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									              The Impacts of Global Warming on the Indonesian Environment

          At the present time, if we want to talk about environmental problems in our country ‘s
that we can discuss the Impacts of Global Warming as one of the hottest issues. The
definition of Global Warming is environmental problem related to climatological changes.
Furthermore, these climatological changes are measured based on the increases in the
average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and landmasses. As a matter of fact,
the Global Warming has many effects on the Indonesian environment. These problems like
the weather patterns are extremely different and less predictable especially for both dry and
rainy seasons, the raising of sea level and the death of plants and animals are beyond the
scope of this essay.

          The first impact of the Global Warming in my country is that it changes from the
regular season cycle. Nowadays, for example, it should be turned into the dry season, even
though the rainy season still occurs. On the other hand, last year, the dry season lasted
extended for almost a year without any rain. Because of these facts, we can say that the
weather patterns are different now. Furthermore, the rainy season causes many kinds of
problems, such as flood and the raising of sea level.

          The next impact is the raising of sea level and the local Indonesian government in
some cities should be concerned about this problem. Moreover, people who live in the
capital city like Jakarta whose area is under the sea level that they always face this kind of
problem during the rainy season. In addition to sea level problem, people who live in coastal
areas that they have a bigger problem not only the increasing sea level but also the
unpredictable weather. Leading from this, people should protect themselves from a harmful

          Besides the two problems above, the last impact is about the death of plants and
animals. Some species could extinct (in the verge of extinction) because of the Global
warming. For instance, ocean ecosystems, especially fragile ones like coral reefs, will also
be affected by global warming. Warmer Ocean temperature can cause coral to bleach that a
state which if prolonged will lead to the death of the coral. In addition, other species and
even entire ecosystems, such as certain types of forest, may not be able to adjust quickly
enough and may disappear.

          To conclude, the Global Warming has many effects on our environment. With some
solutions to solve the Global Warming effects, we expect that there will be a better future for
our next generation. Therefore, The Indonesian government and the society have a big
responsibility to cope with these problems.
1. Introduction
    a. Definition of Global Warming
    b. The causes of Global Warming
    c. The impacts of Global Warming
       1) in general (the world)
       2) on the Indonesian environment (  will be explained in the body )
2. Body
    a. First impact
    b. Second impact     sebutkan impact, lalu contoh serta kerugiannya. Jika dalam satu impact ada

    c. Third impact      2 contoh, harus dijelaskan terpisah.

3. Conclusion
    a. Summary
    b. Suggestion in general

Definition of Global Warming          Global warming is....

The causes of Global Warming          It is caused by ....

The impacts of Global Warming         Unfortunately, research findings have shown that
                                      the global warming gives a lot of bad impacts.
                                      (kasih contoh beberapa impact yg BUKAN
                                      menyangkut          environment).          Besides       those
                                      impacts, the global warming also influences the
                                      environment          in   the     world     including       the
                                      Indonesian environment.
First impact                          The first impact is that ...
Second impact                         The second one is
Third impact                          And the third impact of global warming on
                                      Indonesian environment is ...
Suggestion in general

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