal/vesicosigmoid/rectovesical                OHIP-S525A
Close fistula Vesicovaginal 2 surgeon vaginal surgeon.               OHIP-S734A
Close fistula Vesicovaginal 2 surgeons abdominal surgeon             OHIP-S711A
Close VSD                                                            OHIP-R718A
Closed irrigation during surgical procedures                         OHIP-E550A
Closed reduct fracture/dislocation Halo/caliper traction             OHIP-F201A
Club foot etc manipulate & cast/straping with anesthetic             OHIP-Z224A
Club foot etc manipulation & cast/strapping no anes                  OHIP-Z235A
Club Foot reconst/revise repair not simple tendon release            OHIP-R313A
Club Ft Posteromedial releas lat shorten tendon transfer/fus         OHIP-R448A
Coag or glyceral inj gasserein trigeminal gang/root uni              OHIP-N258A
Cochlea Prothesis Insert extra cochlea round window mid ear          OHIP-E340A
Color vision assess Fluorescein angiograph profession compon         OHIP-G425A
Colorectal screening - enrolled, 15% of pop                          OHIP-Q118A
Colorectal screening - enrolled, 20% of pop                          OHIP-Q119A
Colorectal screening - enrolled, 40% of pop                          OHIP-Q120A
Colorectal screening - enrolled, 50% of pop                          OHIP-Q121A
Colorectal Screening for enrolled patients 50 - 74 yrs               OHIP-Q005A
Colour vision assess - Fluorescein angiography tech comp             OHIP-G854A
Colour vision assess - Fluorescein angioscopy tech comp              OHIP-G855A
Colour Vision assess Electroretinography tech component              OHIP-G853A
Colour vision detailed assess professional component                 OHIP-G438A
Colour Vision detailed assessment tech componsent                    OHIP-G852A
Colour vision Hydrophilic bandage 'lens fit' tech comp               OHIP-G851A
Comb 3-in-1 block femoral/obturat/lat fem cutaneou nerve uni         OHIP-G260A
Combine LeFort I & LeFort III osteotomy hemifacia microsomia         OHIP-R609A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                             8
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Combine thoracotomy/laparotomy to N502 or N503 add                  OHIP-E362A
Combine TU bx/brush bx renal pelvis/uret insert ureter stent        OHIP-E776A
Combined abdoominal/vaginal approach vag vault prolapse             OHIP-S761A
Common bile duct stricture dissect &/or resect                      OHIP-S292A
Common femoral/profunda femoris repair profundoplasty 1 proc        OHIP-R855A
Comp Geriatric consult pay rule not same pt/consult w/in 2yr        OHIP-A775A
Complete arthroplasty replacement - Elbow/Forearm                   OHIP-R486A
Complete cystectomy with Koch pouch urine diversion                 OHIP-S440A
Complete hemorrhoidectomy cryotherapy Barron lig rectal dil         OHIP-Z565A
Complete reconstruction continent ileostomy & valve repair          OHIP-S191A
Completion of Northern Health Travel Grant Application Form         OHIP-K036A
Complex (see GP - B15)                                              OHIP-R528A
Complex med specific reassess - Clinical Immunology (62)            OHIP-A621A
Complex med specific reassess - Radiation/Oncology (34)             OHIP-A341A
Complex med specific reassess GASTRO (41)                           OHIP-A411A
Complex med specific reassess Occupational Med (13)                 OHIP-A131A
Complex med specific reassess Physmed Rehab(31)                     OHIP-A311A
Complex med specific reassessment Geriatrics (07)                   OHIP-A071A
Complex med speific reassessment - Respiratory (47)                 OHIP-A471A
Complex medical specific reassess - Rheumatology (48)               OHIP-A481A
Complex medical specific reassessment - Hematology                  OHIP-A611A
Complex reconst-revision previous repair/excision (GP - B15)        OHIP-S015A
Complicate (see GP - B21)                                           OHIP-Z100A
Composit resect lesion oral cav/oropharyn part resect mandib        OHIP-S005A
Comprehensive assess/care Mon-Fri Eve 17:00h-24:00h Fam/Gen         OHIP-H132A
Condylomata 1+ surg excise/electrodesic/CO2 laser - GA              OHIP-Z769A
Condylomata 1+ surg excise/electrodesic/CO2 laser local anes        OHIP-Z736A
Cone Loop electrosurg excision procedure LEEP                       OHIP-Z766A
Congenital extensive (see GP - B15)                                 OHIP-Z165A
Congenital heart Blalock/Glenn/Potts/Waterston or Central           OHIP-R759A
Congenital hip closed reduction include tenotomy & cast             OHIP-R404A
Congenital hip open reduction & tenotomy & arthrotomy               OHIP-R406A
Conization Cervix & biopsy any technique w/wout D&C                 OHIP-S744A
Conjunctiva Excision Peritomy Gunderson conjunctival flap           OHIP-E208A
Conjunctiva Repair/Excision conjunctiva lesion                      OHIP-E210A
Constant attend pt in ambulance & care to pt & return/1/2hr         OHIP-K112A
Constant pt care ambulan - ground amb transfer pt/1/4hr/part        OHIP-K101A
Construct absent condyle & ascending ramus*                         OHIP-R396A
Construct glenoid fossa & zygomatic arch* Obweges technique         OHIP-R395A
Construction of artificial vagina (see GP - B15)                    OHIP-S726A
Consult 19 yrs & below - FP/Gen practice (00)                       OHIP-A110A
Consult 65 yrs & above FP (00)                                      OHIP-A112A
Consult disturb child report/interview parents Psych (19)           OHIP-A197A
Consult MD practice not cardio/resp/gastro Intern med (13)          OHIP-A135A
Consult w special visit hosp/LTC lnpt Psych (19)                    OHIP-A895A
CONSULT/VISIT-CARDIOLOGY-Subsequent visits-Concurrent care          OHIP-C608A
CONSULT/VISIT-Subsequent visits- first five weeks.                  OHIP-C022A
Contact lens fit with f/up 3 mon Child < 4yrs no 3 mon wait         OHIP-G424A
Continu arteriovenous hemofiltration 1st/acute 1st 3 serv           OHIP-G295A
Continuous arteriovenous hemodialysis 1st&acute 1st 3 serv          OHIP-G091A
Continuous venovenous hemodialysis 1st/acute 1st 3 services         OHIP-G083A
Continuous venovenous hemofiltration 1st & acute 1st 3 serv         OHIP-G085A
Convert previous gastrectomy to Roux-en-y                           OHIP-S129A
Cornea Chelation band keratopathy & EDTA local anesth               OHIP-Z849A
Cornea Removal embedded foreign body local anes 1FB                 OHIP-Z847A
Cornea Remove embedded foreign body GA                              OHIP-Z852A
Cornea Remove embedded foreign body local anesthetic 2 FB's         OHIP-Z848A
Cornea-Incis-Remvl embed FB - local anesthetic 3-up FB's B16        OHIP-Z845A
Coronal/osteoplast frontal sinusectom/reconstruct/obliterat         OHIP-M063A
Coronary artery endarterectomy &/or gas endarterectomy              OHIP-R741A
Coronary artery repair - 2                                          OHIP-R743A
Coronary artery repair 1                                            OHIP-R742A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                             9
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Coronary artery repair each addition                                 OHIP-E654A
Coronary cath inj intracoronary NTG & drug intervn studies.          OHIP-G263A
Corpus uteri Incision/Excision Myomectomy                            OHIP-S764A
Corpus uteri Incision/Excision repeat application                    OHIP-S755A
Correct Down's Syndrome Facial Stigmata Augment zygoma bil           OHIP-Z267A
Correct trauma Tess Tech periorb strip/bone graft extracran          OHIP-R681A
Cort evok audiom multipl freq min 4/ear WSIB profession comp         OHIP-G154A
Cortic evoke audio multi freq min 4/ear req WSIB tech compon         OHIP-G153A
Cortical Evoked Audiometry interpret only (P2).                      OHIP-G142A
Counsel Individ 1st 3u K013/K040 combine/pt/provider/12m             OHIP-K013A
Cranial Nerve Infraorbital/supraorbital neurectomy                   OHIP-Z827A
Cranial nerves Anastomos hypoglossal /access to facial nerve         OHIP-N266A
Cranial Nerves Inferior dental neurectomy                            OHIP-Z826A
Cranial vault reshaping* anterior or posterior half                  OHIP-R394A
Cranial/Cereb Injury Reduce skull fracture simple depressed          OHIP-N139A
Cranio Cerebral Injuries Reduction skull fracture compound           OHIP-N140A
Craniosynostosis linear craniectomy multiple sutures                 OHIP-N207A
Craniotomy obliterate/excise CAVM > 4 cm                             OHIP-E895A
Craniotomy&orbit decompres roof of orbit w/wout lateral wall         OHIP-N212A
Craniotomy/lobectectomy                                              OHIP-N152A
Create ASD by thoracotomy/Sterling Edwards                           OHIP-R762A
Create Koch pouch urine diversion                                    OHIP-S441A
Creation ASD by balloon septostomy                                   OHIP-R763A
Creation of A.V. fistula                                             OHIP-R827A
Critical Care Other Resuscitation 1st 1/4 hour                       OHIP-G395A
Cryo Therapy premal/malignant lesions oral cavity/sinuses            OHIP-S050A
Cryocon/electrocon/CO2 laser w/wout curet premal lesion OPD          OHIP-Z729A
Crystal Lens Fix intraocular lens McCannell suture procedure         OHIP-E138A
Crystal Lens Incision Needling discission primary or subseq          OHIP-E137A
Crystal Lens Reposition surg of dislocated intraocular lens          OHIP-E145A
Crystalline Lens Incision Capsulotomy                                OHIP-E139A
Crystalline Lens Insert 2ndary intraocular lens                      OHIP-E146A
Crystalline Lens Remove intraocular lens                             OHIP-E144A
CSF - Revise CSF shunt operative all types.                          OHIP-N245A
CSF leak intracranial repair & trans-sphenoid approach               OHIP-N150A
CSF Shunt Procedure 3rd ventriculostomy                              OHIP-N249A
CSF Shunt Procedures all types                                       OHIP-N230A
CSF Shunt Revision non-operative                                     OHIP-Z801A
CSF Shunting Remove shunt any type.                                  OHIP-N246A
CSFConvert shunt eg ventric-perit/ventric-at rem exis shunt.         OHIP-N174A
CV Ang/angplast w/out pres meas aort/pulm valv/branch stenos         OHIP-Z448A
CV Anticoagulant Supervision LT phone advice per month               OHIP-G271A
CV ArteriesS Regional isolation perfusion eg iliac                   OHIP-R760A
CV Atrial ablative procedure for surg treat atrial arrhythm          OHIP-R709A
CV Bld Transfusion/Exchange transfusion - Diag/Therap                OHIP-G275A
CV CannulateSurg remove/repair implanted central venous cath         OHIP-Z457A
CV Electrophysiol Pace measure & insert electrodes                   OHIP-G249A
CV Endomyocardial Biopsy transvascular right/left                    OHIP-G288A
CV Hemodynamic/Flow/Metabolic Studies Oximetry                       OHIP-G299A
CV Hemodynamic/Flow/Metabolism Studies Lt heart transeptal           OHIP-Z441A
CV Ligation internal iliac artery unilateral/bilateral               OHIP-R708A
CV Mitral valvotomy restenosis                                       OHIP-R730A
CV Percutaneous transluminal cath assist close 1 defect              OHIP-Z465A
CV Percutaneous transluminal cath assist close multi defect          OHIP-Z466A
CV Pump bypass anesthetist see GP B21                                OHIP-E650A
CV Ssurg arteries Incision Arteriotomy                               OHIP-Z402A
CV SURG Axillary artery graft for cardiopulmonary bypass             OHIP-E682A
CV SURG Endovascular aortic stent all-inclusive code)                OHIP-R875A
CV SURG Mitral Valve Reconstruction Complex                          OHIP-R773A
CV SURG Mitral Valve Reconstruction Simple                           OHIP-R774A
CV SURG PROC-VEINS-Ligation- plus stripping                          OHIP-E653A
CV SURG PROC-VEINS-Repair- plus I.V.C. ligation                      OHIP-E657A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            10
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
CV SURG Valve sparing aortic root replace/remodeling                 OHIP-R876A
CV Vascular Cannulation Therapeutic venisectomy                      OHIP-G483A
CV Vascular Cannulation Venipuncture child - Diag/Therap             OHIP-G482A
CV Veins Multiple ligation & avulsion                                OHIP-R837A
CV/Thoracic surgery Partial assessment - limited service             OHIP-A094A
CV/Vascular Cannulaiont Intraosseous infusion                        OHIP-G270A
CV/Vascular Cannulation Venipuncture - infant                        OHIP-G480A
CVHemodynamic/Flow/Metabolic studies                                 OHIP-G300A
CVThoracic NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist            OHIP-C094A
Cyst Craniotomy/evac includ interventriculos supratent               OHIP-N158A
Cyst Craniotomy/evac include interventriculos infratent              OHIP-N159A
Cystectomy part tumor/diverticulum 1/multi- not add to S451          OHIP-S482A
Cystectomy ureterointestinal transplant                              OHIP-S485A
Cystmetrogram/void pressure/flow rate profile & interpret            OHIP-G475A
Cysto manipulate/remove calculus/retrograde pyelogram if req         OHIP-S470A
Cystometrogram include urether pressure profile prn                  OHIP-E777A
Cystoscopy & diagnostic ureteroscopy above intramural ureter         OHIP-Z628A
Dacryocystorhinost lacrimal bypass Lester Jones canal recons         OHIP-E954A
Dark adaptat curve Goldmann adaptomet or equiv Profess Comp          OHIP-G437A
Debride mastoid cavities repair small perforation no remove          OHIP-Z908A
Debride mastoid cavities/ears/repair small perforation               OHIP-Z907A
Debride maxillectomy cavity - Diag/Therap                            OHIP-G103A
Decannulat circulat assist device repair artery R815 no Z744         OHIP-Z744A
Decannulate circulatory assist device & repair artery percut         OHIP-Z781A
Decompression median nerve wrist CTS                                 OHIP-N290A
Decompression post tibial/common perineal nerve                      OHIP-N184A
Deformities Osteotomy tibia & fibula adult/child                     OHIP-R289A
Delivery Sacrifice Off Hrs visit 07:00h-24:00h Sat/Sun/hol           OHIP-B914A
Denervat/Decompres maj nerve not carp tunnel/ulna nerve elbo         OHIP-N285A
Denervation/Decompression Denervation hip                            OHIP-R427A
Dermatology NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist           OHIP-C024A
Destruct Urethrovesicolysis sole operative procedure                 OHIP-S557A
Destruction Litholapaxy & remove fragments                           OHIP-S521A
Detain Transport Donor Organ MD travel to/from donor centre          OHIP-K102A
Detention - per full quarter hour                                    OHIP-K001A
Diabetes Management Incentive                                        OHIP-Q040A
Diabetic management assessment (00) max 3/pt/yr                      OHIP-K030A
Diag Bal Test Stroboscopy Otolaryngology                             OHIP-G454A
Diag Balance Test Caloric test with ENG professional compon          OHIP-G533A
Diag Balance Tests Optokinetic tests                                 OHIP-G191A
Diag curet wi/out caut/bx cerv polyp Rubin/hysterosalping            OHIP-S754A
Diag Taste Test Phonation airflow study & subglottic pressur         OHIP-G535A
Diag/Therap ECG stress test technical component                      OHIP-G315A
Diag/Therap Gyn Insertion of IUD                                     OHIP-G378A
Diag/Therap Proced-Gynecology-Endometrial flushing                   OHIP-G361A
Diag/Therap Proced-Gynecology-Huhner's test                          OHIP-G364A
Diag/Therap Proced-Gynecology-Removal of Norplant                    OHIP-Z463A
Diag/Therap Proced-Nerve Blocks-Brachial plexus                      OHIP-G214A
Diag/Therap Proced-Nerve Blocks-Celiac ganglion                      OHIP-G215A
Diag/Therap Proced-Nerve Blocks-Infraorbital                         OHIP-G219A
Diag/Therap Proced-Nerve Blocks-Intercostal nerve                    OHIP-G220A
Diag/Therap Proced-Nerve Blocks-Intrathecal spinal                   OHIP-G222A
Diag/Therap Proced-Nerve Blocks-Splanchnic                           OHIP-G233A
Diag/Therap Proced-Nerve Blocks-Stellate ganglion                    OHIP-G234A
Diag/Therap Proced-Nerve Blocks-Supraorbital                         OHIP-G235A
Diag/Therap Proced-Neurology-Lumbar puncture                         OHIP-Z804A
Diag/Therap Proced-Neurology-Tensilon test                           OHIP-G419A
Diag/Therap Proced-OPHTHALMOLOGY-Tonometry                           OHIP-G435A
Diag/Therap Proced-Urology-Prostatic massage                         OHIP-G476A
Diagnostic Balance Computer rotation tests Otolaryngology            OHIP-G108A
Diagnostic Balance Position test with ENG technical componen         OHIP-G104A
Diagnostic Balance Positional testing ENG professional comp          OHIP-G105A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            11
                                                                         Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                       CODE
Diagnostic Procedures needle biopsy prostate - Bladder            OHIP-E780A
Diagnostic Taste Tests Phonation airflow study                    OHIP-G534A
Diagnostic ureteroscopy of second ureter                          OHIP-E819A
Diagnostic with or without urethroscopy                           OHIP-Z606A
Dialys/Hemodialysis Surg comp alone insert Scribner shunt         OHIP-R850A
Dialysis - Ligation or removal of bypass graft                    OHIP-R833A
Dialysis Acute to 48 hrs & stylet cannula insert temporary        OHIP-G330A
Dialysis Arteriovenous ultrafiltration 1st & acute 1st 3          OHIP-G294A
Dialysis cannula insert to central line exclud percutan           OHIP-R848A
Dialysis Continuous Bypass graft for hemodialysis synthetic       OHIP-R851A
Dialysis Continuous Hemodiafiltration Chronic                     OHIP-G094A
Dialysis Continuous Ultrafiltrate Insert femoral catheter         OHIP-G327A
Dialysis Slow Continu Ultrafiltrat Remove cannula/AV shunt        OHIP-R843A
Dialysis Slow Continuous Ultrafiltratration - Chronic             OHIP-G096A
Dialysis Slow/Continuo Ultrafiltrate revise Scribner shunt 2      OHIP-Z451A
Dialysis Slow/Continuous Ultrafiltrate Declot Scribner shunt      OHIP-Z452A
Dialysis SlowContin Ultrafiltration revise Scribner shunt 1       OHIP-Z450A
Dialysis Team fee wkly fee independ facility hemodialysis         OHIP-G864A
Dialysis thrombo instil temp & perm percutaneous catheters        OHIP-G312A
Dialysis venovenous hemodiafiltrate 1st/acute 1st 3 service       OHIP-G082A
Dialysis Venovenous ultrafiltration 1st/acute 1st 3 service       OHIP-G090A
Dialysis wkly team fee - home hemodialysis                        OHIP-G866A
Dialysis/Hemodialysis Acute repeat for 1st 3 services             OHIP-G323A
Dialysis/Hemodialysis Intial&acute include med/surg componen      OHIP-R849A
Diaphragmatic not esophageal hernia 2nd stage & abd close         OHIP-S339A
Diaphragmatic other than esophag hernia 1stage trans-thorac       OHIP-S338A
Diaphragmatic other than esophageal hernia 1stage trans-abd       OHIP-S337A
Differential intrathecal spinal block - Nerve Block               OHIP-G239A
Dilate Esophagus Pneumatic when sole procedure done               OHIP-Z525A
Dilate Esophagus Repeat dilations during same admission           OHIP-Z531A
Dilate gastrostomy enterostomy colostomy etc                      OHIP-Z539A
Dilation of Esophagus Passive bougie initial session              OHIP-Z529A
Disloc Acromio-clav/sterno-clav close w anesthetic -glenohum      OHIP-D025A
Dislocate Acetabulum open reduction one pillar                    OHIP-D046A
Dislocate Elbow joint open reduction acute                        OHIP-D010A
Dislocate Radial head open reduction acute                        OHIP-D011A
Dislocated Elbow joint closed reduction                           OHIP-D009A
Dislocation Acetabulum open reduction lips                        OHIP-D052A
Dislocation Acromio-clav/sterno-clav open reduction late          OHIP-R596A
Dislocation Ankle closed reduction                                OHIP-D035A
Dislocation Ankle open reduction                                  OHIP-D036A
Dislocation Carpal open Reduction                                 OHIP-D008A
Dislocation Finger open reduction                                 OHIP-D003A
Dislocation Glenohumeral joint closed reduction no anesth         OHIP-D015A
Dislocation Glenohumeral joint open reduction early               OHIP-D017A
Dislocation Glenohumeral joint open reduction late                OHIP-R472A
Dislocation Hip closed reduction                                  OHIP-D042A
Dislocation Hip open reduction                                    OHIP-D043A
Dislocation Knee closed reduction                                 OHIP-D038A
Dislocation knee open reduction                                   OHIP-D039A
Dislocation Metatarsophalangeal open reduction                    OHIP-D032A
Dislocation Patella closed reduction no anesthetic                OHIP-D040A
Dislocation Patella closed reduction w anesthetic                 OHIP-D031A
Dislocation Radial head open reduction recurrent                  OHIP-R540A
Dislocation Sacroiliac open reduction                             OHIP-D060A
Dislocation Tarsu open reduction                                  OHIP-D034A
Dislocation TMJ closed reduction                                  OHIP-D062A
DislocationPatella open reduction early                           OHIP-D041A
Dislocations Acromio-clav sterno-clav open reduction              OHIP-D023A
Dislocations Radial head closed reduction pulled elbow            OHIP-D012A
Dislocations TMJ closed or open reduction                         OHIP-D063A

                                          Order Codes - A Codes                            12
                                                                          Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                        CODE
Disturbed child report & interview with child Psych (19)           OHIP-A198A
Divide access conduct path cardiot/map w/wout HIS bundle           OHIP-R711A
Donor cardiectomy                                                  OHIP-R872A
Donor Heart Lung removal                                           OHIP-M157A
Donor homograft tympanic membran malleus incus continuit uni       OHIP-E350A
Dorsal root entry zone lesion pain relief any number level         OHIP-N578A
Down Syndrom Facial Stigmat Augment zygom autogen bone/cart*       OHIP-Z268A
Down Syndrome Face Stigma Augment chin autogen bone/cartil*        OHIP-Z270A
Down's Synd Face Stigmata Horizontal resect red lower lip          OHIP-Z271A
Down's Syndrome Face Stigma Augment chin prosthetic implant        OHIP-Z269A
Drain acute pancreatitis abscess or marsupialization of cyst       OHIP-S297A
Drain intramamary abscess/hematoma 1/multiloculated GA             OHIP-Z740A
Drain intramammary abscess/hematoma 1+ loculat local anes          OHIP-Z140A
Drug(s) desensitization ie penicillin/insulin/ASA in CC            OHIP-G185A
Dual chamber reprogramming include ECG professional comp           OHIP-G180A
Duodenoscopy no claim if Z399/Z400 on same pt 3mon                 OHIP-Z560A
Dxstic advanced hearing tet / test prof component max 3            OHIP-G530A
Dxtic Exam Angiography Intracavity/intratumoral injection          OHIP-Z597A
Dxtic Hearing Test speech reception/discrimination tech comp       OHIP-G441A
Dxtic stimulate spinal cord trigemin nerve root &/or gangli        OHIP-Z941A
Dye dilution denistometry add max 3/Swan-Ganz insert               OHIP-G304A
Dye dilution densitometry/thermal 1d/cath lab                      OHIP-G296A
E code apply preced M code total extra-pleural pneumonectomy       OHIP-E612A
E code apply preced M each added wedge resect lung max 3           OHIP-E608A
E code apply preced M resection diaphragm & reconstruct            OHIP-E611A
E code apply to preced M code sleeve lobectomy                     OHIP-E619A
E codes apply preced M - complete pneumonect +ve resect marg       OHIP-E624A
E codes apply to M code - sleeve resection pulmonary artery        OHIP-E625A
E codes apply to M codes w decortication remaining lobe(s)         OHIP-E618A
Ea level decompress includ disc excise un/bil N509 or N510         OHIP-E361A
Each added level laminoplast include fix lamina to N520 add        OHIP-E380A
Each added level percutaneous discotomy to N571 add                OHIP-E385A
Each added level scoliosis correct over 6 levels to N540 add       OHIP-E389A
Each additional disc level fused, to E365 add                      OHIP-E366A
Ear excise Exostosis endomeatal surg remove/drill/graft            OHIP-E312A
Ear Rep Ossiculoplasty                                             OHIP-E333A
Ear Repair Closure mastoid fistula                                 OHIP-E327A
Ear Repair Congenital defects external major                       OHIP-E308A
Ear Repair Congental defects external minor                        OHIP-E307A
Ear Repair Facial nerve decompression - Ocular/Aural               OHIP-E325A
Ear Repair Facial nerve graft to include decompression             OHIP-E326A
Ear Repair Meatoplasty / canalplasty congenital malformation       OHIP-E314A
Ear Repair Myringoplasty                                           OHIP-E323A
Ear Repair Otoplasty to correct outstanding ears unilateral        OHIP-E310A
Ear Repair Tympanic neurectomy                                     OHIP-E329A
Ear Repair Tympanotomy                                             OHIP-E328A
Ear Repair Tympanotomy remove mid ear tumour                       OHIP-E981A
Ear syringe curet/debride uni-bil limit 3/MD/pt/12m                OHIP-G420A
Ear Tympanotomy fistula reair                                      OHIP-E316A
EC) Stress test dobutamine stress test professional componen       OHIP-G319A
ECG 12 lead insert esophageal electrode in monitor position        OHIP-G175A
ECG 12 lead Prof Comp must include written interpret               OHIP-G313A
ECG 12 lead Tech Component - Prof component                        OHIP-G310A
ECG Cardiac Loop Monitor /14d test analyze/interp tech comp        OHIP-G692A
ECG Cardiac Loop Monitor /14d test prof comp interpretation        OHIP-G690A
ECG Cardiac Loop Monitor /14d test tech comp base function         OHIP-G693A
ECG Dipyramidole Thallium Stress Test professional component       OHIP-G112A
ECG Dipyramidole Thallium Stress Test technical component          OHIP-G111A
ECG Holter Level 1 Min 12 hr record tech comp 12-35 hr scan        OHIP-G652A
ECG Holter Level 1Min 12 hr record prof comp 36-59 hr record       OHIP-G658A
ECG Holter Level 1Min 12 hr record tech comp 12-35 hr              OHIP-G651A
ECG Holter Level 1Min 12 hrs record prof comp 12-35 hrs            OHIP-G650A

                                           Order Codes - A Codes                            13
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
ECG Holter Level 1Min 12 hrs record prof comp 60+ hrs record        OHIP-G659A
ECG Holter Level 2 Min 12 hr monit prof comp 12-35 hr record        OHIP-G653A
ECG Holter Level 2 Min 12 hr monit tech comp 12-35 hr record        OHIP-G654A
ECG Holter Level 2 Min 12 hr monitor tech comp 12-35 hr scan        OHIP-G655A
ECG Holter Level 2 Min 12 hrs monitor prof comp 60 hr-13 d          OHIP-G657A
ECG Holter Level 2 Min 12hr monitor prof comp 36-59 hr rec          OHIP-G656A
ECG Level 1 Min 12 hrs record tech component 60+ hrs scan           OHIP-G685A
ECG Level 1 Min 12hrs record tech component 36-59 hrs record        OHIP-G682A
ECG Level 1 tech component 36-59 hrs scanning                       OHIP-G683A
ECG Level 1Min 12 hrs record tech component 60+ hrs record          OHIP-G684A
ECG Level 2 Min 12 hr monitor tech component 60 hrs-13 days         OHIP-G688A
ECG Level 2 Min 12 hrs monitor tech compon 36-59 hrs record         OHIP-G686A
ECG Level 2 Min 12 hrs monitor tech component 60 hrs-13 days        OHIP-G689A
ECG Level 2 Min 12hrs monitor tech component 36-59 hrs scan         OHIP-G687A
Echo Bld Flow uni-bil Impedance plethysmography tech comp           OHIP-G121A
Echo Bld Flw dopp uni-bil *Phelbo/carotid pulse trace Tech          OHIP-G519A
Echo Blood Flow Study uni/bil professional component                OHIP-G518A
Echo Complete study 1 & 2 dimensions technical compon               OHIP-G570A
Echo Complete study 1 dimension professional component (P2)         OHIP-G562A
Echo Complete study 1-2 dimension professional compon (P1)          OHIP-G571A
Echo Complete study 1-2 dimension professional compon (P2)          OHIP-G572A
Echo Complete study 2 dimension professional component (P2)         OHIP-G568A
Echo Dual chamber reprogram includ ECG technical component          OHIP-G181A
Echo Event Recorder professional component - Diag/Therap            OHIP-G660A
Echo Interpret phone transmitted ECG rhythm strip tech comp         OHIP-G311A
Echo one chamber reprogram include ECG professional compon          OHIP-G283A
Echo Professional compon Saline study include venipuncture          OHIP-G579A
Echo Professional component Complete study 1 dimension (P1)         OHIP-G561A
Echo Professional component Complete study 2 dimension (P1)         OHIP-G567A
Echo uni/bilat Impedance plethysmography - profess comp             OHIP-G120A
Echocard Prof comp Ltd study no claim w preg study tech comp        OHIP-G574A
Echocardio Professional compon Insert esophageal transducer         OHIP-G580A
Echocardiograph Complete study 1 dimension technical compon         OHIP-G560A
Echocardiograph Complete study 2 dimension technical compon         OHIP-G566A
Echocardiography Event Recorder technical component                 OHIP-G661A
ECT cerebral single or multiple in-pt                               OHIP-G478A
Ectopic pregnancy management by any surg technique                  OHIP-S784A
Ectrop not Zeigler puncture w skin graft see Plastic Surg           OHIP-Z860A
ED 00:00h-07:00h add 75% to fee max/pt 80.25 w min prem/pt          OHIP-K997A
ED Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon-Fri add 30% to consult max prem/pt         OHIP-K991A
ED ession fee Sat/Sun/Hol 04:00h - 08:00h                           OHIP-H404A
ED Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Holi 1st pt            OHIP-K994A
ED Eve17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol add 50%             OHIP-K995A
ED Sacrifice Office add pts 30% to max prem/pt 35.60                OHIP-K993A
ED Session fee Mon-Fri 00:00h-04:00h                                OHIP-H401A
ED Session fee Mon-Fri 20:00h-24:00h                                OHIP-H400A
ED Session Fees Sat/Sun/Hol 08:00h-12:00h                           OHIP-H405A
ED Session Fees Sat/Sun/Hol 12:00h - 16:00h                         OHIP-H406A
ED Session Fees Sat/Sun/Hol 16:00h-20:00h                           OHIP-H407A
ED Session Fees Sat/Sun/Hol 20:00h-24:00h                           OHIP-H408A
ED Ssession Fee Sat/Sun/Hol 00:00h-04:00h                           OHIP-H403A
Edession fee Mon-Fri 04:00h-08:00h                                  OHIP-H402A
EEG activate/sleep induce drug &/or sleep deprivat tech comp        OHIP-G416A
Elbow Deformity Bone transport circular external fix > 6cm          OHIP-R954A
Elbow Deformity Dble level correction circular external fix         OHIP-R952A
Elbow Deformity one level correction circular external fix          OHIP-R951A
Elbow I&D                                                           OHIP-R445A
Elbow.forearm Fracture Epicondyle no reduction                      OHIP-F029A
Elbow/forearm Arthroplasty Remove total replacement                 OHIP-R499A
Elbow/forearm Arthroplasty Ulna replacement lower end               OHIP-R281A
Elbow/forearm Biopsy Bone needle                                    OHIP-Z225A
Elbow/forearm Biopsy Joint open                                     OHIP-R432A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            14
                                                                       Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                     CODE
Elbow/forearm Dislocate Radial head open reduction late         OHIP-R558A
Elbow/forearm Excision Bone Tumour Extensive w replacement      OHIP-R293A
Elbow/forearm Exision Tumour Soft tissues deep                  OHIP-R592A
Elbow/forearm Fracture Transcondylar/condylar no reduction      OHIP-F039A
Elbow/forearm Fracture Transcondylar/condylar open reduction    OHIP-F041A
Elbow/Forearm I & D Osteomyelitis Acute                         OHIP-R228A
Elbow/forearm I&D Osteomyelitis Saucerization & bone graft      OHIP-R229A
Elbow/Forearm I&D Osteomyelitis Sequestrectomy                  OHIP-R231A
Elbow/forearm Synovectomy/capsulectomy/debride etc              OHIP-R421A
Elbow/wrist Arthroplasty Interposition                          OHIP-R510A
ElbowDeformity Bone transport circular external fix 6cm         OHIP-R953A
Electrocochleography /ear myringotomy if performed prof comp    OHIP-G850A
Electrocorticogram supervise & interpret                        OHIP-G413A
Electrophysiolog assess mov't disorder EEG/EMG, etc Min 3hr     OHIP-G266A
Electroretinography w report profesional component              OHIP-G439A
Elevate free island muscle flap tendon/nerve close defect       OHIP-R128A
Elevate innervated free island skin/subcut flap close defect    OHIP-R067A
Elevation Free Is skin & muscle flap & close defect             OHIP-R125A
Elevation free island skin/subcutaneous flap close defect       OHIP-R064A
Elevation of free toe or finger & close defect                  OHIP-R137A
Embolectomy &/or thrombectomy with other vasc procedures        OHIP-E649A
EMG & Nerve Conduction Studies Sched A interpret only (P2).     OHIP-G459A
EMG & Nerve Conduction Studies Sched B interpret only (P2).     OHIP-G469A
EMG & Nerve Conduction Studies single fibre EMG                 OHIP-G458A
EMG/Nerve Conduct Stud Sched A profess comp MD does EMG - P1    OHIP-G456A
EMG/Nerve Conduct Stud Sched B profess comp MD interpret-P1     OHIP-G457A
EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies Schedule A technical comp          OHIP-G455A
EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies Schedule B technical comp          OHIP-G466A
Endo + screen bx >34 site mal chang ulcercol Z555 only (IOP)    OHIP-E785A
Endo ileost,colost,reduction obstructed Koch ileostomy(IOP)     OHIP-Z512A
Endo Subseq procedure w/in 3 m follow prev endo proc            OHIP-Z749A
Endo Subseq w/in 3 mon following previous gastroscopy           OHIP-Z528A
Endo transnasal ligate sphenopalatin arter post epistax uni     OHIP-Z313A
Endo US inj 1+ metastases/nodes/masses/celiac plexus            OHIP-E804A
Endo US radial/linear probe thru endo to fee                    OHIP-E800A
Endo with snare polypectomy 1st polyp >1cm max 1 added          OHIP-E674A
Endoc/Metab Saralasin test                                      OHIP-G490A
Endocard activation map - repeat                                OHIP-G179A
Endocardial activation map - atrial                             OHIP-G176A
Endocardial activation map - ventricular                        OHIP-G177A
Endocardial activation mapping - catheter ablation              OHIP-G178A
Endocardial cushion & valve defect                              OHIP-R716A
Endocardial EPS mapping                                         OHIP-E661A
Endocopy Mediastinoscopy                                        OHIP-Z329A
Endocoscopic placement of stent in colon                        OHIP-E630A
Endocrin/Metab Glucagon test Type A carbohydrate response       OHIP-G494A
Endocrine/Metabolism ACTH test single/multiple / inj            OHIP-G493A
Endocrine/Metabolism IV tolbutamide test                        OHIP-G499A
Endocrine/Metabolism Open circuit indirect calorimetry          OHIP-G515A
Endocrine/Metabolism Phentolamine test                          OHIP-G344A
Endocrinology & Metabolism IV GTT                               OHIP-G498A
Endomeatal surg/remove/drill exostosis post auricular           OHIP-E313A
Endomet Ablation any method w/in 1yr prev ablation same surg    OHIP-S773A
Endomyocardial Bx Tilt table Vasomotor syncope MD present       OHIP-G314A
Endonasal aug atrophic rhinitis uni incl graft/prep implant     OHIP-M018A
Endopyelotomy ureteropelvic junction obstruct prim/2ndary       OHIP-Z636A
Endoscopic Procedure w removal of calculus Kidney               OHIP-E760A
Endoscopies with mediastinotomy                                 OHIP-Z328A
Endoscopy - Laryngoscopy direct remove lesion(s)                OHIP-Z323A
Endoscopy & bronchoscopy                                        OHIP-Z330A
Endoscopy biliary tract manometry                               OHIP-E666A

                                        Order Codes - A Codes                            15
                                                                          Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                        CODE
Endoscopy bx 1+ sites ureter/pelvis use ureteroscope               OHIP-E820A
Endoscopy bx/coag angiodysplastic lesion 1+ to Z555 or Z580        OHIP-E717A
Endoscopy Follow up colposcopy                                     OHIP-Z730A
Endoscopy Hysteroscopy diagnostic                                  OHIP-Z582A
Endoscopy into terminal ileum - Intestines not rectum              OHIP-E705A
Endoscopy Nasobiliary catheter insert                              OHIP-Z593A
Endoscopy to hepatic flexure                                       OHIP-E741A
Endoscopy to splenic flexure                                       OHIP-E740A
Endoscopy use 60 cm flex endoscope                                 OHIP-Z580A
Endoscopy with bronchoscopy mediastinotomy                         OHIP-Z348A
Endoscopy/Anoscopy/proctoscopy                                     OHIP-Z543A
Endoscopy/Urethropexy diagnositic                                  OHIP-Z617A
Endoscopy/Urethroscopy/biopsy Urethra                              OHIP-Z618A
Endoscopy/Vaginoscopy premenarch w/wout medication                 OHIP-Z478A
Endotrach intubate resusc no claim surg procedure w anesth         OHIP-G211A
Enterotomy Colonoscopy with laparotomy not rectum                  OHIP-S155A
Enterotomy Exteriorization of intestine Mickulicz                  OHIP-S156A
Enterotomy Large intestine include excise polyp                    OHIP-S154A
Enterotomy small intestine & excise polyp / biopsy                 OHIP-S150A
Enucleation/eviseration insert implant reattach extraocular        OHIP-E109A
Epi inj adrenal steroid/autolog bld post laminectomy op site       OHIP-G274A
Epicardial EPS mapping                                             OHIP-E660A
Epidural cath analgesia hosp visit add max fee 4/day               OHIP-G247A
Epistaxis Nasal Hemorrhage ligate extern carotid artery uni        OHIP-M027A
ER Dept MD on Duty Consult (12)                                    OHIP-H055A
ERCP Insert 1st endobiliary prosthes &/or pancrea sten max 1       OHIP-E680A
ERCP sphincterotomy remove 1+ bie duct stones                      OHIP-Z558A
ERCP thru gastrojejunostomy prev Billroth II (IOP)                 OHIP-Z760A
ERCP w cannulation CBD / pancreatic duct                           OHIP-Z561A
Esoph motility studies manometry MD in continuo attend (P1)        OHIP-G350A
Esoph/gastros w/out duodenoscopy polyp by snare > 1cm max 2        OHIP-E799A
Esoph/gastros w/wout duodenoscopy w pneumat/balloon dilate         OHIP-E698A
Esoph/gastroscopy w/wout duoden drain bil after IV CCK stim        OHIP-E770A
Esophag acid perfus/provoc drug test standard MD attend (P1)       OHIP-G251A
Esophag acid perfuse/provoc drug test trace interpret (P2)         OHIP-G346A
Esophag acid perfusion/provocative drug test 24 hr monitor         OHIP-G351A
Esophag acid perfusion/provocative drug test interpret(P2)         OHIP-G252A
Esophag hiatus hern abd/transthorac approach fund plication        OHIP-S091A
Esophageal acid perfuse/provocative drug test MD attend (P1)       OHIP-G353A
Esophago/gastro/duodenoscop snare polypectomy 1st polyp >1cm       OHIP-E703A
Esophago/gastroscopy w/wout duodenoscop w dilation esophagus       OHIP-E696A
Esophago/gastroscopy/duodenoscopy brush esoph/stomach/duoden       OHIP-E795A
Esophago-gastrostomy bypass sole procedure                         OHIP-S097A
Esophagos/gastros w/wout duodenoscopy remove FBs                   OHIP-E690A
Esophagoscopy gastroscopy w/wout duodenoscopy elective             OHIP-Z399A
Esophagoscopy w/wout biopsy(sies)                                  OHIP-Z515A
Esophagoscopy/gastro w/wout duodenoscopy for active bleed          OHIP-Z400A
Esophagoscopy/gastroscopy w/wout duodenoscopy & laser debulk       OHIP-E692A
Esophagoscopy-gastroscopy & include duodenoscopy                   OHIP-E669A
Esophagostomy Intrathoracic esophageal stent- via laparotomy       OHIP-S082A
Esophagus Endo US Bx/fine needle aspirate/lesion max 3/les         OHIP-E802A
Esophagus Endoscopic US dilation of stricture                      OHIP-E803A
Esophagus Excision Intrathoracic diverticulum                      OHIP-S087A
Esophagus Excision with myotomy/diverticulum                       OHIP-E699A
Esophagus Excision with reconstruct                                OHIP-E730A
Esophogea stricture Thal esoph HH repair w/wout gastroplasty       OHIP-S095A
EUA nose suction cautery post epistaxis uni-bil                    OHIP-Z317A
EUGA nasopharynx mal dis & bx no claim w T&A adenoid/quadros       OHIP-Z298A
Evoked Potential Contact lens fit follow-up for 3 mon GA           OHIP-G431A
Evoked Potential Fluorescein angioscopy profession component       OHIP-G444A
EvokePot -1eye -other eye previous fit same MD fu 3 months         OHIP-G423A
Exc lesion w/wout bx 1+ site Grp 1 electrocoag &/or curret 3       OHIP-Z161A

                                           Order Codes - A Codes                            16
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Exc lesion w/wout bx 1+site Grp 5 other - hyperhydros/hydrad         OHIP-R059A
Exc with/out bx Le 1+site(IOP)Grp 5 Congen derm cyst adult           OHIP-R034A
Exc/marsup lesion w/wout bx 1+site Grp 5 other Pilonid cyst          OHIP-R035A
Exc/Rep Axillo-femoral femoro-femoral/axillo-axillary graft          OHIP-R933A
Exc/Rep Peri obturator iliofemoral graft w saphenous vein            OHIP-R860A
Exc/Rev mastoid/rev midear mastoid cav oblit E320/E322/E31           OHIP-E946A
Exc/sut/electro/curet w/out bx 1+site Grp 3 plantar verr 2           OHIP-Z170A
Exc/sut/electro/curet w/wout bx 1+ site Grp 3 plantar verr 1         OHIP-Z169A
Exc/sut/electro/curet w/wout bx 1+ site Grp 3 plantar verru          OHIP-Z171A
Exc/suture lesion w/wout bx 1+ sites Grp 1 single lesion             OHIP-Z156A
Exc/suture skin lesions w/wout bx 1+ sites Grp 1 - 3+ lesion         OHIP-Z158A
Excis lesion w/wout bx 1+ site Grp 5 other hyperhydros/hydra         OHIP-R060A
Excis tumor(s) base/adjac musc/electrocoag - no cysto                OHIP-Z634A
Excis/suture lesions w/wout bx 1+ sites Grp 2 nevus 1 lesion         OHIP-Z162A
Excise &/or Repair false aneurysm groin anastomosis                  OHIP-R864A
Excise &/or Repair Femoral popliteal endarterectomy                  OHIP-R809A
Excise &/or Repair Thrombectomy artery or graft sole proced          OHIP-R867A
Excise 1st rib &/or cervical rib & scalenotomy as nec                OHIP-N284A
Excise above include bilateral ureterosigmoidostomy bladder          OHIP-S489A
Excise Adrenalectomy or explore unilateral                           OHIP-S798A
Excise Biopsy rectosigmoid or above for Hirschsprung                 OHIP-Z752A
Excise Clavicle/Acromion Malignant tumor w reconstruction            OHIP-R214A
Excise endocardial scar to ventriculotomy/aneurysm repair            OHIP-E648A
Excise Hilar lymph node or lung biopsy full thoracotomy              OHIP-M138A
Excise Intestinal bypass morbid obesity                              OHIP-S189A
Excise Joint Synovectomy/capsulectomy/debride 2+ joints              OHIP-R414A
Excise lesion w/out bx 1+ site Grp 5 other Lipoma 5-10cm             OHIP-Z096A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+ site Grp 4 cyst/hemang/lipom GA 2         OHIP-Z150A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+ site Grp 5 Giant cell tumor               OHIP-R037A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+ site Grp 5 other infant/child             OHIP-R043A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+ site(IOP)Grp 5 other & skin shift         OHIP-R036A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+ sites Group 5 other >10cm                 OHIP-Z097A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+ sites Grp 4 face/neck Local ane 2         OHIP-Z123A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+ sites Grp 4 Other Local anes 2            OHIP-Z126A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+site Grp 4 cyst/hemang/lipom GA 1          OHIP-Z145A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+site Grp 4 cyst/hemang/lipom GA 3+         OHIP-Z147A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+site Grp 5 other midline eg nasal          OHIP-R042A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+sites Grp 4 cys/hemang/lipoma GA 2         OHIP-Z146A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+sites Grp 4 Face/Neck Local anes 1         OHIP-Z122A
Excise lesion w/wout bx 1+sites Grp 4 GA - 3+ lesions                OHIP-Z151A
Excise lesion w/wout bx1+ sites Grp 4 Other Local anesth 1           OHIP-Z125A
Excise lesions w/wout bx 1+ sites Grp 4 Local anes 3+ lesion         OHIP-Z127A
Excise Maxilla w exenteration of orbit & skin graft                  OHIP-R278A
Excise Morton's or subcut neuroma glomus cutaneous nerve tum         OHIP-N295A
Excise Neck limited eg submandibular supra omohyoid                  OHIP-R910A
Excise obstruct tumor or stricture thru colonoscopy 2cm or >         OHIP-Z765A
Excise obstruct tumour or stricture thru colonoscope < 2cm           OHIP-Z764A
Excise obstructive tum/strict thru colonoscopy laser debulk          OHIP-E687A
Excise parapharyngeal space lesion & mobilize parotid gland          OHIP-S002A
Excise Partial pharyngectomy transthyroid or lateral                 OHIP-S067A
Excise Polyps/tumors rectum/sigmoid max 2 base < 2 cm                OHIP-Z754A
Excise Resect exteriorized intestine                                 OHIP-Z750A
Excise Segment resect include segment bronchus & artery              OHIP-M144A
Excise sessile polyp >3 cm thru colonoscope incl fulguration         OHIP-E685A
Excise stenosed renal artery with reimplant or homograft             OHIP-S421A
Excise Sut/Repair Diagnose laparoscopy prior to laparotomy           OHIP-E860A
Excise Suture or Repair Laser Tx of extensive pelvic disease         OHIP-Z737A
Excise unilat/bilat Para ovarian cystectomy                          OHIP-S747A
Excise urachal cyst or sinus w/wout umbilical hernia repair          OHIP-S471A
Excise urachus repair bladder-divert urine                           OHIP-S487A
Excise w/wout bx 1+site Grp 4 Face/Neck - Loc anes 3+ lesion         OHIP-Z124A
Excise/Close fistula anterior alveolar Oral Cavity/Pharynx           OHIP-S030A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            17
                                                                              Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                            CODE
Excise/electrocoag/curet w/out bx 1+ site Grp 1 - 2 lesion             OHIP-Z160A
Excise/electrocoag/curet w/out bx 1+ site Grp 1 - single               OHIP-Z159A
Excise/Reconstruct Clavicle & Deformity                                OHIP-R298A
Excise/Repair Abd aorta & bilateral common femoral repair              OHIP-R817A
Excise/Repair Embolectomy artery or graft as sole proced               OHIP-R813A
Excise/Repair Iliac artery to& internal iliac aneurysm                 OHIP-R786A
Excise/Repair Insitu saphenous vein arterial bypass poplitea           OHIP-R797A
Excise/Repair Insitu saphenous vein arterial bypass tibia              OHIP-R804A
Excise/Repair Peripheral artery other than listed aneurysm             OHIP-R812A
Excise/Repair Thrombin inject of femoral artery pseudoaneury           OHIP-R873A
Excise/Resect scrotum                                                  OHIP-S618A
Excise/Sut/Rep Laparoscopy for oocyte retrieval                        OHIP-Z718A
Excise/suture lesion w/wout bx 1+ site Grp 2 nevus 3+                  OHIP-Z164A
Excise/suture lesion w/wout bx 1+ sites Grp 1 - 2 lesions              OHIP-Z157A
Excision &/or Repair & implant inferior mesenteric artery              OHIP-E626A
Excision &/or Repair Abd aorta aneurysm                                OHIP-R802A
Excision &/or Repair Aortic arch reconsruct w thoracotomy              OHIP-E659A
Excision &/or Repair Aortic arch reconstruct innominate                OHIP-R830A
Excision &/or Repair aortic arch reconstruct subclavian                OHIP-R831A
Excision &/or Repair Aortic arch reconstruct vertebral                 OHIP-R832A
Excision &/or Repair Mesenteric/celiac artery aneurysm                 OHIP-R811A
Excision Adenoidectomy                                                 OHIP-S065A
Excision after mammographic wire localization                          OHIP-E525A
Excision Amputation cervix                                             OHIP-S765A
Excision aneurysm sinus Valsalva                                       OHIP-R747A
Excision Baker's cyst extensive                                        OHIP-R434A
Excision Baker's cyst simple                                           OHIP-R431A
Excision Barron ligation(s) not to exceed 6/yr                         OHIP-Z546A
Excision Biopsy incision by gastrostomy                                OHIP-Z526A
Excision Biopsy pleura or lung with limited thoracotomy                OHIP-Z338A
Excision Bone Access navicular scaphoid                                OHIP-R305A
Excision Bone Bunion/bunionette                                        OHIP-R302A
Excision Bone Calcaneal spur                                           OHIP-R307A
Excision Bone graft to palate                                          OHIP-S032A
Excision Bone Head & neck femoral                                      OHIP-R315A
Excision Bone Major resection tumor                                    OHIP-R330A
Excision Bone Olecranon                                                OHIP-R290A
Excision Bone Os calcis talus                                          OHIP-R308A
Excision Bone Radial head                                              OHIP-R287A
Excision Bone Radial styloid                                           OHIP-R286A
Excision Bone Tarsal bar                                               OHIP-R306A
Excision Bone Tumor foot                                               OHIP-R266A
Excision Bone Tumors Simple                                            OHIP-R295A
Excision Bone/Ulna lower end                                           OHIP-R643A
Excision Branchial cleft lesion                                        OHIP-S058A
Excision Bullectomy major bullous disease Lung/pleura                  OHIP-M151A
Excision Bursae GT trochanter/ischial                                  OHIP-R590A
Excision Bursae Olecranon                                              OHIP-R595A
Excision Calycectomy w diversion of urine                              OHIP-S410A
Excision Carinal resect w/out pulmonary resect Trach/Bronch            OHIP-M104A
Excision Cervical stump abdominal                                      OHIP-S766A
Excision Cervical stump vaginal                                        OHIP-S767A
Excision Choanal polypectomy unilateral                                OHIP-Z308A
Excision Cholecystectomy                                               OHIP-S287A
Excision Cleft palate repair                                           OHIP-S034A
Excision Colon reconstruct following Hartmann proced                   OHIP-S218A
Excision complete cystectomy without transplant                        OHIP-S484A
Excision congenital vaginal septum                                     OHIP-S702A
Excision Cricopharyngeal diverticulum                                  OHIP-S088A
Excision Cyst Bartholin's gland                                        OHIP-S706A
Excision Cystectomy reimplant of ureters                               OHIP-S490A
Excision Cystectomy reimplantation ureter.                             OHIP-S483A

                                               Order Codes - A Codes                            18
                                                                               Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                             CODE
Excision Cystectomy ureteroileal conduit                                OHIP-S453A
Excision Cystic hygroma unilateral Lymph channel                        OHIP-R907A
Excision Enucleation benign esophageal tumour                           OHIP-S093A
Excision Epididymectomy unilateral                                      OHIP-S602A
Excision exostosis/cyst patella                                         OHIP-R318A
Excision Extract tooth complete care 1                                  OHIP-S023A
Excision Fibular head                                                   OHIP-R210A
Excision full thickness ab weall tumour/primary closure B15             OHIP-S316A
Excision Glossectomy complete                                           OHIP-S019A
Excision Glossectomy partial                                            OHIP-S018A
Excision Glossoplasty                                                   OHIP-S020A
Excision Hepatectomy local excision lesion < 5 cm                       OHIP-S269A
Excision Hepatectomy partial lobectomy excision > 5 cm                  OHIP-S275A
Excision Humerus Head                                                   OHIP-R292A
Excision Hydrocele single                                               OHIP-S630A
Excision Hydrocele unilateral                                           OHIP-S611A
Excision Ileoinguinal radical resection                                 OHIP-R912A
Excision include laryngoscopy Laryngectomy total                        OHIP-M081A
Excision include laryngoscopy Laryngofissure                            OHIP-M082A
Excision Intestinal atresia newborn                                     OHIP-S178A
Excision intranasal lesions lateral rhinotomy approach                  OHIP-M010A
Excision Joint Ankle synovectomy                                        OHIP-R420A
Excision Joint Radio/ulnar meniscectomy                                 OHIP-R492A
Excision Joint Synovectomy/capsulectomy/debride 1 joint                 OHIP-R425A
Excision Joint Synovectomy/debridement                                  OHIP-R423A
Excision Joint Synovectomy/debridement wrist Hand/Wrist                 OHIP-R418A
Excision Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy                             OHIP-S653A
Excision lesion (IOP) > 4 cms Oral cavity/Pharynx                       OHIP-S006A
Excision lesion (IOP) 2 - 4 cms Oral Cavity/Pharynx                     OHIP-S003A
Excision Lge intestine any part                                         OHIP-S167A
Excision Ligation of thoracic duct sole procedure                       OHIP-M108A
Excision Lip shave vermilionectomy                                      OHIP-S012A
Excision Liver transplant donor                                         OHIP-S274A
Excision Liver transplant recipient                                     OHIP-S294A
Excision Lung transplant 1 lung                                         OHIP-M155A
Excision Mandible                                                       OHIP-R280A
Excision Mandibular condyle                                             OHIP-R284A
Excision Maxilla advancement                                            OHIP-R279A
Excision Meckel's diverticulum                                          OHIP-S194A
Excision Mediastinal tumor                                              OHIP-M106A
Excision mid turbinate concha bullosa unilateral                        OHIP-Z306A
Excision Nasal polyp - single                                           OHIP-Z304A
Excision Nasal polyp multiple involving GA unilateral                   OHIP-Z305A
Excision nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal lesion palatal split              OHIP-R181A
Excision Nephrectomy - lumbar                                           OHIP-S413A
Excision Nephrectomy above hepatic vein                                 OHIP-E768A
Excision Nephrectomy gland dissection                                   OHIP-E766A
Excision of 1st polyp 3mm thru colonoscope                              OHIP-Z571A
Excision of other intranasal lesions (see GP - B15)                     OHIP-M011A
Excision Partial or heminephrectomy                                     OHIP-S411A
Excision Patella include fascial repair                                 OHIP-R312A
Excision perineal 2 surgeons Intestine                                  OHIP-S174A
Excision Pharyngo/laryngectomy                                          OHIP-S068A
Excision Pharyngoplasty                                                 OHIP-S069A
Excision Posterior urethral valve                                       OHIP-S542A
Excision Prolapse urethra                                               OHIP-S543A
Excision radical Haematic/Lymph channels                                OHIP-R911A
Excision Repair liver transplant                                        OHIP-S295A
Excision repair umbilical hernia                                        OHIP-E748A
Excision Segmental resect cervical trachea                              OHIP-M099A
Excision Soft Tissue Fascia Dupytrens partial/complete                  OHIP-R551A
Excision Soft Tissue Ganglion simple/complex                            OHIP-R549A

                                                Order Codes - A Codes                            19
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Excision Spermatocele/spermatic granuloma                             OHIP-S601A
Excision sternal resection                                            OHIP-E602A
Excision Submandibular or sublingual gland                            OHIP-S042A
Excision Temporomandibular meniscectomy                               OHIP-R428A
Excision Thymectomy                                                   OHIP-S797A
Excision Thyroglossal duct remnant                                    OHIP-S061A
Excision Thyroidectomy hemi                                           OHIP-S790A
Excision Thyroidectomy subtotal                                       OHIP-S789A
Excision Thyroidectomy total                                          OHIP-S788A
Excision torus palatinu - oral cavity/pharynx                         OHIP-S024A
Excision Total sternectomy                                            OHIP-M107A
Excision Total thoracic esophageal resection                          OHIP-S090A
Excision truncal or selective vagotomy                                OHIP-E728A
Excision Umbilectomy plastic                                          OHIP-S317A
Excision uni/bilateral Oophorectomy &/or oophorocystectomy            OHIP-S745A
Excision unilat/bilateral Biopsy ovaries laparotomy                   OHIP-S780A
Excision unilat/bilateral Oophorectomy & total omentectomy            OHIP-S782A
Excision Urethral papilloma single/multiple                           OHIP-S537A
Excision Urethrectomy radical                                         OHIP-S544A
Excision Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty include tonsillectomy              OHIP-S036A
Excision Varicocele single                                            OHIP-S631A
Excision ventricular aneurysm                                         OHIP-R746A
Excision ventricular tumor                                            OHIP-R920A
Excision Vesiculectomy Seminal vesicle                                OHIP-S636A
Excision Vulvectomy simple                                            OHIP-S703A
Excision Wedge resection lip plastic repair                           OHIP-S010A
Excision Wedge resection lung                                         OHIP-M145A
Excision/Close fisulat palate - Oral cavity/pharynx                   OHIP-S033A
Excision/Repair Carotid body tumour                                   OHIP-R796A
Excision/Repair Carotid endarterectomy                                OHIP-R792A
Excision/Repair Ilio-femoral bypass graft                             OHIP-R937A
Excision/Repair Popliteal aneurysm                                    OHIP-R810A
Excision/Repair Renal artery                                          OHIP-R806A
Excision-Mesenteric cyst                                              OHIP-S319A
Excison Clavicle/Acromion Major tumour                                OHIP-R641A
Excison Nephrectomy transperitoneal                                   OHIP-S415A
Excison plaque Peyronies disease                                      OHIP-S599A
Excsion Muscle & Tendon sheath single - Hand/wrist                    OHIP-R550A
Exercise studies during catherization                                 OHIP-G301A
Exostosis simple endomeatal & removal/drill out exostosis             OHIP-E311A
Explore &/or decompress/neurolysis ulnar nerve elbow                  OHIP-N190A
Explore &/or remove parathyroids or parathyroid tumor                 OHIP-S795A
Explore for undescended testicle w/out orchidopexy                    OHIP-S593A
Explore major artery CV                                               OHIP-R764A
Explore renal/perirenal tiss with/out bx/unroof cyst                  OHIP-S403A
Explore thoracic outlet syndrom exc cervic-1st rib/scalenot           OHIP-N283A
Exposure vein & implant of pack                                       OHIP-Z436A
Ext approach septo/septorhino/part septorhino apply M codes           OHIP-E642A
Ext/transantral ethmoidect uni Caldwell-Luc approach                  OHIP-M023A
Extend resect lesion oral cav/orphar part resect mand/maxill          OHIP-S007A
Extensive (see GP - B15)                                              OHIP-R082A
Extensive GP B15 -Intralesional injec acne/cort. not covered          OHIP-G383A
Extensive or massive (see GP - B15)                                   OHIP-Z148A
Exter Ear Rem FB post auricular or endaural incisions                 OHIP-E302A
External cardiac pacing temp transthoracic 1/24 hrs                   OHIP-G115A
External Ear Endoscopy Remove drain tube(s) GA                        OHIP-Z906A
External Ear Endoscopy Remove foreign body middle ear space           OHIP-E303A
External Ear Endoscopy Remove foreign body simple                     OHIP-Z915A
External Ear Excise Resect pinna w primary closure                    OHIP-E300A
External Ear Excise Resect pinna with local flap                      OHIP-E301A
External Ear Excision Pre-auricular sinus                             OHIP-Z903A
External Ear Excison Preauricular sinus GA                            OHIP-E309A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            20
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
External Ear Incise/Biopsy ear canal GA sole procedure              OHIP-Z846A
External Ear Incision Radical surgery for perichondritis            OHIP-E306A
External Ear Incision/Biopsy ear canal                              OHIP-Z909A
External Ear Local excision of polyp hosp                           OHIP-Z905A
External Ear Local excision of polyp in office                      OHIP-Z904A
External Ear Remove foreign body complicated GA                     OHIP-Z866A
External frontal ethmoid sinusectomy &/or reconstruct unilat        OHIP-M059A
External transethmoidal sphenoidotomy or sphenoid sinusectom        OHIP-M064A
Extra fasc&sub-fasc incompet perforatator full fascial tech         OHIP-R842A
Extra Renal Proced Sacrococcygeal teratoma                          OHIP-S433A
Extra Renal Procedure Excise retroperitoneal tumour                 OHIP-S431A
Extra Renal Procedure Explore retroperitoneal tumour                OHIP-S432A
Extra/intracran microvasc anastomos superfic temporal artery        OHIP-N218A
Extracerebral hematoma &/or hygroma Drain by burr holes uni         OHIP-N143A
Extracerebral hematoma or hygroma Drain/remove by craniotomy        OHIP-N144A
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy bile duct calculi             OHIP-Z596A
Extracran approach include balloon cath/embolization tech           OHIP-N107A
Extracranial/intracranial long venous bypass                        OHIP-N121A
Extract tooth complete care each added tooth                        OHIP-E700A
Extradural decompress spinal cord/cauda equina tumour/infect        OHIP-E386A
Extraocular glaucoma                                                OHIP-E133A
Extrophy excise bladder & repair abd wall inclusive of graft        OHIP-S488A
Eye Chelation band keratopathy EDTA GA                              OHIP-Z863A
Eye Cornea Incision Anterior chamber open evacuation of clot        OHIP-E128A
Eye Cornea Incision Paracentesis                                    OHIP-Z851A
Eye Exam sole procedure & unlisted minor procedures GA              OHIP-Z850A
Eye exam under GA <16 yrs Add 30% to Z850 only                      OHIP-E982A
Eye Excision dermoid with partial keratectomy                       OHIP-E118A
Eye Excision of dermoid with lamellar graft                         OHIP-E119A
Eye Excision Pterygium partial keratectomy                          OHIP-E205A
Eye Excision Pterygium simple unilateral                            OHIP-E206A
Eye Excision Pterygium with lamellar graft.                         OHIP-E207A
Eye Replace Division of iris to cornea                              OHIP-E123A
Eye Replacement Corneal transplant lamellar                         OHIP-E122A
Eye Replacement Corneal transplant penetrating                      OHIP-E121A
Eye Sclera Incision Sclerotomy posterior                            OHIP-E127A
Eye Ulcer cautery general anesthetic                                OHIP-Z853A
Eye Ulcer cautery local anesthetic                                  OHIP-Z871A
Eyeball Enucleation donor eye post-mortem one or both               OHIP-E108A
Eyeball Penetrating wound no prolapse w/wout intraoc tissue         OHIP-E107A
Eyeball Repair Nonmagnetic posterior segment                        OHIP-E105A
Eyeball Repair Removal of intraocular foreign body                  OHIP-E104A
Eyelid Ectropion other than Zeigler puncture rep by 2nd surg        OHIP-E945A
Eyelid Excision Chalazion single or multiple GA                     OHIP-Z856A
Eyelid Excision Epilatation by hyfrecator electrolysis              OHIP-Z857A
Eyelid I&D abscess local anesthetic                                 OHIP-Z854A
Eyelid Primary close full thickness defect cantholysis              OHIP-E942A
Eyelid Rep including lid margin                                     OHIP-E198A
Eyelid Rep Lid lengthen procedure                                   OHIP-E211A
Eyelid Rep Temporal rotation flap free posterior lamel graft        OHIP-E944A
Eyelid Repair Distichiasis unilateral                               OHIP-E194A
Eyelid Repair Ectropion other than Zeigler puncture                 OHIP-E197A
Eyelid Repair Entropion other than Zeigler puncture                 OHIP-E196A
Eyelid Repair Free composite eyelid graft                           OHIP-E229A
Eyelid Repair Lateral canth canthotomy no claim w E140 E141         OHIP-E234A
Eyelid Repair lengthening procedure with scleral graft              OHIP-E953A
Eyelid Repair Low/upper bridge flap                                 OHIP-E225A
Eyelid Repair Medial canthal tendon fixation to bone                OHIP-E232A
Eyelid Repair Medial canthal tendon when w other procedure          OHIP-E233A
Eyelid Repair Medial canthoplasty skin & muscle                     OHIP-E230A
Eyelid Repair only of Medial canthal tendons                        OHIP-E231A
Eyelid Repair Primary closure full thickness lid defect             OHIP-E222A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            21
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Eyelid Repair Ptosis repeat/2nd repair                              OHIP-E193A
Eyelid Repair Tarsoconjunctival flap skin graft Hughes              OHIP-E223A
Eyelid Repair Temporal rotation flap                                OHIP-E227A
Eyelid Repair Trichiasis tarsal transplant                          OHIP-E195A
Eyelid Repair/excise hosp tumor free marg frozen sec add 25%        OHIP-E977A
Eyelid tarsal/scleral/cartilage graft w local skin mobilize         OHIP-E228A
Eyelid Tarsoconjunctival flap/skin graft Hughes 2nd stage           OHIP-E224A
Eyelid tumor free marg frozen section add 25% Lat canthpexy         OHIP-E236A
Eyelids Excision Chalazion single/multiple local anes               OHIP-Z874A
Failed vascular graft repair/replace prosthes >1m post surg         OHIP-E655A
Fallopian tube Excision Suture/Repair w endometrial biopsy          OHIP-E856A
Fallopian tube Excision Suture/Repair with dye injection            OHIP-E855A
Fallopian tube Excision/Suture/Repair with tuboplasty               OHIP-E852A
Fallopian tube occlusion/interrupt/remove for sterilization         OHIP-S741A
Fallopian tube plastic op uni-bil fimbriolysis/salpingostomy        OHIP-S739A
FAM/GENPRAC Low BW baby care uncomplicated 1st visit/baby           OHIP-H002A
Fascia defect large w/wout synthetic graft/rotation flap            OHIP-R478A
Fasciotomy compartment syndrome no 2ndary wound close               OHIP-R495A
FB/TB Intramed nail dist/prox lockscrew 2 tib plateau 1 knee        OHIP-E532A
Fees Remove internal fixation device local anes                     OHIP-R268A
Fem ant/post tib/peron bypass w/wout endarterec prosth graft        OHIP-R780A
Fem ant/post tib/peroneal bypass graft endarterect saph vein        OHIP-R787A
Fem neck trochant/subtrochant open prim prosthes femur only         OHIP-F101A
Fem neck trochant/subtrochant open reduct delay/stage graft         OHIP-R600A
Fem Ureterolysis uni - pay w maj gyne OR except S743 or S746        OHIP-E854A
FEMALE GENITAL SURG PROC-VAGINA-Repair-Ureterovaginal               OHIP-S729A
FEMALE GENITAL SURG PROC-VAGINA-Repair-Urethrovaginal               OHIP-S709A
FEMALE GENITAL SURGICAL PROCEDURES-- with D&C                       OHIP-E857A
FEMALE infertility claim for each additional OR procedure           OHIP-E858A
Femoral aneurysm reconstruct or excise with graft                   OHIP-R808A
Femoral neck trochanter subtrochanter closed reduct/traction        OHIP-F098A
Femoral neck trochanter/subtrochanteric ORIFcannulated              OHIP-F100A
Femoral neck trochanteric subtrochanter open reduce pin only        OHIP-F099A
Femoro-popliteal w/wout endarterectomy prosthetic graft             OHIP-R794A
Femoro-popliteal w/wout endarterectomy saphenous vein               OHIP-R791A
Fem-pop w/wout endart compos fem/pop/tib bypas vein PFPE dac        OHIP-E672A
Femur Bone transport circular external fixation <= 6 cm             OHIP-R965A
Femur Bone transport circular external fixation > 6 cm              OHIP-R966A
Femur closed reduction traction infant/child                        OHIP-F094A
Femur closed reduction traction open reduction                      OHIP-F096A
Femur Double level correction circular external fixation            OHIP-R964A
Femur Excision Bone simple cyst/exostosis                           OHIP-R314A
Femur Fracture closed reduction traction adult/adolescent           OHIP-F095A
Femur I&D (Osteomyelitis) Sequestrectomy                            OHIP-R245A
Femur I&D Osteomyelitis Bone                                        OHIP-R242A
Femur I&D Osteomyelitis Saucerization / graft                       OHIP-R243A
Femur Reconstruct Fascia Simple                                     OHIP-R632A
Femur Reconstruct Muscle/Tendons Quadricepsplast all types          OHIP-R530A
Femur Reconstruct Muscles/Tendons Ilio-tibial band                  OHIP-R561A
Femur single level correction circular external fixation            OHIP-R963A
Fetoscopy & fetal bld-cell harvest/amnio/cordocentesis              OHIP-Z773A
Fib/tib Excise bony ridge to include interposition materials        OHIP-R246A
Fib/Tibia Pseudoarthrosis Circumferential external fixation         OHIP-R970A
Fib/tibia Single level correction circular external fixation        OHIP-R971A
Fibia/tibia Bone transport circular external fixation <= 6cm        OHIP-R973A
Fibia/tibia Bone transport circular external fixation > 6 cm        OHIP-R974A
Fibia/tibia Dble level correction circular external fixation        OHIP-R972A
Fibia/tibia I&D Osteomyelitis Saucerization and bone graft          OHIP-R238A
Fib-opt up airway nose/hypophar/laryn 1 op flex endo (IOP)          OHIP-Z296A
Fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome care, per unit                OHIP-K037A
Fibula/tibia Excision Exostosis/cyst                                OHIP-R311A
Fibula/tibia Excision extensive with repair                         OHIP-R253A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            22
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Fibula/tibia I&D Osteomyelitis Sequestrectomy                         OHIP-R239A
Fibula/tibia Reconstruction Congenital Pseudoarthrosis                OHIP-R372A
Fick Determination - CV Hemodynamic/Flow/Metabism Studies             OHIP-G289A
Filiform & follower urethral dilation GA -poss bladder cath           OHIP-Z615A
Fine needle fetal body aspirate abd/ches/hear/bladd/renal             OHIP-P057A
Finger/Toe-nail Chemical/cryotherapy minor skin lesion 1+/Tx          OHIP-Z117A
Finger/Toenail debride onychogryphotic nail rem multi lamina          OHIP-Z110A
Finger/Toe-nail Radical & destruction nailbed 1                       OHIP-Z130A
Finger/Toenail Radical include destroy nailbed multiple               OHIP-Z131A
Finger/Toenail Simple/part/comp nail plate excise anes multi          OHIP-Z129A
Finger/Toenail Simple/part/complete nail plate excise anes 1          OHIP-Z128A
First disc excision to N509, N510 or N520 add                         OHIP-E368A
First Visit Premium - after patient discharged from hospital          OHIP-E080A
Fistua penile urethra divert urine extra                              OHIP-S554A
Fistula perineal/urethra                                              OHIP-S555A
Fivula/Tibia Incision & Drain Osteomyelitis Bone                      OHIP-R237A
Fix intraocular lens McCannell proced follow cataract extrac          OHIP-E143A
Flap A Advancement flaps Defect 2.1 - 5cm other areas                 OHIP-R002A
Flaps A Advancement defect 5.1-10cm other areas                       OHIP-R003A
Following previous glaucoma filtering procedure                       OHIP-E983A
Follow-up study 1-2 dim. no claim preg study prof comp P1/P2          OHIP-G575A
Foort/ankle Fracture Phalanx closed reduct each additional            OHIP-E561A
Foot Arthroplasty Metatarsophalyngeal interposition ea add            OHIP-E538A
Foot Fracture Phalanx no reduction rigid immobilize ea add            OHIP-E560A
Foot Reconst deform Circular external fixation no osteotomy*          OHIP-R977A
Foot Reconstruct Deformity Osteotomy shorten metatarsal one           OHIP-R337A
Foot Reconstruct Tendons-Tenotomy closed > 1 toe                      OHIP-Z243A
Foot/ankle Amputation each additional                                 OHIP-E585A
Foot/ankle Amputation Metatarsal/phalanx disarticulation              OHIP-R620A
Foot/ankle Amputation Symes                                           OHIP-R623A
Foot/ankle Amputation Terminal Symes                                  OHIP-R619A
Foot/ankle Amputation Transmetatarsal/transtarsal                     OHIP-R622A
Foot/ankle Arthrodesis each additional                                OHIP-E575A
Foot/ankle Arthrodesis Interphalangeal                                OHIP-R471A
Foot/ankle Arthrodesis Metatarsophalangeal                            OHIP-R477A
Foot/ankle Arthrodesis Pan-talar one stage                            OHIP-R475A
Foot/ankle Arthrodesis revision                                       OHIP-R552A
Foot/ankle Arthrodesis triple                                         OHIP-R513A
Foot/ankle Arthroplasty Metatarsophalyngeal interposition 1           OHIP-R456A
Foot/ankle Arthroplasty multiple                                      OHIP-R454A
Foot/ankle Arthrotomy Metatarsal/phalangeal                           OHIP-R505A
Foot/ankle Arthrotomy Midtarsal                                       OHIP-R504A
Foot/ankle Arthrotomy removal of loose body, etc                      OHIP-R503A
Foot/ankle Circular external fixation with osteotomy*                 OHIP-R978A
Foot/ankle Dislocation Interphalangeal closed reduction               OHIP-D027A
Foot/ankle Dislocation Interphalangeal open reduction                 OHIP-D029A
Foot/ankle Dislocation Metatarsophalangeal closed reduction           OHIP-D030A
Foot/ankle Excision Bone each additional                              OHIP-E587A
Foot/ankle Excision Bone Metatarsal head                              OHIP-R309A
Foot/ankle Excision Bone Phalanx                                      OHIP-R299A
Foot/ankle Excision Bone Sesamoid 1or both                            OHIP-R301A
Foot/ankle Exostosis dorsal subungual                                 OHIP-R282A
Foot/ankle I&D Osteomyelitis Saucerization & bone graft               OHIP-R202A
Foot/ankle I&D Osteomyelitis Sequestrectomy                           OHIP-R201A
Foot/ankle Incision & Drainage Osteomyelitis Bone                     OHIP-R220A
Foot/ankle Intra-articular fracture IP Joint open reduction           OHIP-F059A
Foot/ankle Osteotomy shortening metatarsal 2 or more                  OHIP-R338A
Foot/ankle Phalanx no reduction rigid immobilization 1                OHIP-F056A
Foot/ankle Reconst Tendons Tenotomy open more than one toe            OHIP-R581A
Foot/ankle Reconstruct Deformity Osteotomy each additional            OHIP-E596A
Foot/ankle Reconstruct Deformity Osteotomy midtarsal/tarsal           OHIP-R277A
Foot/ankle Reconstruct Tendon Explore tendon sheath                   OHIP-R640A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            23
                                                                         Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                       CODE
Foot/ankle Reconstruct Tendons - Graft                            OHIP-R560A
Foot/ankle Reconstruct Tendons Tenodesis                          OHIP-R572A
Foot/ankle Reduce Dislocation Interphalangeal each addition       OHIP-E578A
Foot/ankle Reduce Dislocation Metatarsophalangeal each added      OHIP-E579A
Foot/ankleArthrodesis Midtarsal/subtalar                          OHIP-R474A
Foot/ankleE Reconstruct Tendons Tenotomy closed 1 toe             OHIP-Z229A
Foot/ankleFracture Phalanx closed reduction one                   OHIP-F058A
For excision of tmrs not spec listed in this Schedule             OHIP-R993A
Foram magnum decompres <3cm part cerv decompress to N510 add      OHIP-E374A
Forefoot reconstruct 1st MP joint - min 2 other MP joint          OHIP-R360A
Forehead advancement - bone graft not included bilateral          OHIP-R393A
Forehead advancement - bone graft not included unilateral         OHIP-R676A
FP (00) Attend delivery high risk babe 1service/delivery          OHIP-H007A
FP (00) Counsel Individ add units/pt/provider/12mon 27.30         OHIP-K033A
FP (00) CTO initiation complete form and preceding services       OHIP-K887A
FP (00) CTO supervision assoc services not initiation/renew       OHIP-K888A
FP (00) ED MD on Duty GP B5(d) Inpt Interim Adm Order pay         OHIP-H105A
FP (00) ED MD on Duty GP B5(d)i) Consult Emergency Medicine       OHIP-H065A
FP (00) Gen List Predental/preop general assess max 2/12m         OHIP-A903A
FP (00) Interview CAS/legal guardian for consent- HCCA            OHIP-K003A
FP (00) NonER Hosp InPt Certify death s/a A771                    OHIP-C771A
FP (00) Non-ER In-Pt Midwife Req Assess same as A813              OHIP-C813A
FP (00) Non-ER In-Pt On-call Adm Assess same as A933              OHIP-C933A
FP (00) NonER LTC Geriatric gen assess prem pt age 75+            OHIP-W102A
FP (00) Non-ER LTC In-Pt Certifiy death s/a A771                  OHIP-W771A
FP (00) NonER LTC InPt Predental/preop assessment max 2/12m       OHIP-W903A
FP (00) Nrsg/home for aged add subseq visit max 2/pt/mon          OHIP-W008A
FP (00) Sat/Sun/Hol D/E 08:00-24:00h Comprehens assess/care       OHIP-H152A
FP (00) Sat/Sun/Hol D/E 08:00-24:00h Multisystem assess           OHIP-H153A
FP (00) Sat/Sun/Hol D/E 08:00h-24:00h Minor assessment            OHIP-H151A
FP (00) Sat/Sun/Hol D/E 08:00h-24:00h Re-assess                   OHIP-H154A
FP (00)Chronic/convalesc hosp 1st 4 subseq visits/pt/mon          OHIP-W002A
FP (00)HS 00:00h-08:00h D/E 08:00h-24:00h Sat/Sun/Hol             OHIP-H113A
FP Grp Counsel 2+ pers add if member rec'd 3+u K013/K040          OHIP-K041A
FP HPPA Physician Report Complete w Sect 22.1 of HPPA             OHIP-K031A
FP Interviews see GP HCCA re treatment decisions (00)             OHIP-K002A
FP NonER Hosp InPt Midwife Special Assess s/a A815                OHIP-C815A
FP Psychotherapy see GP B7 Grp/member 1st 12u/d - 4 people        OHIP-K012A
FP Psychotherapy see GP B7 Grp/member 1st 12u/d - 5 people        OHIP-K024A
FP Psychotherapy Tx sex dysf - GP B7 Grp/memb 1st 12u/d (00       OHIP-K010A
FP(00) Cert of med eligibility for OHCAP application              OHIP-K027A
FP(00) CTO renew complete form & preceding service r/t renew      OHIP-K889A
FP(00) Gen List Certify Death pay MD who does certificate         OHIP-A771A
FP(00) NonER LTC InPt Gen reassess pt NH Act 17.30                OHIP-W004A
FP(00) Nrsg/home aged 1st 2 subseq visits/pt/mon                  OHIP-W003A
FP(00)Psychotherapy narc/psychoan/Tx sex dysf P B7 Individ        OHIP-K007A
Fract Neck without dislocation of head no reduction               OHIP-F053A
Fracture Bennett's no reduction rigid immobilization              OHIP-F012A
Fracture Bennett's open reducion                                  OHIP-F015A
Fracture Clavicle closed reduction with anes                      OHIP-F110A
Fracture Clavicle open reduction                                  OHIP-F118A
Fracture closed reduction traction cast femur                     OHIP-F097A
Fracture Epicondyle closed reduction                              OHIP-F037A
Fracture Epicondyle open reduction                                OHIP-F038A
Fracture Fib no reduction rigid immobilization                    OHIP-F082A
Fracture Fibula closed reduction                                  OHIP-F083A
Fracture Fibula open reduction                                    OHIP-F084A
Fracture Mandible closed reduction include wiring teeth           OHIP-F138A
Fracture Neck with dislocation of head closed reduction           OHIP-F051A
Fracture Neck with dislocation of head no reduction               OHIP-F050A
Fracture Neck without disloction of head closed reduction         OHIP-F054A
Fracture Olecranon closed reduction                               OHIP-F035A

                                          Order Codes - A Codes                            24
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Fracture Olecranon no reduction rigid immobilization                  OHIP-F034A
Fracture Orbit with maxilla closed reduction & dental wiring          OHIP-F150A
Fracture Osteochondral open reduction                                 OHIP-F021A
Fracture Patella no reduction                                         OHIP-F085A
Fracture Pelvic ring closed reduction                                 OHIP-F134A
Fracture Pelvic ring open reduction                                   OHIP-F135A
Fracture Radius or ulna no reduction rigid immobilization             OHIP-F031A
Fracture Radius/ulna closed reduction                                 OHIP-F032A
Fracture Radius/ulna open reduction                                   OHIP-F033A
Fracture Radius/ulnar shaft closed reduction                          OHIP-F025A
Fracture Radius/ulnar shaft open reduction                            OHIP-F026A
Fracture Scaphoid no reduction rigid immobilization                   OHIP-F018A
Fracture Scaphoid open reduction                                      OHIP-F019A
Fracture Scapula no reduction                                         OHIP-F119A
Fracture Scapula open reduction                                       OHIP-F121A
Fracture Shaft closed reduction - Shoulder arm chest                  OHIP-F043A
Fracture Shaft no reduction Shoulder/arm/chest                        OHIP-F042A
Fracture Shaft open reduction shoulder/arm/chest                      OHIP-F044A
Fracture Sternum closed reduction                                     OHIP-F123A
Fracture Tarsus exclude os calcis closed reduction.                   OHIP-F067A
Fracture Tarsus excluding os calcis open reduction                    OHIP-F068A
Fracture Tib w/wout fibula no reduction rigid immobilization          OHIP-F078A
Fracture Transcondylar/condylar closed reduction                      OHIP-F040A
Fractures Radius & ulna Monteggia closed reduction                    OHIP-F022A
Fractures Tib with/without fibula closed reduction                    OHIP-F079A
Fractures Tibia w/wout fibula open reduction shaft                    OHIP-F080A
Frontal bilateral Orthognathic surgery                                OHIP-Z262A
Ft/ank Circular external fixation with multiple osteotomies*          OHIP-R979A
Fulguration 1st polyp through colonoscope                             OHIP-Z570A
Fulguraton of condylomata local anes - Rectum                         OHIP-Z549A
Fungal culture & KOH prep & smear - Lab med Private Office            OHIP-G011A
Fusion to sacrum, to N511, N512, N575, N576 N560, N561                OHIP-E387A
Gast secretion studies - procedure & supervise                        OHIP-G357A
Gastrecomy Transabd vagotomy after previous vagotomy                  OHIP-S121A
Gastrectomy Part/subtot after prev vagotomy & pyloroplasty            OHIP-E712A
Gastrectomy Partial/subtotal & cholecystectomy                        OHIP-E709A
Gastrectomy Partial/subtotal choledochotomy                           OHIP-E706A
Gastrectomy Partial/subtotal proximal                                 OHIP-S125A
Gastrectomy Partial/subtotal/distal                                   OHIP-S123A
Gastrectomy Vagotomy Gastric bypass/partition morbid obesity          OHIP-S120A
Gastrectomy Wedge resection for ulcer                                 OHIP-S122A
Gastrectomy/Vagotomy truncal/selective                                OHIP-S131A
Gastric devasculariz splenectomy/esopha divis/anastomsis              OHIP-S080A
Gastric lavage therapeutic with or without ice water lavage           OHIP-G356A
GASTRO (41) NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist            OHIP-C414A
GASTRO (41) Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk            OHIP-C417A
Gastro Anal-rectal manometry w MD continuous attend (P1)              OHIP-G354A
Gastro Esophag motility studies manometry interpret only(P2)          OHIP-G343A
Gastro H2 breath test technical component - Diag/Therap               OHIP-G167A
Gastroent Biliary tract provocative test cholecystokinin              OHIP-G352A
Gastroenterology Esophageal tamponade Blakemore Bag insert            OHIP-G349A
Gastroenterology Gastric lavage diagnostic                            OHIP-G355A
Gastroenterology H2 breath test professoinal component                OHIP-G166A
Gastroenterology Medical Specific Reassessment by specialist          OHIP-A414A
Gastroenterology Nasagastric intubation GA                            OHIP-G322A
Gastroenterology Partial assessment limited service                   OHIP-A418A
Gastrorrhaphy perforated gastric/duodenal ulcer or wound              OHIP-S139A
Gastroscopy remove foreign body                                       OHIP-Z547A
Gastroscopy w/wout biopsies/photos & remove polyp <= 1cm              OHIP-Z527A
Gastrotomy & remove tumour or foreign body                            OHIP-S116A
Gen Fee Cast (IOP) Head/Torso                                         OHIP-Z205A
Gen Fee Cast (IOP) Shoulder spica                                     OHIP-Z208A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            25
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Gen Fee Cast Body cast                                               OHIP-Z206A
Gen Fee Cast Foot Msk surgery                                        OHIP-Z199A
Gen Fee Cast Hand Msk surgery                                        OHIP-Z202A
Gen Fee Cast Hip spica unilateral                                    OHIP-Z207A
Gen Fee Cast Whole leg mid thigh to toes                             OHIP-Z211A
Gen Fee Remove extensive external fixation device GA                 OHIP-R598A
Gen Fee Wound Extensive debride compound fracture/dislocat           OHIP-E556A
Gen Fees Bone/Fasc/Derm Graft Autogogenous separate incision         OHIP-E551A
Gen Fees Bone/Fascia/Dermis Grafts Autogen same incision             OHIP-E552A
Gen Fees Bone/Fascial/Dermis Grafts cadaver/long bone                OHIP-R200A
Gen Fees Cast (IOP) Apply Unna's paste                               OHIP-Z200A
Gen Fees Casts Toes Msk surgery                                      OHIP-Z198A
Gen Fees Fix Adjust circumferential external fixation GA             OHIP-Z281A
Gen Fees Fix Rigid external fixation pseudoarthrosis.                OHIP-E590A
Gen Fees Fixate Remove internal fixation device GA                   OHIP-R267A
Gen Fees Fixation Cast brace with closed reduction                   OHIP-E544A
Gen List Annual health exam adolescent - Pediatrics(26)              OHIP-K269A
Gen List Clinical interpretation - Genetics (22)                     OHIP-K223A
Gen List Complete med specific reassess - Neurology (18)             OHIP-A181A
Gen List Complex med specific reassessment - Pediatrics (26)         OHIP-A661A
Gen List Complex medical specific reassessment - Cardiology          OHIP-A601A
Gen List consult - Cardiology                                        OHIP-A605A
Gen List Consult - Community Medicine (05)                           OHIP-A055A
Gen List Consult - Dermatology (02)                                  OHIP-A025A
Gen List Consult - FP/GEN (00)                                       OHIP-A005A
Gen List Consult - Gastroenterology (41)                             OHIP-A415A
Gen List Consult - General surgery (03)                              OHIP-A035A
Gen List Consult - Hematology (61)                                   OHIP-A615A
Gen List Consult - Lab medicine (28)                                 OHIP-A285A
Gen List Consult - Neurology (04)                                    OHIP-A045A
Gen List Consult - Neurology (18)                                    OHIP-A185A
Gen List Consult - Nuclear med (63)                                  OHIP-A635A
Gen List Consult - Ophthalmology(23)                                 OHIP-A235A
Gen List Consult - Orthopedics (06)                                  OHIP-A065A
Gen List Consult - Otolaryngology (24)                               OHIP-A245A
Gen List Consult - Pediatrics (26)                                   OHIP-A265A
Gen List Consult - Plastic surgery (08)                              OHIP-A085A
Gen List Consult - Psychiatry (19)                                   OHIP-A195A
Gen List Consult - Resp disease (47)                                 OHIP-A475A
Gen List Consult - Rheumatology (48)                                 OHIP-A485A
Gen List Consult - Toracic surg (64)                                 OHIP-A645A
Gen List Consult Anesthesia (01)                                     OHIP-A015A
Gen List Consult* - Genetics (22)                                    OHIP-A225A
Gen List Consult* - OB/Gyn (20)                                      OHIP-A205A
Gen List Diagnostic consult - Lab med (28)                           OHIP-A585A
Gen List Diagnostic consult - Nuclear medicine (63)                  OHIP-A735A
Gen List Gen reassessment - FP/Gen Practice (00)                     OHIP-A004A
Gen List Genetic care max 4units - Genetcs (22)                      OHIP-K222A
Gen List Genetic Minor Assessment - Genetics (22)                    OHIP-A221A
Gen List IA pronouncement of death FP (00)                           OHIP-A777A
Gen List Intermediate assessment or well baby care                   OHIP-A007A
Gen List Limited consult - Cliinical Immunology (62)                 OHIP-A525A
Gen List Limited consult - Community med (05)                        OHIP-A405A
Gen List Limited consult - Gastroenterology (41)                     OHIP-A545A
Gen List Limited consult - Genetics (22)                             OHIP-A325A
Gen List Limited consult - Geriatrics (07)                           OHIP-A375A
Gen List Limited consult - Hematology (61)                           OHIP-A655A
Gen List Limited consult - Internal/occupational Med (13)            OHIP-A435A
Gen List Limited consult - Lab med (28)                              OHIP-A286A
Gen List Limited consult - Neurosurgery (18)                         OHIP-A385A
Gen List Limited consult - Psychiatry (19)                           OHIP-A395A
Gen List Limited consult - Radiation Oncology (34)                   OHIP-A745A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            26
                                                                              Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                            CODE
Gen List Limited consult - Resp disease (47)                           OHIP-A575A
Gen List Limited consult - Rheumatology (48)                           OHIP-A595A
Gen List Ltd consult - Cardiology                                      OHIP-A675A
Gen List Med specific assessment - Cardiology                          OHIP-A603A
Gen List Med specific assessment - Clinical immun (62)                 OHIP-A623A
Gen List Med specific assessment - Neurology (18)                      OHIP-A183A
Gen List Med specific assessment - Resp disease (47)                   OHIP-A473A
Gen List Medical specfic assessment - Radiation Oncol (34)             OHIP-A343A
Gen List Medical specfic assessment - Rheumatology (48)                OHIP-A483A
Gen List Medical specific assessment - Gastro (41)                     OHIP-A413A
Gen List Medical specific assessment - Geriatrics (07)                 OHIP-A073A
Gen List Medical specific assessment - Hematology (61)                 OHIP-A613A
Gen List Medical specific assessment - Lab Med (28)                    OHIP-A283A
Gen List Medical specific assessment - Pediatrics (26)                 OHIP-A263A
Gen List midwife requested assess (MRA) FP (00)                        OHIP-A813A
Gen List Minor assessment - FP (00)                                    OHIP-A008A
Gen List Minor assessment - Pediatrics (26)                            OHIP-A261A
Gen List NonER Hosp InPt services Consult* Urology (35)                OHIP-A355A
Gen List NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult* Urol (35)            OHIP-A356A
Gen List Partial assesment - Neurosurgery (04)                         OHIP-A044A
Gen List Partial assessment - Anesthesia (01)                          OHIP-A014A
Gen List Partial assessment - Dermatology (02)                         OHIP-A024A
Gen List Partial assessment - General surg (03)                        OHIP-A034A
Gen List Partial assessment - Orthopedic surg (06)                     OHIP-A064A
Gen List Prenatal consult - Pediatrics (26)                            OHIP-A665A
Gen List Repeat consult - Anesthesia (01)                              OHIP-A016A
Gen List Repeat consult - Cardiology                                   OHIP-A606A
Gen List Repeat consult - Cinical Immunology (62)                      OHIP-A626A
Gen List Repeat consult - Dermatology (02)                             OHIP-A026A
Gen List Repeat consult - Gastroenterology (41)                        OHIP-A416A
Gen List Repeat consult - General surg (03)                            OHIP-A036A
Gen List Repeat consult - Genetics (22)                                OHIP-A226A
Gen List Repeat consult - Geriatrics (07)                              OHIP-A076A
Gen List Repeat consult - Hematology (61)                              OHIP-A616A
Gen List Repeat consult - Lab med (28)                                 OHIP-A586A
Gen List Repeat consult - Neurology (18)                               OHIP-A186A
Gen List Repeat consult - Neurosurgery (04)                            OHIP-A046A
Gen List Repeat consult - Nuclear Medicine (63)                        OHIP-A636A
Gen List Repeat consult - Ophthalmology (23)                           OHIP-A236A
Gen List Repeat consult - Orthopedic surg 06)                          OHIP-A066A
Gen List Repeat consult - Otolaryngology (24)                          OHIP-A246A
Gen List Repeat consult - Pediatrics (26)                              OHIP-A266A
Gen List Repeat consult - Plastic surg (08)                            OHIP-A086A
Gen List Repeat consult - Psychatry (19)                               OHIP-A196A
Gen List Repeat consult - Radiation Oncology (34)                      OHIP-A346A
Gen List Repeat consult - Resp disease                                 OHIP-A476A
Gen List Repeat consult - Rheumatology (48)                            OHIP-A486A
Gen List Repeat consult Thoracic surg (64)                             OHIP-A646A
Gen List Repeat consult* - Obs/gyn (20)                                OHIP-A206A
Gen List Special surgical consult                                      OHIP-A935A
Gen List Specific assess* - Urology (35)                               OHIP-A353A
Gen List Specific assessment - Anesthesia (01)                         OHIP-A013A
Gen List Specific assessment - Dermatology (02)                        OHIP-A023A
Gen List Specific assessment - General surgery (03)                    OHIP-A033A
Gen List Specific assessment - Neurosurgery (04)                       OHIP-A043A
Gen List Specific assessment - Ophthalmology (23)                      OHIP-A233A
Gen List Specific assessment - Orthopeidic surg 06)                    OHIP-A063A
Gen List Specific assessment - Otolaryngology (24)                     OHIP-A243A
Gen List Specific assessment - Plastic surg (08)                       OHIP-A083A
Gen List Specific assessment - Psychiatry(19)                          OHIP-A193A
Gen List Specific assessment Thoracic surg (64)                        OHIP-A643A
Gen List Specific assessment* - Obs/gyn (20)                           OHIP-A203A

                                               Order Codes - A Codes                            27
                                                                          Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                        CODE
Gen Surg (03) Chron/convalesce hosp subseq visit max 6/pt/m        OHIP-W031A
General assess no breast/genit/rect as elements of exam            OHIP-A003A
General List Consult - CV/Thoracic surg (09)                       OHIP-A095A
General List Consult Clinical Immunology (62)                      OHIP-A625A
General List Consult Diagnostic radiology (33)                     OHIP-A335A
General List Consult Radiation Oncology (34)                       OHIP-A345A
General List Limited consult Pediatrics (26)                       OHIP-A565A
General Surgery NonER InPt Specific Reassess by specialist         OHIP-C034A
Genetic Assess pt/family contact 20min + max 4u/family/d           OHIP-K016A
Genetic Family Counselling (22) ER/OPD submit genetic pt HC#       OHIP-K044A
GenFee Bone/Fasc/Derm Graft Homogenous bank Allograft donor        OHIP-E553A
GenFee Bone/Fascia/Derm Graft Autogenous diff surgeon              OHIP-Z279A
GenFee Cast Apply cast brace includes hinge                        OHIP-Z873A
GenFee Cast Wedge cast other than fracture Tx                      OHIP-Z216A
GenFee Chronic Electrical Stimulation no TENS extern/intern        OHIP-Z250A
GenFee Fix/Adjust circumferential external fixation GA             OHIP-Z280A
GenFee Rigid external fix excluding casts closed reduction         OHIP-E555A
GenFees Casts Below knee splints Stove pipe etc                    OHIP-Z213A
GenFees Fixation Methyl methacrylate not arthroplasty              OHIP-E547A
Genioplasty 2 segmenta or laterognathia                            OHIP-R387A
GenList Consult Geriatrics (07)                                    OHIP-A075A
GenList Hosp In-Pt Services Repeat consult Rehab (31)              OHIP-A316A
GenList Housecall assess* Pronounce Death FP (00)                  OHIP-A902A
Geriatric Medical Specific Reassessment by specialist              OHIP-A074A
Geriatric NonER InPt Medical Specific Reassess by specialist       OHIP-C074A
Geriatric Partial assessment - limited service                     OHIP-A078A
Geriatric psych consult (19) 75yr + /75 min direct contact         OHIP-A795A
GH exercise stimulation test MD present include venipuncture       OHIP-G358A
GI Endo US drain pseudocyst include stent insert prn               OHIP-E805A
GI Endoscopy with 3 plus biopsies of specific lesion               OHIP-E702A
GI Excision small bowel resection                                  OHIP-S159A
GI Rectum Excision fissure(s)                                      OHIP-S246A
GI Rectum Local excision for malignancy                            OHIP-S249A
GI Repair Pancreatic cyst gastrostomy                              OHIP-S305A
GI Repair Pancreatic cyst jejunostomy                              OHIP-S307A
GI SURG Intra-op cholangiogram applicable to S287                  OHIP-E794A
GI SURG PROC-APPENDIX-Excision-Appendectomy                        OHIP-S205A
GI SURG PROC-ESOPHAGUS-Incision- neonatal                          OHIP-S085A
GI SURG PROC-ESOPHAGUS-Repair- with stomach                        OHIP-S098A
GI SURG PROC-Excision-Resection of mesentery                       OHIP-S199A
GI SURG PROC-LIPS-Incision-Biopsy (IOP)                            OHIP-Z503A
GI SURG PROC-RECTUM-Excision-Fistula-in-ano                        OHIP-S251A
GI SURG PROC-RECTUM-Incision-Biopsy (IOP)                          OHIP-Z544A
GI SURG PROC-STOMACH-Incision-Gastrostomy                          OHIP-S118A
GI SURG PROC-STOMACH-Repair-Pyloroplasty                           OHIP-S132A
Glaucoma filter procedure                                          OHIP-E132A
Glaucoma filter procedure intraocular implant of seton             OHIP-E136A
Glaucoma provocative tests & H2O drink tests.                      OHIP-G426A
Glenohumeral joint closed reduction w anesthetic                   OHIP-D016A
Glenohumeral joint open reduct/rev/rep follow prev surg R401       OHIP-E058A
Glenohumeral joint open reduction recurrent                        OHIP-R401A
Glucagon test Type B HPTN/pheochromocytoma/insulinoma provoc       OHIP-G495A
Glucose quantitat/semi-quantitative Lab med Private Office         OHIP-G002A
GP Emergency Department Assessment                                 OHIP-A100A
GP Psychotherapy Premium                                           OHIP-K099A
GP Psychotherapy Premium 2 people                                  OHIP-K019A
GP Psychotherapy Premium 3 people                                  OHIP-K020A
Graft A Split Thickmess Intermed large area                        OHIP-R086A
Graft A Split Thickness Minor medium sized area                    OHIP-R085A
Graft B Full Thickness Complex eyelid/nose/lip/face                OHIP-R091A
Graft B Full Thickness Graft Intermediate 1cm-5cm avge diam        OHIP-R093A
Graft burn / % of toal body treated hand each digit                OHIP-R663A

                                           Order Codes - A Codes                            28
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Graft burn /% total body treated other than hand/head/neck           OHIP-R638A
Graft burn per % of total body treated - eyelid                      OHIP-R668A
Graft burn per % of total body treated nose lip(s) ea                OHIP-R665A
Graft burn per % of total body treated palm dorsum ea                OHIP-R664A
Graft burn per % total body treated cheek or forehead each           OHIP-R666A
Graft burn per % total body treated ear                              OHIP-R667A
Graft burn per % total body treated neck > 50%                       OHIP-R674A
Graft burn per % total body treated neck to 50%                      OHIP-R673A
Graft burn per % total body treated scalp > 50%                      OHIP-R671A
Graft burn per % total body treated scalp up to 50%                  OHIP-R670A
Graft nose autologous bone/cartilage w/out septorhinoplasty          OHIP-R319A
Grafts A Split Thickness Very minor - small areas                    OHIP-R084A
Group psychotherapy - out-patient - 2 people                         OHIP-K208A
Group psychotherapy in-patient 2 people                              OHIP-K210A
Group psychotherapy in-patient 3 people                              OHIP-K211A
Group psychotherapy out-patient 3 people                             OHIP-K209A
Grp Counsel 2+ pers not >3u under K013 & K040/provider/12m           OHIP-K040A
Grp Counsel 2+ pers transplant recip/donor/families 1+ pers          OHIP-K014A
Grp Counsel 2+ Relatives - catastroph/term ill pt 1+ persons         OHIP-K015A
Gyn Add Pap Smear follow up abnormal/inadequate smear                OHIP-G394A
Gyn Additional Pap Smear performed outside hosp                      OHIP-E430A
Gyn Artificial Insemination                                          OHIP-G367A
Gyn Cervical mucous penetration test                                 OHIP-G363A
Gyn Insert laminaria tent                                            OHIP-G362A
Gyn Insert laminaria tent when supplied by MD                        OHIP-E870A
Gyn Test of tubal pregnancy eg Rubin's - Diag/Therap                 OHIP-Z453A
Gynecology Insert Norplant                                           OHIP-Z462A
Haematic & lymph biopsy 2+ more grps                                 OHIP-Z409A
Haematic/lymph Excision limited resection                            OHIP-R914A
Haemology partial assessment limited service                         OHIP-A618A
Halo fixate/traction pre/perioperative to N539 or N540 add           OHIP-E390A
Hand - Release Tendon flexor &/or extensor each added digit          OHIP-E537A
Hand Digital re-implant microvascular/neuro anastomosis              OHIP-R603A
Hand Multiple joints total max arthrodesis &/or arthroplasty         OHIP-R449A
Hand Release Tenolysis flexor &/or extensor tendon 1digit            OHIP-R575A
Hand/wrist Amputation each additional                                OHIP-E583A
Hand/wrist Amputation Metacarpal or metaphalangeal joint             OHIP-R608A
Hand/wrist Amputation Phalanx                                        OHIP-R606A
Hand/wrist Amputation Trans Metacarpal 2nd or 5th ray                OHIP-R610A
Hand/wrist Arthroplasty Carpal replacement                           OHIP-R236A
Hand/wrist Arthroplasty Hand interposition single                    OHIP-R435A
Hand/wrist Arthroplasty Single joint total                           OHIP-R489A
Hand/wrist Biopsy Bones punch x-ray control                          OHIP-Z230A
Hand/wrist Biopsy Joint needle                                       OHIP-Z221A
Hand/wrist Excise Joint Synovectomy extensor/flexor tendons          OHIP-R407A
Hand/wrist Excision Bone Carpal - one                                OHIP-R285A
Hand/wrist Excision Bone Dorsal exostosis triquetrum                 OHIP-R317A
Hand/wrist Excision Bone Phalanx/metacarpel                          OHIP-R283A
Hand/wrist Excison Bone Proximal row carpectomy                      OHIP-R316A
Hand/wrist Fract Phalanx no reduction rigid immobilization           OHIP-F004A
HAND/WRIST Fracture Carpus no reduction rigid immobilization         OHIP-F102A
Hand/wrist Fracture Phalanx closed reduction                         OHIP-F005A
Hand/wrist Fracture Phalanx open reduction                           OHIP-F007A
Hand/wrist I&D phalanx/metacarpal/carpus                             OHIP-R219A
Hand/wrist I&D Sequestrectomy phalanx/metacarpal/carpus              OHIP-R218A
Hand/wrist I&D Tendon sheath                                         OHIP-R534A
Hand/wrist Metacarpal no reduction 1+ rigid immobilization           OHIP-F008A
Hand/wrist Reconstruct Bone Osteotomy phalanx each addition          OHIP-E591A
Hand/wrist Reconstruct Tendon Boutonniere late                       OHIP-R582A
Hand/wrist Reconstruct Tendon graft one                              OHIP-R559A
Hand/wrist Reconstruct Tendon Silicone rod insert each added         OHIP-E051A
Hand/wrist Reconstruct Tendon Silicone rod insertion single          OHIP-R554A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            29
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Hand/wrist Reduce Fracture Metacarpal closed each additional        OHIP-E504A
Hand/wrist Reduce Fracture Metacarpal open each additional          OHIP-E559A
Hand/wrist Reduce Frature Intra-artiular closed ea add              OHIP-E503A
Hand/wrist Reduct Dislocate Metacarpal/phalangeal closed one        OHIP-D004A
Hand/wrist Reduction Dislocation Carpal closed                      OHIP-D007A
Hand/wrist Reduction Fracture Carpus closed 1 or more               OHIP-F016A
Hand/wrist Reduction Fracture Intra-articular open                  OHIP-F010A
Hand/wrist Reduction Fracture Metacarpal closed                     OHIP-F009A
Hand/wrist Reduction Fracture Metacarpal open                       OHIP-F011A
Hand/wrist Release Tendon/Flexor tenolysis pulley preservat         OHIP-R541A
Hand/wrist Tendon release open more than 1                          OHIP-E571A
Hand/wristT Reconstruct Extremities Pollicization                   OHIP-R602A
Harvest bone graft costochond/chondral - split cranial graft        OHIP-Z266A
Harvest bone graft not includ costochond/chond ea subseq rib        OHIP-E976A
Harvest bone graft not included - rib graft one rib                 OHIP-Z264A
Harvestbone graft not include costochond/chondral graft 1rib        OHIP-Z265A
Hear Test Sound field audiometry infant/child techn comp            OHIP-G448A
Heart & Pericard with anamalous pulmonary venous drain              OHIP-R717A
HEART Repair R-V outflow tract w valve & tubular graft              OHIP-R928A
Heart/pericardium each additional lead extract                      OHIP-E628A
Heart/pericardium Remove foreign body                               OHIP-R713A
HEMATO (61) NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist          OHIP-C614A
Hematology Medical Specific Reassessment by specialist              OHIP-A614A
Hemiarthroplasty 1 component eg MacIntosh                           OHIP-R482A
Hemiarthroplasty double component eg Marmar                         OHIP-R483A
Hemodialysis Medical component alone                                OHIP-G325A
Hemodyn/Flow/Metabolism Studies Intracardiac phonography            OHIP-G305A
Hemodynam/Flow/Metabolism Studies Lt heart retrograde aortic        OHIP-Z440A
Hemodynamics/Flow/Metabolism Studies Rt heart pressures only        OHIP-Z439A
Hemorhoidect w/wout sigmoid repair fiss/sphincterot anal dil        OHIP-S247A
Hemorrhage treated surg 2ndary suture/cautery follow T&A            OHIP-S066A
Hepatectomy formal anatatomical resect 1or 2 liver segments         OHIP-S270A
Hepatectomy formal anatomical resection > 5 liver segments          OHIP-S271A
Hepatectomy formal anatomical resection 3 - 4 liver segment         OHIP-S267A
Herniotomy ing/femoral uni explore other side infant/child          OHIP-S328A
Herniotomy inguinal &/or femoral adolescent & adults                OHIP-S323A
Herniotomy strangulate or incarcerated w resection of bowel         OHIP-S330A
Herniotomy strangulated or incarcerated no bowel resection          OHIP-S329A
Herniotomy umbilical w/out resect of strangulated contents          OHIP-E757A
Hess screen exam technical component                                OHIP-G856A
Hgb screen hct any meth/instrument - Labmed Priv Office             OHIP-G481A
High ligation & strip long saphenous vein w groin dissecion         OHIP-R868A
High risk obs prem prematur/HPTN/IUGR/placenta insufficiency        OHIP-E414A
High Risk Oxytocin infusion for stimulation desultory labour        OHIP-P023A
High Risk Preg Pharmacology manage PIH/toxemia IV therapy           OHIP-Z775A
HighRisk Preg Sut incompetent cervix cervical cerclage              OHIP-P031A
Hi-Risk Preg exam r/o placent-prev trial forcep & C-sect 1MD        OHIP-Z734A
HIS Bundle ablation CV Heart/pericardium                            OHIP-E658A
Histamine test & control cold pressor test                          OHIP-G340A
HIV Primaary Care Individual care - FP (00)                         OHIP-K022A
HOME CARE application by MD if employee then nil pay                OHIP-K070A
Home/Multi Res Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol        OHIP-B994A
Home/self care hemophil/ventilate +ve/neg press respirator          OHIP-G101A
Home/self care hemophilia infusion per pt per week                  OHIP-G100A
Hosp In-Pt Complex medical specific reassess Rehab (31)             OHIP-C311A
Hosp In-Pt Geriatric psych consult same as A795 Psych (19)          OHIP-C795A
Hosp In-Pt Neurodevelopment consult s/a A695 Psych (19)             OHIP-C695A
Housecall assessment* 1st pt seen FP (00)                           OHIP-A901A
HPPA MD Report Specific Neurocognitive Assessment (00)              OHIP-K032A
HS 00:00h - 08:00h FP/Practice in general (00)                      OHIP-H112A
HS 00:00h - 08:00h Re-assesment - FP (00)                           OHIP-H124A
HS 00:00h-08:00h Comprehensive assess/care FP (00)                  OHIP-H122A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            30
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
HS 00:00h-08:00h Minor assessment - FP (00)                         OHIP-H121A
HS 00:00h-08:00h Multi system assessment FP (00)                    OHIP-H123A
Humerus Malignant tumour w reconstruction                           OHIP-R297A
Hydrodistention of bladder &/or bx GA                               OHIP-E784A
Hydrostatic Pneumaic dilate colon strict thru colonoscopy           OHIP-Z513A
Hymenectomy with/without perineotomy                                OHIP-S707A
Hyperbaric - Hypothermia therapeutic induction & manage             OHIP-G210A
Hypertelorism correct med/lateral orbital wall osteotomies*         OHIP-R679A
Hypertelorism correction intracranial approach*                     OHIP-R376A
Hypertonic saline infusion test -Endocrine/Metabolism               OHIP-G341A
Hypnotherapy GP B7 - Individ - Psychiatry (19)                      OHIP-K192A
Hypnotherapy GP B7 Grp induce-train /mem max 8p(19)                 OHIP-K194A
Hypnotherapy GP B7 Grp induct/train hypnosis max 8 pers             OHIP-K011A
Hypnotherapy PG B7 Individual care FP (00)                          OHIP-K006A
Hyposensitisation include assess & supervise 1+ injections          OHIP-G202A
Hyposensitize & assess/supervise 1reason visit G700&G202            OHIP-G212A
Hypospad/Epispad 1stage rep to glans flap pedic penoscrotal         OHIP-S572A
Hypospad/Epispad 1stage repair w advance of meatus into glan        OHIP-S571A
Hypospadias/Epispadia 1Stage rep with meatus not into glans         OHIP-S578A
hyroid Excision 1 nodule                                            OHIP-S791A
Hyst w/out adnex ant/post vag rep enterocele/vault prolapse         OHIP-S758A
Hyst w/wout adnexa Stage pelvic node lymphadenectom lap/open        OHIP-S776A
Hysterectomt w/wout adnexa rad trachelectom not node dissect        OHIP-S762A
Hysterectomy w/wout adnexa total or subtotal abd or vag             OHIP-S757A
Hysterectomy w/wout adnexa Wertheim/Schauta node dissect            OHIP-S763A
Hysterectomy w/wout adnexa with omentectomy for malignancy          OHIP-S710A
Hysteroplasty unification double uterus Strassman                   OHIP-S775A
Hysteroscopy uterine biopsy &/or D&C - Corpus Uteri                 OHIP-Z583A
Hysteroscopy w embryo & cannulize tubes lysis intrauterine          OHIP-Z585A
I&D exten haematom/pinn pack ear exter comp dssg local anaes        OHIP-E318A
I&D extens hematoma pinna pack ear/extern compress dress GA         OHIP-E317A
I&D hematoma or deep neck abscess external approach                 OHIP-Z524A
I&D kidney abscess                                                  OHIP-S401A
I&D Mandibular sequestrecomy                                        OHIP-Z234A
I&D oral abscess or hematoma                                        OHIP-Z506A
I&D perinephric abscess                                             OHIP-S402A
I&D pharyngeal absces or hematoma                                   OHIP-Z510A
I&D Saucerization & bone graft - Pelvis/hip                         OHIP-R250A
I&D sub-fascial abscess Hematology Lymph Channels                   OHIP-Z410A
Identifying Services Rendered in an Emergency Department            OHIP-Q090A
If extensive debridement required (see GP - B15)                    OHIP-E531A
Ileostomy + total colectomy + abdoperineal resection                OHIP-S170A
Ileostomy subtotal colectomy                                        OHIP-S168A
IM,SC,intradermal include interpretation w visit ea inject          OHIP-G372A
IM,SC,intradermal incude interpret sole reason 1st inject           OHIP-G373A
Immunologist report in writing to pt MD no pay if consult fe        OHIP-K399A
Immunotherapy/inj max 5/d add to G205 after 1st maj assess          OHIP-G205A
Impedance audiometry manual/automated tech comp                     OHIP-G442A
Implant cardioverter defib by transvenous approach                  OHIP-R761A
Implant cardiovertor defibrillator by thoracotomy                   OHIP-R753A
Implant coronary sinus lead biventricular pacing                    OHIP-Z429A
Implant electrode for peripheral nerve stimulation                  OHIP-Z816A
Implant epicardial electrode(s) plus implant pack                   OHIP-R751A
Implant hormone pellets - Endocrine/Metabolism                      OHIP-G342A
Implant neuroma into bone/muscle add 40% to N286 N295.              OHIP-E911A
Implant or revise stimulation pack or leads IOP                     OHIP-Z942A
Implant permanent subcutaneous reservoir include laminectom         OHIP-N563A
Implant spinal cord stimulating electrode by laminectom             OHIP-N530A
Implant ventricular assist device bi-ventricular                    OHIP-R702A
Implant ventricular assist device uni-ventricular                   OHIP-R701A
Implant/revise stim pack/lead periph nerve brain/spinal cord        OHIP-Z823A
Inc/Exc Para aortic lymph node dissection laparoscopic/open         OHIP-S781A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            31
                                                                                Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                              CODE
Incise Marsupialization Bartholin cyst/abscess                           OHIP-Z716A
Incise Nephrotomy change nephrostomy tube                                OHIP-Z600A
Incise w/in ea abd quadt/pelvis if 1st abscess not in pelvis             OHIP-E686A
Incise/Excise Abortion spontaneous incomplete include D&C                OHIP-S768A
Incise/Exise Endometrial ablation by any method                          OHIP-S772A
Incision & Drainage Humerus/clavicle/scapula                             OHIP-R222A
Incision abcess GA subcutaneous one                                      OHIP-Z102A
Incision above with external urethrotomy/cystotomy                       OHIP-S534A
Incision anterior cricoid split                                          OHIP-E639A
Incision Aspiration thyroid cyst                                         OHIP-Z726A
Incision Biopsy lung needle                                              OHIP-Z340A
Incision Cholecystoenterostomy                                           OHIP-S283A
Incision Cholecystogastrostomy                                           OHIP-S282A
Incision Cholecystostomy                                                 OHIP-S278A
Incision Choledochotomy previous cholecystectomy                         OHIP-S276A
Incision Closed drainage effusion or pneumothorax                        OHIP-Z341A
Incision Culdotomy drain/needle puncture                                 OHIP-S712A
Incision Cutaneous vesicostomy                                           OHIP-S476A
Incision Cystotomy trochar & cannula & insert tube                       OHIP-Z480A
Incision Cystotomy/cystostomy                                            OHIP-S478A
Incision Enterotomy Insert feed enterostomy                              OHIP-S151A
Incision Enterotomy/Cecostomy                                            OHIP-S158A
Incision Enterotomy/Colostomy                                            OHIP-S157A
Incision Enterotomy/Ileostomy                                            OHIP-S149A
Incision Enterotomy-enterostomy Intestine not rectum                     OHIP-S160A
Incision Esophagostomy cervical other than neonatal                      OHIP-S084A
Incision extravasation urine with multiple drainage                      OHIP-S533A
Incision Hydrocele aspiration                                            OHIP-Z708A
Incision Hymenotomy                                                      OHIP-S700A
Incision Insert antabuse to abd wall                                     OHIP-S320A
Incision intramuscular abscess/hematoma                                  OHIP-Z227A
Incision Intubation of bile duct obstruct                                OHIP-Z542A
Incision Laparotomy acute trauma                                         OHIP-S321A
Incision Major decortication lung empyema tumour                         OHIP-M135A
Incision Meatomy & plastic repair                                        OHIP-Z604A
Incision multiple &/or with resection - Abd/Periton/Oment                OHIP-E734A
Incision Needle biopsy peritoneum                                        OHIP-Z563A
Incision Nephrotomy remove calculus                                      OHIP-S405A
Incision Palatal fenestration                                            OHIP-S031A
Incision Perineotomy                                                     OHIP-Z717A
Incision Peritonal abscess abdominal                                     OHIP-S314A
Incision Periureteral abscess                                            OHIP-S442A
Incision Periurethral abscess                                            OHIP-Z609A
Incision Pyelotomy diversion of urine                                    OHIP-S409A
Incision Pyelotomy remove calculus.                                      OHIP-S408A
Incision Pyelotomy with drain                                            OHIP-S407A
Incision Pyloromyotomy Ramstedt's                                        OHIP-S117A
Incision Radical orchidectomy malignancy unilateral                      OHIP-S598A
Incision Radical remove lymph nodes testicular tumour                    OHIP-S590A
Incision repair lacerated liver                                          OHIP-E736A
Incision repair laceration spleen                                        OHIP-E723A
Incision repair of diaphragm                                             OHIP-E739A
Incision repair of intestine single                                      OHIP-E733A
Incision Rib resection drain                                             OHIP-Z337A
Incision Sialolithotomy                                                  OHIP-Z500A
Incision Slit prepuce complete care adult/child.                         OHIP-S569A
Incision Slit prepuce complete care infant                               OHIP-S568A
Incision Slit prepuce complete care newborn                              OHIP-S567A
Incision Splenic puncture & aspirate - Spleen/Marrow                     OHIP-Z404A
Incision Thoracotomy remove foreign body                                 OHIP-M133A
Incision Thrombosed hemorrhoid(s)                                        OHIP-Z545A
Incision Tracheotomy                                                     OHIP-Z741A

                                                 Order Codes - A Codes                            32
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Incision Urethrostomy                                                OHIP-S531A
Incision Urethrotomy external                                        OHIP-S530A
Incision w splenectomy partial or complete                           OHIP-E735A
Incision with choledochoscopy to S276 S280 S281 S287 & E721          OHIP-E704A
Incision with entero-enterostomy to S281,S283                        OHIP-E743A
Incision&Drainage Bone Pelvis/ Hip                                   OHIP-R269A
Incision/Excision Abortion hysterotomy                               OHIP-S770A
Incision/Excision Endometrial sampling                               OHIP-Z770A
Incisional biopsy chest wall tumour                                  OHIP-Z353A
Incison Cystolithotomy when sole operative proc                      OHIP-S481A
Incison Peritoneum abscess subphrenic                                OHIP-S313A
Incison Remove calculus w/wout biopsy perineal Prostate              OHIP-S642A
Incison via esophagoscope - includes Z515                            OHIP-S083A
Induce arrthymia program elect stim/drug provocat 1/pt/24h           OHIP-G259A
Induce atrial arrthymia 1/pt/24hrs & terminate arrhythmia            OHIP-G261A
Inection/Infusion IV Cutdown including cannulation as nec            OHIP-G380A
Infiltrate tissues for trigger point added site max 2                OHIP-G385A
Inject diagnostic or therapeutic agent into shunt apparatus          OHIP-Z821A
Inject for Chemonucleoysis any subseq inject at other levels         OHIP-G393A
Inject/Infus Chemonucleotysis Injection of extensive keloids         OHIP-G396A
Inject/Infuse Active Immunize Influenza agent sole reason            OHIP-G591A
Inject/Infuse Chemonucleotysis Lateral discography 1st disc          OHIP-Z454A
Injection for chemonucleoysis initial injection                      OHIP-G392A
Injection Influenza agent                                            OHIP-G590A
Injection pericardial sclerosis agents                               OHIP-Z414A
Injection/Infusion Intralesion infiltration 1- 2 lesions             OHIP-G375A
Injection/Infusions IV Child/adolescent/adult                        OHIP-G379A
Injection/Infusions/IV Newborn or infant                             OHIP-G376A
Inner Ear Permanent Cochlear Prothesis Insert Intracochlear          OHIP-E341A
Inner Ear Repair Endolymphatic shunt/sac decompression               OHIP-E339A
Inner Ear Repair Singular nerve section                              OHIP-E338A
Inner Ear Repair Stapedectomy with prosthesis                        OHIP-E335A
Inner Ear RepairTemporal bone resection                              OHIP-E345A
Inpt Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol 1st pt            OHIP-C994A
Inpt pt visit add 75% consult fee max /pt 80.25 min/pt               OHIP-C997A
Inpt pts same visit add 30% consult fee max/pt 35.60 min/pt          OHIP-C993A
Insect venom skin test include MD interpret max 30/yr/test           OHIP-G199A
Insert add endobiliary prosthesis/pancreat stent max 3               OHIP-E681A
Insert CSF reservoir Ommaya include burr holes                       OHIP-Z809A
Insert feed enterostomy when done w other intra-abd procedur         OHIP-E737A
Insert inflatabl prosthes bladder neck w/wout urodyn control         OHIP-S539A
Insert Intracranial cath or transducer for monitoring                OHIP-Z820A
Insert Montgomery T Tube/similar laryngeal/tracheal stent            OHIP-Z738A
Insert peritoneo-jugular shunt for ascites primary                   OHIP-S203A
Insert peritoneo-jugular shunt for ascites revision                  OHIP-S209A
Insert perm endocard electrode/implant pack by same surgeon          OHIP-Z444A
Insert perm jug/fem dialysis catheter includ subcut position         OHIP-G099A
Insert permanent endocardial electrode(s)                            OHIP-Z435A
Insert subclavian/exernal jugular catheter for hemodialysis          OHIP-G324A
Insert subclavian/ext jugular cath hemodialysis revision             OHIP-G336A
Insert subcut venous acces reserv chemoshunt revise same sit         OHIP-Z447A
Insert subcutaneous venous access reservoir chemoshunt               OHIP-Z446A
Insert Swan-Ganz cath not in anesth/resp/CC benefits                 OHIP-Z438A
Insert traction pin exclude fracture & dislocation                   OHIP-Z210A
Insert tube/postop continuous peritoneal lavage w abd proced         OHIP-E745A
Insertion implant pump for continuous liver perfusion                OHIP-S268A
Insertion of Testicular Prosthesis                                   OHIP-S596A
Insertion permanent feeding line eg Hickman/Broviac catheter         OHIP-Z456A
Insertion prosthesis nasal septal perforation                        OHIP-Z297A
Insulin hypoglycem pit function w/wout TRH/LHRH alone/combo          OHIP-G497A
Insulin Supervis pts on >= 3 multi daily inject/insulin pump         OHIP-G500A
Insulin therapy support (ITS) fee/pt/d for assess Max 6u/pt          OHIP-K029A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            33
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
INTEGUMENT SURG Large core breast biopsy                             OHIP-Z143A
INTEGUMENT SURG Skin Allograft Procurement                           OHIP-R690A
Intercostal drainage w insufflation sclerosing agent GA              OHIP-Z339A
Internal mammary/epigastric/radial artery for bypass graft           OHIP-E652A
Internal Medicine NonER InPt Specific Reassess by specialist         OHIP-C134A
Internal Medicine Partial Assessment                                 OHIP-A138A
Internal Medicine Specific Reassessment by specialist                OHIP-A134A
Interpret comprehensive urodynamic study - by paramed (P2) .         OHIP-G477A
Interrupt bronch collateral arteries 1+ w other cardiac surg         OHIP-E663A
Interrupt bronchial collateral arteries 1+ artery 1 proced           OHIP-R857A
Interview/counsel child/parent psych/learn disabilit GP              OHIP-K008A
Intest obst mech 1stage - stag proc SurgPream para 3 resect          OHIP-S177A
Intestin obstruct mechan 1stage see Surg P pg 3 enterotomy           OHIP-S180A
Intestinal obst mech 1stage Surg Pream pg 3 no resection             OHIP-S175A
Intestinal obstruct w entero-enterostomy Surg Pream pgraph3          OHIP-S176A
Intestine Endooscopy to cecum                                        OHIP-E747A
Intestine Endoscopy each additional polyp max 4                      OHIP-E719A
Intestine Endoscopy Z512 Z555 Z580 in private office                 OHIP-E749A
Intestine Excision Meconium                                          OHIP-S179A
Intestine no rectum Endo each added polyp 3mm max 2                  OHIP-E720A
Intestine not rectum Local excision lesion of intestine              OHIP-S162A
Intestine only Endocopy with biopsy                                  OHIP-Z514A
Intestine only Endoscopy sigmoid to descending colon                 OHIP-Z555A
Intestines Excision 2 surgeon team abdominal                         OHIP-S173A
Intra/subdur hematom rupture intracran aneur/arteriov malfor         OHIP-E908A
Intra-articular fracture IP Joint closed reduction                   OHIP-F057A
Intracavitary radium/sealed & D&C consult fee 1st appliy             OHIP-S753A
Intracorporeal injection for impotence                               OHIP-Z700A
Intracran Absc Remove chronic surface/depth electrode                OHIP-Z824A
Intracran Absces Lobectomy &/or excis cortical scar epilepsy         OHIP-N110A
Intracran Abscess Function Stereotax payable incl preop plan         OHIP-N124A
Intracran Subseq revisise/replace within 30 day each                 OHIP-Z812A
Intracran w implant & rem radioactive source into brain tum          OHIP-E931A
Intracranial Abscess Burr hole & needle brain for bx                 OHIP-Z813A
Intracranial Abscess Burr hole aspiration                            OHIP-N115A
Intracranial Abscess Craniotomy                                      OHIP-N117A
Intracranial Abscess Craniotomy biopsy other than tumour             OHIP-N113A
Intracranial Abscess Craniotomy midline commissurotomy               OHIP-N130A
Intracranial Abscess External ventricular drain                      OHIP-Z819A
Intracranial Abscess Hemispherectomy                                 OHIP-N109A
Intracranial Abscess remove foreign body                             OHIP-E918A
Intracranial Abscess Repair encephalocele                            OHIP-N128A
Intracranial Abscess with interventriculostomy                       OHIP-E917A
Intracranial Abscess/biopsy                                          OHIP-E916A
Intracranial Aneurysm Repair Carotid circulation / vessel            OHIP-N105A
Intracranial Aneurysm Repair lesion > 2.5 cm to N105 N154            OHIP-E898A
Intracranial Cyst Burr hole/aspiration                               OHIP-N160A
Intracranial duraplasty > 2 cm diam any intracranial proced          OHIP-E919A
Intradural extramedullary spinal tumour part/total remove            OHIP-N560A
Intradural intramedullary spinal tumour part/total remove            OHIP-N561A
Intradural neurolysis unusual lesions & laminectomy                  OHIP-N562A
Intradural rhizotomy ant/post uni/bilat any number roots             OHIP-N577A
Intrahep choledochoenterost anastomos above hep duct bifurc          OHIP-S285A
Intralesion Infiltration of tissues for trigger point                OHIP-G384A
Intralesion infiltratration Admin oral polio vaccine                 OHIP-G462A
Intralesional infiltration 3+ lesions Injection/Infusion             OHIP-G377A
Intramedull nail w dist-prox lock screw med-lat tib plateau          OHIP-F081A
Intramedullary nail with distal & proximal lock screws tibia         OHIP-E041A
Intramedullary nail with distal/proximal lock screws femur           OHIP-E048A
Intranasal ethmoidectomy endoscopic                                  OHIP-E980A
Intra-op eval mov't disorder functional neurosurg no asst un         OHIP-G267A
Intra-operative dxtic/physiological neuro monitor add                OHIP-E381A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            34
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Intraoral approach lesions skull base/upper cervical spine           OHIP-N126A
Intrapleualr Nerve Block introduce cath continuous analges           OHIP-G257A
Intrepret phone transmit ECG rhythm strip professional comp          OHIP-G320A
Intro epi cath analgesia lumbar with anesth time units               OHIP-G125A
Introduce epi cath analges thoracic anesth time u op proced          OHIP-G118A
Introduce epidural cath for analgesia thoracic Nerve Block           OHIP-G117A
Introduce epidural cath for analgesia w insert subcut port           OHIP-E833A
Introduce epidural catheter analgesia lumbar                         OHIP-G246A
Introduce epidural catheter for analgesia cervical                   OHIP-G119A
Introduce Hemorrhoid injections max 6/yr                             OHIP-Z575A
Introduce Thoracentesis Aspirate diagnostic sample                   OHIP-Z331A
Introduction Injection for anal fissure                              OHIP-Z576A
Introduction Teflon augmentation larynx                              OHIP-M080A
Intubate sm intestine therapeut or diagnost with biopsy              OHIP-E732A
Intubate small intestine w/wout fluoroscopy                          OHIP-Z540A
Iridectomy sole procedure                                            OHIP-E130A
Iris Ciliary body Laser angle surgery                                OHIP-E134A
Irrigation of nasolacrimal system unilateral-bilateral               OHIP-Z901A
Island Flap Free jejunum artery & vein transplant                    OHIP-R013A
Island Flaps transplant skin/flap anastomosis/nerve repair           OHIP-R069A
Isotope studies during cardiac catheterization                       OHIP-G306A
IV Infuse gamma globulin 1st by MD prep/pt/day                       OHIP-G389A
Joint excison subacromial bursae not with R416                       OHIP-R512A
Joint Rotator cuff explore - exclude simple excise clavicle          OHIP-R416A
Keratectomy/relaxing incision - non cosmetic                         OHIP-E117A
Kidnet/perineph Excision other eg partial                            OHIP-S450A
KIDNEY Endo Procedures intracorporeal lithotripsy any method         OHIP-E761A
Kidney re-transplant recip's claim no immunosuppress therapy         OHIP-S434A
Kidney Spontan/trauma rupture/transect immed - lower 1/3             OHIP-S466A
Kidney Spontan/trauma rupture/transect immed upper 2/3.              OHIP-S465A
Kidney Spontan/trauma rupture/transect late rep upper 2/3.           OHIP-S467A
Kidney Transplant submit recip fee no immunosuppress therapy         OHIP-S435A
Kidney/perineph Percutaneous Dilatation of tract                     OHIP-Z624A
Kidney/perineph Percutaneous Insert stent                            OHIP-Z623A
Knee Arthroplasty Total replacement/both compartments                OHIP-R441A
Knee Arthroscopy Abrasion arthroplasty                               OHIP-R206A
Knee Arthroscopy Debride > 1 compartment                             OHIP-R205A
Knee Arthroscopy Debridement 1 compartment                           OHIP-R204A
Knee Arthroscopy Lateral release                                     OHIP-R195A
Knee Arthroscopy Remove loose body screw                             OHIP-R193A
Knee Arthroscopy Resection plica                                     OHIP-R194A
Knee Arthroscopy Synovectomy anterior 1 compartment                  OHIP-R196A
Knee Arthroscopy Synovectomy total anterior & posterior              OHIP-R198A
Knee Arthroscopy Synovial biopsy                                     OHIP-R191A
Knee Arthroscopy Trimming plica tissue - meniscus                    OHIP-R192A
Knee Arthroscopy/Menisectomy                                         OHIP-R207A
Knee Exc Debride joint without synovectomy                           OHIP-R417A
Knee Excision Cysts of meniscus                                      OHIP-R501A
Knee I&D Joint                                                       OHIP-R444A
Knee Reconstruct Ligament extens/multiple include synthetics         OHIP-R542A
Knee Reconstruct Ligaments removal of synthetics                     OHIP-R539A
Knee Reconstruct Ligaments simple one                                OHIP-R599A
Knee Reconstruct Muscle/Tendons Tenotomy closed multiple             OHIP-Z238A
Knee Reconstruct Muscle/Tendons Tenotomy open 1                      OHIP-R564A
Knee Reconstruct Muscles/Tendons Tenoplasty one                      OHIP-R584A
Knee Reconstruct Muscles/Tendons Tenotomy closed 1                   OHIP-Z237A
Knee Removal hemiarthroplasty without replacement                    OHIP-R496A
KNEE Remove total arthroplasty without replacement                   OHIP-R497A
Kyphoplast balloon tamp/inject bone cement 1proced 1st level         OHIP-N583A
Kyphoplasty combine w any other procedure 1st level add              OHIP-E392A
Kyphoplasty, each added level to N583 or E392 add                    OHIP-E393A
L&D sacrif offic hr pay add to 1st del/d Max 1/MD/d see GP           OHIP-C989A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            35
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Laboratory Medicine Partial Assessment - limited service              OHIP-A284A
Labyrinthotomy or labyrinthectomy include Fick procedure              OHIP-E332A
Lacerated major vein or microscopic repair of digital vein            OHIP-R820A
Lacrimal bypass Lester Jones 1proced 2 stages                         OHIP-E219A
Lacrimal Probe & dilate duct 1st/repeat local anesthetic uni          OHIP-Z902A
Lacrimal Tract Dacryocystorhinostomy repeat proced 2nd surg           OHIP-E939A
Lacrimal Tract Excision Dacryocystectomy                              OHIP-E215A
Lacrimal Tract Incision Dacryocystotomy GA                            OHIP-Z862A
Lacrimal Tract Laccanaliculus delayed repair                          OHIP-E217A
Lacrimal Tract Manipulate(IOP)Re-insert Lester Jones tube.            OHIP-Z918A
Lacrimal Tract Repair Dacryocystorhinostomy                           OHIP-E218A
Lacrimal Tract Repair Laceration canaliculus immed repair             OHIP-E216A
Lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) total - Lab Med Private Office             OHIP-G003A
Lap & laparoscopic assisted procedures see S codes                    OHIP-E793A
Laparoscopic to S411, S413, S416, & S436 Nephrectomies                OHIP-E792A
Laparoscopic vag hysterectomy                                         OHIP-S810A
Laparoscopy w abdo-vag approach for vaginal vault prolapse            OHIP-S806A
Laparotomy w/wout bx Hirschsprung's dis see exceptions                OHIP-S312A
Laryngoplasty repair stenosis/fracture/transect not M084              OHIP-M090A
Laryngoscopy - Laryngectomy segment include reconstruct               OHIP-M084A
Laryngoscopy direct dilation larynx & bronchoscopy prn                OHIP-Z343A
Laryngoscopy direct remove foreign body                               OHIP-Z322A
Laryngoscopy direct w/wout biopsy                                     OHIP-Z321A
Laryngoscopy indirect w biopsy or remove FB                           OHIP-Z324A
Laryngoscopy Use OR microscope add charges                            OHIP-E600A
Laser iridotomy                                                       OHIP-E131A
Laser palliation esophegeal tumour/exten/compl obstruct B15           OHIP-E695A
Laser surgery on - Group 1-5 malignant lesion (GP - B15)              OHIP-R051A
Lat pancreatoduodenost/anastam pancreatic duct-intest Puesto          OHIP-S304A
Lateral canthal advancement bilat 2 surgeon major portion             OHIP-N168A
Lateral canthoplasty with another procedure                           OHIP-E930A
LeFort I advance in 2 segments                                        OHIP-E961A
LeFort I advancement 3 segments                                       OHIP-E962A
LeFort I advancement in 1 segment                                     OHIP-R379A
LeFort I cleft palat close hard palat fist w/wout bone graft          OHIP-E972A
LeFort I cleft palate 3 segments                                      OHIP-E968A
LeFort I cleft palate close alveolar fist w/wout bone graft           OHIP-E971A
LeFort I cleft palate in 1segment*                                    OHIP-R580A
LeFort I cleft palate in 2 segments                                   OHIP-E967A
LeFort I cleft palate with SMR                                        OHIP-E969A
LeFort I extrusion in 1 segment*                                      OHIP-R567A
LeFort I extrusion in 3 segments                                      OHIP-E966A
LeFort I intrusion in 1segment                                        OHIP-R538A
LeFort I intrusion in 3 segments                                      OHIP-E964A
LeFort II subcran hypertelorism correct Le Fort I max advan*          OHIP-R658A
Leg Length Discrepancy Tibial stapling both sides.                    OHIP-R460A
Leg Lengthening circular external fixation <= 6cm                     OHIP-R975A
Leg Lengthening circular external fixation > 6cm                      OHIP-R976A
Ligate anterior ethmoid artery unilateral                             OHIP-R789A
Ligate Internal jugular Msk Surgery                                   OHIP-Z748A
Ligation artery sole procedure                                        OHIP-R781A
Ligation IVC transabdominal CV Veins                                  OHIP-R834A
Ligation IVC transvenous umbrella                                     OHIP-R838A
Ligation or division patent ductus adolescent/adult                   OHIP-R755A
Ligation or division patent ductus nfant/child                        OHIP-R754A
Limited Consult - Family Practice/General Practice (00)               OHIP-A905A
Limited consult - Physical Med & Rehab (31)                           OHIP-A515A
Limited consult for pain management                                   OHIP-A215A
Limited incision for perichondritis remove cartilage & drain          OHIP-E305A
Lips Excision lesion                                                  OHIP-Z504A
Lips Excision Wedge resection vermilion                               OHIP-S011A
Liver Excise Laparotomy cholangiogram/biopsy neonate jaundic          OHIP-S272A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            36
                                                                        Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                      CODE
Liver Incision Biopsy                                            OHIP-Z554A
Liver Incision Biopsy needle                                     OHIP-Z551A
Liver Marsupialization &/or decompression cyst(s)or abscess      OHIP-S273A
Liver Repair more than 3 cysts/abscesses                         OHIP-E715A
Lobectomy may include radical mediastinal node/sampling          OHIP-M143A
Long Term Care application form                                  OHIP-K038A
Lt hemicolectomy w anterior resect or proctosigmoidectomy        OHIP-S171A
LTC 1st pt no add pt prem Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon-Fri              OHIP-W990A
LTC 1st pt no prem Eve17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat-Sun      OHIP-W994A
LTC 1st pt seen No add prem pay ER call sacrifice office hrs     OHIP-W992A
LTC In-Pt Neurodevelopmental consult same as A667 Peds (26)      OHIP-W667A
Ltd bronchoscopy place endobronch block &/or dble lumen tube     OHIP-Z342A
Lumbar epidural/intrathecal inject sclerosing solution           OHIP-G245A
Lumbar sub-arachnoid drainage CSF chronic IOP                    OHIP-Z944A
Lung - E code apply preced M code diagnostic wedge resect        OHIP-E621A
Lung E code apply preced M code with wedge bronchoplasty         OHIP-E620A
Lung E code apply to preced M code intra-pericardial dissect     OHIP-E615A
Lung E code apply to preced M code sleeve pneumonectomy          OHIP-E613A
Lung/pleur E code apply to M code reop >30d subseq prev exc      OHIP-E607A
Lung/pleura E code apply preced M code bi-lobectomy Rt side      OHIP-E616A
Lung/pleura E code apply to preced M code with pleural tent      OHIP-E617A
Lung/pleura Incision intercostal muscle bundle                   OHIP-E609A
Lungs & pleura omental graft see GP11                            OHIP-E614A
Lungs/pleura administer chemtherapy/sclerosing agent             OHIP-E606A
Lymph Biopsy anterior cervical axillary inguinal                 OHIP-Z405A
Lymph channels Biopsy scalene posterior cervical                 OHIP-Z406A
Lymph channels Bx percutaneous retro peritoneal 1grp             OHIP-Z407A
Maj Burn 1st Care Debrid/exc nose/cheek/lip/ear/forehead,etc     OHIP-R662A
Maj Burn 1st Debrid/exc/% tot body Tx no hand/head/neck.         OHIP-R637A
Major Burn 1st Care Debride & excise hand each digit             OHIP-R660A
Major Burn 1st Care Debridement & excision dorsum palm ea        OHIP-R661A
Major eye examination                                            OHIP-A115A
Major eye examination - identification of patient                OHIP-E077A
Mal Lesion bx 1+ sites face/neck curet/electrodesic/cryo 3+      OHIP-R020A
Mal Lesion bx ea 1+ site face/neck curet/electrodesic/cryo 1     OHIP-R018A
Mal Lesion bx each 1+ sites Other areas 3+                       OHIP-R033A
Mal Lesion bx each 1+site face/neck curet/electrodesi/cryo 2     OHIP-R019A
Mal Lesion bx each 1+site Other curet/electrodesic/cryosur 2     OHIP-R032A
Mal Lesion escise/bx 1+ site simple >3 lesions                   OHIP-R041A
Mal Lesion excise/bx 1+ site face/neck simple > 3 lesion         OHIP-R050A
Mal lesion excise/bx 1+ site Face/Neck simple 2 lesion           OHIP-R049A
Mal lesion excise/bx 1+site Other simple 1 lesion                OHIP-R094A
Mal Lesion excise/bx ea 1+ site Other simple - 2 lesion          OHIP-R040A
Mal Lesion include ecxise/bx 1+site Face/Neck simple 1           OHIP-R048A
Mal Lesion w bx each 1+ site Other curet/electrodesic/cryo 1     OHIP-R031A
Mal Melanoma 1+ site wide exc/bx includ >1cm marg/layer clos     OHIP-R010A
MALE GENITAL SURG PROC-PENIS-Excision-Amputation- partial        OHIP-S574A
MALE GENITAL SURG PROC-PENIS-Excision-Biopsy (IOP).              OHIP-Z702A
MALE GENITAL SURG PROC-SCROTUM-Incision- unilateral              OHIP-S616A
MALE GENITAL SURG PROC-TESTIS-Incision-Abscess (IOP)             OHIP-Z703A
MALE GENITAL SURG PROC-TESTIS-Incision-Biopsy (IOP)- single      OHIP-Z704A
MALE GENITAL SURG PROC-TESTIS-Repair-Ruptured testicle           OHIP-S595A
Mammography screening females 50-69 max 1 per 730 days           OHIP-Q002A
Manag uncomp up/low GI bleed laser/inj/diath/band etc(IOP)       OHIP-E797A
Manage complicated upper GI bleed unstable pt active bleed       OHIP-E798A
Managemt post liver transplnt immsup nonER hosp 1/d max 2wk      OHIP-G254A
Mandatory Reporting of Medical Condition to the MTO              OHIP-K035A
Mandib/maxillary visor osteotomy for alveolar hypoplasia         OHIP-R511A
Mandibl open reduct wire teeth miniplate(s)**/maj fract line     OHIP-E828A
Mandible - complicated (see GP - B15)                            OHIP-F146A

                                         Order Codes - A Codes                            37
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Mandible LeFort I extrusion in 2 segments                           OHIP-E965A
Mandible LeFort I intrusion in 2 segments                           OHIP-E963A
Mandible open reduction may include wiring teeth 1side              OHIP-F139A
Mandible osteotomies retrognathia - advance > 20 mm                 OHIP-R535A
Mandible osteotomy retrognathia apertognathia/laterognathia         OHIP-E588A
Mandibular osteotomies for prognathism subcondylar                  OHIP-R480A
Mandibular osteotomies for prognathism vertical ramus               OHIP-R384A
Mandibular osteotomies prognathism - sagittal split                 OHIP-R518A
Mandibular osteotomies retrognath advance 10-20mm                   OHIP-R529A
Mandibular osteotomy retrognathia any tech advance 10mm             OHIP-R520A
Manipulate Dilate/disimpact-remove FB - GA sole procedure           OHIP-Z541A
Manipulate Exam/dilate insert/remove IUD only procedure GA          OHIP-Z735A
Manipulate major joint(s) or spine by MD 1+ joints                  OHIP-G465A
Manipulate nasal septum w miniplate(s)**/maj fracture line          OHIP-E825A
Manipulation Dilatatoin urethra female                              OHIP-Z622A
Manipulation Reduction of prolapse Intestine except Rectum          OHIP-Z538A
Manual catheter declotting and irrigation of bladder                OHIP-Z608A
Manual plasmapheresis (see General Preamble B15)                    OHIP-G272A
Mastectomy female w/wout biopsy simple                              OHIP-R108A
Mastectomy female w/wout bx subcut nipple preserve                  OHIP-R117A
Mastectomy male benign adoles gynecomast/2ndary endoc/genet         OHIP-R146A
Mastectomy male benign adoles gynecomast/2ndary endocr/genet        OHIP-R147A
Mastectomy male uni Tx patho breast dis w/wout bx CA simple         OHIP-R148A
Mastectomy male uni tx patho breast dis w/wout bx eg CA             OHIP-R149A
Mastectomy radical or modified radical w/wout biopsy                OHIP-R109A
Mat/Fet Insert fetal shunt bladder to amniotic cavity.              OHIP-P055A
Mat-Fet selectiv fet reduce by intracardial Pot Chloride inj        OHIP-P054A
Maxilla bilateral - Orthognathic surgery                            OHIP-Z256A
Maxillary Caldwell-Luc intranasal antrostomy & unilat               OHIP-M055A
MCFCS - ODSP Special Diet Application Form                          OHIP-K055A
MCFCS ODSP - ADL Index completed separately                         OHIP-K052A
MCFCS ODSP Health Status Report completed separately                OHIP-K051A
MCFCS ODSP HSR ADL Index complete amalgamated forms                 OHIP-K050A
MCFCS ODSP Mandatory Special Necessit Benefit Request Form          OHIP-K054A
MCFCS Ontario Work Prog (OW) Limitation to Participate Form         OHIP-K053A
MCFCS OW Take blood sample in hosp - request police officer         OHIP-K061A
MD daily provide NIC Level C Intermed care 2nd day on/diem          OHIP-G621A
MD NIC Level A day 1low vol G600/G604 1NB max 25/MD/12mon           OHIP-G603A
MD provid NIC Level A support day 2-10/diem Level A day 2-30        OHIP-G601A
MD provide NIC Level A Full support day 1low BW 26 wks gest         OHIP-G604A
MD provide NIC Level A support day 11/diem Level A day 31on         OHIP-G602A
MD provide NIC Level B O2 admin/IV therap no ventilat day 1         OHIP-G610A
MD provide NIC Level B O2/IV therap no ventilat day 2 on/die        OHIP-G611A
MD provide NIC Level C Intermed care non-invas/gavage day 1         OHIP-G620A
Measure thermic effect feed post 1hr meas rest energy expend        OHIP-G516A
Meato/canalplast congenit w tympano/ossiculoplast/mastoidect        OHIP-E956A
Meatoplasty/canalplasty congenit malformation w graft canal         OHIP-E955A
Meatotomy or internal urethrotomy female                            OHIP-E778A
Med Specific assess/reassess/Complex - new code - see GP            OHIP-E078A
Med specific assessment - Internal/Occupational Med (13)            OHIP-A133A
Med specific reassessment Radiation Oncology (34)                   OHIP-A340A
Medial transnasal canthopexy unilateral                             OHIP-R398A
Medial transnasal canthopexy with another procedure                 OHIP-E557A
Medical manage ectopic preg cyto-toxic meds f/u 7d                  OHIP-G397A
Medical Management Early Pregnancy initial visit                    OHIP-A920A
Medical Management of Early Pregnancy, subsequent visit             OHIP-A921A
Mening/tumor les pit tumor craniot + exc > 2cm dim N102/N153        OHIP-E902A
Meningioma pituitary tumor craniotomy + excise supratentor          OHIP-N102A
Meningioma tumor pit tum craniot & excise infratent/basal           OHIP-N153A
Mental health sessional fee supplement                              OHIP-K400A
Mesenteric or celiac artery repair remove band only                 OHIP-R935A
Mesenteric/celiac artery repair endarterectomy or graft             OHIP-R936A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            38
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Mesentery Excision Local lesion                                      OHIP-S195A
Metatarsus fracture 1+                                               OHIP-F061A
Metatarsus fracture closed reduction 1+                              OHIP-F063A
Metatarsus fracture open reduction - one                             OHIP-F064A
Metatarsus fracture open reduction 2+                                OHIP-F065A
Metatarsus fracture with rigid immobilization                        OHIP-F062A
MH Act Grp assess Inpt/ member 1st 12 u/day 5 people (19)            OHIP-K201A
MHA Assessment involuntary psych treatment (19)                      OHIP-K620A
MHA Grp psychotherapy in-pts/member 1st 12u/d 4 people (19)          OHIP-K200A
MHAct Grp psych assess inpt/memb 1st 12u/d 6-12people (19)           OHIP-K202A
MHAct Grp psych assess outpt/mem 1st 12u/d 6-12pt (19)               OHIP-K205A
Mid Ear Type 1myringoplasty explore/meatopl/canalplast               OHIP-E959A
Middle Ear Excicion Cortical mastoidectomy                           OHIP-E320A
Middle Ear Excision Modified or radical mastoidectomy                OHIP-E322A
Midface app craniofac suspen wire/ext fix device mid 1/4 fac         OHIP-F143A
Midface fractures cranial facial separation                          OHIP-F144A
Midwife Request Special Assessment FP(00)                            OHIP-A815A
Minor assess cancel d/t procedure difficulty DxticRad (33)           OHIP-A331A
Minor assess cancel radiologist decision follow evaluate pt          OHIP-A338A
Minor assessment - FP (00)                                           OHIP-A001A
Minor assessment Mon-Fri 08:00h-17:00h Fam/Gen Prac                  OHIP-H101A
Minor assessment Mon-Fri Eve 17:00h-24:00h Fam/Gen Prac              OHIP-H131A
Minor nerve - digital/cutaneous/lateral femoral cutaneous            OHIP-N188A
Mobilize splenic flexure during bowel resect apply to S167           OHIP-E796A
Modified radical & functional preserve spinal accessory nerv         OHIP-R915A
Mon-Fri 08:00h-17:00h Comprehensive assess/care Fam/Gen              OHIP-H102A
Monthly management fee - Nursing home/ LTC                           OHIP-W010A
Morbidly Obese Pts Lysis of extensive intra-abd adhesions            OHIP-E673A
Most responsible phys. subsequent visit - 2nd day follow adm         OHIP-C123A
Most responsible phys. subsequent visit - day follow adm             OHIP-C122A
Most responsible phys. subsequent visit - day of D/C                 OHIP-C124A
Msk apply plaster cast outside hospital                              OHIP-E584A
Msk Arthroplasty Revision                                            OHIP-E564A
MSK Arthroscopy Debridement local                                    OHIP-R221A
Msk Arthroscopy Debridement total                                    OHIP-R224A
Msk Arthroscopy Diagnostic only procedure                            OHIP-Z218A
Msk Arthroscopy Pinning osteochondral fragment                       OHIP-R233A
Msk Arthroscopy Synovectomy partial                                  OHIP-R230A
Msk Arthroscopy Synovial Biopsy                                      OHIP-R211A
Msk Biopsy Bone needle punch                                         OHIP-Z869A
Msk Biopsy Soft tissue open                                          OHIP-Z228A
Msk Decompression Denervation Knee/elbow                             OHIP-R426A
Msk Examination/Manipulation under GA                                OHIP-Z222A
Msk Excise Soft Tissue Bursa                                         OHIP-R506A
Msk Excision Bone Tumor Exostosis                                    OHIP-R294A
Msk Excision Muscle/soft tissue complex                              OHIP-R523A
Msk Exision Muscle/soft tissue simple                                OHIP-R522A
Msk Gen Fee Cast Arm/forearm/wrist                                   OHIP-Z203A
Msk Gen Fee Cast Hip spica bilateral                                 OHIP-Z209A
Msk Gen Fee Fixation Percutaneous pinning                            OHIP-E569A
MSK HAND & WRIST Reconstruct Tendon Boutonniere open                 OHIP-R577A
Msk I&D Osteomyelitis Soft tissue                                    OHIP-Z226A
Msk Muscles/Tendons Excision myositis                                OHIP-R524A
Msk Reconstruct Ligaments Extensive/multiple repair                  OHIP-R548A
Msk Reconstruct Ligaments Simple/1repair                             OHIP-R597A
Msk Reconstruct Muscle/Tendons - tendon repair early                 OHIP-R589A
Msk Reconstruct Tendon repair extensor single                        OHIP-R578A
Msk Reconstruct Tendons flexor each additional                       OHIP-E581A
Msk Reconstruct Tendons repair late                                  OHIP-R587A
Msk Reconstruct Tendons Suture flexor tendon single                  OHIP-R585A
Msk Reconstruct Tendons Tenolysis single                             OHIP-R556A
Msk Ssurg Gen Fee Cast Finger                                        OHIP-Z201A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            39
                                                                      Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                    CODE
Msk Surg Arthroplasty total replacement                        OHIP-R485A
MSK SYS SURGICAL PROCEDURES-Arthroplasty-Removal Only          OHIP-R479A
MSK SYS SURGICAL PROCEDURES-Excision of foreign body           OHIP-R517A
MSK SYS SURGICAL PROCEDURES--Injection into bone cysts         OHIP-R256A
MSK SYS SURGICAL PROCEDURES-KNEE-Arthrodesis-Knee              OHIP-R468A
MSK SYS SURGICAL PROCEDURES-KNEE-Excision-Meniscectomy         OHIP-R429A
MSK SYS SURGICAL PROCEDURES-KNEE-Excision-Synovectomy          OHIP-R424A
MskDecompression/Denervation Catheter insert                   OHIP-Z251A
Multiple para-aortic lymph nodes Lymph Channel Biopsy          OHIP-Z578A
Multisystem assess. Mon-Fri 08:00h-17:00h Fam/Gen Prac         OHIP-H103A
Muscle needle biopsy soft tissue per site                      OHIP-Z219A
Muscle/Soft Tissue reconst Trapezius/sternomasoid/transplant   OHIP-R568A
Muscle/Soft Tissue Release sternomastoid                       OHIP-R526A
Muscle/Soft Tissues Muscle/tendon release - Msk                OHIP-R521A
Mutli system assess Mon-Fri Eve 17:00h-24:00h Fam/Gen Prac     OHIP-H133A
Myovascular flap pectoralis maj/latissimus dors/rectus abd     OHIP-E610A
Myringotomy aspirate prn uni insert ventilate tube microscop   OHIP-Z914A
Myringotomy include aspiration PRN unilateral                  OHIP-Z912A
Nasal bones - manipulation nasal septum closed reduction       OHIP-F136A
Nasal bones incl manipulate nasal septum open reduction***     OHIP-F137A
Naso-maxillary osteotomy w/out LeFort I*                       OHIP-R588A
Nasophary/orophary les w mandibulot glossot &/or palat split   OHIP-R182A
Neck no dislocation head open reduction Shoulder/arm/chest     OHIP-F055A
Nephrectomy ectopic kidney                                     OHIP-S412A
Nephrectomy repair vena cava thrombosis below hepatic vein     OHIP-E767A
Nephro Comp Renal Transplant complete care 11th-21st d/diem    OHIP-G409A
Nephro Comp Renal Transplant complete care 2nd-10th day/diem   OHIP-G408A
Nephro Renal Transplant compete pt care 1st day postop         OHIP-G412A
Nephrology management of donor procurement - Diag/Therap       OHIP-G411A
Nephrology Renal preservation w continuous machine perfusion   OHIP-G348A
Nephrotomy drain nephrostomy 1op procedure kidney              OHIP-S404A
Nephrotomy with other non renal procedure(s)                   OHIP-E763A
Nephroureterectomy total w resection ureterovesical junction   OHIP-S420A
nerve block alcohil/sclerosing sol fee except G245/G246        OHIP-E958A
Nerve Block Femoral nerve bilateral                            OHIP-G244A
Nerve Block Femoral nerve unlateral                            OHIP-G243A
Nerve Block Intercostal nerve for each additional one          OHIP-G221A
Nerve Block Intrapleural block 1 injection                     OHIP-G258A
Nerve Block IV regional guanethidine                           OHIP-G374A
Nerve Block llioinguinal & iliohypogastric nerves              OHIP-G218A
Nerve Block Maxilary/mandibular division trigeminal nerve      OHIP-G250A
Nerve Block Mental branch mandibular nerve                     OHIP-G225A
Nerve Block Obturator nerve bilateral                          OHIP-G242A
Nerve Block Obturator nerve unilateral                         OHIP-G241A
Nerve Block Other cranial                                      OHIP-G227A
Nerve Block Pudendal unilateral                                OHIP-G229A
Nerve Block Sciatic nerve bilateral                            OHIP-G226A
Nerve Block Sciatic nerve unilateral                           OHIP-G230A
Nerve Block Single shot caudal block done with anesthesia      OHIP-G248A
Nerve Block Spheno-palatine ganglion by inj                    OHIP-G232A
Nerve Block Superior laryngeal nerve                           OHIP-G256A
Nerve Block Transverse scapular nerve                          OHIP-G238A
Nerve Block Trigem gang                                        OHIP-G217A
Nerve Blocks - occipital 1st/day in excess of 16/yr            OHIP-G291A
Nerve Blocks Lumbar epidural or caudal epidural block          OHIP-G216A
Nerve Blocks Pudendal bilateral                                OHIP-G240A
Nerve suture major Peripheral nerves                           OHIP-N287A
Nerve suture minor - Peripheral nerves                         OHIP-N289A
Nerve Sympathetic block(s) lumbar or thoracic unilateral       OHIP-G236A

                                       Order Codes - A Codes                            40
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Nerves V-Decompress or rhizotomy partial/complete trigeminal        OHIP-N259A
NEURO (18) Subseq visit 6th-13th wk include max 3/pt/wk             OHIP-C187A
Neuro Abscess Stereotaxis intracran include ventriculography        OHIP-N123A
Neuro Amytal test Wada bilateral supervise & coordinate test        OHIP-G410A
Neuro CN XI Division of nerves to sternomastoid in neck             OHIP-N269A
Neuro EEG insertion subtemporal needle electrodes                   OHIP-G417A
Neuro EEG professional component - Diag/Therap                      OHIP-G415A
Neuro EEG professional component 16 - 21 channel EEG                OHIP-G418A
Neuro Katzman test subarachnoid infus include lumbar punct          OHIP-G551A
Neuro Lumbar puncture and instill meds - Diag therapy               OHIP-Z805A
NEURO SURG PROC-PERIPH NERVES-Nerve graft- major                    OHIP-N288A
NEURO SURG PROC-PERIPH NERVES-Nerve graft- minor                    OHIP-N183A
Neuro/Lumbar epidural inject adrenal steroid/autolog blood          OHIP-G273A
Neuro-Ambu EEG monitor 12- 24hr for dx prof comp                    OHIP-G555A
Neurocranial Skull Morcellation multiple sutures                    OHIP-N163A
Neurodevelopment consult same conditions as A667 Peds (26)          OHIP-C667A
Neurodevelopmental consultation (19) 1/pt/MD/5yr                    OHIP-A695A
NEUROLOGICAL SURG PROC-Intravenous drug test for pain (IOP)         OHIP-Z811A
Neurology additional implantation site(s) max 1/pt                  OHIP-G549A
Neurology EEG technical component                                   OHIP-G414A
Neurology Partial Assessment - limited service                      OHIP-A188A
Neurolysis tumor excise/nerve sut/graft microscope add 40%          OHIP-E906A
Neuroology Medical Specific Reassessment by specialist              OHIP-A184A
Neuroology NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist           OHIP-C184A
Neurosurgery NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist         OHIP-C044A
Neurovascular Island Transfer Intermediate eg finger/thumb          OHIP-R062A
Neurovascular Island Transfer Major eg foot/heel                    OHIP-R063A
Neurovascular Island Transfer Minor eg finger tip                   OHIP-R061A
New care episodic fee (FHC Billing Only)                            OHIP-Q014A
New care episodic fee (PCN Billing Only)                            OHIP-Q015A
New Graduate - New Patient Fee                                      OHIP-Q033A
New patient fee (patients up to and including age 64 years)         OHIP-Q013A
Newborn care in hospital and/or home                                OHIP-H001A
NIC by MD constant/periodic attend 1day care IC A/diem              OHIP-G600A
Nipple areola preserveation & tissue-bank                           OHIP-R113A
Nipple-areola reconstruction by graft                               OHIP-R120A
No reduce brace include Halo orthosis total care OR surgeon         OHIP-F200A
Non ER Hosp InPt Complex medical specific reassess Geri (07)        OHIP-C071A
Non ER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Anesthesia (01)                 OHIP-C015A
Non ER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Hematology (61)                 OHIP-C615A
Non ER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult - Geriatrics (07)          OHIP-C076A
Non ER LTC In Pt Services Consult* - Urology (35)                   OHIP-W355A
Non ER LTC InPt Services Consult - Dermatology (02)                 OHIP-W025A
Non ER LTC InPt Services Consult - Neurosurgery (04)                OHIP-W045A
Non ER LTC InPt services Consult - Pediatrics(26)                   OHIP-W265A
Non ER LTC InPt services Consult - Psychiatry (19)                  OHIP-W895A
Non/elect surg 17:00-24:00h Mon-Fri d/ev Sat/Sun/Hol add 50%        OHIP-E409A
Non-autologous/prosthetic implant wout septorhinoplasty             OHIP-R320A
Nonelect/elect cause ER surg begin 00:00-07:00 inc 75%              OHIP-E410A
NonER Hosp InPt Comp geriatric consult s/a A775 q 2 yrs             OHIP-C775A
NonER Hosp InPt Complex med specfic reassess Immunol (62            OHIP-C621A
NonER Hosp In-Pt Complex med specif reass Interoccup med (13        OHIP-C131A
NonER Hosp InPt Complex med specific re-assess Gastro (41)          OHIP-C411A
NonER Hosp InPt Complex med specific reassess Hemat (61)            OHIP-C611A
NonER Hosp InPt Complex med specific reassess Neurolog (18)         OHIP-C181A
NonER Hosp InPt Complex med specific reassess Radonc (34)           OHIP-C341A
NonER Hosp InPt Complex medical specific reassess Peds (26)         OHIP-C661A
NonER Hosp InPt Complex medical specific reassess Resp (47)         OHIP-C471A
NonER Hosp InPt Complex medical specific reassess Rheum(48)         OHIP-C481A
NonER Hosp InPt Consult - Neurology (18)                            OHIP-C185A
NonER Hosp InPt Consult - Pediatrics (19)                           OHIP-C265A
NonER Hosp InPt Consult - Psychiatry (19)                           OHIP-C895A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            41
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
NonER Hosp InPt Consult Cardiology                                    OHIP-C605A
NonER Hosp InPt Consult -Dermatology (02)                             OHIP-C025A
NonER Hosp InPt Consult Diagnostic Radiology (33)                     OHIP-C335A
NonER Hosp In-Pt Consult Physmed/Rehab (31)                           OHIP-A315A
NonER Hosp InPt Consult* - Genetics (22)                              OHIP-C225A
NonER Hosp InPt Consult* - Urology (35)                               OHIP-C355A
NonER Hosp InPt Diagnostic consult Nuclear Med (63)                   OHIP-C735A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult - Gastroenterology (41)               OHIP-C545A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult - Geriatrics (07)                     OHIP-C375A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult - Hematology (61)                     OHIP-C655A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult - Neurology(18)                       OHIP-C385A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult - Psychiatry (19)                     OHIP-C395A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult - Rheumatology (48)                   OHIP-C595A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult Clinical Immunology (62)              OHIP-C525A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult Community Med (05)                    OHIP-C405A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult Intern/occup med (13)                 OHIP-C435A
NonER Hosp InPt Limited consult Lab med (28)                          OHIP-C286A
NonER Hosp InPt limited consult Radiation/Oncology (34)               OHIP-C745A
NonER Hosp InPt Med specific assesment Rheumatology (48)              OHIP-C483A
NonER Hosp InPt Med specific assess Intern/occup med (13)             OHIP-C133A
NonER Hosp InPt Med specific assessment - cardiology                  OHIP-C603A
NonER Hosp InPt Med specific assessment - Neuro (18)                  OHIP-C183A
NonER Hosp InPt Med specific assessment Hematology (61)               OHIP-C613A
NonER Hosp InPt Med specific assessment Pediatrics (26)               OHIP-C263A
NonER Hosp InPt Med specific reassess Physmed/Rehab (31)              OHIP-C314A
NonER Hosp InPt Medical specific assess Gastroenterol (41)            OHIP-C413A
NonER Hosp InPt Medical specific assess Labmed (28)                   OHIP-C283A
NonER Hosp InPt Medical specific assess Physmed/Rehab (31)            OHIP-C313A
NonER Hosp InPt Medical specific assess Radiat/Oncolog (34)           OHIP-C343A
NonER Hosp In-Pt Medical specific assess Rehab (31)                   OHIP-A313A
NonER Hosp InPt Medical specific assess Respiratory (47)              OHIP-C473A
NonER Hosp InPt Medical speific assess Geriatrics (07)                OHIP-C073A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult - Genetics (22)                        OHIP-C226A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult - Neuro (18)                           OHIP-C186A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult - Pediatrics (26)                      OHIP-C266A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult - Plastic Surg (08)                    OHIP-C086A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult - Psychiatry (19)                      OHIP-C196A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult Clinical Immunology (62)               OHIP-C626A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult General Thoracic Surg (64)             OHIP-C646A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult Internal/occup med (13)                OHIP-C136A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult Ortho surg(06)                         OHIP-C066A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult Otolaryngology (24)                    OHIP-C246A
NonER Hosp InPt Repeat consult Radiation Oncology (34)                OHIP-C346A
NonER Hosp InPt Servic repeat consult - Neurosurgery (04)             OHIP-C046A
NonER Hosp InPt Service Limited consult - Genetics (22)               OHIP-C325A
NonER Hosp InPt service Ltd acute pain mgement Anesth (01)            OHIP-C215A
Non-ER Hosp In-Pt Service Medical specific assess Immun (62)          OHIP-C623A
NonER Hosp InPt Service Repeat Consult - Cardiology                   OHIP-C606A
NonER Hosp InPt service Repeat consult - Ophthalmology (23)           OHIP-C236A
NonER Hosp InPt Service Repeat consult Lab med (28)                   OHIP-C586A
NonER Hosp InPt Service Specific assess CV/Thorac surg (09)           OHIP-C093A
NonER Hosp InPt Service Specific assess* Obs/gyn (20)                 OHIP-C203A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Clinical Immunology (62)           OHIP-C625A
NonER Hosp InPt services Consult - Community Med (05)                 OHIP-C055A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Gastroenterology (41)              OHIP-C415A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - General surg (03)                  OHIP-C035A
NonER Hosp InPt services Consult - Geriatrics (07)                    OHIP-C075A
NonER Hosp InPt services consult - Lab Med (28)                       OHIP-C285A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Neuro (04)                         OHIP-C045A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Nuclear med (63)                   OHIP-C635A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Ophthalmology (23)                 OHIP-C235A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Orthopedic surg (06)               OHIP-C065A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            42
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Otolaryngology (24)                OHIP-C245A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Plastic Surg (08)                  OHIP-C085A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult - Radiation Oncology (34)            OHIP-C345A
NonER Hosp InPt services Consult - Respiratory (47)                   OHIP-C475A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult CV/Thoracic surg (09)                OHIP-C095A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Consult FP (00)                              OHIP-C005A
NonER Hosp InPt services Consult Internal/OccupMed (13)               OHIP-C135A
NonER Hosp InPt services Consult Physmed/rehab (31)                   OHIP-C315A
NonER Hosp InPt services Consult* - Obs/gyn (20)                      OHIP-C205A
NonER Hosp InPt Services General assessment FP (00)                   OHIP-C003A
NonER Hosp InPt Services General reassess FP (00)                     OHIP-C004A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Limited consult - Cardio                     OHIP-C675A
NonER Hosp InPt services limited consult - Pediatrics(26)             OHIP-C565A
NonER Hosp InPt services Limited consult FP (00)                      OHIP-C905A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Limited consult Physmed/Rehab (31)           OHIP-C515A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Limited consult Respiratory (47)             OHIP-C575A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Prenatal consult - Pediatrics(26)            OHIP-C665A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult - Anesthesia (01)             OHIP-C016A
NonER Hosp InPt services Repeat consult - Dermatology (02)            OHIP-C026A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult - Gastro (41)                 OHIP-C416A
NonER Hosp InPt services Repeat consult - Gen Surg (03)               OHIP-C036A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult - Hematology (61)             OHIP-C616A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult - Rheumatology (48)           OHIP-C486A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult CV/Thorac surg (09)           OHIP-C096A
NonER Hosp InPt services Repeat consult FP (00)                       OHIP-C006A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult Physmed/Rehab (31)            OHIP-C316A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult Respiratory (47)              OHIP-C476A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Special - surg consult                       OHIP-C935A
NonER Hosp InPt Services Specific assess* - Urology (35)              OHIP-C353A
NonER Hosp InPt ServicesConsult - Rheumatology (48)                   OHIP-C485A
NonER Hosp InPt servicesConsult - Thoracic surg (64)                  OHIP-C645A
NonER Hosp InPt Servives Repeat consult*- Urology (35)                OHIP-C356A
NonER Hosp InPt Specfic assessment Anesthesia (01)                    OHIP-C013A
NonER Hosp InPt Special pall care consult K023 after 50 min           OHIP-C945A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assesment Orthosurg (06)                     OHIP-C063A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assess General Thoracic Surg (64)            OHIP-C643A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assessment - Dermatology (02)                OHIP-C023A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assessment - General Surg (03)               OHIP-C033A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assessment - Neurosurgery (04)               OHIP-C043A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assessment - Ophthalmology (23)              OHIP-C233A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assessment - Otolaryngology (24)             OHIP-C243A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assessment - Psychiatry (19)                 OHIP-C193A
NonER Hosp InPt Specific assessment Plastic Surg (08)                 OHIP-C083A
NonER Hosp In-Pt to pronounce death FP (00)                           OHIP-C777A
Non-ER Hosp Pt Diagnostic consult Lab med (28)                        OHIP-C585A
NonER Hosp Pt Repeat consul - Nuclear Med (63)                        OHIP-C636A
NonER InPt Predental/preop general assessment max 2/12m               OHIP-C903A
NonER InPt Repeat consult Otolaryngology (24)                         OHIP-W346A
NonER InPt Services Repeat consult General surgery (03)               OHIP-W036A
NonER InPt Specific Reassess by specialist -Respiratory (47)          OHIP-C474A
NonER LTC InPt Adm assess/Gen reassess per NHAct*(07)                 OHIP-W074A
NonER LTC InPt Admit assess Annual physical exam Geriat (07)          OHIP-W279A
NonER LTC In-Pt Admit assess Type 1 Intern/occup med (13)             OHIP-W232A
NonER LTC In-Pt Admit assess Type 1Physmed/Rehab (31)                 OHIP-W512A
NonER LTC In-Pt Admit assess Type 2 Inrern/occup med (13)             OHIP-W234A
NonER LTC In-Pt Admit assess Type 2 Physmed/Rehab (31)                OHIP-W514A
NonER LTC InPt Admit assess Type 3 Intern/occup med (13)              OHIP-W237A
NonER LTC In-Pt Admit assess Type 3 Physmed/Rehab (31)                OHIP-W517A
NonER LTC In-Pt Annual physical exam Intern/occup med (13)            OHIP-W239A
NonER LTC In-Pt Annual physical exam Physme/Rehab (31)                OHIP-W419A
NonER LTC InPt Comprehensive geriatric consult (07)                   OHIP-W775A
NonER LTC InPt Gen re-assess nrsg home pt Neuro (18)                  OHIP-W184A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            43
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
NonER LTC InPt General reassess according to NH Act* (13)            OHIP-W134A
NonER LTC InPt General reassess pt nrsg home* Rehab (31)             OHIP-W314A
NonER LTC InPt Geriatric psych consult incl all A795 (19)            OHIP-W795A
NonER LTC InPt Limited consult Intern/occup med (13)                 OHIP-W435A
NonER LTC InPt Neurodevelopment consult all A695 (19)                OHIP-W695A
NonER LTC InPt Rep* *bx cervix/pap smear/exam trich (20)             OHIP-W306A
NonER LTC InPt Repeat consult - Psychiatry (19)                      OHIP-W196A
NonER LTC InPt Repeat consult Gen thoracic surg (64)                 OHIP-W646A
NonER LTC InPt Repeat consult Intern/occup med (13)                  OHIP-W236A
NonER LTC In-Pt service Annual physical exam FP (00)                 OHIP-W109A
NonER LTC InPt Service Limited consult Community Med (05)            OHIP-W405A
NonER LTC InPt Service Repeat consult - Neurosurg (04)               OHIP-W046A
NonER LTC InPt Services Adm assess Type 1 Geriatrics (07)            OHIP-W272A
NonER LTC InPt Services Adm assess Type 1 Pediatrics (26)            OHIP-W562A
NonER LTC InPt Services Adm assess Type 2 Geriatrics (07)            OHIP-W274A
NonER LTC InPt Services Adm assess Type 2 Pediatrics (26)            OHIP-W564A
NonER LTC InPt Services Adm assess Type 3 Geriatrics (07)            OHIP-W277A
NonER LTC InPt services Adm assess Type 3 Pediatrics (26)            OHIP-W567A
NonER LTC In-Pt Services Admit assess Type 2 FP (00)                 OHIP-W104A
NonER LTC In-Pt Services Admit assess Type 3 FP(00)                  OHIP-W107A
NonER LTC InPt services Consult - Community Med (05)                 OHIP-W055A
NonER LTC InPt Services Consult - Geriatrics (07)                    OHIP-W075A
NonER LTC InPt Services Consult - Neurology (18)                     OHIP-W185A
NonER LTC InPt services Consult - Ophthalmology (23)                 OHIP-W535A
NonER LTC InPt services Consult - Orthosurg (06)                     OHIP-W065A
NonER LTC InPt Services Consult - Otolarngology (24)                 OHIP-W345A
NonER LTC InPt Services Consult - Pastic Surg (08)                   OHIP-W085A
NonER LTC InPt Services Consult CV/Thoracic surg (09)                OHIP-W095A
NonER LTC InPt services Consult General Thoracic Surg (64)           OHIP-W645A
NonER LTC InPt Services Consult ntern/occup med (13)                 OHIP-W235A
NonER LTC InPt Services Consult Physmed/rehab (31)                   OHIP-W515A
NonER LTC InPt Services Consult* - Genetics (22)                     OHIP-W225A
NonER LTC InPt services Consult* Obs/gyn (20)                        OHIP-W305A
NonER LTC InPt services Consultation FP (00)                         OHIP-W105A
NonER LTC InPt Services Limited consult - Geriatrics (07)            OHIP-W375A
NonER LTC InPt Services Limited consult - Psychiatry (19)            OHIP-W395A
NonER LTC InPt services Limited consult Genetics (22)                OHIP-W325A
NonER LTC InPt Services Limited consult Neuro (18)                   OHIP-W385A
NonER LTC InPt Services Limited consult Pediatrics (26)              OHIP-W565A
NonER LTC InPt Services limited consult Physmed/Rehab (31)           OHIP-W310A
NonER LTC InPt Services Repeat consult - Dermatology (02)            OHIP-W026A
NonER LTC InPt Services Repeat consult - Genetics (22)               OHIP-W226A
NonER LTC InPt Services Repeat consult - Geriatrics (07)             OHIP-W076A
NonER LTC InPt services Repeat consult - Pediatrics (26)             OHIP-W266A
NonER LTC InPt services repeat consult CV/Thorac surg (09)           OHIP-W096A
NonER LTC InPt services Repeat consult FP (00)                       OHIP-W106A
NonER LTC InPt Services Repeat consult Ophthalmology (23)            OHIP-W536A
NonER LTC InPt Services Repeat consult Orthosurg (06)                OHIP-W066A
NonER LTC InPt services repeat consult Physmed/Rehab (31)            OHIP-W516A
NonER LTC InPt Services Repeat consult Plastic Surg (08)             OHIP-W086A
NonER LTC InPt Services Repeat consult* - Urology (35)               OHIP-W356A
NonER LTC InPt Sservices Consult - General Surgery (03)              OHIP-W035A
NonER LTC In-Pt visit pronounce death FP (00)                        OHIP-W777A
NonER LTC InPtServices Repeat consult - Neuro (18)                   OHIP-W186A
Non-obs injury to vulva/vagina and or perineum (GP - B15)            OHIP-S708A
Nonprof 1st pt Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon-Fri                             OHIP-Q990A
Nonprof 1st pt Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol         OHIP-Q994A
NonR Hosp InPt Concurrent care - Lab Medicine (28)                   OHIP-C288A
Nose Excision Remove foreign body simple                             OHIP-Z311A
NOSE Fiberoptic endo rigid endoscope if only procedure               OHIP-Z299A
Nose I&D abscess/hematoma                                            OHIP-Z301A
Nose Reconst w autologous bone/cartilag graft-site not nose          OHIP-M019A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            44
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Nose Reconstruct with non-autologous graft or implant               OHIP-M024A
Nose Reconstruction fluorescein injection                           OHIP-E603A
Nose Remove foreign body complicated or involve GA                  OHIP-Z312A
Nrsg /home for aged 1st 2 subs visit/pt/mon Neuro(18)               OHIP-W183A
Nrsg /home for aged 1st 2 subseq visit/pt/m Orthosurg (06)          OHIP-W063A
Nrsg home/home for aged 1st 2 visit/pt/mon Derm (02)                OHIP-W023A
Nrsg/home aged 1st 2 subseq visit/pt/m Inter/occup med (13)         OHIP-W133A
Nrsg/home aged subseq visit max 3/pt/m Intern/occup med(13)         OHIP-W138A
Nrsg/home aged subseq visit max 3/pt/mon Physmed/rehab (31)         OHIP-W318A
Nrsg/home for aged 1st 2 subseq visit /pt/m Gensurg (03)            OHIP-W033A
Nrsg/home for aged 1st 2 subseq visit /pt/m Geriatrics (07)         OHIP-W073A
Nrsg/home for aged 1st 2 subseq visit/pt/m Rehab (31)               OHIP-W313A
Nrsg/home for aged add subseq visit max 3/pt/m Derm (02)            OHIP-W028A
Nrsg/home for aged subs visits/m max 3/pt/m Geriatric (07)          OHIP-W078A
Nrsg/home for aged subseq visit/m max3/pt/mon Ortho (06)            OHIP-W068A
Nrsg/home for aged subseq visits max 3/pt/m Gen surg (03)           OHIP-W038A
Nrsg/home for aged subseq visits/m max 3/pt/m NeuroO (18)           OHIP-W188A
Nuclear Medicine partial assessment limited service                 OHIP-A638A
OB Anes Pudendal brachial plexus block bilateral                    OHIP-G224A
OB High Risk Preg Amniocentesis diagnostic/genetic                  OHIP-Z778A
OB High Risk Preg Oxytocin infusion Labour induction                OHIP-P022A
OB High Risk Preg Utero inversion/manual replacements               OHIP-P034A
OB L&D Attendance ob consultant(s) at delivery                      OHIP-P010A
OB L&D C-section include tubal interruption                         OHIP-P041A
OB L&D Multiple births delivery each child                          OHIP-E500A
OB L&D Referred Services Manual removal retained placenta           OHIP-P029A
OB Mat/Fet In utero placental vessel ablation YAG laser             OHIP-P059A
OB Mat/Fet Insert fetal shunt chest to amniotic cavity              OHIP-P056A
OB Mat/Fet In-utero ligation of umbilical cord vessels              OHIP-P058A
OB&GYN (20) NonER Hosp InPt Services Repeat consult*                OHIP-C206A
OB-High Risk Pregnancies-Chorionic villus sampling (I.O.P.)         OHIP-Z779A
OB-Labour - Delivery-Cesarean section including hysterectomy        OHIP-P042A
OB-Labour - Delivery-Post-natal care in hospital and/or home        OHIP-P007A
Obliteration of A.V. fistula                                        OHIP-R841A
OB-Maternal - Fetal Procedures-Therapeutic amnio-reduction          OHIP-P050A
OB-Prenatal Care-General Assessment(major prenatal visit)           OHIP-P003A
OBS L&D Attend pay MD assist other than OB consultant               OHIP-P009A
OBS L&D Referred Services Repair cervical laceration                OHIP-P039A
OBS Labour Operative delivery extraction by any method              OHIP-P020A
OBS NST high risk preg max 1/pt/day                                 OHIP-P025A
Obs&Gyn NonER InPt Medical Specific Reassess by specialist          OHIP-C204A
ObsL&D Referred Services Repair vag laceration                      OHIP-P036A
Obstetrics & Gynecology Partial Assessment - limited service        OHIP-A204A
OBSTETRICS-High Risk Pregnancies-Fetal blood sampling (IOP)         OHIP-Z776A
OBSTETRICS-Labour - Delivery-Cesarean section                       OHIP-P018A
OBSTETRICS-Labour - Delivery-Post-natal care in office              OHIP-P008A
OBSTETRICS-Labour - Delivery-Vaginal                                OHIP-P006A
OBSTETRICS-Prenatal Care-Minor prenatal assessment                  OHIP-P004A
Occip block add uni G264/spin level/d G264 max 3/d - 48/yr          OHIP-G265A
Occip nerve uni block G291 /spin lev/d G291pay max 3/d              OHIP-G292A
Occip/suboccip craniect compres/decompres/section cran nerve        OHIP-N267A
Occipital nerve 1st block/d max 1/d max 16 1st blocks/yr            OHIP-G264A
Occult bld - Lab Med Private Office                                 OHIP-G004A
Ocu/Aural Surg Conjunctiva Excise/Biopsy                            OHIP-Z861A
Ocu/Aural Surgical Procedures - with mucous membrane graft.         OHIP-E948A
Ocul/Aural Surg Proced-Eyelids-Suture-Double adhesion               OHIP-E191A
Ocul/Aural Surg Proced-Eyelids-Suture-Tarsorrhaphy                  OHIP-E190A
Ocul/Aural Surg Proced-Orbit-Excision-Biopsy (anterior)             OHIP-E172A
Ocul/Aural Surg Proced-Orbit-Excision-Exenteration                  OHIP-E171A
Ocular and Aural Surg Orbit I&D abscess                             OHIP-E164A
Ocular and Aural Surgical Procedures-Eyelids-Repair-Ptosis          OHIP-E192A
Oculo/Aural Eyelid I&D abscess GA                                   OHIP-Z855A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            45
                                                                          Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                        CODE
OculoAural Retina Rem scleral implant                              OHIP-E161A
Oculo-visual Assess 19 yrs & below - Ophthalmology (23)            OHIP-A237A
Oculovisual exam pt 20- 64yr recip income supp ODSP Act 1997       OHIP-K065A
Oculovisual exam pt 20-64yr receive assist/benefit OWAct '97       OHIP-K066A
Office 1st pt Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol        OHIP-A994A
OHCAP (00) Certificate of Medical Eligibility                      OHIP-K026A
Olecranon with fascial repair                                      OHIP-R291A
Omphalocele & gastroschisis gross method or Silon mesh             OHIP-S335A
Omphalocele/gastrochisis 2nd stage rep complet abd wall clos       OHIP-S336A
On-call adm assess (00) 1st hosp in-pt adm gen assess/pt/30d       OHIP-A933A
One disc level, to N500 or N501 add                                OHIP-E363A
One level bilateral canal enlargement unilateral approach          OHIP-N524A
One level laminoplasty includes fixation of lamina                 OHIP-N520A
oot/ankle Amputation Ray-single                                    OHIP-R621A
OPD Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon-Fri add 30% to consult max prem/pt       OHIP-U991A
OPD Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon-Friday1st patient seen                   OHIP-U990A
OPD ER Sacrifice Office add pt - add 30% max prem/pt 35.60         OHIP-U993A
OPD Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol 1st pt           OHIP-U994A
OPD Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol/ add 50%         OHIP-U995A
Open biopsy pericardium & drain transthoracic or epigastric        OHIP-R750A
Open capsulotomy w/wout replace breast prosthesis                  OHIP-Z135A
Open lavage peritoneal cav dx no manual explore periton cav        OHIP-Z564A
Open myelotomy for lesion unilateral or bilateral                  OHIP-N564A
Open reduct added level spine fracture/dislocation ant/post        OHIP-E395A
Open reduct any 1 level spine fracture/dislocat ant/post           OHIP-N572A
Open reduct rim/wall fract - miniplate(s)** /maj fract line        OHIP-E933A
open reduction - pleura open (see GP - B15)                        OHIP-F124A
Open Reduction Fracture olecranon                                  OHIP-F036A
Open reduction rim/wall fract zygomatic fracture dislocate         OHIP-E173A
Open vertebral biopsy anterior approach sole procedure             OHIP-N547A
Open vertebral biopsy posterior approach sole procedure            OHIP-N546A
Ophthal Evoked Potential Up/lower limbs profession comp (P1)       OHIP-G138A
Ophthal Evoked Potential Upper/lower limb interpret (P2).          OHIP-G139A
Ophthal Evoked Potential Upper/lower limb tech component           OHIP-G140A
Ophthal Evoked Potentials Hydrophilic Band lens fitting            OHIP-G463A
OPHTHAL Ophthalmodynamometry                                       OHIP-G427A
Ophthalmol Evoked Potential Electro-oculogram interpret fee        OHIP-G453A
Ophthalmology Hess screen exam professional component              OHIP-G428A
Ophthalmology NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist       OHIP-C234A
Ophthalmology Partial Assessment - limited service                 OHIP-A234A
Oral cavity/ pharynx Excision ranula                               OHIP-S004A
Oral Cavity/Pharynx Excise Remove suture under GA                  OHIP-S035A
Oral Cavity/Pharynx Excision Branchial repair procedure            OHIP-S059A
Oral Cavity/Pharynx Excision lesion < 2 cms                        OHIP-Z502A
Oral cavity/pharynx Excision/repair - repeat procedure             OHIP-S062A
Oral cavity/pharynx Incision Biopsy                                OHIP-Z501A
Oral Cavity/Pharynx Incision involves GA                           OHIP-Z537A
Oral vestibuloplasty w skin graft                                  OHIP-R648A
Oralcavity/pharynx Excision Dentigerous cyst                       OHIP-S028A
Orb Reconstruct Free mucous membrane graft split thick             OHIP-E179A
Orb w maxil primary bone graft reconst sep site loc rep bil        OHIP-E935A
Orbcran Harvest bone graft not rib graft each subseq rib           OHIP-E975A
Orbit Craniotomy remove orbital tumor                              OHIP-N211A
Orbit dystopia* extracranial approach                              OHIP-R392A
Orbit dystopia* intracranial approach                              OHIP-R391A
Orbit Excision 2ndary orbit implant                                OHIP-E181A
Orbit Excision Decompress 2 walls                                  OHIP-E169A
Orbit Excision Enucleation w/out primary implant                   OHIP-E102A
Orbit Excision Evisceration w/wout primary implant                 OHIP-E103A
Orbit Excision Exenteration major plastic repair                   OHIP-E941A
Orbit Excision Lateral orbitotomy Kronlein Ocu/Aural               OHIP-E165A
Orbit Excision Tumour or FB anterior route -                       OHIP-E166A

                                           Order Codes - A Codes                            46
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Orbit Excision Tumour/foreign body posterior exposure                OHIP-E167A
Orbit Excision/Biopsy posterior exposure                             OHIP-E168A
Orbit Exision Decompression 3 walls                                  OHIP-E170A
Orbit Reconst Derm fat graft immed follow enucleation delay          OHIP-E163A
Orbit Reconstruct Alloplastic volume replacement                     OHIP-E180A
Orbit Reconstruct Dermis fat graft immed follow enucleation          OHIP-E160A
Orbit Reconstruct Fornix                                             OHIP-E176A
Orbit Reconstruct Fornix with mucous membrane graft                  OHIP-E177A
Orbit Reconstruct Free mucous membrane graft full thick              OHIP-E178A
Orbit w maxil prim bone graft reconstruct add local rep uni          OHIP-E932A
Orbit with maxilla wiring & local fixation                           OHIP-F142A
Orbit/Craniotomy decompression optic nerve(s)                        OHIP-N213A
Orbitcranial Hypertelorism correct medial orbit wall osteot*         OHIP-R678A
Orbitcranial Hypertelorism correction subcran U osteotomies*         OHIP-R377A
Orbitocranial Lateral canthoplasty unilateral                        OHIP-R399A
Orbitocranial LeFort III & LeFort I maxillary advancement*           OHIP-R657A
Orbitocranial LeFort III & subcranial hypertelorism correct*         OHIP-R656A
Orbito-cranial LeFort III total maxillary advancement*               OHIP-R378A
Orbitocranial osteotomy* extracranial approach                       OHIP-R381A
Orbitocranial osteotomy* intracranial approach                       OHIP-R380A
Orbitocranial Pericranial flap to orbit or face bilateral            OHIP-R655A
Orbitocranial Total cranial vault reshape*                           OHIP-R677A
Orchidectectomy unilateral                                           OHIP-S589A
Orchidopex undescend testicle 1-2 stage hernia repair prn            OHIP-S591A
Orthognathic Interdental wiring TMJ disorder                         OHIP-R354A
Orthognathic LeFort II maxillary osteotomy & advancement*            OHIP-R389A
Orthognathic Oral vestibuloplasty & 2dary epithelization             OHIP-R647A
Orthognathic Surg Coronoidotomy                                      OHIP-R618A
Orthognathic Surg frontal unilateral                                 OHIP-Z261A
Orthognathic Surg Genioplasty 1 segment                              OHIP-R386A
Orthognathic Surg mandible bilateral                                 OHIP-Z254A
Orthognathic surg Mandible condylotomy                               OHIP-R145A
Orthognathic Surg mandible unilateral                                OHIP-Z253A
Orthognathic Surg maxilla unilateral                                 OHIP-Z255A
Orthognathic Surg temporal bilateral                                 OHIP-Z260A
Orthognathic Surg temporal unilateral                                OHIP-Z259A
Orthognathic Surg zygoma bilateral - Skull / Mandible                OHIP-Z258A
Orthognathic Surgery Coronoidectomy                                  OHIP-R644A
Orthognathic surgery Genioplasty 3 segments                          OHIP-R388A
Orthognathic surgery LeFort I cleft palate & pharyngoplasty          OHIP-E970A
Orthopaedic Surg NonER InPt Specific Reassess by speicialist         OHIP-C064A
Orthotopic cardiac transplant                                        OHIP-R870A
Os calcis fract open reduct repair subtal/calcaneocub joint          OHIP-F072A
Os calcis fracture closed reduction                                  OHIP-F071A
Os calcis fracture no reduction rigid immobilization                 OHIP-F070A
Other - (see GP - B15)                                               OHIP-R007A
Otolaryngol Brain Stem Evoked Audiometry profess comp (P1)           OHIP-G144A
Otolaryngol NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist           OHIP-C244A
Otolaryngology Partial Assessment - limited service                  OHIP-A244A
Ovary debulk CA stage 2C/3B/3C/4 - 1+ bx/resect pelvic perit         OHIP-S727A
Pacemaker lead extract & sheathes wwout laser similar tech           OHIP-Z428A
Pacemaker pulse wave analysis includ ECG professional compon         OHIP-G307A
Pacemaker pulse wave analysis include ECG technical comp             OHIP-G308A
Paediatric Adolescent Psychotherapy                                  OHIP-K120A
Paediatrics Medical Specific Reassessment by specialist              OHIP-A264A
Paediatrics NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist           OHIP-C264A
Pall care consult Star/stp time in pt file K023 after 50 min         OHIP-A945A
Palliative Care Support Individ care - FP (00)                       OHIP-K023A
Pancrea Distal body/tail w/wout splenectomy w/wout anastomos         OHIP-S309A
Pancreas Incision/Biopsy                                             OHIP-Z577A
Pancreatectomy (Whipple type procedure                               OHIP-S300A
Pancreatectomy Local complete excision tumour or lesion              OHIP-S301A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            47
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Pancreatectomy/splenectomy complete                                 OHIP-S298A
Panniculectomy includes any necessary diastasis repair              OHIP-S318A
Pap Smear cervical cancer screening females 34-69 1 per 2yrs        OHIP-Q001A
Pap Smear max 1/pt/12m not w consult/rep/gen/spec asses/reas        OHIP-G365A
Paracervical block w endomet samp/abla/curret same MD office        OHIP-E861A
Parathy/Thyroid/Adren gland Excision if need split sternum          OHIP-S796A
Parathyroids(s) re-implantation                                     OHIP-E880A
Paravertebral block cerv/thora/lumb/sacral/coccy add max 4          OHIP-G123A
Paravertebral block cervical/thorac/lumb/sacral/coccy nerves        OHIP-G228A
Parotid gland repeat subtotal & preserve facial nerve               OHIP-S047A
Parotid gland subtotal w/out preservaton of facial nerve            OHIP-S046A
Parotid gland subtotal with preservation facial nerve               OHIP-S045A
Parotid gland total with preservation facial nerve                  OHIP-S043A
Parotid gland total without preservation of facial nerve            OHIP-S044A
Part esophageal resect & reconst & intestine transposition          OHIP-S089A
Part mastectomy/wedge resect for Tx breast dis w/wout bx            OHIP-R111A
Part remove infect aortic graft 1limb art reconstruct extra         OHIP-R859A
Partial assessment - ER depart equivalent                           OHIP-A888A
Partial mastectomy & radical node dissection                        OHIP-R105A
Partial or heminephrectomy & total ureterectomy.                    OHIP-S423A
Partial/subtotal after previous gastroenterostomy                   OHIP-E711A
Partial/subtotal after previous partial gastrectomy                 OHIP-E713A
Particle repos maneuvre benign paroxysmal position vertigo          OHIP-G403A
Passive bougie repeat session 3 mon follow previous dilation        OHIP-Z530A
Patch aortoplast w pericar/graft R738 &/or aort annuloplasty        OHIP-E647A
Patch test max 60pt/yr indust/occupat derm max 90/pt/yr/test        OHIP-G198A
Patella open reduction or excion with or without repair             OHIP-F087A
Patient Case Conference                                             OHIP-K121A
Pediatrics (26) added subsequent visit/mon max 6/pt/mon             OHIP-W261A
Pediatrics (26) Annual exam child after 2nd bday                    OHIP-K267A
PEDS (26) neurodevelopment conditions max 1/pt/MD/5yr               OHIP-A667A
Pelvis /hip I&D Sequestrectomy                                      OHIP-R249A
Pelvis Reconstruct Muscle Tendon Closed adductors tenotomy          OHIP-Z232A
PELVIS/HIP Arthrodesis sacroiliac joint                             OHIP-R469A
PELVIS/HIP Arthroplasty Removal only - cement                       OHIP-R488A
Pelvis/hip Arthroplasty Removal only non-cemented                   OHIP-R443A
Pelvis/hip Biopsy Bone GA                                           OHIP-Z217A
Pelvis/hip Biopsy Bone punch needle                                 OHIP-Z212A
Pelvis/hip Biopsy Joint open                                        OHIP-R415A
Pelvis/hip Coccyx excision                                          OHIP-F115A
Pelvis/hip Dislocation Acetabulum open reduction 2 pillars          OHIP-D047A
Pelvis/hip Examination & Manipulaton GA                             OHIP-Z252A
Pelvis/hip Excision Bone Simple cyst etc                            OHIP-R639A
Pelvis/hip Reconstruct Tendon Transfer abductor                     OHIP-R569A
Pelvis/hip Reconstruct Tendon Transfer-Iliopsoas                    OHIP-R570A
Pelvis/hip Slipped epiphysis open reduction/fixation                OHIP-R627A
Pelvis/hipP Arthroplasty Unipolar                                   OHIP-R439A
Penetrating wound w prolapse intraocular tissue                     OHIP-E106A
Penis Amputate radical w inguin/femoral glands 1or 2 stages.        OHIP-S576A
Penis Excise Amputation partial w inguinal glands 1/2 stage         OHIP-S575A
Penis Excision Condylomata GA                                       OHIP-Z767A
Penis Excision Condylomata local anesthesia                         OHIP-Z701A
Penis Repair Close urethro cutaneous fistula                        OHIP-S581A
Penis Repair inflatable prosthesis                                  OHIP-E755A
Penis Repair Plastic reconstruction urethra                         OHIP-S580A
Penis Repair Revise include removal of prosthesis                   OHIP-S566A
Penis Repair Surgical removal prosthesis                            OHIP-S588A
Pentagastrin stimulation for calcitonin                             OHIP-G513A
Per patient enrolment fee (more information to follow)              OHIP-Q200A
Percutan endo gastrostom revise to Z-code incre fee 1/2 S118        OHIP-Z532A
Percutan fetal blood from umbilical cord/ fetal hepatic vein        OHIP-P052A
Percutan radio frequency post rhizotomy any number level            OHIP-N534A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            48
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Percutaneous fetal blood transfusion to fetal hepatic vein          OHIP-P051A
Percutaneous inflation 1st tissue expander                          OHIP-Z137A
Percutaneous nephrostomy                                            OHIP-Z629A
Percutaneous Procedure Nephroscopy Kidney Perinephrium              OHIP-Z626A
Percutaneous Procedure Remove renal calculi                         OHIP-Z627A
Percutaneous vertebral facet denervate 1 level uni/bilat            OHIP-N556A
Pericardiectomy 1side open                                          OHIP-R748A
Pericardiectomy both sides open/sternal split                       OHIP-R749A
Pericranial flap orb/face w coronal approach main surg bil          OHIP-E974A
Pericranial flap orb/face w coronal approach main surg uni          OHIP-E973A
Pericranial flap to orbit or face unilateral                        OHIP-R654A
Perineorrhapaphy not claimed with delivery or vag surgeries         OHIP-S724A
Period Ocu-vis Orthoptic Assess measure 11position gaze (23)        OHIP-A230A
Periodic Oculo visual Asses 65 yrs + - Ophthalmology (23)           OHIP-A239A
Periph nerve rep/transpose/graft/excise delay > 4 wk 30%            OHIP-E925A
Peripheral nerves graft for each additional cable to N288           OHIP-E899A
Periton dialysis Insert Tenchkov catheter chronic by trocar         OHIP-R853A
Peritoneal dialysis Insert peritoneal cannula by laparotomy         OHIP-R852A
Peritoneal dialysis Remove peritoneal cannula by laparotomy         OHIP-R885A
Peritoneal dialysis Remove Tenchkov type peritoneal catheter        OHIP-R854A
Peritoneal dialysis Repeat acute up to 48 hrs 1st 3 services        OHIP-G331A
Peritoneoscopy culdoscopy/laparoscopy without biopsy                OHIP-Z552A
Perm Cochlear Prothesis Insert Bone Conduct Hear Aid implant        OHIP-E346A
PHA by MD 1st review antenatal risk psychosoc/genetic/med           OHIP-P005A
Pharm suppress labor I.V. claim 1/MD after 3hr supervis             OHIP-Z721A
Phone fee ovulation w HMG/GRH no bill visit d/call max10/cyc        OHIP-G334A
Phone Service Response to SARS >10min < 1unit                       OHIP-K081A
Phone Service Response to SARS provide Rx or renewal                OHIP-K082A
Phone Service Response to SARS service 10min or less                OHIP-K080A
PHYS MED Botox IM max 1/pt/day outside hosp use EMG electrod        OHIP-E543A
Physical Medicine & Rehab Partial assessment limited service        OHIP-A318A
Physical Medicine Specific Reassessment by specialist               OHIP-A310A
Physmed Chemodenervation injection 1st maj nerve &/or branch        OHIP-G485A
Pituitary tumor craniotomy & excis team fee acoustic neuroma        OHIP-E903A
Placement of stent in duodenum Endoscopy                            OHIP-E629A
Placement ureteric stent past obstructing calculus uni              OHIP-E773A
Plastic close bladder/abd wall/urethra length/pelvic floor          OHIP-S424A
Plastic repair bladder neck - child                                 OHIP-S518A
Plastic repair bladder neck & diverticulectomy                      OHIP-S520A
Plastic repair bladder neck adolescent/adult                        OHIP-S519A
Plastic repair extrophy using bladder & include skin flaps          OHIP-S491A
Plastic Surg additional expander different incision                 OHIP-E528A
Plastic surg proced additional expander same incision               OHIP-E527A
Plastic Surg procedures Extensive Major                             OHIP-R154A
Plastic Surgery Insert tissue expander                              OHIP-Z132A
Plastic Surgery Intermediate - Skin/subcut tissue                   OHIP-R152A
Plastic Surgery NonER InPt Specific Reassess by specialist          OHIP-C084A
Plastic surgery Partial assessment - limited service                OHIP-A084A
pleura closed (see GP - B15)                                        OHIP-F131A
Pleurectomy &/or apical bullectomy pneumothorax                     OHIP-M149A
Pneumatic rigid dilators guiding over string or wire                OHIP-Z523A
Pneumonectomy poss radical mediastin node dissect /pericard         OHIP-M142A
Polyp tumor rectum/sigmoid max 2 excise/suture base>5cm             OHIP-Z785A
Polyp/tumor of rectum/sigmoid max 2 electrocoag base < 2cm          OHIP-Z753A
Polyp/tumors rectum/sigmoid max 2 electrocoag base 2-5 cm           OHIP-Z755A
Polyp/tumors rectum/sigmoid max 2 with laser debulking              OHIP-E688A
Polyps/tumor rectum/sigmoid max 2 - excise/suture base 2-5cm        OHIP-Z784A
Polyps/tumor rectum/sigmoid max 2 electrocoag base > 5cm            OHIP-Z761A
Post dento-alveolar osteotom maxilla 2 side separate segs           OHIP-R385A
Post hyst vault prolapse enterocele w/wout ant/post rep vag         OHIP-S722A
Post hyst vault prolapse vag enterocele ant/post repair             OHIP-S812A
Post scoliosis to 6 levels - approach/disc excis/instrument         OHIP-N540A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            49
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Posterior dento/alveolar osteotom maxilla both sides 1seg           OHIP-R351A
Posterior dento-alveoar osteotomy mandible one side                 OHIP-R462A
Posterior dento-alveolar osteotomy mandible 2 sides                 OHIP-R463A
Posterior dento-alveolar osteotomy maxilla one side                 OHIP-R349A
Posterior fossa decompress for Arnold Chiari malformation           OHIP-N129A
Posterior repair & rep enterocoele &/or vault prolapse              OHIP-S719A
Postmastect reconstruct mound create prosthes/soft tissue.          OHIP-E529A
Post-mastectomy breast reconstruct & nipple transplant              OHIP-E526A
Postmastectomy breast reconstruct /revise breast mound              OHIP-R114A
Postpartum hemorrhage explore vag/cervix uterine curettag           OHIP-Z774A
Preg test - Lab Med Private Office                                  OHIP-G005A
Prem add to L&D fees max 25 delivery prem/MD/12mon                  OHIP-E411A
Prem Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol add 40%          OHIP-E402A
Premium for providing care to seniors                               OHIP-Q065A
Prep microvas recip site island/subcut flap post ablat surg         OHIP-R055A
Prep microvas recip site jejun art/vein recip vessel in site        OHIP-R016A
Prep microvas recip site muscle/tendon/nerve anastomos(es)          OHIP-R129A
Prep microvas recip site musle/tendon/nerve anastomosis(es)         OHIP-R123A
Prep microvasc recip site for free island skin/bone flap            OHIP-R135A
Prep microvasc recip site innervated skin/subcutaneous flap         OHIP-R068A
Prep microvasc recip site skin/sub-cut flap post ablat surg         OHIP-R056A
Prep microvasc recipient site jejunum arery/vein                    OHIP-R014A
Prep microvascular recip site for free isl skin subcut flap         OHIP-R065A
Prep microvascular recip site for free toe/finger transplant        OHIP-R138A
Prep microvascular recip site free island skin/muscle flap          OHIP-R126A
Prep microvascular recipient site for free island bone flap         OHIP-R132A
Prep recip site bone flap post ablative surg                        OHIP-R124A
Prep recip site skin/bone flap - vessel in site of ablation         OHIP-R140A
Prep recip site skin/musc - recip vessel in site of ablation        OHIP-R122A
Prep recip site toe/finger recip vessel in site of ablation         OHIP-R141A
Preretinal membrane peel or segment incl post vitrect&coag          OHIP-E142A
Presacral neurectomy w/wout ovarian neurectomy                      OHIP-S778A
Presacral/trans-sacral proctotomy & excise lesion                   OHIP-S222A
Preventative care - Colorectal Screening 50-74 yrs                  OHIP-Q133A
Preventative care - Immunization < 2 yrs                            OHIP-Q132A
Preventative care - Influenza Vaccine over 65                       OHIP-Q130A
Preventative care - Mammogram 50-70 yrs                             OHIP-Q131A
Preventative care - Mammogram 50-70 yrs - exclusion code            OHIP-Q141A
Preventative care - Pap 35-74 yrs - exclusion code                  OHIP-Q140A
Preventative care-Colorectal Screening 50-74 yrs-excl code          OHIP-Q142A
Prim bone graft sep site no Z263-Z264-Z265-Z26-E975-E976            OHIP-E934A
Prim close full thick lid defect release rotat flap/cantholy        OHIP-E943A
Primary Mental Health Care Individ care FP/Gen Pract (00)           OHIP-K005A
Probe/dilate duct 1st /repeat insert inlying tube/filament          OHIP-Z865A
Probe/dilate duct 1st/repeat GA unilat bilateral                    OHIP-Z864A
Prof comp Card Doppler - tech comp no pay if no claim G578          OHIP-G577A
Program infusion pump or dorsal column stimulator IOP               OHIP-Z943A
Progressive carotid occlusion Selverstone clamp                     OHIP-Z808A
Prolong EEG Monitor Video of clin sign spontan EEG seeGP            OHIP-G546A
Prolong EEG Monitor Video of clin sign w spontan EEG see GP         OHIP-G540A
Prostate Endoscopy transurethral drainage abcsess                   OHIP-S656A
Prostate I&D abscess                                                OHIP-Z713A
Prostate Incision Biopsy needle                                     OHIP-Z712A
Prostate Incision Biopsy perineal open operation                    OHIP-S644A
Prostate no cysto incl vasectomy perineal w vesiculectomy           OHIP-S646A
Prostatect no cysto incl vasectomy w/wout rem bladder stone         OHIP-S651A
Prostatect poss vasectomy w/wout rem bladder stone 1stage           OHIP-S647A
Prostatect/vasect suprapub w/wout rem blad stone 2stage 1st         OHIP-S648A
Prostatect/vasect suprapub w/wout rem blad stone 2stage 2nd         OHIP-S649A
Prostatectomy no cysto vasectomy w/out rem bladder stone            OHIP-S650A
Prostatectomy no investigate cysto & vasectomy perineal             OHIP-S645A
Prosthet proced perineum previous operation for incontinence        OHIP-S560A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            50
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Pseudoarthrosis scaphoid include bone graft & fixation               OHIP-R322A
Psychiatry (19) Assess under MH Act Psych care out-pt                OHIP-K198A
Psychiatry NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist            OHIP-C194A
Psychiatry Partial Assessment - limited service                      OHIP-A194A
Psychotherapy GP B7 Grp/member 1st 12u/d 6-12 people (00)            OHIP-K025A
Psychotherapy see GP B7 Grp/member 1st 12u/d family 2+               OHIP-K004A
PTE includes circulatory arrest with hypothermia                     OHIP-R940A
Pulmonary valvotomy/infundibular resection                           OHIP-R725A
Puncture & insert tube for choanal atresia uni/bilater               OHIP-M021A
Pyeloplasty with/without nephropexy                                  OHIP-S422A
Pyloroplasty/gastroenterostomy & vagotom/cholecystectomy             OHIP-S137A
Quadroscopy/panendoscopy w/wout bx/w/wout gastro/duodeno             OHIP-Z355A
Rad mediast node dissect follow preop chemo &/or radiother           OHIP-E644A
Radiation Onc (34)NonER InPt Specific Reassess by specialist         OHIP-C344A
Radiation Oncology Partial assessment - limited service              OHIP-A348A
Radical resection pelvic & para-aortic nodes for CA                  OHIP-S750A
Radioactive phosphorus exam anterior approach Ophthalmology          OHIP-G429A
Radioactive phosphorus exam posterior approach Ophthalmology         OHIP-G430A
Radius & ulna Monteggia no reduction rigid immobilization            OHIP-F014A
Radius & ulnar shaft no reduction rigid immobilization               OHIP-F024A
Radius distal Colles/Smith/Barton close reduct loc/reg anest         OHIP-F028A
Radius distal eg Colle/Smith/Barton fract closed reuct GA            OHIP-F046A
Radius distal eg Colles,Smith,Barton fracture open reduction         OHIP-F030A
Radius distal no reduction, rigid immobilization                     OHIP-F027A
Radius/ulna Monteggia open reduct ulna/close reduct rad head         OHIP-F023A
Radius/ulna reconstruct congenital abnormal synostosis etc.          OHIP-R324A
Rapid strep test - Lab med Private Office                            OHIP-G014A
Re-assess Mon-Fri 08:00h-17:00h Fam/Gen Prac                         OHIP-H104A
Re-assessment Mon-Friday Eve 17:00h-24:00h Fam/Gen Prac              OHIP-H134A
Re-attach retina/choroid diatherm/photocoag/cryopex 1st proc         OHIP-E151A
Reconsruct mandib bone graft* /plate/prosthesis Uni-complete         OHIP-R335A
Reconsruct Pseudoarthrosis Clavicle & Deformity -clavicle            OHIP-R329A
Reconst Fasc Complex w/wout synthetic graft or rotation flap         OHIP-R633A
Reconst Leg Length Discrep w circular external fix <= 6cm            OHIP-R968A
Reconst Leg Length Discrep w circular external fix > 6 cm            OHIP-R969A
Reconst mandible bone graft* plate/prosthesis bilat part             OHIP-R645A
Reconst Musc/Tend Tenoplasty Length/shorten hamstring ea add         OHIP-E050A
Reconst Muscle Tendon Closed release ilio-tibial band                OHIP-Z197A
Reconst Pseudoarthrosis Bone graft w/wout external fixation          OHIP-R328A
Reconst Pseudoarthrosis Tarsal/metatarsal/phalanx/metacarpal         OHIP-R321A
Reconst-plastic repair traumatic amputated extremities B15           OHIP-R605A
Reconstruct Cleft lip unilateral                                     OHIP-S013A
Reconstruct cleft lip/nasal deform include grafts/septoplast         OHIP-M030A
Reconstruct cleft lip/nasal deform not w rep cleft lip               OHIP-M032A
Reconstruct Closure antral fistula minor                             OHIP-M066A
Reconstruct Closure or open nostril atrophic rhinitis                OHIP-M033A
Reconstruct Club Foot Plantar fascia release Steindler               OHIP-R546A
Reconstruct Club Foot Posterior or medial release                    OHIP-R408A
Reconstruct Deformity Osteotomy femoral shaft                        OHIP-R262A
Reconstruct Deformity Osteotomy supracondylar                        OHIP-R215A
Reconstruct Dilation choanal atresia unilat/bilateral                OHIP-M028A
Reconstruct Facial paralysis dynamic slings                          OHIP-R532A
Reconstruct Facial paralysis static slings                           OHIP-R531A
Reconstruct flexor tendon pulley per finger                          OHIP-R586A
Reconstruct Forefoot Claw & hammer toe                               OHIP-R430A
Reconstruct Forefoot Hallux Valgus eg Joplin McBride                 OHIP-R355A
Reconstruct Forefoot Hallux Valgus eg Mayo Keller                    OHIP-R304A
Reconstruct Forefoot Overlapping 5th toe                             OHIP-R446A
Reconstruct Frontal trephine/sinusotomy                              OHIP-Z318A
Reconstruct Humerus circular external fixation                       OHIP-R956A
Reconstruct Intranasal ethmoidectomy unilateral                      OHIP-M060A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrep Tibia epiphysiodes                    OHIP-R339A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            51
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Femoral epiphysiodesis            OHIP-R340A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Femoral lengthening               OHIP-R332A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Femoral shortening                OHIP-R333A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Femoral staple                    OHIP-R343A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Tib & fem epiphysiodesis          OHIP-R341A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Tibial & femoral stapling         OHIP-R344A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Tibial lengthen                   OHIP-R331A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Tibial shortening                 OHIP-R458A
Reconstruct Leg Length Discrepancy Tibial staple 1side               OHIP-R342A
Reconstruct Ligament Metacarpal phalangeal repair                    OHIP-R601A
Reconstruct Ligaments synthetic anterior/post cruciate               OHIP-R484A
Reconstruct mandib w bone graft* plate/prosthes bil complete         OHIP-R646A
Reconstruct mandib w bone graft* plate/prosthesis Uni part           OHIP-R334A
Reconstruct Maxillary intranasal antrostomy unilateral               OHIP-M054A
Reconstruct Maxillectomy partial/complete                            OHIP-M056A
Reconstruct Maxillectomy with orbital exenteration                   OHIP-E947A
Reconstruct Meniscus Suure medial/lateral                            OHIP-R508A
Reconstruct Muscl/Tendon Open adductor tenotomy                      OHIP-Z233A
Reconstruct Muscle/Soft Tissue Scapulopexy congenital elevat         OHIP-R353A
Reconstruct Muscle/Tendon Release patellar retinaculum               OHIP-R516A
Reconstruct Muscle/Tendon Tenotomy hamstrings multiple               OHIP-R562A
Reconstruct Muscle/Tendon Tenotomy open multiple Knee                OHIP-R566A
Reconstruct Muscles/Tendons Tenotomy hamstrings 1                    OHIP-R543A
Reconstruct Muscles/Tendons Transplant tendon single                 OHIP-R571A
Reconstruct Musle/Tendon Iliopsoas tenotomy - Pelvis/hip             OHIP-R545A
Reconstruct Osteotomy Hip                                            OHIP-R263A
Reconstruct Osteotomy Pelvis infant                                  OHIP-R265A
Reconstruct Osteotomy Pelvis other                                   OHIP-R273A
Reconstruct Osteotomy phalanx middle proximal/metacarpal             OHIP-R258A
Reconstruct Osteotomy phalanx terminal - Hand/Wrist                  OHIP-R257A
Reconstruct Pack localization cerebrospinal rhinorrhea               OHIP-M017A
Reconstruct Partial septorhinoplasty exclude osteotomy               OHIP-M013A
Reconstruct Pseudoarthroiss Bypass fibular graft                     OHIP-R327A
Reconstruct Pseudoarthros Clavicle & humerus - humerus               OHIP-R325A
Reconstruct Pseudoarthros Radius&ulna circular external fix          OHIP-R950A
Reconstruct Pseudoarthrosis Circular external fix Femur              OHIP-R967A
Reconstruct Pseudoarthrosis Malleoli                                 OHIP-R363A
Reconstruct Pseudoarthrosis Pelvis                                   OHIP-R364A
Reconstruct Pseudoarthrosis Radius or ulna                           OHIP-R323A
Reconstruct Pseudoarthrosis Radius/ulna                              OHIP-R473A
Reconstruct Radical frontal sinusectomy                              OHIP-M058A
Reconstruct Repair choanal atresia uni/bilateral                     OHIP-M020A
Reconstruct Repair fascial defects small - elbow/forearm             OHIP-R476A
Reconstruct repair septal perforation                                OHIP-M016A
Reconstruct Septodermoplasty include fascial/other grafts            OHIP-M015A
Reconstruct Submandibular duct relocation                            OHIP-S057A
Reconstruct Tendon Mallet finger K-wire                              OHIP-R574A
Reconstruct Tendon Mallet finger open                                OHIP-R573A
Reconstruct Tendon Tenotomy open toe Foot/ankle                      OHIP-R579A
Reconstruct Tendon transfer foot & ankle single                      OHIP-R565A
Reconstruct Tendon Transposition/transplant/transfer 1               OHIP-R563A
Reconstruct Tendons Steindler flexoplasty Elbow/Forearm              OHIP-R583A
Reconstruct Tendons Suture extensor tendon each additional           OHIP-E580A
Reconstruct Tendons Tenoplasty single Msk                            OHIP-R557A
Reconstruct Tendons/Graft each additional                            OHIP-E053A
Reconstruct Tendons/Tenolysis each additional                        OHIP-E599A
Reconstruct total ear cartilag graft eg Brent Tech 1st stage         OHIP-E304A
Reconstruct Transseptal sphenoidotom or sphenoid sinusectomy         OHIP-M061A
Reconstruct with lip switch flap                                     OHIP-S014A
Reconstruct/repair hepatic artery liver transplant fee               OHIP-E765A
Reconstruction Bone Deformity Osteotomy                              OHIP-R259A
Reconstruction Deformity osteotomy glenoid                           OHIP-R235A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            52
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Reconstruction Deformity osteotomy humerus                           OHIP-R260A
Reconstruction Deformity Osteotomy metatarsals & phalanx             OHIP-R276A
Reconstruction Pseudoarthros Tibia/fibula                            OHIP-R326A
Rectourethral w diversion colostomy & closure of colostomy           OHIP-S556A
Rectum Destruct Cauterize fissure                                    OHIP-Z548A
Rectum Destruction Fulguration condylomata GA                        OHIP-Z758A
Rectum Excision 2 surgeon team - abd surgeon                         OHIP-S215A
Rectum Excision 2 surgeon team perineal surgeon                      OHIP-S216A
Rectum Excision Abdo perineal resection/pull through                 OHIP-S214A
Rectum Excision benign anal lesion(s)                                OHIP-Z757A
Rectum Excision each additional biopsy                               OHIP-E710A
Rectum Excision Hartmann procedure                                   OHIP-S217A
Rectum Incision Sphincterotom(ies)                                   OHIP-S241A
Rectum Incision with excision fissure(s)                             OHIP-S242A
Rectum Manipulation Fecal disimpact no anesthetic                    OHIP-Z756A
Rectum Manipulaton Peter Lord procedure                              OHIP-S248A
Rectum Repair Anoplasty for stenosis                                 OHIP-S257A
Rectum Repair Excision scar stenosis                                 OHIP-S256A
Rectum Repair prolapse insert Thiersh wire                           OHIP-S228A
Rectum Suture rectum trauma external approach                        OHIP-S229A
RectumManipulation Dilation anal sphincter                           OHIP-Z550A
RectumRep Anastomosis                                                OHIP-S223A
Recurrent V V multiple ligation &/or stripping                       OHIP-R844A
Reduce Dislocated Congenital hip repair include cast                 OHIP-R405A
Reduce Dislocation Apply Pavlik Harness or CDH Splint                OHIP-Z291A
Reduce Dislocation Elbow joint repair chronic recurrent              OHIP-R400A
Reduce Dislocation Hip late after 4 wks open                         OHIP-R628A
Reduce Dislocation Sacroiliac closed, tractio, spica etc             OHIP-D059A
Reduce skull fracture repair dural laceration                        OHIP-E912A
Reduce torsion testis/append test orchidopex 1-2 side                OHIP-S600A
Reduct/Disloc Metacarp/phalangeal closed each add                    OHIP-E577A
Reduction Blowout fracture of floor Skull/mandible                   OHIP-E174A
Reduction Congenital dislocation knee open                           OHIP-R515A
Reduction cystoplasty bladder plication                              OHIP-S477A
Reduction Dislocation Finger closed each addition                    OHIP-E576A
Reduction Dislocation Finger closed one                              OHIP-D001A
Reduction Dislocation Metacarpal/phalangeal open                     OHIP-D006A
Reduction Dislocation Patella open reduction late                    OHIP-R255A
Reduction Dislocation Tarsu closed reduction                         OHIP-D033A
Reduction Fracture Bennett's closed                                  OHIP-F013A
Reduction Fracture Carpus open one or more                           OHIP-F017A
Reduction Fracture Intra-articular closed Hand & Wrist               OHIP-F006A
Reduction Fracture Phalanx each additional                           OHIP-E558A
Reduction Fracture Phalanx open reduction                            OHIP-F060A
Reduction Fracture Scaphoid excision                                 OHIP-F020A
Reduction mammoplasty female nipple transplant/graft uni             OHIP-R110A
Re-explore neck hyperparathyroidism                                  OHIP-S792A
Re-explore vascular graft & close fistula in groin                   OHIP-R916A
Re-implant ureter with extensive taper w/wout ureterolysis.          OHIP-S561A
Re-implantation of tissue banked nipple-areola                       OHIP-R121A
Release Muscles/tendons simple eg tennis elbow                       OHIP-R519A
Rem staghorn calculus in renal pelvis&calyces xray control           OHIP-S430A
Removal infected sutures abd wall/re-explore for bleed GA            OHIP-Z574A
Removal of calculus, upper 1/3 of ureter or renal pelvis             OHIP-E822A
Removal tissue expander inj port sole procedure GA                   OHIP-Z094A
Removal tissue expander inj port sole procedure local anesth         OHIP-Z095A
Remove calculus w/wout biopsy retropubic Prostate                    OHIP-S643A
Remove failed vascular graft no arterial reconstruct 1 proc          OHIP-Z759A
Remove infected aortic graft stem&limbs artery reconstruct           OHIP-R858A
Remove intermaxillary fixation devices GA only procedure             OHIP-R652A
Remove intracer hematom/debride trauma brain mge skull fract         OHIP-N148A
Remove plaster not w fracture/dislocate w/in 2wks initial Tx         OHIP-Z204A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            53
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Remove remal calculi if disintegrated by US                           OHIP-E759A
Remove staghorn calculus renal pelvis extend to calyces               OHIP-E772A
Remove tumor CV Heart/pericardium                                     OHIP-R714A
Remove/replace implantable Cardiovertor defibrillator                 OHIP-Z415A
Renal artery aneurysm reconstruct or excise with graft                OHIP-R805A
Renal autotransplant recip's claim no immunosuppress therapy          OHIP-S437A
Renal biopsy needle                                                   OHIP-Z601A
Renal Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy                           OHIP-Z630A
Renal perfusion hypothermia for organ transplant                      OHIP-G347A
Renal Transplant recip claim no team fee if ass't fee                 OHIP-E769A
Renal Transplant recipient claim no immunosuppress therapy            OHIP-Z631A
Renal Transplant recip's claim fee no immunosuppress therap           OHIP-S436A
Renal Transplant submit recip claim no immun/suppress therap          OHIP-E762A
Renal Transplant submit recip claim no therapy team fee               OHIP-E771A
Renal Transplant-live donor recip claim no immunosuppress             OHIP-E753A
Re-op open heart pump >1/m post surg prev sternotomy                  OHIP-E671A
Re-op open heart pump >1m post op previous thoracotomy                OHIP-E670A
Re-open craniotomy for postop hematoma or remove bone flap            OHIP-N127A
Re-open laminectomy for post-op haematoma/infection                   OHIP-N521A
Rep exten un/bil tube/peritube dis infertility/PID/endomet            OHIP-S743A
Rep extens uni/bil tube/peritube dis infertility/PID/endomet          OHIP-S746A
Rep face paralys/plica paraly muscle/resect over-active musc          OHIP-R533A
Rep Hysteroplasty uterine inversion op                                OHIP-S777A
Rep include laryngoscopy Remove laryngeal stent or keel               OHIP-Z303A
Rep Post mastec/breast recons mound creat prosthes/soft tiss          OHIP-R119A
Rep Pyloroplasty/vagotomy                                             OHIP-S133A
Rep tear/exten episiot incl rect mucosa/perian sphinct/perin          OHIP-P028A
Repair - Chest wall - pleura - closed (see GP - B15)                  OHIP-M109A
Repair - extensive laceration (see GP B15)                            OHIP-S021A
Repair & removal of calculus Kidney                                   OHIP-E754A
Repair / Revise ileostomy or colostomy full thick                     OHIP-S182A
Repair abdominal approach to vag vault prolapse /sacropexy            OHIP-S813A
Repair anal sphincter                                                 OHIP-S258A
Repair anal sphincter/ano-rectal ring                                 OHIP-S259A
Repair ant sacral meningocoele include release tethered cord          OHIP-N566A
Repair Aorto pulmonary window                                         OHIP-R927A
Repair Bifid ureter                                                   OHIP-S562A
Repair Chest wall fixation for trauma                                 OHIP-M116A
Repair Complete AV canal                                              OHIP-R921A
Repair Correction of cor triatriatum                                  OHIP-R770A
Repair Cystoplasty use intestine                                      OHIP-S513A
Repair Deband arterioplasty pulmonary artery                          OHIP-R929A
Repair Distal spleno-renal shunt CV Veins                             OHIP-R865A
Repair Double outlet right/left ventricle                             OHIP-R923A
Repair Double outlet ventricle transposition                          OHIP-R924A
Repair entero-cutaneous fistula with bowel resection                  OHIP-E714A
Repair Epigastric                                                     OHIP-S342A
Repair Esophageal bypass abd/neck with colon or jejunum               OHIP-S099A
Repair esophageal hiatus hernia                                       OHIP-E758A
Repair Esophageal myotomy partial below aortic arch                   OHIP-S161A
Repair failed retropubic/vag surgery stress incontinence              OHIP-S546A
Repair fix each additional rib exceeding 4 ribs                       OHIP-E604A
Repair Gastroduodenostomy or gastrojejunostomy                        OHIP-S134A
Repair gastroplasty to either S091 or S092                            OHIP-E744A
Repair Herniotomy inguinal &/or femoral children                      OHIP-S326A
Repair Herniotomy inguinal &/or femoral infants                       OHIP-S322A
Repair Herniotomy umbilical adolesc/adult                             OHIP-S332A
Repair Herniotomy umbilical child operative                           OHIP-S333A
Repair Herniotomy umbilical w resect strangulated contents            OHIP-E756A
Repair High imperforate anus repair supra-levator                     OHIP-S260A
Repair hydrocele extra - apply adults only                            OHIP-E727A
Repair Hysteroplasty excision of septum                               OHIP-S779A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            54
                                                                               Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                             CODE
Repair Ilio-femoral thrombectomy w/wout fem vein ligation               OHIP-R828A
Repair includ laryngoscopy Create tracheo-esophageal fistula            OHIP-M089A
Repair include laryngoscopy Insert voice prosthesis                     OHIP-Z320A
Repair incompetent cervix not assoc with preg                           OHIP-S774A
Repair infibulation result of female genital mutilatation               OHIP-S701A
Repair Interrupted aortic arch                                          OHIP-R926A
Repair Lacera eyelid includ levator palpebra superior ptosis            OHIP-E221A
Repair lacerate maj art microscop rep digit art patch angiop            OHIP-R795A
Repair Laceration Eyelid full thick                                     OHIP-E199A
Repair Laparoscopic repeat retropubic urethropexy                       OHIP-S807A
Repair Laparoscopic retropubic urethropexy                              OHIP-S805A
Repair Laparoscopic vaginal sacropexy.                                  OHIP-S808A
Repair lipomeningocoele include release tethered cord                   OHIP-N565A
Repair Low imperforate anus                                             OHIP-S253A
Repair Lower/upper eyelid bridge flap 2nd stage                         OHIP-E226A
Repair Massive incisional hernia                                        OHIP-S344A
Repair Massive sliding inguinal hernia                                  OHIP-S345A
Repair myelomeningocoele 2 surgeons reconstruct surgeon                 OHIP-N538A
Repair Nephropexy sole operative proced                                 OHIP-S426A
Repair of myelomeningocoele 2 surgeons neurosurgeon                     OHIP-N537A
Repair of myelomeningocoele one surgeon                                 OHIP-N536A
Repair Omentopexy sole operative procedure                              OHIP-S325A
Repair Pancreatic cyst duodenosomy                                      OHIP-S306A
Repair Pectus excavatum or carinatum reconst no implant                 OHIP-R352A
Repair Penile prosthesis for impotence                                  OHIP-S597A
Repair Prosthetic procurinary incontin eg Kauffman/Rosen                OHIP-S559A
Repair Pulmonary aertery banding                                        OHIP-R768A
Repair Rectal prolapse excision mucous membrane                         OHIP-S225A
Repair Rectal prolapse perineal repair major                            OHIP-S226A
Repair Rectal prolapse via abd                                          OHIP-S227A
Repair recurrent all types except esophageal                            OHIP-E725A
Repair recurrent dislocation includes inspection of joint               OHIP-R403A
Repair Recurrent esophogeal hiatus hernia                               OHIP-S092A
Repair Remove perineal incontinence prosthesis                          OHIP-S563A
Repair Revise ileostomy/colostomy skin level                            OHIP-S181A
Repair ruptured bladder                                                 OHIP-S512A
Repair Ruptured esophagus suture & drain                                OHIP-S096A
Repair Single ventricle CV Heart/pericard                               OHIP-R922A
Repair skull defect Acrylic/metal cranioplasty                          OHIP-N161A
Repair Sternal fixation trauma Chest wall/mediastinum                   OHIP-M117A
Repair suture bleeding peptic ulcer                                     OHIP-E731A
Repair Thrombectomy other than above Veins                              OHIP-R829A
Repair Total anomalous pulmonary venous drain                           OHIP-R722A
Repair Total correction transposition of great vessels                  OHIP-R723A
Repair Tracheal rupture transcervical                                   OHIP-M100A
Repair Tracheal/bronchial rupture transthoracic                         OHIP-M101A
Repair trauma Suture laceration major artery                            OHIP-R790A
Repair Truncus arteriosus                                               OHIP-R925A
Repair Ureteroileal conduit                                             OHIP-S452A
Repair Ureterolysis for periureter fibrosis unilateral                  OHIP-S460A
Repair Ureteroplasty Hutch unilateral                                   OHIP-S461A
Repair Ureterostomy cutaneous unilateral                                OHIP-S458A
Repair Ureteroureterostomy                                              OHIP-S457A
Repair Ureterovaginal fisula                                            OHIP-S459A
Repair Urethral sling                                                   OHIP-S548A
Repair Urethroplastomy 1st stage posterior                              OHIP-S545A
Repair Urethroplasty 2nd stage                                          OHIP-S558A
Repair Urethroplasty1st stage anterior                                  OHIP-S550A
Repair Uterine suspension any tech sole proced                          OHIP-S771A
Repair Uterine suspension major procedure                               OHIP-E859A
Repair Vascular ring CV Heart Pericardium                               OHIP-R771A
Repair Ventral postop                                                   OHIP-S340A

                                                Order Codes - A Codes                            55
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Repair w/wout gastroplasty w/wout chole/vagotomy add codes           OHIP-E742A
Repair/Revise or remove inflatable prosthesis bladder neck           OHIP-S540A
Repeat bronchoscop tracheobronch toilet w/in 1wk oth bronch          OHIP-Z359A
Repeat consult - FP (00)                                             OHIP-A006A
Repeat consult - Internal/occupationa med MED                        OHIP-A136A
Repeat consult CV/thoracic Surg (09)                                 OHIP-A096A
Repeat intracranial proced pay add to proced & N111 not N127         OHIP-E921A
Repeat kidney surgery 30 + days after previous surgery               OHIP-E752A
Repeat rep/recur hernia > 2 rep to S322-S323-S326-S329-S330          OHIP-E726A
Replace aort valve/ascend reimplant cor art Modified Bental          OHIP-R863A
Replace Corneal transplant with artificial prosthesis                OHIP-E951A
Replace drainage catheter in abdominal abscess                       OHIP-Z595A
Replace pacemaker pack one or multiple leads                         OHIP-Z433A
Replace tissue expander by permanent prosthesis                      OHIP-Z138A
Replacement or repair of pacemakder lead                             OHIP-Z412A
Reposition intra-aortic balloon pump no claim w/in 24h inser         OHIP-Z782A
Reposition intra-aortic balloon pump not w/in 24h original           OHIP-Z751A
Reposition perm endocardial electrode separate procedure             OHIP-Z445A
Resect AV aneurysm or fistul w/wout maj graft major aneurysm         OHIP-R825A
Resect AV aneurysm or fistul w/wout maj graft minor aneurysm         OHIP-R826A
Resect with Anastomosis small intestine duodenum                     OHIP-S164A
Resect/ablate ventric tach cardiot map w/wout HIS bund               OHIP-R710A
Resect/fulguriz ureter/ren pelvic turm Z628 bill w E760/E761         OHIP-E823A
Resection coarctation adolescent/adult                               OHIP-R758A
Resection coarctation child                                          OHIP-R756A
Resection coarctation infant                                         OHIP-R757A
Resection with anastomosis small intestine other                     OHIP-S165A
Residual urine measurement                                           OHIP-G900A
Resp Disease - Chronic ventilation care outside ICU                  OHIP-G404A
Resp Excision Biopsy multi - GA                                      OHIP-Z310A
RESP SURG PROC-NOSE-Excision-Biopsy (IOP)-- single                   OHIP-Z309A
RESP SURG PROC-NOSE-Reconstruction-Septorhinoplasty                  OHIP-M014A
RESP SURG Repeat lung transplant                                     OHIP-M156A
Respiratory Disease Med Specific Reassessment by specialist          OHIP-A474A
Respiratory Disease partial assessment limited service               OHIP-A478A
Resuscitate Maj Burn 1st Care-continue care up to 3 days/day         OHIP-Z181A
Resuscitation Major Burn Inititial Care 1st 24 hrs                   OHIP-Z180A
Retina 2ndary op unsucces op/fresh detach same eye diff surg         OHIP-E153A
Retina Cryopexy extraocular/sub-conjunctival 1eye.                   OHIP-E155A
Retina Photocoagulation xenon/argon/laser etc 1eye                   OHIP-E154A
Retina Rep Strabimus proc 3 + muscles 1 or both eyes                 OHIP-E162A
Retina Repaiar Strabismus 1 muscle 1 or both eyes                    OHIP-E159A
Retina Repair repeat strabismus procedure                            OHIP-E952A
Retina Repair Strabismus procedure for adjustable suture             OHIP-E949A
Retina Repeat Strabismus procedure 2 muscles 1or both eyes.          OHIP-E158A
Retina-Scleral resection buckling - primarysubseq procedure          OHIP-E152A
Retrobulbar inject not claimed when used as loc anes                 OHIP-G422A
Retropub urethropex abd-vag stress incont sling 2 surg/vag           OHIP-S730A
Retropub urethropex abd-vag stress incont sling primar 1surg         OHIP-S728A
Retropub urethropex w abd-vag stress incont prev failure lap         OHIP-E862A
Retropub urethropex/abdo-vag stress incont sling 2 surg lap          OHIP-E863A
Retropub urethropex/abd-vag stress incont prev failure 1surg         OHIP-S731A
Retropub urethropex/abd-vag stress incont sling 2 surg/abd           OHIP-S740A
Retropub urethropexy abd-vag stress incont sling 2 surg/abd          OHIP-S751A
Retropubic urethropexy Marshall/Marchet stress incontinence          OHIP-S549A
Retropubic urethropexy w abd-vag for stress incontinence             OHIP-S811A
Retropubic urethropexy/abd-vag stress incont sling 2surg/abd         OHIP-S733A
Revise mastoidectomy mid ear ossiculoplasty E320/E322/E315           OHIP-E960A
Revise repair following previous rotator cuff surg R594              OHIP-E057A
Revise standard ileostomy into continent ileostomy pouch             OHIP-S193A
Revise tot arthroplast hip 1-2 comp acetab recons bone graft         OHIP-E593A
Revise total arthroplasty hip 1or 2 compon bone graft acetab         OHIP-E589A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            56
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Revise total arthroplasty hip 1or both compon acetab/femoral        OHIP-R241A
Revise total arthroplasty shoulder                                  OHIP-R240A
Revise/repair follow prev reconstruct of knee lig to R542.          OHIP-E059A
Revision amputated finger tip                                       OHIP-R629A
Revision of free island flaps (see GP - B15)                        OHIP-R025A
Revision of mastoidectomy revision of midle ear                     OHIP-E315A
Revision of R057 (see GP B15)                                       OHIP-R058A
Revision of R602, R603 (see GP - B15)                               OHIP-R604A
Revision total arthroplasty ankle                                   OHIP-R247A
Revision total arthroplasty knee                                    OHIP-R244A
RHEUMA (48) NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess by specialist          OHIP-C484A
Rheumatology Medical Specific Reassessment by specialist            OHIP-A484A
Rheumatology Partial assessment limited service                     OHIP-A488A
Rhinoplast reconstruct cleft lip nasal deformity Z-plasty           OHIP-M031A
Rotator cuff repair complex - implant to bone                       OHIP-R594A
Rotator cuff repair simple/end-to-end/side-to-side                  OHIP-R593A
Sacro-iliac open remove coccyx                                      OHIP-D061A
SALGLANDS/DUCTS Reconstruct Dilate &/or probe duct                  OHIP-Z511A
Salivary duct/gland Reconstruct Plastic repair of duct              OHIP-S049A
Salivary glands & ducts Incision involving GA                       OHIP-Z521A
Salivary glands/ducts Excision small tumour                         OHIP-Z522A
Salpingectomy & salpingo-oophorectomy uni-bilateral                 OHIP-S738A
Saucerization & bone graft phalanx/metacarpal/carpus                OHIP-R217A
Scalene node fine needle aspiration - Lymph                         OHIP-Z413A
Scar Revise any type of close 5.1cm-10 cm face or neck              OHIP-R023A
Scar Revise closure 2.6cm - 5cm face or neck                        OHIP-R022A
Scar Revise closure 5.1cm -10cm other areas                         OHIP-R028A
Scar Revision & closure > 10 cm other area                          OHIP-R029A
Scar Revision & closure to 2.5cm other areas                        OHIP-R026A
Scar Revision 2.6 - 5cm other areas                                 OHIP-R027A
Scar Revision any closure >10 cm face or neck                       OHIP-R017A
Scar Revision close to 2.5cm face or neck                           OHIP-R021A
Schizophrenia service tracking code (PCN Billing Only)              OHIP-Q021A
Scrotum Incision Abscess or hematocele GA exploration               OHIP-Z768A
Scrotum Incision Abscess/hematocele local anes                      OHIP-Z709A
Segmental resection trachea with sternotomy or thoracotomy          OHIP-M103A
Select fet reduct 1+ fetus bipol/unipol cautery umbilic cord        OHIP-P053A
Selective catheterization of calyces 1or more                       OHIP-Z625A
Selective coronary cath inject intracoronary NTG both arter         OHIP-Z442A
Seminal vesicle Incision Abscess                                    OHIP-Z711A
Septoplast/intranasal ethmoidectom/antrostom add 50% fees           OHIP-M012A
Serial oral not SL parenteral provocation test max 5/yr             OHIP-G208A
Sexual Assault Exam female - FP (00)                                OHIP-K018A
Sexual Assault Exam male - FP (00)                                  OHIP-K021A
SGOT - Lab Med Private office                                       OHIP-G006A
Shoulder Neck with dislocation of head open reduction shaft         OHIP-F052A
Shoulder/arm/chest Amputation Forequarter                           OHIP-R617A
Shoulder/arm/chest Arthroplasty Remove prosthesis/no replace        OHIP-R498A
Shoulder/arm/chest Arthroplasty Total prosthesis                    OHIP-R487A
Shoulder/arm/chest Biopsy needle/punch x-ray control                OHIP-Z220A
Shoulder/arm/chest Examination and Manipulation GA                  OHIP-Z223A
Shoulder/arm/chest Excision Joint Synovectomy & debride             OHIP-R422A
Shoulder/arm/chest Fracture Tuberosity closed reduction             OHIP-F048A
Shoulder/arm/chest Fracture Tuberosity no reduction                 OHIP-F047A
Shoulder/arm/chest I&D Saucerization with bone graft                OHIP-R223A
Sigmoid rigid scope - endoscopy placement of stent in rectum        OHIP-E641A
Sigmoid rigid scope w/wout anoscopy with biopsies                   OHIP-Z536A
Sigmoid w rigid scope w/wout anoscopy decompress volvulus           OHIP-Z592A
Sigmoidoscop rigid scop w/wout anos(IOP)no bill Z555 or Z580        OHIP-Z535A
Sigmoidoscop rigid scope w/wout anosc Z535-Z536-Z592 no hosp        OHIP-E746A
Simple muscle repair(s) include repair of involved skin             OHIP-R525A
Simple revision continent ileostomy pouch                           OHIP-S192A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            57
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Single chamber reprogramming include ECG technical comp               OHIP-G284A
Skin A Split Thickness Graft Major complex areas                      OHIP-R087A
Skin abcess/hematoma GA subcutaneous palmar/plantar space             OHIP-Z108A
Skin Abscess or Hematoma Loc anesth subcutaneous 1                    OHIP-Z101A
Skin Abscess or Hematoma Loc anesth subcutaneous 2                    OHIP-Z173A
SKIN B Full Thickness Graft Minor < 1cm average diameter              OHIP-R092A
Skin Biopsies when sutures not used                                   OHIP-Z113A
Skin C Pedicle Flap Intermediate eg cervical finger                   OHIP-R070A
Skin C Pedicle Flap Prep contract recipient site R070 & R080          OHIP-E069A
Skin C Pedicle Flap Small each subseq stage                           OHIP-R077A
Skin Elevate free Is bone flap and close defect                       OHIP-R131A
SKIN Elevate free Is skin & bone flap & close defect                  OHIP-R134A
Skin flap A Advancement Flaps Defect >10cm thoracic abd flap          OHIP-R004A
Skin Flap B Defect < 2cm avge diam -other areas                       OHIP-R072A
Skin Flap B Defect < 2cm diam face-neck-scalp                         OHIP-R045A
Skin Flap B Defect >10cm diameter other areas                         OHIP-R074A
Skin Flap B Defect 2.1-5cm diameter face, neck, scalp                 OHIP-R046A
Skin Flap B Defect 5.1-10 cm diameter - face, neck or scalp           OHIP-R047A
Skin Flap B Defect 5.1-10cm avge diam other areas                     OHIP-R073A
Skin Flap B Rotat/Transpos/Z-plast >10cm diam face/neck/scal          OHIP-R076A
Skin Flap C Pedicle Flap Delay intermediate flap                      OHIP-R101A
Skin Flap C Pedicle Flap Delay major flap                             OHIP-R100A
Skin Flap C Pedicle Flap Delay tube or pedicle                        OHIP-R103A
Skin Flap C Pedicle Flap Large each subsequent stage                  OHIP-R078A
Skin Flap C Pedicle Flap Small eg cross finger                        OHIP-R079A
Skin Flap D any close - repair abd defect same surgeon                OHIP-Z195A
Skin Flap D eg pect maj myocutaneous flap with rib graft              OHIP-R009A
Skin Flap D include close - repair abd defect diff surgeon            OHIP-Z196A
Skin Flap D Stern-mast/tensor fasc lata/GM/gracil/sartor,etc          OHIP-R005A
Skin flap Pectoralis major latissimus dorsi uni rectus abdom          OHIP-R006A
Skin Flaps & Grafts - other than listed above (see GP - B15)          OHIP-R106A
Skin Flaps B Defect 2.1-5 cm average diameter - other areas           OHIP-R075A
Skin Flaps D - lower transverse rectus abdominus                      OHIP-R008A
Skin Foreign body removal GA                                          OHIP-Z115A
Skin foreign body removal local anes                                  OHIP-Z114A
Skin Graft B Full Thickness Graft Major > 5 cm                        OHIP-R083A
SKIN Graft burn per % of toal body treated scalp <10%                 OHIP-R669A
SKIN Graft burn per % of total body treated neck <10%                 OHIP-R672A
Skin Grp 2 Lesions 1+ Sites nevus excise/suture                       OHIP-Z163A
SKIN if excision in hosp for tumour free margin claim E300            OHIP-E540A
Skin Incision Biopsy for malignant hyperthermia 3+                    OHIP-Z245A
SKIN LASER EXC or DESTRUCT SKIN LESION 1+ added cuts                  OHIP-E524A
Skin lesions 1st cut including debulking                              OHIP-R081A
Skin Plastic Surg each addional expander to max 3                     OHIP-E541A
Skin Plastic Surgery Major                                            OHIP-R153A
Skin Plastic Surgery Minor                                            OHIP-R151A
Skin/subcut Bx(ies) any method when sutures used                      OHIP-Z116A
Skin/Subcut Tissue Plastic Surgery Very Minor                         OHIP-R150A
Skin/subcut tissue Repair major                                       OHIP-Z153A
Skin/subcutaneous Repair requires GA                                  OHIP-Z144A
Skin/subcutaneous tissue GA subcutaneous 2+                           OHIP-Z172A
Skull & mandible Reconstruct with meloplasty                          OHIP-E597A
Skull Craniosynostosis linear craniectomy 1suture                     OHIP-N206A
Skull Craniotomy for craniofacial repair                              OHIP-N208A
Skull Harvest bone graft not included - iliac bone graft              OHIP-Z263A
Skull Lateral canthal advance 2 surgeons leser portion                OHIP-N166A
Skull Lateral canthal advance bilat 2 surgeon lesser portion          OHIP-N169A
Skull Lateral canthal advancement 2 surgeon major portion             OHIP-N165A
Skull Lateral canthal advancement bilateral 1surgeon                  OHIP-N167A
Skull Lateral canthal advancement unilateral 1surgeon                 OHIP-N164A
Skull Morcellation procedure 1 suture                                 OHIP-N162A
Skull repair frontonasal encephalocele                                OHIP-E922A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            58
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Skull Replace bone flap                                             OHIP-N202A
Skull tumor excision                                                OHIP-N203A
Skull/Rib graft cranioplasty defect < 7.5 cm                        OHIP-N201A
Slipped epiphysis closed reduction internal fixation                OHIP-R642A
Slipped epiphysis closed reduction/traction                         OHIP-R607A
Sm/large intestin term ileum/cecum/ascend colon R hemicolect        OHIP-S166A
Small bowel push enteroscopy - Intestine not rectum                 OHIP-Z584A
Smoking Cessation Counselling Fee                                   OHIP-Q042A
Soft Tissue Muscle transplant pectoralis major                      OHIP-R527A
Somatic/peripheral nerve no specific list add nerve or site         OHIP-G223A
Somatic/peripheral nerves no specific list 1 nerve/site             OHIP-G231A
Sophisticated micro/elect record during stereotax bill E920.        OHIP-E896A
Sound field audiometry infant & child professional component        OHIP-G450A
Spec Hosp OPD Nights 00:00h - 07:00h add 75% to max prem/pt         OHIP-U997A
Spec Visit deliver bet 24:00h-07:00h any night of wk                OHIP-B916A
Spec Visit Hosp Inpt nights 00:00h-07:00h 1st pt seen               OHIP-C996A
Spec Visit Ob Del bet 07:00h-24:00h Mon-Fri 1st pt seen             OHIP-B910A
Special care prem ea pt visit ICU/CCU all such hosp visit           OHIP-C101A
Special Nuclear Medicine Consultation                               OHIP-A835A
Special Visit Hosp ED 00:00h-7:00h 1st pt seen                      OHIP-K996A
Special Visit Hosp OPD 00:00h-07:00h 1st pt seen                    OHIP-U996A
Special Visit Inpt Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon-Fri 1st pt seen            OHIP-C990A
Special Visit Inpt Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon-Fri added pts              OHIP-C991A
Special Visit Pt Home or Multiple Res nights 00:00h-07:00h          OHIP-B996A
Special Visit to Home of Palliative Care Pt Fam/Gen Prac            OHIP-B998A
Specialized Services After Hours Indicator                          OHIP-Q022A
Specific assessment CV/thoracic surg (09)                           OHIP-A093A
Specific Mgement Parenteral Alimentation MD/visit.                  OHIP-G510A
SpecVis ER Depart Day 07:00h-7:00h Mon-Fri 1st pt seen              OHIP-K990A
SpecVis Eve 17:00h-24:00h Mon-Frid/day-eve Sat/Sun/Hol pt           OHIP-C995A
SpecVis Pt's Home/Mult ResDwell Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon/Fri           OHIP-B990A
SpecVisit Hosp ED Call with Sacrifice Off hrs 1st pt seen           OHIP-K992A
SpecVisit Hosp Inpt ER Call Sacrifice Office hrs 1st pt seen        OHIP-C992A
SpecVisit Hosp OPD ED Call Sacrifice Office hrs 1st pt seen         OHIP-U992A
SpecVisit LTC 1st pt same locale no prem HS 00:00h-07:00h           OHIP-W996A
SpecVisit nonprof set not list 1st pt ER sacrifice office hr        OHIP-Q992A
SpecVisit non-prof set not listed 1st pt see HS 00:00h-7:00h        OHIP-Q996A
SpecVisit Office/Sim Facil 1st pt Day 07:00h-17:00h Mon-Fri         OHIP-A990A
SpecVisit Office/Simil Facil 1st Pt seen HS 00:00h - 07:00h         OHIP-A996A
SpecVisit Pt's Home/Multi Res Dwell ER sacrifice office hrs         OHIP-B992A
SPINAL 2D stereotactic navigation spinal procedure add              OHIP-E379A
SPINAL 3D stereotactic navigation spinal procedure add              OHIP-E378A
SPINAL Acute spinal cord injury premium, add                        OHIP-E383A
SPINAL Anterior odontoid screw fixation                             OHIP-N573A
SPINAL Artificial disc insertion (includes approach)                OHIP-N526A
SPINAL AV malformation of cord excision/obliterate                  OHIP-N523A
SPINAL Below conus each level                                       OHIP-N575A
SPINAL C1/C2 fusion using graft/posterior wires                     OHIP-N519A
SPINAL Disc excision one level                                      OHIP-N506A
Spinal duroplast use autolog/allogen/synthetic tissue add           OHIP-E382A
SPINAL Each added disc level stabilized, to E372 add                OHIP-E376A
SPINAL Each added level decompress to N500 or N501 add              OHIP-E360A
SPINAL Each added level replaced to N526 or N525 add                OHIP-E394A
SPINAL Each additional level uni/bilateral to N556 add              OHIP-E396A
SPINAL Excision spinous process sole procedure                      OHIP-N551A
SPINAL Excision transverse process sole procedure                   OHIP-N552A
SPINAL For repeat decompression add                                 OHIP-E373A
SPINAL For repeat fusion add                                        OHIP-E375A
SPINAL Fusion to occiput to E384 add                                OHIP-E371A
SPINAL Insert/revise implantable infusion pump                      OHIP-N555A
SPINAL Medullary spinal trigeminal tractotomy                       OHIP-N529A
SPINAL One disc level                                               OHIP-N516A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            59
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
SPINAL One disc level                                                OHIP-N582A
SPINAL One disc level below C2                                       OHIP-N513A
SPINAL One disc level to N511, N512 or N513 add                      OHIP-E372A
SPINAL One level bilateral                                           OHIP-N510A
SPINAL One level unilateral                                          OHIP-N509A
Spinal or cranial with operating microscope                          OHIP-E901A
Spinal osteomyelitis I&D include sequestrectom ant approach          OHIP-N549A
Spinal osteomyelitis I&D only posterior approach                     OHIP-N548A
Spinal osteomyelitis sequestrectomy posterior approach               OHIP-N550A
SPINAL Pars reconstruction for spondylolysis                         OHIP-N533A
SPINAL Percutaneous cordotomy or tractotomy                          OHIP-N527A
SPINAL Percutaneous discotomy                                        OHIP-N571A
SPINAL Radical soft tissue tumour excision >5cm                      OHIP-N554A
SPINAL Removal of anterior instrumentation                           OHIP-N568A
SPINAL Removal of posterior instrumentation                          OHIP-N541A
SPINAL Remove any stimulation pack or electrode                      OHIP-N531A
SPINAL Re-open laminectomy for repair of CSF leak                    OHIP-N522A
SPINAL Repair of intraspinal meningocoele                            OHIP-N567A
SPINAL Repair of meningocoele                                        OHIP-N535A
SPINAL Simple soft tissue tumour excision <5cm                       OHIP-N553A
SPINAL Smith Peterson Osteotomy each level                           OHIP-N576A
SPINAL Sympathectomy unilateral cervical                             OHIP-N542A
SPINAL Sympathectomy unilateral cervico-dorsal                       OHIP-N543A
SPINAL Sympathectomy unilateral, lumbar                              OHIP-N545A
SPINAL Sympathectomy unilateral, thoracic approach                   OHIP-N544A
SPINAL Syringopleural/syringoperitoneal shunt                        OHIP-N558A
SPINAL Syringo-subarachnoid shunt                                    OHIP-N557A
SPINAL Vertebral needle biopsy IOP                                   OHIP-Z940A
Splenectomy partial or complete                                      OHIP-R905A
Splenic artery aneurysm reconstruct or excise with graft             OHIP-R807A
Spont Intracereb Hemorrhage Craniotomy & remove supratentor          OHIP-N104A
Spont Intracereb Hemorrhage Craniotomy remove infratentorial         OHIP-N157A
Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage Burr hole & drain               OHIP-N120A
Spontaneous/trauma rupture transect late repair lower 1/3            OHIP-S468A
Sshoulder/arm/chest I&D Sequestrectomy                               OHIP-R225A
Staging pelvic lymphadenectomy prostatic CA                          OHIP-S652A
Stasis Ulcer multiple ligation & skin graft per leg                  OHIP-R845A
Stasis Ulcer with skin graft/leg                                     OHIP-R847A
STD time based inclus fee /pt/day-max 1u/pt/d to 2u/pt/MD/yr         OHIP-K028A
Stereotactic Prostate Brachytherapy                                  OHIP-S640A
Stomach each added polyp >1cm by snare polypectomy max 2             OHIP-E675A
Stomach Excision/Biopsy inluding intubation                          OHIP-Z533A
Stomach Gastrectomy/vagotomy                                         OHIP-E708A
Stomach Incision repair Mallory Weis laceration                      OHIP-E697A
STOMACH Incision with another intra abdominal procedure              OHIP-E707A
Stomach repair with choledochocotomy                                 OHIP-E721A
Stomach Repeat either of above & vagotomy                            OHIP-E716A
Stress test Max stress ECG/submax stress ECG target HR/ pt           OHIP-G174A
Subconjunctival/subTenons capsule injection                          OHIP-G421A
Subcutaneous ischiorectal or pilonidal - GA - skin                   OHIP-Z107A
Subeq visit 6th-13th wk include max 3/pt/wk Pschiatry (19)           OHIP-C197A
Subseq aspirate thru existing burr hole within 30 days               OHIP-Z818A
Subseq LBW NB uncomplicat care Pediatrics (26)                       OHIP-H263A
Subseq visit 1st 5 weeks - Geriatrics (07)                           OHIP-C072A
Subseq visit 1st 5 weeks - Hematology (61)                           OHIP-C612A
Subseq visit 1st 5 weeks - Rheumatology (48)                         OHIP-C482A
Subseq visit 1st 5 wks - Anesthesia (01)                             OHIP-C012A
Subseq visit 1st 5 wks - CV/thoracic surg (09)                       OHIP-C092A
Subseq visit 1st 5 wks - Psychatry (19)                              OHIP-C192A
Subseq visit 1st 5wks - Neurology (04)                               OHIP-C042A
Subseq visit 1st 5wks - Neurology (18)                               OHIP-C182A
Subseq visit 6-13th wk inclus max 3/pt/wk Clin immun (62)            OHIP-C627A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            60
                                                                             Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                           CODE
Subseq visit 6-13th wk max 3/pt/wk Intern/occupat med (13)            OHIP-C137A
Subseq visit 6th - 13th wk include max 3/pt/wk Anesth (01)            OHIP-C017A
Subseq visit 6th -13th wk incl max 3 /pt/wk Cardiology                OHIP-C607A
Subseq visit 6th -13th wk max 3/pt/wk Dermatology (02)                OHIP-C027A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk incl max 3 /pt//wk Urology (35)              OHIP-C357A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk incl max 3 /pt/wk FP (00)                    OHIP-C007A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk incl max 3/pt/wk CV/Thorasurg (09)           OHIP-C097A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk incl max 3/pt/wk Rehab (31)                  OHIP-C317A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclus max 3/pt/wk Neurosurg (04)            OHIP-C047A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3 /pt/wk Ortho (06)            OHIP-C067A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Gensurg (03)           OHIP-C037A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Geriat (07)            OHIP-C077A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Obs/gyn (20)           OHIP-C207A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Ophthal (23            OHIP-C237A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Otolary (24)           OHIP-C247A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Pastic (08)            OHIP-C087A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Rad/Onc (34)           OHIP-C347A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Resp dis(47)           OHIP-C477A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Rheumat (48)           OHIP-C487A
Subseq visit 6th-13th wk max 3/pt/wk Hematolog (61)                   OHIP-C617A
Subseq Visit 6th-13th wk max 3/pt/wk Thoracosurg (64)                 OHIP-C647A
Subseq visit 7th-13th wk inclusive max 3/pt/wk Peds (26)              OHIP-C267A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6 /pt/mon Resp Disease (47)            OHIP-C479A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Clinialc immun (62)             OHIP-C629A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m CV/thoracsurg (09)              OHIP-C099A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Gastro (41)                     OHIP-C419A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Intern/occup med (13)           OHIP-C139A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Ophthalmology (23)              OHIP-C239A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Ortho surg (06)                 OHIP-C069A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Plastic surg (08)               OHIP-C089A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Radiation Onc (34)              OHIP-C349A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon FP (00)                       OHIP-C009A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon General Surg (03)             OHIP-C039A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon Psychiatry (19)               OHIP-C199A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon Rheumatology (48)             OHIP-C489A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/month Hematology (61)             OHIP-C619A
Subseq visit after 13th wk max 6pt/m Thoracic surg (64)               OHIP-C649A
Subseq visit Chron/convales hosp palliative care FP (00)              OHIP-W882A
Subseq visit Concur care - Plastic surg (08)                          OHIP-C088A
Subseq visit Concur care - Psychiatry (19)                            OHIP-C198A
Subseq visit Concurent care - CV/Thoracic surg (09)                   OHIP-C098A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Anesthesia (01)                        OHIP-C018A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Dermatology (02)                       OHIP-C028A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Gastroenterology (41)                  OHIP-C418A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Geriatrics (07)                        OHIP-C078A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Hematology (61)                        OHIP-C618A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Neurology (04)                         OHIP-C048A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Ophthalmology (23)                     OHIP-C238A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Otolaryngology (24)                    OHIP-C248A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Physical Med / Rehab (31)              OHIP-C318A
Subseq visit Concurrent Care - Radiation Oncology (34)                OHIP-C348A
Subseq visit Concurrent care - Rheumatology (48)                      OHIP-C488A
Subseq visit Low BW NB uncomplicated 1st visit/NB Peds (26)           OHIP-H262A
Subseq visit Nrsg home/home for aged palliative care                  OHIP-W972A
Subseq visit Nrsg/home palliative care FP (00)                        OHIP-W872A
Subseq visits 1st 5wks - Cardiology                                   OHIP-C602A
Subseq visits 1st 6 wks - Pediatrics (26)                             OHIP-C262A
Subseq visits after 13th wk max 6 / pt / mon Urology (35)             OHIP-C359A
Subseq visits Concur care - Urology (35)                              OHIP-C358A
Subseq visits Concurrent care - Pediatrics (26)                       OHIP-C268A
Subseq visits Palliative Care redefined see GP                        OHIP-C882A
Subseq visits1st 5 wks - General surg (03)                            OHIP-C032A

                                              Order Codes - A Codes                            61
                                                                           Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                         CODE
Subsequent Concurrent care - General surg (03)                      OHIP-C038A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 weeks - Internal/occupat med (13)            OHIP-C132A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Clinical Immunology (62)               OHIP-C622A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Gastroenterology (41)                  OHIP-C412A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Obs/gyn (20)                           OHIP-C202A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Ophthalmology (23)                     OHIP-C232A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Orthopedics (06)                       OHIP-C062A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Otolaryngology (24)                    OHIP-C242A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Physical Med / Rehab (31)              OHIP-C312A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Radiation Oncology (34)                OHIP-C342A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Resp disease (47)                      OHIP-C472A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Thoraacic surg (64)                    OHIP-C642A
Subsequent visit 1st 5 wks - Urology (35)                           OHIP-C352A
Subsequent visit 1st 5wks Plastic surg (08)                         OHIP-C082A
Subsequent visit Add visit d/t intercurrent illness                 OHIP-W121A
Subsequent visit Add visit due to intercurrent illness              OHIP-C121A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Anesthesia (01)           OHIP-C019A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Dermatology (02)          OHIP-C029A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/m Physmed/Rehab (31)        OHIP-C319A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon Geriatrics (07)         OHIP-C079A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon Neurology (18)          OHIP-C189A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon Neurosurg (04)          OHIP-C049A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon Obs/gyn (20)            OHIP-C209A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon Otolaryn (24)           OHIP-C249A
Subsequent visit after 13th wk max 6/pt/mon Pediatrics (26)         OHIP-C269A
Subsequent visit Annual physical exam - Pediatrics (26)             OHIP-W269A
Subsequent visit Attendance maternal delivery - Peds (26)           OHIP-H267A
Subsequent visit Chronic care/convales hosp palliative care         OHIP-W982A
Subsequent visit Concurrent care - Clinical immunology (62)         OHIP-C628A
Subsequent visit Concurrent care - FP (00)                          OHIP-C008A
Subsequent visit Concurrent care - Internal/occup med (13)          OHIP-C138A
Subsequent visit Concurrent care - Neurology (18)                   OHIP-C188A
Subsequent visit Concurrent care - Orthopedics (06)                 OHIP-C068A
Subsequent visit Concurrent care - Resp disease (47)                OHIP-C478A
Subsequent visit Concurrent care Obs/gyn (20)                       OHIP-C208A
Subsequent visit Concurrent care Thoracic surg (64)                 OHIP-C648A
Subsequent visit NB hosp or home - Pediatrics (26)                  OHIP-H261A
Subsequent visit Palliative Care redefined GP                       OHIP-C982A
Subsequent Visit Supportive care - FP (00)                          OHIP-C010A
Subsequent visits - FP (00)                                         OHIP-H003A
Subsequent visits 1st 5 wks - FP (00)                               OHIP-C002A
Supervis limb fit 6 mon postop claim visit/final fit add 40%        OHIP-E586A
Supervise chemo prior to bone marrow transplant                     OHIP-G390A
Supervise marrow suppress mal/autoimmune dis by phone - mon         OHIP-G382A
Surg Collapse Thoracoplasty 1 stage                                 OHIP-M111A
SURG PREAM-Morbidly Obese Patients-Morbidly Obese Patient           OHIP-E676A
Surg when done with coronary artery repair                          OHIP-E651A
Surgery Close fist Vesicovaginal 1 surgeon                          OHIP-S523A
Surgical Collapse Phrenicotomy                                      OHIP-Z742A
Surgical Eyelid Excision Epilation cryopexy Oculo/Aural             OHIP-Z858A
SURGICAL PROCEDURES - with hemi thyroidectomy                       OHIP-E882A
SURGICAL PROCEDURES - with subtotal thyroidectomy                   OHIP-E883A
SURGICAL PROCEDURES - with total thyroidectomy                      OHIP-E884A
SURGICAL PROCEDURES- ligation of internal maxillary artery          OHIP-R788A
SURGICAL PROCEDURES- when performed outside hospital                OHIP-E542A
SURGICAL PROCEDURES-Rectovaginal (any repair)                       OHIP-S231A
SURGICAL PROCEDURES-Sciatic nerve in buttock                        OHIP-N177A
SURGICAL PROCEDURES-Thoracotomy- with or without biopsy             OHIP-M137A
Suture Close gastrostomy/external fistula stomach.                  OHIP-S138A
Suture Closure of gastrocolic fistula                               OHIP-S140A
Suture intestine                                                    OHIP-S184A
Suture Lac GA other than 50% N2O/O2 only procedure                  OHIP-E530A

                                            Order Codes - A Codes                            62
                                                                          Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                        CODE
Suture Lac to 5cm face tie bleeders close in layers                OHIP-Z154A
Suture Laceration (IOP) > 15.1 cm other than face                  OHIP-Z191A
Suture Laceration (IOP) 5.1 to 10 cm                               OHIP-Z175A
Suture Laceration 10.1-15 cm                                       OHIP-Z179A
Suture Laceration 10.1-15cm face tie bleeds/close layers           OHIP-Z190A
Suture Lacerations > 15.1 cm on face                               OHIP-Z192A
Suture Lacerations 5.1-10cm face - tie bleeds/close in layer       OHIP-Z177A
Suture of Laceration up to 5 cm                                    OHIP-Z176A
Suture Plication small intestine for adhesions                     OHIP-S187A
Suture Poseriort urethra immediate repair                          OHIP-S552A
Suture Posterior urethra late repair                               OHIP-S553A
Suture Rupture or lacerated kidney repair or remove                OHIP-S429A
Suture Ruptured anterior urethra diversion of urine extra          OHIP-S551A
Suture Vasectomy unilat/bilat any technique                        OHIP-S626A
Sympathectomy unilateral Cervical NEURO ANS                        OHIP-N300A
Sympathectomy unilateral Cervicodorsal                             OHIP-N301A
Sympathectomy unilateral Lumbar                                    OHIP-N304A
Sympathectomy unilateral thoracic approach                         OHIP-N303A
Sympathetic nerve block(s) lumbar or thoracic bilateral            OHIP-G237A
Symphysiotom horseshoe kidney w/wout nephropexy assoc proced       OHIP-S428A
Tarsus exclude os calcis no reduction rigid immobilization         OHIP-F066A
Taste Tests Electrogustometry or conventional                      OHIP-G452A
Taxol, rituximab, trastuzumab bortezomib, docetaxel/multi ag       OHIP-G345A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult occupation therapist           OHIP-Q523A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult respiratory therapist          OHIP-Q524A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with aboriginal healer         OHIP-Q514A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with chiropodist               OHIP-Q517A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with dental hygentist          OHIP-Q520A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with dental technician         OHIP-Q519A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with dietician                 OHIP-Q516A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with masseur                   OHIP-Q521A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with nurse practitioner        OHIP-Q515A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with optician                  OHIP-Q522A
Team consult fees-Attend at consult with prosthetist               OHIP-Q518A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult speech/lang profess        OHIP-Q506A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult with case worker           OHIP-Q503A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult with chiropractor          OHIP-Q510A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult with dental surgeon        OHIP-Q512A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult with midwife               OHIP-Q513A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult with optometrist           OHIP-Q509A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult with physiotherapist       OHIP-Q505A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult with psychologist          OHIP-Q511A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consult with social worker         OHIP-Q504A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consultation with pastor           OHIP-Q501A
Team consult fees-Attendance at consultation with teacher          OHIP-Q502A
Team consult fess-Attendance at consult with denturist             OHIP-Q508A
Team consult fess-Attendance at consult with pharmacist            OHIP-Q507A
Team consultation fees-Attendance at consultation with nurse       OHIP-Q500A
Team Manag Rehab Counsel 1+ person U=1/2hr/maj part GP(31)         OHIP-H313A
Team Manage Rehab/Physiatric Manage day pts require Rx (31)        OHIP-K313A
Team Management Rehab U from 27th wk max 6/pt/m (31)               OHIP-H319A
Team Management Rehab Unit 13-26th wk max 3/pt/wk (31)             OHIP-H317A
Team Managment Rehab Unit 1st 12 wks Physmed/Rehab (31)            OHIP-H312A
Tele. advice to home care providers 1/phys/pt calender month       OHIP-Q400A
Telephone services to pt receiving palliative care at home         OHIP-G511A
Temporal artery biopsy ligation & cryosurgery                      OHIP-Z815A
Tendon Achilles or tibial anterior/posterior tenotomy closed       OHIP-R555A
Tendon release open finger/palm                                    OHIP-R536A
Tendon release open wrist                                          OHIP-R537A
Tenotomy fasciotomy closed Finger palmar or plantar                OHIP-Z231A
Tenotomy or fasciotomy closed (IOP) Finger 3+                      OHIP-Z249A
Tenotomy or fasciotomy closed Finger one                           OHIP-Z247A

                                           Order Codes - A Codes                            63
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Tenotomy or fasciotomy closed Finger two                             OHIP-Z248A
Testis 2nd stage Torek repair                                        OHIP-S592A
Testis Incision Biopsy bilateral                                     OHIP-Z705A
Therapeutic Procedure w electro surg ureteral meatotomy              OHIP-E788A
Therapeutic procedure w resection bladder neck male                  OHIP-E787A
Therapeutic procedure with removal ureteric catheter                 OHIP-E790A
Therapeutic procedure with resection bladder neck female             OHIP-E786A
Thoraacic window creation Incision                                   OHIP-Z357A
THORACIC (64) NonER InPt Med Specific Reassess - specialist          OHIP-C644A
Thoracic aorta aneurysm graft descend w/wout temporary shunt         OHIP-R801A
Thoracic aorta aneurysm repair or excise w graft ascending           OHIP-R799A
Thoracic aortic aneurysm repair or excise with graft arch            OHIP-R800A
Thoracic Surgery partial assessment limited service                  OHIP-A644A
Thoracic window closure                                              OHIP-Z358A
Thoracnt(IOP)1 lung lav w/out bronc Dbl Lum Tube/1 lung anes         OHIP-Z334A
Thoraco-abdominal or radical nephrectomy                             OHIP-S416A
Thoracoscopy pleuroscopy w/wout pleura biopsy/suction etc            OHIP-Z335A
Thoracotomy for postop hemorrhage or empyema                         OHIP-M134A
Thoracotomy repair rupture diaphragm                                 OHIP-M132A
Thymus transplant - Parathyroid/Thyroid/Adrenal gland                OHIP-Z772A
Thyroid gland Excise-Biopsy                                          OHIP-S787A
Thyroid gland Incise Percutaneous silicone core needle bx            OHIP-Z727A
Thyroidectomy if requiring split sternum                             OHIP-E881A
TMJ ankylosis construct condyle & ascending ramus*                   OHIP-R651A
TMJ ankylosis excise bone or fibrous block                           OHIP-R649A
TMJ ankylosis insert prosthetic device/muscle flap                   OHIP-R650A
Tongue tie release complex or requires GA                            OHIP-Z112A
Tongue tie release simple                                            OHIP-Z111A
Tonograph & tonometry w/wout H2O professional component              OHIP-G433A
Tonography include tonometry w/wout H2O technical component          OHIP-G857A
Tonsillectomy may include adenoidectomy                              OHIP-S063A
Tot U dento-alveolar osteotomy mandible                              OHIP-R502A
Total colectomy & ileo-rectal anastomosis                            OHIP-S169A
Total colectomy mucosal proctectomy with ileal pouch, etc            OHIP-S172A
Total gastrectomy with or without splenectomy                        OHIP-S128A
Total repair Tetralogy of Fallot w/wout prev arterial shunt          OHIP-R720A
Total thoracic esophagageal myotomy sole procedure                   OHIP-S100A
Total U dento-alveolar osteotomy maxilla                             OHIP-R507A
Trachea/bronchi Excision Re-op after 30 days                         OHIP-E623A
Trachea/bronchi Excision resect cricoid                              OHIP-E631A
Tracheo-bronch aspiration Subsequent procedure same MD               OHIP-Z345A
Tracheo-bronchial aspiration 1st procedure                           OHIP-Z344A
Tracheo-bronchial aspiration -Transtracheal                          OHIP-Z346A
Tracking code for Papanicolaou Smear bonus fee                       OHIP-Q011A
Transbronchial bx image intensification & bronchoscopy               OHIP-Z333A
Transcervical thymectomy associated with parathyroidectomy           OHIP-E885A
Transcondylar/condylar closed reduction w tract                      OHIP-F045A
Transduodenal sphincterotomy & choledochotomy prev cholecyst         OHIP-S280A
Transesophageal division esophageal varices                          OHIP-S081A
Transesophageal echocardiography Professional component (P1)         OHIP-G581A
Transfuse - Therapeuic plasma exchange 1st/repeat max 5/yr           OHIP-G277A
Trans-hepatic cath drain obstructed bile duct & supervise            OHIP-S233A
Transluminal coronary angioplasty 1+ sites on 1major vessel          OHIP-Z434A
Transplant bone flap w microvasc anastomosis(es)/bone fix            OHIP-R133A
Transplant free isl toe/fing microvas anastom/tend nerv/bone         OHIP-R139A
Transplant island skin/subcut flap w microvasc anastomos(es)         OHIP-R066A
Transplant jejunum artery/vein microvascular anastomosis             OHIP-R015A
Transplant muscle flap w tendon/nerve/microvascular anastom          OHIP-R130A
Transplant skin/bone flap microvascular anastomosis bone fix         OHIP-R136A
Transplant skin/muscle flap w microvascular anastomosis(es)          OHIP-R127A
Transsection of aberrant renal vessels sole op Procedure             OHIP-S406A
Transsphenoid micro approach pit foss hypophysec rem adenom          OHIP-N111A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            64
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
Trauma enophthalmos Tessier periorb strip/bone graft intracr         OHIP-R680A
Trauma Prem w/in 24 hrs                                              OHIP-E420A
Treacher-Collins Syndrome skull/muscle transpose* bilateral          OHIP-R653A
Treat Epistaxis Nasal Hemorrhage anterior pack unilat                OHIP-Z315A
Treat Epistaxis Nasal Hemorrhage cauterization unilat                OHIP-Z314A
Treat Epistaxis nasal hemorrhage posterior pack uni-bil              OHIP-Z316A
TRH or LHRH test per injection -Endocrine/Metabolism                 OHIP-G501A
Tubal plastic op w/wout microscope uni-bi salpingostomy              OHIP-S736A
Tubal plastic op w/wout microscope uni-bil fimbriolysis              OHIP-S735A
Tuberosity open reduction without cuff tear                          OHIP-F049A
Tumor/neuroma major nerve                                            OHIP-N286A
Tumour craniotomy plus excision- infratentorial                      OHIP-N151A
Tumour craniotomy plus excision- supratentorial                      OHIP-N103A
Tumours Soft tissues superficial - Elbow/Forearm                     OHIP-R591A
TUR or incise of external sphincter sole operative procedure         OHIP-S564A
TUR prostate poss cysto/meatot/dilatate stricture,etc                OHIP-S655A
TUR prostate resid/regrow w/in 1yr prev prostate same surg           OHIP-S654A
Turbinate reduce uni-bil & cautery/cryosurgery/turbinectomy          OHIP-Z302A
Tympanoplasty Type 1 middle ear repair with ossiculoplasty           OHIP-E337A
Tympanoplasty Type 1 myringoplasty explore middle ear                OHIP-E336A
Tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy                                     OHIP-E957A
Ulnar nerve transpose at elbow explore/decompress/neurolysis         OHIP-N189A
Umbilical artery catheterization including blood sample              OHIP-G309A
Umbilical vein catheterization includes obtain blood sample          OHIP-G282A
Unattached Patient Fee                                               OHIP-Q023A
Uni/bil remove contralateral ovary w mod/severe endome S745          OHIP-E090A
Unilat PDT/pt/day Add criteria Ocular Histoplasmosis Syndrom         OHIP-G460A
Unilateral complete cleft lip w nasal cartilage realign              OHIP-E501A
Unusual surg proced not spec in SOB excl non-maj variat list         OHIP-R990A
Upper LeFort III advancement no occlusion change* bilateral          OHIP-R675A
Upper LeFort III advancement w/wout occlusal change* unilat          OHIP-R659A
Ureterectomy include ureterovesical junction                         OHIP-S449A
Ureteroileal conduit with ureterectomy & ileal replacement           OHIP-S454A
Ureterointestin anastomos/transplant bil cystectomy 1stage.          OHIP-S456A
Ureterointestinal anastomosis or transplant bilateral                OHIP-S462A
Ureterointestinal anastomosis or transplant unilateral               OHIP-S455A
Ureterostomy cutaneous with lower third ureterotomy                  OHIP-S463A
Ureterot abd-vag explore/drainage remove calculus lower 1/3          OHIP-S446A
Ureterot/abd/vag explor/drain ureter prev open upper 2/3.            OHIP-S447A
Ureterot/abd-vag explore/drain ureter prev open lower 1/3            OHIP-S448A
Ureterotomy abd or vag explore or for drainage lower 1/3             OHIP-S444A
Ureterotomy abd or vag explore or for drainage upper 2/3             OHIP-S443A
Ureterotomy abd-vag explore drain remove calculus upper 2/3          OHIP-S445A
Ureterovesical anastomosis / reimplant uni not to S482               OHIP-S451A
Urethra Endoscopy Remove foreign body/calculus.                      OHIP-S547A
Urethra Excision Diverticulectomy male or female                     OHIP-S541A
Urethra Incision Urethrotomy transurethral - visual                  OHIP-S532A
Urethra Manipulate Dilate stricture male local anes                  OHIP-Z621A
Urethra Manipulation (IOP) GA                                        OHIP-Z620A
Urethra Manipulation Dilatation stricture male GA                    OHIP-Z619A
Urethropexy abd-vag stress incont sling 2+ fail 1 surgeon            OHIP-S748A
Urethroplasty 1stage repair & may include skin graft                 OHIP-S535A
Urethrotomy repeat procedure w/in 6 mon same surgeon                 OHIP-S538A
Uric acid - Lab med Private Office                                   OHIP-G008A
Urinalysis - Lab Med Private Office                                  OHIP-G009A
UROGEN AND URINARY SURG PROC-URETHRA-Excision-Caruncle               OHIP-S536A
UROLOGY (35) NonER InPt Specific Reassess by specialist              OHIP-C354A
Urology multichannel urodynam assess w EMG - see inclusions          OHIP-G194A
Urology multichannel urodynamic assess w/wout pressure flow          OHIP-G193A
Urology Partial assessment - limited service                         OHIP-A354A
US radial/line probe thru endoscope incl bil/pancreat exam           OHIP-E801A
US use linear/radial echo-endoscop includ bili/pancreat exam         OHIP-S237A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            65
                                                                            Order Codes - A Codes

DESCRIPTION                                                          CODE
US use linear/radial echo-endoscope exclud bil/pancreat exam         OHIP-S236A
UV therapy gen/local &/or PUVA insure for Tx max 1/pt/d G470         OHIP-G470A
Vag birth after C-section (VBAC) successful or unsuccessful          OHIP-E502A
Vag Excision Biopsy(ies) sole procedure local anes                   OHIP-Z722A
VAG I&D cyst abscess hematoma.                                       OHIP-Z728A
Vagina Anterior/posterior repair                                     OHIP-S717A
Vagina Excision Colpectomy eg CA                                     OHIP-S742A
Vagina Excision cyst(s) / benign tumor(s)                            OHIP-S715A
Vagina Posterior repair & repair anal sphincter                      OHIP-S723A
Vagina Repair Aneriort/posterior repair                              OHIP-S716A
Vagina Repair Colpocleisis LeFort or modification                    OHIP-S725A
Vagotomy high selective 1 proc no pyloroplasty/gastroenteros         OHIP-S124A
Vas deferens Suture outside hospital                                 OHIP-E545A
Vas deferensS Incision Vasography                                    OHIP-Z710A
Vascular Cannulate thermal dilution studies by MD 1/d max 5d         OHIP-G360A
Vascular Cannulation Venipuncture adolesc/adult                      OHIP-G489A
Vasovasostomy vasoepididymostomy bx & vasography                     OHIP-S625A
Vasovasostomy/vasoepididymostomy microscope control uni              OHIP-S623A
Vein graft harvest remote site by-pass saph vein unavailable         OHIP-E679A
Vein Ligation Strip short saphenous w popliteal dissection           OHIP-R869A
Vein patch angioplasty of coronary artery                            OHIP-E646A
Veins Anastomosis Spleno renal abdominal approach                    OHIP-R823A
Veins Anastomosis Spleno/renal/transthoracic approach                OHIP-R821A
Ventilatory Support ICU Area 11th day onwards per diem               OHIP-G407A
Ventilatory Support ICU Area 2nd-10th day inclusive/diem             OHIP-G406A
Ventric punct prev burr hole/fontan aspirate cisterna magna          OHIP-Z802A
Vertebrectomy remove vertebral body & excise adjacent disc           OHIP-N579A
Vertebrectomy remove vertebral body & excise adjacent discs          OHIP-N507A
Vertebrobasilar circulaton include aneurysm of vein of Galen         OHIP-N154A
Vertebroplasty combine w any other procedure 1st level add           OHIP-E388A
Vertebroplasty each added level to N580 or E388 add                  OHIP-E391A
Vertebroplasty inject bone cement only procedure 1st level           OHIP-N570A
Video fluoroscopic multichannel urodynamic assessment                OHIP-G192A
VII Differential sect facial nerve hemi-face spasm extracran         OHIP-N265A
Vina Excision Biopsy(ies) sole procedure GA                          OHIP-Z723A
Visual Evoked Response Simple interpret only (P2).                   OHIP-G148A
Visual Evoked Response Simple profession component(P1)               OHIP-G147A
Visual Evoked Response Simple tech component (P1)                    OHIP-G149A
Visual Evoked Response Threshold interpret only (P2)                 OHIP-G151A
Visual Evoked Response Threshold professional component (P1)         OHIP-G150A
Visual Evoked Response Threshold technical component                 OHIP-G152A
Visual field kinetic w permanent record profession component         OHIP-G436A
Visual field static perimetry patho present/suspect prof com         OHIP-G432A
Visual field static perimetry patho present/suspect tech com         OHIP-G860A
Visual fields kinetic perm record technical component                OHIP-G858A
Vitrectomy by infusion suction cutter technique                      OHIP-E148A
Vitrectomy infus suct cutter tech w transscleral retinal sut         OHIP-E938A
Vitreous aspiration, posterior needle                                OHIP-E149A
Vitreous exch air/gas or artificial substance to vitrectomy          OHIP-E936A
Vulva & Inroitus Biopsy(ies) sole procedure GA                       OHIP-Z475A
Vulva Condylomata 1 or multi chemical or cryosurgury                 OHIP-Z733A
Vulva-Introitus Excise Biopsy(ies) sole proced (local anes           OHIP-Z477A
Vulvectomy radical without gland dissection                          OHIP-S704A
Webbed Fingers or Toes one web space                                 OHIP-R090A
Webbed Fingers/Toes one web space                                    OHIP-R089A
Wedge excision of lesion - Oral Cavity/ Pharynx                      OHIP-Z109A
Wet prep fungus trichomonas parasite- Labmed Private Office          OHIP-G012A
With 2ndary surg evac bladder clots&control hemorrhage (IOP)         OHIP-E783A
Zygoma unilateral - Orthognathic surgery                             OHIP-Z257A

                                             Order Codes - A Codes                            66